Rising S Quest
IC date: Autumn 9
OOC date: September 29
Location: Jawbreaker Mine
PCs: Rising-Chaos
GM: Applejack

Yeah okay fine losers, you just leave. Because we totally accomplished our mission down in these tunnels that are hard to get to. Leaving makes /perfect sense/.

Needless to say, Rising Chaos is still highly upset. She doesn't even want company, she just wants ponies ot be mad at and Snakebite ran away before she could set him on /fire/ so she was denied that satisfaction. The second she could she starts maping her movements, sending Glyph out to scout tunnels for traps as she worked on making a strong perimeter. Once that is done, she can start looking at things in more detail, it's an investigation after all, it pays to be thorough she just doesn't want to get surprised. To this end she switches her magical 'camouflage' to make herself blend in to the shadows better, and since there's almost zero light down here, it means she's very, very hard to see. Her movements are pretty decent at being sneaky, too, it's almost like she knows how to creep around and break rules.

Luckily once Sugar and Sunshine were removed, and all the other Harbor ponies vacated the premesis, there's really nobody left down here to notice. Once past the portcullis, this new 'tunnel' looks to be more pony-made than anything, probably dug out by the criminals more than anything in Sugar Rush's inventory. The tracks are crude. The lighting is horrible, but there's still a torch every now and then. And there are crates. Plenty of crates. All over the place. No doubt Glyph is finding most of these to be filled with candybars, or explosives of various nature. It's a pretty long tunnel, too, constantly spiralling upwards, given how deep those jawbreaker mines had been!

With Glyph far up ahead, and sending back a constant stream of information, rising Chaos feels safe enough to double back and take things more slowly. She's reasonably confident that there's nothing coming to attack her, andso she'll actually have a look in these boxes, and dismantle some of the traps. Quite a few explosives and slep darts get stashed in bags or in little pockets, they are things you cannot have enough of. Any torches near her get doused fast, as Rising continues a steady, thorough, and angry ascent. Please let something jump out at her, just ONCE.

Heading up the upwards spiral of tracks is probably not very entertaining, but there are things to find. Traps in the walls… Mostly dart traps, many of which have already been set off by the unexpected minecart that went on up first. Glyph no doubt finds most of these beforehand. About 'halfway' up…voices can be heard! /PONY/ voices.

"You sure it's clear down there? Boss said those folks were pretty angry."

"Sure I'm sure. We got the all-clear. They took off. Should be all clear. Jus' get down there, clean stuff up, and let's move on, a'right?"

Estimated distance: 100 yards and around the corner.

For the first time in quite a long while, Rising Chaos grins wide. She has a new stock of explosives (always nice to have around and hidden) and whatever sleep darts were left. Those are for home though, whatever the source of those noises were get a very different set of toys. A quick scan of the tunnel with some magically assisted vision reveals not a LOt of hiding places, but enough. Using some more magic, she darkens the tunnel even more, making it pitch black and then with her disguise still on, takes a nice place on top of a crate. Come closer, ponies.

Glyph, meanwhile, is on the way back, suitably yelled at for not telling her about his new 'friends'.

The talking stops shortly after those last lines, but the clop-clop of hoof falls is steady. Until the lights go darker anyway.

"Uh… Gonna hafta get maintenance down here, fix this." one pony voice grunts. It's a deep, heavy voice. Probably belonging to a deep, heavy pony.

"I'll make a note of it." the other voice, softer, probably smaller, notes. "Fix torches…fix torches…fix torches…"

"You're not gonna say that the whole time, are you?" the first voice gruffs. "Cuz' that's gonna get real annoying really quick."

Yes, come closer little stallions. Rising Chaos has plans for you. She crouches down, looking ready to pounce, and watches the two approach. they are almost close enough, just a few yards further and they are hers. As she waits, she lifts the cape up and draws out a machete, a cutlass, and a short sword, and then promptly keeps htem out of sight, and thus, out of mind. It's time to be scary.

The two ponies have NO IDEA what's waiting for them. Otherwise they might not venture into the darkness like this. They wander along into the pitch-black section, bickering about the merits of repeating ones to-do list vocally.

In mere momnents they are within striking distance. When they get alongside the box Rising is on, she turns the lights down further, and tosses some loose rocks and trap remains around to make some noise. "Hello, colts, I'm so glad you could stop by."

She jumps down from the box, the better to make some noise, and illuminates the area around the two unfortunate souls. She walks along this illuminated area, looking like a flickering, out of focus shadow for the most part. "Now, we can do this the easy way, and that is very easy. Coincidentally, that is also the way that includes you two walking out of this tunnel. Will you cooperate?" The sword, machete, and cutlass come up, circling them menacingly along with Chaos. This is a LOT of magic, but she can keep it up for a minute or two more, especially if she dips in to her earring.

"Huh?" "What was that?" both of the ponies say, stopping at the sounds of clattery pebbles and junk. "Uh. Did you trip on-"

LIGHT! Sounds! Sharp objects! What is this! Both of the figures are illuminated, the big one a bulky black-pelted earth pony, the smaller one a light-brown donkey! They're both staring wide-eyed at this flickery shadowy thing walking around them, floating sharp implements around in a circle. "Uh…" the big black one grunts, amber eyes narrowing. "S'cuse me. I don't think you're authorized to be down here…"

He promptly gets elbowed by the donkey. "Shh! Don't make it angry! W..what if it's a ghost! A chocolate ghost! AH! I forgot what I was supposed to be remembering! Ohnoohno!"

