Secrets And Lies
IC date: Autumn 33, 1007
OOC date: October 22, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Solar-Wind, Sodium-Fizz, Windrose
GM: None

Medbay: Solar-Wind's Room Someone is in bed, what, what? Yes, why Yes it is Solar-Wind. not tied down, but in bed of his own free will (well sorta) but here he sits propped up with pillows more or less and is partially dozing, though very well aware of his surroundings, enough so that anyone that merely passes by, gets a brief snort of acknowledgement from the big pegasus whom then goes back to whatever he was doing. its certainly not causing trouble, in fact the nurse seems downright friendly right now. No escape attempts at all today… Whats gotten into the big lug?!

One of the ponies passing by just so happens to be the Horseshoe Base's residing alchemist, Sodium-Fizz, her own alchemy laboratory situated nearby out of practically. She'd been turning out potions and elixirs of a medical nature since she's gotten here. Though with yesterday's conversation with Professor Redmane and, almost, everypony else the place had gotten decidedly more dangerous. Perhaps setting it up so near the medical wing wasn't that a good idea in retrospect. Still, nothing to wo-…

Fizz found herself frowning. Could it be…? Her hooves clip-cloped against the floor as she backed up and peered into the room. Huh. Solar-Wind actually was where he was supposed to be. It unleashed conflicting emotions, relief that he's finally being calm enough that she can actually treat him proper. Annoyance that she doesn't get a reason to buck the bloody pegasus in the face for being so darned difficult. "Hello, Solar-Wind."

Solar-Wind gruntsnorts and looks up glaring. The formerly friendly usually kind and loyal pony outright GLARES at fizz as if he could do harm to her for anything. He grunts and practically growls, his voice so low that it outright sounds dangerous. It earns him a glance from a passing nurse, and a stare at that. The big pegasus's head lowers some, so he's looking pointedly at Sodium-Fizz. all othe sounds in the area practically fade off to quiet background noise

"Why did you stop me yesterday, Was your mind effected so by Will's Magic that it drove you to taking me out?" he growls out, "We're compromised because of that, I couldn't stop her and she got away!" he growls glaring right at Fizzy. and slowly gets up to stand boldly tall to her looking down at her.

Sodium-Fizz recoils slightly, then her brows furrow up ever so slightly as she step into the room proper, looking right back up at him. "She was never there to begin with, that was Ruby-Blossom in a disguise. She's sneaky. Very sneaky."

She huffed. "Besides, from the looks of it that Will character would never show her muzzle anywhere without making a show of it. I mean, a bucking dragon…?" That sent a shiver up her spine despite the cloak hanging around her.

Solar-Wind pauses his advance, looking down, brow furrowed, eyes darting one way then the other in thought, or puzzling something out. "But Redmane, even attacked her, it Was Will" he states, it as the fact he saw it as. "Yes, I didn't see her dragon, and considering we were right beside the door, it could have been just waiting there on the other side.”

"Like you, he didn't pay attention long enough," Sodium-Fizz said with a shrug, "she spoke up almost instantly to try and avoid what happened. Though I must say, pulling that to begin with was kinda stupid. At times I wounder if me and Kludge are the only two, kinda, sensible ponies from the Harbour at all."

Solar-Wind just sighs deeply and slumps some, turns and gets back into bed, easing in with a little wince here and there, and is finally down, "whatever the hay you used, really messed me over, especially when you landed on me, that REALLY hurt" he mentions with a grumble, "It really hurt"

Sodium-Fizz stared at Solar-Wind for several long moments before shrugging, her expression callously indifferent. "It was the rest of the paralytic agent, I'd been saving it for the next time you disobeyed the doctors orders, which I might add you did. I used more than I needed too, but considering you were trying to stomp Ruby into fine paste," she smirked, "I don't feel to bad about it. You've been a problem for everypony since you got hurt. You're like Winter, you're a fighting pony. If you can't do that you're not much use protecting the rest of us and you downright refuse to let us help you."

As she spoke the alchemist walked closer, her wings unfurling and spreading wide to make her appear larger. "We've cut down the healing potion we've been giving you to a fraction because you insist on getting back up and moving about. This thing isn't a miracle cure, Solar. It takes a lot out of you to heal you up, a lot of things can go wrong." She fell silent again, for a few moments. She tossed her head. "The way you insist on galloping about, giving you the proper treatment would most likely put you in a shallow grave."

And suddenly Ruby chimes in from behind Sodium. "Yeah, what's the deal? I told you to take things easy, and you totally blow me off." The mare unexpectedly peeking out from under Sodium's wing - glaring at Solar with her Ruby red eyes. "Either settle down and get better, or don't bother speaking to me again." she stomps one-hoof. "If you want to help protect the group then recuperate. It will be a lot bigger help if you rest and get better, instead of making us watch guard over you then chase you down when you disobey doctor's orders or worse yet /my/ orders." Such a firm glare. "I know you hate being couped up, I know you want to be useful and protect the group - but you need to think about what's truly best for us all - and that's you taking the time to get better."

