Sailors Fighting in the Dance Hall
IC date: Autumn 39, 1007 AC
OOC date: October 28, 2012
PCs: Brume, Carronade, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Seaside-Sunset, Spindrift, Thunnini
GM: None

Queen-Pegasus' ship - The Vanity; has been docked for repairs since the night of Salty's return - much to Queen's agitation, which in turn means she's been a big pain in the flank for her crew and the Harbor in general. Harassment and abuse appear to be the mare's primary means of entertainment as she's taken to picking on the local populous something every pony present can attest to.

The pink mare lounges lazily on deck under a pair of stud-muffin unicorn-powered heatlamps the poor dears look utterly exhausted as they struggle through their shirt; the majority of the crew still hard at work salvaging building materials which have been in increasingly short supply given the big boom that blew a hole in the town. She casts a lazy glance towards Rising. Find anything interesting in those books of yours? Perhaps you've simply a copy of PlayMare hidden behind that fancy cover, hmm?

Meanwhile on shore small teams of handsome pretty boy pirates scourge and salvage sometimes just pulling planks of wood off buildings, or the boardwalk; a trio of Queen's pirates trotting by with a cart full of 'salvaged' supplies one wearing a rather pretty, shiny and out of place necklace - a jeweled half-heart with flames on the side decorating the rather pretty piece. Like I was saying a real steal, if you know what I mean. he boasts while trotting down the pier.

Further down the boardwalk, the door to a tavern opens and out slips two tall, slender, cloaked figures. Spindrift and Brume are easily recognized by anybody who have seen them before, and continue to stand out a bit amidst the locals on account of their somewhat outlandish attire and their tendency to lurk on the fringes of crowds with their hoods drawn up. Spindrift has hers up right now, fact! Brume does not. He's smiling brightly and taking a moment to adjust a pouch tied to the bundled instrument at his side. The two exchange some words and begin to wander down the boardwalk- in the direction of Queenie's ship, and its attendant plague of scalawags, though they are not heading deliberately for it.

Beneath the docks, a certain seafilly is keeping a low profile. Thunnini doesn't trust Queenie or her band of pirates, and thus she's keeping a careful watch on the activity on the ship… no matter how much she'd rather be skimming across the tops of the waves.

CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP. The unusually loud hoofbeats upon the boardwalks can only belong to Carronade and his weird capacity for being volumeous regardless what he's doing. The burly stallion has a pair of saddlebags draped over his back, that are stuffed to near spilling over with… fireworks, by the looks of the fuses and points that can be seen sticking out between the sack and flap. What could be he doing with those? He's just minding his own business, but with the populace of pretty boy pirate colts loitering about the bulky forl is going to stick out like a sore hoof.

Rising-Chaos relaxes on board the Vanity. It seems like this is temporarily the safest place for her, after so many incidents recently. Her cloak is wrapped around her tight, her saddlebag filled with books leans against her side. She blushes and the Queen's taunting. "There's always something interesting in a book. If you look for it," Chaos mumbles. She pays little attention to Portside, fully engrossed in her book.

With a stifled yawn the pegasi mare slides off the lounge chair and to all four hooves - rudely shoving the unicorn lackey's aside in the process. A small trot brings her to railing where she can survey the ponies milling about, minding their own business a couple cloaked individuals of no circumstance, and now that's interesting. The taller mare motioning to her lone female lackey whispering something undoubtedly wicked to the smaller mare before turning to peer at Carronade in anticipation.

The dubious element toting trio work their way down the largest of the docks, hefting along a wagon full of supplies. Can you believe some pony just /left/ all those supplies out in the open. Another chuckles in response. Building a Salon in a dump like this, really? I don't know, I could go for a facial about now. The other two glare before the trio breaks out into laughter.

Spindrift and Brume are certainly nothing to worry about. Just a couple of travelers, that's all. Don't mind us. We are mysterious wanderers from a nondescript far-off location, passing through on our way to parts unknown. And they're minding their own business and about to turn a corner and out of sight and further out of concern when Spindrift pauses, turning her head. Beneath her hood, her sea-green eyes gleam.

Across the boardwalk, down the dock, and at the glittering golden necklace adorning the pirate's chest.

Brume walks for a few steps further before realizing his companion has halted, and drifts to a stop, turning to look back at her. By the time he has opened his mouth to say something, Spindrift has begun a purposeful stride down the boardwalk towards the three pirates and their supply carts, moving at a brisk enough pace that the dull grey folds of her cloak toss and whip about her slender figure like a rolling stormcloud. Brume hurries to follow, his previously cheerful expression replaced with one of obvious concern. As he draws closer, his voice can be heard, advising his silent and determined companion: "Mind yourself, Spindrift, mind yourself. This isn't the time to draw undue attention, not yet." She does not respond, and the two soon whisk past Carronade, noticing him only long enough to avoid bumbling into the burly stallion before moving on.

