Revved Up Like A Deuce
IC date: Autumn 16, 1007
OOC date: October 5, 2012
PCs: Jellybean, Kludge, Manyara, Ruby-Blossom, Sky-Sparkler, Snowfield, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice
NPCs: Professor Redmane, Glimmer, Heatsink
GM: Fluttershy, Applejack


"What's going on—"

"Something's happening—"

"It's all wrong—!"

"Where'd they go?!"


"Wait, there's something else coming!"

"Do you feel that?"


Magic flares again! A second explosion of force, just as bright and rough as the first, finishes off the battered ceiling of the Lab and throws arcane objects all over the place. The outer ring of unicorns get knocked back, flattened to the ground as it were, left dazed and seeing bright spots. The explosion knocks over enough things to cause a smaller eruption of smoke to fill the lab, sending ponies scrambling for fans to clear some of it away, though the majority of it has ample escape through the practically nonexistant roof.

As the smoke clears, two distinguished faces peer through it at the platform where an inner circle of ponies once stood. Now there's a much larger group of ponies… Though none of them are familiar, and certainly none were the desired result of the failed spell.

A scratchy, disappointed elderly voice rises from a fiery-red with grey streaks maned, brown-pelt earth pony in a labcoat, peering intently through a thick pair of glasses at the group of ponies that has taken the place of the six that once stood there.

"Well, Glimmer. At least the spell didn't completely fail. We managed to summon…something, if not what we were aiming for."

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (How violently does Snowfield react to the change in setting?) — Result: 3 | Sum: 3

(OOC) Snowfield is pretty chill about all this.
(OOC) Gamble: Yeah, this should be like just another walk in the forest for her.
(OOC) Snowfield: 'oh, i remember the last time this happened. doesn't look like the fluffy dimension this time around though'

Kludge rolls 1d10 (Kludge appears to be on another adventure! How does he take it?) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

(OOC) Kludge: Mildly annoyed, but willing to roll with it.

Sky Sparkler was about to pull the pencil out of her nose when she, and her bush, are teleported. "What… what kind of teleport was that?" she asks, slowly regaining her wits. "It didn't feel like my spark riding…" Still confused, still trying to make sense of things…

Still with the pencil in her nose.

"… t and okay now it is seriously WAY too bright to see I am starting to have second thoughts about this new morning thing, on second though, can we go back to the old morning I'm not sure I really like this new one it's a bit… too…" Winter Solstice's chatter winds down like a dying engine. "… c-cold…"

She stops and stares at her surroundings, expression neutral, mouth closed. She looks left. She looks right. She sees familiar faces; she sees unfamiliar faces. She sees a strange environment.

When in doubt, start hitting things. When meeting strangers, introduce yourself! "Hello, newcomers! Welcome to HORSESHOE HARBOR!"

"I'm…not sure that's a good thing," a violet-colored unicorn comments. She adjusts her spectacles with a pink magical glow, frowning at the group. "This is a terrible breach in protocol, and /completely/ unexpected! What if we just summoned part of /her/ ponies out here? She's sure to have our heads!" The young unicorn steps back in dismay, and whips up a clipboard in her magic so she can quickle scribble down notes… Only to jump a bit at Winter's bellowed greeting. "…Harbor?" she asks skeptically.

Solar-Wind bleary eyed comes from his daze, "Oh head, why, why, What did I drink that Did /That/ Mean flippin hangover, just," he pauses, "Just what, where, What the Feathers?!"

Ruby-Blossom pulls herself back to her hoofs with the assistance of the studiest thing within reach - Winny. The turquoise mare mummering grumplily as she regains her footing and begins to look around before doing her best to stay out of sight of the strangers - namely she's hiding behind Winny who makes a perfect barrier for line of sight - with any hope she'll have gone unnoticed for the moment. "what now…" she mummers softly to herself while peeking around Winny to get a good look at what's happening.

Jellybean is dizzy and confused. There was loud noise and wind and a bright light and everything got really scary and what's going on? He fights back the tears which are never too far off when he's stressed out as a foal and simply asks, "Where are we? Can we go home?"

