Skyflower S New Fireworks
IC date:
OOC date: 07/21
Location: Outskirts of Town
PCs: Skyflower Whistlestop Samantha Tradewinds Hawthorn

Horseshoe Harbor - Outskirts of Town

The ponies live here! Ponypony ponypony pony!

Pony residences dot the hillside with a network of trotting paths connecting each one. All the paths knot together into a central nexus in the outskirts, spidering off paths everywhich way.
A signpost directs toward the main offshoots. One trail leads South toward the towns square, while another leads Southwest toward the sandy beach at Portside. To the North lies a denser group of trees: the edge of the Wintersong Forest. To the Southeast, the grass thins out as it reaches into Farm Country.
A conspicuous tent stands in the open area.

Spring has sprung! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the air has a fresh, loamy scent.

Skyflower is out and about once more, enjoying her day off. And yet… what's wrong with the weather? This is summer! A time of sunshine, blue skies and warm nights! And yet here she is, having to wear a SCARF! Of course, it's quite fetching and so she's not complaining for the opportunity to properly adorn her own modest beauty, but it's the principle of the thing. Right now she's standing in a meadow with a brace of her latest creations, fuses all linked together.

There's a shark in the meadow.

Or at least, that's what he likes to think. He's actually a terrible shark, mostly because Whistlestop is roughly three times the size of a normal stallion and just as bulky as one would expect. But either way, with the loud SHFF SHFF SHFF of grass, the big lug is sneaking, belly down, toward his marefriend with the gleeful intent to surprise her.

After all, nopony can see him in the grass. Nopony!


Okay, so, look. Up in the mountains, okay, sure, sometimes you get really wacky weather. That's just how it is in the griffon lands; while griffons can walk on clouds and maybe push 'em around a bit, they don't have the kind of weather control that pegasi do. But seriously, this is supposed to be Equestria! The nicest most beautiful weather there is! Oh well, cold is nice too. In an oilstained overcoat, Samantha shuffles her way towards the — wow. "I didn't know they MADE ponies that big," she says to nobody in particular, pausing to stare at the Great Grape Pegasus. And then, "Oh! What's that?!" She comes trotting over to inspect the complicated …thingy.

Hawthorn is not a shark. He's merely a small, depressed little foal. He's wandering out here 'cuz it's far away from all the ponies in the city who keep trying to talk to him, and he'd rather be alone, so clearly he heads straight for the only group of ponies who exist outside of the Harbour. He blinks and pauses, staring at Grape Ape… er… I mean Whistlestop, too, tilting his head to the side. He sneaks up closer, trying to get a better look at the big ol' pegasus, then getting distracted by whatever it is that Skyflower is doing, so he starts to sneak over THERE instead.

It should be noted that the foal is terrible at sneaking. He steps on every branch and falls over semirandomly twice in his sneak.

Skyflower can hear the telltale sounds of Whistlestop trying to sneak up on her. She's gotten used to his noises and loves nothing more than to play along. "Oh my," she says aloud in theatrical tones, "what a marvelous day to stand in a meadow all on one's own. Truly, all is peaceful and quiet. I do so hope there aren't any great big beasts trying to sneak up on me, because that would be simply dreadfu-" she pauses as she turns around, hearing the noises of a few OTHER ponies, not to mention a griffon. Her complexion pinkens a little further and she laughs nervously. "Oh my. Hallo everypony."

Samantha puts a claw up to her beak. "Oh! Oh my, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bother you if you want to — uh, by the way, there actually IS this great big pegasus sneaking up on you…?"

YES. HE IS A MIGHTY HUNTER. There's a SHFSHFSHF as Whistlestop can't help but squirm a little in glee, for he is JUST SO SNEAKY. He creeps closer— and very nearly steps on poor Hawthorn. Rearing back, startled, he finally looks up to see… "CATBIRD!" he bellows, pointing to Samantha. "YAY, I LOVE CATBIRDS!" Pause. Oh no! That might have blown his cover! "…YOU DID NOT HEAR THAT," he adds to Skyflower, ducking down again and using Hawthorn for cover. It's like Clifford the Big Red Dog trying to hide behind a small rock.

Tradewinds, completing the trifecta, might possibly be a shark. A shark in a bright pink Hawaiian shirt, weather notwithstanding. If he is in fact a shark, he's the world's first airborne shark*, gliding through the frigid air on his way to find a party, or a drinking contest, or maybe just some folks hanging out. Ahh — looks like it's option C.

