Sleeping With The Fishes
IC date: Autumn 3
OOC date: DATE
Location: spindrift's house, far outskirts
PCs: Rising-Chaos Spindrift

The sun is low in the sky and a cool autumnal wind is keeping the trees in a constant, uneasy rustle by the time Spindrift leads Rising to the surface entrance of her little 'estate' outside of town. "And that," she explains- or rather, finishes explaining, "is why subdural rune implants offer a poor alternative to superior vessel implantation and conduit scarification, despite the often shocking appearance the latter can lend." She pauses as she takes a look over the bushes and trees that obscure the slight path to the rock that hides the entrance to her home. "And it seems my timing is just so. How fortuitous." She's soon threading through the bushes and fishing out the little scallop shell that is her 'housekey.'

Rising-Chaos, who has listened, enraptured, the whole time, nods along. It is useful information to know, and she's been taking mental notes the whole time, without saying much. She's an excellent student. "Indeed, its nice how some intellectual exercise will make the time just fly by."

Spindrift nods once. "Quite," she explains, reaching out to tap the shell against the stone. It lifts up and begins to slide out of the way- but abruptly halts before it gets more than a half-foot out of place. The seapony frowns and taps the shell against the stone once more, then turns and stares at the ground. "Something's wrong," she says, her gaze briefly abstracting as she tunes her senses to the arcane, and follows the flow of magic through the underground channels that bring it to the moving stone. After a moment she sighs and shakes her head. "One of the exterior nodes must have given out. I can't tell which from here- so it was likely at a distance." She tucks the key shell back in her bag. "I'll have to go in through the back door and open it up from inside. Do you mind waiting for a few minutes?"

Rising-Chaos frowns as well, this really isn't an ideal solution. She actually has a lot of problems with the Spin cave in its current state, but isn't going to voice those. "Of course not, I'll be right here." She plants her bags down, and gets ready to go in depth on this magical system. She wants to know hwo she can improve it, because it needs improving.

Spindrift digs about in her bags and sets down a few of the less waterproof things she had brought with her from the shop- a few books, a couple of fragile vials of something- and takes a moment to remove her cloak and set it down. "I'll be as quick as I can." With that, she makes her way to the cliff face through the trees, finds the start of a pathway leading downward, and clambers down out of sight. The scuff of her hooves can be heard on the rock, along with the soft rattle of dust and small stones dislodged from the pathway, but soon it all fades below the soft rush of the lapping waves below and the whistle of the wind through the trees.

The system doesn't seem to be especially complicated. There's a subtle vein of magic underground- one that isn't powerful enough, apparently, to activate a few predetermined cantrips that lift the rock and move it out of the way. It was before. Like plumbing gone awry, something seems to have happened upstream to stem the flow of power, such that the device is jammed. Until it's fixed, the very beginning of the stone stairway leading down into the caverns can be seen.

Dissatisfied with that answer, Rising Chaos tries to trace the fault back to its source. She can look at magic pretty good, and this isn't incredibly difficult for her, though if the fault is far back in the system, she may be out of her depth. It's a nice way to spend the time while Spindrift is gone.

The conduit leads back out towards the road, away from the coast, and should Rising follow that, towards the mountains. Following it necessitates clambering through untamed, though not altogether difficult underbrush, trending towards a narrow cleft between two rising hill ridges- the sort of natural line that untamed ley energies tend to follow.

It can be followed, though it's not clear how long it will take to find something of interest.

Rising-Chaos is content to stay right where she is, Spindrift is going to come open the door soon. If the thing is a dead end, it's a dead end. Rising snaps out of her following trance, and relaxes where she is, waiting on her friend. she can go investigate that error in more detail later, another day.

Minutes pass. A few crows alight in a nearby tree and squawk amongst themselves, then stop when they see Rising there and stare at her. The ocean laps against the stones down below. It's getting colder, slowly but steadily.

