Rusty Renovations
IC date: Winter 22, 1007
OOC date: January 10, 2013
PCs: Magpie, Rumble-Riot, Skyflower, Solar-Wind, Whistlestop, Winter-Solstice, Zypher
NPCs: Rolodex
GM: Diamond Dog

Surprisingly enough, the Rusty Bucket stayed afloat when it was unmoored for the first time in over a decade and moved. It didn't go far- only beyond the docks, up towards the beach to their north, still within the harbor. A makeshift dry-dock has been constructed there- really, just a channel with a couple of slapdash wooden walls tossed up on either end. Ropes and chains line it like a spider web, not just keeping the dry dock together but ready in anticipation of hauling the ship up into place. Several long ropes lead like leashes out into the water, where the ol' Bucket bobs about in the storm-tossed surf. Even as it rolls about, ponies are busy atop, hammering and nailing, working over weatherworn woods with sealants and paint, making the most of every minute to try and get the ship in as ship a shape as it can be shaped into.

Lots of ponies mill about doing vaguely administrative things. One of them, an Unnamed Administrative Assistant, a unicorn stallion with a clipboard floating before him, is wandering through the crowd slowly gathering on the beach, taking stock of who is present. A call was put out for ponies to help get the ship into dock, and only now is it being revealed who has answered it.

Heavy things need haulin'? Whistlestop is there! The huge pony has thudded his way around the dry dock, carrying whatever heavy stuff needs carrying. He's not particularly picky; he'll help whoever gets his attention the quickest. So at present, he's got a giant haul of lumber that he's dragging across the beach toward the Bucket, cheerily.

As the pony whom put together this odd scheme, he's just gotta be here for the bringing up of the bucket. Who knows, It could be called the Shiny Bucket by the time this gets finished, 'What Class' that would be. Zypher waves a hoof, "I'm here, and ready for Duty!" he shouts "I'll put in some SERIOUS Wingpower!

Speaking of muscle. While he's not exactly in Whistlestop's category of pure beef, Rumble Riot is still a hauler in his own right, willing to put forth that extra physical effort to get things where they need to be. Repairing things? That's much easier to do than fancy magick! So there he is, ready to help, part of the crowd, and looking as excited as a pony can to be putting an actual /talent/ to use.

Magpie 's just hanging around a bit, really. She's not really a rope-pulling powerhouse or anything. This is just fairly interesting. That's all.

The checklist-bearing pony meanders through the crowd, glancing up every other pony. "Alright… Honey Kiss, unicorn, check… Just Desserts, earth pony, check… your name? Starry Night? Alright, please head over there with the other unicorns, thank you…"

He draws up short of Whistlestop. Oh yeah. Him. Eyebrows arched, he looks down at his sheet. "Aaaaaand Whistlestop. How ever could we forget you." His little floating pencil checks. It checks big. He wanders along for a few more names, then looks up.

"Alright, people! If we could start gathering towards the head of the beach, we'll get situated and ready to pull this thing in. Pegasi and Griffons please assume the centermost position, Earth Ponies and Zebras flanking, and Unicorns, yours is the rearmost rank." He reaches out with a forehoof and indicates the head of the muddy little trench that marks the slapdash dry dock.

Thud thud thud! Whistlestop trots cheerily to his appointed place, dragging a couple hundred pounds of lumber with him. Did anyone unhitch him? Is anyone supposed to? He has no idea, nor does he care. The big lug beams as he takes a spot. Squee!

The lanky pegasi Jumps into flight and charges to the position that was mentioned for him to take up, he chucks his soccer ball over towards Magpie so maybe she could guard it for him, or something, "Front and Center!"

Magpie aughs as a ball comes flying at her for no reason! She jumps out of the way, watches as the ball bounces on down the beach. Huh.

Solar-Wind glances about, does a doubletake looking at a twin, "Wait, What, WHOtha?" he glances to Whistlestop, "Pegasus n' Red, n' Tanklike" He gives a little sigh, feels a little outmatched, for the first time in a long time, He trots over to the other big guy and gives a little wingwave, "Heya Twin, whatsup?"

