She Schemes By The Seashore
IC date: Summer 15
OOC date: July 5th
PCs: Mad-Mare Lorelei
NPCs: Rock'em Sock'em
GM: None

Sunset, in the bay. A small ship sits on the waves, far enough outside of the harborage to not draw much in the way of attention to itself, but hopefully close enough for a neferious purpose. It's practically naught more than a rowboat honestly, with three ponies lurking inside, settling out to a certain point to idle on the waters.

The three are no stranger to these waters. It has only been maybe a couple of weeks since the last time they've sailed the bay, in ships much bigger than this. Yet they're not here for the Harbor. …Not yet.

Wearing a loose, dark grey cloak, the Mad Mare of the Syndicolt has herself perched on the edges of the boat, staring into the calm and sparkling waters. Her cohorts, Rock'em and Sock'em, are busy towards the back lowering a signal of sorts. Hopefully something to catch the eye of a friend. Though neither Rock'em or Sock'em actually believe the story their boss told them in coming out here.

As far as they're concerned, their boss is lucky they stuck around at all after the ship sunk…

They would have to wait about ten minutes or so after the signal had been lowered — the bay was large enough, even for one who's keeping an eye out. But eventually the seapony's shapely head appears a few yards from the boat, bobbing lightly in the gentle current as she casts a cautious glance around before turning her attention to the little vessel.

She peers at the unfamiliar duo for a moment, frowning, but relaxes once she spots Maddie, swimming closer to the small boat and waving a hoof in greeting.

The minutes prior to the seapony's arrival are spent in relative silence for the first few. After five minutes though, the two ponyguards can't help but begin ribbing each other, soft mutterings ending in snickers or snorts from either one. Maddie endures this with a knowing smirk. She's on 'good behavior' mode, if only because the one she's trying to summon forth hasn't exactly seen Crazy Mad Mare for what she is yet. It just wouldn't do to give her cohorts a swift kick to silence their snickerings if it meant jeapordizing their mission.

Besides, the looks on the twins' faces when Lorelei does finally appear is reward enough. Jaws drop, when the swimming pony surfaces, Maddie flashing the pair a smirk before turning to greet the arriving seafilly. "Ah Lorelei, so nice to see you again! I hope the sea's been treating you well?"

Lorelei nods, swimming a bit closer to the boat. "Indeed, now that the storms have calmed. It's been quite agreeable." She looks Maddie over, tilting an ear in slight concern. "How have you been recovering?" she asks carefully, trying to lift herself out of the water a bit to see what had become of the incapacitated hind legs.

Both Rock'em and Sock'em widen their eyes. Not /completely/ convinced this isn't some elaborate hoax, since they obviously can't quite see all of the seapony yet, but there's no denying that it would have been difficult to hold ones breath long enough to sneak up on them from underwater. All they can do is stare. And gawk. Wisely keeping their opinions to themselves for the time being.

Maddie, on the other hand, is all too happy to be chummy with the waterbound visitor, all smiles and 'sunshine', so to speak. At least until mention of her legs comes about, forcing Maddie to grimace and turn herself sideways to show off her new…modifications. "They had to take both legs…" she says, in a tone both soft and grim. "One from heavy frostbite, the other from the explosion. So now I have these…hideous mechanical /things/ to make up for the strong, beautiful, nigh-perfect legs I used to have." She taps on one of those fake legs with a hoof, not bothering to hide her disdain. Or her convenient tears at the 'painful memory'.

Her ears positively wilted, the Mare settles back into the boat, making herself as comfortable as her condition allows. "I'm learning to use them properly. Having to learn how to walk again was downright agonizing, but once I got used to it the rest has been coming back rather quickly. I should be able to at least be as mobile as I used to with enough painful practice."

Lorelei winces sympathetically, frowning. "That's awful… I'm sorry. I had hoped things would turn out better… I'm sorry I couldn't make the water about any warmer." Admittedly she's still learning all the little intricacies of seapony magic, and has never worried much about things like temperature control beyond 'keeping the water pleasant while she swam in it'.

Maddie shakes her head slowly, "There's nothing for you to be sorry about! I'm afraid my legs were done for before I even hit the water. That nasty little snow witch saw to that." She heaves a deep, rueful sigh, crossing her forelegs on the rim of the ship to rest her head atop. "You were right. They brought her in just to drive me away. You're only lucky they didn't go as far as freezing the whole sea again. Just me. Froze me, blew up my ship, most of my crew…"

She lets her voice drift off then, ending with a shrug of shoulders. "You have every right to dislike them, Lorelei. Every right. Look at how they treat their own kind… Whatever would they do with a pony outsider if they actually got their hooves on you?"

Lorelei lays her ears back, frowning deeply. "I suppose I really am lucky they didn't know what I was when they had me stuck in their little town all that time." She shakes her head. "It's not right for them to have treated you like this! Ships come and go here all the time. Why should they have anything against yours?" She splashes a hoof for emphasis. "It's… it's… uncivilized, is what it is."

"It's barbaric." Maddie agrees, with her best 'haughty' expression. "Obviously their current leadership has been corrupted. That's how it goes, you know. If their leader doesn't like you, nobody likes you." Her gaze drifts towards the water, and the seapony in it, "That's what happened to me, see. Their mayor decided she didn't like me. So the whole harbor hated me. It all went downhill from there. Mayor, officials, residents, right down to the children! They all tried to /kill/ me!"

