Some Nights
IC date: Winter 5. 1007
OOC date: December 24, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Jellybean, Kludge, Nocturne
GM: None

The groundfloor of the Fizzy Flask is a rather curious contrivance. As one enters through the front door one would find themselves at the top of a small flight of stairs leading down a foot or so to the sunken-down main floor of the establishment - a floor littered with tables and cushions, and the odd pillar holding up the roof. Maybe halfway down towards the back sits the counter, reaching well across from one side to the other to seperate the front area from the shelves of glassware of all shapes and colours. Off to the side a stairwell reaches up to the second floor and, presumably, to the yet-to-be-finished third floor as well.

The flasks, bottles and vials are not the only colourful thing around, the few ponies seated around the dark oak tables - oak seeming to be a rather common theme around the place actualy - come in just as many vibrant hues. The only one that doesn't is Sodium-Fizz who sits slumped on the other side of the counter - as well she would owning the place - and looking generaly down.

Kludge is taking a break from working on said third floor - given the weather coming from the Spire, it gets tiring working out in the storm, but there's not many other options. He notes Fizzy's expression, and wanders over. "Bit for your thoughts?" he inquires.

Jellybean has an errand again! See him being a good little foal? Well, the errand will hopefully make it so he's a big foal again. I mean a big pony. Well, as big as Jellybean ever was. Which really isn't that big. So it'll help him be a little pony again? Maybe? I'm confused.

Anyway! He trots into the freshly-build Fizzy Flask and trots around the store curiously. What's this do? What's that do? That one's pretty. He then remembers that he was here for something and hops over to the counter, going up on his hind hooves to her can put his forehooves on the it and thereby be seen. "Excuse me? Miss Fizz? I've got one of the ingredients for the cure. The punflower?"

Nocturne trots downstairs, appearing fairly tired. The hangover he woke up to had reminded him why he was with Fizz in the first place yesterday. "Mmm… evenin'," he says in a groggy voice. He looks around at the various flasks and bottles, overwhelmed by the variety. "One of these'll put me to sleep, right?"

As Jellybean enters, he eyes him curiously. /Cure? Punflowers?/ The poor shut-in is unfamiliar with the pegasus' predicament, but doesn't bother inquiring.

Sodium-Fizz turned to Kludge, then right back over to Jellybean and… The grey mare shook her head for a moment to clear it all out. "Right," said Fizzy, though it's hard to tell to whom. "Yeah, it was a sleep potion from a bit down back. I'm suprised you don't remember, maybe I have to get you another… It, um… might cause ponies to forget a few things since the last time they sleept," she muttered, her ears pinning back, "I didn't think to figure out if that was the case with you, Noctrune."

Leaning forward slightly she peered down at Jellybean, forcing a very brittle-looking smile. "Hello Jellybean, nice to see you around. Especialy with your cure comming along. Did you intend to keep a hold of it, or did you want me to put it away safely for storage? And it's… nothin', Kludge." Less convincing lies are hard to find.

Jellybean steps back away from the counter and starts nosing through his saddlebags. "I've got it in here somewhere: I thought I'd give it to you 'cause sometimes I break things and I don't want that to happen with this." He pulls out a bottle and then manages to put it on the counter. "Can you keep an eye on it for me please?" He gives her a great big smile, then gives Nocturne and Kludge a wave.

"I find it hard to believe that 'nothing' could make you this gloomy," points out Kludge, giving Jelly a small wave. "I'm willing to help where I can, even if it's just listening to you vent your frustrations."

Nocturne has been spending the entirety of the conversation trying to interpret what Fizz told him, but he eventually gives up, since memory loss is part of the equation. "So- does- I- Huuuhhh…" He groans in defeat at clarifying any further. "Just… how much does it cost, and how much do I take." As if that wasn't enough, he catches Jellybean waving at him, and his train of thought goes back to the pegasus and his 'cure'.

/I hope the poor guy is OK,/ he thinks to himself. /I mean… he seems happy enough. Never would'a guessed./ Sweet Celestia, he is not with it today. He trots over to the table and sets down a coin purse. "How about a round of sodas? You still sell those, right?" He leans in to listen and partake in the conversation, trying to distract himself from his own thoughts.

Sodium-Fizz nodded slightly. "'Course Jellybean, I'll keep an eye out for it. Need to treat it right too, to make it have that particular omph, you know? And yes, everything's fine Kludge," how she could claim that with her expression is anypony's guess. Soda looks kinda horrid, the kind of horrid one get after a evening of heavy drinking compounded with little sleep and frequent nightmares. And possibly tears too.

"And yes, I sell sodas. Have a seat everypony, I'll bring a few out. I need a break anyway. And it's free Nocturne, I just made another screwup," she sighed, "and I'd recommend about six milileters a night." A wing arched forward, skillfuly picking up the bottle before dissapearing it under the feathered appendage, squeezed up against her side. "I'll be back in a few moments."

