Runes Of Fate
IC date: Autumn 87
OOC date: 15/12/12
PCs: Rising-Chaos Quintessent-Rune Starchild Diamond-Charmer
NPCs: None
GM: None

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It's early afternoon in the harbour and the curtain of snow continues. Still, teams of workponies are out and about. On main street, the shelter from yesterday is coming together to become a full house, under the direct supervision of Rising-Chaos.

Rising Chaos steps back, the work for today is in it's final stages. The first floor is almost complete. Her involvement is no longer needed, the ponies know what to do. She is warm in her robe, which has dried out since being soaked yesterday. Chaos retires under the open tent she had set up in the street.

While Rising-Chaos suffers from the cold, other ponies seem able to more or less shrugg it off. In the case for the midnight blue - and somewhat unsteady on her legs - Quintessent-Rune it's becaus she's familiar with the cold of the deep sea. And she's wearing her warm scarf as well.

Off course, while the cold is something she can deal with for the most part, the ever-falling snow from the sullen clouds above is something she have problems with - her eyes affixed skywards as she manders across town, marveling at the frozen water falling from the sky. Her unsteady walking inevitabely brings her close to Chaos' street-side tent.

Starchild wanders about Main Street, having just stepped out of the cafe with a paper cup full of coffee in front of him. In the middle of taking a sip, he unknowingly bumps into the seapony. "My apologies," he says, not yet aware of what the stranger looks like. He takes a short glance. "Something the matter, dear?"

Diamond simply walks around in the cold air wondering what is going on in the small seaside town.

Rising-Chaos jots down the last few notes she needs for the day. "Perfect," she says to herself. She turns back to the forepony who wanders over. "You guys finish up here then go home, we'll do more tomorrow." Her job done for today she turns, abotu to go home. She spots the curious figure of Quintessent Rune and look on curiously. When Starchild bumps into the stranger Chaos settles within hearing range and waits to watch the show.

Diamond-Charmer shivers in the cold and wishes she brought her scarf and beanie

Quintessent-Rune blinked, the bump almost enough to send the suprisingly uncoordinated mare toppling over. She does manage to catch herself and turns towards Starchild, eyeing him for a moment. Then taking a step back to establish a rather desent sized area of personal space. "Quite, as well you should," said Rune, her tone of voice suprisingly tight and refined. "And no, everything's just fine. I just find myself a bit perturbed over the current…" she thought for a moment, "weather conditions."

Diamond smiles at the scene and giggles a bit quickly trying to contain it

Starchild blinks as the mare steps back. "Mhm," he mutters with curiousity. He takes a brief glance at the tent set up in the middle of the street. "Would you happen to know who lives here?" Taking some steps around it, he turns back to her. "I understand housing is rough around here, but…"

Rising-Chaos notices a mare giggling at their antics and smirks. The street theatre that is Horshoe Harbour never fails. Chaos strides towards the Starchild and Rune. "The weather is quite normal for this time of year, even if a bit rough." She gives the seapony a long, hard look. It's impossible from a glance to tell that anything is unusual about the pony, but some things just aren't right. At the question she rolls her eyes. "It's a tent I set up so I could stay dry while supervising the construction of /that/ house." She points to the mostly finished construction, still buzzing with activity.

Diamond walks up to the group "I'm really sorry about giggling before so Rising who is the house for?

Quintessent-Rune stood silent, giving Starchild a very supprised stare. Chaos' apperance, though, seems to snapp her out of it and she turns ever so slightly to face the three at the same time, backing away a bit further to make sure of it. Thus prepared she shot the house-under-construction a critical stare, and judging from the way her muzzle scrunched up ever so slightly she found it a bit lacking.

Turning her attention back to them she said, "Perhaps, but we don't usualy see weather like this from where I origionate. It's novelty, little more." She pursed her lips, eyes darting skywards once more to take in the snowfall.

Starchild gives a brief nod. "Interesting. Most interesting." He examines the construction, and turns back to Rune. "And if I may ask, where would that be, hmm?" Suddenly, he turns to face the unfamiliar unicorn as she speaks, figuring that he just didn't see her at first. "My sincerest apologies, I didn't see you there." He looks around the group once more, and extends his hoof, first at Rune. "My name is Starchild. And yours?"

Diamond looks around "Who me? I'm Diamond Charmer but just call me Diamond or Dia

Rising-Chaos goes back to glaring at rune. She doesn't like this pony's attitude at all. She notices the scarf she's wearing practically glows with magic, making Chaos raise an eyebrow. As Diamond joins the conversation she gives her a small nod and smile. "I don't know, just building the house to get the town up and running again. Hopefully it'll get a few ponies out of the snow. Pleasure to meet you Diamond." Meanwhile, she turns back to the pony who is acting very defensive. "And I am Rising Chaos, I would be very interested to elanr where you're from miss…?"

