Ruby in Red
IC date: Autumn 41, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 30, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Plot-Twist
NPCs: Tom, Nightmare's Eyes, Nightmare's Will
GM: Siyana, Gamble

Ruby-Blossom huffs adorably before peeling backing the hood of her thermal suit cold hair hitting in the face like a well-placed hoof; emphasizing the bruises and cuts on her face. This is no doubt as dumb an idea as what just transpired. and with that the mare is off towards the reinforced encampment her intention to avoid the undead, guards, AND Tom; in hopes of having a friendly chat with Will. Somepony must be delusional.

The base, meanwhile, is very busy. The immediate blood trail has been cleared away, sending the zombies meandering in the intermediate wastes looking for more food. Many of them have had some lovely red snowcones, but alas, that's not very satisfying to a hungry zombie.

The lone figure coming up that way sure is, though, if they can get a bead on her!

As for the rests of the camp, the guards are making sure fortifications are solid, tents are defended, and rebels aren't about to spring up suddenly; a contingent of seven shadowbolts are flocking in the sky, watching overhead; and foot soldiers are milling about, alert but getting things like chores done in the camp.

Let's not forget Tom. Tom is out and about, circling the camp in lazy circles just outside the flock of Shadowbolts. Occasionally he lands inside the camp, presumably to take a breather from the constant vigilance of flying around, and at one point he may have even stopped to chomp a zombie what got too close to the base.

Dragons are, after all, great deterrents to all things living and undead.

This also most likely means that a certain prissy General is 'home' in the camp…

Ruby-Blossom stays low and alert - carefully making her way to edge of the camp while avoiding patrols of Thunderbolts and zombies; during the heat of battle she often wishes she was built like Winny - but not at a moment like this - pie-plate hooves simply are not meant for sneaking. The lone mare in her white snowsuit cautiously peeks about before sneaking past the utmost perimeter.

Certainly this has to be dumbest, okay second dumbest thing you've ever done, Ruby. the mare whisper well-under her breath inaudible; she certainly learned lessons from her last trip and intends not to make the same mistakes; such as being tripped over!

The edge of camp now has rows of crisscrossed spears creating a perimeter wall, preventing easy infiltration. At each entrance is a pair of guards, and a group of soldiers not far besides. This will not be an easy trip.

Ruby-Blossom harumphs softly at the spears - gently nudging them before glancing left than right; difficult is an understatement. Carefully the mare observes from the darkest points along the wall - watching, waiting for an opportunity to slip past one of the patrols. (This might not be worth the trouble, Ruby…) She begins to re-consider the situation as a whole; is talking to Will even a viable option?

The spears wobble a little at her nudging; they haven't had time to really sink them in hard. It's been sort of a scramble, really. The wall of spears continues along, behind the tents, around the camp, and back to the entrance.

A few moments of ponder give way to poor judgement as Ruby attempts to pull a single spear free - just squeeze through and stick it back in the hole; solid plan right? She keeps her attention spread between the task at hand, and her surroundings - she's used to infiltrating places where ponies don't want her while avoiding guards; how is this any different? Oh, right Zombies and death.

It seems like a sound enough plan! Or well timed at least, because it works flawlessly. The spear is replanted just as it was, just as a patrol starts to come by, not even giving the spot Ruby snuck past a second look. So now? Now there's tents inside. And soldiers still milling about, with a set guarding the two royal-looking tents set side by side to one another. They're roughly the same size, which is still bigger than the others in the camp. Which one will the mysterious sneaking mare try to infiltrate?

Ruby-Blossom sneaks to a dark corner where she quietly eyes the tents - looking for that little extra something that might tip her off to the owner. Of course she mustn't linger, and thus begins to weave her way through the tents; quick, careful, and quiet are among her priorities as she moves with the sole intent of being unseen, and unheard. The mare heading towards the tent she perceives to be Will's! Sneak, sneak, sneak goes the thief mare.

Inside that tent is a war meeting. At a low table is seated six ponies, all pegasi, all guards, except for the seventh: the eyepatched general mare. She leans over the map on the table, squinting considerably with her one eye as she thinks. She points to a place.

"Ah, yes. That's a good consideration," a steel blue colt at her side proclaims. "There are mines that direction. If we can step up production, we could have far more supplies and materials than their rebel base within two months." The general nods slowly, deep in thought, before her eye flicks up to the entrance of the tent.

The stealth mare peeks oh so carefully into the tent - quickly realizing she's chosen…poorly, however the conversation is clearly /something/ she needs to hear! It's all good and well until..

