Sharing The Past
IC date: Winter 16
OOC date: 04/01/31
PCs: Queen-Pegasus, Rising Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

It's been a nice day to stay inside today. The house is warm, and well stocked. The outside cold and unwelcoming. Rising chaos has enjoyed a day of reading and relaxation. Right now, she's in the kitchen, fixing herself a light snack and becoming increasingly annoyed.

For the third time, a plate almost slips, and she's forced to try again to pick it up. "I don't even know how non-unicorns live," Rising Chaos grumbles to herself. She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths, it doesn't help much.

Queen while doing better everyday is still in rough shape - the mare wandering into the kitchen with a slightly unbalanced step. "Personally I had unicorn servants…this how ever does make me curious - explain this." she waves to nothing in particular "lack of magic to me. You're a unicorn, you have magic - why aren't you using it?"

Rising-Chaos snaps to attention, stopping her attempts with the dishes. The whole deal with her magic is more than a little embarrassing. "As you are aware, I am not the strongest of unicorns. I am also extremely sensitive to magic. I overexxerted myself, and while normally my cloak stops me from going that much and damaging myself. I wasn't wearing it." She remembers that night on the beach well. If she had to do it again, knowing she'd be magic disabled for a while, she would have done the exact same thing. Queen Pegasus is more than worth it, to her.

Queen-Pegasus chuckles softly "Is that so. Thank you for the explination." she approachs the unicorn and gives her a firm nuzzle.

Rising-Chaos nuzzles her Queen back with a sigh. "It's very frustrating though. I'm sure you understand. My magic is so central to who I am, being without is is like…" She's unable to give a good analogy, so just drops it. Instead, she just relishes Queen Pegasus' company, even though she's had it all day.

It's with a very dry tone that Queen provides Rising with the missing analogy. "Like being a pegasi without wings?" exerting herself to shift her own wings so Rising can see their move and recall their tattered state - the poor appear stiff as all hoof, and still very tattered. "From the looks of this - you were preparing a snack." curiously looking over the kitchen.

Rising-Chaos blushes and looks away, she's uncomfortably aware of how they could both relate. Trotting back to the counter and half finished snack, she starts putting things away. "I was, but lost interest." After having some trouble, she puts the troublesome plate away and glares ta it for a moment. Her expression for a moment just seems to say 'hah, I won!'

There's a long pause before Queen trots over to the smaller mare and asks "What if was hungry, hmm?" leaning in she takes the briefest nibble of the other mare's ear before stepping away - after all such affections are so…common-fare; certainly below her! "I do believe my Rising-Chaos is made of sterner stuff than a porcelain plate."

Rising-Chaos smiles. "Well that's another matter entirely, my Queen? Would you like something to eat. I am certainly capable of doing so, it's whether I want to or not that's at question." Casting a curious glance Queen Pegasus' way as she waits for a question..

Queen motions to whatever Rising has begun to prepare "I will partake - but I won't eat alone." a slightly sly grin crossing her face - certainly this is one way to get Rising to eat. "Perhaps you can tell me more about yourself as we enjoy a light snack, yes? Oh do you have any rum ,tell me you've rum.

Rising-Chaos has to think about that for a moment, does she have any rum? Certainly, she's never drunk much alcohol, but maybe for Stormdancer… She does, she remembers now! "I do have rum, my Queen. Would you like some? As for talking about myself, I suppose I could oblige. What would you like to know?" As she speaks she's moving through the kitchen. The unicorn has lived on her own for a long time, and is quite a competent chef. The added difficulty of no magic slows down the process, unfortunately.

Queen moves to take a seat at the table - relaxing noticeably once no longer standing. "Everything of course - I know little about you which makes for an awkward situation considering we'll…" she trails and simply opts to settle in more comfortably.

Rising-Chaos stops in place, realizing the truth behind those words. They really don't know that much about each other. Very well, chaos has nothing to hide. "Canterlot born, lived there for most of my life. Became infatuated with magic at a young age, and have been studying it ever since."

There's a visible change in her demeanour when she talks about magic. It's similar to when she is complimented by Queen Pegasus, like she's glowing. "I went to Canterlot university and excelled at my courses. My presence in the harbour is my final research assignment for school. I am to take a expedition to a far off locale and study the magic present." By now the food is almost ready. She'd always intended to deliver this food to her queen, Fizzy had told to to make sure the wounded mare gets plenty of nourishment. So this works out well. Chaos is hesitant to ask about the mare's past, however, it's no secret that there's some things Queen Pegasus would probably prefer to keep a secret. "Unless you were less interested in my academic career, my queen?"