About ten minutes after she departed, there's a flicker of light from the stair well, as the crystals set within the walls set to glowing. "Rising?" calls Spindrift, from below. "I'm back. I apologize it took so long. Hold on…" There are a few soft pulses of magic through the nearby ground, and the rock scrapes about as if considering moving, but going about it sluggishly, like it was having a difficult time getting out of bed.

If the crows are going to watch Rising Chaos, they can be treated to a return glare from the unicorn. She's really, really, really good at glaring, giving them an ice cold look until she hears spindrift's voice. That makes her relax in to a small smile. "That's quite alright, I understand that things go wrong. Is everything in at least working condition?" She frowns at the barely moving rock, not that it needs much for her to get in. "would you like any help, Spindrift?"

The rock budges once more then goes still. There's an exasperated sigh from inside. Spindrift can be seen through that narrow crack, on the steps. "Yes, actually," she says. "Look inside the rock. You may be able to detect three nodes; two that maintain a constant charge and a third that is inert, but reactive. See if you can't focus on that and give it a little jolt of power." She pauses. "On the count of three, that is. Ready? One, two- three!"

Rising-Chaos provides the jolt of power necessary. It isn't much, but it's concentrated. Rising knows what she's doing, as it turns out. "Interesting system, I must say it again Spindrift. Even if it has issues, the scale would make them inevitable." Its surely opened enough for Rising to get through now, she's a scrawny nerd.

Just as Rising sends a jolt into the indicated node, Spindrift draws power up from someplace herself and sends it pulsing through the system elsewhere. The rock finally gets to sliding out of the way, though as it thunks into place, it seems it does so without intent of moving back to a 'closed' position. Spindrift sighs and returns to the surface to retrieve her things, then makes her way downstairs. She's wet- hair hanging more straight than usual, and coat having the telltale silvery iridescent gleam that is one of the biggest giveaways to her seapony nature. "It simply needs refinement. It was prepared in a hurry, such that it would function enough to not only seal the premises but help keep them hidden; refinement could wait." She makes a face. "Though it seems for not much longer. At any rate, come and make yourself comfortable."

The living quarters are much as Rising may remember them, though the floor has been smoothed out a bit more. Also, the wall that Spindrift said she was going to build a window in has a window! … albeit a very small one. It's about a foot wide, and is more like a round hole bored into the rock. Currently a wooden panel is affixed to keep it shut; through it the soft whistle of wind can be heard.

Rising-Chaos repeats the procedure from last time, ditching her saddlebags and sword belt by the door. Being in another pony's house is never going to not be weird, but she can handle it. "I see you've been doing some work, it's coming along. As for the system, it can be refined as you go. If you wish for my help, I wouldn't hesitate, though I would understand if you want to keep its exact nature a secret. Security is important." there are some things others will never know about what Rising does to keep herself safe, she thinks this is normal.

Spindrift hangs up her saddlebags on a hook nearby, along with her cloak. She lingers at the base of the stairs, staring upward. "I hope it doesn't rain," she mentions. "There's not much to keep the weather out like this." She makes a face, then turns to Rising. "It might get a bit chill. Perhaps this visit was ill-advised…" The seapony shakes her head and makes her way over to where she'd left her phylactery- it's sitting on a stool nearby, in a little puddle of water. She checks it over before finding a bench and settling down wearily. "If you'd like to assist, I would welcome your expertise. It is mostly a matter of procuring durable reagents and possibly recalculating the ley approaches…" She relaxes, closing her eyes. "Though to be perfectly honest, I'd just as soon not worry about matters arcane any more this evening."

"That works for me, I could use some time to not worry about academia." Rising Chaos takes a seat on the floor, it is comfy. "This has been an interesting experience, these last few weeks. Not an unpleasant one, though, for the most part." She shakes her head. "This visit is good, I think, for the both of us. If it rains, I can deal with it." That's easy, it doesn't even need magic.