Blink. Rumble goes cross-eyed looking at his horn. "…The /back/ flank? You kiddin' me? Nuh-uh." He marches over to be with the earth ponies. Y'know, the ones that know how to haul stuff around. "I'm gonna drag this ship a new one! Just watch! I'm all fired up now! Fired! Up!"

Winter-Solstice eventually filters out of the crowd, visible as the Second Tallest Presence, the bright red stripe that runs down the center of her wild mane bobbing about like the comb of a rooster or perhaps the scalp of a muppet. She's been part of the repairs so far, along with her boss, Iron Stock, but the two have hit sort of a limit on what they can do for the ship for now until it can be hauled up out of the water and into dock.

"Whoaaa nelly!" calls the big mare, hauling out of the crowd as a load of Whistlestop-lashed lumber swings her direction. She tries to stop it, by hopping on top. Normally that stops a lot of things, but this thing is Whistlestop-powered, so all that means is Winter goes along for the ride. "Whistle! WHISTLE! Stop, stop!" she calls out, hunkering low to maintain her balance. "I mean… I mean stop what you're doing stop, not the rest of your name, stop!"

Various Earth Ponies make way, albeit reluctantly, as Rumble pushes up amidst their ranks. They peer at him quizzically. Eventually, one of them reaches up to point at his horn. "But… but you're a unicorn."

Aboard the Rusty Bucket, various poines are pulling down less stable equipment, battening down the hatches, stowing toolboxes, and heading below decks. Several others are hauling down ladders towards waiting dinghys, not wanting to be on board when things inevitably go wrong and the ol' Bucket goes belly-up in the surf. The ropes and chains that lead from the prow of the ship, where they are bolted securely to newly-installed fittings, are tugged and toyed with by some of the ponies managing the effort. Gradually, ranks are forming in the manner called for by the Unnamed Administrative Assistant, though it takes quite a bit of confusion and more than one cry of "When do we get the free beer?!"

Rumble stares at the hoof pointed at him by the Random Earth Pony. Then up at his horn. "…So? Are you saying I can't pull my weight here?" He snorts! "I'll show you! I don't need magic when I've got THIS!" He holds his hoof up. "…Hoof power!"

Zypher pretty much straps himself in for the hauling. he may be a right lanky thing, but he's got some serious wingpower going for him, "ALRIGHT, Lets Do THIS , THIS THING!" he shouts out, "HUuUH RAH! Go Team!

Skyflower hadn't volunteered to help with repairs because that seems rather like… well… manual labor, and she does have standards. But on the other hoof she /did/ decide to make sandwiches, and now she's here with a small cart! "Coo-eee! It's so wonderful that you're all working so hard on all of this, so I thought that perhaps you might appreciate some refreshment! Whenever you like, it'll be here." She also hears a familiar name. "Whistlestop! Darling lamb, just a moment!" She unhitches the cart with her horn and joins everypony else as fast as she can make look at all ladylike. She coughs. "Is there some way I might be of, erm, assistance? Prefferably without heavy lifting?"

Magpie trots over and giggles at Skyflower. "You can help me cheer 'em on! And, uh… y'know. Rhythm… song… thing.

The Red Fireguard pony gets himself settled for a bit of hauling, checks his wings, flaps, tail, mane, check! Solar-Wind gets himself all good to go next to the Big Whistlestop type pony

Whistlestop blinks and swerves, looking up at Winter on his back. "Um! Er! Hallo, White Pony!" He beams and stops as bidden, head tilting. "Stop what?" Winter saved the day!

That is, until Skyflower spoke up. Then he leaps to his hooves and brightens, bounding, nay, gallumphing toward her and pulling her up in a BIIIIIIG HUUUUUUGGGGGG. "HALLO SKYFLOWER YOU ARE PRETTY TODAY!" he bellows.

Magpie yelps and has to dive to the side when Whistlestop comes charging in like a giant pony with a bunch of wood strapped to his back.

Somepony is there to catch the Maggie as the foal dives out of the way - that pony is Ruby! "Safe Catch~" she chimes playfully before hugging the little rascal before looking over the busy scene.

As Whistlestop's Big Load of Lumber careens along, Winter Solstice is fliped up and off of it with a MOST comical pratfall! Oh ho ho. She does a complete spin before landing heavily in the sand with a grunt. Slowly she picks herself up, shaking herself off, and glances about. An idea strikes her!