Solar-Wind actually growls at Ruby, wow, that's a first, "BUT I Was Protecting the Group, your DIRECT ORDER, Primary goal, only goal, only Mission, Protect the Group, I was attempting to accomplish that goal, And dangit I would have had Sodium Fizz not drugged the heck out of me, I would have killed her, KILLED HER!" he's actually standing up in bed, his eyes glazing over with that redcast like yesterday, as he Snorts, stomps, Snorts, grinds that hoof across the mattress, causing the thin mattress to yield and start to rip through., his muscles stand in sharp relief as he is starting to get pushed. "I was following YOUR COMMAND" he yells back at her


Ruby-Blossom gets right up in Solar's face - peering at the stallion - point blank. "Your problem is you don't think, you don't observe! This just proves MY costume is good enough to fool idiot pegasi because clearly it was good enough to fool somepony who I /thought/ would be able to recognize my eyes, and my voice!" yelling match! Loud noises as Winny would state. "I understand you don't know anything about me!" suddenly Kludge's voice chimes in "You're too thick headed." Then Maggie's "Hot-headed." then Winny's "Hot-blooded." all the voices clearly coming from Ruby. "I play dress-up! I'm good at it! My command for the past week has been for you to REST AND GET BETTER! But you've done neither." quiet suddenly socking Solar square in the forehead. "Shaddup and listen!"

Sodium-Fizz recoils yet again, this time from the suddenly appearing Ruby-Blossom. How does she /keep/ doing that?! She'd really have to ask. Her head snaps back to focus on Solar-Wind though as he shouts at them, and Ruby shouts right back. She can't help but facehoof with a loud groan, her ears pinning back. Sweet Luna's lacy-…

Yup, she'd have enough just about… Now. "Shut the BUCK up both of you stupid GITS! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! What are you, three?!" her pale eyes snapped back and forth between the two of them, narrow and furious. "You two both shoulder the /responsibility/ of seeing us through this mess, and you act like small foals! I've had ENOUGH of it! I've had enough of Ruby's antics and enough of Solar's stubborn flank-headedness! You… you two…"

"We'd be better of without you two, unless /both/ of you shape up!" She blinked at them, her fury seeming to dry up. She looks like she's almost ready to cry.

Solar-Wind suddenly finds Ruby in his face, recognition, understood, Commander. Gulp, Gasp, he starts, then shudders as she lays into him verbally, then the voices, each different, but recognized, his head twists, more jerks about, looking. Is he surrounded?! His demeanor goes from fighting rage, to panic, to confusion, to fear, to, WHACK, Oww, what tha?! then Fizzy yelling and loud noises, loud noises. loud noises. You both hear a very overwhelmed tiny little whinny of confusion, as everything around him overwhelms him in a cascade of different voices all there, in his head.

Solar-Wind backs up a full pace back ward, falls off the bed, regains his composure /kinda/ turns and BOLTS full tilt away from this insanity. He doesn't get far however as he runs full tilt straight into the wall..

Solar actually lets out a very cute little squeak, as he wheels about falls flat on his back and passes out in one swift maneuver. Oooh thats gotta hurt!

Ruby-Blossom huffs angrily as she watches Solar do what he does best - over-react; sure it's kinda her fault - but still. A heavy sigh ensues before her eyes dart towards Fizzy. "Yes - antics, after all what good is little miss mane stylist from the harbor, right? Everything the mare does must be a stupid, childish stunts, and pleas for attention, right? " she turns fully to stare at Fizzy with those brilliant ruby red eyes. "I don't like yelling, I don't like getting in Solar's face - but it's the only way he understands things." she huffs and grabs Solar - attempting to lug the lug back to his bed. "I'm just a stupid mane-stylist from the harbor - maybe you're right. Maybe everypony would be better off without me." a sudden surge of rage strength allowing her to hoist Solar and flop him onto the bed. "Afterall! That's exactly what /she/ said before slamming the door on my face, and leaving me alone again!" The mare suddenly storming towards the door after yelling non-sense

Sodium-Fizz pants, rather loudly. Any further ranting gets cut short, however, as Ruby-Blossom speaks up and… and… The alchemist could only blink in surprise as Ruby stormed past her before turning and lounging after her, biting down on her tail. "Ruby, stop!"

Solar-Wind 's accomplishments in meeting the wall head on has scored something that both the mares want desperately, For Solar to get some rest. Indeed he's resting now, likely with a concussion, but he's in bed and not complaining!

Ruby-Blossom falls flat on her face when suddenly caught by the other mare - sprawled out on the floor in a rather adorable fashion. "Ow! I'd complain more by my tail has already seen better days…what now?"