Spindrift lifts her head. "Do you want a proper seat? I have those." She nods. "And real food this time, at least if fruit counts." Indeed, over in the pantry, there's a basket of assorted fruits. And what looks like a pie. It is strangely domestic looking. She looks at it for a few moments, then settles back down. She folds her hooves under her chin and closes her yes. "I suppose things HAVE been interesting, lately. It is a time of flux."

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow. "I wouldn't mind something small to eat, and a proper seat." She gets up, ready to follow Spin's lead. Fruit is much safer than seapony food, taste wise. Rising is used to arcanist's houses looking domestic, they kind of have to be. "Indeed, and it seems to have you on edge, Spindrift. Is there anything I can do?"

"No," says Spindrift, as she pushes up from her bench. "Though I appreciate your offer. Remain there; I'll bring you something. Do you have any preferences?" She starts poking around on a shelf, checking inside baskets, opening up a pot to peer down inside before returning the lid.

Well that was… Blunt. Rising Chaos knows Spindrift too well to be taken aback, but it does earn a frown. "No preference here, and very well." She stays where she is, as she was told.

Spindrift makes a slight face as she rattles around, looking a bit remorseful before mastering herself once more. She pokes about for a bit longer. There's a little dicing, a little chopping, a bit of pony magic when it comes to the expediency of food preparation, and soon Spindrift has two bowls of fruit salad. Ta da! Garnished with fresh leafy greens and with some sort of dressing. It looks a bit dessert-like. She looks around the living room with a frown. "I need a proper table," she says, before dragging over a bench, setting the bowls atop that, then finding a blanket to spread out on the floor beside that. She sits down there. "This will have to do for now."

Rising-Chaos takes a seat on the blanket as well. "It's not a huge lack, I'm quite comfortable now. Thank you for the food Spindrift." It does look good, and Rising takes a bite. "So, if you are interested, there are a couple events being planned by my orphanage. Specifically, Whistlestop is in charge of one, I am doing the other."

It appears to be mostly apple and bananas with a bit of sweet cream on top. Spindrift watches her bowl for a few moments. Like the pie from earlier, she seems more interested in studying than actually eating the treat. "Mmm?" she asks, after a moment, glancing up and looking to Rising. "What sort of events…?"

Rising-Chaos is watching Spindrift more than she is eating as well. She is worried about this mare. "Whistlestop is planning a party, for charity. I am hoping to raise some funds so I may start some side projects." She takes a bite, letting that sit. "I'm planning a more formal dinner, for the ponies who don't necessarily enjoy a party." Including, assumedly, Rising Chaos.

Spindrift furrows her brow slightly. "A worthy cause, to be sure," she muses. "I've never met this Whistlestop fellow myself. He's the very large one, isn't he?" She shifts slightly in her seat. "And these are fundraising events…?"

"He is the very large one, yes. An incredibly gentle, clever, and motivated stallion. I cannot recommend him enough." Rising Chaos likes him, Whistlestop is not a threat. She nods. "Yes, fundraising, I find myself unable to do all that I would like with my current budget. I feel like much good could be done with some more, and it would be a nice community event." Makes her look like an awesome pony.

Spindrift nods steadily. "That could indeed prove fortuitous, and with the rest interest, be quite a boon for orphanage." She considers her bowl from a different angle, then glances over to Rising, a bit uncomfortably. "I… don't exactly have the funds or the social cachet to attend myself, of course. Nevertheless, I hope both events prove fruitful."

Rising-Chaos waves a hoof. "I think you are excellent company, and would encourage you to attend one of them, and donations are necessary. I won't force you though, these aren't my kinds of things, to be honest. I find them, difficult." She shrugs, it's something she has to do. "It's for the foals' education, and will help me cement my position in town. "

"I'll consider it," suggests Spindrift. "I'm rather lacking in formal attire, though. And I'm not sure what sort of a reputation I have for looking out for the best interest of the town's youth." She stares across the room, considering, then makes a face. "Although a sizable donation WOULD probably be a clear and present indication of my intent, I suppose."

