Seaguls Running Amock
IC date: Spring 14, 1008
OOC date: April 4, 2013
Location: LOCATION
PCs: Quintessent-Rune Aliella Whirligig Bolt-Cutter Eclipse
NPCs: Seaguls, the Three Old Mares

Quintessent-Rune came trotting briskly down the boardwalk from Tinker Town, a large and wide-brimmed hat of blue cloth on her head to shield her eyes from the sun's rays. It was rather ironic, she reflected, that she had tools and materials at home for creating masterpieces of magical thread and enchanted fabrics like Servant yet not anything for making a simple hat. So Tinker Town it'd been.

And then quickly away again once she'd finished; away from the trio of elderly - well, not really but certainly far older than Quintessent at any rate - that had been staring at her liks she'd grown a third head since she got there. Throwing a glance behind herself she spoted them once more and set of in a relatively unladlylike galop. Where were Servant when she needed him? Or anypony she knew for that matter, anypony!

The mare is given a fair amount of time to run before being able to spot a young zebra galloping alongside her. "Hi, miss Rune," Aliella greets, panting a bit from the exhaustion of so much activity, "What are you running from? Is it scary? Are you late for something? Where's Servant? Is he missing? Are you gonna save him? Where are we going?"

Eclipse has just finished her walk around the outskirts of town when she sees one of the few familiar ponies in the harbor galloping in her general direction so she goes to talk to Quintessent and the zebra galloping beside her.

Running? We're going running? Oh that sounds like SO.MUCH.FUN! Just as quickly as the solo becomes a duo, the duo becomes a trio as a purplish mare with unruly hair is galloping along side Ali, "Are you both trying to get excersize? You know, you're supposed to get at least an hour of excersize a day! I don't know if I could run for a whole hour though…that's a really long time!"

Quintessent-Rune blinked as she looked down at Aliella. Where had the filly come from? More importantly, was Quintessent really so bad at this 'four legs' thing that the filly not only keept pace with the admitedly a bit short Quintessent-Rune, but also was in far better shape than the panting, sweaty seapony. Her head snapped around to Whirligig in turn with another blink. Then straight ahead at the approaching Eclipse.

With a ever so slight eep Quintessent dug her hooves in, throwing up a small plume of dust as she came to a halt just before the older mare, swaying a bit unsteadily… and promptly planting her face in on the bordwalk, breathing hard.

Aliella barely has any time to notice the older mare's halt, her own hooves flailing against the ground before finally stopping a stone's throw from the group of ponies and casually trotting back to them. "Are we there yet? What's here? Are you supposed to meet this pony?" The filly's glance turns towards Eclipse with a wide grin. "Hi!"

Whirligig 's head tilts a bit in confusion as Rune makes a sudden stop and faceplant, followed by Ali making a stop of her own. She isn't paying attention to what's in front of her, though fortunately for now there isn't anything there. As she runs past Ali she asks, "Oh! Are we stopping? Stopping is good too. I'm not good at running…so stopping is probably a good idea!" Like her hooves suddenly stick to the ground, she stops in place. Her body wobbles back and forth like one of those clown toys that pops back up whenever you punch it.

Bolt-Cutter isn't running at all, no too loaded down for that. She's pulling a rather oversized cart behind her. The filly looks as if barely able to muscle the nearly overflowing cart of scrap from her evidently successful salvage operation down by the waterside. Evidently she did get her permits in order to get that wrek all dealt with herself. So, she's going REALLY slow and tugging like mad at this overburdened cart.

Eclipse had built up too much momentum to stop and trips over the faller Quintessent, faceplanting herself and sending her bud of Poison Joke sliding along the ground towards Aliella.

Quintessent-Rune oofs as she winds up with Eclipse sprwaled across her, a hoof weakly reaching up for Aliella and Whirligig. "H-hello, Miss… Aliella," panted Quintessent, "Miss Whirligig… As… as a matter of fact… I am in… the pocess of escaping."

Aliella gasps. "Escaping!? From what? Danger? Where!?" Frantically looking about, her eyes widen at the small, curious bud on the ground in front of her, causing her to squeal and leap at Rune into an embrace. "Hurry, miss Rune, before… um…" Her eyes trail off back towards Eclipse as she points a hoof at the poison joke. "What's that?"

Eclipse groans as she gets off Quintessent and says "That would be Poison Joke. It's pretty isn't it?"

Whirligig lets out a highpitched squeal. Why? DANGER! That's why! "We're in danger!? What's after us? Is it an angry warthog? A mad gopher? Is it…" she gasps, "A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS? I'm too young to die by seagull!" She cowers behind the foal the best she can. Spotting the flower, she snakes around the side of the zebra and sniffs at it. Achoo!