"I… I didn't mean…" Sodium-Fizz's muzzle scrunched up for a moment as she spat Ruby's tail out. She sighed, "I didn't mean like… I'm… sorry if I said something that hurt your feelings. It's just… Well, you are the one pony that have any chance of guiding us through this, feels like." She bit her lower lip for a moment. "You know that, right? You're the one that everypony listens too, 'cause everypony /trusts/ you. Yesterdays'… um… thing? It kind shakes that up, okey?"

"Just, please think a bit more about that… It might be fun for you, but… it means a lot more for the rest of us, I think."

Solar-Wind SnortSnort, INHALE, gasp, "OOOoowwwww" sniff,sniff, sniff , shift shift shift, "Dammnit, still Really?" you hear solar check himself over as if he just woke up from a bad dream, only to find out that it isn't just a dream. "Bucking hay" grumble grumble, "Oh BUCK, Ruby, Fizzy, the big stallion rolls back over seeing both of you there, brows furrow looking to you both with concern, "What the Buck?!

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly before glancing back at Fizzy - clearly something Fizzy said upset it and it can be seen in her eyes. "That wasn't about fun. That's what's going to get us into the camp, and help give us the advantage. Telling everypony I can do it is different from /showing/ them. Yeah, I freaked the group out - but I think they're pretty dang confident now that we can infiltrate the base - and that confidence is what we need right now. Confidence and hope! It doesn't matter if everypony hates me by the time this done, but I don't care if that's what it takes to ensure you guys get home safe. I'm used to being alone, so I'll live with it again if that's what it takes.”

Sodium-Fizz cringed visibly upon seeing the effect of her words, her head dropping. "Again, sorry. I'd excuse myself with 'I'm not good at this' or something, but no. I'm sorry I bucked up my apology, and not thinking before speaking. I let my emotions get the better of me, it shouldn't. You're right about that, though… I'm not entirely certain I approve of your method of demonstration."

"I'm just going to say, you're not all alone, okay? Ever since that first day I got here, I've been confident, after you talked to us then, remember? We've had your back every moment since then. Last night just… shock that confidence, a bit." She gave Ruby a shaky smile, offering a hoof to help her up. "Sorry, I shouldn't have blown up at you."

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly as she gets to her hoofs with Fizzy's help. "You don't need to apologize." blowing a loose strand of her mane back into place before glancing to Solar "You going to rest properly now, Solar? Because that's what we need you to. Everypony else can help out a little more while you get better. Speaking of helping." she leans to whisper to Fizzy.

Solar-Wind shakes his head slowly, "Please don't go Ruby, we do need you, we do care, I" he drops off again, "I need you, I need you for you, not for you leader, but You, you, I won't let you leave alone, I couldn't have that, you're special" he nods some, "To me, I, I know likely to Kludge too" he looks jealous or something at that word 'Kludge' "You're special, to all of us" he murmurs softly looking down. he only sighs.

Sodium-Fizz's eyes go wide, her ears perking straight up in surprise at Ruby's whisper and she shoots the other mare an incredulous glance. After a few moments a smile starts to spread on her lips. "I… think that would be brilliant. I can do that, yes." She shot a glance over her shoulder at Solar-Wind before nodding. "And… yeah, the big git got that right, indeed. You're far from alone, 'cause you're our friend. You're special just because you're you."

Ruby-Blossom nods softly to the pegasi pair. "I know, I know." seemingly accepting their words. "I just hope this, and the disguise gives us enough of an upper-hoof to keep anypony from getting hurt." she plants her flank. "The last thing I need is another out-of-control bed-ridden problem." she glances to Solar "Just because I'm complaining, doesn't mean I don't care - so don't get any dumb ideas. Just rest up that's your priority until I say otherwise.

Solar-Wind nods slightly, "Yes Commander" he murmurs softly, sinking into the bed again, "you're special to us, special to Me" he murmurs "Pegasi or no" he adds in there, "you're family" the big stallion notes. "I'm down until further notice" he murmurs, though sounds a bit crushed by that statement.

Sodium-Fizz looks between Solar-Wind and Ruby-Blossom for several long moments before an eyebrow shoot up into her mane. "How do you manage to reel all the stallions in, seriously?" She shook her head. "As for… the 'operation', I could look into a few other solutions to help all of you along, if you want to."

Ruby-Blossom smiles "I would like a few more of those fire bombs you made." a few more - implying she already has some; if Fizzy checks her stock she'll find the last few she had are indeed missing! "Flaming zombies are way worse than regular zombies by the way." an off-hand comment before pipes "Ah..I really don't know. Stallions, mares - they all want to tap this flank."

Solar-Wind's eyes go wide, and a blush creeps up too, he says NOTHING

Sodium-Fizz shot Solar-Wind a glance, fighting hard to suppress a giggle by the look of it. "Well, whatever it is it certainly seems to work. Maybe it's the colour, I'm most likely far to drab and dull. Or maybe to old." Her muzzle scrunched up slightly as she tried to contain her amusement, she could hardly be more than a few years older than Ruby. Turning she glanced at Solar-Wind. "What do you think?"