Hawthorn awwws a bit as he gets found out. He stops sneaking, and just crosses the rest of the ground over to Skyflower. He's actually quieter NOT sneaking. He ums a bit, looking up at the unicorn curiously. "Um. Whatcha mak—" he starts to ask, before lapsing into silence as the GIANT PEGASUS attempts to hide behind him. He stares at Whistle for a moment, then shrugs and closes his eyes. He concentrates, his horn lights up, and suddenly there's a GIANT BRICK WALL where the unicolt was. There's a rather stupid looking gazelle standing on top of the wall, not moving. Or breathing. Or blinking.

Skyflower tries her hardest to keep a straight face. Truly it is the greatest challenge she faces, having such a wonderful stallion in her life. "Giant purple pegasus? Sneaking up on me?" she says to Samantha. "I have no idea what it is you're talking about, none at all." She can't help but giggle a little bit when she says it. "Anyway, think nothing of it. I was simply out here about to run a test of another batch of fireworks." She tosses her mane. "You could say it's my hobby."'

Samantha wah! "He's the behind that wall! Behind the wall!" she says urgently, pointing! Point point! "It wasn't there a second ago! I swear!"

"AAAAA, A WALL," bellows Whistlestop in surprise as one appears RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. "AAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Tradewinds drops to the turf, blinking at Whistlestop and Samantha, both. "Um… did I miss something?" he asks, giving the TERRIFYING WALL a poke.

"IT'S A WALL," Whistlestop bleats at Tradewinds, looking worried.

The wall has no substance; TW's hoof goes right through it.

When Whistlestop starts screaming his head off, poor Hawthorn acks and flails, falling out of his own wall. He faceplants, which breaks his concentration, causing the wall to wink out of existence with a little *POP*. The unicorn rubs his nose as he gets back onto his hooves, looking up morosely at Whistlestop. "I was tryin' to help."

Whistlestop's eyes widen further, staring at Tradewinds. "…you defeated the wall," he whispers in awe.

Samantha points! "There! The pegasus is back!"

Skyflower just stares for a moment, then falls over. Her laughter is like the delight of bells ringing. "Oh, oh my," she says after a moment, wiping her eyes with her hooves, "that was simply wonderful. Whistlestop, darling lamb, do come here and stop being silly. Would you all like to see some fireworks?"

Tradewinds peers at Whistlestop. "You look like you've defeated a few in your day," he comments, then turns and waves to Samantha. "I didn't know you were expecting me!"

Samantha says "Well— I wasn't! But it's nice to see you all the same! How's Serenity holdin' up? Everything still shiny in the engine?"

Whistlestop blinks a few times at Tradewinds, parsing that … then nods very sagely. "Oh, yes. I have defeated walls before. But never magic appearing walls. Those are /special/." He nods again. And then, blinking, he seems to register that Hawthorn is actually there. "Oh hello tiny unicorn! Let's go see Skyflower's fireworks! They are always pretty and go boom!"

Hawthorn stops rubbing his nose and perks up at the mention of fireworks. "Oooh, yes, please," he says, moving closer to Skyflower and peeking at the fireworks. He looks around at all the ponies (and gryphon) around, too. "I… didn't realise there was gonna be so many ponies out here tonight. Do you, um… uh…" He stares at Whistlestop. "Hi… huge… pegasus?"

Tradewinds says "Oh, you bet. I haven't run 'er enough to build up much soot yet." He grins and offers Hawthorn a wing up. "Hey, kiddo! How's it going?"

Skyflower smiles. "I don't believe I have introduced myself properly. My name is Skyflower. It's wonderful to meet all of you. This," she says with an indication of the hoof, "is Whistlestop. Whistlestop, be a lamb an introduce yourself."

Samantha clasps her hands. "Oh, that's great! You treat her right. She's a special girl." She scampers around the setup. "Hi, Skyflower! And hi giant Whistlestop pony! I'm Sammy. Oh, I just love fireworks, I hope they go up soon!" She bounces on her paws. ^^

"Miss Sammy Catbird," Whistlestop repeats with a sage and serious nod. "And little unicorn, the Wall Master, and the Wall Champion, who…" He glances around. "…has vanished! I am Whistlestop, CONQUEROR OF WORLDS!"
He pauses, and then looks sheepishly amused. "I am not really. I just haul things."

Hawthorn ohs and erms. "I'm Hawthorn," he says, nodding his head a bit. "It's… um… nice to meet… eep." He tumbles when Whistlestops starts yelling again, dodging to the other side of Skyflower and peeking over her at Whistlestop. Just in case. He shuffles his hooves a little.