Bolt-Cutter bumps and settles her cart against a building so it doesn't go anywhere. She is dirty and unkept, but looks like some work pony, "Ooh she prances in place, "I /LOVE/ thoes!" the only flower she likes really. The filly practically prances to the pile-o-ponies looking from them to the coveted flower to the other ponies, "I've got salvage papers, I'll be Happy to take that off your hooves!"

Eclipse puts the flower back behind her ear and says "It's alright, I'll take care of it and by that I mean wear it."

"Not so, I belive," groaned Quintessent-Rune as she picked herself upright once more on quivering legs. Ugh, running! Reaching down with a hoof she picked up her blue wide-brimed hat once more and put it on her head. "I ran into a trio of mares most suspicious, I decided to to leave post-haste less they got malicious. And…" The seapony-in-disguise came up short, drawing a deep breath to refil her lungs. "And that… is… what's going on."

Quintessent's hoof scraped the boards for a moment as it dawned upon her just how inapropriate it must have been for her to gallop away like that, under such cirumstances no less! Still, she keeps her embarasment well of her face.

Aliella tilts her head at Eclipse. "Poison Joke? Noooo thank you!" She crosses her hooves as she sits down on her haunches. "Mama told me to never mess with that stuff. Why do you have it, anyway?" As Rune finally answers her question, she puts a hoof to her chin in thought. "Okay. I see. So…" Finally turning to the older mare, she raises an eyebrow. "What?"

Eclipse looks at Aliella and says "I always keep one behing my ear because its beautiful yet dangerous at the same time and that intreges me."



ACHOO! Some of the pollen must have gotten up poor Whirli's nose! She can't stop sneezing!

Bolt-Cutter says "nawwwww, Its not dangerous, its delectible!" she grins boldly, "Any likelihood you're willing to part with that, I can pay"

Quintessent-Rune blinked slightly ang glanced between Eclipse, Bolt-Cutter and Whirligig before looking down at Aliella, still breathing heard. "Poison Joke, what is that…?"

Eclipse looks at Bolt-Cutter and says "Sure, i know a patch where I can get another easily," so she gives the flower to Bolt and turns to Whirli to say "That's the least of your problems, believe me."

Bolt-Cutter practically prances in place and hooves over a whole ten bits for just that one beautiful bud. "Oh Miss Quintessent-Rune Maam, why its the most beautiful flower ever" she floats it in a magical grasp before the seapony, "Its scent is delectible, the aroma devine" she wafts that bit of floral bliss before the older mare with all smiles, "Have your self a good sniff" she mentions politely honestly believing in its magical properties and its 'enjoyments'

Eclipse refuses the ten bits and dissapears and reapears a minute later with another bud behind her ear.

Aliella rolls her eyes, almost fascinated at how much more sense she feels that she has than the other, older ponies. "No, no, no," she says, putting a hoof in Bolt Cutter's direction as she turns up to Rune. "Those who count on herbs for pleasure," she says in a lower, chiding tone, "Will becomes fools, no matter the measures." Pausing for a moment, she blinks and looks around. "Sorry, it's something mama told me."

Whirligig folds her hooves over her nose as she keeps sneezing. It doesn't do anything, however. She runs over to the docks and hangs over the edge, dunking her entire head into the water. A large surge of bubbles comes up followed by nothing. A few seconds later the mare pulls herself back up and waves her hair about to dry it off, "So much better!" The sneezing has stopped.

Eclipse looks at Whirli and says "Sneezing is only the begining I'm afraid. Just you wait until the Poison Joke takes effect."

One of Quintessent's eyebrows arched ever so slightly, questioningly at Aliella. Though with that said, the filly was a zebra; and of all the dirt dwellers, the zebras were the ones to listen too. With a slight nod she turned to Bolt-Cutter. "I belive I shall refrain from partaining upon this Poison Joke which you have so gracieously offered. Merely the name does not invite trust, I must say. Also, that." A hoof game up, wiggling at Eclipse.

Then Quintessent fell silent, ears perking up through the holes cut for them in the hat at the sound of hooves on the boradwalk. After a moment they dropped as she glanced at the others. "Pray tell… are there a trio of mares standing behind me at this very moment? A pair of unicorns and a pegasi, about in their seventies?"

"Sixties, dear."

"Right, in their sixties," Quintessent corrected herself.

Eclipse nods at Quintessent.

Bolt-Cutter meh's and shrugs, "Oh well, I love this stuff, It mixes into this wonderful tea" she churrs out, "Then ya Ferment that!" she giggles to herself and bobs her head, "Oooh Miss," she looks to Eclipse, "Where do you find these, I, I'd love to collect some more of em, ya know for their uhh, medicinal properties" she nodnod's and grins

Eclipse looks at Bolt and says "Sorry I can't tell. I have a deal with the Everfree that allows me to pick them."

Aliella looks behind Rune, her hoof pointing out the features of the three mares behind the disguised seapony. "Mhmm… mhmm… mhmm… Excuse me, ma'ams," she says, trotting up to the trio. "Miss Rune over here thinks you're following her. I can understand if you just want to talk to her, but if you want to hurt her, you should say so. That way we'll have time to run."