There's a distinct downside to being aloft when an explosion hits, being that you tend to not be aloft afterwards. Which is exactly how Windrose ends up after nearly being blinded beforehand, sprawled out on her back with a groan that may be from the blast, from hitting the ground of their new location, or maybe a chunk of both. Rubs a foreleg over her eyes. "What in Everfree was that, it's the wrong time of the year for fireworks."

Blinkblink. Blink. A bit of a dazed sway. A firm shake of the head. That was /not normal/. And this is /not right/. Manyara opens her mouth, closes it. Looks around. Clears her throat, glances down at herself, then around at the group. And shakes her head again, giving a slightly agitated huff. What in Equestria just /happened/?

She blinks over at the unfamiliar ponies, looking them over, frown deepening. For they were, indeed, unfamiliar. That was strange. "…Well. Something just happened."

Random magical explosions? Even by Kludge's standards, this is incredibly random - and he's nearly certain he's not responsible for this! Well, when in doubt, do what you do best:

Be mundane.

Kludge pats himself down, checking for injuries - none. He even does a discreete check under his hat - yeah, things are normal there. Check inventory of cart - things have rattled around, but everything's accounted for, and the cart's still in good shape.

Which leaves the question: just what has he found himself in now?

The littlest unicorn is hunkered down defensively as the light of the magisplosion fades, surrounded by a shield of ice that's just tall enough to hide her from view when she crouches. Upon hearing the sound of magi-babble from what appears to be a pair of unicorn scientists Snowfield straightens up and dissipates the makeshift barrier, dissolving it into snow that floats away in all directions. "Just brilliant," she says loud enough for everyone to hear her but speaking no nopony in particular. "Alright, time for a situation analysis. With a lab this ramshackle we're certainly not in Canterlot." She looks in Manyara's direction when the abada gives her own summary of events. "Yes, that was definitely something that happened."

And now Jelly is crying again. Sky Sparkler drops her normal priorities of 'figuring out what's going on' to walk over to her nominal boss, giving him a half-hug. "Hey, no worries, I'm with you, I'll see you safely home," she says. She's still wearing the pith helmet and the binoculars are around her neck.

She also seems to have forgotten about the pencil up her nose.

She looks up at the unfamilar ponies, and asks, "Where are we?"

The unfamiliar ponies — unfamiliar to the Harborites, that is — are running around in a panic, checking settings on machinery and giving the group as wide a berth as the cramped space allows. A couple of them are pressed solidly against the wall, as far as they can get from them. In general, the population looks even more hardened and rag-tag than the types who show up in the Harbor.

Of course, then Snowfield mentions Canterlot. A couple of them break for the door and wind up sticking themselves in firmly as they try to flail their way out all at once. The quill snaps to the clipboard as the violet unicorn frowns. "Great. We /did/ summon the enemy. What now, Professor?"

Winter-Solstice remains solid like a rock as Ruby hauls herself upright against the burly mare, and thankfully stays in place long enough for Ruby to do so before making her way over to Windblossom and reaching down to help pull the pegasus upright. Ruby might need to adjust her hiding place appropriately, seeing as it's moving. Winter's still cheerful, although her smile is starting to fade. "Actually, IS this the harbor? Normally newcomers don't bring their own location with them. Neat trick, though…" Her voice trails off as she sees a familiar redheaded foal in the crowd. It's Jellybean. He's not looking very happy. Jellybean sort of cries and screams a bit too easily, maybe, but never without good reason. Winter's smile dissipates utterly, and she starts to look around with unusual concern. The muscles beneath her soot-blackened coat begin to tense.

Jellybean sniffles but shakes his head. "I'll be okay. I'm really a big pony." And right now he wishes he really were a big pony again, but it seemed ike he had all the time in the world until a few minutes ago. Nevertheless he's making the effort to compose himself. "Excuse me? I think there's been some mistake: how did we get here? An' who are you ponies? I'm Jellybean and these are my friends."