"…" The general blinks, and scrutinizes Ruby for a moment before nudging her nearest compatriot and hoof-signing something. The steel blue colt, let's call him Peony, watches, then asks, "Commander Will, Commander Eyes would like to know what you're doing in that outfit of all things?"

Ruby is quite suddenly put on the spot, and is forced to muster up every scrap of Will knowledge she has to accompany her impersonation of the 'delightful' mare. An adorable "Harumph." is followed by a haughty glare towards the Peony. "Because /somepony/ forgot to bring my replacement winter wardrobe after those ruffians stoooole all my belongings." head tilting to oneside while her eyes roll in a slow upwards arch. "The thought of those filthy beasts soiling my precious wardrobe is simply dreadFUUUULLLL." hoping to really sell it - surely Commander eyes is the luckiest pony in the room if she doesn't have to endure this.

Eyes watches her carefully, narrowing a little in thought. She hoof-signs at Peony. "Commander Eyes says that you're looking ill today, and that perhaps you should go lie down." Eyes nudges him, and signs a little more. "No offense meant, of course," he adds. "You're just acting a little… Well, off." Sign sign sign. "Would you like a pair to accompany to your tent?"

All the other ponies around the table look between Eyes and Will, confused, and squinting, like they're trying to see it. They all fail to.

Another haughty little 'harumph' "I'd much prefer you send somepony to retrieve my Winter Collection; this /years/ Winter Collection." turning to trot out of the tent while mumbling. "Honestly, those fashions are so last year…" hoping her bluff will hold long enough to get out of that uncomfortable situation so she can proceed to Will's tent.

Eyes strokes her grey nose, watching her leave. But she must have done something right, because no one at the table gets up to follow.

Ruby-Blossom takes a tad more care when peeking into the next tent - surely this will be the right one; but she'd prefer anymore mishaps! Quietly she peeks into the tent; if Will isn't feeling well maybe she'll be asleep? Priority 1: Identify the situation.

Will is, however, feeling fine. She had several days worth of sleep. She doesn't need any more. If anything she's so full of energy right now that she's pacing! Back and forth, forth and back, back and forth, in front of her most loyalish of captains. "Honestly… They had /no/ idea how to treat a captive of /my/ quality. No finely furnished rooms, no comfortable interrogation chairs, not even a single plush torture device. Just darkness and sleep. You'd think they were raised by brutes or something!" Pace, pace, pace. "And the /foals/! So many foals! It was like a foal haven in there! It stunk of laughter and goodwill and /joy/! It was so…" she struggles to find the right word, pausing in front of Plot to make obscure gestures. "…so…happy!"

"M'Lady I doubt they have any civility." Freshly stitched Captain Plot Twist stands in her commander's tent. There is a strange fidget in her usual iron clad posture. "If they keep that many foals they are obviously spending too much resources on toys or something." she clears her throat and nudges her pack full of reports. "Thanks to your cunning though we now know where their base is. We have picked out at least one of their scouting parties. We also have reports of an intelligent Zombie M'LAdy."

The impostor pony watches quietly and carefully from the shadows - the perfect hiding spot away from the flap of the tent; it couldn't be more pefect! That is until the mare very unexpectedly sneezes - loud enough to draw Plot and Will's attention - but far from disturbing enough to draw attention from any other camp occupants.

Will stops her pacing, ears perked and head whipping around towards the origin of the sound. Sneeze? In her tent? "Who dares! I told the guards do not disturb! That means nobody! NOBODY!"

Plot Twist's ears turn to the sound head following at as well. Its one of those moments she expects to be chewing out a green Bolt, really she hasn't had this many internal issues to be expecting a spy right in Will's tent. Least as all see Will hiding in Will's tent. "M'Lady." she points at the impostor. "You appear to be disturbing yourself." it takes all of her will to keep from laughing. "Would you like me to take you into custody?" tilting her head curiously.

Ruby applies a hoof to her own forehead realizing she has two choices - run or talk; and it's likely she'd outrun a bunch of fliers without resorting to some nasty tricks. She'll need to thank Fizzy for supplying her with nasty tricks later! The mare suddenly squeezing into the tent and flailing her hoofs "I just came to talk. So can we refrain from the killing or screaming?" This is the /second/ time this impostor has graced Will with her presence, but the impostor still has a long, lavish mane - unlike the real mare!. "I know this is totally a bad idea, but I was hoping we could be civilized about all this, M'lady." *squee* grin ensues - optimism!