Rising-Chaos clears her throat. "Coming from my, albeit limited, experience. Merely showing up is a rather large statement of intent. since donations are going to be kept anonymous for the most part, and the atmosphere of the party will be very much casual, I hope you don't dissuade yourself for those reasons." She folds her ears back, thinking she's sounding pushy. "Of course, I understand if you do not wish to attend, I probably won't stay long either. Merely to make an appearance."

Spindrift tilts her head slightly. "You do make a good point, admittedly. I will keep it under consideration." She falls quiet for a bit, looking at her bowl. After a moment she glances up. "You're not eating much."

"I never do," Rising Chaos points out. "It is, however, very nice. Which makes me wonder why you aren't eating much either." Her voice is just quiet enough to be sincere and worried.

"I'm not very hungry," is Spindrift's answer. And it's true, she's not a very big eater. Still, she is a LITTLE hungry, but the fruit salad doesn't look nearly as appealing as it ought to. She pokes it around a bit, then nibbles on a banana slice.

Rising-Chaos frowns. "I may be able to believe that now, but you also barely ate anything when we went out with Rune. I am worried about you Spindrift." She points at her food. "I don't eat because my body doesn't demand much energy. I seem to get by enough with my magic, if I eat too much I feel ill. What is the matter?" Quick, stun the seapony with blunt truth.

Spindrift glances up, at Rising, her brow furrowed, then looks back to her food. She then squints across at the wall, thinking back to the pie from this morning, and to a trend she may have been aware of but didn't realize was so obvious to others. She shakes her head after a moment and pushes the fruit salad back. "I have been rather ill at ease, lately," she says, as if that explains things. She quickly realizes it doesn't, and looks down at the bench, flustered, since she knows she's just inviting further inquiry. "You and Rune have both found more gainful employment than the shop has ever provided, and though I am glad for your successes, it makes me question my own lack- particularly as the town faces such threats as the unseasonable winter storm, or this latest affair with missing foals." She makes a face. "I remained here, Rising Chaos, because I wanted to help protect it, but I am not doing a very good job. I'm… not really doing much of anything."

Rising-Chaos frowns, but it's a sympathy frown. "Spindrift, I have lived in this town for over a year now. It is only now that I am finding gainful employment which benefits the town in a major way, and even then it was taken for mostly selfish reasons. this is after having sworn to defend Horseshoe Harbour quite some time ago." She takes a bite, because she is a little hungry. Once she's done, she can continue. "This was preceded by a long string of either directly trying to harm the town, or utter failures to do anything productive. So I do see what you mean." there's another pause, this one not filled by a bite. "I cannot fault you for feeling ill at ease about it, either."

Spindrift nods quietly, folding her forelegs on the bench and resting her chin atop them while she listens. There are plenty of opportunities for further bites afterwards if Rising wants them, since she doesn't say anything for a bit. She eventually breaks the silence with a sigh. "I do enjoy work with magic, but it has never been my passion, merely a means to an end. It's been too long since I've actually been able to focus on what I am actually educated in." She hrmphs softly. "I want a nice, ancient grave to catalogue, or perhaps some old texts to try and decipher. There's little call for either in this town, however. It makes its own history; there's none to uncover."

Rising-Chaos nods understandingly. "Well, if you want, I know somepony who's been around Horseshoe Harbour for a long, long time. If that isn't quite what you had in mind, there was a place I went to th- no, never mind." she frowns, deeply. "This is a much more newly settled area, you're right. I could probably arrange for some ancient tomes to be brought in from Canterlot, there's always a few, and the originals of ones that have been translated already."

Spindrift shakes her head slightly. "No, that will be alright. I'm merely complaining…" She sits up, then, stretching her forelegs out in front of her. "Which I seem to do a lot of. This makes the second time you have visited only for me to reward you with maudlin introspection. I'm still new at this hostess thing- forgive me." She drags her fruit salad close and finds a strawberry slice to nibble at.

Outside, the wind can be heard complaining just a bit more loudly than before. It rushes through the open stairwell, down through the room, and hoots as it plays over the covered 'window' being carved out at the wall of the room.

