Rising's Dream
IC date: Autumn 48
OOC date: November 6th
Location: Dreamland
PCs: Rising-Chaos Dream-Daze
GM: Applejack
It's a dark and cloudy night at the town outskirts. Not a star in the sky, nor moon, nor so much as an inkling of light. Like someone took a magic eraser and rubbed out every last point of light. With the exception of the campfire. There's still a campfire, giving off enough light to see the wagon, and maybe the edge of the road leading back towards the Harbor, but not much else.

The darkness really isn't a problem for Rising Chaos, she prefers it to be truthful. Her illusions are always better when they are harder to see, because they usually aren't very good. this isn't an unusual scene for her either, the amre spends a large amount of time reading very late at night, sometimes she spends that time outside.

Tonight is surely one of those nights worth spending time reading outside. Or practicing magic. Or something. Just Chaos, the darkness, and that cheery fire flickering in a gentle breeze. Not a sound to be heard, from the forest or town nearby.

Though there's no sound, the light of the fire catches something just right. A faint, gossamer shimmer, hardly more than a suggestion of shine that passes. And then, not even ten seconds later, a second shimmer. Like someone dropped a single strand of a shiny streamer, but it disappeared before it even hit the ground.

To be fair, Rising Chaos is usually doing more than one thing. Not tonight though, tongiht is a relaxing night of reading insanely advanced magical texts. Or so she thinks. It would come as no surprise that Rising is a very observant mare, merely reading a book won't keep her from watching her surroundings very closely.

At the first shimmer, she flicks an ear, having just barely noticed something. The second one gets a larger reaction, her eyes flickering over to look at where it, well, was.

Was, and then is again! Another shimmer! And another. Followed by the almost nonexistant sensation of something coming to rest on the backs of the mare's forehooves. As though she had simply lost a hair off her mane and it floated down to lay atop a hoof. Only these 'hairs' are shimmering in the firelight, reflecting the flickering flames, showing that they extend from the tops of Rising's hooves, up into the sky to some point in the utter blackness.

Yeah that might fly with some ponies, but they are not Rising Chaos. The second she feels something come to rest on her, she jumps up, reading forgotten. Of course, that doesn't actually fix the problem, since the things are apparently connected to her hooves.

As one might expect, this is utterly horrifying. Rising takes a deep breath, then in the interest of scientific experiementation, makes to draw sher short sword to cut the things currently on her hooves. If she cna cut them, everything will be alright.

The sword drawn, passed through the hanging strands of gossamer… They seem to cut!

For a moment.

…And then they reattach themselves, tying little knots where they had been severed.

They've been joined by two more strands, and the odd sensation of that barest touch of string on the mare's rear hooves. Four gossamer strings, hanging in the air, leading up into the inky blackness above, attached to who knows what.


that could be called bad. The first test didn't work, and it was kind of the best one she had. rising Chaos' options at this point are rather limited to just poking at it with magic, which she does. This doesn't require all that much concentration, though. In the meanwhile, she pokes at the gossamer string, then look up in to the sky. Maybe if she went in her wagon?

Of course the strings sway when poked at with magical force. Sway, jiggle, maybe tie another knot or two. Looking up though? That's much more 'interesting'.

It seems there are actually some stars after all right above Chaos. A constellation of maybe ten stars, arranged in an odd boxy shape. From each star, a single shimmery strand of gossamer is dangling. Weren't there four a moment ago? All four of Rising's hooves… Her leg joints. Her horn. And her flank seem to have these strings.

The constellation isn't static either. It's moving. As it moves, the strings move.

As the strings move, Rising would find her hooves and limbs tugged to move too, just like a puppeteer would a marionette, up onto her hind legs to do a little spin for the powers that be.

Rising-Chaos notices the strings getting the rest of her just a moment too late. She barely suppresses total panic while trying to back away. Not that it accomplishes much, because without her consent, suddenly she's doing a little spin. "Let go, let go right now," she growls out in her most intimidating voice, while struggling all she can. Panicing? Absolutely. Going down wihtout a fight? Absolutely not.

Struggling! Struggling seems to be moderately effective! The strands tug at the mare's limbs, but after that first spin they seem to only be able to tug. To make her movements sluggish, as though she were fighting the tide of a stream with every motion she makes!

The constellation responds to the growling. A line, thicker than the strings that have found themselves bound to the odd mare's body, begins to connect the dots in the sky, filling out detail, until it's a perfect wire-frame of… Glyph?

