Rocky Road Mint Mix
IC date: Summer 68, 1007
OOC date: August 28, 2012
PCs: Amber-Shot, Emberlocks, Jellybean, Kludge, Mwai, Shanty, Typhoon-Wave, Winter-Solstice, Wintergreen
GM: None

A rock is making its way down main street.

At least, that's what it looks like the towering top of it visible over yon distant hill before the rest of it looms into view, lurch by lurching step. Drag. Draaaag. Someone is heaving and hoing as they tug that rock along, eventually revealing themselves as Winter Soltice. She's got a clumsy rope harness around her shoulders, and that's tied back around the rock, and bit by bit, she's dragging it along in what appears to be the least efficient method of transporting the most useless thing ever. To her credit, though, it is a nice rock. To the town's discredit, its gradual parade down main street is leaving a big ugly furrow in the path.

A smaller rock is tied to the first one by a smaller rope, tagging along like a pet on a leash.

Up above, Jellybean is fussing with a bank of clouds, trying to get some nice shade for the town today. He flies back to eyeball them and see if maybe they need to be moved some more when he becomes aware of the noise below. Curious, he swoops down in a little circle around the rock. "Helllo? Do you need some help with this? Where are you putting it? Is this for decoration? It's a nice rock. My name's Jellybean, what's yours?"

Why in Equestria is a giant rock being dragged down the main street? A yellow stallion from Portside has no idea, though the sight of a big ol' stallion doing the dragging is enough to warrant a cocked head. He sidles out of the way to let Solstice pass and quietly wonders what anypony would need with such a huge boulder in the middle of town.

And racing through the town is the colt Emberlocks, glaring and trying /hard/ to keep ahead of the competition. Princess Shiroyuki desires fresh berries? Emberlocks will get her the BEST DANG BERRIES IN EQUESTRIA. And so he zooms right through…and smacks headlong into that boulder. WHOMPF.

Kludge is organizing the building materials for Ruby-Blossom's home. The delivery was a bit later than expected, so he had spent most of the day making notes on a spare copy of the blueprints. The rock-dragging catches his attention, both from the noise of the rocks and the ripples of reaction from the crowd.

Shanty saunters up to the prone Emberlocks, shaking his head and tsking. "First rule of Horseshoe Harbor, Locky. You gotta keep your eye out for debris and wreckage in the streets at all times." Shanty eyes the pony hitched to the boulder. "Gotta say though, this is the first time I've seen someone hauling rocks into town and not out…"

Typhoon-Wave is passing by overhead, shoving a light grey cloud along ahead of her as best she can without kicking it. Or smacking it. Or hitting it too hard. Or… Okay, she's trying not to touch it. Which is not exactly the most efficient way to move things! But she's giving it a level effort. She'll get it out over the ocean eventually! Probably. Hopefully. Maybe.
Winter-Solstice pauses for a moment to catch her breath. Judging from the length of the furrow, twisting back along the road and, far enough along, out of town and into the forest to the north, she's been at this for a while. Although winded, she seems to be in a good enough mood, and flashes a bright grin up at Jellybean. "Hi! No, I've got it, I'm okay, thanks for the offer, though. I am bringing it back to my place. It is for decoration until I decide to do something else with it. It IS a nice rock, thank you! That is why I picked it out, and the other one. I'm Winter Solstice, nice to meet you." She takes a moment to catch her breath AGAIN, and then shoudlers her way back into the labor of her rock relocation, face screwing up into a scrunch and tongue sticking out the side of her mouth. "Hrrrrnnnnfff!" Draaaag. Her approach seems to be bursts of movement, leading the rock to surge along, then grind to a halt, anchoring Winter into another pause. The movement drags Rock Jr. along until it bounces into the back of the first and rolls to the side. She doesn't notice when Emberlocks plows into the back; likewise, she doesn't seem especially concerned with the attention her totally awesome rock is drawing, though she does look up now and then to grin here and there and say hello to passerby, or just rubberneckers like Amber Shot.