Thunnini surfaces for a moment, taking a look around while still staying close to a piling for cover. She sees the odd pair of Spindrift and Brume, and decides to watch them for a few moments. Things often become more interesting when those two are around, and that should break up the monotony.

Carronade is just minding his own business with his load of fireworks. Though he does see the familiar cloaked and uncloaked pony, and nods in their direction. Opens his mouth, remembers Spindrift's previous issues with him being loud, and manages to reign himself down to a normal volume. "Hello!"

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow as the Queen whispers to her conspirationally. She chuckles a bit and sets her book down. "As you wish my Queen," she says. She gets to her hooves and moves to the bow of the ship. A dark glow appears around her horn and an air of extreme concentration passes over her face. After several moments, a spark appears in Carronades saddlebags, igniting the fuse of several. Her spell completed, Chaos sits down to enjoy the show.

A broad, sinister grin is worn proudly on Queen's face as she watches her cruel 'joke' play out; front hooves firmly planted on the railing of her ship. "Mwahaha. This should prove quite entertaining." eyes darting towards Brume and Spindrift as the rush right into close proximity of Carronade. Ohoho even better. grin broadening lone blue eye focused solely on the soon to unfold chaos.

The trio of pirates stop their wagon in front of the gangplank the pair toting the heavy wagon unfastening their harnesses while the third wanders around from his position behind the wagon buffing his shiny toy with one foreleg; one of the other pirates commenting I'm surprised Queen hasn't taken that away from you. Naw, I think she's been too busy looking for the rest of those Elements of Happiness or whatever.

Brume doesn't seem to notice the fuses going off, but Spindrift does- pausing briefly, glancing back over her shoulder, responding as readily to the magical impulse as a trumpet's call. A moment later and her gaze darts up towards the deck of the ship- is that Rising Chaos she sees? It would not surprise her. Spindrift narrows her eyes and resumes her approach. If she is concerned about Carronade, she does not show it. Her attention is soon locked on the pendant-wearing pirate in short order, and a few more steps bring her close enough to call out to the pirate.

"You there," she announces, her voice carrying easily across the remaining distance before her steps bring her to stand near the cart of pilfered supplies. "That necklace you have; I want to buy it. Name your price." Her tone is that of someone who fully expects to be obliged to the letter of her demands, which will surely not result in her disappointment at all.

Brume catches up in short order- he's slightly taller, and those stringbean legs of his might suggest he can move at a brisk pace, but he has trouble keeping up with his partner when she's in such an evident tizzy. He's even looking slightly winded. He stays quiet for now, glancing up often at the Vanity, looming so close.

It's just one little fuse. What harm is one fuse going to do…. except for it's a pack FULL of fireworks and these sort of things tend to excalate out of control rapidly because they're all stuffed close together and all it takes is one to start burning for them -all- to quickly catch aflame.

Carronade would of just continued on his way, but there's a sudden erupture of BANGS and BOOMS and a stallion yowling in surprise as half the saddlebags detonate in bright colors and smoke and send fireworks flying off -everywhere- as he topples over from the recoil.

Thunnini oohs and aahs at the impromptu pyrotechnics display, punctuated with the occasional yelp as she ducks underwater when some of the rockets head her direction. That was close!

Rising-Chaos watches the show with no small amount of satisfaction. Even if mroe for a spell well cast than for the torture of poor Carronade. However, more movment catches her eye, Spindrift and Brume running along the boardwalk. Her gaze is drawn to the pirates, and the necklace in particular. "Err, Queen, there's an issue." She points down to the group.

"BWAHAHAHA!" echos through the Harbor as Queen openly laughs at Carronade while repeatedly clapping one hoof against the railing. "Oh, did you see that?" wiping a tear away from her eye with the back of one hoof. "What kind of dufus carries around a saddlebag full of explosives!?" another boisterous bout of laughter - even Carronade should be able to recognize he's being laughed /at/.

The trio of pirates glance over their shoulders at Spindrift - each cracking a smile as the 'lady' approaches; the necklace wearing stallion grinning the widest. "Name my price, eh?" eyes taking a good long look at the mare before he glances to his fellow pirates. "I suppose I could part with this trinket for the right…price." Note to the ladies - don't make open-ended offers to pirates! Rising's interruption ears a brief scowl from Queen followed by a yell "Don't just stand there! GO!" shoving Rising in the flank with one hoof - had it been anypony else on her crew it would have likely been a square shot to the jimmies.

