Soft Spots
IC date: Autumn 2
OOC date: September 21
Location: Tinker Town
PCs: Sunshine-Stormcloud Rising-Chaos

It's been said before, and it bears almost constant repeating, you can buy just about anything in Horseshoe Harbour. While the first thing that may spring to mind as this is said might be the contraband, the alcohol, what is almost more often sought is the normal. Because contraband is great and all, but sometimes you just need groceries, or some paint, or in this case, toys.

Rising Chaos is exactly the opposite of the kind of pony you would expect to go shopping with a list that includes '50 cuddly blankets (all colours)' but that's what she's doing.

It's true, one can get almost anything in the Harbor. Almost. Through one market or another… Perhaps that's what Sunshine's doing out here in Tinker Town tonight! The metal-legg'd guardsmare is picking her way through the booths and shops and piles of junk, poking her hoof here, her nose there… She has a veritable mental list of things she's trying to go through, between parts for her legs to keep them in tip-top shape, or 'upgrades', and…poking around for information about potential 'foal trafficking' rings. Which is a much trickier thing to attempt to get information on given her status as both Ex-Syndicolt, and Current Harbor Guard.

Either way there she is. Like, right there, at the same booth that happens to have some very colorful selections of blankets, brushing her hoof over one with a thoughtful, ponderous look upon her muzzle.
Those blankets look perfect.

Well, they fit the search criteria. To Rising Chaos they look horrendously uncomfortable. But, as she was informed, not every pony likes thin sheet and rock hard mattresses, so as the only pony trusted to carry the orphanage's funds, she's going to have to do this. She approaches the stall, and produces a list of the blankets and colours she needs to the stall manager, looking pleased with herself.

Sunshine's absently patting at the softness of a nearby blanket. It takes her maybe a full minute to realize that she's no longer the only one poking at this particular stall, what with the beginnings of conversation the other two are now having discussing blanket shapes and colors. Her ears perk, shaken from her reverie, the guardsmare casting a sideways glance. Oh hey! A familiar face.

"Why Miss Chaos! Fancy bumping into you here…" Sunshine drawls, flashing a big ol' friendly smile. "Out shopping for soft things too?"
Rising-Chaos nods to the stall owner, who seems slightly stunned by havign just sold just about every blanket he owns. Being addressed does seem to catch her slightly off guard. The smile is returned by one of Chaos' small ones. "Indeed, I am outfitting some bedrooms and acquiring extras. It is nice to see a familiar face."

"Nice for sure…" Sunshine agrees, stepping to the side to let the booth's owner go about packing up SO MUCH inventory. Including that one soft blanket she was eyeing. Aw. …well it was too soft anyway… "I'd been meaning to pay you a visit for a day or two now…" the guardsmare continues, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof. "Bein' as you run that orphanage now and all. Have…things been going well there?" She gives an earnest look. This answer is ALL IMPORTANT.

Rising-Chaos watches Sunshine for a bit, taking in all the visual cues she can ebfore choosing her answer. "Yes, to the best of my knowledge, everything is fine. I heard there was some trouble concerning Sablemane, but nothing directly related with us. I won't allow that kind of behaviour in my orphanage." Now that she's been serious, and while she wiats for her half dozen boxes of fluffy blankets, Rising Chaos relaxes. "Still, I would welcome a visit, if my lack of disasters doesn't discourage you."

Sunshine visibly relaxes at the report of 'nothing wrong' at the ol' foal shelter. The mare rubs the underside of her chin thoughtfully. "It's encouraging, that's what it is." she says after a moment, breaking into a momentary smile. "I wanted to drop a note. Foals have begun to disappear from around here now. So naturally a thought was to come check out your orphanage and see if any of your kids had gone missing recently…"

While Sunshine smiles, Rising's expression plummets. Foals are going missing? She has foals, they need to be prrotected, she made a promise. "I see, I will have ot take very careful steps in the future." In fact, she wnats to go RIGHT NOW to make sure, but she can't be rude. Plus, she might get more information. "I assume that's one reason why you're out and about?"