Fortunately for Shanty, he catches Winter Solstice in a conversational break between tugs. "TELL ME ABOUT IT. I couldn't find one for the life of me. Actually, I could find plenty, but none big enough. Actually, there was one, but it was part of the seawall down by the beach. I kicked and kicked and got it loose and it fell in the harbor, and I didn't have my snorkel with me so I couldn't go down and get it."

Now this won't do at all. Not only does this trench make an ugly smear on the land, it's downright dangerous. Ponies rely on having a proper path so they don't need to worry about tripping and falling while walking through town. Wintergreen follows the path to investigate and it isn't long before she comes up to Solstice. "Can't you find a better way to move that thing? No matter how nice of a rock it is you're destroying the road moving it. It's going to take so long to clean all this up."

Shanty stares blankly at the tall white mare. A few seconds pass as he replays what she said in his mind a few times, making sure he heard right. "The seawall? You mean the seawall that protects the harbor from storms and such? That seawall?"

Captain Mwai trots into the main square in time to notice a huge boulder being dragged down Main Street. "Well, that's a new one."

Emberlocks staggers to his hooves and shakes his head. "Wha…wait, where'd this boulder come from?" he inquires dizzily, slow to catch up on conversation.

Jellybean beams at Solstice. "It's nice meeting you! Are you sure you don't want some help with that? Only you're kinda making a ditch in the road and somepony might trip or something." He looks up briefly and spots Typhoon: he gives her a big friendly wave.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and pauses for a moment to look down at the… rock? Why is there a rock? That's… different. She tilts an ear curiously, then perks it right back up when she spots Jellybean. Waving! Whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoi… oh. Maybe wave back. Yeah, that's socially acceptable! And not an awkward pause at all! She waves back, smiling sheepishly and glancing back at the cloud before hesitantly drifting down a little lower to see what was going on. Stay put, cloud.

Shanty glances down at the still prone unicorn. "Try to keep up Locky, you're embarrassing me."

Winter-Solstice hrrrnnnnghghh drag drag drag. After ten feet or so she looks about ready to give it another rest, until her pupils dilate and her cheeks puff out and she leans forward and plows ahead for another fifteen feet or so. The boulder tumbles and rumbles behind her, toppling over onto its rope, pinching it in place, and causing Winter to bounce off the end of the rope and land on her duff. Panting heavily, she takes a moment to glance about. "Seawall… yes! That seawall," she answers Shanty. "Wait, no. This is the one holding up the walkway over there on the western edge of the harbor. You know, by the… by that barrel that's on its side and there's like a crab living inside it or something." She smiles cheerfully. "So the ground is sort of, uh, spilling into the harbor there. It's okay, though! I can fix it." And oh yeah, Jellybean. She looks up at him and blinks. "What? Ditch?" Hauling upright, she turns to look back over her shoulder, but there seems to be a rock in the way, blocking her view. She stares at it for a moment before suddenly yelping with dismay. "What?! There was- I had a bunch of snow on this when I brought down from the forest! I specifically chose it BECAUSE it looked so nice with snow on it! Now it's just wet! Nnggaaahh!!"

Mwai trots up to Winter cheerfully. "Couldn't help noticing you had a bit of a large job on your hands. As it just so happens…" the Zebra fumbles around in his pouches… "I've got a few magical losenges that'll cut your dragging time in half, easily."
Jellybean blinks. "Well, how far did you drag it? I'm pretty sure snow usually melts on a day like this. Unless it's the really special snow, but we don't make a lot of that." He makes another little beckoning gesture to Typhoon, smiling encouragingly.

Emberlocks motors his legs in the air, blinking rapidly. Huh. What? "Ooo. What're those?" he asks of Mwai, ears perking. "How fascinating!" He wriggles and bucks and finally /for reals/ gets to his hooves, shaking himself off so he can trot over and sniff the offered things.