Solar-Wind finally gets his berrings and stands up, working out every kink and looking around in wonder and curiousity, "Ok, Ok, Ok, one minute minding my own business, next minute here, Sweet Celestia, Where the Feathers are we?" he grumbles loudly

Though not quite as startled as his assistant, or the rest of the ponies that scatter at the mention of Canterlot, the Professor does take a single step back. He straightens himself up and brushes some of his frizzy red hair back. "You're overreacting, Glimmer." he states softly, over his shoulder, then offers the newly transposed group a warm, if weary smile. "Not to mention being horribly rude to our guests. They're obviously not part of /her/ crowd. If they were, we'd already be having a problem."

He clears his throat, raising his voice so that the whole group can hear. "Indeed! You aren't exactly in Horseshoe Harbor anymore. You're probably likely a great distance further from Horseshoe Harbor," his eyes fall on Snowfield for a moment, "…/or/ Canterlot than you expected. But where you are, I'm not at liberty to say right now. If you'll all stay calm, I'm sure we can explain everything." Somehow.

Snowfield quirks her head curiously. "Oh, the enemy, hmm? Not a fan of Canterlotians?" She takes a few steps forward. "What might we be dealing with then, hmm? Crazy cultists? We've had some issues with those recently, a few more wouldn't be out of the question. Oh, maybe political dissidents. Not everypony has been entirely happy with the princess' rule."

Ruby-Blossom certainly does her best to remain hidden from as many unfamiliar ponies as possible while examining the situation and surroundings - looking for escape routes while her mind ponders a mile a minute. She casts a quick gaze upwards to the open roof to ascertain the time of day - more input!

.. Why is Jellybean still a foal, and how did she miss that previously? Not that -that- is really important at the moment.

Windrose shakes her head a few times mostly to clear it before she finally gets up, and almost resumes her usual pegasus hovering until she realizes just how cramped of a room they're in. Sighs and folds her wings back in. Blinks a couple of times. "… enemies?…"

Winter-Solstice is quiet, which means she can hear others speaking. The enemy. Professors! This is weird. She turns towards the unfamiliar group and waits, remaining tense. Her front hooves knead slightly at the floor and her steel blue gaze focuses on the clipboard-wielding unicorn, studying her very carefullly. As Snowfield steps forward to start with the Diplomacy, Winter strides forward to stand near the small unicorn, drawing herself up straight, backing up Snowfield's words with her own looming physical presence.

(OOC) Snowfield: The roof is open?
(OOC) Gamble: It kinda blew out, yeah.
(OOC) Snowfield must've missed that, there's so many words.

Judging from the position of the sun in the sky, Ruby will find that the time of day is currently 'night'.

Manyara frowns, tilting an ear and looking after the fleeing ponies. "Oh, come now, surely there's no need for all that." She looks down at Snowfield, arching an eyebrow but keeping her expression carefully neutral, still trying to get her bearings and a better feel for who these strangers are - which she's proving less-than-succesful at, which is very disorienting. She nods again to the Professor. "Yes, some explanation would be nice… I'm sure we can all work this out."

Ruby-Blossom frowns very very clearly - at least if she wasn't hiding from everypony at the moment and doing her darndest to go unnoticed that's what everypony would see. (Unicorns, unicorns and magic. Can't ever leave good enough alone. Laws of nature be danged, I'm unicorn.) Scowl and boil among shifty eye-glances with all the commotion she makes an attempt to slip away from the group and to a more concealed corner of the room - hoping to go unnoticed; likely a tall order.

Ruby-Blossom rolls 1d10 (Oh holy dice, I know you love to fail me and rolls 2. Stealth Check go.) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Jellybean seems to calm down a little bit at the polite response of the other ponies. That's good: he knows he can trust ponies who are acting polite like that. "Can I have a glass of water please?" he asks, not having anything more intelligent to offer.

Glimmer, so-called, flattens her lips into a disagreeable line, but she nods to the more eccentric-looking pony. Decked in a labcoat and a full-body jumpsuit, the lab assistant steps forward. "Alright, everypony, please stay calm! My name is Glimmer and we're having… technical difficulties. You're…not what we expected, not at all. And this is something of a crisis, so we would /appreciate/ it if …" Her gaze falls on Jellybean. "Oh great, there's a new foal. Professor!!"

