Sober Confessions
IC date: Autumn 53, 1007
OOC date: November 11, 2012
PCs: Winter-Solstice, Kludge, Jellybean, Magpie, Windrose, Solar-Wind, Sodium-Fizz, Ruby-Blossom
GM: None

Getting ahold of Ruby, at the best of days, is a rather tricky subject. She's always where you're not looking, always where you don't expect her to be. The only way, it seems, to find her is to make her find you. With that in mind, Sodium-Fizz had been buissy. First she'd asked around, dropping Ruby's name at a few places between the laboratory-turned-dormatory to the kitchen and as far as to the infirmary. Second, she'd collected her bait; a mirror shard, scissors, mane brush and the likes. And a good book, as far as there were books that could be called good in the Base's limited library.

Thus prepared she found a silent, calm corner in the large cave housing the exterior door and setled in for a read.

Ruby-Blossom trots right up to where Fizzy is sitting and enjoying her book, and politely sits down in front of her. Giving the mare several long moments to notice her presence before softly 'ahem'ing - certainly /not/ being startled will be the most startling thing at this moment! "You wanted to see me?" The mare announcing herself without surprises or trickery!

Sodium-Fizz glanced up from her book at Ruby for a moment before smiling, tossing it aside on the small table between them, "Thank sweet Luna! That thing is boring like you wouldn't belive." She giggled as she nodded at the book. A rather suprising sound comming from Fizzy no doubt, one making almost all cheer of the past week seem hollow indeed.

"Yeah, yes I did in fact," is she talking with a Trottingham accent? "I… feel a lot better today, honestly. I'm not sure why… Maybe I should get completely smashed more often rather than just numb everything, though that does kind of send the wrong message, doesn't it…? Either way, I feel better… A lot better." Fizz smiled, a bit awkwardly really, a hoof rubbing her ragged right ear. "I look completely horrid, though… So I'm woundering, how much for a mane and tail cut?"

Ruby-Blossom appears rather strained for a few brief moments before offering a small smile - the poor mare resisting any snickering or giggling cause it hurts like bloody hay after being stabbed in the neck. "For you? No charge." the mare quietly trotting around to behind Fizzy and brushing her fore hooves through the elder mare's mane. "I heard you had an exciting little evening with Winny. Left the poor girl quite confused." she leans in to give a brief hug and friendly nuzzle. "Although drunk as you were, I must wonder /what/ you remember." A certain hint of teasing in her voice as she begins smoothing the other mare's mane with the brush.

The answer to the last question comes in the form of a rather suprised sounding, "I meet Winny?" Well, that answers that question.

A few moments later Sodium-Fizz adds a rather mortifying sounding, "Wh-what did I do…?"

Ruby-Blossom can't help but giggle but that sound is followed with a noteable little hiss of pain from the turquoise mare. "ow ow ow…" she whines softly while brushing Fizzy's mane - taking her time to smooth the purple hair before reaching for the shears. "You two just spent some time together." Certainly with-holding information. "Winny is a very sincere, and direct girl. It might serve you well to remember that.

Sodium-Fizz sat ramrod stiff. What -had- she been doing? Surely not… anything untowards, right? She could practicaly feel herself slump together, her ears pinning back against her skull. "Oh sweet Luna… She's going to hate my guts…"

The gentle snip-snip of shears can be heard as Ruby begins to gingerly tend to that purple mane. "Winny's a bit like me - she's never stayed in one spot long enough to have a relationship, and she certainly doesn't hate you. Winny is a go-getter: very honest and straight-forward. She wears her feelings on her hoof without hesitation." The gentle snips continue. "If anything she was flustered by the fact that ponies tend to try and check their emotions, and hide things. Namely I'll tell you that you'll have alot of luck if you just come out and say it.

Solar-Wind is still bundled in in blankets looking like a mummified Solar-Wind, Dead-Wind perhaps? and can now be recognized by the occasional bout of sniffles and bloodshot eyes. Big guy is however looking /better-ish/ than a few days ago. Well Nopony saw or could even find him a few days ago as he was holed up in some closet near the boiler room attending to himself for bed-rest. Last night was his first foray into the public as it were since coming down with this terrible cold and bout of wing-chill. Now he resembles a shambler more or less but looks at least a little bit more on the 'alive' side of things.

"You two arn't the only ones that's traveling all over the place… I know how that is. Three months, that's the longest I've stayed in one place since I moved from home, and that's not by choice," came the mumbled answer. Sodium-Fizz sighed before forcing on a smile. "Besides, I'm more like you… I have lies, a lot and lot of lies. That makes me feel stuppid for just looking, if anything. The truth, I don't do well with the truth." Her head twitched to the side, as if she's trying to glare at Ruby through the back of her head. "Besides, since when did you get to lecture me on it…?"

Ruby-Blossom 's voice is sweet and innocent as could be - believeable for anypony that doesn't know her. "I get to lecture you when I'm helping play match-maker with my GOOD FRIEND Winny, and my well - I don't know but I like you alot, Fizzy. I mean not romantically or anything - but…" she hushes so only the *snip-snip* of the shears are heard - stopping briefly enough to wave to Mum-Solar

Solar-Wind gazes bleary eyed at the mares and ponders, 'mares discussing 'relationship' issues, dangerous ground… pony sense tingling, DANGER. Oh squid, best go find out what I 'screwed up on' this time. The big stallion wanders in proximity watching the expert work at Fizzy. "You did mention you were a Barber at one point n' time" he murmurs throatily, "How's your schedule looking, there a waiting list" he admits with a barely heard voice before a soft *sniffle*

Sodium-Fizz pouted. "So now you're playing match-maker…? Are you certain that's a -good- idea, Ruby? I can't help but feel something like that is bound to end in tears… and maybe explosions. Do you -want- tears and explosions?" Soda fell silent for several long minutes. "I think her schedule's pretty open, seeing as how I'm not letting her play match-maker between Winny and her… whatever the hay I am."

Ruby-Blossom must resist giggling and laughing - it's just not enjoyable at the moment with that semi-fresh neck wound and all. "You're not giving yourself enough credit Fizzy, and you couldn't have a chosen a more perfect Mare." she admits "I mean just be careful if you offer to pay for dinner." she pats the girl gently with one hoof while trimming that mane - cleaning it all up. "Think I could dye your mane tomorrow?" She offers Solar a small smile - her neck still all wrapped up in bandages "I've been meaning to give the crew a good trim - we all need it.

Solar-Wind glances to Ruby, "A dye job, what, my normal color perhaps, I've had black dye, just straight grey, and its confused now, Its fading back to white-grey I guess, but thats normal, even since I was a foal" he shrugs, "No I was thinking a serious trim, standard Guard cut, nothing fancy. I've been out of a service cut for awhile, kinda feeling guilty about it to be perfectly Honest" the big stallion notes. He walks slowly around Ruby, "Ruby, has Ice and Breeze looked at your neck? Just what did you get into, or is this /that/" he Ahem's some, "The results of our illustrious 'Captain Twist?" he asks bluntly.