"Yeeeeah, that's one reason." Sunshine admits, glancing back at the blanket booth. "Ruby's come up with an interesting plan to try and catch the criminals responsible for all this nonsense. Problem is, these ol' clunkers of mine…" to which she gestures back at those metal monstrocities she calls legs, "…aren't very stealthy. So I was trying to look into a good convenient way to soften my steps, so to speak."

Rising-Chaos looks at Sunshine's legs, and then considers, and then considers further. Her horn lights up for a moment, before she finally speaks again. "You're confident you will be able to catch those responsible and help make my foals safe?"

Sunshine makes a grimace. "Every plan has its flaws, Ri." she states. "This one… I dunno. But it's what I got at the moment until something better can be considered." The grimace turns into a thin smile. "Besides, Ruby's involved. I dare you to think of someone else more able to track a foal-swiper caught red-hoofed in the act."

This doesn't cheer her up much, but it may have been being called Ri that did it. She doesn't take much more thoguht. "I can't think of anypony better qualified. Come by the orphanage before you do it and I'll see what I cna do about your legs. I have some experience with sound dampening spells." Not much, and it's going to be a big headache for her for days, but it's important. with the offer made, and plans being clicked in to place, Rising Chaos allows herself a small amount of relief. "Hopefully all of this trouble can be cleared up soon, I wouldn't want it interfering with the party."

"Hopefully yes… Nightmare Night is just around the corner. It's bad enough that something could happen to these kids, but to have it happen right before a holiday…" She tsks. Then she perks an ear up. "Party?"

The merchant is finally done packing the box, and goes ot say something only to receive a bag filled with coins which he nnow has the count out. Poor colt, but the mares are talking. "Oh yes, I have tasked Whistlestop with organizing a large charity event for the orphanage. I have a few projects I would like to do for the foals that isn't part of the bare essentials covere dby our funding. It's an expensive place." Rising Chaos seems proud of this, she's budgeted fairly well, and the foals are going to school now, it is good. "You are, of course, welcome to attend. I myself will be there, and will be hsoting a rather more… Serious, event, at a later date."

Sunshine beams. "Well that all sounds wonderful! Hm. But it will need mentioning that the new schoolhouse will need to be big enough to accommodate all the new foals, yes…" There's a half of a giddy prance. "I don't think I've been to a social event since… Well, since I had full run of the town." she admits, scuffing a hoof. "Of course I'll be there. I'll even see if I can't get a few of the guards to help set things up…"

Rising-Chaos shrugs. "If you like. I already have a willing and motivated workforce of foals, but some more experienced hooves never go amiss. They'll be rewarded for their effort, somehow." Foals are good at thank yous, in general. "I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Whistlestop comes up with, he seems incredibly competent."

The metal-legged mare nods. "He makes a great plow.." Sunshine notes, shrugging. "I'm glad to see things are working out there for you! And that you found some good help to, er, help out. One can never find too many good helping hooves around here." She rubs her cheek idly, glancing to the poor colt counting out bits. "Sigh. I suppose I should resume my search… And stop by, soon. Very soon. I think Ruby wants to pull off this 'trap' as early as tomorrow."

Rising-Chaos smiles thinly, whistlestop probably would make a good plow, that will be useful in the winter to get the foals to school. The mention of departure turns the smile upside down. "Ah, well I won't keep you from your search of course. You have very important work to do, we can spend some more time together, another time." She nods, looking over at the enarly finished merchant. Little does he know that he'll have to carry the boxes to the cart. "I look forward to seeing you, and best of luck Sunshine."

Sunshine tips her head in a respectful nod. "Best wishes to you too! Good luck with your foals. Keep'em safe…" With that she twists about, the metal mare clop-clop-clank-clanking off down the street in search of mufflers or somesuch.