Fortunately they were fireworks of bright colors and smoke for display and not actual flames, so it's not going to be another Harbor wide fire tonight. Just a lot of booming and banging and probably startling some locals… until they realize it inadvertantly came from the usually explosively loud stallion.

Whom's lying on the boardwalk with blackend hindquarters. Though thankfully his color is already a dark steel grey so the soot just makes him look even darker than usual. Awkwarly he waves a hoof overhead. "I'M OKAY!"

The eruption of explosions draws a yelp and a jump from Brume, who scrambles around with stringbean legs aclatterin' on the dock below him to look back towards Carronade; he hesitates, then, glancing between the big stallion and Spindrift, but stays near the latter while looking worriedly towards the former.

Spindrift pays it no heed, not even as a rocket shoots past her close enough to whip her cloak about. She's so cool she doesn't even look back at explosions. Her gaze remains locked on the lech of a pirate with the necklace. "Then spit it out already. And I'm offering money, not favors. It'll do you a lot more good on shore, I assure you." She lifts her chin and her eyes flash beneath the hood. "And be quick about it. The longer you tarry the less profit there is in it for you."

Brume looks back at Carronade once more, then sighs and looks back to Spindrift, then towards the pirates. He still looks anxious, and he starts to hum a little ditty under his breath.

Thunnini carefully resurfaces once the explosions have calmed down. That was kinda scary… but also kinda fun!

Rising-Chaos scampers down the gangplank and runs towards the pirates. She desperetely tries not to think of all the things that will happen to her if she let's the necklace fall into Spin's hands. For a moment she entertains the idea of taking it for herself and running, again. Chaos decides to live, and reaches the pirates as the last of the fireworks go off. "Hello there, Spindrift, Brume, stallions." She pauses, looking over the assembled ponies. "What seems to be going on here?"

Well darn it all, he was going to save those fireworks for the next time Moonshine or Ginger wanted him to announce a sale for them. He's still got the other saddlebag, at least. Which Carronade makes sure is clasped shut extra tight before he bothers to get up, and takes a moment to shake himself out and get all the smokey soot off of himself. The remaining saddlebag sags to the side without an appropriate counter on the other side.

.. And no pony has really noticed because they're all having a staredown on the beach. His own sooty plight forgotten for the moment the stallion clomps over to the boardwalk railing to look down and see just what's going on.

Queen watches Rising with a hawk-like gaze so intense the smaller mare can feel a hole burning in her flank. She motions frantically with one hoof to somepony behind her.

The pirate trio snort softly as Spindrift clarifies her offer. "Forget it!" the element wearing pony proclaims with a dismissive wave. "Queen'd just take all the stallions, and leave me with nothing but bits." Rising's interruption causes the trio to stand a up a little straighter; after all they wouldn't want Rising to 'taddle' on them. "Nothing!" "Yeah nothing!" "We were just unloading these supplies, ma'am." "Just unloading." the trio begin to frantically grab supplies from the back of the wagon. "This broad was just hittin on me, honest."

"SHE'S TOO SKINNY TO BE BROAD," Carronade's voice carries from the upper boardwalk.

Spindrift's eyes flick towards Rising for a moment. "Rising Chaos," she says; her tone is sharp, each word enunciated as clearly as the crack of a whip. She continues to stare at the pirates even as she speaks to the unicorn. "It is kind of you to take a break from attempting to murder the citizens of the town in order to inferfere with the retrieval of its missing residents and seeing the outlander ponies returned to their world, but this is a business transaction that does not concern you. Return to your dabbling."

Brume is visibly wincing behind her. He offers Rising a sheepish smile and looks about ready to say something conciliatory when Spindrift speaks again, this time towards the pirate.

"Understand this, urchin: your captain keep you well-heeled, but if you fail to comply you are inviting far greater trouble- for yourself, for her, and for your entire crew." She looks up towards the deck of the ship, eyes bright like green flame, and raises her voice so that Queenie can hear. "If she and her lackeys continue to make themselves an obstacle in seeing things put right, in a week's time, her ship will be ashes on the water. Or," Her voice drops as she addresses the scrambling pirates once more. "You can take fifty Stallions for the necklace right now and worry yourself -only- with being lashed by your employer. The offer will not be repeated."

Brume stifles a snicker at Carronade's peanut-gallery commentary, and flashes a grin back at the burly stallion. Apparently he has reached some sort of anxiety event horizon and realizes that he may as well laugh at the whole situation.