The door clanks and clunks and sliiiiides open, and in steps Winter… or maybe it's SOMEONE WEARING HER SNOWSUIT of hodgepodge muppet material- now with old blood stains on one sleeve. Someone JUST AS TALL as she is, which is fairly uncommon here in the base. And apparently, since this suit doesn't have a hood, the also have… HER HEAD. Aahhhh! Well, it's probably more reasonable to just assume it's Winter, especially as, after hauling The Sled- stacked high with firewood~!- onto the main floor and hauling the door shut, she perks up. "Hey!" she says. "It's you guys! Hey!"

Sodium-Fizz blinked and turned around to face the door, her face taking on that particular cast of somepony talking about very sensetive stuff concerning somepony else that JUST walked into the room. That kind of look. Her slate grey face does much like Solar-Wind's current dye job and goes white-ish. "Oh, buck, I'm not ready for this…" she whispered.

From behind Ruby gives Fizzy an affectionate nuzzle while continuing to trim the mare's mane - the offer for the dye job was for Fizzy NOT Solar anyways. She whispers "Just say it." giving the mare an encouraging nudge before peeking over Fizzy's shoulder and waving at Winny - seemingly hopeful that Winny may have words in light of last nights discussion. Solar's question prompts a frown from Ruby. "Awefully cheerful question considering.

Solar-Wind kinda slumps as Ruby somewhat mentions the her injury/where she recieved it from, "Wasn't sure really, she mentiond she got you, but you got away, then she kinda had issues" he admits, turns and lays down next to the wall to wait his turn under the shears, may as well wait for it he figgures. "I'll tell ya that Will _ really is quite powerful, I flew Twist out to sea, waaaaay over the ice-fields, and even still Will had her grip on her, She couldn't think straight, emotions got through, but still was fuzzy" he mentions sounding very sad by this. "I tried, Tried so hard, to free her"

Fortunately for Soda, Winter is clueless enough she doesn't catch on to that blush or its implications. "Hiya, Soda! Hi!" The tall mare is still all perky. Guess that's what happens when you go out on a quest and don't get killed dead. She then grins past Soda to Ruby. "Haircuts! Neato! Soda, Soda. Did you know that's how Ruby and I met? She gave me a haircut. Isn't it fabulous?" Winter takes a moment to sweep her hoof up through her mane, which is growing damp as the warmth of the base starts melting the snow and ice that had gathered in the white and red locks. Nevermind that the aforementioned styling was over two months ago and has long since been grown or hacked or zombie-bitten into a typical messy upsweep. Winter starts shrugging out of her suit, and reaches over to give Solar a nudge with a hoof as he settles on the floor. "Heya, Solar."

Ruby-Blossom huffs adorably - well that clenches it! While Winny is busy disrobing Ruby covers Fizzy's mouth with one hoof then chimes out in Fizzy's voice. "W..winny? Ireallylikeyouandwaswonderingifyouwouldgooutwithme." instantly releasing Fizzy's muzzle and resuming the hair styling as if nothing just happened! "I'll get you a hair a cut too, Winny. I've been slacking on keeping my beautiful mares beautiful.

Sodium-Fizz stares vacantly, she can't really manage to do much more than that. Short of feeling some kind of ambigious dread at having been commited to a course of action without her consent. Vacantly starting, dread and furious blushing. She turned halfway, shooting Ruby a glare that, if looks could kill, would most likely rip it's way clean across the base. "Ruby," she hissed, "what are you -doing-?! I don't know… know anything about… this! Well, almost… but I don't think 'don't get near somepony that can make you his puppet for three months and make you marry him against your will' is really applicable here!"

Solar-Wind looks up hearing Ruby/more watching Ruby cross an invisible line, 'oh feathers' he thinks to himself He smiles sickly up to Whinny, and gets himself back up a little unsteadily, "Whinny, You can have my place in line, Mares first for the mane n' tail treatment, "Ruby, That probably wasn't entirely a good idea, Whinny, what she meant is that Fizzy here, /likes, likes/ You. Ruby, bad subject, Fizzy, don't kill her please" he murmurs, slipping into protector mode cause he knows Fizzy's 'sore' spot about control and such, He tries to put himself between Ruby, and Fizzy

The thing about snowsuits is that they tend to rustle a bit. All that cloth and insulation. Also, Winter's suit barely fits her, so it takes a bit of stretching and squirming to get out of hers. And she's feeling a little sore after that zombie escape the other night. So between all the effort involved in getting out of her snowsuit- pulling the pants off may involve rolling onto her back and kicking her hind legs into the air, even- oh, and don't forget that as she's doing this, she accidentally bumps Kludge's Cartwheel, which falls over and hits the floor with a loud wooden SLAP- she hears only enough of Ruby's blurted faux-confession on Soda's part to know Soda said something. "What was that?" asks Winter, lifting her head and peering back at the pair. "You want to go outside, Soda? Trust me, you're better off staying inside. It's still kinda cold out there." She finishes kicking off the suit and hauls to her feet with a grin. "And I don't need a trim, Solar, but thanks. Also I don't know WHAT you're talking about. Whatever they're fighting about probably is silly, though."

Ruby-Blossom huffs adorably at the whole situation - but certainly she's determined. "Sink or swim Fizzy. Sink or swim." She peeks over the glaring mare to give Winny an adorable, pleading look - hoping to incite some memories of the previous nights discussion. "Winny, come over here? I think you have something in your mane."

"I.. um, was woundering if everything was… fine outside? Yes, that's it. Are you fine…?" Sodium-Fizz shifted uneasily. Why did Winny have to have so much problem with her suit?! Watching that did not help any to resolve the mental trainwreck! She turned slightly, shooting Solar-Wind a stare, "And why shouldn't I…? She… she!" Her scowl turned to Ruby as she shuffled away from the younger mare. "And you're not getting near my mane with any dyes, I rather like it…"

Sigh, she's gonna kill me, thinks Solar-Wind to himself, oh well, good cause, happily ever after, The end, (likely mine), I've got some padding with these blankets on right, right? "Oh Winter-Solstice, What these fumbling mares here are trying to tell you, is that Sodium-Fizz here" he tries to capture her in a hug/presenting her to Winter-Solstice, "Likes you in a more than friends way, Likes You" He lets out loud enough that anyone in this base can hear readily. He sniffles some, and prepares to get beaten. The big stallion nodnods, "Likes likes YOU" he pretty much spells out, "Special Somepony like!" he states just to try and drive it home.

"Yeah, everything's fine," says Winter. She's toweling her mane off with her snowsuit pants, then tosses them atop the pile she left the top of her suit in before thumping over. "What's up, Rubes? Is it a tiny zombie? That would be adorable. Don't smash it if it is, I wanna stick it in a jar and keep it." By teh time she's close, Solar has Soda in hand and is shouting out her assorted dirty secrets to the base. Winter watches, apparently uncomprehending, then sort of furrows her brow. "Yeah…" she says. Her lips frown a bit and she makes several half-steps towards saying something, but never quite gets there. Apparently she's thinking better of it and it's not working very well and, typically accustomed to just saying whatever she wants whenever she wants, it's an uncomfortable situation to be in. So she looks to Ruby with that slightly troubled expression. "Tiny zombie…?"