Sneaking forward- which she normally can't, like, do at all, of course, but the increasing noise and commotion of the gathering, impatient, and beer-wanting crowd helps cover for it- she catches the ropes that affixes the load of lumber to Whistlestop and, as he is busy HUGGING SKYFLOWER, undoes them enough to transfer them over to the ropes leading to the ship. There! Now all someone has to do is throw Skyflower and watch him charge off. Brilliant plan. The big mare nabs the load of lumber and drags it off to the side.

Solar-Wind gives a wave to Ruby, "Heya Miss Blossom, grab a line and help us haul-er' out!" he shouts with a big smile on his muzzle, "earthies off to that side, uni's out back, and us big pegasi to the front for the haulout!

Magpie yelps as she's suddenly hugged without warning! She settles down once she figures who it is, though. Gives a little hug back, then wiggles away and watches with interest to see which group Ruby joins.

Skyflower squeal in surprise and some small amount of delight when she is suddenly in the air being hugged by Whistlestop. "Darling, please!" she says, laughing, "There are ponies watching! Comport yourself!" She couldn't sound stern saying this if she tried. "Whatever am I going to do with you, lamb?" She gives him a nuzzle and then waits to be let down. Oh right. Ponies. Ponies watching. She blushes. "So sorry, everypony. I don't know what came over me."

The Unnamed Administrative Assistant- whose actual name is Rolodex, but, well, he's Unnamed, so nobody knows that- shouts a few more commands. "You there! Over there. Alright, we need two more from the southern Earth Pony line to head to the north- that's right. Good! Someone tell that Unicorn to head over to the-"

He stops as all th Earth Ponies standing around Rumble look back at Rolodex and shake their heads.

The Unnamed Administrative Assistant shrugs. "Alright then! Moving along. Places, everyone. Pegasi- please take the center rope and either hold it or affix yourself to one of the harnesses attached. Earth Ponies and Zebras, you have the flanking ropes. Same deal. Unicorns, you'll see points on the ship dilineated by green paint. These are the locations we'll need you to focus on and lift with your magic. A few more minutes, people, and we'll get started." His clipboard floats out of the way, and a loudspeaker drifts out instead. Turning towards the water, he shouts towards the ship floating fifty feet off the dock. "READY ON THE SHIP! RAISE ANCHOR AND PREPARE FOR…" He pauses. "WHATEVER THE WORD IS FOR GETTING PULLED ALONG WITH A ROPE!"

Ruby shoots Solar-Wind a little glare - like she'll be taking orders from /him/; in fact she plants her plot right beside Maggie. "I'm more of cheerleader than a laborer - I mean, what if I chipped a nail or got mud in my coat?" totally pretending to be far more prissy than she really is.

Magpie shouts, "Towing!"

"Towing! Get ready for towing!" Rumble shouts along with others, helpfully, then bends to get rope in his mouth. Oh y eah. Oh /yeah/. This is going to be /great/ exercise!

"But we are already at the port," Whistlestop says in confusion to Skyflower, as he sets her down. "Okay. I will be good. I promise!" Completely oblivious to Winter once again saving the town from certain destruction (but not from my complete exaggeration), he perks his ears. "You should help with magic! It is not fireworks, but it is helpful!" Thud! His head pushes her toward the unicorns before he departs to find the Earth Ponies with the least number to his eyes.

The loudspeaker squeaks a bit as Rolodex lifts it up and readies another shout. "TOWING!"

Someone out on the ship calls back at him, voice carrying across the wind and waves. "You're towing us! You should prepare for towing! We're preparing for being towed!"

Rolodex fumes. He's the one with the clip board! He gets to determine these things! "JUST GET READY!!"

Zypher is fixed into his harness, streching his wings here and there, shooting Ruby-Blossom a glance as she sits on her bum to watch, "We even got a pack of Cheerleaders, but they're kinda uhh, sitting still, What kind of cheer leaders are those, cute sure, but what else?"

Magpie scampers out of the line of … the lines. She plucks her flags from the sand. Oh yes — she actually has tiny little flags to wave. "Is everypony ready to heave ho?!"