Queen-Pegasus rolls 1d10 (Evil Accuracy Check =3) — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

Thunnini's eyes widen at the exchange between the mysterious pair and the others. With a bit of inspiration, she starts spinning a vertical circular current of water, taking a measuring gaze at the pirates and Rising Chaos.

Swift temper. Swift reply. The loud pop of a rifle echoes through the harbor and a lone shot grazes Brume's cheek; dang you depth-perception! Clearly Queenie had been motioning for her rifle which is now firmly grasped in her hoofs - a minor adjustment being made. "I won't miss again, ragdoll. I suggest you keep your dog on tighter leash before she gets put down." the remark aimed at Brume, and the insult at Spindrift. Without warning the angry pink mare hurls her rifle at something on deck "You bumbling idiot. I'll feed you to the sharks." A mighty gust of wind sending the mare upwards - but she doesn't continue flapping; the mare's hooves pointed downwards as she falls through the air - clearly intent on putting all those hours playing Super Mare-o Sisters to good use.

Rising-Chaos snarls at Spindrift, about to let out a sharp retort. Only the smile of Brume stops what would have been a verbal lashing. Instead, she forces a smile herself. "And likewise, charming miss Spindrift, it is kind of you to make such a kind and generous offer. However, I am afraid the handsome young stallion here isn't interested in selling you such a important trinket. Rest assured, I have the best interests of the town in my heart. You can return to your moping, mystery and threatening now. I have the situation well in hoof." Her smile to Spindrift is empty of any sincereity. She turns to the pirate wearing the necklace. "Come now, let these two finish the unloading, you get on deck and show Queenie that wonderful necklace of yours." She blatantly ignores Spindrift's threats, putting on an air of complete non-chalance.

Carronade … honestly has no idea what's going on. Or that these are priates. Because everyone insists pirates don't actually exist around here. Though he does wander down to the beach proper, and a few moments later comes to a stop next to Brume. Watchs Spindrift and Rising, then looks to the other colt in confusion. "… There's gonna be a CATFIGHT ain't there?" It was probably meant to be a whisper. Which means for Carronade it's normal volume.

Brume gasps and jumps, lifting a hoof to his stinging cheek, eyes wide with shock. He glances back, then up towards Queen Pegasus, his brief moment of levity interrupted quite rudely. "Now, see here! If she wants to get herself in trouble, let her- leave me out of this!" He takes a few steps back as he sees the pegasus dropping from above.

Spindrift does as well. She doesn't react to Rising's retort just yet, instead looking up at the Queen. "Brume- music, please."

Brume hesitates for a moment, frozen in place, then nods, closing his eyes. With visible effort he focuses, shutting out the pain on his cheek, the smell of sulfur on the air, the dryness of this blasted surface world, the fruitlessness of their search so far, and- sorry, buddy- the whispers of Carronade nearby. And he hums- a single, clear note, one that soon plays into a short and wordless melody. As the music rises, the air around him throbs with energy. Rising Chaos, and any other ponies sensitive to magic, should notice it immediately- arcane potential conjured from the ether, channeled by enchanted song into a bubble of force.

Spindrift lifts a hoof, tossing her cloak aside, gesturing upward. There is a visible shimmer of pearlescent light gathers around her upraised hoof, the energy transferring, from Brume's song to Spindrift's control. Her eyes lock on the Queen above, studying her trajectory, before with a gesture, she lashes out. The forces whip around in an arc of light, lashing towards the pegasus queen.

Brume rolls 1d20 (Momentum Redirection) — Result: 20 | Sum: 20

… and the gathered forces grip the pegasus powerfully, aiming to pull her from her downward drop. They don't halt it utterly- but merely aim to redirect it, so the plummeting pirate queen drops not towards Spindrift, but the gangplank leading up to the ship. Should Queenie not react quickly enough and redirect herself with her wings, she'll find herself being thrown through the gangplank, smashing it and dropping into the water below.

Queen-Pegasus rolls 1d20 (Reactionary Reactions?) — Result: 18 | Sum: 18

Magic, always freaking magic; Queen should have seen this coming! The mare's trajectory jarred roughly to one-side - sending the Pirate Captain into a seemingly controlled spiral towards the gangplank; only at last moment do the Queen's wings burst fourth with a powerful gust of wind that allows the mare to right herself. It seems the mare is more than a pretty face and has quite the set of wings on her. "You insulent currs." THe pirate wearing the element begins to scramble after Rising - clearly he has no intention of doing something stupid to anger his captain. Soft repated gusts of wind whip about as Queen hovers above the gang plank - clearly this was a close call as her hind hoofs brush the plank oh so lightly as she hovers.