Ruby-Blossom flank bumps Fizzy gently. "It's not about color - I don't know what is; personally I think I'm kind of a bitter berry." she admits without hesitation. "I seem more interested in Magpie or other foals than a relationship…I just." she hushes a few moments later. "So stupid." she mutters.

Solar-Wind Uhhhh's, "Actually I was thinking about lunch, like umm some cabbage flanks, uhh celery steaks, n'd fillet mincarrot" he nodnod's enthusiastically, oh so enthusiastically

Sodium-Fizz chuckles softly, though shoots Ruby a glance from the corner of her eye. "Perhaps, perhaps not. Don't worry, it'll all work out somehow. And lunch does… sound kinda nice, to be honest. Even if I haven't seen anything like cabbage, steaks and carrots since we got here… Or apples. I could kill for an apple."

Ruby-Blossom ponders softly "I don't have any apples - but I think I can do a little something. Wait here." The mare trotting off before any objections can be had - leaving a few minutes for Fizzy and Solar to converse while Ruby does Celestia knows what.

Solar-Wind says "there were whispers" he swallows hard, "just what were you two scheming about?" he has to ask, can't help himself."

"Nothing you need to know about, Solar-Wind," Sodium-Fizz said with a giggle as she walks over to the bed, peering at him. "So… are you going to stay here for a few days, do as the doctors orders? We can get you on your hooves a lot quicker that way so you can chase after Ruby-flanks…" An impish grin spreads across her muzzle.

Solar-Wind "I'm down, won't be up, I'll be patient" he murmurs, "and No, not for that reason, She's taken, I know that, don't like that, but understand and respect that"

Ruby-Blossom returns a few minutes later carrying an tray with blue leafs and three glasses of warm blue-leaf tea - nothing out of the ordinary here save for the hint of something sweet wafting from the tea. The mare sets the tray down on a table and grins broadly at the pegasi "It's not much - but I hope you appreciate it.

Sodium-Fizz raises an eyebrow. "Really? I didn't know that. Then again, we barely interact other than her startling me out of my feathers." She falls silent at that. "She's good at that. /Really/ good at that."

Solar-Wind says "Agreed. Well, I don't want to interrupt Kludge, as I respect him, and if he is, connected, than" ahem, he stops talking as Ruby returns with the usual run of the mill blue leaf tea, but somethings different, sweet? "That, uuurr, that doesn't smell right, I mean It smells better than before, but, but?" he looks confused"

Solar-Wind says "Yeah Fizz she has that power, to do that, heck had you not interrupted me yesterday, she would have been nothing more than a smear on the entry way."

Ruby-Blossom grins at the pegasi "I just added a little something I picked-up while out on one a mission. Frozen honey, can you believe it?" a broad grin to be had. "I've got almost a jar full - not something I'll be able to get more of though…" recalling how the hive is now overrun by Zombies. "So enjoy!"

Solar-Wind isn't the only one that sits up and takes notice at the sweetness wafting from the tea, Sodium-Fizz's head snaps around and her ears perking up. "Honey?!" The pegasus bounded forward, scooping up one of the cups and peering into it. Without spilling. Guess handling possibly hazardous liquids for ones whole life have some uses. "You found honey!? This… Oh…" She grinned widely and lounged at Ruby once more. This time to wrap her into a tight hug. "Thank you!"

Solar-Wind takes a sip of that offered tea and practically melts right there, another sip and the little noises escaping him are that of equine ecstasy (ok big boy settle down there) "Tastes So good, never thought sugar would taste this sweet!" However he doesn't finish the cup, he sets it down before Ruby and bows his head to step away and back to bed he goes, "Cheers, to Friends" he mentions softly

Ruby-Blossom chuckles softly "I can spare enough for seconds if you guys want - of course, after you finish lunch." Thanks mom! She plants her flank and quietly drifts into thought while the pair enjoy their tea. "Fizzy, if you think of anything else that can help me - please let me know."

Solar-Wind sighs deeply then looks pointedly to Ruby-Blossom. His gaze isn't normal of him. (there's serious thought behind it) "How do you trick us so?" is his only statement, "Your costuming, isn't" he notes, "Isn't coherent to training unless…" "Unless there's other things going on" he states rather quietly.