"Yes!" calls an adolescent zebra near Magpie.
"No!" calls a skittish-looking pegasus filly who looks totally out of place.
"Where's the free beer!?" calls a unicorn standing near the back.

Solar-Wind hooves at the ground, gets airborne and hovers there strapped in to his harness all ready to go, "Come on everyone, We got this, little old boat's got nothing on us, Great Training, good Workout, and whats this I hear something about free beer" he looks over to Magpie, "hey, Now thats a cheerleader!"

Late arrival? Check. Moving quickly? Check. Flight goggles? Check. Actually flying? Nope.

Sky Sparkler joins the unicorns in getting ready to help lift the ship. "I hope a lot of that thing's metal is iron," she muses.

Ruby glances to Maggie and sticks her tongue out playfully before she turns to address Zypher - she hestiates before shrugging and half-heartedly calling out. "Mush My Little Ponies Mush!"

Skyflower nods, trotting in place. "Oh, of course, darling, anything for you." She gives him a little peck on the cheek before he can get away then files in to join the other unicorns. Her telekinesis is better suited to multiple objects than large ones, but she's ready to focus.

Magpie blinks at Ruby. "No, no no. Like this!" She lifts her head and, waving her flags in time, she starts to chant, "Way-HAUL away! Way-HAUL away-away! Way-HAUL away! Way, you HAUL away!"

Zypher blah's "I should have called on the rest of the team, and /Our/ Cheerleaders, Even the pipsqueak there's got more spirit!" he calls out to the unhelpful mare with a little laugh, "Welcome to the beach, come on, give us a hoof already, or too afraid you'll break a sweat?!

At the various calls from Magpie and Ruby, some ponies start to pull! A roar rolls up from the crowd as everybody reacts by talking all at once. Other parts of the crowd see someone is pulling and figure oh, they missed the cue! They pull. The Pegasus rope down the center lifts off as half its attached members take to the air and start flapping along. A few unicorns start pulling at the ship with their magic, but it's still some fifty feet out, beyond the grasp of even skillful levitation.

Rolodex panics. "No, not yet!" he calls into his loudspeaker, only to be drowned out. "You- okay, Earth Ponies, GO! Yes- you two, you- okay, south flank, GO! Unicorns, hold on, not yet! I-"

Out in the water, the Rusty Bucket lurches about with the uneven effort, listing to the side as it shudders towards the beach. It bumps soiftly as its keel rolls up against the sand and goes no further.

A few myriad ponies cheer. "We did it!" "Do we get beer now?!"

It's a typical Horseshoe Harbor effort. Sky Sparkler is pulling, and trying to NOT accidently tear the ship apart by lifting only the nails, and not the wood.

Ruby-Blossom leans way over to whisper to Maggie. "Why look at you." she hushedly addresses her favorite foal. "Two months agos you'd have been pilfering the pockets of everypony while they were distracted - I imagine plenty of ponies have left their saddle bags unattended." She grins before nuzzling the top of Maggie's head warmly "Very proud." Praising the fact that Maggie's settling in even more. Zypher's call-out draws her attention away - WHO dares distract Ruby from FOALS!? "Actually I just don't want to embarrass you! It's always shameful when a mare has to show a little colt how it's done!"

"YEAH! Pull!" Rumble grunts, teeth bared around the rope. "C'mon you muscleheads pull! Rrrrr!" …And then the boat stops when it hits the sand! And there's some cheering? Rumble lifts his head, "Huh? Was that it?"

Whistlestop PULLS!! He pulls very much, thank you! And he too blinks at the cheering and looks back. "Yay!!! We did it!" he beams.

Solar-Wind just snickers to himself as he leans in to it, "Really, we just that good?" he looks back kinda V-8's his head and body, "She's a bit Off kilter, but if thats what we were looking for:

Magpie glances sideways at Ruby, and decides not to mention that she /already/ rifled through some unattended bags.

The Rusty Bucket bobs about in the surf, still not on the beach, and well out of the groove of the makeshift drydock and its retaining walls. This is really not very done at all!

