Smells Like Heaven
IC date: Spring 74, 1008
OOC date: June 3, 2013
Location: Town Square
PCs: Moka Jellybean Rising-Chaos Willow-Grove

Spring! Spring is everywhere and has been everywhere, and Willow is just overjoyed. The pegasus mare is practically skipping through town, and even though it's getting on toward sunset, she doesn't seem to even notice that it's getting dark. Her wings are spread, and the flowers woven into her hair seem to be blossoming into lovely pointed orange blossoms.

As she passes a small bush of flowers, she redirects her path, trotting eagerly around to lean in and urge those flowers to open further with her own peculiar brand of environmental magic. And once that's done, the cheery pegasus turns back around blindly, humming a happy tune.

This not cheery unicorn walks around, not singing a tune at all. Spring is, after all, just another season, it's notlike the weather is going to hasten research or do paperwork. rising chaos is busy, these things are frivolous. The cold is nicer, anyways. Still, this doesn't mean she's being nasty, she's just being her, walking through town on her way to the next destination.

Jellybean is apparently taking the same tack as Willow on this one: he's in a good mood, performing a late-evening cloud-skooching. Very important job, you understand: you see a cloud that needs to be maybe a foot or so to the left, and you skooch it. Like so. Skooch skooch. He's humming along as he does it, and anypony paying close attention hear that he's humming a wedding march.

Skreetskreetskreetskreetskreet. With the sun setting, the marketplace is shutting down. Shop owners close up, break down, and head back home to prepare for the next day. An old wooden cart with a squeeky wheel is being towed around by an odd-looking zebra, a slight coffee-like aroma filling the air around it. A quiet, low-pitched melodic hum seems to match in time with the noise of the wheel.


All of a sudden, there's a traffic jam as Willow walks right into Rising. "Eek!" she squeals, wings flapping as she tries to regain her balance. "I'm so sorry! I should have looked where I was going! Are you okay?" Curtains of green, flower-woven mane fall about her face, blue eyes full of worry.

This is not, in fact, a rare event in Rising Chaos' walks around town, so she's not offended. She barely even loses her balance. She looks the mare up and down critically. "I'm fine, really. I've had worse than a mare bump in to me slightly, don't worry yourself." Her face is a scowl, but it kind of always is, she doesn't LOOK upset.

Jellybean, having decided that clouds are in the right place, descends to the market and stretches out his wings. So doing, he observes Moka and the squeaky cart. He sniffs the air a few times. "That smells really good," he says, hooves tapping a little anxiously, "what is it? Am I too late to get some?"

Willow doesn't seem too perturbed by the scowl. Instead she smiles. "Good! Hey, let's go see what they're looking at!" And just like that, she's got Rising by the hoof, dragging her sunnily toward Moka's shop. "That smells heavenly!" she agrees with Jellybean. But she turns back to Rising, "By the way, my name is Willow-Grove! What's yours?"

Rising-Chaos allows herself to be dragged along for now, but wont suffer it for long. She hasn't made a habit of ruining pony's days if she can avoid it. "Oh yes, that sounds like a grand time." She does recognize Jellybean, at least, so that's something. "Rising Chaos, pleasure to meet you Willow Grove. Hello Jellybean."

Thankfully as Moka stops the cart the annoying squeak stops with it. He cocks his head at Jellybean in curiosity before looking back over his shoulder at the contents of his cart. It mostly contains what looks like antique shipping crates with a few burlap sacks here and there. "Coffee beans are what you smell. My brewing is done, but perhaps some fresh grounds would serve you well."

Jellybean nods a few times. "Ooh, that does sound nice. But, um," tailswish, "what do you do with them? I mean, I know you drink coffee, but how do you make it… coffee?"

"Rising Chaos, Jellybean, and…" Willow turns to Moka curiously. "Your name?" She looks at the cart, her wings flapping as she hops in place a little. "Yes! How /do/ you make coffee? I've only ever ordered it from other ponies, myself."