Well, that's enough encouragement for this Pegasus, apparently! Typhoon flutters down to land beside the rock, blushing a bit. "Uh, hi, Jellybean. Hi… um… everyone else." So many ponies! "Er… nice rock."

"Never try to use snow as permanent decoration. It will just melt away. The rock will still look quite nice without it though. Would you like any help putting it in place?" asks Wintergreen

Kludge is watching from a distance. Things appear to be well in hand, and these building materials won't move themselves, after all.

The Captain looks around at his small crowd forming. "I've just come back from the Isle of the Four Distilleries, where the master confectioner Griff LeChuck has distilled several separate sharp mints to create a sort of magically-embued slurry, which he dries into tablets that will increase a pony's speed a dozenfold." Here Mwai looks around a bit conspiratorially, "Of course, in the morning you feel a bit like death but for the hours before hand you've got time to make up for it."

Winter-Solstice glares at the boulder for a few moments longer, before brightening up and turning back around, getting ready to resume her lugging. Evidently, even if it is not the rock she thought she was getting, she is not dissuaded. "Hmmm?" she asks of Wintergreen, glancing to the side. "Ohh! Thanks, but I'm not sure where I'm putting it yet. You're not an interior decorator, are you? I could use the advice of one." She glances up at Jellybean, and is about to say something, but suddenly, it is an afterschool special and stange zebras are offering her drugs. She blinks at Mwai for a moment, before her face lights up in a broad grin. "Cool! Illicit substances! The boss told me it was inevitable someone would be pushing something around here, I didn't think it'd happen so soon. Oh, man! Oh, this is, like… the -Horseshoe Harbor- experience and everything! What do you have, huh? Mints? That's not so bad. I once ate so many mints my snot turned green, -true story.- Lemme see!"

Shanty trots over beside Emberlocks, and his eyes widen upon recognizing the offered "candies". He eyes crowd. He gives his unicorn competitor an appraising look for a few moments. His mind made up, Shanty then leans in toward Mwai. "So… how much for a *COUGH*blurdot*COUGH*?

Emberlocks catches Shanty leaning in, in his peripheral vision, and immediately his attention snaps to his competitor. "I'll take twice as many as him," he demands, pointing at Shanty.

Jellybean blinks at Mwai and his slick advertising skills. He flaps his wings nervously, running a hoof through his mane. Then, to Typhoon. "So… I waas w-wondering. Are you still, err, y-you still sleeping on clouds, then?"

Wintergreen gives Winter-Solstice an odd look "Well I'm more specialized in exterior design but that's quite a big rock to put inside isn't it?" She ignores Mwai, enough bad experiences with mints to know to stay away from anything of that sort.

Shanty glares back at Emberlocks. "You ain't got half the tolerance I've built up, hoofcolt." Shanty turns back to Mwai. "Give me twice the recomended daily amount."

With a flourish, the Captain upends a pouch onto one forehoof, and six crumpled paper-wrapped ingots of something white and pungent drop onto it. "They last pretty much forever, so I always keep a few around. Six bits each, and eating more than one in a day is REALLY not something I'd recommend. Last chap to do that ended up phased halfway through a barn, near as we can figure."

Emberlocks gives Shanty a purely INDIGNANT look. "Tolerance indeed! Give me /three/ times the recommended daily amount!" Warnings be danged, Emberlocks thrusts his muzzle into his saddlebags, rooting around to come up with a small bag of coin. Seventeen bits. "I have to /win/," he insists!

Shanty reaches under his hat with a wing and pulls out 19 bits. Sure, it's all he's made busking for the last week, but this was his pride and the princess' favor on the line here! He slowly wings the bits over to Mwai, keeping a stern eye on Emberlocks the entire time. "Here ya go, I'll take three. And here's the last bit for his three too. It'll be worth it to see him try to get up tomorrow."