Rolodex prances back and forth, whipped into such a tizzy he has forgotten that he is just a nameless public servant doing his job. The bullhorn floats along with him as his horn glows. "Everybody stop. STOP! Okay! We'll need a moment to get the ship straightened out. Back to your places and wait for my signal. And for Celestia's sake, make sure Whistlestop doesn't charge off any more!"

Zypher heh heh's, "I'd love to see ya try Missy" he just laughs, "but look, chance came n' went, and ya missed out so" Pbbbbbt! "We won even, Take that! Your good looks alone didn't help a bit, well maybe a little, but heh, What-Ever LAAAAAAAAZYMARE!

Ruby rolls her eyes and points towards Zypher. "Perhaps if you paid half as much attention to what you were doing, instead of staring at me - you'd notice you missed your goal by a mile. Then again - that wouldn't be the first time, now would it?"

Magpie giggles at Ruby! "Ooooh."

Whistlestop perks! Someone said his name! "CHARGE OFF WHERE?" he hollers. Maybe this is a prime activity for Skyflower: keep Whistlestop in line.

She must of been a background pony up until now or something, because shortly after Ruby's remark Windrose chimes in, "Aw, but I thought you liked ponies paying more attention to your flank, Ruby. Something about it being a good distraction."

Zypher gasps, "Wait, a minute, how do you know?" he gulps, "I mean everypony misses onec in a while, I'm not Perfect afterall" he announces, "but I'm pretty darn good little miss, miss, oh whatever!"

Skyflower sighs, but fondly. "No, lamb," she calls out, "stay where you are, just keep pulling when they say. There's a love!"

Ruby blushes brightly and steps to oneside so she can glance back towards Windrose. "Not everything is about me, Windrose!" she glances back towards Zypher then calls out "Just help get this thing fixed - then you can worry about me and what I'm doing!"

Solar-Wind grunts and laughs at the other pegasus, whom is looking altogether stunned or something, "I think you have yourself a fan" he laughs and just tightens up his leads so he's next to that other big pegasus and looking to Rolodex for his next cue to haul

Gradually, the crowds milling about are returning to their places. Rolodex rolls down the lines, poking and nudging people back into place. "Stand tall! Here, your harness is loose, see that it's tightened before you hurt yourself. No, I don't have the beer. I-"

With a huff, he moves into the center channel and down into the muddy sand. "Alright, listen up! The beer is ON THE SHIP. When it's hauled in and in place, then we can start unloading and distributing it. Alright?"

With the sound of a single, coordinated step, a good half of the crowd snaps into place and stands at attention, ready and waiting!

Rolodex glances about, then rolls his eyes. "Alright! Places. We'll be trying again shortly. Looks like they've almost got the ship ready."

Indeed, thanks to a few grumbly sailors in smaller ships, the back end of the Rusty Bucket, still bobbing there with its keep wedged in the sand, is being brought back around and the ship angled towards the dock for another attempt.

Zypher reharnesses himself, and shoots Ruby a stare and a grin, "I've been helping with this allll week, even did skywriting, and dropped leaflets, and well see you came, all because of me!" he laughs, "you came!

Whistlestop perks at Skyflower's voice and whips his head around this way and that to try and get a look at her. Of course, it's pretty easy, being a couple heads taller than everyone else — although most ponies look relatively the same from this height barring the collection of candy colors. He waves wildly at her. "HALLO! OKAY! I WILL STAY!" he bellows. And, dutifully, he gets back in line, ready but practically vibrating. Eeeeee

Solar-Wind eyes Whistlestop, "Did somebody feed him something caffinated?" he asks, "cause I want some!" he huffs some frustrated, "Just what are you taking" he murmurs to the big stallion next to him, and where do you get that?"

Whistlestop blinks owlishly. "I am taking vitamins!" he says cheerfully. "They taste like cherry."

Ruby can't help but roll her eyes at Zypher before glancing down to Maggie "Stallions…" she sighs heavily before patting the filly atop of the head.

Solar-Wind nods slowly, "You'll have to show me sometime" he nods and looks to the big stallion with curious confusion, and gives a little shrug, refocusing on the task at hand

Windrose trots up next to Ruby and looks at the other ponies. Then looks at her. "Just what -are- you doing, anyways?"