Rising-Chaos forces a thin smile. "That's quite alright. If it clears the air, and makes you feel any better, I am happy enough to listen." She also gets to learn things about spindrift, which is useful for many reasons. "Perhaps we may even find a way to make things better, yes?" She has another bite, to show willing, but is rapidly becoming full herself. So when the wind starts howling, she looks up at it. "How bothersome."

Spindrift glances back over her shoulder at the stairwell, and 'mms' softly as she looks back to her food. She downs a few more bits more for the sake of making the most of an over prepared meal than any actual desire, then pushes upright. "Quite so," she says. "Are you finished?" While waiting, she looks to the stairwell. "How do you intend to winterize your wagon? It doesn't offer much in the way of insulation."

Rising-Chaos nods, to confirm she is done. "Oh, I have my ways. The wagon is quite a lot better off than you may think." A long time ago, Rune helped beef up rising's house. Some fo those components were salvageable and made the transition to her wagon. Magic is pretty cool. "Otherwise, blankets should see me through, the weather doesn't bother me much. I also am quite welcome to sleep at my work." Which happens almost embarrassingly often.

Spindrift retrieves Rising's bowl and ferries them both to the 'kitchen,' frowning. She made too much. How inefficient. The seapony returns and settles back into her seat. "If you say so," she muses. "I suppose, if nothing else, you'll have Stormdancer to help, hmm?" With her eyebrows arched, it sort of looks like she's joking. Maybe she is. Humour is a strange land pony concept that she has never quite gotten the grasp of, of course.

Rising-Chaos shrugs. "Perhaps. Stormdancer is staying with me for now, and may for a while. She's nice company." She doesn't seem to think much of it, Stormdancer is almost like a constant in her life how. She's like a sister. "I suppose this cave may get somewhat cold as well, do you have any plans?"

Spindrift shakes her head. "We are, as a general rule, fairly indifferent to the cold." Her gaze drifts over to her phylactery. "At least, in full form. Understand it is always quite frigid in the dark waters of my homeland…" She trails off for a moment, then turns to regard Rising curiously. "Would you ever like to go there yourself?"

"Of course, that sounds like a pleasant journey. I'm sure I could learn much." Rising Chaos raises an eyebrow, still taking exhaustive mental notes. she watches ponies super carefully. "It does make sense that you would resist the cold. Very interesting."

Spindrift nods a few times. "If I ever return, then, even just to visit, you ought to join me. I think you would enjoy the trip very much." She lifts her chin. "We also benefit from an inherent resistance to the effects of pressure changes, as well as being able to breathe underwater. These seem to be related to the subtle and intrinsic magical qualities that allow pegasi to walk upon clouds, or for unicorns-" she nods to Rising's horn. "… to work the magical effects they can." Spindrift draws back, then smiles slightly. "And there. Now you know something of seaponies you perhaps did not."

Rising-Chaos smiles back. "Indeed I do, which is always a nice experience." She considers. "I would really enjoy that, I think the trip would be good for me. If you ever do return, I will join you without hesitation." Think about it, two of her favourite ponies, and respected academics come from there, it must be a cool place.

The 'if' echoes in the room for a good long while, at least to Spindrift's ears, though eventually she disregards it as she props an elbow up on the bench. "Good," she says. Something to someday maybe look forward to happening, possibly, in the rarest of circumstances, but it's something.

Rising-Chaos thinks it's going to happen, but she isn't in Spindrift's head. "I looks forward to you taking me there, then. Perhaps I'll take you to Canterlot, to repay the favour." Not that Canterlot is all that great. Except it kinda is, it's a cool city. There's like a dozen libraries.

Spindrift touches a hoof to her chin. "It would be an interesting journey, though the thought of being so far from the sea is… unsettling." She considers being on top of a mountain for a moment and her mind recoils; the seapony visibly shudders and squirms where she sits before calming. "Goodness."