Tradewinds offers Skyflower his hoof. "Nice to meetcha, Skyflower! I'm Tradewinds. And, uh, I guess I'm kinda on Whistlestop's end of things when it comes to fireworks… pretty, boomy…"

Samantha giggles into her hand. She pats Whistle's shoulder. "I'm sure you could conquer a world if you really wanted to!" She glances over at Skyflower. "So, he's yours, huh?"

"I don't really want to!" hurriedly replies Whistlestop. "That would be mean!" And he jumps when Tradewinds "reappears." ie comes back into his field of vision. "Oooh, the Wall Master is called Tradewinds…"

Tradewinds rubs his chin. "Yeah, but 'Wall Master' would make a pretty cool superhero name. I could, like, cling to walls, and… um… fight crime?"

"Isn't that Spider-Pony?" Hawthorn chimes in.

"I think a Spider-Pony would be scary," Whistlestop says fearfully. He edges over to Skyflower and thuds beside her. "I am hers!" he agrees with a big ol' smile.

Samantha says "Wall Master sounds more like a super/villain/ to me. Like he drops off walls to grab innocent griffons and… uh… drag them off to … uh… the front door of his house?"

Skyflower listens indulgently to the conversation, then directs her attention back to her fireworks. "Now if you'll all simply be patient a moment, we'll have this batch ready for testing." She fiddles with a few things, and then concentrates a moment: a spark leaps from her horn to the fuse, setting it alight. "Everypony, please stand back. As is so often the case, I am experimenting with a new set of chemicals, to better create new and exciting dioramas of color and form. It is a daily struggle, but I am an artist and these works are m-"

FOOM. She really needs to work on timing these little speeches of hers. Whatever else she was going to say is drowned out by the resulting explosion of the fireworks as they launch skyward, setting the evening alight with reds, golds and blues, vivid purples and brilliant emerald greens, a veritable twisting kaleidoscope of color.

Tradewinds says "It's not necessarily a villain name! Though… hmmm, I might make a good supervillain. What do you think, Haw—?" He shuts up as Skyflower starts speechifying, and hs eyes get big and round as the fireworks begin to launch. "Ooooooooooh."

Samantha ooooooOOOOooooohs appreciatively. Clap clap clap clap clap!

Whistlestop's eyes widen as well. "Wooooowww!!" He looks to Skyflower with a bright smile. "You did good timing! That was funny!"

Hawthorn perks his ears up as Skyflower gets his attention. It's not hard, actually, as she's the one with the fireworks. He nods and starts to get up when he gets told to back up, but then there're FIREWORKS and the little foal is entranced. He stares wideeyed upwards as the rocket explodes. "Ooooooooooh," he says, sitting back down. "Wow." He flicks an ear at TW. "Huh? What do I think about what?" he asks, still staring skyward, grinning a little bit. No matter how bad life is, a colt can't help but be happy in the presence of fireworks.

Skyflower sighs. "One of these days I swear I shall get through my prepared speech. Ah well, nothing for it." She beams. "I do hope everypony enjoyed it? How were the colors? Was there a good balance? Nothing overwhelmed anything else? There wasn't too much blue, was there? I always worry about overdoing blue."

Tradewinds chuckles. "Never mind. Skyflower obviously makes a better supervillain than me."

"That was not the whole speech?" Whistleflower wonders, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Well I thought it was a good speech. And good fireworks! They were pretty and they made nice shapes. I liked the blue and the green ones."

Hawthorn blinkblinks at Tradewinds. "Wait, Skyflowers' a SUPERVILLAIN?" he asks in hushed tones. He looks up at the bigger unicorn in awe and a little bit of fear. "Wow. I've never met a supervillain before! Is fireworks your super power? Do you use them to rob banks and things?"

Tradewinds leans over and whispers, "You're welcome."

Skyflower hmphs, turning up her delicate little snoot. "Why, I never! A supervillain, honestly? I am an /artist/. I create works of beauty. I work in color, light, sound and spectacle and you have the nerve to compare me to some off-the-stand soap operatic ne'er-do-well?" Pause. "Oh. This is one of those jokes that I just don't get, isn't it?"

Whistlestop blinks in confusion at the ponies present, and looks to Samantha for hopeful clarification.

Tradewinds nudges Hawthorn with his hoof. "She'd never admit it, silly. If you're a supervillain you gotta keep your identity secret, right?

Hawthorn blinks some more. He tilts his head in confusion, then ohs as he gets nudged. "I get it!" He smiles broadly, then leans in close to Skyflower, looking around shiftily. "I promise I won't tell anypony." He crosses his heart with a hoof, then leans back, smiling up at the other unicorn.

