Rune's Little Secret
IC date: Summer 33, 1008
OOC date: July 24, 2013
Location: Outskirts, Rune's Mansion
PCs: Gem-Song Quintessent-Rune Blast-Beat

Rune's mansion, a feature at the edge of Horseshoe Harbour for quite some while now; housing both the arcane store named Spellbound by the Bay as well as the odd 'earth pony' mare named Quintessent Rune together with her 'guests', Ocha and Gem Song.

Quintessent's been sequestering herself away on the upper floor of the wing of the house dedicated to Spellbound by the Bay with orders, on the strictest of terms, not to be disturbed. Orders that's stood for most of the week already. Still, for the other residents of the mansion life do go on…

Yes, life does indeed go on. For Gem-Song, it is currently a life filled with books and research. He is locked away in his room, muzzle buried deep in a book on ancient artifacts, with several other books stacked around him. A book fort, one could say. A book fort built for one purpose: To uncover whatever secret his 'friend' has buried in her past. He turns a page, and continues reading.

As Gem carries on his research, a loud rapping can be heard at the window. Looking back, one could see rocks and other objects being thrown in the window's direction, as well as a familiar shouting.

"Geeemmm!!!" Blast Beat stands outside the mansion, a large saddlebag strapped to his back. "Hey. You!" The earth pony pauses for a moment. "If you aren't Gem, just open the window and yell."

A window opens down one of the wings and Quintessent peers out in the courtyard of the mansion, frowning. "Blast Beat…? Would you be quiet please? Or else I shall be forced to extract your vocal cord through… Well, suffice to say, nowhere nice. Now shush!"


Gem-Song perks up. Somepony shouting, banging at the windows? What is going on out there? He quickly hides the book fort (How does one hide something so big, you ask? Why, throw a blanket over it!) and pushes the
window open. Careful not to lean too far this time, he shouts, "What the hay is going on out there?"

Blast-Beat freezes and peers around the area. "Nothing really. I think the guy a few houses down is having a shindig, but other than- oh. Right." He reaches into his saddlebag and pulls out a large, round disc in his teeth, dropping it to speak. "We got a demo. You uh… know how to make us famous with this thing?" While thinking about it, he gives the pegasus an odd look. "Oh yeah, and we don't see you that much. What's up with that?"

Gem-Song climbs out of the window, this time remembering he has wings and not falling to the ground, instead landing gracefully. Kinda. Lifting himself up off the ground, he says, "The reason you don't see me much is none of your business. Managing the band isn't the only thing in my life, you know." He picks up the disc, looking over it curiously. "So, this has your songs on it, yeah? What're you expecting me to do with it?"

Blast Beat scratches his head. "Huh… I dunno. Show it to someone. Someone with money, yeah!" Once more, he eyes the mansion. "Maybe that Rune chick would be up for like… investing… in…" The bulky pony's mind draws a blank, which is made clear in his dull expression. "So, uh… what /do/ you do besides manage us? You make your own music?"

A shocking theory strikes the earth pony. "Dude…" His expression grows grim, becoming one that has rarely been seen by the narrow-minded stallion. "Don't you tell me…" Putting a hoof to his face, he takes a deep breath. "Are you listening to hardcore punk?"

Gem-Song blinks several times. He raises a hoof and opens his mouth to make some point, but closes it again and lowers the hoof after a few moments. Then tries again. "I don't know what to say to that last thing," he says, "but yes, I make my own music, among other things. And I doubt Rune would be very interested in the kind of music you guys make, much less in /paying/ for an entire disc's worth. No offense," he adds hastily.

"So?" Blast Beat's expression barely changes in response. "It's not for everyone. Someone who hates it is just as good as a fan to us… hold up…" The stallion glances over Gem, then to the mansion, and repeats several times. "You're living with this mare… you aren't telling me what you're doing… and she didn't want me here either… Oh, man." He gives a laugh before patting the pegasus on the back. "You guys are starting a band, aren't you?"

Once more the upstairs window over Spellbound by the Bay opens, revealing Quintessent once more. Wearing a supprisingly chilly expression. "Blast Beat… I do recall asking you to kindly be quiet, I'm rather in a bit of delicate arcane engineering at the moment and you make it fairly difficult to concentrate."

Blast-Beat turns to Rune, his eyes crossed in a baffled expression. "Arcane… engines… ears…" He turns to Gem again, speaking in a whisper. "So it's experimental stuff. I'm down with that."

Quintessent-Rune shruged up in her window. "Arcane engineering. Somepony have to do it, and I must say I rather do enjoy my craft."

Gem-Song returns from his brief moment in cloudcuckooland, shaking his head. "Sorry, kinda zoned out there, what'd I miss?"