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. There are some things she will humour strangers for, but learning how to make coffee is not among them. "I don't drink the stuff, myself. Nor am I inclined to elarn how to make it. It was nice meeting you Willlow, perhaps I will see you around town again, but if you'll excuse me?" She gives a shallow bow and then trots away.

Moka rubs the back of his neck with a hoof as he thinks about a good way to simplify the process. One eye closes for a moment before he attempts to explain, giving a smile to Willow before giving it. "To make a simple coffee brew, there is not to much you need to do. It is almost like making tea, but with a small difference or three. Strain hot water through the beans, and if you insist add sugar or cream."

Jellybean listens appreciatively. "Ooh, that sounds nice and easy. Can I buy a bag? Maybe it'll help when I have to get up earlier in the morning." He fishes into his cape and pulls out his money purse. "How much?"

Willow blinks, and offers Rising a farewell, before turning her attention to Moka. "…Huh!" Willow smiles lightly. "No no, put your purse away." She pulls out her own purse, waving Jelly off, and starts rifling through what appears to be tons and tons of different currencies, from all over the world. "I'd like some for each of us."

Moka looks back and forth between the two pegasi, blinking a few times. "Technically my shop is closed, but for you two I will, I suppose." He unhitches himself from the cart and hops into the back of it, popping the lid off of one of the crates. The scent of coffee grows noticably stronger. After a bit of sorting he pulls out a few stone jars and sets them on the back of the cart, "Is there a flavor you are looking for? I have some regulars, but have many more."

Jellybean smiles at Willow and oblidgingly puts away his money, then blinks. "It comes in flavors?"

"One of your richer Colambian flavors, if you please," Willow says hopefully. "It's been a long time since I've been there. And thank you /very/ much for allowing us to purchase from you so late!" She casts about for a second, and then trots over to some existing greenery, where she's able to urge a new flower up from its shoots. She plucks it, and trots back over to the cart happily, offering it to the zebra. Along with the requisite bits, and all.

Moka smirks at Jellybean and nods, "Just like teas, herbs, and many fruits, coffee comes in many flavors to suit." He digs into the bottom of the crate and pulls out a rather large crock. It must be a popular seller to need so much of it! A few scoops of it are poured into a paper sack which is handed over to Willow. He smiles as he's given the flower and tucks it into his dreads. Looking again to Jellybean he asks, "And what kind of grounds would you like from me? Hazlenut? House blend? Shirish Cream?"

Jellybean continues to blink. He's good at conveying confusion, isn't he? "…hazlenut?"

"Hazelnut is an excellent choice," Willow says warmly, accepting her bag of Colambian grounds. "Though Shirish Cream is also quite nice. I've always enjoyed a good Shirish coffee." She winks, pleased.

Moka perks a curious brow at Willow. Perhaps he'll see her more often at his stand after she's had some of his coffee…she seems to be a bit of a fan. "Yes. Hazlenut is a popular choice. Smooth and nutty, you will surely rejoice!" He pops open one of the smaller jars and scoops some of its contents into another small paper sack. After setting it down infront of Jellybean he smiles at both the pegasi, "Free of charge for both of you if visiting me in the market you'll do!"

"That's very kind of you!" Willow grins. "But I very may well have to buy double next time to make up for it. Thank you, ah …?"

Jellybean accepts the sack and settles it away in one of his pockets. His wings flutter happily and he does, in fact, do some prancing. "Why thank you! I'll be sure to come by just as soon as I can."

Moka beams a smile at both pegasi before getting to work on packing the jars back up into the crate. There seems to be a certain order for things much like a packing puzzle. "Oh! That's right…I have not told you my name. You may both call me Moka; its the title I claim."

"Moka! How fitting," Willow grins. "I suppose we should let you get home, huh? Thanks again for letting us detain you, Moka." She plucks up her package, fluttering her wings happily as she steps back to give him room to pull his cart.
Jellybean smiles. "Thanks a lot, Moka! I'm Jellybean! I'll let you know what I think of this."

The dark zebra smiles and nods to the pegasi when he finishes the packing and gets himself hooked back up to the cart, "Do not worry - The pleasure is mine. I hope both of you find your coffee quite divine!"