Romantic Intentions
IC date: Spring 48, 1007
OOC date: May 8, 2012
PCs: Fidget, Manyara, Snowfield

It's a quiet afternoon in Horseshoe Harbor. The sun is slowly but surely sinking in the sky, tuckered out after spending all morning climbing up from the horizon. Nothing has caught fire in a good three days, and that's just dandy for most residents.

But then again, most residents don't go to gypsy tents and make wishes, do they? On the outskirts of town the blue-and-purple tent that marks Manyara's makeshift boutique has the ever-present cloud of heady incense about it that gives the impression one is walking into another world when they step through the curtain drawn over the door. There's another aroma in the air that may be unfamiliar to a repeat visitor, though, something exotic and strong that cuts the usual sweet scent of incense with a strong, spiced one.

Manyara has brought out a nice little tea table from… somewhere, and set it up in the middle of the tent. A tray of various flower sandwiches was laid out, and a bowl of fruit salad for a light side dish; the spicy scent was wafting from a steaming pot of tea and the two mugs filled with the dark liquid.

Fidget trots happily from the harbor. At long last she has what she needs to trade the myterious Manyana for her greatist wish. A hodgepog doll of some kind is held in her mouth as she pushes open the flaps of the tent to poke her head in. "Mnana! Mnana!" The little filly calls out with the doll still in her teeth. "I ot a all!" competely ignoring the pair having tea she sets it on the table. "Its a Woodoo doll!" she declairs proudly. "My new Zebra friend made it for me so I could give it to you! So it has to count!" looking up hopefully from the table smile as wide as her face.

Snowfield, the guest Manyara has for tea, slowly turns her head to look at the entirely-too-cheerful pegasus who has just bounded into the tent. A blue rose is sitting on the table next to her, sparkling slightly with some inner light. "Have you hooked another one, Watcher?" the little unicorn says while keeping her eyes locked on Fidget. Her horn begins to glow as she plucks a lily sandwich off of the tray and takes a bite out of it.

Chew chew chew stare stare stare.

Manyara blinks and glances up, giving a light chuckle. "Oh, well, hello dear. Ah!" And she blinks down at the doll appraisingly, nodding. "This is quite the artifact. Zebra friend, you say? Well hooray for new friends, always a boon!"

She smiles faintly over at the little white unicorn, chuckling. "I'm afraid I may have."

"Oh hi!" Fidget continues all to happily greeting the other mare. There is a pause and this fact fiannly registers in her brain and almost hops out of her skin, the way you might expect a child to when they get caught doing something they are not supposed to. "I-erm-oh!" she says looking left then right in the most shifty of manners. "Hello." shifting closer to Manyana and looking a little confused. "I was wondering if you could … um handle that thing I was asking about." Enthusiasm only contained by the embarrassment burning on her cheeks. All that staring Snowfield is doing is not helping matters. Eyes lighting up the moment the doll seems to be met with aproval she hops about the tabble cheering loudly. Floating up into the air on her humming wing she clops her hooves together. "Ohya! Siyana is super cool turns out she is my first mate, oh! And Sadaka is ok too, we got some ice cream together." nodding her head happily.

"Celestia above," Snowfield says, finally breaking eye contact so that she can roll her eyes in the most exaggerated fashion possible. "One wish begets another." She waves a hoof dismissively. "Don't mind me, go ahead and take the easy way out to great riches or true love or unimaginable power." Ice blue eyes glance in Manyara's direction. "Do kids still wish for unimaginable power these days? Is that a 'thing'?"

"Well, one filly desired to be a pirate," Manyara replies with a wink, chuckling. "I suppose that's power, in a sense."

She glances back at Fidget, pausing to take a sip of her tea. "So the request is unchanged, then? Nothing else comes to mind? No change of desires, second thoughts?"

Fidget pauses and tilts her head at Snowfield, taking cover behind Manyana. "I- um." looking guilty again. "I worked really hard to get that." pointing at the Voodoo doll. "We had to make a map and everything." looking a little hurt. "I don't want power, or bits, … just love." blushing hard and looking to the ground. "Is that wrong to want to be loved?" looking up to Manyana hopefully to be defended in front of this stranger. "I-erm I did have a pony in mind. Lightning Chaser has been super nice to me, only pony to help me without any reason to." rubbing her hoof up a forleg nervously. "If thats ok Ms. Magic Pony"

Snowfield blinks as Fidget puts their gracious hostess between herself and the little ice pony. She chuckles, a very breathy and scratchy sound which is actually a little on the creepy side and perfectly suited for the mare with the tired eyes. "No, I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. Going out and getting it, that's the part you ought to be wary of."

The tiny unicorn puts down her sandwich and takes one of the mugs of steaming tea, taking an inelegant swig of it. "My, that is good, Manyara," she comments with a look of surprise. "You never fail to surprise me."

Manyara smiles warmly down at Fidget. "No, that desire is nothing to be ashamed of. And you have your eye on somepony! Ah, spring. The season for romance, I hear tale." She nods in Snowfield's direction. "But, indeed… there are many ways to find love. I am merely ensuring you feel you have chosen the appropriate one."