"Iunno," Blast Beat responds. He picks up the record and tosses it in front of Gem. "I gotta get going. This was kinda an errand for the guys. So I guess they think I'm coming back at some point." Trotting away with a wave, he turns back to wave at Gem and Rune. "Seeya."

Quintessent-Rune waved at Blast Beat. "We'll be seeing you later, Mr. Beat, no doubt. Now if you excuse me, I do have my experiement to return too."

Gem-Song picks up the disc, waving at Blast. "Bye," he says through the disc held in his mouth. Then he flies up to his window, drops the disc inside, and climbs back in. Shutting the windows and pulling the blanket off the book fort, he returns to his research. What was it that gray-coated unicorn said? 'Stay out of shady business like hers'? Hahaha… no.

And it would be a rather oportunity to go 'no' indeed, what with Quintessent far to caught up with… whatever it is that she does! Hay, even Servant is stuck mostly helping here out, Gem (and Ocha) practicaly have most of the house to themselves. Even the 'forbiden' rooms up the stairs and to the left; Quintesent's own suit with bedroom and bathroom.

Gem-Song, of course, being too caught up in whatever it is he's reading about this time, hasn't taken notice of this. That is, until now. If she's all the way over there… and she's very busy… maybe… He opens the door and tumbles out, making his way up to /the room/. Yes, that room. The one with the things and stuff. He stands at the door, and, trying to make as little noise as possible, opens it.

Against all expectation, the door actualy seems to be unlocked… Then again, Rune did rather disincentivice snooping, and needing keys to get into your own room, in your own house, is kinda a bother really. Either way, the door opens with a soft click and a groan - though there's nopony (or golem) around to hear it. The room beyond is sizeable indeed, and decorated in what is primarily rich blues. In stark contrast with the rest of the mostly bare mansion there's thick carpets on the floor, a pair of small coffee tables with seats, bookcases of dark oak and full of books, a very un-used looking fireplace, a writing desk with parchment and quills and inks (blue ink, obviously). And a big, princess-sized bed, looking completely unused. There's even a layer of dust on it.

Gem-Song looks pleasantly surprised at the door being open. Of course, nopony else is around to see that. He looks around the room. What… why is this room so… so… castle-ish? This is why the rest of the house is so bare! Because everything's crammed in here! He wanders around the room, hovering just above the floor to minimise noise there as well. The slight gust from his wings throws some of the dust on the bed off. Why is the bed covered in dust? This whole room looks unused! Everything's in here, and it's never been used. What is this, a bedroom, or a storage compartment? He decides to look over the bookshelf. Maybe there's something over here…

The bookshelves seems to be one of the more commonly used places, together with the writing desk. The books it seems to hold are spectacularly weird though, ranging from 'Marelinian Rune Structures and Their Uses In Modern Enchantment' to 'The Battles of Blackfathom Deeps' and even 'The Compendium of Oceanic Artefacts'.

There's also a odd space put off for other stuff too, seeming to be primarily containing a small case containing what looks like jewelry - all featuring a version of the symbol that's so prominantly featured on Rune's scarf and her armor and clothes once she does dress up - and a picture turned face down. It seems to portray a mature couple with nobal bearing imposed upon a background of impossible spires and towers and the night sky - though one without much of any light other than what streams up from the impossible city. The closest spire seems too, once more, feature the symbols so common around Rune's personage…

Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much of interest in the bookcase, or the room. There's the writing desk with it's quills and papers, and there's the doors - one leading into a empty walk-in closet by the look of it, the other must lead to Rune's private bathroom.

Gem-Song takes another quick look over the shelf. All these books… they talk about seaponies! Could she… Gem. What. No, she can't. She isn't. What are you thinking. He picks up the jewelry, looking over it. He glances at the picture. What does it all mean? She can't… no… why would she… argh! Dangit, Gem, what are you doing, do you want to be evicted, get out of there! …no. I /will/ figure this out. He looks over the writing desk, and, preferring not to disturb that too and risk a higher chance of her finding out he'd been snooping around in there, he moves onto the doors. Closet… nothing of note. Moving on, other door. Oh my. What do we have here?

Bathroom. And where the bedroom seems rarely used, short of a odd letter writen or books used… the bathroom, on the other hoof… The room is tiled with soft shades of blues - once more - and seems to have a dissproportionate amount of furnishing which seems to include another small bookcase with more of the mystery books, a vanity, clothes hangers, a small basket with a fish-plushy shaped impression… and the bathtub.

If the bed was princess-most-everything-ish, the bathtub is princess-sized and queen-quality stuff; the rim is thick and broad, and seems to be laden with candles, scrolls and pictures, though suprisingly enough not particularly much in soaps, as one might suspect in a fancy mare's bathroom, and the objects one can spy onder the kinda-cold surface of the water raises… implications. There's blankets and pillows there, as if a place for somepony to languish in comfort, and several books - books that seems suprisingly water resistant.

