Salvage Rising
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The birds are twittering, and singing their songs, the sky is blue and unclouded completely, there's a bit of a breeze but not bothering so, and there's the sound of industry here in HorseShoe Harbor. And then there's junk, old scraps of ships, strewn debris that was collected by some industrious pony after the fall of the spire, and the mess left to the beaches around here. Old shipping parts and wrecks were dredged up from that wild event and somepony has to capitalize on it! There's profit to be had after-all, all that scrap metal recycled even. Anchors, horns, railings, even kitchen sinks are there, all being scrapped out, but right now, just this very minute there's an old safe laying on its side and somepony is working on it.
Bolt-Cutter is applied with seaweed and grime from having heaved this from some wreck, and is working on cracking it, with a twist here, a twist there, and some intense magical focus, she's really working hard at opening it! Hers, no, but its a challenge, and thats all that matters!.

Nothing appears to go on around the busy unicorn as far as she can tell, until a hoof is tapping against her shoulder. "'scuse me, hun," she says in a soft, smooth voice, "I been watchin' ya, and you've been at it for quite a while. Have you, um…" Whisper Wind taps her front hooves together anxiously before continuing, "Have you considered a different order of rotation? That might, uh…" A forced grin shows her discomfort with the stranger, but also some hopes for camaraderie. "That might do the trick."

Indeed, there's a lot to find out by the ocean. Like more than one seaweed covered pony. Of course, Quintessent-Rune is covered by a completely different quality of seaweed, the kind of quality that can be turned into cloth and fabric by anypony with the know how. Quintessent would have liked to grumble, though unfortunately ladies do not grumble. They whine, though they shouldn't do even that. So she didn't. With another fretful glance sea-wards she leaned forward, pushing the seaweed further into the basket next to her. Satisfied with her load the seapony-not-in-disguise reached up to her neck, undoing the clasp of her phylactery before slipping it into her scarf, shivering at the sensation of her polymorphing, once more, into legs. She hated that feeling.

With a shake of her head Quintessent-Rune got up, if a bit shakily. "Servant!" she called, taking a few steps forward and around the chunk of wreckage she'd used to shield herself from view. "Servant, where are you? I require you to… Oh, hello." The seapony blinked at the sight of Bolt-Cutter, just a little bit away, suddenly feeling more than a little self-conscious over having appeared out of nowhere. At least to nopony that knew she'd swim in. Not that it showed on her expression, which was still affixed by her detachedly polite smile.

"Do you have a salvage permit?" A voice seems to come out of the shadows them selves, and perhaps not all together incorrect as the shadowbolt captain walks out of the shadows of a skeletal ship. The large mare peers down at the grimy safe and the little filly trying to crack it. The assassin turned sheriff glances about to all the scrap laying about."Rune. Its nice to see you again. You seem wet, where you going for a swim?" her eyes are as always hidden behind her goggles and her voice is level and unreadable as it tends to be when ponies don't have her ranging angry.

Bolt-Cutter looks a little startled by the suggestions, "Ey, tried the other way too, aright" she snerks a little sounding a little snippy but none the worse for wear, "If I wanted to really try n get in, I'd crack my torch and go from there, or use brute force and rip da' thing to shreds, but, I'm tryin' the dainty Approach first" she kinda jerks back a little , "Hey, where'd you come from, I've claimed this wreck fer' Salvage, keep yer hooves to yourself!" she snorts as she looks to Rune before she then is right startled as she bolts upright, looking around, "Permit wait, what, I don't need no permit, I was here first, so its MINE" she lights up her horn and the ship groans and creaks, not like she's lifting it or anything. but just to threaten openly, "Iffn ya want to pay me for it, I'lll be more dan' happy to sell it to ya though"

Whisper-Wind steps back and whimpers a bit as the other Pegasus interrogates the young filly. "Oh, c'mon, she's been at it for an awful long time. I just wanted'a see what was inside. Can't he keep it?" As she turns to Twist to address her, she suddenly notices the earth pony near the group. "Gosh," she says in some awe, "Do all ponies dress all fancy 'round here?"

"Pardon us for not prancing about naked." Twist says dryly and rolling her eyes. Well you assume she is rolling her eyes the way her head bobs back, those dang goggles make it hard. "If I could all ponies would be waking about in something." giving a nod to Rune. "That is a pony that knows how to dress. Now you all know we are not Pirates here in Horseshoe Harbor. Only pirates steal, the rest of us go to town and make a claim to salvage and get the right paperwork before we crack safes and break things down for parts." the large pegasi takes a step closer and eyes cutter through those large yellow flight goggles. "I will watch your junk, go get your red tape." ignoring the pleas of skipping such things as paperwork and doing things right.