She looks over at Snowfield, appearing somewhat pleased. "It is quite the bold blend, isn't it? I thought you might approve."

Fidget seems to relax a tad at this giving a sigh of relief. Though all this talk of tea is perking her interest. Hoofs up on the table she leans in to take a look. "But there is no sugar in it." the little pegasus complains as she sniffs at the cup. Celestia knows Fidget needs more sugar. "So … how does this work? Is there a potion or a charm, or do you cast a spell?" looking about at all the things in the tent and wondering if any of the oddities are used to rope her the colt of her dreams.

"Who in their right mind would dilute tea with sugar?" Snowfield shakes her head. "That's almost as bad as milk." She takes a slightly more ladylike sip of her drink as she watches the continued exchange between Manyara and Fidget. She's not Horseshoe Harbor's keeper, if all the fillies and colts in town want to ruin their lives that's their perogative. "I'm going to assume you haven't actually tried telling him you like him," Snowfield murmurs between sips.

Fidget shakes her head in horror. "Oh no!" she squeeks. "I can't do that." giving Snowfield a look like he is full of the stupids "Then he might run away or yell at me. I always break stuff and he is always fixing stuff and …" the little ponies voice trails off little by little shaking her head. "No, no pony ever likes me I make too much trouble for everypony." there is a moment all the happy drains out of her and she almost visibly deflaits, but as quickly as it happens she snaps back to her usual gusto. "but Manyara is best pony and she can make it so everything is better right, right?" bouncing around the table again in laps now.

"The," Snowfield corrects, narrowing her eyes at Fidget over the rim of her mug of tea. "Manyara is /the/ best pony. Putting aside the inherent silliness of that statement, excitement is no excuse to slaughter your grammar."

Manyara gives a little knowing smile and a small shake of her head, but obligingly heads for a nearby shelf, rifling through the bottles. "Well, I am sure I have something… love potions, love potions… ah. Here we are." She pulls down a /bright/ pink bottle appropriately shaped as a heart.

"Best Pony its what I said." Fidget scartches her head with a hoof looking confused. "But I'm glad you agree she is the bestest pony too. Well … maybe not more best than Mr. Chaser." eyes going a little dreamy for a moment before she returns to equestrai to slaughter more grammer as a pink bottle is set in fornt of her." Eeeeh! Its perfect!" she takes it in hoof and hugs it happily. "Its even pink! -er Its not love poison though is it? I made that once … why I'm not aloud to sell things in Trottingham anymore." looking over the bottle as if expecting it to have a warning lable to this effect.

"I didn't agree, I said it was a silly sentiment," Snowfield says. "She's an instigator and an enabler. Isn't that right, Watcher?" The unicorn glances at Manyara as she finishes off the cup of tea and puts it down. "Oh Celestia, it's even pink," she says with a sigh as the bottle is brought out.

Manyara chuckles faintly, casting a sideways glance at Snowfield and practically sing-songing "I deny nothing!" before looking back to Fidget. "No, dear, nothing quite so strong as that. But a love potion all the same. A drink and he will feel as you wish him to." She tilts an ear, looking as if she isn't entirely fond of love potions herself, but continues. "If this is the route you want to take, he merely need drink in your company and the effect will take hold."

"The Route?" Fidget tilts her head a little confused. Ears perking all at once "Oh! You mean there are other ways? A book you write the name of the one you love in? A neckless the binds hearts? Ohoh! Is it -er no thats for fishing." scratching her chin as she tries to consider all the different ways to charm a pony. Flapping her wings she looks at the potion fondly. Stopping she frowns. "Its not going to hurt him is it?" second thoughts curtesy of Snowfield getting under to mane.

"She means ways other that magic," Snowfield translates, being a fluent speaker of Mysterious Gypsy Flim-Flam. "She wants to know if you're dead set on ensorcelling him rather than more mundane methods of seduction. Such as telling him how you feel." She picks her sandwich back up and takes another bite. Mmm, lilies.

Manyara nods lightly over at Snowfield. "There are many ways to find love. Few call for outside magic." She looks back to Fidget. "It will do him no physical harm. No ingredient in that is of any danger."

"I … I'm a bit older than most ponies give me credit for." Fidget admits nervously. "The normal way doesnt work so well for me." Picking up the bottle she sets it in her saddle bag and closes the clasp, making sure everything is secure she gives a confident nod and smiles back at the other two ponies. "Thanks for all the help and advice and stuff I should get going." wings humming back to life again, "Hope you like that Woodoo doll!" with a strong blast of air she blasts out of the tent at full tilt, only the amber after image of her mane left in her wake.

Snowfield takes another bite of her sandwich as Fidget blasts out of the tent. She chews slowly, letting the dust settle before swallowing and asking the abada across the table, "How long until she comes begging for the antidote, do you think?"

Manyara settles back down by the table, sighing a bit and giving a small shrug. "I've seen them last a surprisingly long time. I've seen one /never/ come for the antidote. We'll see, I suppose."