But the real mare /does/ have a long, lavish mane! And nary a blemish on her beautiful glittering coat! Prancing about in her fancy, fuffy, royalesque robes and everything. She glares /daggers/ at the face that almost belongs in a mirror. Daggers of poisionous venomous death! "YOU!" she shrieks, her horn instantly aglow! "YOU! How did you GET here!? How did you get in my tent!? Civil? Does THIS look civil to you!?"

The glamor comes off! Her mane is /ruined/. So is her coat. It's just a couple seconds, before the pristine image returns to the evil unicorn, her head lowered, "Captain Twist. Apprehend this fiend so that we might 'talk'. Civilly. If she resists, kill her."

Ruby continues to hold both hooves in front of her in a defensive manner. "I'd be happy to help you with your coat and mane! I'm actually a professional back home!" her explaination cut short as Plot turns to pounce on her - the mare quickly blurting out. "She's a spy!" while pointing to Plot. "She gave us the details of your encampment which is why I've been able to sneak in repeatedly! Why else do you think she let prisoners escape, and let the scouting party go earlier!?"

"By your will." The audible sound of sharpened metal flying from from its sheath is heard, two blades spring from their place on her legs as the Shadowbolt leaps in mid pounce. Its about time she proves why she is a Captain. A flash of a blade the tent is cut open dropping down atop Ruby, then in turn landing on her. Trying as she may to tie her up in the tattered remains of the tent side. "Surrender … peacefully, or I slit your throat." the captain grunts. "And if you are Will the real Will need do nothing but give me a command." smiling as the fake clearly does not know exactly why she is called Nightmare's Will.

Ruby-Blossom whines adorably from under the collapsed tent. "Think about it, if I was your enemy I would of stabbed you the first night we met! I clearly have not intent of harming you!" Okay, this is no longer the second worst idea she's ever had it's by far the worst. The mare squirming softly but generally not resisting. Can't we just be civil about this? I'll give you a proper spa treatment even! You can't possibly get /that/ out /here/."

Nightmare's Will keeps right on glaring, stepping her way around her tent to see if her minion can overpower a doppelganger. "Really… The /real/ me wouldn't stoop to spying in other pony's tents. Such a commoner thing to do." Seeing as their 'guest' isn't struggling all that much, Will allows herself to step closer, her glowing horn grabbing hold of a convenient length of ribbon from her nearby beauty desk. "Keep her pinned, Captain, we need her good and trussed up before we can 'talk'."

As the ribbon floats down, guided by Will's horn, to see about doing just as she's promised, she offers a little chat. Just a little. "You snuck into my tent, with a /sleeping poison/. How 'not enemy' is that? You clearly aren't my friend!"

Ruby-Blossom chimes in retort to Will. "Which is why I came to apologize, and talk things through." the other mare wines. "If I was an enemy I would had a knife, not a sleeping drought." she protests. It's not like they'd exactly let me walk in and just talk to you, or schedule an appointment. A heavy sigh ensues. Can't we all just relax, and talk this through? I can do your mane, your coat, even a manicure but I can't do any of those things if you marehandle me like this~" the very last word exactly like Will would whine.

Plot Twist has the little spy mummified in the tent quickly, using some of the frill and decorative rope that hung from it to keep it tied nice and tight. "D-did you want me to put her in one of your …" Will has always been known for her interesting torture. "You know weird leather things?" the Captain grunts not really sure what they would be called. "I mean the tent bits kinda count as trussed right?" nor as it appears is she too familiar with how one trusses up someone else. Meanwhile her foreleg pins the impostor down by the neck. Ears pulling back at the 'whine'. "Please can I just slit her throat M'Lady?"

The ribbon Will uses finishes what Plot starts, ensuring the mare's legs won't be going anywhere too quickly without the General's say so. "…No, no throat slitting yet." she sighs, her horn glowing brighter to envelop both Plot and Ruby in a glow. She levitates the both of them up, drifting the pair to a conveniently placed cushion, at least showing a hint of good hostessness in allowing Ruby to be tied up and pinned down on something other than ice and permafrost. "…But if she tries to escape, you're free to do what you need to in order to make sure she doesn't."