Jellybean tilts his head sideways. When Sodium leaves the room he stage-whispers to the other ponies: "I don't think she's actually fine."

Nocturne sits with his head in one hoof, elbow on the table. "Tell me about it," he mumbles. "I don't know if you guessed, but empathy isn't my best skill." Still, he's here, and these three ponies are, as far as he can tell, are his friends. Friends empathize, don't they. "Wouldn't hurt to try, I guess." He punctuates with allowing his head to collapse into his hooves on the table.

"I think you're right," stage-whispers Kludge back to Jellybean. "Got any ideas on how to convince her to talk to us about it?"

Jellybean thinks. "Well, I don't know. I mean, I don't want to be nosy or anything but if she's unhappy I'd like to help. I don't like it when my friends are unhappy."

"You're asking the wrong pony," Nocturne says, the sound being muffled from his head facing the table. Jerking his head back up, he looks around to see if Soda is in the room yet, and sighs before continuing. "We were at the bar yesterday. She seems to be hung up on a lot of things. I couldn't think of anything helpful to say at the time."

"What types of things was she hung up on?" inquires Kludge.

Nocturne holds his hoof to his chin as he tries to remember. "The details are a blur. Something about running away from things she's done." He keeps his ears perked up as he listens for any footsteps.

A resounding curse sounds from somewhere amongst the stands and shelves of flasks, accompanied by a thud of a body hitting the floor. Apperently somepony's a bit of a butter-hoof today, too. Still, no breaking glass. That's a good sign.

Jellybean makes a worried little 'meep' noise and flies up to go find Sodium. He lands next to her and starts nosing her gently. "Miss Fizz? Miss Fizz, are you okay?"

Sodium-Fizz groaned and glanced up from where she was lying on the floor, a flask of some kind of azure liquid in her outsreatched hoof. "Yes! Just fine, no worries, Jellybean. I just slipped…" With a slight groan she raised hersle of the floor, using only three hooves. And her wings. Once more upright she moved the flask to her back. "I already tucked your find away safely…"

Nocturne looks in the direction of the noise, but only shrugs. If he's learned anything recently, it's to trust others' judgement. Looking about idly, he turns to Kludge. "This has come along pretty well, as I'd expect."

Kludge contemplates what Nocturne mentioned about Fizzy running away from her past. The craftspony is somewhat familiar with the concept, especially with the mishaps that tended to follow him before the foalpocalypse, but he has a small suspicion that Fizzy is running away from something bigger than errant telekinesis.

Jellybean whimpers, still nosing the mare. "Are you sure? I don't want you to get hurt, Miss Fizz. Winter would be really sad, and so would I."

Sodium-Fizz flinched noticably at the pressence of 'Winter' and 'sad' in the same sentance. With a frown at Jellybean the grey mare brushed frizzy strands of purple out of her face before huffing, setting down back the racks of bottles. "I'm just fine Jellybean," she growled, stopping only briefly to snapp another four bottles from down low. Most likely the requested soda.

Staring down at the table, Nocturne contemplates how hard this must be for Soda. He has empathy for how difficult it can be to communicate feelings and troubles, but being similar, can't communicate much help. "Everything alright back there?" He shouts from the table.

Jellybean flinches, taking a step back. "Are you sure there isn't anything I could do to help? You're helpig me out, after all, so it's only fair."

Sodium-Fizz frowned deeper still as she made her way around the counter and to the table, dropping the bottles and the flask - for Nocturne - on the table heavily. "I… am completely, utterly…," she growled once more before sitting down. Or seeming intent on sitting down anyway, both her foul mood and her general lack of coordination - most likely due to the lack of care she's taken - see her missing the seat and fumble. A slamm of her jaw into the table follow a moment later and she recoils, winding up bonking the back of her head into the floor as she verbalances and falls over. "Fine…"

Nocturne takes the flask and places it in his saddlebag, wrapped around his jacket so it's safe. Trotting over to Soda, he extends his hoof to help lift her up, taking a moment to stare into her eyes, trying to read her expression - not that he needed to. "No you're not," he says bluntly. "You and I both know that. Are you going to keep dwelling on it, or what?" All in all, he's fed up enough with seeing himself live with that kind of behavior, and seeing it in someone else, he starts assessing it as a problem rather than a way of life.

Sodium-Fizz blinked as a groan escaped her, the repeate knock in her head not seeming to have helped her particularly much. As her eyes focuses she flinches, pushing Nocturne away with far more force than is nececary before taking a step back closer towards Jellybean. "I'm… I don't know..! I don't… know how to deal with this… I… I've stopped, but I'm not sure how to deal with… everything…"

Jellybean's wings flap uncertainly. "Everything what?"

Kludge sits and listens - he might not always know what to say, but sometimes the best thing to do is to listen to what someone needs to say.