"You have a tiny zombie?" Maggie asks, attracted by the commotion.

Ruby-Blossom sighs adorably - holding Fizzy quite firmly in place until Winny draws near. "No, no tiny zombie." Quite suddenly shoving Fizzy forward which in turn plants her muzzle against Winny's own for a forced, sudden and akward 'kiss'. Ruby is well aware /Fizzy/ will likely kill her for this - but she'll take such a risk to help the girl get her footing on the road to happiness. "Winny. Like you said - some ponies are all flutter-hearted when it comes to love, and can't spit it out. So I'll take the blame for this." Suddenly darting off after leaving Fizzy and Winny in an akward embrace/make-shift kiss. She rushes behind Maggie and chimes. "Nice knowing you." Peeking out from behind the smaller mare - waiting to see if she needs to run or if things head the intended direction.

Magpie 's eyes widen. Holy Celestia, and they say SHE's a mad shipper. She looks back at Ruby. "I'm not gonna rescue you from this one," she informs the mare. "…don't die."

The alchemist can't help but to just sputter, blushing brightly and turning her drak grey coat into a bright shade of scarlet all the way down her neck. She… she… One could almost hear it, the sound of Fizzy's brain breaking with the sound of ricocheting metal. A wide grin spread acruss her muzzle as she leaned up against Winter, her mane going just a bit frizzy and her eyes dilating into pinpricks. "…Hello Winter-Solstice, you wounderful mare you. I… like you, a lot. That's what you asked last night wasn't it? If I liked you…" The corner of her mouth turned up as she pressed her muzzle up at Winters, kissing her. "I do, yeah. And I'm sorry, I… I really would want to be with you, I think… I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, I'm a bit scared… So I'm sorry, 'cause I'm already going to screw it up. I have to go and kill Ruby, right now, then I'll come right back and beg for forgiveness, okey?"

A lone breeze flutters through the area and tickles Maggie's back - Ruby very suddenly gone without a trace.

The impromptu, shove-powered kiss leaves Winter's little frown skewed at a curious angle, though certainly not very frown-like any more. She wriggles her nose a bit and blinks, mouth slack as she listens to Sodium's confession. … even if it's a confession forced by circumstance, a pushy mutual associate and perhaps a bit of madness. Winter leans her head back a bit. That's sort of a scary look in her eyes. "You do?" she asks, and her little foiled frown pulls into a little grin. "'Cause you were making it really kind of hard to tell sometimes and I wasn't sure if you- uh- wait, kill Ruby? Wait, no!" Winter glances off in the direction Ruby vanished with a panicky sort of look. "Wait! Hold on! Aahh! TAUNT!"

Winter then takes the aggro for Ruby by throwing her considerable weight against Soda, pinning her back against the floor, and going in for some seriously Impulsive and Careless snogging.

Solar-Wind cringes, happily?! and backs up a few paces, in the presumed direction that Ruby went, His's slipped blankets so he can get his wings out, sort of in a 'road-block' format. Big guy is in his protector mode. Still may be a bit sick and all *sniffely* but he's still got friends to protect, now friends to protect from friends, and to protect himself (how does /that/ work?!) 'Oh feathers, whatever' "Can't let you do that, We, we're being friends, just trying to help you over that little hump in the road of friendship, Ha high centered on the curb, and we just pushed you over, a Little" he gulps, then sees Winter take over the role of protector. He slumps, smiles, sniffles and relaxes a little, "Sorry we used such tactics Fizzy" he murmurs

Magpie blinkblinks at first, at the chaos and everything, but then the confession and Winter tackle-snogging the alchemist and — Maggie presses her hooves against her cheek. "Awwww~!" she coos as she watches them making out.

Windrose … just blinks a few times as she apparently has wandered in on complete strangeness yet again. "… I swear, one of these days it's going to feel weird to walk in a nice, peaceful, -normal- group of ponies around here, just because it never happens."

Sodium-Fizz eeps as she's pushed to the floor 'neith the large mare. She squirms a moment before smilling widely and burrying her muzzle in Winter's neck. "Fine, I can wait to kill them till later. And yes, I mean it. You're wounderful, and I like you very, very much." Soda chuckled softly, wraping her forelegs around Winter. "And of course I'm confusing, I'm terrified."

Winter-Solstice rolls off Sodium in short order, sitting up, and with the legs wrapped around her to help, reaches down to haul the mad alchemist upright. She's grinning in a goofy fashion. "Eeee! You do!" Her hacked-off tail switch-switches against the floor like an excited broom. "Nobody's ever said that about me before. This is so neato. This is so neato! Thank you? Is that what you say?" She pulls Soda in for another squeeze. "And I like you too. You're pretty and you're probably braver than you give yourself credit for and even if you're terrified and confusing I still like being with you and…"

Gradually Winter realizes there are many people watching, and she glances about from face to face, from Solar to Magpie to Windrose who just entered. And she just shrugs and smiles and keeps on talking because she has never really been into that whole 'self-conscious' thing. "… and I, like, I'm really glad you said all this because I was kind of worried because I wasn't sure what I wanted? But then I realized I wanted you to say that and want to say it and not just because I got all up in your business and said SAY YOU LIKE ME."

Jellybean's head pokes out of a pile of blankets. Apparently he was here too. He's harmonizing with Magpie at the moment.

Windrose folds her forelegs as she hovers midair, rolling her eyes to the side. "And sometimes terrifying as well as terrified. I mean, really, ROCK booze?"

Magpie is already planning the wedding.

Solar-Wind smiles and kinda waves at Winter, "Uhhh Winter, could you try to ask her to not kill us, We were just trying to make her happy" he asks "I've seen enough combat action around this place and I don't want it to be with friends I care alot About" he asks/pleads, "Fizzy, really We were just trying to help, and I don't condone Ruby's use of the 'voice' but uhh, yeah, we did this for you, cause it'du make you happy, Right?" he asks/tells, "This does make you happy right, I mean, its good results n' all" he practically cowers knowing full well he's gonna get it in the end anyway. *sniffle-snort* He gazes between the two mares, the protector and the (not mad, maybe just a bit angry) scientist!.

Jellybean hops out of the blankets, lands with a little 'oof' because one of his legs is still caught up in them, wiggles his leg to be free of them, than canters up and starts happily nuzzling Winter and Sodium. "That's wonderful!"

Nope, deffinatly Mad Scientist! The grey mare glanced to the side, straight at Solar-Wind, the message is pretty clear. You're on the list, I'm comming for you, too. Sodium-Fizz grined widely as she turned back to Winter-Solstice, her hooves cuping her face as she pulled her down for another kiss. "I think, you don't have to say thank you at all… I guess… I guess it only matters that we like each other, does it not? From there, anything can happen."

She chuckled softly and looked down at Jellybean, "Yeah."

Winter-Solstice, post-smooch, turns to smile at Jellbean, and reaches out to ruffle his mane. "Thanks, 'Bean. We can go on a double date when we get home, with you and Typhoon!" Winter then grins up at Sodium, though her grin fades a bit as she studies the Mad Alchemist, thinking to herself.