Zypher looks to windrose and answers for Ruby, "She's just sittin' there and lookin' pretty!" he laughs

Magpie gestures at the lines that run out to the ship in the water. "We're tryin' to pull the Rusty Bucket into drydock so we can fix 'er up!"

Whistlestop blinks, and looks over at Ruby. And tilts his head. Nearly off his neck, in fact. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilt.

The ship wheels into place. The crowd, watching it, hushes gradually as they sense the time for action approaching. Pegasi and a few odd Griffons shuffle in their harnesses, Earth Ponies tug at the rope anxiously, and Unicorns watch with held breath, magic at the ready. Except for the ones that are talking and not paying much attention. Whielstestop, though? he is VIBRATING.

The Unnamed Administrative Assistant watches, having hauled back up out of the soggy groove and found a place to watch on a raised platform at a distant. "SHIP CREW, READY?"

"Ready!" calls a voice out on the boat.

"Ground crew, ready!?"

"Ready!" says some people in the crowd. Some others realize that they should have said something, or at least think they should have, and shout a few moments later, "REady!" Then a general mumble of "Readies" and words that rhyme with "ready," like "Freddy," "Heady" and "Spaghetti," bubbles upward.

Rolodex stares for a moment, then shrugs. The bullhorn levitates upward.


Zypher dives in full force wings at max speed, right charging, straining pulling at full tilt, forehooves even making the effort at prancing throngh the air. "GO GO GO!

Magpie starts in again with the little flags. "Heave, HO! Heave, HO! Yo, HO! Yo, HO! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!"

Skyflower pushes with her horn as hard as she can on the focus point. She's not quite sure why she's doing this, then she looks up. Oh yes, of course, how silly of her. Push! Push!

Ruby addresses Windrose with a smile. "I honestly just came by to see how things were going - I think you'll agree I've had enough adventure for a little while." stopping to rub the small bit of uneven fur on her neck from certainy pointy bits a few months back. "Anyways!" She grins at Maggie. "Maggie seems to really like ships - are you interested in shipping, Maggie?"

The big firepony tugs at his lines hard as he can possibily go, every ounce of muscle raming into this line with a FIRM tug tug tuging, all ahead FULL!

Solar-wind gives it his very best, and then some!

Whistlestop snaps to attention at the calls, and glares ahead of him. Yes! He will pull! And when the call goes out, he strains forward, muscles standing out all over his frame as he arches his neck and pulls as hard as he can. HRRRGHHHH

The Rusty Bucket lurches up onto the sand with the first few moments of concerted effort! "Good start! Go, go, go!" calls Rolodex, into his bullhorn. "Easy up on the left- okay, second team, go!" Did you know there was a second team? There is! All throughout the makeshift dry dock assembly, ropes and chains are pulling tight; pulleys rattle and strain; fittings on the ship creak as the knots bound to them are tugged to their limit. Bit by bit, the ship lumbers up onto the beach, carefully-arranged logs rolling along to help glide it towards the waiting sconce in the sand. On board the deck, a few ponies- specially chosen for being not very heavy!- observe from over the railings, shouting out commands and adjustments as they are needed.

Suddenly, there is a fearsome snap! Everybody experiences a renewed resistance as a major rope gives way, the rotten wood of the ship bursting and the fittings that held the rope to it bursting outward. Several pegasi are forced to duck as the chunk of worm-gnawed wood flies past. The whole ship shudders to a stop, neither advancing nor sliding back into the surf.

Rolodex gasps, but is quick on the uptake! "We haven't lost it yet!" he calls out. "Keep pulling! Keep Whistlestop focused! Another 25 feet to go!"

Ruby cringes softly before patting Maggie on the head "Wait here." she trots towards the whole hoopla and finds a good place to settle in and help pull; a good place being the spot farthest from Zypher - but chances are that stallion is hogging center stage as is.

Zypher 's wings are buzzing fully to the best of his potential, that mean snap of the lines though really threw him for a loop, and he dodged well clear of that big whatever it was sending wood splinters everywhich way, this isn't his style of flying and he's wearing out quick, buzzzz wings buzzzzz

Whistlestop is so focused, in fact, he doesn't notice the rope snapping. He just digs his hooves into the sand and PULLS HARDERRRR when the ship gets heavier. HRRHH

Magpie jumps out to grab the line a few down from Winny and starts hauling too. "HEAVE! ..HEAVE! … HEAVE!"