Quintessent-Rune glances down at her scarf, then up at the bow in her hair. "I do not believe so, only some of us do wear some form of clothing upon occasions." With that said she stepped forward, glancing down at Bolt-Cutter. "And I suppose that while the contents of said safe could be of interest, I do not think it will be of any use to me." Quintessent came to a stop, giving Twist a nod. "Good day, Miss Twist. Have you, perchance, seen Servant about?"

Bolt-Cutter makes some incoherent noises under her breath, pounds a hoof into the safe for a nice warm echo noise that reverberates throughout the wreck. "Steal, no, Salvage yes" she nodnod's then snorts some and walks right up to Plot-Twist and looks up, the filly can't help but look up, she's barely outside of foal range really "Ain't stealin' whats already thrown away" she pokes her horn right at the pegasus' face, "Now keep yer snoot out o' my business, as its My junk" she sneers at the bigger pony and hrumphs a little, she places a greasy hoof right on the chest of Twist, "now Git outta here, n' leave ponies alone" she pushes a little to drive the point home, not that it would either hurt nor really do much against her, just a gentle push/reminder to get!

Well fine, YOU may not be a pirate, Plot Twist, but that's just you. Rising Chaos, in fact, IS a pirate, and she's coming down to the beach. She's wearing a cape, so isn't as bare as most ponies, so that's cool, right? She walks down the beach, seemingly intent on going right past the group. The salvage gets a curious glance. "Hello, Plot Twist, Miss Rune, ponies. What's going on?"
Apparently this is all so normal to her, she doesn't even seem to be that interested, just being polite.

Twist smiles at Rune and shakes her head. "No I don't think so. I think I would remember an animate toy flopping about." With a quick flutter of her wings she hops up onto the safe and perches there setting down so she can loom over every pony as she is meant to do. The horn to her face doesn't seem to bug her as much as a potential source of fire or lasers should bother a pony. Captain Rains on Parades pushes the hoof off her uniform and leans in. "This place has Rules and Laws. Now I can toss you into that grimy mess Salty called a jail forgetting about your junk and safe or you can march you little butt into town and fill out the right paperwork like a good little filly." the scared twisted face is scowling and it is made all the more impressionable by the horrid scar pulling the left side of her mouth at a weird angel. Setting straight again on her perch she glances at Rising. "Hello Rising." teeth grinding Solar apparently is teaching her this polite thing as well.

Whisper-Wind takes another step back as Rising approaches, looking back at herself in discomfort for being one of the only unclothed ponies present. Not only that, but the apparent present of law enforcement and nobility has her fairly overwhelmed since she's new to the town. "Listen, sweetie," she says as she puts a hoof on Bolt's shoulder. "I can run 'n get your papers. You just keep doing what you're doing." The mare looks up to Twist and gulps, her eyes seeming to shrink. "That would be okay, right?"

Bolt-Cutter stomps her hooves, "Now I staked my claim!" she shouts, and pouts a little, "N'd If I leave you'll claim it, so, I'm Not leaving till I'm done!" she shouts at the pegasus, "ya ain't gettin' it cause I was here first so go fly away little birdy!" she shouts, "YOu just want this for yourself, well ya ain't gettin!" she shouts all sounding ticked off a bit. She looks around and spys her bag which is already stuffed with trinkets from the wreck, but also a heavy wrecking bar which she floats out in front of her and all manner of fine metal rods which she sets into the safe's key-lock at all sorts of weird angles pretty much ignoring Plot-Twist altogether then pauses, slipping back a little, "Oh?" she looks to Whisper-Wind and hmm's pondering the consequences of that,, "What sort of cut are ya wanting to take?" she asks of her curiously.

Quintessent-Rune raised an eyebrow slightly at the trio of mares (well, a pair of mares, and a filly) before her. Turning slightly she looked over at Rising-Chaos - and Servants who floats around behind her. "Miss Chaos, nice to meet you. Though perhaps it could have been under better circumstances rather than in the middle of a rather loud shouting match between Miss Twist and, well… a filly."

"Do I look like a salvage pony? I'm the bloody sheriff!" Twist stomps back making a loud CLANG off the safe a bit of anger entering her voice. She snorts and her short tail flicks angrily as she stomps. Turning she glares at Rune. "If you don't teach them young the next thing you know they are swinging off the rafters with rapier stealing ships. I cite half the town as an example." rubbing her temple with a hoof she gives a nod to the other ponies. "Yes that is fine, friends help friends in need. "

Rising-Chaos nods a smiles politely to Twist. Because Rising has no ill will here, she has no problem with the grouch. "Well how very interesting, perhaps I can be of use here? I am somewhat familiar with the laws in this town. Where did you get the salvage?" Helping! "I'll be of any assistance I can, Plot Twist." Also, Rune gets a nod. "A pleasure as always, miss Rune. I find it's best to make our own circumstances, we'll see what happens."