"I hadn't thought it may be so unsettling, my apologies. Perhaps just a short visit, if we do go." Rising Chaos can see how awkward it might be to be a fish so thoroughly out of water. She would also have to talk to her parents, who are less than pleased.

Spindrift scoffs quietly. "It would be a trivial thing. I can master my fears easily enough to not let a bit of open space bother me." She frowns for a moment, then glances to the side, then looks a little guilty. "They- they DO put railings around the balconies, correct?"

Rising-Chaos smiles. "Yes, yes they do." thinking it may be a good way to reassure Spindrift, she asks her own question that she's been quiet about. "There is something to dissuade ocean predators, in seapony cities, right?"

Spindrift looks relieved. Good. Balconies are good. She sits up, and smiles slightly at Rising's question. "Of course there is:" she answers. "Seaponies." She thinks. "Actually, I hear that a kraken came ashore a few weeks ago. Those are native to our lands, did you know? They're really quite sweet, but they tend to terrify outsiders. I can't imagine what brought one so close to the surface."

Rising Chaos' face goes stiff at the mention of the Kraken. That stupid thing ruined a bunch of her paper work. "It was after candy, and it was a pest." she sighs, the thing bothered her. "Well, in that case there should be little danger for either of us."

Spindrift waves a hoof. "You need not fear predators. Truthfully, as a land pony, YOU are probably what most will fear as a predator, not any mere shark or giant squid." She pushes up from the bench. "It is late enough that I should retire…" She pauses, looking towards the blanket-draped door that leads to the 'bedroom,' then back down to Rising. "Do you want me to stay up here tonight, again…?"

Rising-Chaos forces a small, dry chuckle. "Well, depending on how things go, they may have good reason to fear." Spindrift has made jokes about Rising being scary, it's totally fair game. she waves a hoof at the question. "I should be fine, thank you. I'll let you know if I need anything with my sleeping arrangements, Spindrift."

Spindrift watches Rising for another moment, then nods. "I trust your judgement." She crosses the room to retrieve her phylactery, holding it as delicately as she can manage lest she accidentally give herself a fish tail in the middle of the stairs. "If there is nothing else, then, I will see you in the morning. If the weather turns sour, come and find me; the rain may start to make its way down here and I wouldn't want you to get wet."

"Indeed, goodnight Spindrift." Rising Chaos, still smiling, watches as her friend goes. Now she has a plan, to be nice. It sounded like Spindrift needed something to cheer her up, just maybe. So, Rising Chaos isn't going to use the bed, Rising Chaos is going to check out what sleeping in the water is like.

Her horn lights up, bright. She's pushing herself hard, but the first spell, water breathing, goes off. The second spell is easier, and will only serve to help keep her warm and help her repel some water. It will also let her speak and see while under there, it's a basic one. both should last for many hours.

Spindrift has since made for the stairs leading down into the lower recesses of the caves. While she's there, she wonders why she can feel magic surging about up above, but doesn't worry. It's Rising Chaos, she's a magical purple unicorn, she's allowed to play with magic.

Rising-Chaos considers her next few problems. while her cape IS waterproof, waterproof is not an invitation to go swimming in it. It could also be very uncomfortable. However, waterproof is very good for one thing. Keeping water out. The unicorn eyes the stairs, as her brain ticks away at a problem.

A few minutes later, Rising Chaos comes trotting down the stairs. She is without cape, and earring, and her Phylactery is being held on by a makeshift bracelet on one of her hind legs. It's bed time.

The stairs leading downward are longer than the ones leading from the living quarters to the surface; the tunnel is more narrow, a bit steeper, a bit less friendly. The sound of sloshing water can be heard, closer and closer, lapping against stone with the rhythm of the waves. The light grows more sparse, too, until soon only the occasional gem set within the walls is there to provide any.

But eventually the stairway opens up on a natural underground cavern. Unlike the carved caves up above, this one is full of uneven, if smooth-worn surfaces; jaw-like stalactites and stalagmites biting inward from the ceiling and floor, pools of water on the ground, a layer of moisture on the ceiling. The cavern slopes downward to where it meets a tunnel leading to the sea, where cool water laps gently at the stone shore.