Nocturne stumbles back a few meters before trotting back to the table. No hard feelings - he was expecting worse, anyway. "Well we're here, and we're willing to listen." Some hypocrisy is present, since the unicorn never deals with his own problems, but the line has finally been crossed for him. "I just can't promise it'll be easy. Anyone who says otherwise is a downright liar."

Sodium-Fizz's head dropped as she looked down at the wooden boards between her front hooves. "I…just don't know what I'm doing… I don't really know how it was before, I've been doing my thing for so long. What am I now that I've stoped running?" asked Soda, her head pitching back up and turning her golden, anw now somewhat watery, gaze towards the roof. Her voice rose together with her eyes, taking on quite a different tone. One that manages to hush the faint din of conversation within the Flask. Everypony knew when singing was ahoof.

"Some nights I sit by the light, paralyzed by fright
Some nights I lie awake in bed, feeling empty and dead
Some nights I everything go awry, and I ask myself why
And when the answer comes I dont know~"

She sang softly, uncertainly. From somewhere the music came rolling in to accompany her. She pulled onto her hooves, a gentle skip sending her to stand on the table, her wings spread wide at her sides.

"Who am I, what do I stand for oh
What makes me laugh? What makes me cry?
Most nights, I don't know anymore…
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh~"

(OOC) Sodium-Fizz: I'm just going to link the original song I crimped the idea of here, I think. |

While this is a kind of response Nocturne did not expect, he no longer feels so high and mighty in front of Fizz. In fact, it warms his heart to see the mare be so honest with herself, as it's something he feels he could never do. His eyes even tear up somewhat. "I'm sorry," he says in a suddenly apologetic tone. "I'd be more than happy to talk this out with you." The change in direction of the conversation has truly inspired him.

"Some nights I try to find out, but theres only doubt
Some nights I do something new, answers from me flew
Some nights I everything go awry, and I ask myself why
And when the answers comes I dont know~"

Sodium-Fizz finished her slow trott around the table, her Trottinghame-accented voice sounding clearly across the room. Whatever little conversation might have been have ended completely. In fact, most of the random ponies around seems to be circling the table as well, hooves stomping at the wooden floor in time with the beat. The grey mare bowed slightly and lept forward off the table, landing on the backs of a pair of stallion ready to catch her and she reared up on her hind legs, her voice rising for the refrain once more as the crowd joined in this time.

"Who am I, what do I stand for oh
What makes me laugh? What makes me cry?
Most nights, I don't know anymore…
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh~"

As they sang the circle keept moving, carrying the alchemist another circle around the table before leaping off, a flap of her wings carrying her to the solid wooden surface. Somehow the ambient light dropped as well, casting the interior of the Flask in a soft gloom.

"Some nights I try to live with the past, and it leaves me aghast
Some nights I try to live for tomorrow, and dread the sorrow
Some nights I ask who am I
And when the answer comes I dont know~"

The final line was delivered in a crystalin soft whisper, just barely carrying across the softly fading music, as she settled down on the table curled around the lone candle standing in the center. After a moment she sighed, blowing it all out - the music stopping with it. The ambient light climbed back up, revealing… the place more or less as it was when they began - the magic of pony song once more playing through, if with a somewhat gloomy subject. "So… what do I do, who am I?" the mare asked tiredly, running a hoof across her face. "How do find out…"

Nocturne wipes a few tears from his eyes before speaking. "Well, there's clearly something keeping you here… Just what is it?"

"My friends… Winter. Leaving them would hurt them," said Sodium-Fizz, her ears pinning back. "And I've had enough causing pain, I don't want to have to deal with the guilt of making somepony I actualy care for suffer."

"In that case, why leave?" asks Kludge quietly. This is starting to sound rather familiar…

"Yeah, just why are you afraid oh hurting people?" Nocturne chimes in.

"I'm not leaving," came Sodium-Fizz's repply, a small smile on her muzzle. "But it's not what really… bothers me. I… just don't know who I am… I only ever know how to be Sodium-Fizz, the ever-running alchemical catastrophy mare. But I'm not her now, am I? So… what am I? -Who- am I? I don't really know, I've only ever been her… And now I'm not."

Kludge thinks for a moment. "Why not start with the parts you do know, and build from there?" he suggests.

Nocturne nods. "We all change some time or another. I'm not the same pony I was a year ago, and changing was scary at first. I was so used to how I was at first." He sighs and looks Soda in the eyes. "Your marefriend, especially, should understand that."

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, the fragile smile on her muzzle growing a bit more genuine and warm. "I… True enough, both of you. I guess… I just have to try and figure it out, there most be something… and I have Winter. And my friends."

The mare pulled herself upright, running a hoof across her face once more before pushing her curly mane out of her eyes. A somewhat unsteady skip took her of the table. "T-thanks, I needed that, I think… Maybe. But, I need to get back to work, and… And… maybe I wont… maybe I'll go and… read a book, instead? Or figure out a new soda flavour or…" Fizz fell silent for a moment. "Sky's the limit, right?"