A deep rumble rises in Winter's chest, and she pushes through the crowd to loom near Jellybean, eyes narrowing. Her broad hooves continue to knead the floor, the heavy metal boots on her hindlegs *clunk* *clunking* at the floor with anxious steps. Her gaze locks onto Glimmer like a vice.

"You sound like my father," Sky Sparkler repies to the scientist type. "Is this one of those silly 'confidential work' things? I could never unerstand why he insisted on those things."
Yeah, still pencil in nose.

"I mean, it's not like he was doing anything secret agent-like. Can you at least explain relatively promptly?"

Kludge just sits back and watches things unfold. Once he has a better idea of what the hay is going on, /then/ he'll decide if he should curse, grumble, or panic. At this point, there's no (new) explosions, nor are there (currently) things threatening him with a violent demise. So… it's safe, given that it seems to be an adventure.

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Magic Lore check) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

Solar-Wind just waits, bides his time, he's in no hurry or anything, though his stomache protests, "Uhh, you ponies got any food for your guests?" he asks with not much tact, cause he doesn't have any of that stuff

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Logic check) — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

"You're talking in riddles," Snowfield says with agitation. "These runes in the floor… it's some manner of spell empowering symbols? I'm no circle master, but I know a 'pargon' rune when I see it", and seeing as you got /us/ here I'm guessing it's some sort of summoning circle. You were trying to get something big to appear." She takes another step forwards towards Glimmer. "Am I on the right track?"

"Glimmer." The Professor states, his voice taking a stern 'fatherly' warning tone to it. It's followed by a sigh, the red-maned pony turning to give the violet filly a nudge, a glance thrown towards Snowfield. "Why don't you take a couple of the others that spooked off and round our guests up some water? If we have any snack-type things left, now would be a great time to break those out too."

He casts a look to the assorted group, "…Unfortunately I don't think this is the best place to talk." His head lifts, taking note of the open night sky, then turns, along with the rest of his body, starting toward one of the sets of doors. "If you'll all follow me this way, we can discuss what's going on." His gaze lingers on a particular bubbling pool of green gunk on the floor after all the explosiveness struck, being suddenly reminded: "Oh and try to avoid touching anything if you value keeping your hooves attached to your legs. Or living."

Well that was a scary warning. Jellybean meeps again and he starts hovering off the ground, trying his best not to touch anything at all as he follows the professor pony out of the room. For the moment he's staying close to Winny and Sky. He looks at the pencil. "Are you writing a letter too?"

-That- is followed by a gasp and Windrose bolting off the floor, deciding to endure whatever cramped indoor spaces they may be subjected to hovering overhead instead of risking touching possible limb losing living undoing spilled whatevers. "This place is -weird-," she huffs to no one in particular."

Glimmer eyes Sky-Sparkler a little, grimacing. "You have a…" she starts, before she shakes her head and aborts, nodding at the professor. "Yes, sir," she replies, before saying curtly to the group, "Follow me." And she begins trotting out of the skylit area, away from the snow that's starting to dust the machinery as it swirls lightly from the sky.

Outside of the lab is a narrow hall with metal grated floors that echo with every tromp of hooves. "So. Hungry and thirsty, and…" she turns, counting as she walks backwards, "nine new mouths to feed. Two foals, several pegasi… Good goddess. Well. Welcome to the Base. Follow me to the cafeteria, then."

The long hallway leads to a T, where she takes the left fork, and leads the group into a wider space: evidently the cafeteria.

Horseshoe Base - Cafeteria

There's food here! Sometimes it's even edible!

The cafeteria here is functional, with flickering lamps set into the walls. There are no windows here: just concrete and dirt, and old wooden tables. The buffet line holds a strange and alien fare, of plants and edibles that look like nothing you've ever seen before.

Ruby-Blossom with any luck hopes to go unnoticed, and unaccounted for after slipping away to a dark corner; doing her darndest to stay out of sight and out of mind in the crowd clears out. (I have a sneaking suspicion about all this.) Quietly looking for anything of value sneaking after the crowd.