Windrose says "Well at least somepony finally found something to be happy for around here."

Magpie waves her hoof at Windrose. " I have something to be happy about!" she volunteers.

Windrose browraises at Magpie. "And what's that, squirt?"

Solar-Wind bows his head some, looks between Winter-Solstice, and Sodium-Fizz and fully well admits, "I just wanted two ponies to be happy, It seems to be a success" he sighs as he collects his blankets, and shoulders them again with a sniffle, "I Don't regret it" he states boldly to Sodium-Fizz, as he goes to collect the firewood sled from where Whinny deposited it. He slips the lead into his rescue harness, and starts to tug it towards the boiler room *Skreeeeeeeeeee~~~~ch* goes the metal runners across the room as he shoulders in to the load, Featherweight as he is, he is actually straining a little at it, but its work, and he's like that, unafraid of a little work.

Jellybean thinks about this. Blushes. Blushes more. Starts giggling. "I'd like that."

Sodium-Fizz shoots Solar-Wind another glance, "I can't say I don't like the results, I think, but I can say I don't like being manipulated and forced, Solar-Wind…" With that said she turned her attention to Jellybean, her smile returning full-force as she ran a hoof through her newly cut mane, smooething it out. For a few moments, then it went all fritzy again. "I didn't know you had a marefriend, Jellybean… Then again, I supose I didn't really know you were a grown up till… not so long ago."

Magpie ohs, and blushes a bit. "Um.. well. Kludge said I could move in with him."

Winter-Solstice's thoughtful expression turns to a frown. She leans in to nuzzle up against Soda's cheek; she's warm, if a bit clumsy. "Soda, c'mon. He had the right idea. So did Ruby. We're not trying to… to manipulate you." She pulls back and looks a little worried. Well, quite worried. "I know you had some… issues with your… your, uh… with That Guy, but this is different. I can't mind-control anybody, I just sort of hit things. And everybody here just wants you to be happy. Especially me. So please please please don't be super mad, okay?" She smiles, then, and her eyes glint. "But we can totally get back at them some other way sometime if you want."

Jellybean bounces even again, this time leaping to tackle Magpie with a hug. "That's GREAT!"

"… But we already basically…" Then Windrose pauses. "Oh, you mean when we get back to the Harbor, don't you? That is something to be happy about." Then there's that horrible screeching, the mare's ears laying back to where they almost disappear into her mane as she cranes her neck to look. "Do you need any help there Solar?"

Jellybean's wings flap happily. "Well, we only said we liked each other after turning into foals, but Typhoon-Mare is my very special somepony." His hooves can barely stay on the ground as he says it.

Magpie eep-ack. "Uh.. y-yeah. It's great." She blushes a little.

Solar-Wind sighs, and realizes while he's strong for a pegasi, he doesn't have the 'earth-pony ground hauling edge' that Miss Whinny does, not to mention its just runners on ground not slick snow, he'd so totally have this if it were on snow, really! he nods to Windrose, "Yeah, I could definitely use a helping hoof" he nods a little sheepish at being assisted with something that requires strength. Big guy is actually embarrassed by something it seems.

"Too bad we can't make it snow in here, just long enough to move it." But Windrose flits up behind the sled and grabs the rear with her hooves. "Okay you pull, I'll push. It will at least get it moved faster with less work for each of us. Too bad we can't do much about the noise."

Jellybean's ears flap shut at the noise.

Magpie aughs. She covers her ears. "Don't make it snow inside!" she yelps. "It's bad enough out THERE!"

Sodium-Fizz bit her lower lip, a frown of deep thought growing on her face together with an succession of conflicting emotions. She suposed she could -not- kill Ruby, just maybe. Then again, why not? Well, obviously because Winter's asking her not to, and is giving her reasons not to. Then again, Ruby deserves it. Well, most likely, right? No, she tottaly would deserve it! Though then she'd have to leave, again. And she's never killed anypony! Well, mostly. And…

Soda sighed and nodded, the manic grin growing just a bit smaller, the wild frizzyness of her mane smoothing out a bit. "I… yeah, I supose. They still deserves it, though!" She pouted, "That's the meanest thing somepony's done… Well, that a -friend's- done! That hurts…" She shot a Solar-Wind a glare, for the lack of a Ruby-Blossom.

Winter-Solstice pulls herself upright as last, but doesn't go far, peering down at Soda. She seems caught between a frown and a smile. Looking up towards Windrose and Solar, she watches them for a bit. "You sure you guys got that? I can help!"

Solar-Wind has only gotten a few feet with the annoying dragging of the sled, He is tugging mightly but he is a featherweight, all strong n tough combat pony, but he can't pull worth a darn, and even with Windrose pushing, he's just not got that 'earth-pony' ability there to back it up. TUG, TUG, TUG, *Screeeeee,Screeeee, Screeeeee* every tug gets about two hooves worth of space, and he's straining, actually straining at his rescue line, He's panting at that, lost his blankets, and using his wings to pull using thrust, and while that /SLIDES/ it forward it also drives that noise back to the rest of the crowd. Eventually he lands, stopping just standing there panting, and not moving. dude looks hopeless just standing there *sniffle* Shoulders slouch, not so strong now, it looks like.

Windrose tries to push as much as she can, but she's not really all that strong to begin with. The noise was drying her nuts! When Solar stops she slumps against the back of the sled, huffing to catch her breath. Darn her for trying to be nice. Pant pant pant. "Not to interrupt you getting all cozy, but yeah, might need a helping hoof."

Ruby unexpectedly peeks out from behind Winny - sporting a sheepish little grin as she waves at Fizzy. "Hi Fizzy." quickly ducking back behind the safest place to be right now - big powerful mare that is the object of Fizzy's affections. "I know you must be /super/ angry at me right now, and I can /totally/ relate to that. You probably want to kill me right now - and that's okay. I'm totally used to ponies being angry at me when I do what needs to be done." hesitant peek.

Sodium-Fizz grinned and shook her head for herself, stretching just a bit to give Winter's cheek a soft nuzzle. "Go ahead and help them. I… have to go down to the lab, I think… Before I do something really crazy…" Soda pullzed back, her grin turning a bit rueful, whispering. "I'm so sorry, Winter… If I…"

Ruby's voice sent the alchemist going ramrod stiff once more, short of her mane that rather did burst back into it's full, unruly mess. Ruby! She'd… no, she couldn't it woul-… She'd… Fizzy groaned, a hoof pressed to her head… She'd… She'd sort it out later! With a soft growl she shot straight into the air, grey wings spreading as she dived down on the other side of Winter, hooves outstreached.

Winter-Solstice smiles at Soda- still looking a little hesitant, but cheerful at the same time- and looks about ready to go do just that, and show those featherbrains what REAL mind-numbing back-breaking physical labor looks like… when all of a sudden, RUBY. And LOUD NOISES. And AAHH. Winter is jittery on her hooves, looking up at soda flapping overhead. "Wha? Soda?" She blinks at her, then turns to blink at Ruby. "Ruby! You gotta turn off your sneaking sometime. It's gonna get someone punched in the nose sometime and it might be you!" She turns towards Soda, all her worrying back. "Fizzy, do we- do you want to get away from here and talk about this some? Would that help?"