But though the space is more cavern-like, it also seems rather… lived in. Homey, even. Personal effects are to be found all over, atop benches and small tables, in boxes and baskets on high shelves. The different is rather striking; the above rooms seem rather sparse in comparison, almost like an afterthought. Of course, there isn't a WEALTH of possessions visible, but there's still quite a bit. The occasional pearlescent lamp helps light the space in a soft white or faint blue glow, though it's a rather ghostly look, and one must watch their step as they traverse the cavern floor.

A dark shape on the smooth stone where the water meets the cavern soon stirs, and looks up as Rising approaches. It's Spindrift, toying with something, not yet asleep. Her phylactery is on and her tail drapes out in the water. Her look of alarm holds for a moment before she realizes what it is. "Rising?" she asks, pushing herself upright and setting aside a hairbrush she had been toying with. "Is something wrong?"

Rising-Chaos takes her time, not rushing down the stairs. She wants to take it all in and it is rather impressive, if nothing else. She takes only a few steps in to the large chamber, looking around with a mixture of awe and curiosity. She smiles to Spindrift, shaking her head. "No, nothing's wrong. I just thought I'd ask if I could sleep down here. You came out of your comfort zone last time I was here, to comfort me. It's my turn to step outside my comfort zone, I think."

"You? Sleep in here?" asks Spindrift. She sounds genuinely incredulous. In the moments of silence that follow, water can be heard dripping, as the pool continues to gently surge and recede from the stone shore.

Eventually she looks away, reaching up to cover her muzzle. "If… if you would like," she says. "It really was no great burden. I don't have any proper bedding down here, though. It's a bit too wet to build a proper bed or even a makeshift cot…" Suddenly it all seems very wet indeed.

Rising-Chaos approaches, obviously not dissuaded. "I have prepared for that. Bedding is a on-issue, if I can sleep slumped at a desk I can sleep anywhere, as for wetness." she uses a hoof to show off the surroundings. "It is a seaside cave, Spindrift. If it was dry I would be worried, I anticipated this." She walks right up the water, and stands in it.

Spindrift sits there next to Rising, watching her. She pushes herself as upright as she can manage, but even a tall pony like herself is considerably less so when working with half as many legs. "In here?" She looks a the water. "But-" She considers. The magic surges… plus the fact that she knows Rising isn't dumb… the seapony calms down, if slightly. "You have magic in mind to breathe underwater, then. Doubtlessly you would have prepared. You're sure, then…?"

Rising-Chaos is indeed not dumb, she has enough magic enchantments on her to last for almost a full day, because she knows how volatile they can be. "Absolutely, it will be fascinating. Not to mention good practice for when we visit the seapony kingdom." She looks at the water, kind of unsure of her next step her. Does she wade in, or..? "would you like to show me where to sleep?"

"Ahh… sure…" says Spindrift. She turns towards the water slowly, carefully, in the manner of one worried they might upset something precariously balanced, before ducking under and swimming out a short ways. "There's no… bed, as such. Just sort of a smooth bowl in the stone under the water, here. It's dark- be careful."

Rising-Chaos is her own flashlight, and is thus not worried. Not that the light will last long, but should be long enough. Her phylactery can glow if needed as well. "Sure, no problem." Hesitantly at first, and then with increasing confidence, Rising wades out in to the water. She stays near the bottom, because this is obviously more comforting. She's taking breathing water fairly well, actually, there's no panic in her movements at all. Well done Chaos.

The stone, worn smooth by centuries of lapping waves, slopes down into the water, then into the bowl-shaped depression Spindrift mentioned, before spilling down an incline and further into the tunnel that, presumably, leads out to the sea. This must be the 'back door' that she normally uses. As Rising settles downward, the seapony hovers close, ready to catch her if needed. It's hard to see much in the light, but the faint silver of the runes that mark Spindrift's leg can be seen, along with a sea-green reflection off her eyes. "You're warm enough?" she asks, worriedly, voice slightly muffled by the water. "You'll smell like seawater for days if you don't bathe thoroughly tomorrow. Your mane and nose might get dried out, too."