Snowfield makes a displeased 'harumph' sound as she's told that explanations will have to wait. That's one heck of a delaying tactic right there. She glances towards the hole in the ceiling just as the older pony did. "…it's cold," she says before following after their new guide.

Winter-Solstice sighs heavily, relaxing slightly. No attacks yet. Her obvious, building tension relaxes somewhat, but she still stays a little wound up, stepping a bit more heavily as she moves with the group. She glances up at Jellybean. "Hey, 'Bean. You doing okay? You looked pretty spooked." She glances back over her shoulder, looking about for Ruby. Winter frowns, not seeing her. She could have sworn… maybe she didn't get… transportalized and she's back in the harbor? Or wherever. This is bewildering.

Manyara follows along at the back of the group, peering around curiously and looking increasingly disconcerted at this entire situation.
You paged Manyara with 'Yep!'.

Solar-Wind pads in, after the rest of the herd, "Ya know, after ya wake up from a hangover like that, sometimes a bit of food and water is good ya know, right?" he asks as he takes in his surroundings with a furrowed brow just looking around, "This place doesn't look uhh , doesn't look remotely framilar, and I've been in the cities" he comments

Kludge left the work-cart back in the other room, but did bring his tools along. He is currently intrigued by the mystery of this place.

Jellybean blushes, wings flapping as he works to stay in the air. He's getting used to the differences but he's still not exactly the best flier as a foal. "I was startled," he admits. "But these ponies seem nice, so I'm not worried."

Snowfield begins to slow down as they get closer to the cafeteria. "What's your take, Watcher?" she asks as she lets Manyara come up behind her. "Air as cold and dry as was coming through the roof means either the dead of winter or the frozen northlands. They don't look Scandeneighvian, so my guess is time travel. That manner of magic almost always goes awry."

"Pencil?" Sky Sparkler says to Jellybean as she follows the others (carfully) on the way to the cafeteria. "Oh, is THAT what you meant," she says to Glimmer, catching on. Kinda.


The pencil is moved from her nose to a secure spot in her mane, clearly visable. Now she just needs to figure out a few dozen different things she can do with it.

Hey, what happened to Salty? Wasn't the ex-mayor in the area? And while we're at it, what's up with the food?

"Yeah," agrees Winter, absently, looking back to Jelly, then ahead to the others. She's quiet for several more steps. "Don't go too far, okay?"

To the cafeteria they go! The Professor, throughout the short walk, seems inclined towards murmuring at his assistant in tones that belie the fact that he actually is rather spooked and disturbed by the whole mess the spell left behind.

"…Not sure if it was too much magic or not enough. We overshot our target, but I can't be sure by what or how much. All I know is our main hope of trying it again is now missing, and our only clue to find out what happened is /them/." he says, with a subtle jerk of his head back towards the following ponies. "So it's best to stay calm and exchange information. Who knows, maybe they can help too?"

Then they're in the cafeteria! At least it's big enough for the group of ponies, the Professor in particular finding himself a seat in the middle of the wooden tables. "Alright, alright, come have a seat and Glimmer will see that you're all given a meal. We can discuss what's going on. I'll happily answer all your questions, if you'll answer a few of mine too…"

Manyara nods slowly, frowning. "Perhaps… perhaps. It doesn't have quite the feel of it… besides, I've been to the Northlands. These aren't quite right for it." She tilts an ear. "Time travel… maybe. Forward or back would be hard to say, though. If back, not /terribly/ far, they speak normally for our proper time. But if forward, who can say?"

"Sounds good to me," replies Kludge to the Professor. When things are unusual and there's a chance to figure stuff out calmly? Kludge is in favor of that! Much less panic and frustration that way.

(OOC) Winter-Solstice: kludge, no. no. the answer is violence

"You have a point, as always, Professor," Glimmer replies with a sigh in an undertone, before she gallops away from the group toward the buffet table. There's very little put out, but the fare that's around seems to be small bags of blue, weirdly wavy leaves. She grabs a few and brings them back, one for each pony. Then she disappears into the back, and returns with a pitcher of water and several cups with straws held in her magic. Thus given, she nods to the professor. "I'm going to tag the clean-up team to get working on the lab, and then I'll be back." And off she gallops!