Bolt-Cutter looks between the various assembled ponies making little grumbling noises under her breath, she's getting a little skittish and starting to feel a little 'ganged up upon' with all these adults preaching about their rules and all that rubbish. She looks to Rising-Chaos, "This Salvage washed up on shore after that big storm that nearly wiped out the town!" she addresses to Rising-Chaos. "I'm claiming salvage rights, and have been working here on it, now, that, that" she spits, "That Pegasus wants to steal my salvage claim, and, and, and go fill out paperwork at City Haul, but if I do that she'll steal it!" she pouts pleadingly to the fellow unicorn. while she GLARES at twist addressing her again, "You're not my Mother!"

Quintessent-Rune takes a startled step back as Twist rounds on her, though none of it makes it's way to her expression. Her eyes dart over to the floating plushy that approaches anyways, drawing ever so much comfort at the sight of it. And it's ability to punch through a concrete wall, should the need arise. "Perhaps, Miss Twist, though I do believe that is the task of the filly's parents. Now, Servant," Quintessent turned towards the floating pony, motioning behind the wreckage, "I do have a bag of seaweed, I need you to bring it back to the mansion for me."

"Alright Rising. You think you got this /fine/." wings flap as she hops off the box. "You teach the kid some thing about salvage right. Not like any pony listens to ME." Twist stomps off in frustration. "Pirates .." she mumbles and grumbles.

Rising-Chaos nods to Twist as she goes. Twist got mad, Rising gets serious. "I it washed up on the beach, it is on Horseshoe Harbor property. If you had found it on, say, the floor of the bay, then I may be able to help you." Her neutral expression scans the salvage, and Bolt Cutter, calculating their worth. "There is a process to claiming salvage rights, and it is important. There is paperwork to fill out, and no cut will be taken from your profits." She takes a few steps closer, changing dramatically. She goes from 'curious and neutral passer by' to 'government official who has something better to do and doesn't like you' in moments. "Twist is the sheriff, the keeper of the law here. Her offer was honest, of that I have no doubt. I welcome you to claim salvage rights, you just need to follow the process. Or you can lose all of it. The law is important, and covers all ponies." Once again, she leans in real close. "Twist may not be your mother, neither am I. But if you do not listen to me, you'll find out that the only thing that means is that I don't have to go easy on you." Indignant foals are the worst kind.
Isn't she just a peach?

Quintessent-Rune stood silently by, looking at Rising and Cutter.It wasn't her problem, and Rising Chaos could handle herself. And she know the dirt pony laws too, apparently. The blue mare idly glanced behind herself in the direction of the wreck, just in time to see Servant float around it, dragging the laden basket of seaweed.

Bolt-Cutter can't really step back, or she totally would as Rising makes that approach of hers she gets downright fidgety at the closeness of the adult unicorn. Her eyes get a bit wider as she presses in giving her a bit of concern, even though her voice doesn't necessarily reveal that. "The moment I go away, everypony will pounce on this, I'm not letting up, not giving up" she snorts "anyway, I don't got the bits to bribe anypony in any office with any paperwork or nothing, I get this thing open, then I'll have bits and I'll be set" she so then I can bribe somepony to like whatever they do" she swears under her breath, "How much are you looking for anyway?" she grumbles seeing ponies already trying to chip away at her hard work.

Rising-Chaos frowns, moving away. "I'm not looking for any money. the paper works free to fill out at town hall. You won't need to bribe anypony. I would suggest you go soon, or else I WILL be forced to confiscate this salvage, and I don't want to." She really doesn't, not worth her time. "I will give you the same offer Twist did, you go get your forms filled out, I will protect this. I have no motivation to take this, nor am I capable of opening or moving it. If you make one more move to open it, or take anything, I will be forced to stop you."

That little matter resolved, or at least in her mind. She walks a couple paces away to very clearly say 'figure it out, I'm talking to the cool kids'. "So, miss Rune, what brings you out here on such a fine day?" She's back to grinning, friend!

Quintessent-Rune glanced at the basket of seaweed as Servant pulled it past, leaving a furrow in the sound. Somehow the golem managed to look strained; the same golem who lacks any form of facial expressions and can wrestle golems several times it's size, twice over… when not being able to fly. "I was just procuring a few items I would require in the future. I only need to see if I can find a weaver who know how to produce, or at least reproduce something approximate, to seapony weave. Those would be the materials for it."

