Royal Blush
IC date: Winter 9
OOC date: 28/12/12
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus
NPCs: None
GM: None

Nothing can keep good ponies down for long. Even though the scary storms and strange phenomena, ponies are starting to leave their houses and business around town is returning to normal. Even if the streets aren't bustling, at least they're alive. Little islands of calm emerge, where lives continue as usual.

Rising Chaos trots back towards her house, which has finally emerged to become one of those islands of sanity. There's certainly no spring in her step, and she still hasn't regained her composure from before this all started. However, for the first time in a while, she's holding her head up high, and there's even a faint smile on her face. Something obviously has her in a good mood. With some difficulty, thanks to the supplies in her mouth and her continued inability to use her magic, she noses her way in through the door.

Sometimes there are pleasant surprises. Like the warm smell that greets Rising Chaos as she enters the door. Flavouring spices have been blended with fruit juices into something welcoming.

Rising-Chaos smiles, there are worse things to come home to indeed. Placing her bags on the floor near the stairs and moves in to the kitchen. Where else would that smell be coming from?

Well, yes, that is where the smell is coming from. More specifically it is coming from a crock pot on the counter, left unattended. It is under the cabinet that holds the mugs and cups. Oh, and someone cleaned up the kitchen when Rising Chaos wasn't looking.

Rising-Chaos looks at is curiously. She hasn't used the thing in a long time, the clean kitchen isn't so surprising, it gets cleaned regularly. It's safe to assume that Gravity was around earlier. Still, the crock pot smells good, and it's /her/ house. So, seeing no danger, Chaos trots up to it, and looks in.

The dark interior glaze of the container prevents one from seeing the colour of the fluid. But there is an orange floating in it. Dark things seem to have been plunged into the orange.

Rising-Chaos peers in, seeing the orange. Well isn't that strange. At first she's tempted to mess with it, take a closer look. Still, she remembers just who she's sharing a house with, and decides not to. She turns around and scans the room for any pony who may be hiding. "Miss Rune? Sky?" There's a pause, then she goes for a wilder guess. "Windrose?"

Oh go on, take a drink! What's the worst that can happen? It smells mostly of apple cider, anyway.

Against any kind of common sense or better judgement, a little voice in the head fo rising Chaos is telling her to take a drink. Because honestly, what pony in her house would poison her? She turns back to face the crock pot and takes the lib off. The problem of actually drinking vexes her for a moment, in the end she gets a ladle and cup. After only spilling a little bit, she has a taste ready to go. Cautiously, she drink the liquid, what harm could possibly come of it?

THOU HAST DI- *ker-brick!*

No! Bad narrator! Stick with the script!

What Rising Chaos drinks is just a concoction of apple cider, mixed with cranberry juice, spiced with the orange, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon. And it's very tasty hot.

Rising-Chaos savours the taste, but is still confused. I mean, I guess it's not poison but that leaves every single option open ever. There are, however, more important things than the mystery of the crock pot, so she goes to retrieve her bags. There's a patient upstairs that needs tending to.

Queen can be found stashed away in Rising's bedroom - the heavily battered mare left to recuperate while Rising ran her errands - which may or may not include kissing more stallions. The pink pegasi has managed to keep herself busy with various books again today - after all not exactly like she has anything better to do.

Rising-Chaos has not been kissing anypony, and that's the way she likes it. Supplies in mouth she starts to trot up the stairs. She'll figure out who was using the kitchen later.

*crack-BOOM!* There is a flash of light along with the thunder as Sky Sparkler arrives via the pegasus door, caked-on snow falling from her parka as she jogs towards the kitchen… Of course, there's a chance she might run into Rising Chaos on the way up.

Well, there's only one set of stairs, so there is bound to be a collision. Rising Chaos has only enough time between the noise and seeing the mare to think. As her ex-assistant comes in to view she pauses. "Sky Sparkler? what are you doing?" There doesn't seem to be quite enough room to fit them both at once, but Chaos looks game to try.

Certainly the noise coupled with Chaos' delay is enough for Queen to drag herself from bed so she can check on her..well… minion, yes we'll say minion. The mare managing to get out of bed and onto all fours - shakily making her way to the bedroom door to peer into the hallway. "Rising?"

"Freezing!" Sky Sparkler says by way of partial explanation, not yet noticing Queenie yet in her own haste to get to the warm warm kitchen. She doesn't seem to really register Rising Chaos yet, as she tries to push past

Rising-Chaos squeezes to let Sky Sparkler through. "Well okay, that explains nothing. Have fun?" Shaking her head at the mare's silliness, she trots upstairs, thinking she head the Queen. She's correct, spotting the mare looking out in the hallways. "Are you alright?" She rushes over and gives Queen Pegasus a nuzzle. "Why aren't you in bed?"

Queen takes several steps back as Rising nears the bedroom door - only to find her rear legs give out on the third; sending her awkwardly onto her flank. "You didn't come right upstairs and then there was a loud noise - clearly I had to ensure you were alright." reaching down to rub one of her rear legs with her good hoof. "Who was that other mare?"

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Sky Sparkler has poured herself a large mug of the hot wasail, and is chugging it. Snow falls to the floor as she shrugs off the parka. It's not tidy, but it is WARM.

Rising-Chaos moves in to the room, putting the bags down. "I'm fine my Queen, thank you for your concern. That was just Sky sparkler, a long time resident and acquaintance of mine. I have no idea what she's doing, however." Turning to rummage in the bags she brought home. From them she pulls another potion. "Here, take this. It's not as strong as the first one I gave you, but it should help."