Solar-Wind is full of effort, he flares his wings in that landing flare, and pushes all the harder, harder than he's ever pulled, "ITS WORKOUTTIME, HARBOR STYLE!" he shouts, "Work off that Hearthswarming pudge ponies, work it off!" he shouts, "Cardio! Cardio! Feel the BURN!

Windrose yeeps as ropes snap and bits of wood goes flying. "They're really serious about moving that thing I guess." She shrugs a bit, then unfurls her wings and takes off to grab a convenient spot and start pulling as well. While she's in agreement with Ruby about having had enough 'adventure' to last her a while, she's not going to stop from helping other ponies get on their merry madcap antics.

Ruby whines as Solar-Wind calls out 'workout time harbor style'. "I really don't want to run from anymore zombies!"

Skyflower says "That's right, darling! Keep pulling, you're doing a simply smashing job!" She's focused about 50/50 between encouraging Whistlestop and keeping the effort up on her telekinsis. "Nearly there, everypony!"

Somepony calls out, "Oppa Harbor Style!"

The ship strains and creaks, stubbornly refusing to budge another inch! The crowd grows increasingly desperate even as it tucks even further into the work. Rolodex's strident nagging rises over the shouts and grunts, the words blending into an unintelligible stream of encouragement and/or admonishment. Several of the logs beneath the ship slip or get mired in the sand, further hampering efforts.

For a moment, it seems like the effort will be wasted, that the ship will start working back into the water, or even worse- topple over from its current position half in, half out.

But then- just about when Magpie puts her flags aside and hops in the lines of other ponies at the ropes- the ship inches forward. Slowly, at first, then faster and faster, building momentum. Soon it's rumbling along, ponies surging forward, up the beach, towards the bank of trees and shrubs and tumbledown shacks and worn dirt pathways that mark the northern edge of the portside district, the Rusty Bucket in tow. The old, alcohol-soaked hulk of a ship lurches, totters, swings to one side, bobs to the other, and eventually lands with a thump in the groove carved out for it in the sand.

Success! Gradually the crowd realizes this and cheers begin to rise! Rolodex falls quiet, staring agog. These rubes actually pulled it off! They managed to beach a perfectly floaty ship!

Whistlestop doesn't stop pulling, however. He's in the ZONE. He'll TUG. And PULL. No matter how settled it is in the sand now! Grr!

Ruby glances over her shoulder as the cheers rise from the crowds. "That was tough." she sighs heavily while relaxing; she stretches out then firmly pats the ship. "I hope this is worth it."

Zypher lands and keels over huffing, he could care less for free beer, right now, he could use water, or just a break, he doesn't even unharness himself or anything, just lays there panting for dear life.

Magpie bounces on her hooftips! "Yay us! Yay ship! Yay free beer!" she starts to take off for the Bucket itself.

Solar-Wind lands and unharnesses himself, "HEEEEY WOAH THERE BIG GUY!" He shouts out after Whistlestop, "ITs over! We're done, Good JOB!"

Windrose flops down next to Ruby. "… I'm with you leaving the actual adventure to somepony else this time though."

Ruby beams. "Maybe this one just isn't big enough for me?" teasing Windrose with a playful nudge. "I've got plenty of other adventure too." her grin broadening. "Maybe you should help me out with the foal."

The crowd begins to mill about or disperse with the main event completed. Some ponies who are sticking around to continue with work on the ship start looking for a hammer and nails, or maybe someone in charge to tell them what they should be doing; others start looking for beer. The beer itself is soon rolled out in big casks in the back of large wagons, and a crowd forms around them, lining up for their just rewards! Everybody is so elated they don't realize it wasn't on the ship and that they were LIED to.

The Rusty Bucket is swiftly anchored in place. Its keel isn't going anywhere, but strong bindings are needed to keep the ship upright between the makeshift walls of the dry dock. Ponies go to work securing them and drawing them tight, running the lines down to the beach where thick stakes await to hold powerful knots.

Rolodex watches all of this, nodding to himself. "Okay! Repair crews, you have your orders. We have the copper at the ready. Deck teams, you may resume work. Someone tell Whistlestop we're done and give him a pie. Good work, everybody!"