Rising-Chaos chuckles, she's having FUN. In fact, she smiling more than she has in weeks. "Oh I'm most certainly not supposed to be here. I might even get in trouble if one of you two manages to escape and tell on me. Thankfully, that won't happen." She lets that sink in for a while. "So, this is how it is going to work, you answer my questions, I let you leave and do whatever it is you were planning on doing. I might even let you do that /unharmed/ if you're good, am I understood?" It looks like the plan is working, they are caught off guard and one is worried!

The big black pony's ears flatten. "Sounds like a buncha threats to me…"

The brown donkey brays, rearing up and clapping a hoof to the bigger one's mouth. "Of /course/ it's a threat! What do you think all the sharp things are? Don't get us both killed!" Yep, wide-eyed and fearful alright, that's the donkey. "W..what do you want? Speak, evil apparation, that we might yet live another day!"

"Oh brother…" the black pony grunts.

This one seems to be resisting, how fortunate. The short sword darts forward, the flat of the blade brushing against his cheek. "your friend here is correct, stallion. It is a threat, I happen to be able to carry them out." The blade moves to draw a line along his neck, still only using the flat. "Do not try my patience, for your sake and mine. I do not have the time to waste on you two. Tell me where the kidnapped foals are, and give me the whereabouts of the pony names Snakebite. Then you may leave."

Well! That does get the black one's attention. It's hard to keep absolutely calm when a sharp implement is lifted to one's throat. He grunts again, gulps in a breath. But it's the donkey that speaks up first.

"W..we don't know! We just pass'em off to Snakebite and he..he delivers them! We don't know where they go after that! Oh goddes please don't kill meeheeheeheee!" The donkey's gone down to his knees. Poor schmuck. And the black pony's muzzle has quirked. He ain't speaking!

"I don't believe you." Rising Chaos' voice was flat, calm, confident, but now it's a snarl. The cutlas joins it's short sword friend, giving the same almost gentle but highly intimidating treatment to mr. donkey. "Or, perhaps YOU don't, your friend here seems rather quiet. Do speak up if you know anything." she'll even take where you meet him, at this point, anything. She wants to do something for once. "I'm asking as a courtesy, I COULD just pull the information from your mind directly, but I'm afraid I wouldn't leave it in very good shape."

"Ah! Noooo! Don't hurt meeeeee!" the donkey squeaks!

The black pony calmly lifts a hoof, and thumps his companion against the back of his head. The donkey's eyes flutter, then close, fainting. "…I dunno who you think you are." he grunts gruffly, "But you already found where Snakebite was hiding. It was down there. S'why we were gonna go down and clean the place up. But if you wanna find him again? I guess you could just watch your kids a little better…or you could go talk to somebody that knows somethin' about who'd be payin' for kids. Cuz' that's what it's all about, ain't it? A few bits for a few foals. A lotta bits for a lotta foals. We don't know nothin'. We're just low-level goons…"

Rising-Chaos thinks it's time to make an impression. The illusions all stop at once, revealing her standing right in front of the black stallion. She is not a large mare, and perhaps not the most imposing, but having a machete and a cutlass floating next to you with a short sword at the other pony's throat is a good way to compensate for this. "My name is Rising Chaos, I am the matron of the orphanage. From your words I assume you do not know who would be paying for these foals, which is most unfortunate." Oh and her eyes, her eyes are kinda scary, they don't have any signs of sanity, whatsoever, and her voice is back to being level and calm, worryingly so. "You will tell me your name, where you dropped off the foals for Snakebite, and then I will be done with you. I would suggest praying that I decide to forgive you for delivering the foals under my charge to be sold, because I will not be extending that courtesy to anypony else involved with the operation."

"Coal-Snap." the pony answers for his name. "…and no. I ain't got any more information. We didn't do the deliverin'. Snakebite did that all himself. All we did was clean up the tunnels after him." He looks grim. Like he's not sure this is going to be good enough, steeling himself for that moment if/when it isn't. He's a good Syndicolt goon, he is. "Ain't my job to know things, it's my job to clean things…"

Rising-Chaos frowns, glaring at Coal Snap for a long while. "Very well, I will choose to believe you. IF you see snakebite again, do tell him these tunnels are under new management, and if I ever see him again he will find out the true definition of fear. Thank you for your time." Without so much as flinching, Rising sends the machete the connect with the side of Coal Snap's head, hilt first, to knock him out. For a while she suppreses the urge to go farther, hurt him more, satisfying hersle f with stuffing a stick of dynamite is both goons mouths. With no better ideas of what's going on, but a new line of questioning, she tromps upwards, time ot see where this tunnel leads. Glyph is once again being used as a forward spotter, spotting EVERYTHING this time.

The tunnel, unfortunately, ends a ways further up. There were a few more crates - some containing interesting things like 'mountains of bits' - but when the tunnel ends it's where Ruby had found the entrance. Underneath the Harbor, in the old tunnel system… Where crime has apparently been running rampant.

Pocketing a few bits, because that's what you /do/, Rising Chaos looks around the tunnels. While she can entertain thought of igniting the whoel tunnel system in cleansing flame, she can't actually do it, so with a angry sigh, she turns around to go raid snakebite's place and take all his things. She'll go topside now, though, she has some very pointed questions to ask around town.

The donkey gets a kick when she passes him again, because he was melodramatic and it helpe,d but it was annoying.