Samantha grins widely and giggles. "You're quite th' artist ma'am." SHe pats Hawthorn's ears with a little smile. "I think she's probably just a pony."

Hawthorn squeaks as his ears get patted, looking up at Samantha. "Right." He winks hugely and obviously. "I understand."

Whistlestop looks between all of the ponies, so confused. Then looks at Skyflower. "…Does that make me a supervillain too?" he asks in concern.

Tradewinds snickers into his hoof. "Anyhow, thanks for the show! Are you gonna shoot off any more, or was that it for today?"

Skyflower trots up and nuzzles Whistlestop affectionately. "Pay it no mind, lamb. They're simply teasing me, that's all. It's all in good fun." To Tradewinds: "I think that's all for the day. I was simply testing a new batch, as I do from time to time. Trying to get the right ratios and all."

Tradewinds ohs and nods blankly. "Like, two flash to every one bang, and stuff?"

Skyflower nods politely. "That sort of thing, yes, only it's more sulphur to saltpeter to magnesium to iron filings and the like. It depends on the colors I'm trying to achieve, the sound, the brightness, how far they should go before bursting - which of course is also a matter of the container used, both the material and the shape…" Oh dear. She seems to be explaining things. She may not stop.

Whistlestop brightens immensely for that nuzzle, because who cares about supervillains when he has a pretty marefriend nuzzling him? A pretty marefriend who says smart things! He puffs up, so proud of her. "Magnesium makes the brightness!" he says cheerfully, parroting one of the few things he's picked up from her. Sort of.

Tradewinds's eyes unglaze slightly at the comment. "Oh, okay! Cool. I've got some flares on my boat, since I don't have a unicorn to cast stuff like that. I think it's the same stuff."

Samantha grins. "Hehe. You two are adorable together." She gives Skyflower a knowing wink. "Lucky girl."

Hawthorn tries to listen politely to the lecture — it's just natural that you pay attention when a supervillain tells you things — but soon it sorts of starts sounding like school, and his attention starts to wander. He starts counting Tradewinds' feathers, then perks up as Whistlestop says something. He peeks over Skyflower again, putting his hooves on her to give himself a lift up to peer at the big pegasus. "So it's… shiny?" he asks. "The mang… mag… manganesium?"

Skyflower says "Well, when I use it it's a powder, so it's more gritty than anything." She flicks her tail. "A bit of a smell, but I'm afraid that mine is an aromatic passion." She perks a little, leaning up against Whistlestop idly but happily. "Oh yes, flares are quite magnificent. If you're interested I do believe I've come up with a design that will handle potential damp better. It's quite affordable."

Tradewinds says "Heh, I'll keep that in mind next time I need to replace some!"

"Potential damp? You can make fireworks in the rain?" Whistlestop asks in surprise interest.

Hawthorn has totally given up on the conversation at this point—it appears to be an Adult Conversation, which means he has to entertain himself. He's already halfway there, so he decides to scramble up onto Skyflower. Then, because Whistlestop is so huge, and conveniently leaning against Skyflower, the little colt decides to try to transfer over to Mount Pegasus.

Skyflower makes a little 'eep' noise when the foal climbs all over her. "Oh! Oh my! Careful, little one, do watch the hooves." She nods a little. "Well, they wouldn't be terribly aesthetically pleasing, but they're designed to be able to fire in wet weather, so that if a ship needs to signal for help in bad sailing conditions they can do so."

Whistlestop, also deciding that this is Adult Conversation and thus out of his league — despite also being an adult, lets Hawthorn clamber on and then lifts his head to give the tyke a high vantage point. "What is your name?"

Tradewinds says "Well, yeah, flares aren't s'posed to be pretty. You don't want it to look like you're throwin' a party when you need your tail pulled outta the drink!" He, personally, would much rather have an Adult Beverage than an Adult Conversation, but oh well…

Hawthorn nodnods at Skyflower. "I'm careful!" he promises, as he climbs to the top of Mount Whistlestop. He giggles happily as the pegasus lifts him up, looking all around excitedly. He huhs and looks down at Whistle. "Oh. I'm Hawthorn." He waves a hoof. "I'm kinda new in town. Thanks for lettin' me climb on you."

"It's a really long way up, isn't it?" Samantha says, hovering about two feet above Hawthorn.

Hawthorn nodnods at Sammy. "Yeah! He's, like, wicked tall! I've never seen a pegasus so huge before."