Winter-Solstice glances to Shanty, then to Emberlocks, then back to Shanty, then down at the mints, then up at Mwai, then back around at everything onc more. That these are in such high demand suggests they really must be something, and that makes her want them more than anything. She starts looking around to see where she left her wallet, but comes up short. Eventually she turns back to face Mwai. "Would you take a very nice rock in exchange? I think I have one back there. Behind the other one."

Indeed, Rock Jr. is still tethered to the big boulder, somewhere behind it and off to the side. It is grey.

Up front, Winter Solstice turns to smile at Wintergreen. "Well, I might put it inside! I'd feel silly ruling it out. I don't have much in the way of furniture, yet, and I think my living room could use a little somethin', you know what I mean? Something ~natural.~"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and looks over at Jellybean. "Huh? Oh. Well, um… yeah. Still got my cloud! Or, well, it's a different one now. They rain out every couple weeks. Er… why?"

Mwai looks around, a little startled at how quickly the Marks have turned into honest-to-goodness Suckers. "Well, alright then, I've got a couple offers so far, and I'm not buying rocks today unless they've got facets and you can see through them, so unless you've got some bits or something more portable, I think I've just sold six blurdots."

Jellybean scuffs a hoof in the road and flaps his wings nervously. "W-well," he says, before coughing for a moment. "Err. Well. I w-was wondering… I've got this, uhm… I've got a… a bed," he says, before blushing deep, deep red. "Th-that's not what I meant!" he clarifies. "I mean, a spare bed…room. A spare bedroom. It's for guests, but the only ponies who come to visit me are my family and my best friend Flappazappa and my family's too big to fit in my little house and Flappazappa likes sleeping on the ground, so… I was wondering if maybe… you know…"

Apparently pegasi just can't spit it out or something.

Shanty gathers up his three dots in his wings, smirking at Emberlocks all the while. in a flurry of feather-dexterity, Shanty quickly has three lozenges unwrapped and is holding them just inches away from his mouth. "Last chance to back out, hooflicker. Don't go crying to the princess when you wind up smeared half-way across town or something…"

Wintergreen says "chuckles. "well I can't argue with someone who wants a bit more nature. Unless you've got a huge house though that big rock is going to take up most of the space. Why don't you leave outside for the whole town to enjoy? The smaller rock you're brining along is much better suited for interior use and I think that it would make for a great piece of furniture.""

"I don't back down," Emberlocks hisses, already wounded pride from Shanty's having to cover his last bit. And with his own, he magically unwraps them and holds them just as far from his own mouth. "Ready?"

Shanty'e eyes narrow. "Ladies first."

Mwai looks up at Jellybean, "Looks like the sales are made mister Bean, and honestly," he takes a slow look at the two competing ponies, "you might do best to stand well clear once these kick in…" with this, Captain Mwai gallops to "minimum safe distance."

Winter-Solstice takes another moment to glance around at Mwai, Shanty, and Emberlocks. Looks like the mints are spoken for, and ALSO this Zebra fellow has a skewed sense of value. "Well, then, gentlemen," she says, before shrugging her way past, having rested up enough during this whole minty fiasco to put a good bit of oomph behind it. Once more the ground is set to shaking as the boulder tumbles along after her, and Rock Jr. skips alon behind it, rattling back and forth through the groove left by the boulder in the manner of an amateur wakeboarder. She yacks over at Wintergreen as she goes. "That's not a bad idea! I was thinking the smaller one could be, like… like a footrest, but you've got the right idea of it there."

Apparently pegasi are also pretty slow on the uptake! Or maybe just too busy blushing 20 different shades of red-violets at the 'bed' thought to properly process the rest of the words immediately. Typhoon blinks over at Jellybean, hooves scuffing at the path shyly. "Yeah? I mean, uh… Are you… well, er… I mean…" Yeah she's not good at this either. She gulps thickly, rubbing the back of her head with one hoof. Is he inviting her over? Would it be presumptuous to assume that? It probably would be, wouldn't it? Yeah, it totally would be.