Bolt-Cutter just sits down gathering all her tools in her magic grip, shoving them into her saddlebag-jacket thing, pulling her cap down to shade her eyes again, "I don't know who you 'think' you are, but you can't go around bossing everypony around, like you own the place." she grumbles under her breath. There's already stuff she's 'claimed' in her saddle bags, you saw that much earlier, but she has disregarded that. "Fine, you're going to be like that, thats just fine, just shove the 'service' I was doing for this town, cleaning up the harbor as it were, oh, no just keep this wreck here on your beautiful harbor, yet another Stain of ugliness, here" She snorts, "well besides some of the residents that is" she shakes her head grabbing whatever she can readily pocket, hers or otherwise and starts to trot around to see just who the heck you are talking to.

Rising-Chaos hear Bolt Cutter little tirade and rolls her eyes. "Please yourself, I was only trying to help. Since I am a civil servant, I was only informing you of the laws and processes, it's not even a lot of paperwork." She even turns a blind eye to the small acts of thievery, because she isn't unreasonable. Rune gets a much warmer look, and a helpless 'kids, can't stand em' shrug. "I think I may know a pony who could possibly help out, goes by Daisychain. Want me to send her around to your place? Also, is Servant being… Silly, again?"

Quintessent-Rune shook her head at Cutter and Rising. Re-beautifying the harbor, as a service? Quintessent swept her golden gaze around. She doubt that'd help, the Harbor wasn't pretty to begin with. Though it did have a -few- details that made the little dirt pony town stand out and even compared to the magnificent architecture and artifice erected by her own breed. Maybe. Turning slightly she eyed Servant for a moment. "I am not certain, Miss Chaos. Either it is, or it must have bust another seam and disrupted the spell matrice somehow."

Bolt-Cutter is just scowling at Chaos, my my if looks could kill poor chaos would be a victim right now! The young unicorn filly still has her horn light up faintly while she slowly starts to leave, all while keeping one eye on that 'treasure' and a crowbar thats slowly prissing into the door, amazingly not making a sound, she's just going to walk around, until she can get something to work. She's testing her long range magic right now, really straining as she finally gets outside of the ship, out into the light, and away from their eyes. She stands just by the door, working through her minds eye at hacking into that safe.. "I'll show them!" she sneers to herself.

Rising-Chaos, as it turns out, isn't a fool. Bolt Cutter would find her spell cancelled and the crowbar sitting beside Rising Chaos if she so chooses to come back in. The older, wiser and FAR more sensitive unicorn mare did it without even looking. You'll be showing NOPONY. "That would be unfortunate, I hope it's alright. I know Glyph has been acting increasingly erratic.I think he may be missing Servant, and you as well." Much as she hates to admit it, that stupid lizard is almost like a pet to her.

Quintessent-Rune nodded slightly, putting a hoof to her muzzle. "Perhaps, though I've found that golems with a level of intelligence beyond simple motor skills have a tendency to become," Quintessent said softly, pausing as Rising brought the crowbar over without looking, "a tad bit eccentric after some time. I do believe there's some form of magical residue building up within their cogitative cores; a form of ghost within the golem, I suppose?"

Bolt-Cutter trots back in "I forgot my" she gulps and stares, "Yeah that" she mentions meekly as she stares, between the two mares. She is beside herself, she didn't even feel it get snatched from under her magic, she just stammers, "h How, How did you do that?!" she practically squeaks

Rising-Chaos considers this for a moment, floating the crowbar back to Bolt Cutter when she returns. "I suppose it's possible, what Glyph is developing seems to be some kind of personality. A golem capable of initiave and independent action… There's no reason it couldn't form some kind of pseudo-sentience." She idly bring out a notebook and starts going away with notes. "Oh, and you tried to be clever, I am just more clever. You made the mistake of trying to be clever using magic, around me. Magic is something of a specialty of mine. No hard feelings."

Quintessent-Rune nodded once more. "Indeed, Servant was hardly as… independent or headstrong when I first made it, it grew quite a bit more so as they years went on. I was never quite sure if it was due to me expanding it's cognitive matrice or the 'ghost in the golem' effect. I suppose we shall have to observe the possibility further." That said, Quintessent turned to regard Bolt-Cutter. "Perhaps you would do well with taking Miss Chaos' suggestion, she is knowledgable in a lot of things and as she said, magic is her speciality - magic and salvage rarely goes hand in hand, so I would not be worried about any attempted theft on her part."