Indeed. The magical mare's very own little animated stuffed minion, in celestial form, seems to be the cause of these strings. It seems to be crawling out of the sky, too, moving at a slow, plodding spiral from where it had began, across the 'sky', and towards the horizon.

Sensing even the smallest amount of csuccess, Chaos redoubles her efforts. She's not completely pathetic physically, so she can give a decent effort, not that it makes a /huge/ difference. She looks on in horror as the 'constellation' takes on the shape of Glyph. "Glyph, stop this at once. I will tear you to pieces if uyou don't release me RIGHT NOW." The unicorn is breathing rather heavily, she really doesn't like being touched, or being made to move, or anything like that. "Please, Glyph."

As the beast nears where sky meets earth, the wire frame is colored in, though the colors are…off. They're dark, yet plainly visible, a crimson red shade, with bright yellow eyes that still look like they're made out of felt, yet glow with a sinister light. Its mouth, little more than a cloth fold, has the slightest sheen that may be saliva, and gossamer lines that make a shining outline of 'teeth' within that crafted hollow. Detail that may be felt scales dot the creation, lined in gossamer, but hard enough that when the beast happens to lope by a little tree in its path, it talls over as though touched by a speeding sledgehammer.

Glyph is now practically a felt dragon. A monster of crafts, rearing on its back legs, with all those puppet strings attached to its front legs. It looms, larger than life, over the small camp, glowing felt eyes looking at their master, cloth mouth 'drooling' a line of silken thread.

"Who's the toy now, Mistress…?" the beast growls, with a voice gutteral, deep, and yet breathy, as though the beast still didn't truly have any real organs to speak of.

The struggling stops as the full extent of Glyph's new 'form' is revealed. Rising Chaos visibly wilts at the sight, and tries to back away. she'd grown so used to her little golem, running around and being happy, being a fool. This is an alarming turn of events. "No one is a toy, Glyph, now put me down before I get angry. What's happened to you?" She's moved on to trying to reason with it. Unfortunately, her voice just can't back her words up any more. The tone wavers like she's on the brink of losing any semblance of control, and she can't seemt on keep her face straight either. The mask of calm confidence she tries t keep up is slipping fast.

Gasp! Where did that crowd of ponies come from? There's a whole line of them! Parading down the road, from the Harbor towards destinations unknown… Yet as Rising backs away from the monster that is Glyph, ponies are gasping, pointing at Chaos, and running away with shrieks of terror! They aren't even noticing the cloth and felt monster!

One of the ponies tries to run past Glyph in their terror of getting away from Chaos. The felt beast leans over, and snaps the pony right up, swallowing it whole! Gulp! This seems to make it grow a few more inches, gossamer 'spikes' forming along its tail, those outlines of teeth growing bigger, toothier.

"Nothing's happened… Don't you recognize me? BEHOLD!"

Gulp! Snap! Another fleeing pony devoured! More spikes, distortions, and growth on the beast! And yet it seems to be changing shape, too. From dragon to…something else. Griffon? No…

Gulp! Snarf!

…Pony? It's a pony shape!

Gulp! Gobble!

…The head is the last thing to change. When its done, it's a felt-craft version of Rising herself. The yellow eyes have darkened to a deep sinister red, the puppet 'strings' have solidified into ropes. Rising, bound to this /beast/ made in her own image! This pony-devouring monstrosity! "How about now? Do you see what I am now?"

Rising-Chaos can only watch in utter terror, why are ponies afraid of her what's going on? why is Glyph, her little golem, doing this to her? Why can't she mvoe wvery well? As the giant monster shapeshift, it only illicits more fear, her ordinary curiousity postponed. As the form settles in to a mockery of herself, that only makes things worse. "I have no idea, no." She has suspicions, but she doesn't want ANY of them to be true.

"Bahahahaha!" the beast roars, the nearby campfire going out like a candle in a gale-force wind! The bigger the monster gets, the more ponies seem to be afraid of the real Rising! Most of them stare in terror before she even gets anywhere close, running with shrill shrieks, screams, and cries, many of them past her and into the waiting maw of the beast!

"I am your hunger, Rising… I am your desire… I am that part of you that lurks in the back of your mind every time you see another unicorn casting spells you will never master."

It's now as big as a two-story house. Gossamer 'spikes' cover it from tail to ear, to the bottom of each leg, and its maw has an almost comical amount of those 'teeth'. Its eyes have grown big enough to become swirls of felt, red and yellow both, endlessly spinning in hypnotic circles. It's begun to snort fire! As though trying to make up for the lack of the campfire, perfect to illuminate every terrified face as it runs past Rising.