Sodium-Fizz giggles softly and plonks her flanks on the floor, smiling happily as she sips from her own tea. Ah, the sweet, sweet taste of… sweetness. For a moment she let her mind wander blissfully till Ruby's question brought her back. Her mouth seeming to be faster than her brain though. "Booze? I mean, you have honey… Or, um…" She blushed. "Maybe you ment… Right. Well, beyond the fire bombs and the healing potions… I can makes some really sticky resins… I think you saw me use it the other day, the thing that lets me walk on walls? Got another body-warmth potion failure that lets you breath fire, but I don't have much of it yet. And one makes your skin as hard as iron… for about ten seconds…"

Ruby-Blossom hmms softly "Give me that fire breathing one too - it will work well for plan Dragonslayer." A codename makes it all the more official - right? "I think any of your little potions will come in handy - hook me up with a whole arsenal, and I'll make good use of them." Solar's question catches her attention and she hmms softly. "Mmm…let's say Mane Styling is not my primary occupation." surely such a comment is likely to spur additional question.

Solar-Wind "Well, I'm asking cause you BOTH saw straight through my guise' yesterday, and I need tips" he murmurs softly," and I couldn't see through yours the other day at all, and I want to know how to better achieve the trick?" he ponders and query's, "well that much is obvious" he states without a second thought, "I'm certainly no Firepony, Duh" he states as if it were obvious.

Sodium-Fizz raised an eyebrow as she cradled her tea, eyes dancing back and forth between the two.

Ruby-Blossom peers back at Solar-Wind "Well that explains why you're awful at putting our fires - and why my shop quickly burnt to the ground under your watch." sip "So I suppose that means you owe me an explanation first." Manipulate little bitter berry she can be! She sootches a tad close to Fizzy and gives her a friendly little nuzzle - because she's friendly and well this should help lower Solar's defenses!

Solar-Wind says "there is fire duty involved, its non primary, And as for your shop, I'm sorry, as a pathetic foal I was helpless to do much of anything, I mean how was I supposed to help I could barelift a drinking glass let alone an actual fire bucket, nor kick you some rainclouds. I was Not expecting to have that oddity occur" he states firmly. "No I work as a Royal Guard, more precicesly, "I am Captain Solar-Wind, of the Outrider Wing" he states boldly, "We fly for the Queens as a means of communication between them and the outlying communities, communicating the goings on of our watch areas. I operate independently but have all the same rights and abilities as that of any member of the Royal Guard." he states softly, "Thus my defense training" he mentions lightly, "My combat ability, and my ability to actively use armor and weapons" he adds in to the mid. Outriders are alone, and must report to their queens on a regular basis. currently I am a bit umm, out of my district to say the least, and I'm sure others will bother the community soon."

Ruby-Blossom admits "Ah, well in that case I can't tell you a darned thing." *siiiip* Ruby-red eyes peeking at solar over the curve of her tea cup; yup suspicious!

Sodium-Fizz blinks in confusion, looking between the two curiously. Oh, awkward… Very awkward indeed.

Solar-Wind actually laughs, "my secret is out, and only out between the both of you, so if I hear word of it slip from the mouth of another pony, I know just whom to kill" he smiles with a little laugh, (there's seriousness there too) "but thats beside the point, Ruby, your 'employment' is the least of my concerns here" he offers with a smile, which is genuine, "I'd overlook about anything myself, and not report it to the queens. I mean, really, look around, nobody here to report to. And I'm sure as hay not gonna report to their version of Luna!" he laughs. "I'm out of my league here and I know it" he nods, "you all do to, so we have to work together, and anyway, Ruby, I still gave you my command. When I return to our side. I'm going to step down." he states quite seriously. "i've performed horribily here in the worst of situations, and you, you've beat every ounce of my training to a pulp and pushed through. I respect that, and I respect You, Fizz. I don';t know how you handle me, no pony else could, thats why I was assigned to the Outrider Wing, cause I was a bit of a reject of the formal royal guards. Still got a cool title though" he trails off.

Ruby-Blossom huffs softly "i'll be blunt - seriously blunt. Canterlot ticks me off - a bunch self-serving, righteous ponies who won't think everything is sunshine and smiles; can't even see a pony suffering right under their own noses." A louder huff. "Just look at what the royals and all their unicorn magic got /this/ world into. Celestia? Hah, what a bitter berry - banishing her own sister to the moon, really? I can relate to Luna that's for sure." she seems a little fired up to say the least. "You know why it's hard to get a good read on me? It's flim-flam like this - Celestia thinks she needs to watch every pony. What the hay did she need to send some spy to the Harbor for anyways?

Sodium-Fizz sighed. By the sound of it the two were heading straight into another session of head-butting. "I used to be married."

The alchemist took a sip of her tea.

Solar-Wind visibly shrinks, it looks like somepony just punched him hard in the chest, straight in the heart or something, it looks like he actually reels back a bit, even if he was already in bed. Punched him and he actually felt it for once. His voice cracks, "It was a job, my duty" emotion is flowing off of ruby and he physically feels it absolutely feels it. He looks down, floor, ground, can't meet her eyes cant see anything, he actually reels, what, solar sheds tears, that's gotta be a first. "my job that is worthless, my job that I hate, my job that is over, done, completed, that's it" he "I will not have you suffer dangit I don't care what the heck you did, I don't now about it, and sure a s buck they won't know about it either. That's it" he states blinkblinkblinks head reels back up and over to Fizzy, "Wait, what?