Ember drops them all in his mouth in one go, chewing quickly as his eyes water at the sheer /blast/ of mint. He swallows. And waits. Staring at Shanty all the while.

Shanty does the same, glaring right back!

Upon seeing Mwai head for cover, Kludge gets a hunch that things are about to turn… ugly. He steps into his fortified wagon, ready to slam the door shut…

Shanty continues to sit glaring muzzle-to-muzzle with Emberlocks. A moment passes. Then another. Aaaaand another.

Emberlocks stares. And stares some more.

His eye twitches.

His pupils start to dilate. Another twitch. His shoulders jerk. Is he…foaming at the mouth…?

Shanty's left ear flicks. Then his right. Then his left. Then his right. Then his right again, breaking the pattern. His wings begin spread, but instead of flapping, it seems like each feather is vibrating independently of it's neighbors.

Mwai sighs. "I hope Salty's ghost is around to see this. She LOVES it when this kind of thing happens."

Jellybean is about to say something else when it seems that fireworks are going off in other pony's mouths. He turns around to stare and then slowly begins edging away. "I don't know what's going on but I'm a little scared, Typhoon."

Shanty 's head slowly turns toward the crowd of onlookers. His eyes are almost completely white, his pupils the size of pinpricks. "SOMEONEGIVEUSACOUNTDOWN!!!"

Winter-Solstice's rock eventually grinds to a halt. After a moment, she peeks out from around the side of it, looking back at Shanty and Emberlocks in the street somewhere behind her. She seems confused, and asks of nobody in particular, "Is it just me, or do they look kind of out of focus?"

Emberlocks is twitching and foaming, but also grinning something fierce as sparks start to vibrate off his horn. "Yeah!YEAH!YEAAAAAHHHH!!! COUNTDOWN! YEAH!!!"

They do look a little out of focus. :(

Winter-Solstice stares a moment longer, then cups a hoof to her mouth and shouts. "ONE!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and glances over at the suddenly vibrating ponies. "Wha… uh… y-yeah, um… maybe we should… not be standing here…"

Wintergreen now turnes her attention away from the beautiful rock to the commotion with the blurdots. Seeing what was about to happen she quickly steps to the other side of the rock.

Shanty's down in a runner's crouch in literally less than a blink of an eye. Wait, how many ponies are in this race again? It looks like two, or four, or wait, are there eight?

Thirty. Thirty ponies. Fireworks are exploding from Emberlocks' horn now, and the showering sparks turn into streamers and ribbons. All kinds of ribbons but mostly sparkly ones. Also some glitter. At least he's stopped foaming?

Jellybean takes off. Maybe to get a better vantage point or maybe because he doesn't fancy getting run down by ponies who are taking super-speed mints. Either one, take your pick. "So, l-like I was saying…" he offers to Typhoon.

Kludge's jaw is threatening to drop. "Whatever they're on, I do NOT want any of it," he mutters to himself.

Typhoon-Wave follows after Jellybean quickly, staring down at the impending chaos. She wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but it looked… well… kind of crazy. She blinks and looks over at Jellybean. "Oh! Right, uh… y-yeah. Sorry. What were you…"

Winter-Solstice waits. Nothing happens. There are no explosions. I gotta have more explosions! She works her way as far around the rock as she can before the rope harness halts her, and shouts again, the edges of her mouth turned up in a grin and a barely suppressed giggle behind her voice. "ONE AND A HALF, GO!!!"

BZEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! OFF in a shower of ribbons and… Well that was anticlimactic. Emberlocks is just gone. Poofed. Vanished. Too fast for the equine eye.

Without a sound, the herd of Shanties disappear! All that is left is a soft rain of still vibrating feathers… which combust upon hitting the ground.

Winter-Solstice stares at the empty space where once two ponies existed. It is oddly silent. Is that an explosion she hears off in the distance? No, couldn't be. After a moment she looks to where Mwai hid and shouts in his direction. "Cool trick!!! Let me guess, you have them hidden in the bush next to you! That's it, right?"

