Scarlet Clues
IC date: Autumn 81
OOC date: December 9
Location: Dream-Daze's Bedroom
PCs: Dream-Daze Ruby-Blossom

Ruby-Blossom has been justifiably unsettled regarding Dream-Daze following her last encounter with the filly; Dream-Daze doesn't speak, and her reflection doesn't move independently of her physical self: This much Ruby is sure of. What the issue is, or how to help; that's well beyond Ruby.

Late on this early Winter night, the dashing rogue Scarlett O'Mare finds herself carefully jimmying the window to a residence in the Harbor, sneakily pushing her way into the bedroom of the sleeping Dream-Daze. She's got an idea, albeit a not very good one, but it's her only idea; after all: outing the imposter would tip her hoof and let the imposter know Ruby is onto her.

Sneaking into a little filly's bedroom. For shame… But maybe there's a reason for it! It's a good thing Dreamy still sleeps! For that matter she seems to be a pretty heavy sleeper anyway, practically snoring away in her little pink-and-purple 'princessy' bed. It's late enough that she's gone from 'tucked in' to 'sprawled in a mass of sheets'.

The rest of the room? It's fairly well clean, only a couple piles of 'stuff' here and there. Toys. Dolls? Yep. Clothes? Of course! A dresser nearby has a picture of Dreamy's family. A little 'makeup' station lurks against one of the walls. Practically unused, that thing. Maybe even the dustiest piece of furniture there. And two bookshelves! One with books! Lots of books. For a filly, anyway. The other has a veritable plethora of music boxes! Many shapes, sizes, and designs, for many occasions…

Sneaking through Canterlot, through the Castle, through mansions; none of these rival sneaking through a little filly's bedroom. However, soon enough Ruby is settled near the edge of Dream-Daze's bed where she pulls out a sizeable styling mirror and slowly positions it until she can see a clear reflection of Dream-Daze. She stares at the reflect to see if there are any discernable differences.

Dreamy snoozes peacefully… Sprawled, almost drooling now, snoring, the absolute picture of 'sleeping like a filly'.

Her reflection doesn't seem to restful. Or sleeping. She's in the same pose, but her eyes are open, staring at the ceiling. She looks thoughtful, if nothing else.

Scarlett O'Mare gently taps on the mirror with the hope that it will be akin to tapping on a window pane for the filly who lies restless on the otherside of the mirror. Ruby's expression is mixed with hopeful concern, she'd very much like to let Dream-Daze know she's aware, and maybe even walk away with a clue.

*tink tink*

A filly's ear perks up. The one on the bed, and the one in the mirror. They both turn towards the noise, but only one still has her eyes open, blinking 'out' at the world? Blink. Blink. Wide eyes get wider! Recognition!

Ruby-Blossom presses a hoof to her muzzle in a 'shoosh' gesture, lowering it to reveal a grin - after all she doesn't have to worry about /her/ Dreamy make a sounding. The grin melts into a concerned little smile, a smile that's forced as she tries to show Dreamy that she's both here, and intent on making things right.

Dreamy's ears twitch a couple times in the reflection. She blinks twice too, then manages to make a smile back! Smiling reflection-Dreamy!

The sleeping Dreamy makes a snort in her snoring. Something disturbing her? It only lasts a moment though, then settles back into easy resting again.

Save for that tap on the glass, Ruby is exceedingly quiet; none the less she keeps a weary eye on the sleeping 'imposter'. Holding the mirror steady with one hoof, she uses the other motion towards sleeping Dream-Daze before giving the one in the mirror a questioning gaze, trying to communicate silently; which likely works better for the mare in the mare.

The mare in the mirror looks…confused at first. What? Why is she sleeping? But not sleeping? Is she insane? There's a moment of blinking as the mirror-Dreamy manages to shrug her shoulders. Which makes the sleeping Dreamy shrug too! It's still Dreamy. Somehow.

Ruby-Blossom scrunches her nose, all sorts of confused and concerned. She motions towards the sleeping mare then pretends to talk before motioning towards the sleeping mare again, then another questioning look towards the mirror. She's trying! She can't help but feel frustrated…to say the least.