Ruby-Blossom is all huffy today that's for sure. "You don't get it, Solar…just calm down. It's complicated." her attention turning to Fizzy - nudging the other mare curiously with her muzzle. "Do tell?" The fire-cracker of a mare putting her little tantrum on hold for the moment.

Sodium-Fizz shifts where she sits, seemingly somewhat uncomfortably. "It's… a long story, and not very pleasant. I got an invitation to a little place called Steadfast a few years ago - five I think - to meet a rather illustrious alchemist, hailing from a very well-known if… a bit reclusive family. The place's south of Manehattan, in a great big swamp. It…" The mare fell silent, biting her lower lip for a moment. "Lets… just say, that place is a ghost-town now. The Royal Guard came down upon it with a vengeance, and rightly so. My… husband… died in the mess that followed. I ma-…"

She cut herself off, taking another sip of her tea.

Ruby-Blossom nuzzles Fizzy in an extremely firm manner - somepony might get the wrong idea if they were to simply look and not listen. "You can tell more of the details, if you want." wrapping Fizzy up in a great big hug with one fore-leg to comfort the mare; while pouring the remainder of her tea into the mare's cup.

Solar-Wind breathes, he simply breathes, doing nothing more. He listens to each mare around him relate something that's core to them, well at least he has made his admission and so has Fizz, that leaves one more… that seems unlikely though.

Sodium-Fizz waved a hoof, almost dismissively, a thin smile on her muzzle. "Don't get me wrong… I'm glad the son of a stud's dead and gone… I even stayed there for a while to make sure so myself. The world's better off. What he and his peers did…" She shook her head. "Let me tell you, you'll never /ever/ find me making anything as 'harmless' as a love potion. Tinkering with people's thoughts is… sickening."

Ruby-Blossom suddenly gives Fizzy's cheek a big, wet lick as if she were a dog or something - her hope is this will help the other mare laugh a bit. With everypony being so serious and emotional Ruby decides to just go ahead and flat-out say "I'm Scarlett O'Mare." given the timing and deadpan execution - this might just come off as another bad joke.

Solar-Wind blinks, the stallion thinking blinks again, pauses, thinking, his head twists to the side, one way, then the other, He repeats the last bit of name, "O'Mare, mistress of disguises, master of the hidden" he murmurs completely wide eyed, a hard swallow. "Oh my" in a squeak, "that, Thaaaaaa, that d d d does explain a few things" he nods slowly, "Wow, never saw that one coming" he murmurs. "Whew" yup he believes it alright. he just exhales deeply, "Had No idea you'd make it out this far, I thought they had you holed up towards the badlands, lost in the desert" he murmurs out

On her part, Sodium-Fizz seems a tad bit stunned, her head tilted to the side by the force of the lick, her ears pointing in two different directions unsure what to do with themselves. And by the looks of it a slow blush creeping onto her face. Wait, what was that? She shook her head and turned her attention back to her companions, though not quite looking at Ruby. At least for a few moments, then she turns and eyes her.

"O'Mare…? I'll admit she's good, /really/ good, with her disguises. And the sneaking! But… Scarlett O'Mare good?" She raised an eyebrow at Solar-Wind, the corner of her mouth tweaking upwards in clear meaning. 'Really, Solar-Wind, you're going to fall for that one?'

Ruby-Blossom quietly stares at Solar with a dead-pan expression; half-amused and half curious. "Is that what Canterlot is calling her nowadays?" A slight roll of her eyes. "Ooo~ Such clever nick-names, I suppose they had to spend time coming up clever nicknames because they haven't a clue where to look for her." A delightful chuckle ensues - playing into Fizzy's dismissal of the truth. "Yeah, Solar - there's no way I could have stolen things like a set of royal jewels - I totally don't have that tiara back home in the harbor. Could you imagine me with a tiara?

Ruby would admit she's quite stunning wearing that tiara.

Solar-Wind is still staring into space more or less, just lost in thought and mumbling, "Interesting story there" he mumbles, wow threw him for a loop, "There was no Outriders Wing prior to the loss of fore-mentioned tiara, to mention that you knew exactly what went missing, which wasn't the most well advertised thing, the jewels oh it was a crown that went missing was the leak to the local media, Tiara, hmm really you say" he keeps mumbling nonsensical gibberish. "The Outrider Wing was created after that security breach to reel in and recon with various watch groups, to perhaps capture the legendary magician. he stops speaking still lost in thought. "Legendary Magician?!"