Queen appears to have settled in as comfortably as expected given she is sitting at the kitchen table on an unpadded seat - how common! "I'm interested in everything, dear." she emphasizes while shifting about to try and get comfortable. "Honestly - how do you sit in these things - no consideration of pegasi or one's comfort." the spoiled mare complains. Certainly Queen has plenty she keeps to herself - but all Rising need do is ask.

Rising-Chaos giggles at Queen's curiosity. "I am really nothing spectacular. Obsessed with magic, learning how to love. In fact, I've spent most of my life in reckless pursuit of power. If you hadn't come along I probably would still be stuck trying one thing after another to achieve my goals." The salads are ready, surprisingly difficult to make when you are unused to using your hooves. She decides to take the plunge, it can't hurt, right?

"And what of you, my Queen? All I know of you, besides your recent history is that you were once cursed. You certainly need not share if you don't want to." She places one, larger salad in front of Queen Pegasus, her look clearly brooking no argument, and takes a seat beside the mare.

"You'd find much of my history to be quite public - if you knew where to look." nudging the salad with one hoof as she speaks. "Born into a wealthy Las Pegasus family - the type of upbringing you'd expect from the upper-class; education, refinement, the arts - all the things I deserved." going silent as she eats a fork full of greens, swallowing before she continues. "I certainly hope you're not expecting some sob story about what drove me to a life of piracy - I simply chose it because I wanted it." Proceeding to eat more of her salad.

A few moments of silence pass before Queenie continues. "I certainly don't regret the choices I've made - as they've brought me to this point and time; which is what's important. Perhaps, yes I'll explain. I became intrigued when a band of pirates attacked the cruise ship I was aboard when I was younger - you can imagine their surprise with a haughty filly boarded their ship and challenged their captain. Oh the looks on their faces when I savagely beat him to death with with blunt of his own sabre." she chuckles wickedly. "You can imagine the lot was quite respectful to start.

Rising-Chaos takes a few bites of her own, but really isn't feeling very hungry. Her appetite has been less than healthy recently. She listens intently to Queen Pegasus' story, absorbing every detail. After a few moments, she smiles. "My Queen, you are many things. But a sob story is not one of them. Your pirate past doesn't bother me at all, in fact it could prove useful, if you've kept your connections. The way in which you took possession of your ship doesn't surprise me at all, you are the strongest pony I know. If anything, I feel bad for the poor fool who didn't surrender at once." She giggles softly. "I haven't regretted a single thing I've done either my Queen. I did as I judged best at the time, no matter how wrong other ponies claimed it to be."

Queen lifts her bowl to dump more of the mixed greens onto Rising's bowl - accompanied by a firm glare that emphasizes that Rising /IS/ going to eat this. Only then does Queen resume eating and stops several bites later to explain. "Come now - no respectable pirate would have surrendered to a a petite filly wearing a sun hat that just fluttered over from the cruise ship they just ransacked. I doubt you'd even believe I was model teenage daughter up to that point.

Rising-Chaos looks at the added food with distaste. Very well, if you want to play that game, she can play as well. Or rather, she can just do as she's told and eat the salad, which is what she does. "The difference, between any normal filly and you though, my precious Queen. Is that you could destroy him with ease, while others may prove reluctant. You are not a pony to be trifled with." She stops eating for a moment to nuzzle the mare affectionately.

Queen chuckles after swallowing the last of her salad. "The difference between myself and any normal pony is I'm not hindered by concern or fictious morals. Perhaps seeing those pirates breaking all the rules sparked something in me…" trailing off as the thought occurs. "Regardless I am sometimes left to wonder if my parents are even aware of what happened to their daughter." she can't help but grin devilishly.

Rising-Chaos would like to think she was similar, though not to such an extreme degree. As she continues to eat her salad, she listens. These few minutes, she's learned more about her queen than ever before, which is good. "An interesting thought indeed."

Queen stands "I'll see you after you've finished your salad, and done the dishes." turning to trot away to the far more comfortable pile of blankets and pillows in front of the fireplace.

Rising-Chaos reluctantly finishes her salad, putting the dishes away once they're cleaned. Before joining the pegasus by the fire she takes a moment to reflect. Just how much does she know about the pegasus, and just how much does she want to share about herself? Slowly, she comes to a realization and smile. It doesn't matter at all. A bounce in her step, she walks out and joins her Queen on the pillows.