It's admittedly a very frustrated thing on both sides of the mirror! But there appears to be some effort being made. The sleeping filly snorts. And then moves. She's…sitting up? Her head hangs, still apparently asleep, but she's now sitting up! One foreleg is lifted. Then the other. Held open wide. The filly in the mirror, in the same pose, looks much happier with the results of her experiment! She's smiling~

Ruby-Blossom oh so very gently gives the raised filly a gentl nuzzle on the cheek before glancing back at the mirror. She watches attentively while struggling to stay silent; after all she's so used to doing all the talking when Dream-Daze is around - and to Ruby that is holding a conversation with Dream-Daze.

The nuzzle is met with a groggy murmur from the sleeping filly. She doesn't quite wake up! In fact, she seems to…suddenly throw those lazy, droopy forelegs around the mare in a hug! Awww, hug. But now Ruby has a drooly Dreamy face to deal with, while her counterpart in the mirror giggles silently. And then directs one of the sleeping filly's legs to point…at the dresser.

Ruby-Blossom gingerly dismantles herself from the drooly droopy Dreamy hug, and tip-hooves her way to the dresser. She examines the dresser for anything of signifigance, attentively looking it over.

The dresser doesn't seem all that special. It's a wooden dresser, with a little picture of Dreamy's family, and a small pile of musicboxes. One of which is glowing a very subtle night-light shade of green.

Well, naturally. Ruby carefully examines the glowing music box while pondering - wasn't Dreamy gifted one of these recently? She tries to recall while gently picking up the box and craddling it in her hooves.

It's a small, tarnished, silvery music box. There's no lock on it. Just a simple cube, really, with the most minimal of 'decoration' around the edges. The green glow seems to come from the seam in the box where it opens.
Ruby-Blossom hurries back to the mirror and repositions it, all without opening the music box. She glances towards the mirror Dreamy and then nods towards the music box. She presses her hooves together and makes an opening motion, then she makes a pocketing motion. Which should she do?

Two motions! Dreamy fuzzes her brow. Ultimately she makes the pocketing motion. …In fact, the sleeping filly's hooves reach for the music box, pick it up, and give it to Ruby! Just like that! Take it!

Ruby-Blossom gives the sleeping Dreamy a gentle nuzzle before taking the music box. She nods firmly and offers Dreamy one last smile before mouthing the words 'I'll fix things." intent on doing her best to help the little foal. She promptly pockets the music box then glances towards mirror Dreamy for approval to take the mirror away.

The mirror-Dreamy (and the sleeping one by default) both nod and make a motion to urge the master thief on. Perhaps quick is good, because the sleeping filly seems to be catching on that she's not sleeping so restfully, those snorty snoring sounds getting interrupted by a lazy "Whuzzza…?"

Swiftly, fleet-footed; yes Ruby rushes to the window, pushes it open and slips out in a fluid motion where she grasps the window and pulls it shut while swinging out and up onto the roof. SHe's kinda graceful when she's not busy being goofy. Without hesitation she trots back to the Main Affair and slips inside, mirror and prize stowed securely in her saddle bag. "I don't know what's going on." she huffs "But I'll find out." pulling out the music box to look it over curiously.

It's still a silver, simple music box. It doesn't look that special. But it does seem to be glowing on the inside, so perhaps that's special enough?
Ruby-Blossom sets the Music Box down on the table in the counter in the kitchen and proceeds to just stare at it, look at her stare. "Ugh. I hate magic." she emphasizes before gently lifting the lid with the very tip of her hoof.

The lid is a little stubborn. It takes a little effort to pop it up on the hinge. They're just a little rusty! But when opened, inside the box is a little shiny pony figurine, made out of crystal. It almost seems to glow with a faint inner light, a sort of pulsing green light. A magical musicbox! It doesn't require any winding, it just plays with the lid open, the pedestal the figurine is standing on spinning from some unseen device. The tune it plays is mellow, like a lullabye.

Funnily enough, the dancing pony figuring looks an awful lot like Dream-Daze.

Stare! Ruby red eyes fixate on the little figure as it spins about, and the music teases her ears; she stares oh so intently to burn the image and notes into her mind. If there is anything special about this, she'll figure it out! "…" she probably won't, cause magic, ugh. She rubs her eyes with the back of her hoof, maybe this is the kind of thing that should wait until morning.

It doesn't seem to be doing much else. Certainly nothing sinister. It seems like a very normal musicbox. Just…with an eerie green glow and little miniature dancing version of a pony who seems to be trapped in a mirror.

Perfectly normal!