Magpie gets in line for the free beer. Maybe nopony will notice her. She's little and stuff.

Solar-Wind flies up and starts helping with rigging the lines from ship to shore, he's got that whole in flight advantage so he can get it done, and he's soon to work with little else on his mind but that of a few of Ruby's comments, "I'm sticking this one out too Ruby, don't think I'd do too well being cooped up in some ship, or going under water" he comments, "no airspace, no flying, only wet wet water" he shakes his head "NOOOOOWAY

Windrose side-glances at Ruby with a deadpan, "Do I really want to help you with the things that are taking up my bed space?", teasingly.

Ruby is either unaware of Maggie's intentions - or simply letting the filly do as she pleases for the moment. She continues to speak with Windrose. "You know full well no foals are occupying the bed. Maggie's comfortable i her own room, and well the foal prefers her little cave of blankets and pillows.

Zypher slowly gets up kinda woozy and tucks his wings back in then kinda waves at Ruby with a smile

Whistlestop strains! And pulls! And… "Pie?" He perks. His name and pie: match made in heaven. He starts thudding around cheerfully, failing to unhook his harness as he does so. "Oh! YAY! WE MADE IT FOR REAL THIS TIME!"

"Noooo!" A heroic unicorn leaps out of the crowd with a knife in his mouth and cuts the ropes before Whistlestop can pull something important off the ship! … or at least tries. He can't jump very far. He lands in the sand with a grunt.

The frayed ropes then burst of their own accord, unleashing Whistlestop from the ship. How marvelously convenient! The trailing rope ends then catch the heroic unicorn around the ankle, tangle up, and drag him off. "Noooo!"

Windrose rolls her eyes the other way. "Sure, ruin my attempt at humor with logic." Tsk. Then hmms. "Wasn't there suppose to be free beer or something?"

Magpie sidles her way over to the beer cart. Her horn flickers and she slips a mug off the cart. Just another unicorn having a drink, tra-la… She slinks around the side of the cart with her totally earned refreshing frosty mug of AUGH! Ponies actually DRINK this?!

Ruby non-chalantly points towards the line near the wagons. "Over there where Maggie's waiting in line." Seemingly whole-hearted unconcerned about Maggie's attempt to drink. That being said she watches as Maggie slinks off with with a mug and smirks in amusement before trotting towards the spot where Maggie snuck off to.

Nobody intercepts Magpie. The Pegasus filly she saw earlier even has a mug of her own and NOBODY is STOPPING her as she samples it and makes a face. Everybody has the right to be disgusted by the beer!

Zypher trots loosely over to where Ruby and several others have gathered and asks curiously, "Sooo, uhh, you're a fan of Pegasi Soccer?" he questions looking to her with a little bit of curiousity aparent

Magpie glares at the mug. Fine. YOu wanna do this, beer?! WE'LL DO THIS! She upends the mug.

Whistlestop wheels around and gallops toward Skyflower and her cart de sandwiches. A cartfull? FOR HIM? Don't mind if he does! He stuffs is face in, ignoring protests, to munch away.

Windrose just quirks a brow as Ruby seems unbothered by Magie getting a mug, but in the end isn't entirely surprised. "… Figures." Why would a former thief care if somepony was underaged drinking? With a shrug she goes off to get her own free mug of booze.

Groups of ponies, working under the instruction of Iron Stock, a short Unicorn mare with a deep blue coat and a dull black mane that hangs in her face, start bringing large sheets of copper plating towards the docked ship. Winter Solstice waits at the ready, back hooves encased in thick boots with metal-lined hooves. In time, the sheets are worked into place, and Winter- along with several other burly types- starts the process of nailing them in place.

Elsewhere on the ship, barnacles and algae are scraped off the hull of ship. In several places, assorted graffiti is revealed: RUSTY BUCKET RULES, CHAMPAGNE BAY SUKX. How did they manage to write that underwater? It is truly a mystery.

Ruby hovers about - intent on gathering Maggie up after she meets her match.

Zypher sneaks off and gets started with the cleaning process. "For the Harbor!" he shouts before getting down and dirty with the cleanup crew!