The pirates near the wagon drop the gathered supplies; one drawing a cutless the other a small flintlock pistol. Queen-Pegasus suddenly darts towards Spindrift while scowling angrily. "I'll kill you." Clearly intent on tackling the other mare.

Queen-Pegasus rolls 1d20 (Queen uses Fly!) — Result: 16 | Sum: 16

Thunnini rolls 1d20 (Water jet accuracy/effectiveness) — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Thunnini aims her spinning current of water at the necklace-bedecked pirate. It's a respectable hit, although it's only enough to slow him down and make his footing perilous. Certainly it's enough to give other ponies a chance to catch up! And to add more help to the mix, Thunnini then dives to the seabed, preparing a current to help her build up speed.

Carronade really has no idea what's going on at first. There was no unicorn other than Rising here, yet the Queen has some rather ungraceful flight time. Somehow. That pretty much goes right over his head.

Now when a couple of pirate ponies pull weapons and start advancing, that's something he can reconize as trouble. Or maybe it's just that they're pulling them on a nice if cranky at times mare. "NOW JUST HOLD ON THERE," booms the stallion.

Wait, where did that short cannon come from? It's like Carronade pulled one of his namesakes out of seemingly nowhere and now it's right in front of him. Crazy earth pony cantrips, that's where. Plus he just stuffed the remaining sack of fireworks in it before pointing the thing and grabbing the pull rope. "I GOT A CANNON AND I AINT AFRAID TO USE IT!"

Carronade rolls 1d20 (Carronade tried to be intimidating) — Result: 11 | Sum: 11

Rising-Chaos takes this as her cue to leave. She ushers the necklace wearing pirate up the gangplank, following close behind. When he is hit by a spalsh of water, Chaos falls to her stomach. She scrambles back to her hooves, cursing, and bodily shoves the pirate up to the deck. Once on deck she runs to her saddlebags and rifles through them. She grabs a spellbook after some thought. "A spellbook is never a bad idea," she mumbles to herself. Her search is eventually rewarded by finding her machete.

Spindrift rolls 1d20 (Dodge Roll) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

Brume is retreating, whirling about on his slender hooves and making for the base of the dock. "Best not to linger, my bellowing fellow!" he says to Carronade, reaching up to give the stallion a pat on the shoudler as he breezes past. "The ladies are not very accomodating tonight!"

Spindrift scoots back as well, but doesn't turn away from Queenie, that sea-green gaze locked on her, simmering like the hottest coals. Queenie has the advantage of physicality- though nimble, Spindrift isn't a brawler, and with the pink pegasus barreling towards her with the aid of her wings, the best Spindrift can attempt is a deft, rolling dodge.

And, to her credit, she does attempt it, but Queenie clips in the process; Spindrift grunts, tumbling backwards. She's not tackled, but she is momentarily unbalanced and scrambling to pull herself upright… and would, briefly, be in a terrible position if not her tumbling fall bringing her near the gun-toting Carronade.

Brume scampers back in with a weary sigh, soon flanking Carronade, and reaches down to help pull Spindrift upright. She staggers for a moment until she's on her hooves once more, and the two of them are drawing back towards the boardwalk once more. Her eyes dart between Queenie and the ship, seeing the element-bearing pirate disappearing into the safety of the ship. She hisses under her breath- if not for the tackle, she might have been in place to capitalize on the assistance of whoever splashed the pirate, but not now- before turning to tuck into the retreat more fully.

Brume does as well a moment later, though not without again giving Carronade a tap on the shoulder. "C'mon, drinks on me! Don't make me leave it beside your grave, though, ghosts can't hold their liquor. Literally!"

Hover scowls! Queen's single blue eye intently watching Spindrift scamper away with minor injuries; being taller than your average mare has a definant advantage when it comes to physical brawling. A snarl and a hiss escaping the queen as she considers persuing her prey; but she thinks better of leaving th protection of her crew. "Sleep with one eye open - I'll be coming for you." A soft huff ensues as the mare watches from above.

The advance of the sabre-wielding and flintlock wielding pirates cease as Carronade stuffs a cannon with fireworks - the pair look at one another, look at the cannon, look at Carronade, and finally look at their own weapons before slowly stepping backwards. "It'd be like sticking a bull with a cob holder." The sabre weilding pirate comments, and then the flintlock pistol weilder. "Shooting a spitball at a dragon."