For some reason, that hits rising harder than any other realization tonight. She actually almost chokes, and stares at her hooves. "I wouldn't do this," she says, knowing full well how untrue that is. With the right incentive, she would do all this and more. "Stop this at once, please." She sinks to her knees, shaking now and apparently only able to stare at the ground. "There's nothing to gain here, I order you to stop."

"Your words say no, but your hooves…"

The ropes leading all over Rising, to the monster, are still moving. Whether or not Rising's hooves are making them do so, the strings continue to twitch, and the monster continues to eat. Chomp. Chomp! CHOMP!

"When they look at you, Rising… They see me! Look into their eyes, Chaos! See for yourself!"

As it would happen, the very next pony to come by, is a little blue unicorn filly. One that…stops. And stares at the visibly shaken magical mare. Almost as if inviting Rising to do just what the beast suggests.

But right now, Rising Chaos can't look at anyone. She having a struggle even openning them. What can be seen is that her own eye look unfocsed, as if she is very, very close to paying along with the beast. "They don't see you, they see me! The mare who can make her own choices, theaamre who is defined by more than her hunger." While the words themselves are defiant, they are delviered as more of a whimper. eventually she wins (or maybe loses) some kind of internal struggle, and dares to look around at the filly. Rising's eyes are a bit watery, has she ever been seen crying? If your name doesn't have the word 'Quintessent' in it, or 'Stormdancer' the answer is very probably no.

And yet! There's something different and familiar about this filly. Something all the other ponies lack. Bright amber eyes look up at Rising with no fear at all. Just a very sincere, concerned look.

Don't listen to it… a voice echoes. Did it come from the filly? She didn't move her mouth! But she's staring at Rising intently. Maybe seeing if her words have some kind of impact.

The beast, however, is not too happy. This was not what it meant! Fierce glowing eyes stare at the filly, the felt folding to give the impression of narrowing. "You don't belong here… This is my realm! My creation! You are a tresspasser! I won't let you spoil my fun twice in one night!"

Thankfully, Rising Chaos recognizes the filly, and immediately panics on even more levels. "Dream Daze, what are you doing here? You should get out of here immediately." Because a half crying Rising currently sunken down to her knees is a great pony to listen to. But then something makes her blink, and she looks up at the monster. "Your creation? Your realm?"

You're dreaming… If you wake up, it will go away! says the echoy voice, light and feminine.

"BEGONE!" the beast roars, head reared back! It lunges forth, very much intent on snapping up both Rising and Dreamy into the great creature's mouth!

But Dream-Daze throws herself into Rising, her horn starting to glow, the dreamscape starting to crack and tear! She turns her head to regard the mare, the beast looming ever closer, the voice echoing one more time:


Rising-Chaos struggles to wake up, and the fear is draining away, to be replaced by something else. Pure, unadulterateed rage. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" she roars, finally getting back to her hooves and glaring at the monster, her horn glowing with magical energy.

The next thing she knows, she wakes up, on the floor of her wagon. The mare is shaking, violently, and tears stain her cheeks, even after the dream and that somewhat triumphant end. It was only so many words. She takes a couple more breaths to get herself calmed down, but doesn't make any attempt to move. Her horn does light up, seeming to probe her wagon for any kind of presence. Her cape was taken off for the night, but her heart shaped brooch is clutched painfully tight against her chest, otherwise she's curled up in the tightest ball she can be.

There's a faint echo of the dream left behind, in that space between dreams and reality. A monster's cry of outrage as another nightmare is forcefully dealt with… And then it's gone, replaced with the sweet sounds of the world once again.

Rising-Chaos flinches at the retreating sounds, but she seems to be recovering. The mask is coming up at least, and she slowly rises to shaky hooves and gets herself to a sitting position. Taking deep breaths, she runs a brush through her mane to get it sorted out, and then crubs at her eyes to get the worst of the tears out. Not that that's effective when she's still crying a bit but shhhh.

Finally, she crawls back in to bed, and calls Glyph over. The little lizard golem appears almost instantly, having been watching her in a state of panic while clinging to the roof. Once he's close enough Rising grabs him and brings him close, giving the stuffy a nuzzle. "I should take better care of you, Glyph. I'm afraid I've not been a very good master."

Given that Glyph's thoguht process could be best translated to "???????????? !!! ???? !!!??? !!!!" right now, this doesn't really get a reaction, but the nuzzle is returned and rising's deep frown shifts just a little bit.