Bolt-Cutter kinda takes that crowbar back into her possession, she is practically cowering right now, before she looked all brash and like she could conquer anything, now, not so much. She really did think herself 'all that' and just got shown her place pretty much. The crowbar slips back into her saddlebags and the fabric pretty much envelops it hiding it from view more or less, though kinda perks at Rune's statement of 'magic and salvage not going hoof in hoof' "You're not a unicorn, magic goes just fine with salvage, you'd be amazed how easy it is to open some locks all using just magic, its a breeze, hardly a challenge" she states sounding a little braver, "This safe was challenging cause there's the tumbler lock and the combination, and I was really having fun with this game too" she pouts some sounding really quite defeated.

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "Tell you what, if you're going to be this obstinate, tell em your name and I'll fill out the forms for you myself when I get back to town hall. The only thing I require is for you to come show me EVERYTHING you get from here, and give me the EXACT values that you sell them for. I'll take care of everything else, understood?"

Jeez, whiny kids are annoying. Rune's idea that golems could gain sentience though… "That would be prudent, I feel. Observation and some testing, so we, I mean, you, can learn to either control or monitor the effects. Or even avoid them if necessary." Maybe if she learnt more, she could stop Glyph from being such a little pest. "What a wonderful idea, miss Rune, that solves many problems."

Quintessent-Rune gave Bolt-Cutter a level gaze. "I meant in the sense of a magic talent unicorn in general having little interest in safe cracking. And I do believe I know more about magic than you do, miss. I might not have a horn, but magic is a speciality of mine as well; artifice to be more specific."

Bolt-Cutter is seriously outgunned here and has been put in her place, but that offer from Rising-Chaos gives her hope, she gulps but nods, "Y Yess Maam, I'll do that, The paperwork would be filed under, uhh, Bolt-Cutter" she offers politely enough while still somewhat cowering before the two, she feels so outclassed all around, and pretty much shows her defeat in body language and in her ear-position and jaw set. She looks back to Rising-Chaos, "I'll log everything I sell, and show you everything that I remove from the debris" she states some not once looking back up as she knows she's beat.

Rising-Chaos makes an imposing figure, with Rune there. Two learned, magical ponies, who are just very calm, about everything. certainty can be intimidating. "Very well, thank you for your co-operation. I'll make sure you take home a few extra salvage forms as well, so you can fill them out as needed. It's just one form, only requires one signature. Enjoy your spoils Bolt Cutter, I'm Rising Chaos, government official and first mate of the Vanity." She turns a grin on Rune, whereas Bolt only ever got a neutral look. "Well, it's an interesting exercise, but I prefer to make locks, not break them. The new one on my lab, for instance, magically keyed to mine, yours, and Spindrifts magical signatures, otherwise locked tight and no key in the world could open it."

A look crossed over Quintessent's face, or more like several feet under it - only somepony truly familiar with her would ever notice it. It's rather a bit off a 'that's the nicest somepony have ever said' kind of look. "Truly, Miss Chaos? You trust me with access to your laboratory like so? I am… flattered."

Bolt-Cutter nods a little, still pretty cowered looking to these two mares with 'so much more power' she murmurs a soft, "Thank You Maam" she errrs a little, "I'll err, take more forms I guess, err, I'll just hold on to em for later on I guess" the filly doesn't mention anything about taking anything 'home' though, thats a sticky subject, more so than her hooves already are so. "Miss Rising Chaos Maam" she gulps a little, "I don't break the locks that I uhh get into, I open them without breaking them and I /have/ gotten past other unicorn magic based locks in the past, My Mom and Dad both taught me how to get around such things" she offers very softly, and adds even more softly "I'd love a lock that would actually challenge me" perhaps she's hinting at the lock to your lab or something. The filly somewhat 'curtsies' and turns to trot off towards City-Hall and getting that started.

Rising-Chaos suppresses a look of surprise. "Why, of course miss Rune. you've more than earned it. Besides, I trust you completely, if anything, you deserve the lab more." Rune is quite a bit more experienced, and Rising suspects, smarter, than the unicorn. Not that this eman Rising is in any way inferior, just not there yet. "I should be going then, work to do. I suppose I won't get my time for reflection today after all." Not seeming too bothered by it, she gets up and ready to go. "Pleasure seeing you aagin, Rune." She soon follows Bolt Cutter out.

She makes sure to walk just fast enough to pass the filly. "You may have opened a few locks here and there. You've never seen anything like I can make, maybe I'll give you an easy one some time, if you're nice."

The corner of Quintessent-Rune's mouth quirked upward ever so slightly as she nodded at Rising… and Bolt-Cutter. "Of course, good day to you. I have a basket of seaweed to tend too, and a weaver to find."