Carronade nods a little as Brume prods him. "OKAY." Because as big and tough as he may be he really doesn't want to deal with a bunch of pirates on his own, even if they are backing up from them at the moment. He stomps a forehoof on the back of the carronade, cocking it up slightly, and pulls the rope. The cannon bealchs out is payload… and proves that Carronade isn't entirely as dimwitted as he appears most of the time. The fireworks go off as they erupt from the cannon, filling the air in flashes of bright color and sparks. Effectively a prismatic smokescreen of sorts, as the cannon is wisked away as he turns to clomp off after the other two ponies.

Thunnini had started on her aquatic launch, but the sudden massive fireworks display makes going airborne a *very bad idea.* She redirects her boosting current into something more horizontal, and winds up going sideways in a most awkward and tumbling way.

And the two Mysterious Wanderers successfully abscond, with Carronade in tow. They keep an eye over their shoulder to track any pursuit- which doesn't seem to be forthcoming- and soon enough, with the help of the fireworks and smokescreen, disappear around a corner.

Once they're out of sight and around a few corners, Brume signals a halt, panting for breath. He takes a few moments to catch it before whirling on Spindrift with a scowl. "Spindrift, if you would have handled that better, we might have actually been able to recover the element. Now it's going to be harder than ever. For all we know they're going to sail back to Tartarus with that thing."

Spindrift meets his scowl with a frown. "Those filty dirt-scraping land-dwellers would have tried to kill us one way or another. If you could look past a pretty flank for once you'd realize that yourself." She turns away and begins walking further up the street. "We'll get help and we'll return. We'll bring Maelstrom."

Brume calls out after her. "If you can even find him, and if he agrees! I hope he does- I bet even HE has a softer touch than you!" He fumes for a moment, reaching up to brush his cloak off, then tugs it into place with a snapping motion and turns to face Carronade. With a sigh, he smiles, and reaches up to dab at the line of red on his cheek with a hoof. "Thank you for your help, my friend. And while my associate might not express it, she appreciates it as well. I meant it about the drinks, though. Any man willing to make an enemy of bloodthirsty pirates for a couple of strangers is alright in my book. Shall we? We'll find a nice tavern somewhere AWAY from the docks."

Carronade on the other hoof isn't even winded from the galloping escape. Then again, he actually is an earth pony and the species as a whole has pretty impressive stamina. He just sort of watchs the exchange between the other two ponies, a lot of it going farther than he really understands. But that's okay, he's a simple pony and it doesn't really bother him not getting it. Then Spindrift stomps off, and he comments more loudly than it needed to be "She's a fiesty one isn't she?" Considering it was normal volume it was probably meant to be a whisper again.

Though when Brume refers to the two of them as strangers he shakes his head a bit. "Not STRANGERS when we already met." For some ponies it really is that simple. "… BEER sounds like a GOOD IDEA after that, though"

Brume dabs at his wound a few more moments before flashing a bright grin. He seems to be settling rather quickly. "We have met, yes, but heroically dodging death at the hands of a sinister pirate queen helps you get to know a fellow far better than a brief conversation. Now come along, I'm eager to see how well a turret of a pony like yourself can drink."


It's an okay bar. It isn't the Champagne Bay, but it's defintely not the Rusty Bucket, either. It is the Lusty Seapony and Brume laughed when he entered, shaking his head slowly. "Sailors," he says, finding a seat. A round is ordered! Seats are offered, the Mysterious Wander gesturing to a large chair for Carronade. Food should be on its way. "Now then. What were you doing with all of those explosives, anyway?"

Spindrift enters shortly after, hood drawn up. She brings a cold breeze into the bar with her, and the whole mood is brought down a bit. She's good at that. She silently sits down near Brume and stares at the table.

It's an okay bar. It isn't the Champagne Bay, but it's defintely not the Rusty Bucket, either. It is the Lusty Seapony and Brume laughed when he entered, shaking his head slowly. "Sailors," he says, finding a seat. A round is ordered! Seats are offered, the Mysterious Wander gesturing to a large chair for Carronade. Food should be on its way. "Now then. What were you doing with all of those explosives, anyway?"

Spindrift enters shortly after, hood drawn up. She brings a cold breeze into the bar with her, and the whole mood is brought down a bit. She's good at that. She silently sits down near Brume and stares at the table.

Carronade just laughs loudly when Brume wonders how much he can drink. He does have a body mass advantage after all. He thumps down in a chair. "And they say PIRATES aren't a THING around here." It's right there in the town tourist brochures! That pretty much everyone that's actually here knows is a bunch of bullcrock, but we already covered that Carronade isn't the brightest of bulbs. "Advertising. Friends of mine are trying to get a food and drink business together, PRETTY FIREWORKS are a good attention getter!" Pause, and then he rubs the back of his head with a hoof. "… And my FATHER makes them for a living."