"Um… What are you saying, Solar?" Sodium-Fizz shot a glance at Ruby-Blossom before looking back. "That Ruby have really good inside information on the going ons at the castle? Kinda… sounds unlikely, considering her rant against Celestia and the nobility…"

Ruby-Blossom rolls her eyes again "Clearly the big lug is still reeling from that earlier head trauma." she dismisses the rambling stallion while letting her attention drift back to Fizzy. "Scarlett O'Mare's crimes tend to be pretty publicized. Dream-Daze even showed me a Scarlett O'Mare comic book - Scarlett O'Mare is /clearly/ a white unicorn with a grey mane. I'm /clearly/ an earth-pony of turquoise and ruby." of course Ruby's description is accurate - but if Solar were to recall what Ruby said earlier - 'recognize my eyes' was it? Was that not listed as an important detail 'eyes of Ruby red' are always a key descriptor of the unknown mare - even in the news papers. It should be noted Scarlett O'Mare has stolen valueable items all across Equestria - and rumor is she donates large sums to orphanages - of course this can't be confirmed because after all who would accept money from a thief, and would would let an orphanage keep ill-gotten gains?

Sodium-Fizz giggled softly. "Well, to be fair… you did pull off white unicorn very well yesterday. I could have sworn that horn was real."
there is a click, in his head an confirmation, but also a silence, in his head it all fits, it all works, she 'is' that good. Yup, she's the one alright, dangerous, no, armed, no. she never harmed anyone, to his knowledge, always the consumate thief, nothing more… Solar nods a little mainly to himself, but also slightly to Ruby. He laughs some then out in the open, "Yeah, indeed My head does still hurt" he smiles. He's ok with this, actually completely ok with it. He does smile, "Ya got a great sense of humor he mentions to Ruby, can always break the ice of an akward situation, Someday ya gotta tell me what your 'real' story is though, I'd love to hear it" he announces with a laugh, perhaps Ruby detects the look he's given her, perhaps not. either way, he's going with Ruby as a friend, not Ruby as a cunning superthief. Friend, thats all that matters anymore.

Ruby-Blossom puffs up her cheeks before leaning over to nudge Fizzy's side with her nose - then with far pointier protrusion atop of her head! But when Fizzy looks down she sees nothing, and the poking protrusion is not to be found. "Nope, no unicorn horn here…" a playful tone in her voice - clearly teasing Fizzy at this point!

Sodium-Fizz goes rigid at the poke, both of her eyes focusing on… where whatever poked her should be. A moment later her eyes snap to Ruby-Blossom's, then to her forehead, her mouth opening and closing in disbelief. No… Surely this couldn't be! Right? She raised a hoof, tapping the invisible horn tenatively. That brought another question to mind, should she be upset? If so, at Ruby for hiding it? Or for her practicaly taunting her with it? She… wasn't sure, though one thing did come to mind…

"No fair… I wanted one…"

Solar-Wind glances between the two mares and gives a little laugh then a little groan, "Heya fizz before ya get too involved with each other, do ya think I could get ahold of some of your beautiful numbing agent. a good coating on my wings and maybe even om my forehead would be so nice right about now." he murmurs

Ruby-Blossom's horn isn't only invisible it can't be felt! For all intents and purposes she /is/ an earth-pony. "Well I'd be happy to give it to you if I could. Magic users are nothing but trouble." motioning all about with both hoofs "Point proven. I mean, I don't fault ponies like Dream-Daze; I just think magic cheapens things…you know?

Sodium-Fizz blinks, her brain not seeming quite ready to work just yet. "Sorry Solar… I used everything yesterday…" She raised a hoof again, waving it through where the horn would be once more, giving both Ruby's forehead a sceptical stare, then her own hoof.

With a groan she flopped onto her back, her wings spread wide 'neath her, her hooves over her face. "Ugh! You have no idea how much I wanted to be a unicorn when I was a little foal! My whole family are unicorns, every single one, I was /so/ envious, I wanted to have a horn myself, so I could be like them… I even studied their magic theory… Stupid wings…"

Ruby-Blossom flops atop of the flopped Fizzy. "You're welcome to mine - if you ever find some magic potion to take it. I mean, all I ever do is hide it." glancing over to Solar as she lays atop of Fizzy at a perpindicular angle. "Fizzy you should appreciate the fact that you can fly - I'm sure it offers a freedom unicorn and earthpony won't ever know."

Solar-Wind grumbles softly, "Oh, well somebody clock me on the back of the head than, I just want to pass out so it doesn't hurt so freekin much" he mentions, "unless someone has finally broken the alchol barrier" he looks to Ruby, "I took you up that one time, which reminds me, that nice trick you did with the blade you popped out of flipping nowhere, where the heck did you pack that?

Sodium-Fizz chuckled softly, draping her forelegs over Ruby. "I guess… though I never realy took advantage of it in that way. It's… more utilitarian. I hated flight camp and I only realy fly to get somewhere… I might be kinda small, but when it comes to flying a long way for a lot of time I can still compete with the best." She chuckled.