Sky Sparkler sits at the table with the Pony-Professor. Idly, she cheks his cutie mark for bamboo and coconuts. But anyway, she's got her pencil, and she's got her pad. "I'll answer any questions you have, but you need to ask them. As for me, I'd like to know…" She starts taking notes.
"1. Where are we?
2. Can we return home, and if so, how?
3. What's up with the freakout about Canterlot?"

(OOC) Snowfield: Any plants the herbalists/forest dwellers among us might recognize?
(OOC) Blackbird: Nope!
(OOC) Blackbird: Even for Wintersong, this stuff's weird.
(OOC) Manyara: anything I might recognize?
(OOC) Snowfield: …woah.

Solar-Wind thinks its probably a good idea to hang out with the earth pony, Kludge, as he looks like the stout sturdy type maybe good in a fight or something. He nods his head some then looks at the offered 'food' "ok, now this is uhh, differint" he stomps a hoof down on said packet, "Field Rations?"

Ruby-Blossom is really really on edge at the moment - creeping about super-stealthy in the shadows - which are thankfully abundant. She may be over-reacting but that will happen when you're a thief - a stronge dislike for getting caught is really necessary. (There has to be somewhere I can sneak off to, some vantage point where I can't be seen.) Looking about the unfamiliar terrority in hopes of finding a place she can /stay/ out of sight.

Windrose sets herself down on a bench. "Did someone mention food? I hate trying to solve mysteries on an.. empty.. stomach…" The pegasus sort of trails off as the weirdly colored and shaped leaves is laid before them, raising one brow a bit. "Uh…" Hmmm. Not really a tact way of putting it. ".. I guess this counts as forgein cuisine?" She's about to ask about options, but then her stomach growls. "… oh nevermind." Chow time!

Winter-Solstice moves over to the bench, but doesn't sit down. She instead remains standing, which is generally what you are doing if you are not sitting. Not only that, she paces, a fact all the more evident as more and more ponies settle in. Pace, pace, pace- thump, clank, thump, clank, thump, clank, her metal boots ringing out every other step of the steady movement.

"I agree," Snowfield mumbles with a nod of her own. "Equestria hasn't had any major enemies, internal or otherwise, in centuries. Far too long ago for the language to be so similar." She quirks her ears and drops her head low to look between everypony's legs at the Professor as he yammers in what he thinks are hushed tones. "A summoning spell gone wrong?" she whispers to the abada. "Who would you want to pull through time? That's a paradox just waiting to happen."

The arrival at the cafeteria and the presentation of what passes for food is met with an apathetic 'hmm' from the little unicorn. She trots over to the 'buffet' and examines the various plants on display. "I don't recognize any of these," she says before picking one up with her magic and sticking it in her mouth without hesitation.

Gamble rolls 1d10 (How tasty is the food anyway?) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4

(OOC) Gamble: Eh, it's passable.
(OOC) Ruby-Blossom: Eh, it's food.
(OOC) Windrose: Too hungry to care :|
(OOC) Snowfield: Aww, I was hoping for a lower roll.
(OOC) Snowfield has interesting tastes.

Manyara nods thoughtfully. "Hm. Well, not everypony is so sensitive of possible timeline disturbances. The common pony really doesn't think about what they're getting into with powerful magics, as I'm sure you've experienced."

She looks the presented food over, a flicker of curiosity in her expression. Nothing /she/ recognizes, either! That /is/ unusual. She levitates a bag over to herself, fleetingly grateful to see that /that/ still seems to work perfectly fine.

Jellybean blinks as he pokes the leaves around the plate in the manner of picky foals everywhere. "Wait." He tries to understand what's being discusse. "Areyou saying it isn't now? When is it? Can it not be now? I thought it was always now?"

Solar-Wind downs the pouch in one sitting, "its edible" he announces to the others as they examine theirs, "Don't know bout the aftermath, but its, its, food at least" he offers with a little shrug

Windrose makes an awkward face for a bit… then decides she's hungry enough to not care and continues eating.