Whirligig circles around behind Rune, peering rather closely at the older mares curiously. She leans up next to one of them "You…aren't going to attack her with a flock of seagulls…are you? That would be awefully mean of you! I mean…why would anypony do that?" She plops down onto her rump and puts a hoof on her chin in thought. "Hrm…why /would/ somepony attack another pony with seagulls? That's a good question…" she comments to herself.

Eclipse disapears and reapears, a bunch of poison joke in hoof. "If you want to hurt Miss Rune then you'll have to deal with me," she says to the trio behind Quintessent.

"Oh heavens no, we were just curious," said the first.

"We saw her needlework you see," said the second.

"Yes, her needlework," said the third.

"It's not often we see a earthpony that is that good with thread and needle you see."

"In fact, it's not often we see ponies good with thread and needle in the Harbour most of the time."

"Yes, most of the time."

Quintessent-Rune blinked slightly ang glanced at the others. "Is that… so? Then pay tell, why were you chasing after me?"

"Well, we had been considering hiring on new hooves you see, dearie."

"Quite so, though most applications we have have been rough and tumble sailors only experinced in sail patching."

"Yes, rough an' tubmle," cackeled the third, a grin on her muzzle. The other two - and Rune - stared at her.

"Well," said the first with a cough, "so when we saw you, dearie, we were thinking…"

"…that we might be wanting to see if we could hire you on."

"…hehe… Wait, wha'?" said the third, blinking at the two others.

Bolt-Cutter does that same trick that Eclipse was doing and shoves that pretty blue flower behind her ear, and goes to check out the disturbance. 'old ladies?' really?!

Aliella giggles at the three older mares. "See, miss Rune? They think you're good at sewin'." She makes her way back to the seapony's side with a grin. "Hey, did you sew that chainmail all by yourself? I'll believe it. It must'a been hard. How do you thread a chain?"

Eclipse hoofs Bolt the bunch of flowers and says "Here. Happy unbirthday."

Whirligig looks at that third mare with wide, shocked eyes. "I KNEW IT!" she squeals, "I TOLD YOU! SHE'S GOING TO ATTACK YOU WITH SEAGULLS! RUN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!" Coincidentally, a seagull flies over head and swoops down to scavenge for possible scraps. Whirli waggles her arms madly at it but it's constitution is strong.


Bolt-Cutter happily takes that Blue flower into her magic and prances all happily like to her cart where she can safely stash the whole bundle for later, Ooh she knows just the pony to give them to in a nice boquet of other flowers…

"Um… I see..?" said Quintessent-Rune, looking a bit confused for a few moments and glancing down on Aliella before shaking her head and re-establishing her always polite mask. "So… you are offering me a chance of employment? I must say, I intruiged by the prospect. May I perhaps reconviene with you, ma'am, at a later ocation to discuss this further?"

"Of course, dearie. Here, our card. Drop by some time later and we'll talk.." The mare levitated over a calling card, tucking it behind Quintessent's ear before turning and walking off, the other two following her.

Quintessent for her part gave them a polite nod. "Of course, good day, ma'am." She said, otherwise standing stock still.


Another seagull shows up, as seagulls tend to do in hopes that where there's other seagulls, there's more food. They both peck at the ground for a while. Whirli waves her arms at them, head turned to the side with her eyes closed like she's about to get attacked, "AWAY, SEA BEASTS!" she cries at them. They both stare at her but fail to fly off.


Eclipse sneaks up behind the unsuspecting gulls and screams "BOO!!!"

Bolt-Cutter hm's, "I can get rid of em if ya want" she announces, as she starts to levitate various parts from her cart. big hunking pieces of metal and debris, "Ehhh Batter batter batter!" she churrs out with a laugh, Oh gosh she intends to play baseball with the burds!

Quintessent-Rune blinked down at the card in her hoof before tucking it away in her scarf and turning about… only to come face-to-face with the insanity. "What pray tell, are you doing? The lot of you, that is."

The gulls hop into the air and spread their wings as Eclipse sneaks up behind them. This only lasts for a fews seconds until they land even closer to the seapony in disguise. She waggles her front legs at them even more with a squeal, "I told you! They're attacking!" The mare might be on to something…


A third bird joins the herd.

Eclipse blows up a balloon and bursts it behind the seagull and its cohorts.

The gulls turn around after cawwing angrily at Eclipse. Two more come in and land, the gulls starting to surround poor Whirligig. She lets out a squeal, "WHY SEAGULLS? WHY?" and huffs a few times, "I told you they would attack us, but you didn't listen to me. I don't have to say "I told you so" because I ALREADY TOLD YOU SO!" The seamare stomps a hoof, "And now…I have to deal with all these birds!"

Eclipse gulps before she is attacked by five angry seagulls which peck at her furiously.