Rising-Chaos is… Adapting. It's actually not so bad, the spells are protecting her from anything that could be called unpleasant. It's certainly not as comfortable as a quilt, but it is functional. She does take note of the runes on the leg, those never got explained. "Oh yes, I'm quite well. I fully intend to bathe afterwards, although my enchantment should keep the worst of the side effects off. I'll be careful." She keeps half-step, half-swimming forwards. She's not a graceful swimmer, but like many things Chaos does, she is functional at it.

"Very well," says Spindrift. She'd just nod but it's likely Rising might not see it.

Underwater, sounds are different. The lapping of the waves is muffled and distant, and yet connected not just to this cave but to all the waters beyond the cave itself; a low, deep thrum, drawing inward, then receding, the heartbeat of something vast and dangerous. It's easy to lose oneself in the subtle currents that surround a pony, the equalizing aspects of the temperature, the lack of light, and feel as though one is lost in a great and black void.

"Also…" suggests Spindrift. "The tides do not affect the cavern's waters too greatly, but they might… toss you around a bit in the middle of the night…" She sounds definitely worried, now. "I can find something to help anchor you, or I could… I could hold you, if you would rather. So that you stay put."

Rising-Chaos nods, because she has no such reservations in her faint horn light. She's not so easily swept away by the vastness and sounds, it's just background. She lives everyday with something not too far away from this in some ways, this isn't so bad. She's uniquely equipped to be in scary places, with a few exceptions. "I must admit I hadn't considered that. It's a fault in my thought process." this seems to distress her slightly, but she keeps it under control. "Well, if you think it's an issue, I should probably find a way to avoid it. What method do you think is best?" Because an anchor might have faults, and it might be uncomfortable, but maybe it's better? Rising is a fan of optimization.

Spindrift swims away for a moment then returns, a quick, circling manouver that seems the underwater equivalent of a nervous pace. "I-" she begins, then shakes her head. "We'll make do. Lie down on, on your side." The faint, silvery runes on her right leg sweep through the darkness as she gestures to the smooth stone floor.

Rising-Chaos follows directions because if there's one thing you don't want to do, it's not follow orders when you're in an unfamiliar situation. She trusts Spindrift with this completely. "Alright, this really isn't half bad." She touches down fully on the bottom of the bowl, and then sets down to the slightly awkward task of laying down when gravity isn't really helping you.

The water churns about a bit more as Spindrift circles about and returns. Soon, though, Rising can sense the seapony's nearness behind her- a bit of warmth, a subtle change of pressure, the sound of soft scuffing against the smooth-worn floor. And then a hoof reaches forward and around, pausing, hesitating, and visibly trembling for settling around Rising's middle in a loose drape. "Th-there," says Spindrift, behind the unicorn. "It's not much, but- just enough to keep the current from lifting you up. Will that do?"

Rising-Chaos looks over at the hoof, and the as far back as she can at spindrift. "It's fine, if you think that's enough to keep me secure." She's not entirely positive how this will stop the tide if her body weight wont already, but she's not an expert. Maybe seaponies are made of superdense dark matter, or something, like butterflies. "Spindrift, are you alright? I'm fine, if you're worried."

"I am fine, yes," is Spindrift's answer. She shuffles about a bit more, getting comfortable, and does her best to manage a secure grip around Rising without outright spoony up against the unicorn's back. Eventually, though, she relaxes, and seems to calm down a bit. "This will- this will have to suffice. Please let me know if anything is amiss, I do not mind being awoken." Indeed, she's going to have a tough time falling asleep at this rate. "Goodnight, Rising Chaos."

For her part, Rising is quite comfortable as she is. The mare doesn't move around much when she doesn't want to, and the place seems safe enough. So she's quite happy. "Alright, sleep well Spindrift, good night."