Solar-Wind has managed to drop the harness when he hears Ruby speak up, He gazes over to her then goes wide eyed. He thinks to himself, "doesn't she have some sense of self preservation, getting that close to a mare thats going 'unhinged' like that, Its akin to telling the notorious Pink that she can't be your friend /danger, danger, DANGER!/" The alarms of 'ticked off mare' are going off in his head, but he's got friends to think of, /all/. his friends. He starts to trot right into the dangerzone to /try/ and help.

"… Well I'm sure as hay not trying to push this by myself," Windrose mutters as Solar unhooks himself and trots off to try and defuse the situation. Can't say she didn't try at least. But the sled is just going to have to sit where it is right now though.

Magpie eyes Ruby. "Uh, you might wanna not— Uh." Shrug. Oh well. Will's whole army can't kill Ruby, what's one annoyed alchemist more?

Dive bombing Fizzy - well this is to be expected and certainly Ruby seems to have to find herself incapable of dodging wether by choice or something else! The mare tackled roughly by her GOOD FRIEND Fizzy - sending the pair tumbling until Ruby smacks into a wall with a noteable hiss of pain. "Ow, come on Fizzy! You know I only did that for you." she whines adorably - she should look alot more afraid than she does.

Windrose watchs as Ruby does something insane yet again, then rolls her eyes skyward to the unseen sun and the long lost goddess-pony trapped there for seemingly eternity. "By Celestia, why are ALL of the ponies in this place CRA-ZY?!"

"Because they have nothing better to do?" answers Kludge rhetorically as he wanders in. He had just recently woken up, having worked on some design sketches for much longer than expected the previous "day". He looks around at the assorted chaos that had woke him up and sighs. "Someone want to fill me in on what's going on?"

Crazy Fizz scowls down at Ruby as she sits up, her wings spread wide. "And I would have appreciated it if you didn't have to be such an duplicious, back-stabbing feather-head about it! But no, you and Solar had to go and do it like this?! You… YOU! You know, I told you what happened with him! And now, you… You go behind my back, you betray my trust! Why did you have to do it to me?! You're my friend… You're suposed to be my friend…" the grey mare whimpered, a hoof to pressed to her head. Sighing she pulled her hoof back, aiming a swing for Ruby's pouty face.

Well, it's not a grade A intercept, but Winter bumbles in and catches Soda's upraised hoof all the same, hopefully at least knocking the intended blow enough off course that it misses its target. But Winter doesn't stop there- putting her strength and size to her advantage, as she moves to scoop Soda up and pull her away, holding the smaller pegasus around the middle with her strong forelegs and shuffling back away from Ruby on her hindlegs. "Okay, yeah, yeah, okay. Time out, time out," she says, voice strained, expression matching. "Thanks, guys! We gotta go have a, uh, I think we need a chat. It's not you, it's us. Well, it might be a little bit Ruby, too, but, but nevermind, that."

Ruby-Blossom appeared entirely intent to accept whatever Fizzy felt she had coming and in fact is quite surprised when the mare pulls Fizzy away. Ruby chimes softly "You have every right to be angry - I made you do something you don't have the confidence to do on your own. So be angry at me - I just didn't want to see you miss a chance at happiness." One hoof pressed to the front of her neck as she gets to hoofs. "I'm sorry if I took things too far." she beams softly as genuine as could be. "You deserve alot more happiness in your life, and I don't want to see somepony I care about lamenting. I…" she wiggles one front hoof against the ground while holding the other against her bandaged wound. "Winny - if she wants to hit me, leth her. I won't hold it against her." she beams warmly. "I can always forgive her, even if she doesn't forgive me."

Solar-Wind watches the near brawl and sighs out deeply, to watch his friends come to blows over this. He just sighs out deeply, "I didn't ever think friendship would come down to this, for what Its worth, I'm sorry Sodium-Fizz, I'm sorry I tread upon that ground, I can't handle watching this, this" he just Aarrrghs some and shakes his head annoyedly and reapplies his blankets over his thermal suit, "I can't handle watching you fight over this. I'm out, If you want to punnish me fine, whatever you want to do, I screwd up, I'm NOT Sorry for trying to make you happy, its what Friends do" he hrumphs and shoulders his way through the crowd, grips big door with a shoulder, shouldering it open, and stepping out. "I'm gonna catch a flight out of this darnned hole" he practically growls out over his shoulder as he trots up the tunnel letting whom ever is beside the door to close it. He just leaves in a huff, no pony will get a word in edgewize as he gets to the top, and takes off.

"… Well so much for getting him to finish moving the sled of wood," Windrose grouses as Solar Wind storms off before anypony can stop him, hovering midair and crossing her forelegs. And Winny is busy dragging Fizzy out before she does something she's going to regret at some point. And she darn wells know she's not going to be able to move it herself! Finally she throws her hooves in the air and turns to wander off. "Fiiiiine, I'll just go find Heatsink or somepony to do it."

Sodium-Fizz squirms and struggles in Winter's grip, shooting Ruby a glare that might just kill even in a world where killer stares is fictional. "Winter… Please, put me down… She deserves it!"

"Nope!" declares Winter. "Even if she says she does, and you say she does, I'm as much a part of this as you two and I'm vetoing your punch rights by virtue of being better at punching." Soda's ticked off enough that Winter has to struggle to restrain her, but short of an act of violence on the Alchemist's part, Winter is not about to surrender her grip, as she drags the pegasus inexorably towards the exit to the labs… much as she did yesterday, except then Soda was drunk as a skunk, not mad as a hatter.

The two leave for the labs.

Once in there, Winter sweeps Soda up for a last-minute charge to a bunk, tosses her down on, and then hauls up to sit on her. And there she remains, solid as a rock. "Sit still for a bit," she says, her tone glum and irritable.

Sodium-Fizz gasped, Winter-Solstice is by no means a lightweight mare considering her build, though she'd never actualy say that to her face. The pinned pegasus pouted. "You know, if I wanted to you couldn't keep me here… But…" A eye twitched and she looked away, biting down on her lower lip.

Winter-Solstice heaves a sigh. "Yeah, you could probably get away if you wanted but I'm kind of hoping you won't long enough to calm down a bit." She adjusts her position so that, hopefully, she isn't cutting off the circulation to anything important as she remains seated on the pegasus. But with her shoulders slumped and her head hanging, she doesn't seem to have much enthusiasm for anything BUT being dead weight. "What do you want to happen here, Fizzy?" she asks at length. There's a little quiver in her voice as she speaks, but she powers through it with volume and syllabic momentum. "I don't know what you want, I don't know even more than I didn't know before! I can't just let you hurt Ruby, she's my friend! You're my friend, too! I can't just let you two fight!"

Ruby-Blossom peeks into the next room - totally following despite not being invited. "Fizzy. I'm really sorry if I upset you." Sincere as could be as she continues to peek were not welcome - always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, yes? "You're an important friend, a very important friend to me. So is Winny - I wouldn't ever do something to hurt you with the intent of hurting you." head dropping close to the ground as she ducks a bit - still hiding behind the doorframe. "You should know I'd do anything for either of you - even take one to face if it makes you feel better.