Mwai looks Winter up and down. "If they were in that bush, it would have exploded by now."

Winter-Solstice stares at the bush. It is rather not on fire at the moment. "Clever mirror placement?" she asks, a bit less sure. She creeps around to the other side of her boulder, then, to see if they are over there, and her voice rises from around the rock in a surprised shout. "Crumbs almighty, they're gone!" She prances around back into sight and stares at Mwai, wide-eyed and giddy. "Did they cross the wrong pirate captain?! Did you send them to sleep wit da fishes?! Ohhh this is SO AUTHENTICALLY SHADY."

Jellybean makes vague little hoof gestures. "Well, I was wondering if… maybe you wanted to stay at my house?" He winces as soon as he says it. "Y-you don't have to! I just thought that I've got a b-bed going to waste and it's a shame and I like the idea of sharing my home with somepony s-so I thought I'd ask."

Blink. Stare. Squeak. Oh man, did she actually make that noise? Yeah, she totally made that noise. Typhoon is looking much more pink than purple right now. If eyes could turn to hearts in anything other than a cartoon, hers probably would be! Eeeeeee, invitation to his house! As a guest! She'd probably boing, but unfortunately, she's already in the air. So she settles for giving an admittedly somewhat squeaky, "S-sure, okay! Th-that… that, uh, that sounds n-nice!"

Mwai sighs exaspiratedly at Winter. "You're a pony. A third of you can *actually do magic* and a little condensed speed potion surprises you? Sweet d'Ziva Equestria must have boring places to grow up in it."


A rush of air suddenly whips past the ponies present, more hurricane than friendly breeze. Trees flatten. Buildings collapse. A very large rock goes tumbling backwards the way it came, tugging one very hapless pony along with it.

"Really? You mean it? That's wonderful! Don't worry, I keep everything nice and cl-" Oh hey, what's that noise?
Needless to say poor Jellybean is blown out of the sky by the sudden boom, landing on somepony's roof and then rolling over, falling off and hitting the pavement. Happily, he seems to be okay. Stunned, but okay.

A big rock rolls back in the direction it came from, but Winter Solstice is paying more attention to Mwai. With her big hooves planted and her considerable weight settled, her mane and tail and fashionably shaggy fetlocks are whipped about by the breeze, but the rest of her stays upright. She is dragged along, however, standing in place, eventually coming to a stop when her rock does. She blinks at Mwai. "Well, sorry! The mints back where -I- come from just… just taste… they taste minty, and that's it." Lifting a forehoof, she digs around in one ear with the tip of it. "My ears just popped. I think I have a nosebleed, too." Snrrrfff.

Kludge sticks his nose out of his wagon and assess the damage. Ruby-Blossom's incomplete house is damaged, but mostly needs minor repairs. The building materials have been blown variosu distances down the road, and in some cases have contributed to the damage to other structures. He sighs and starts gathering the materials back up.

Typhoon-Wave is also tossed about by the sudden blast, certainly /far/ too distracted to be at all ready for such a thing. She topples head over hindquarters with a yelp, trying her best to get her balance back — and not particularly succeeding. She eventually tumbles into a bush with an "Ooph!", momentarily stunned. That could have been a better landing! Especially because this bush is prickly. Ow!

Jellybean rolls to his feet, looking around blearily. He trots over to the bush and sheepishly helps Typhoon out of it. "I'm actually going to go head home now: I had a letter to write to a friend. But… y-you can come over whenever you like. My door's not locked." He's still blushing as he flies off.

Winter-Solstice gets back to business, shrugging her way back into dragging the rock. She regains the ground lost to the minty hurricane in short order and plows along ahead, the top of the boulder eventually disappearing past the ridge of the other yon distant hill opposite the first. Hrrrrnrfff! Bleaahhh!