"Oh! Hello, Hawthorn! It is nice to meet you. I liked your wall. That was very smart." He nods enthusiastically — then remembers he has a foal on his head so maybe don't do that. He grins sheepishly and looks up at Catbird and Company. "My mom said she didn't need any more kids because I was big enough for five of them! She said I took up all the good stuff and that is why I'm so big." Beam!

Samantha giggles a bit. She flies up, grabs a chunk of overly chilly cloud, and comes back down pushing it. She climbs up and flops on it, about two feet above Whistlestop's ears.

Skyflower nuzzles Whistlestop again. She has this thing where she feels the need to be affectionate towards him whenever he says or does something endearing. This takes up much of her time. "We should go visit your parents sometime. I would SO love to meet the mare and stallion who brought such a wonderful pony into the world."

Hawthorn eeps and clings as his perch starts nodding. He giggles nervously when the nodding stops, then blinks and looks up as Sammy brings a chilly cloud down. He tries to bat at the cloud, flailing a hoof wildly as he tries to reach it. Hrm. He looks down at Whistlestop, considering for a moment. "Oh. Is that how you get big? I always wondered." He looks over at Skyflower, then suddenly, and somewhat inexplicably, gets really quiet. He even stops trying to get at Sammy's cloud.

Whistlestop blinks…and blushes. "Oh…I do not have a dad. But you should maybe meet my mom. But what if you do not like her??" Oh no!

Tradewinds winces. "So, hey, what's with that wall trick of yours? I mean, unicorn magic, I get that, but… why the deer?"

Samantha peers over the edge of her cloud at Hawthorn. "Did you want to come up?" she asks, giggling a bit.
Skyflower looks at Hawthorn and bites her lip. "Oh dear. Was it something I said, little one? I'm sorry, please don't be upset."

Tradewinds leans over to catch Skyflower's eye and gives a little shake of his head.

Hawthorn looks down at his hooves quietly, before blinking up when TW addresses him. "Huh? Oh, it's a figment, 'sall. Um. What deer?" He squeaks and shakes his head at Sammy. "No, I'm okay," he says, before looking at Skyflower. Now he feels a little bad. "No, no, I'm okay, honest." He is a terrible liar. He tries a little smile at the bigger unicorn, at least. "Don't worry about me."

Skyflower pushes a stray lock of mane from the foal's face. "All right, then." To everyone else, "I do believe that I need to rest now." She yawns delicately. "A mare needs her beauty sleep. It was delightful meeting all of you, and you," she says, nuzzling Whistlestop, "have nothing to worry about. We should talk more about it." To Hawthorn. "Should you decide that you should like to talk about it, I'd be happy to listen. I live and work at Ginger and Saltpeter. It's the store with the red and white pill on the sign." With that, she waves again and trots back towards town.

"Oh! I will take you home!" Whistlestop beams and rears up to deposit Hawthorn on Samantha's cloud. And then he trots quickly after his marefriend, though it's really only a few steps before he overtakes her with those legs of his. "I am a good coltfriend. Hoorah!"

Samantha lets out an 'eep!' and grabs Hawthorn before he can fall through the cloud! o.o

Tradewinds says "When you made that wall a while back, there was a deer on top of it. What's up with that?"

Samantha puts Hawthorn on her back. There. He can sit on her, and she can sit on the cloud.

Tradewinds flitters up to the cloud and squishes it out enough to sit on.

Hawthorn squeaks as his mane gets adjusted. He shrugs a little bit. He doesn't really have the vocabulary to respond to Skyflower, so he just nods and says, "Okay. Um. Thank you." Then he squeaks and flails as he's picked up. Unicorns can't stand on clouds, of course, so he squeals and clings to Sammy before he plummets to the ground. He meeps as he gets placed on Sammy's back, peeking over her shoulder at the ground. "Oooooh." He settles in and lays his head on his hooves, thinking.

He flicks an ear at Tradewinds. "Oh. It's a… um… gazelle. I think. I'm tryin' to make it look better. I think I got the brick wall down okay, so I was gonna work on the gazelle at the same time, too." He stifles a little yawn, nestling down. He might fall asleep on his comfy little feather bed.

Tradewinds scratches his head. "Okay, but WHY is there a gazelle on the wall?" he persists.

Hawthorn blinks. "Well, I couldn't put it BEHIND the wall. Then no one'd see it."

Tradewinds 's eyes cross.

Hawthorn smiles dozily at Tradewinds, then nestles into Samantha's feathers and fur, closing his eyes and yawning. Within a moment, he's fallen asleep.

  • In fact, the world's first airborne shark was launched during a performance by Racing Stripe, when his rocket-powered jump over a shark tank was terribly miscalculated.