Magpie trots over and nuzzles Kludge. "Hi," she says, cheerfully ignoring the threats of physical violence currently being enacted in the next room. "…Fizzy and Winny finally got together," she explains.

Jellybean has retreated the room in the face of very, err, energetic vibes. "I think maybe somepony should try to break that up. Somepony big?"

Windrose has left.

"Ah," remarks Kludge, an expression of "I'm still waking up" on his face… which quickly shifts to a look of realization. "And Ruby hurried it along." Not a question.

Magpie says "I guess. She kinda mushed their faces together until they kissed."

Magpie blinks at Jelly. "Winny is big," she says, almost a question.

"I thought she was my friend… She knows too! I told her, I told Solar… Was one night after we got here… All of us were kinda in a bad place and then… Ugh, she's not even done anything really, really wrong!" Soda whimpered loudly. "She just had to go and push me over the edge, right to the place where I can't think clearly 'cause everything's to clear-cut and easy, with her well-meaning stupid decisions and now I'm all… You asked if they were bad, my episodes. Well, here they are! And it's not even the really bad ones… I want to wringe her neck 'cause then she can't me feel that desperate and scared again… Family shouldn't do that, she's almost a little sister. Kinda. But it's wrong, and I shouldn't! It's like thinking and knowing isn't the same thing, and I hate it…"

The sound of Ruby's voice made Fizz go stiff, throwing a glance in her direction. "Ruby… You're… not helping, one bit, 'cause right now I don't belive you. I can't belive you…" Sighing she looked back up at Winter, biting her lower lip. "Thanks for making me stop… but I don't think I'd want to do that…" Soda waved a hoof at Ruby, "if I was all right in the head. I'd want to forgive and forget… Maybe dye her coat green or something…" Another sigh, "Buck, I knew this was a big stupid idea, 'cause I would wind up doing something big and stupid to ruin something that's good."

Jellybean nods a little, wings flapping. "She is!" he says, as though just realizing this himself. Pause. "…and?"

While Soda stiffens at Ruby's voice, Winter cringes atop her pegasi perch. She turns her head to look in Ruby's direction, a mess of emotions on her face. She looks just about as angry as she is happy to see her friend, and is obviously struggling to think of a reply even after Sodium says her piece. At length Winter reaches up and just waves a hoof in Ruby's direction. "Ruby, just… can you just give us space for now, please? I mean, thank you, but we kinda sorta totally really need to have it right now. I'll come find you in a bit, I promise."

Ruby-Blossom is a total nuisance! Like an annoying hair that won't stay put, or poo that gets wedged into the crevice of your hoof that you can't even get out with scrubbing for an hour. She looks like she's about to say something then gives a little nod - /trying/ not to look dejected when she ducks out of the doorway. She stops to huff heavily then trots back into the main room of the base - leaving Winny and Fizzy to their snogging.

Magpie considers Jelly's question. Hm. Good point. She straightens with resolve and trots over to where Ruby is insinuating herself. "Hi, Ruby," she says, as she passes going the other way. Wait! "Ruby!" She spins and glowers at the bigger mare. "Well… uh… GOOD. Go sit down and leave the poor ponies alone!"

Kludge watches Ruby return, an expression of mild disbelief on his face. He gives a mild chuckle at Magpie's efforts, but overall the look he's giving off is "why did I have to wake up to this?"

Ruby-Blossom plants her flank and stays quiet - cause /clearly/ she's done more than enough 'good' for the day. She does give Kludge a little wave though - even as Maggie scolds her to which she replies with a nod. She doesn't look sullen or upset - cause she's doing a good job to avoid looking that way =3

Sodium-Fizz shot a glare after Ruby-Blossom, she just couldn't help herself. With a groan she wrested her eyes away, looking back up at Winter, giving her a very shakey and nervous smile. At least it's not the crazy one, right? Actualy, she looks downright terrified of what the larger mare might have to say, at the moment. "I… I think… I maybe should try to snapp out of this, right? I think I can do that, maybe… I've never actualy had a chance to try that… I mean, usualy there's nopony to make me actualy think rather than let the thinking make me…."

She fell into a stuttering silence.

Once Ruby goes, Winter watches, then turns to look back down at Soda, who gets the same mix of emotions Ruby got. Winter's eyes are looking a little red, and wide, and a bit fearful. Eventually she looks away, across the room. "I don't know, can you… can you just snap out of it? I don't think it works like that. That's the problem, right?" She squirms a little. "I mean, that she stressed you out and you… you… your thing went off? Your science-related brain-fizz disorder order?"

Magpie climbs up on Ruby's back and half-sprawls on her, like a hug only not really.

Kludge smiles a little bit, noting the hint of affection Magpie is giving Ruby. He then walks over next to Ruby, carefully nuzzling her and giving Magpie a quick ruffle of the mane.

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly as everypony gets all nice to her despite putting on a good show of looking perfectly calm - but that chuckle does encite a small wince. "That bad of a job, huh?" she grins sheepishly. "I'm not really all that upset, I mean I did the right thing and all that. Maybe the wrong way - but then again I'm not exactly the most graceful of ponies with interpersonal relationships." she gives a little shrug and nuzzles Jelly back while wearing her Maggie-cape. "Hopefully Fizzy'll come around and see that I did that /because/ she's someone I care about and love - but not googly eyes kinda love - like sister." she ponders this with a slight frown "Maybe sister isn't a good train of thought." Considering her own past.

Magpie peeks over Ruby's shoulder. "What's wrong with sisters?" she asks, blinking.

Jellybean blinks. "I love my sisters."

Ruby-Blossom hmms softly at Maggie before offering a small smile. "It's a long story. But to keep the happy tone we'll just say she moved onto better things." grinning way to broadly to be genuine.

Sodium-Fizz cringed at the look on Winter's face. That… She bit down on her lip again, a hoof reaching up to Winter's cheek. "Thats… about it, yeah. It goes of and the world becomes beyond clear and I know exactly what I want and… and I go latching on to something crazy and… and make a mess. And… I'm not sure, not really. I think Ruby's snapped me out of one, but I'd been on that for a few days straight after the Nightmare… But… typicaly, no. All crazy till I start going muddy-brained and normal again… and my normal kind of crazy." Soda pulled a face, somewhere between a grimarce and a smile.

Magpie gives Ruby a look. "Did she die, or just leave ya?" asks the orphan filly.

Ruby-Blossom can't help but laugh softly - wincing all the while cause it still hurts, yo. "She found a good home, and a good life." Ruby offers with a broad, stupid smile. "So that's all good.