Will then hops into a glorious pile of extremely comfortable-looking cushions, curling within them in her luxurious robe. Ahhhh so much comfort. Who says the wasteland has to be cruel and unforgiving? "Now… I don't believe you. Just to throw that on the table. And I'm not likely to believe whatever you think is going to convince me that you're somehow /not/ allied with those cretins in that creepy underground hole you call home. But I'm feeling generous today. I'll give you one chance to explain yourself before I make you one of mine and be done with it." She studies the end of one of her hooves. "So start talking…"

Ruby-Blossom is clearly weighing her options - she's been tied up better than this - that one time in Hoofton, that was one wild night; but now isn't the time to reminisce. "I apologize that we haven't had proper time to be familiar. But I'm sure you'll admit I'm not like your usual wasteland pony, no? Neither down-trotten or devoid of will?" Hoping to use words that resonate with her captor. "I'm simply not content to curl up in some hole, and wait for the end." Certainly one must admit she's far more lively than the local ponies, right?

Ruby continues "Would a wasteland pony know how to give a proper manicure or foil your mane, hmm?" Of course it's unlikely she'll be able to prove she has such a skill. "The fact of the matter is those ponies kidnapped me, and my friends. We haven't had much choice in the matter since. Live with them or wander into the aimless wastes? Truly an dilemma only an uncivilized pony could concoct."

The Captain gives a saddened sigh but doesn't move her blade from about her captive's neck, all she has to do is twitch and its over. She keep quiet and lets the little spy speak her mind. Waiting for the right moment that will let this trouble just end and let her day continue. Keeping still even when her squirming, no 'accidental' murder today. "Why don't you at least show enough respect to show your face to the one who's have your life in her hooves."

"Oh I /see/!" Nightmare's Will says, in her sweetest, most insincere condescending tone. "Kidnapped! Held against your will! Forced to work for these heathens! So your answer to this, your only course of action, is to run into the tent of one of the most feared ponies to walk the planet and attempt to /take her place/?" …No, it's not that hard to jump to that kind of conclusion. Sleep poison, plus Convincing Lookalike, equals total bait-and-switch plot.

"I mean, I understand why you would want to be me. Especially after being subjected to that miserable pit. But surely if you wanted our attention so badly you could have come up with something a little less threatening and a little more subservient to our cause."

Again the prissy pony studies her hooves. She gets a wistful look to her. That offer of a makeover /is/ tempting. "…If your skills really are as good as you say, maybe I should just claim you and get it over with. You can be my personal stylist forever~"

Ruby-Blossom teasingly chimes in reply to Plot-Twist's little demand. "I don't take requests from underlings." emphasizing the last part - surely much to Captain Plot-Twist's displeasure. Beautiful ruby-red eyes paying no attention to Plot, focused solely on Will. "I'm afraid to admit you severely over-estimate my ambitions. I'm certainly not naive enough to believe I could ever replace you. I'll openly admit I chose this form full-well knowing it would keep horrors away, why settle for a filthy costume when you can pretend to be royalty for a week, hmm?

"I must admit it's a real shame that a gem as beautiful as yourself is subjugated to the darkness. I've heard that jewels shine most brightly in the right light. Hard to imagine you being any more beautiful…"

If anything scares the captain more is that there could be two of them. Two Nightmare's Will, in close proximity, WHINING. Its enough to send her into a psychotic rage if it wasn't for that handy dandy mind control. The only two cents she can offer through all this talk that wont get her tail in a twist is to remind the captive just who is in control of the situation at the end of the day. The blade presses in a little harder, fur and skin cut, not even any blood on the blade, just a slightest sliver of red. "Careful, no wiggling …" wiggle or not who is to really tell?

Nightmare's Will is…nodding? And smiling. Is that a good sign? "You left out the part where you've been secretly building a shrine of me in the snow outside your creepy little hole in the ground that you pay silent worship to every day as you sit and stare off in the horizon towards Canterlot, wistfully wishing you could be free from the chains of imprisonment…" She starts to stand up in her pillows, her voice rising. "…at the hands of an /old coot/, a /paranoid unicorn/, and a /bunch of kids!/" she ends, her voice a shrill shout! Glare!

But the moment passes, and her finely pampered rear touches back down into the cushions. "…I'll admit that behemoth of a pony you have for a door guard, and that adorable ice witch are great candidates for potential kidnappers. Unfortunately my intelligence says they came from the same place /you/ did." Will's horn begins to glow again. "Enough lies, foolish mare. Tell me why you're /here/ or I'll take your mind and find out /my/ way!"