After a moment the mare manages to drag herself back to bed and take a seat before accepting the potion. A quizzical look forms on Queen's face before flat out asks. "Have I abused this one?" Even if she had - it's unlikely she'd remember somepony so insignificant to her.

Rising-Chaos moves over and hugs the Queen. "I don't think so, perhaps you should meet her?" The idea of one of her friends actually LIKING Queen Pegasus is an attractive idea indeed.

Queen sneers oh so slightly at Rising's suggestion - but not as much as would be expected. "Very well. Please ensure she's respectful - battered or not, I'm no common mare." chin held high even as she takes the healing draught.

In truth, they haven't even met. But, now re-warmed, Sky Sparkler can come back up the stairs, to make sure she has the door closed, and see what Rising Chaos was up to.

Rising-Chaos smiles, prancing back a bit and bowing. "Of course, my Queen." She returns to the mare's side to offer support. "Let us see what she's up to." The healing potion should make it easier for the queen to walk, but won't knock her out, it was a lucky find.

Begrudgingly Queen gets to her hoofs with Rising's assistance. "Very well." Strange how things change: from the things she'd do to the mare to the things she'll do for the little unicorn mare. "I hope she's far more respectful than your other pegasi friend."

Rising-Chaos giggles a bit, very pleased about this. "Sky may be on the weather team, but she's no pegasus." She helps Queenie out the door and in to the hall way. The problem of stairs awaits them, which should be interesting. Hopefully Sky will come upstairs and say hi, that would be helpful.

Well, before the stairs are an issue, Sky Sparkler rounds the corner. "Sorry for that, just after that shift dealing with the clouds, I was nearly frozen," she says to Rising Chaos. "And… I don't think I've met you," she says to the pegasus.

Queen - the tall, pink, and one eyed pegasi pirate quietly stares at Sky-Sparkler, and the unicorn didn't go shooting her mouth off to start - that's a plus. "Queen-Pegasus. I believe you would consider me…Rising's…lover?" Way to jump right into making things awkward! "Sky-Sparkler is it?" curiously looking the unicorn over. "How interesting."

"Her lo-wha?" Sky Sparkler doesn't have anything against femslash relationships, she just was completely unprepared for this revelation in any way, shape, or form. Her expression has one eye squinting, the other widened broadly, as her mouth hangs open.

Well that's one way to introduce yourself. Rising Chaos is immediately reduced to blushing at queen Pegasus' assertion. If she wasn't supporting the mare, she would probably sink to the floor. Still, she /is/ supporting the mare, so hiding is not an option. It takes a while, but she eventually manages to put a sentence together. "Yes, this is Sky sparkler. She's one of the first ponies I met in town. Hello Sky, nice to see you around." She offers a little wave.

Queen curiously watches Sky-Sparkler's reaction along with Rising's. "You will have to excuse my condition - Rising prefers to play rather rough as it were." She informs Sky-Sparkler with an entirely straight face, and serious tone. Were it not already obvious - the pink pegasi is clearly unsteady on her hooves, battered, bruised, cut, and generally better off in bed then wondering about. Only after allowing several long moments to pass does Queen confirm. "Clearly - I'm kidding."

Rising-Chaos was ready for that one. giggling, she nudges Queen Pegasus playful, mindful however of her condition. Hopefully Sky Sparkler will take this well, she's kinda just standing there. Chaos starts to get worried.

Sky Sparkler seems to have not heard the retraction, having managed a blue screen of death. She's frozen in place.

Queen motions softly "I'm afraid this conversation may be short-lived, Rising. I do believe I need to rest a tad longer before I'm up and about like this. Return me to your room, and then you may converse with your friend."

Rising-Chaos watches Sky sparkler worriedly, oh dear, she might be broken. That's a problem for later though. Turning so she can help Queen Pegasus back to bed. The return trip has no major problems, and Chaos helps Queen Pegasus on to the bed. From the bags comes another, stronger potion. "Here you go, my Queen. This should help you heal, and help you sleep."

Queen gives Rising a small nod as she settles in. "Do tend to your friend. I shall see you when you are finished." settling into the covers.

Rising-Chaos nods, giving her queen an affectionate nuzzle. "Sleep well. I won't be long." She trots back out in to the hallway, a smile on her face. some days are just better than others. Not all ponies would agree, though, Sky Sparkler is still just standing there. Waving a hoof in front of her face, Chaos tries to reactivate her tenant. "Hello, Sky Sparkler, Equestria to Sky Sparkler?"

Slowly, Sky Sparkler shakes her head, coming out of the trance. "Huh? I'm sorry, long day…"

Satisfied that she's not broken, Rising Chaos backs up. "That's fine, I understand. You've probably noticed I haven't been too well lately either." She scuffs the floor for a moment, before continuing. "So what was that delicious stuff in my crock pot? Making something?"

"Wasail. It's a traditional winter drink from where dad's from," Sky explains. "I noticed how cheap the spices can be here, so I thought I'd try and make some. I'm glad you liked it."

Rising-Chaos nods sagely, perhaps she should learn how to make that drink. Actually, since she's right here. "May I have the recipe? I should make that some time." She grimaces. "And something is telling me we won't be here for much longer." A shake of her head dispels those unpleasant thoughts. "You should probably get some rest, what with the storms and such you must be exhausted."

"Sure, it's just-" Sky Sparkler yawns. "Forgot how late it was. I'll tell you in the morning?" she offers. "It's really easy."