Winter-Solstice keeps her head turned aside, and does little to acknowledge that touch on her cheek, craving it even as she wants to pull away from it. Looks like her solidly-planted flank is the only reciprocation Soda is getting for now, and Winter doesn't seem ready to move just yet. "Do you still… remember everything, from your episodes? Do you still mean what you say when you're in them and everything, or is there something in it that, like… makes you… not just act differently like you're super-focused, but really act differently?" She's starting to squirm about and looks more uncomfortable than quite possibly ever, as though she were trying to wriggle out of an uncomfortable outfit. "Because when you said you liked me and you wanted to be together I liked that, but if that was… sort of.. sort of the Thing talking, I, uh…"

Noting that this would likely be a good time to shift topics, Kludge looks over at Jellybean. "How goes the letter, Jelly?"

Ruby-Blossom nuzzles Kludge gently as she chuckles. "You need a hair cut, handsome?" A playful tone to be had for sure - more than a little teasing.

Magpie gives the back of Ruby's head a thoughtful look.

Jellybean thinks. "Almost done, I think."

Another grey hoof came up, gently turning Winter's face down to Soda's own. And her own bright smile. "I'm still just me, Winter. It's not some kind of split personality syndrome. Trust me, I don't need -that- as well," Soda giggled softly. "It's just me… if super-focused kinda crazy me, and I mean it. I mean every single word. And I remember every. Single. Thing."

"I'm not going to forget what I said, I've not lied to you. And I'm most definatly some sort of other Thing. Been there, done that."

Winter-Solstice resists at first, turning her head about against Soda's tugging, but eventually she catches a hooftip in one nostril and wrinkles up her nose to look down at Soda. There's a definite searching quality in her gaze as she meets Soda's own at last and carefully considers those words. It seems that in time she comes to trust them, as she shifts about and eases up, rolling off of Soda to sit down beside the bunk instead.

"Okay," she says, in a tired, but relieved voice. "Okay. That's good." She reaches up and runs a hoof through her mane. "I'm, uh, I'm sorry for worrying. I know it's not making it any easier for you with your Thing. I just, uh, I've never, this is, you're, I mean, I've never actually been in a relationship-relationship before and this one's been going on for an hour and I didn't want it to be messed up already." Her upraised hoof reaches around to scratch her nose.

"Good to hear," Kludge smiles at Jellybean, before chuckling at Ruby's comment. "Not at the moment, but once I do, you know who I'll talk to about it," he replies to Ruby before kissing her.

Ruby-Blossom grins all the while resisting chuckling. "There are times I'm angry, or sad at the things that have happened in my life; growing up alone, being looked down upon by well-to-do ponies, having my little sister telling me to scram, and everything else. It'd be easy to be angry and sad all the tim, but everyday I realize a little more - that I'm thankful for every tradegy, every rejection, and every loss. Because despite all hardship I'm here with all of you now, and I wouldn't change a thing if it meant I didn't mean you all. I'd endure anything to keep you lot safe and happy." she glances at Jelly. "Just don't ask me to help with Fidget - I don't want a second pegasi gunning for my life." she stops and ponders "Third…make third.

Ruby-Blossom sighs "No, wait. Fourth…I think that'd be fourth.

The kiss from Kludge incites a bludge and a firm little push of cheek with one paw. "H..hey!" the mare blushed adorably - she's not rejecting Kludge, rather she likes it therefore it's /not/ allowed.

Sodium-Fizz tensed up as she waited as Winter looked down at her, passing judgment. She gasped, hearing her words, tears in the corner of her eyes as she wrapped her forelegs around the large mares neck, hugging her. "I'm… I'm the one that should be sorry for making you worry, and for being… who I am, I guess. Though you told me I should… try not to be somepony else, didn't you?" She gave Winter a shakey smile. "Though to be fair, I don't like her. The me that's all… And why did you think I was terrified? I've never been in a relationship… 'cause he doesn't count, right? Thanks for making sure I didn't do anything… to stupid."

The grey mare smiled softly. This, this was a lot more important than trying to wringe Ruby's neck. Leaning back she smiled at Winter, and not one of the creepy mad-mare ones. Pale yellow eyes eyeing Winter hopefuly. "Thank you, and sorry for… Well, you know."

Winter-Solstice smiles for the first time in like half an hour or something, which, for her, is forever. Her cheeks positively ache for the lack of smiling that has been going on lately. "Yeah," she says, shuffling a forehoof against the floor. "It's okay." And then she leans down and gives Soda a smooch on the nose in a typically clumsy but heartfelt fashion, before sitting back up. "I think I wanna go see if Ruby's okay, though, if that's okay. And you don't have to go with if you want to just stay here and rest a bit or if you don't think you're, uh, ready to talk to her just yet."

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly and blushed, though she did nod. "Yeah… I guess that would be a good idea. I'm feeling a bit more like myself now… but best not taking any chances… And… give her a noogie or something, and tell her I'm not -really- angry at her, please…? 'Cause I ment what I say, she's kinda like a little sister."

Winter-Solstice nods rapidly. You can almost hear her head rattling as she does so, and her little smile is spreading into a big grin. "Okay. Okay! Thanks, Soda." She then hops up, scoots back, bumps into three more bunks and then clamors her way back into the main room.


Winter shoots into the main chamber, looking considerably more chipper than she did when she left, or when Ruby pursued. "Ruby! Ruby, are you okay?" she says. Look! There she is with Jelly, and Kludge, and Magpie. Winter skids to a stop near the foursome, hooves clattering about beneath her, and nearly drops herself onto her head or her flank or both as various bits of her overly large body stop at different rates. "Ruby! Ruby! Soda is feeling better and she says she's not really angry at you and you're sort of like a little sister and also I need to noogie you."

Magpie blinks at Winter coming skidding in. She gives a little nod and hops off Ruby's back. "Noogies are go," she reports with a snapped off salute.

Ruby-Blossom 's little heart-felt speech certainly appears to have fallen on deaf ears; she'll need to remember to just shut up and look moderately attractive in the future. The mare hmms curiously at Winny's arrival and gives her a little glare. "No noogies." she says sternly with both Ruby red eyes fixated on the mare.

"Not while she's injured, at least," remarks Kludge, who starts looking around innocently before he can be glared at.

Jellybean giggles, seeing that Winter seems to be in a much better mood than before. He flaps his wings and leaps onto her back playfully.

Magpie says "Sorry. You have to get noogie'd. It's the rules."

Winter-Solstice's lips flap for a few moments. "But-" she says, and gestures to Magpie. "But see? It's the… it's the rules, Ruby!" She sighs, then turns to reach back and pat Jellybean in an awkward backwards fashion. Then, stepping forward, she reaches out and tap-taps Ruby on the noggin in a gentle fashion. "There, that will have to count for now." Winter withdraws her hoof and smiles in a tired sort of fashion.

Ruby-Blossom hmphs cutely and throws Kludge a dirty glare "Good to know you'll always protect me." Her tone a playful jab at Kludge's failure to come to her resque.

"Consider it punishment for overly meddling with the hearts of others," Kludge counters, then smiles. "And now that you've had your punishment, time to make it feel better," he remarks as he kisses Ruby where Winny tapped her.

Magpie humphs. Well that wasn't fun.

Ruby-Blossom harumphs addorably. "If I didn't do it they wouldn't ever get around to snoggin; Winny's to sweet and thick, and Fizzy's too nervous and doubtful." she crosses her hooves and harumphs again - not looking all that upset. "Everypony can be angry at me about how things started, that's fine." she totally accepts it - cause she's right.