One picture in particularly seems very incriminating, one featuring a younger Rune together with a younger stallion with very similar coulours (a brother perhaps?) in front of the very same spire as before. In the picture, both ponies seem fairly 'normal', as normal as Rune can be anyway… with the exeption of their sineous and long tails end in blue-black fins…

Gem-Song hovers around the bathroom, looking at the various objects. A bookcase in the bathroom? Who puts a bookcase in the bathroom? …somepony who likes reading in the tub? There. That explains that. Moving on. Blankets. Pillows. Candles. Scrolls. And what is that under the water? He looks through the pictures. Who… no… no, it can't be… but… it is… she's… The picture slips out of his hooves, almost falling straight into the tub. He gives a little startled yelp, and flails around, hoping, through blind luck, to catch it. It lands on the surface and slowly sinks down. Oh no, no, no, no. This raises two options. One: reach around under the water to retrieve it, making more noise, and… yeah, let's not think about /those/. Or two: get out of there, pretend it never happened, hope and pray she never finds out. And, of course, being the sensible and completely logical pony he is, he chooses option one. Reaching around under the water, he picks up the photo, stuffs it into his scarf (he was wearing it the whole time really), and flies out. He closes the door behind him, not even caring about not making noise now, and runs out of the bedroom.

Oh, golden eyes, right by the bedroom door. Very, -very- unamused golden eyes. The kind that'd make ponies drop down dead if looks could kill. "Gem Song," said Quintessent Rune, her voice tightly controled and icy cold, "I can't help but notice that my protective enchantments found somepony invading my privacy by tresspassing in my sanctuary. And I can't help but to notice your pressence within my room…"

Oh, /no/. Gem. Now you /really/ messed up. He freezes, unable to do anything but emit small squeaks that were clearly meant to represent speech for a few seconds, then not even bothering to try and communicate. He turns around to look at her, tears beginning to form in his eyes. Why did you think this was a good idea, Gem? That unicorn warned you. And now it's cost gonna cost you your home. And one of the few friends you have in this town. "I-I-I'm s-sorry," he squeaks. "I'm s-so sorry…"

Quintessent-Rune cocked her head ever so slightly to the side, giving Gem Song a very level stare. This is where she'll explode, any moment now… "Perhaps," she said after a moment, "though I do not see how such a sentiment would change what have happen and the course of events you have brought onto yourself as it were. The rules I gave you very quite specific, rules you have broken through willfully ignoring them - an act that I am afraid I can't tolerate within my domain."

Quintessent half-turned to peer at Servant floating behind her. "Servant, kindly escort Mr. Song of the premises and then deposit whatever lugage he have by the gates." There's no explotion of temper. Instead there's just straightforward damage control, done with the customary emotionless, pretty, practicedly plesant smile.

Gem-Song is not doing anything at this point, only standing there, completely still. He seems to be trying hard to keep himself from completely breaking down.

Quintessent-Rune's eyes followed Servant as the plushy floated over and bumped against Gem Song to rouse him. An eyebrow raised slightly at the stallions inactivity. "What did you expect me to do considering you breaking the rules which I had set, Mr. Song? One does not turn a blind eye too acts such as betrayal - and make no mistake, this is what you have done - for it is the most surefire way to lose what you have and what you cherish. I am rather comfortable with my life here, and I would rather keep it, and having you snooping is counterproductive to that."

Quint's head turned towards the stairs, and she gave them a slight nod. "I supose I should have known better than to trust you to the degree I have. I cannot fathom what foolishnes lead me to belive I could let my guard down and to think everypony is, indeed, not out to get something from me. Now leave."

Shaking, Gem starts walking in the direction Servant is urging him to go.

Quintessent-Rune's head turned, golden eyes tracking Gem's progress disspasionately for a few moments before she turned towards Servant. "See him outside, drop of his things. Then return to the laboratory," Quint said stiffly before turning and striding away. "We have work to do, despite treacherous dirt ponies."

As she dissapeared around the bend Servant seemed to turn it's attention back towards Gem Song, floating back and forth next to him like a mother hen or somesuch. -It- liked Gem, and judging by the way it moved was sad to see him go.

Gem-Song is just walking along, down the stairs and to the front door.

Sparing a quick glance back, he opens the door and steps out. He looks up at the large manor, then walks away. Once he is at a suitable distance from the house, he rummages around in his scarf, and pulls out the photo. He holds it in his hooves and emits a slight giggle, which grows to full-on insane laughter as he considers the possibilities. Everypony will know! Every/one/ will know! Your little secret will become common knowledge! And there's nothing you can do about it! Just you wait, Rune. Just you wait…