A pair of addorable, familiar voices chime out in unison as the trio enter the bar; heck even Carronade should remember them. "Welcome to Lusty Seapony." Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset chime in unison; each wearing their hair in an addorable bun with a cute little hair-piece. The pair grinning broadly familiar faces. "We get paid to say that." they comment with an addorable, shared blush. "We got nothing better to do." "Everypony always seem to be busy" "Lots of adventuring." "We're totally not fit for adventures." "We're interested" "Just inexperienced." the pair put on an addorable air, each bringing a hoof to their lips. "Inexperienced." they chime in a rather in appropiate, but addorable manner.

"A prescient fellow, knowing this town's tastes," says Brume. He turns to grin at the twins. "Ladies! Fancy meeting you here. And encouraging, too, since now we can rest assured our drinks are in good hands." He settles more smoothly into his seat than the burly Carronade, and eyes the burly earth pony appraisingly across the table. "And you're right, fireworks ARE a good attention-getter. But how about that battery that went off in your pocket, hmmm? Any lasting damage there?" He leans forward a bit and nods his head towards the Twins. "And don't worry. I won't tell them you have a problem with going off prematurely."

Spindrift glances away with an 'ugh.' Brume grins in a polished fashion and ignores her.

The pair ponies trot behind the bar to draw a pitcher of beer, and gather basketful full of pretzels - trotting back to the table with a tray upon each of their heads. "Don't even have to order." "We know what you like." each giving Brume and Carronade a playful, impish grin - clearly the girls like stallions; and they've the luxury of having both in the same room without random chaos. The mares place the pitchers, glasses, and pretzels on the table before settling near Brume and Carronade. "Were there fireworks?" "Did we miss them?"

Brume's joke unfortunately goes right over Carronade's head. "Musta got too hot or somethin," is the only explaination he's really got. Whoa, twin waitresses… wait, it's those twins! The Twins! He blinks a moment at Seaside and Sunset. "… I THOUGHT you two worked at the SALON? Not that I'm complainin'." A bit of a dopey grin crosses his face at that last part. Mmmm, pretzels and beer. Promptly he stuffs one in his mouth.

THE BEER IS HERE. Brume "ahhhhs" and rubs his hooves together as the pitcher is set down and pours a pint in short order, drawing it close to savor the smell of it. Spindrift pours herself a half glass and drags it close, but doesn't seem particularly enthused; one can practically hear the gears turning in her head as she sits and stares at her drink instead.

Brume takes a drink and then smiles across to the twins. "Indeed. Is the fashion business not working out?"

Seaside-Shimmer grins as she replies "We would work at the Salon - if it was built." "If Ruby-Blossom was around to give us a job." Nodding in unison. "So we had to get a job." "This place was hiring." Puppy-dog eyes ensue "Wouldn't be an issue if we had big, strong stalliones to take care of us." batting their eye-lashes playfully at Brume and Carronade.

"… Oh." Carronade hadn't realized the place they'd mention wasn't already there. Gulps down the end of his pretzel. Then cocks his head a little the other way, greyish coat not hiding a bit of a blush at his cheeks. "Aaaaw. I was OUTTA TOWN a few DAYS, that's all." He's probably fine despite the little backfire incident, considering he's sitting down in the first place. Quickly stifles the shyness by helping himself to the booze.

Brume eases back and gestures with a pretzel. "You are fortunate, then, my dears, to have been working in the watering hole we came to celebrate our victory in. Ahh! A generous turning of the tides. How late are you working tonight, hmmmm?" He chews a pretzel thoughtfully as he peers at the two of them.

Spindrift looks up in a moment and looks to Carronade. "It was Rising Chaos that set the fireworks off- with magic. I don't know why. Did you anger her somehow?"

Both Seaside and Sunset wave a hoof dismissively "We're actually already off." Seaside admit withs a playful grin followed by Sunset's explintation. "There just aren't many places for sweet, innocent mares like us to hang out." Seaside smiles at Spindrift. "We're clearly not as independant as you are." so says one of thw twins - clearly not. "Miss Rising-Chaos did that?" "Is she a bad pony?" A worried glance shared between the pair.

Carronade huhs at Spindrift. "… Maybe the pirates MADE her do it? They're JERKS like that." Which is good enough of a deduction for Carronade. He'd rather enjoy the beer and make eyes at the Twins that spend too much time thinking about it. "Yeah, ya missed some FIREWORKS. But I can always SHOOT some for you two ANOTHER TIME."