Quintessent-Rune raised a hoof to her chest. "And I'm L-…" The midnight blue mare seemed to find reson to pause, her brows furrowing up in thought. "No. I'm Quintessent-Rune, as for where the roots of my heritage lies, its none of your conce-…" A moment later she cocked her head to the side, listening to something - whatever magic found within her scarf seeming to burn even brighter now, enough for even most non-magical addepts to pick up traces off it now. "But…" Her frown deepend as she looked down at her scarf. "No! Absolutely no-…"

Rune froze in mid-speach, eyes lifting up to the trio of ponies, darting back and forth as she seems to realise just what that looked like. The hoof at her chest went all the way up to her mouth and she coughed demurely into it before letting it drop. "No, where I come from is my own bussines. Not yours."
Starchild only nods and takes a few steps back. As suspicious as the sight was, it would be best not to get in the middle of something as mysterious. "I see." His curiousity, however, persists. "Well then, what brings you to Horseshoe Harbor? I can understand if it's the charm of our town's spirit during the Winter. It's most pleasant."

Rising-Chaos is not a pony who would hesitate to interfere. She moves closer to Quintessent. "A pleasure to meet you. I do hope we can be friends." She looks the mare up and down. "Having some trouble there?"

Quintessent-Rune scrabbled backwards several step to get her personal space back. "Of course not," she said and rolled her eyes before muttering - but not quiet enough, "it's just the stupid Servant talking back at me…"

Starchild nods, thinking that he's currently in the presence of some sort of royalty. He takes some sympathetic steps back, feeling that it's best to treat her with some respect. "Fascinating," he says, somewhat off in his own world. "That is, uh," he quickly turns to the unfinished household, "the construction."

Rising-Chaos stops, it seems that won't work. She doesn't have any misconceptions about this pony. She's just another pony like anyone else. "She looks around curiously. "Servant? I see nothing…" Chaos' voice trails off as she has a suspicion.

Diamond-Charmer says "Servant? I don't see anypony with you?"

The demure, almost forcedly plesant, smile on Quintessent-Rune's muzzle widens, growing into a not-entirely-modest smile. "Well, quite. Servant is not a pony, it is a construct - a golem."
the white mare frowns "golem weren't they outlawed? … or don't you need a license for it?"
Starchild perks up for a moment now that his delusions are destroyed. "A golem? Interesting. And just what kind is it-" he stops, before adding 'that needs something from town'. It's best not to prod too much.

Rising-Chaos chuckles to herself. "True magic can never be outlawed." She raises an eyebrow, her respect for Quintessent Rune growing substantially. "My my, that is a truly magnificent scarf. I think you and I could get along very well." She turns away and walk back towards the tent, rummaging through her supplies.

Quintessent-Rune frowned at Diamond-Charmer. "Certainly not where I am from, and even if it is whoever intends to enforce it can… I beive the term is… 'go buck themselves'?" Rune raised an eyebrow at that a moment before shaking her head and focusing on Chaos. "And I don't need l-," she cut herself off before she could say land-pony, "…friends."

Starchild nods, finding the mysterious pony's behavior at least intriguing. "Well, I really should go now." Without extending a wave or hoofshake, he walks off. "I'm sorry, I really must leave."
Rising-Chaos laughs, tearing a piece of paper fomr her notebook which has her address and other contact information. She offers it to Quintessent Rune. "Call me an acquaintance then. I think you'll find that in this town, you'll want a pony on your side, miss Rune." Chaos straps on her saddlebags, she has to be going soon.

Quintessent-Rune takes the paper after a moment, not looking entirely certain. Folding it up she tucked it into her scarf, eliciting a burst of arcane energies from it - though for whatever reson is unclear. "I will keep that in mind…" she said, sounding rather suspicious, only to flinch, her ears flatteing to her head at the magical burst comming next - much like the last time her 'Servant' spoke to her. "I don't… But…! Fine, but I'm going to be going out, there's something… odd."

The midnight blue mare scowled down at her scarf for several long moments. "Fine…" came the not-silent-enough muttering as she looked up at Rising-Chaos once more. "I'll be delighted to… see… more of you in the future? Now beg your pardon, I should really be on my way." Turning down the street she set of hurriedly, wanting little more than to get away from these land-ponies. Barely civilized was what they were. Fortunately, she'd feelt a excuse to get away from the town, once there she might just be able to slip Servant a reson for her -not- to return. Getting some peace and quiet for her work would be a blessing.

Rising-Chaos watches the rather odd mare retreat. Still, the magical pulses reverberating through town have been getting more and more intense. "What a strange character," she whispers to herself. Still, anypony with the knowldge of how to make a golem could be a useful ally. Chaos shrugs, gathers her supplies and heads for home. She's going to get to the bottom of this.