"And… I must admit, I'd be curious too, about that. Well, more about the super-sneaky part. That is, and I cringe at me using the word, cool! If kinda creepy. YOu keep scaring the feathers of me…"

Ruby-Blossom quietly hmmms before beaming warmly "I'm not going to give away all my secrets. Sneaky well…kinda came naturally - ponies tended to ignore me when I was little so I guess I learned how to capitalize on that." Whoever heard of a unicorn's who magic talent was being an earth-pony anyways? Well that's Ruby in a nutshell.

Solar-Wind mumbles some, "no way I could have out sneaked the sneak, even in my disciuse" he mumbles, with a shrug, "Sory bout that, really about everything really" he lays down on his belly, not in the most gracefull position, but he's not out on his back, as obviously his wings are bothering him, but he just grumps a little and issues a big yawn. "I've had enough excitement for one day, I'm going to get some rest" he mentions, "do try to give some of our harborites some lessons on stealth though, I think we're gonna need it" he murmurs, "Ruby, I won't tell anyone, and I will resign when we get home" he promises.

Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof a tad dismissively "Do whatever you want - I'll be fine regardless; I'm use to tough situations." she admits while playfully batting at one of Fizzy's ears.

Sodium-Fizz laughs and nods. "Yeah, I'm with Solar on that. A few pointers in sneaking would be useful, and you won't have to worry about anypony telling. It's just lying to protect a renown criminal, I've done worse." Her giggle died before it started, Ruby batting at her ear seems to distract her from it. "After all, friends help friends, right? And since I'm already going to give you a hay of an armory, not tattling isn't that big a deal."

Solar-Wind mumbles, softly. "I made you a promise, and I don't just back away from that. No more Royal Guard once I get back. though I can't give up on my Fireguard role. Thats something core to me. hay its my freekin' cutie mark, it is me. my love." he mentions softly

Ruby-Blossom grins softly at Fizzy. "I'll see what we can do…but stealth is really just about being quiet, and staying out of sight.

Solar-Wind nods, "indeed it is"

Sodium-Fizz smirks mischievously, "So… nothing Winter-Solstice should try, then?"

Solar-Wind heh's softly, "I don't think she could accomplish 'stealth' "he notes lightly

Ruby-Blossom chuckles "Winny isn't that kind of girl." she admits. "She's a go-getter, brash and hard headed." a delighted chuckle. "Good heart on that kid.

Sodium-Fizz chuckles softly once more. "Yeah… I like her, she wears her heart on her proverbial sleeves. It's kinda endearing." She smiled and shot a glance in Solar's direction, noticing the big pegasi seeming to have dozed off. "Um… mind letting me up now?"

Ruby-Blossom hmms "Oh, I guess…" she stands up and proceeds to help Fizzy to her hooves; that was pretty darn comfortable if you ask Ruby.

"What, now you're laying on just anypony and not only your bunkmate?" When did Windrose come in here? How long has she been watching? Probably doesn't matter, because she sounds more amused than anything else.

Sodium-Fizz groaned as she got onto her hooves and stretched, almost like a cat. With wings. Her spine definatly did pop though. And her neck. She blinked in suprise upon hearing the voice behind her and turned. "Oh… Hello. Windrose, is it? I don't think we've had the chance to meet, short of the ocational run-in…"

Ruby-Blossom snickers softly as she trots over to Windy to give the other mare an overly-affectionate nuzzle; laying it on extra thick. "Buuut you were busy~" she mock-whines "Then she flopped on her back - /what/ should I have done?

"That's my name, yup," replies the pink pegasus. Then gets rubbed against by Ruby before the mare goes into melodramatics. To which she rolls her eyes at. "I don't know. But I do know what to do now." Which is to flop right on top of Ruby! "I'll just have to make up for lost time!"

Ruby-Blossom squirms under Windy's weight until she's on her back - and at that point she firmly latches onto Windy with all four legs. "You fell for my trap." Ruby proudly proclaims.

Sodium-Fizz smiled and rolled her eyes as she trotted up to them and looked down. A mischevious smirk spread on her face. "Well then… I guess I should see about finding my own bed then." She leaned down, placing a small peck on their cheek, in turn before leaping over them and bounding down the corridor in long leaps, powered by her wings.

"You both know where to find me!"

Ruby-Blossom beams in delight at the friendly peck on the cheek - in fact it's almost motherly to Ruby when it comes from the slight older mare; the turqoise grinning up at Fizzy from under Windy. Ruby infact looks quite content with all limbs latched onto the pegasi - whyare all pegasi such cuddlers anyways?

Windrose hahs as she's latched onto. "You just call it a trap because you don't want to admit I got you down!", she retorts playfully. She's kinda caught up in Ruby's limbs at the moment though, so she flicks a wing to wave at Sodium instead. "Seeya later."