Winter-Solstice turns about, scuffing a hoof on the floor. "I'm not mad," she says, with a huff. "I think…" She quiets her voice a bit as she turns to face Ruby again, glancing towards the lab doorway, then back to the smaller mare. "I think it was good, what you did. Thanks, Ruby."

Ruby-Blossom leans forward to hug Winny warmly. "She'll be angry at me for a while - justifibly so." she offers Winny a small grin. "She's to worried about the past that she fears the unknown future; I didn't want to let her past hinder her future." she grins broader "Now maybe she'll shut-up about how much she wants your that big flank of yours."

Magpie snrk.

Winter-Solstice returns the hug with a goofy smile, one that splits into a grin as she draws back. "I dunno. I hope she does keep going on about it, at least when I can hear." She grins a moment longer, then glances back. Oh, yeah. Jellybean. Winter arches her eyebrows a bit and looks away.

Magpie tells Winny, "They /are/ pretty big. But they're nice. Honest."

Ruby-Blossom chuckles warmly "Oh, Winny knows I appreciate her flanks and often compliment them on their supple nature." throwing a grin to her GOOD FRIEND. "Ow…" she mummers while rubbing her neck with one hoof - she really needs to remember to not be so joyful. "Winny's extremelly awesome by the ounce, but comes in the pound.

Winter-Solstice makes a noise somewhere between a snort and a giggle, and moves to settle down by the door. She hasn't been guarding much lately. Might as well get back into the habit. Of course, as she sits down, Jellybean probably slides down the incline of her back and onto the floor, but hanging out with Winter is treacherous like that.

The mad, scrambling sounds of hooves on stone came from down one of the corridors. The same one Winter and Ruby have been down and up, the same one Soda have been down and is now scramling through. "ponyfeathers, ponyfeathers, ponyfeathers!" She hobbles into the room at supprising speed by means of full gallop, skipping and short bouts of flight as she's trying to pull her own thermal suit on. It doesn't last as she trips, skidding along the foor right up to the door. "Oww…"

Kludge walks over and helps Fizzy up. "What's got you so worried?" he inquires, wondering if it's pegasus stir-craziness or a realization that something outside is significantly wrong.

Winter-Solstice, sitting by the door, watches Soda scramble in, her look of weary happiness replaced by one of surprise. "Fizz?" she asks, sitting up. She crosses the short remaining distance between herself and the alchemist to peer down at her. "What's wrong? Did you leave your keys outside or something?" She pauses. "If you were hoping to get outside before I started guarding, I can understand, but really, all you have to do is ask nicely and I'll let you out…"

Jellybean does indeed slide down, managing to land in a nice little curled-up bun of pony in the process. He looks up somewhat sleepily when Fizz comes running back in. "What happened?"

Sodium-Fizz gave the lot of them a very, very embarased smile. "I… Um… just realised we forgot something. Something kinda big, and a bit goofy, with wings… and on the other side of something else that's kinda big, but rather intimidating and really doory." A slate grey hoof came up, pointing at the door. "Like, say… a Solar-Wind on the other side of that door?"

Winter-Solstice turns to look at the door. "Huh?" She looks back at Soda and shrugs. "Yeah, he went out. He's a big colt, though, he can take care of himself. Why, do you… did something… do you know if something's wrong? Do we have to go out and get him or something?"

Ruby-Blossom Glances over her shoulder "Really when I think about it. He had no business going out when he's sick." she sighs heavily. "Darn it."

"I know he went out with his thermal suit and some blankets, so that shouldn't be a problem," muses Kludge. "Still, it would be a good idea for him to come back in, now that things have calmed down."

"Yes… He's sick. He's been down in the boiler room for the last few days, he have absolutely no bussines being outside!" Soda staggered to her hooves, working on pulling on her thermal suit the rest of the way and shooting Kludge a glance. "Klude, make those crossbows? They could be usefull… either against the zombies, or the Shadowbolts… or Solar-Wind if he's gone and decided to be bull-headed."

Winter-Solstice furrows her brow. "Really? And we put him in charge of search and rescue? Sheesh!" She glances about, spotting the damp heap she left her own snowsuit in, and stomps over to it to start shrugging it on. "Well, no sense in letting anybody just sort of wander out there on their own," she says, from where she sits and shrugs her way into the jacket.

"I have a prototype, but I'm not sure how well it'll work," admits Kludge. "I can see why griffons use them, though - at least they have the digits to make them work easily."

Ruby-Blossom glances towards Winny and Fizzy - currently it appears she's staying put - cause y'know.

Sodium-Fizz flashed Kludge a grin. "Well… good! Would you please get it for me… I've been wanting to see how this idea's turning out anyway." There might just a be a little bit crazy in that smile. Just a little.

Magpie trots over and tugs on Sodium's sleeve.

Sodium-Fizz blinked and looked down at Magpie. After a moment she smiled. "Yes, Magpie?"

Magpie says "Please don't shoot Ruby with a crossbow."

Winter-Solstice, on her back and struggling to wedge her legs into tight snowsuit pants that are damp enough to resist the effort mightily, twists her head about on the floor to peer upside-down at Soda and Magpie. "Wait, what? Shoot Ruby? We're not gonna be doing all that again, are we?!"

Kludge trots off, then comes back after a moment with the protoptye crossbow. At least, you can tell that it's supposed to be a crossbow, but there's been some changes made so that it can be used (theoretically) by those with hooves. Namely, levers to help recock the bow, another lever to fire it, and several protrustions and crossbracings so the other levers can be pulled.

"What? No!" spluttered Soda, shooting Maggie a scowl. And Winny too. "And we're not going through that again! We're going out to look for that bone-head and make sure he doesn't get the sniffles any worse than he already is! He's most likely going to the pegasi… or to find Captain Twist… You can sit on me later all you want Winny, I certainly won't mind, but not right now."

Magpie says defensively, "I was just CHECKING!"

Jellybean looks as though, as usual, he has no idea what's going on.

Winter-Solstice squints at Soda for a few inscrutable moments, but forgoes any response as she instead finishes the battle with her pants. Theoretically, losing weight on a constant, dissatisfying diet of blue leaves would make this easier, but no! Eventualy she succeeds, though, getting them all cinched and buttoned along with her jacket. "Well, then!" She swings her legs in turn, stretching against the protests of the snowsuit's stitches. "Ready!"

Sodium-Fizz flashed Kludge a smile as she scooped up the crossbow, eyeing it for several moments before slinging it across her back, together with her raggedy cloak. "We'll be back soon. Just make sure he's not in trouble… Well, to much trouble… Not getting himself killed…" Her muzzle scrunched up slightly. "You know what I mean."

Ruby-Blossom waves hoof. "Don't try snogging in the snow. You'll freeze your flanks off."

Sodium-Fizz blushed brightly and headed for the door. "Right, going now!"

Winter-Solstice flashes Ruby a goofy grin as she hauls the door open, waiting for Soda to leave before slipping out herself and hauling the door shut behind them both.