She pauses then, the Mad Mare, struggling to sit up properlike, "There's only one way to change their outlook on outsiders, and that's to replace their mayor. Someone to teach them a little kindness, a little humility… Someone to teach them tolerance of others, no matter who or what they are!"

Lorelei blinks. "Replace the… mayor?" She ponders this for a moment. "I… don't know much about landpony politics." The idea sounded… ludicrous! After all, what sort of… madness would it be to try and replace the /Queen/? "You intend to usurp the town ruler?"

Did the broach the subject too soon? Maddie studies this reaction carefully, idly letting a hoof stir up a bit of the water's surface near the boat. "Usurp is such an ugly word for it, but I suppose it's accurate." She lifts her gaze to the seapony's, giving her best 'earnest' expression. "They took my legs, Lorelei. They took the lives of a lot of good ponies. Imagine what they'll do if they find your kind? If we don't do something while we still have the power to, you risk something truly horrible happening to your folk."

Resting her head on the hoof she isn't using to stir the waters, Maddie offers a warm smile to the seapony. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a good plan of action, you know. They need a pony that will properly replace their current one, and I'm afraid I'm too well known for them to accept. Naturally I thought of you…"
Lorelei looks a bit startled, but draws herself up a bit, unable to keep from feeling a spark of pride. She was first pick for something like this? Well… well why shouldn't she be! The town clearly needs a change! A new perspective! And she would certainly be that. A glance at Maddie only cemented this line of thought — if something didn't change, more good ponies would be hurt! Maybe /her/ people. She couldn't have that.

"Well, I don't know much about politics," she admits again. "But I suppose perhaps… if you have some sort of plan… I /can/ go up on land, you know, easily enough." She tilts an ear. "I doubt anypony would recognize me, either."

That spark of acceptance was all Maddie needed to know she was on the right track. It keeps her smile genuine, knowing another piece to her plot's falling into place. "That's exactly right, my lovely little pony. You can show them the proper way to treat others. As for the political side… I can help with that. You don't get to be a mare in my position without learning a thing or two about how to run an office. I'll be your advisor, here to make sure any ideas you have are put in place in a properly political fashion. I guarantee, you'll be the talk of the town. Maybe even all of Equestria!"

Okay, maybe that /was/ a little much, but the Mad one seems sincere with her plans. Again she sits up, planting both hooves on the ship's rail. "It won't be easy though. They'll resent change. Resist it even. You may find a lot of hostility, and I may need to enforce a little peace at first while we get everything settled. I promise it will be nothing compared to what they'll do if left unchecked."

Lorelei nods slowly. "That seems to be how you landponies are. Such difficulty accepting things you aren't used to. …No offense. I'm generalizing, of course. You're not so bad." Tact miiiight not be exactly her strong suite. But she tries! She waves a hoof vagely. "I wouldn't expect the warmest of welcomes from such… creatures as this town seems to house. But I suppose I could deal with such."

"Oh no offense taken, I'm pretty much in agreement there." The Mad Mare chuckles, casting a curious look towards the harbor itself. "It's settled then. I have companions currently investigating the best way to go about my plan. After I deal with their current mayor, we'll set you up as the replacement, and we'll discuss what it may take to keep the peace in town while the locals…adjust. If you do this right, you could even bring about a great peace between land ponies and sea ponies…"

Lorelei ponders this for a moment, smiling a bit wider at the thought. "Such a thing has… never been done before. We keep to ourselves, mostly…" she chuckles faintly. "You know, many landponies don't believe we exist."

Maddie glances back at her ponyguards, both of which have picked that as a most convenient time to stop gawking. "I'm well aware of that." she notes, smugly, returning her gaze to the seapony. "It will be quite the adventure for you, won't it? But I believe you're strong enough to make this work…" She puts a hoof to her chin, thoughtfully, "You'll have to let me know what will help you be comfortable in this position. Once the mayor's manor is available, that is."

Rock'em clears his throat, prompting Maddie to glance back his way. "Boss, don'tcha think we should get movin'? They might send a patrol out."

"Of course… Just a moment longer, hm?" The crazy mare peers into the sea, "So there you have it, Lorelei. My crazy plan. Will you do me the honor of being the Harbor's new mayor?"

Lorelei hesitates a beat, thinking it over a bit longer before nodding. "I… I suppose I will. Yes. I think perhaps I could quite possibly change this little place for the better." She nods again. "And maybe we can stop another such tragedy as happened to your ship from happening again."

Maddie breaks into a grin, her head bobbing twice. "Excellent. I hoped you'd say that." She rises, with some difficulty, to all four legs, glancing back to the two ponyguards. One nod, and they go about retracting the signal, getting the boat prepped to row out of the bay. Then she turns back to Lorelei, giving the seapony a much more gracious bow of her head. "Well then. We have more preparations to make, and I'm sure you've a few things you'll want to do to get ready for a land-bound journey. I expect we'll be ready to take action within the week. We'll come back for you when it's time. Until then, keep yourself safe…"

Lorelei smiles warmly — she's actually got a pretty nice smile, when it's genuine. "I will. I've been keeping my distance from other ships, and an eye out for this ice witch you told me of. I'll be alright." She bows her head as well. "You take care of yourself as well… I don't want them hurting you or yours again."

"Don't you worry. I've learned my lesson in getting too close to these ponies. Not until I have to." She gestures to her twin goons, to get them to start rowing the boat back out of the bay, towards the safety of a bigger ship outside of the harbor area. "See you again soon, future Ms. Mayor~"

Lorelei watches the boat for a few moments before waving a farewell and diving back beneath the waves.