Ruby-Blossom attempts to lean back just a little - after all hard to talk when somepony is jamming blade into your throat - she locks eyes with Will; the bound mare certainly appears willful to say the least. "I'm from an Equestria where the sun shines, and Celestia rules side-by-side with her sister. A world that is alive, and beautiful; not like this forsaken rock." She just stares at the powerful, evil Canterlot pony. "Honestly it makes me kind of sad - knowing you'll never feel the warm glow of the sun, or the true beauty of night; all you've got is this soulless wasteland." an adorable scoff. "Those base ponies might a tad daft, and may not have all the luxuries; but at least they've got each other." her eyes remain fixated on Will. "They call you Nightmare's Will? So she tells you this is the best way to live, and you just accept that - clearly you are /her/ will, a nameless puppet."

It's out of this captains hooves. Thankfully she hasn't fallen for this nonsense and is starting to take things to its natural end. The bald turns letting the flat press its cold metal into the wound and force her neck back far enough its painful, making perfectly sure she can stare into the hay that is her Lady's soulless eyes. Still there is a pit in her stomach, her words make her relax if juuust a little. Warmth is a unknown to those out born in the wastes, it would be so nice.

Will goes silent for a long moment, studying Ruby's eyes after this last mass of words. She purses her lips, close to a pout, then nods her head once, briefly. "Yes, I think that's what I was waiting for." Again she rises, the prissy unicorn starting to move from her cushions, closer to the one with the tied up mare. "Spoken like a true ignorant creature. One whom has seen only one side of the story. One who has yet to behold the glory that is our Queen…or the terror that is Her wrath. Oh but don't worry." Will sounds cheerful! Her horn glows brighter. "You'll see her soon enough, my dear. Maybe you'll even be chosen to do her mane if she likes what you've done to mine. Oh and speaking of puppets…" Cruel blue eyes glare down at Captain and Captive alike. "…I think it's time you became one. Any last words of your own?"

Ruby cheerfully chimes "Really going to just mind control a pony from another world /without/ sending her to your Queen? That's a blunder if I've ever heard one, I mean…" leaning back as far as possible "I'd hate to be the pony who made this choice, I mean alternate realities and stuff really seem like a Queen level decision to me." Of course, if this doesn't sink in - her alternate plan is all-ready now!

"I don't think you quite understand how my magic works, darling." Will notes, dipping her head with full intent on touching that horn, and its magical spell, to the otherworldly pony.

That's enough of that - one pony intently focused on her blade, and the other solely focused on making dim-witted puppet; speaking of dimwits Plot's head is suddenly pulled right into Will's dangerously close horn. Ruby pulling Plot's forehead into the mind-numbing horn and slipping downwards out of the cozy wrapping - all in one fluid motion! Her hope is that plot will be momentarily stunned! The mare tapping Will on the shoulder before crying adorably "Apologies!" attempting to sock Will as hard as possible - right in the horn; snowsuit insulating her from that horrible magic. Angry mare punch? Dice say yes; hopefully she can put a long-term damper on that sick and twisted power. "I really would have done your mane!" she cries as her hoof slams into the unicorn's horn.

Such a sneaky attack! Will was caught off-guard! Apparently everypony was. Once more Will finds herself taking a hoof to the head when all is said and done, the unicorn's magic blinking out, and Will herself falling backwards into her cushion pile again. "Augh! You…horrible, horrible beast! You're not a pony! You're a writhing monster from the depths of Tartarus itself! All you otherworld ponies are total brutes!"

A spike to the head would have hurt allot more if there wasn't numbing magic. Falling onto the mountain of pillows the captain is saved from the worst of it, getting a eye full of Will getting some come-upence. Shaking her head as she sets up a green-ish glow fading from within her goggles. "M-mlady …" spell driven concern forcing her up from simply watching and getting into the fray. "Come back here you spy!"

Will's audience consists of a lone numb-minded pegasus in need of a bib - Ruby has no plans of sticking around. The mare making a mad dash towards one of the gates skidding a stop as she notices a pile of crates marked 'Dangerous' and 'Explosive'; consider mine production halted! Ruby tosses a hoof full of fire bombs into the crates before making a mad dash to the pegasi guarded entrance. The mare zipping by the unsuspecting guards whilst blurting. Hi! Gotta run! Might want want to duck!

KABOOM! - A deafening explosion likely takes half the camp with it while hurling spears and unsuspecting pegasi in all directions. Free explosions with included with every Horse Harbor Pony!

With that level of chaos Ruby should hopefully be without pursuer which is great because that was scary as all hay.

Cue Wilhelm scream~