Spindrift glances at the twins, and answers. "Y-"

Brume silences her by placing a hoof over her face. She freezes mid-word and scowls darkly, closing her mouth. "I'm sure it was something like that, and in any case it's nothing to worry about right now," adds the seafoam stallion, smiling diplomatically between Spindrift and Carronade. "And yes, Carronade, I'm sure they would be delighted for you to shoot plenty off for the both of them."

Spindrift facehooves.

Brume misses it, busily tossing back a few smooth swigs of ale. He 'ahhhs' as he sets the glass back down and grins up at the twins. "Then by all means, stick around for a while. My treat tonight. I made a pretty penny playing down at the Champagne Bay earlier tonight, and I'm eager to put that money back into the local economy."

The twins grin at Carronade, then Brume, and finally at one another before hopping to her hoofs and trotting off to retrieve another pitcher. Clearly this is a one-pony job, but it's as if they /need/ to do it together. The mare pair returning and setting the new pitcher on the table before settling back in. "Miss Spindrift, what do you do for a living?" "Aside from scowling at Mister Brume?" Seaside scootching a tad close to Brume, and Sunset close to Carronade.

Carronade helps himself to another mug of ale, doing that odd hook-your-hoof-around thing ponies do to hold onto glasses to chug it down. And puts his other foreleg around Sunset as she scoots closer to him. Mmm. Beer, food, and cute mares. And he got to set off explosives earlier. Life is good.

For the first time, Spindrift lifts her drink and downs the half-empty glass in one go. Now it is all empty. She pauses to catch her breath as she sets the glass back down. "I'm an archaeologist," she says, matter-of-factly. "I go looking for relics in forgotten places."

Brume smirks slightly, and sneaks a foreleg out to hook it around one of the twins. He isn't entirely sure which one it is. "She makes it sound far more exciting than it actually is. It's a lot of digging and writing. That's probably why she frowns at me so much- dissatisfaction with her career choice."

Spindrift frowns at Brume. Anyway.

Seaside and Sunset each giggle behind one hoof. "Archaeologist?" Seaside gently nudges Brume "Clearly you use this big guy to do all the heavy lifting." Sunset smiles at Carronade. "We still owe you a date." "Brume might even the odds." "If Spindrift can spare him." "I think she spares him everyday." the pair grinning at their own joke.

And a small bit clicks in Carronade's head, and he beams. Or it might be the booze. Not that he actually seems near drunk yet. But certainly relaxed, yes. "SO SHE'S LIKE DARING DO." Aaand totally forgot about indoor voices for the moment. Poor girl sitting right next to him. "AND YEAH YOU DO." Hmm. "I SUPPOSE SHARING WOULD MAKE IT EASIER."

"Hardly!" says Brume, in response to Seaside-Shimmer's suggestion. "She does the digging. I can think of far better investements of my stamina." He keeps that one arm in place around the one of them as he lifts his glass with the other to salute Carronade across the table. "To combined arms, then. I may not have have your talent for explosions, but I'm sure these fine ladies might appreciate a more artisinal touch." He waggles his eyebrows at Tropical Sunset, then Seaside. "I'm -very- good with my hooves, you see. Comes with being a musical savant. Ahh, the music we could produce!"

Spindrift is doing her best to bring down the mood, scowling at the opposite wall. So noisy. The beer is awful. At length she pushes herself up and stands. "I'm heading back home," she says. "Don't be out too late, Brume." She looks to Carronade for a moment and hesitates; her flinty grouchiness wavers for a moment. "Thank you for helping us," she says, before slipping past and making for the door.

Brume waves to her as she goes but doesn't waste too much time on it, since she's not looking back.

"THAT'S WHAT FRIEND ARE FOR" Carronade booms merrily at Spindrift's departure. "SEEYA LATER." Then settles back for enjoying the food and company some more.

Seaside and Sunset can't help but giggle "Oh my." the mares looking at one another. "One with a gentle touch." "The other is rather explosive." "Liking the sound of this." "Totally likding the sound of this." The mare-pair grins oh-so broadly.

Brume flashes Carronade a broad smile. "You're an even better ally than I'd already given you credit for, my friend," he says. "Now, then. Who wants to hear the story of how we battled off a crew of bloodthirsty pirates? I'll even tell you how I got this scar on my cheek."

Outside, Spindrift draws the hood of her cloak up, glancing through a window at the foursome of flirtatious ponies, then sighs, disappearing into the night.

Brume rolls 1d20 (ROLL THE DICE TO SEE IF I'M GETTING DRUNK) — Result: 12 | Sum: 12