Kludge rolls 1d10 (How does this compare to some of the stuff Kludge has eaten in a pinch?) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

Snowfield chews the mysterious foliage thoughtfully. "Eh, it's okay," she calls back to the group. "It tastes kind of like underseasoned alfalfa crossed with asparagus." She moves back to the rest of the group. "Old stallion, what year is it?" she asks of the Professor.

"Mmmm… asparagus." Winter stops her pacing long enough to lean over the head of someone shorter, nab a whole bundle of Leafy Blues, and mouths the whole wad at once. She sits back up, leaving an empty bag on the table, and chews noisily, with her mouth open, while resuming her pacing. Thump clank chew thump clank smack thump clank slurp thump clank crunch

Kludge finds the odd food reasonably good - he's had much worse some of the times he's been chased out of towns. At least it's not mud-caked, or worse.

"Yes Glimmer, please do." Professor Redmane says to his assistant, "The sooner we get that mess cleaned up the better. And that roof. That needs taken care of /quickly/." The urgency in his voice unmistakeable for that moment. As Glimmer shuffles off, the Professor turns his attention back to the assorted ponies, lingering especially on Winter's pacing. Well, it's to be expected. Strange ponies in a strange place and all.

At least the food is edible! Certainly not horrible, but not exactly the tastiest thing ever either. A hint on the bitter side. The Professor hardly seems to mind it, nibbling on a leaf as he lets ponies settle and snack, his ears perked towards Sky's questions. Right off the bat!

"Those are excellent questions, and they all deserve excellent answers. Those first two are easy enough. You are in a little outpost we affectionately call The Base on the edges of Horseshoe Bay. I don't know of any Horseshoe Harbor, so I can't honestly say how close to home you are from here, or if it's possible to get there easily. I can't answer that without knowing more about where /you/ come from."

The Professor pauses, taking a sip from his water. "That third question is tricky. Canterlot is…" his voice trails off for a moment, his gaze dropping to search for a proper term. "…Hazardous to your average 'sun-loving' pony. Doubley so towards young foals." he states, glancing towards Jellybean. "Those in power do not take well to our efforts here, and I suspect if they knew what we were trying to do we would already be having less-friendly visitors."

Another question! Now the Professor glances Snowfield's way, the little unicorn probably the most curious to him. If only for dropping the Canterlot name right off the bat. "It's year 1007." he replies, naturally watching to see what kind of reaction that gets. He's just as curious to see if he's accidentally brought ponies through time as they probably are.

Winter-Solstice slows her pacing, as she chews in a thoughtful, smacky fashion. "1007, but what season?" she wonders. She stares at the Professor for a moment longer, then turns towards the table. "Seriously, what seasoning? This is kind of bland. Got any salt? Pepper maybe? Horseradish?" She noses in between a few seated ponies, backs up and goes nosing around elsewhere.

Sky-Sparkler looks first at Manyara, then to the Professor. "Timeline? At least that could explain 'too far'…" She ate just before, so she focuses on the Professor and her notes, her pencil scribbling in the hold of her magic. "1007? 'Sun-Loving'?" Wheels turn behind her eyes. "Then seven years ago, the return of the Lunar Rebelion?" she asks, afraid she's guessing right.

"We're also from 1007… 1007 Anno Celesti," notes Kludge.

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Do I take the bait?) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

Jellybean decides to nibble on some leaves. They're bland, but okay. He craves something sweet, but that's pretty normal.

Manyara blinks over at the Professor. "1007." Not so much a question as repeating to make sure she'd heard correctly. "Well. There goes that theory." She tilts an ear, frowning thoughtfully and casting another glance around. This did not seem to bode well. "Horseshoe Bay, you say? And…" she looks over at him. "Why particularly to foals?"

"Anno Celesti goes without saying," Snowfield says with a roll of her eyes. "Are you trying to make yourself sound like a scholar? Nopony bothers adding the era name unless they're pretending to be smarter than they are or they're talking about something from before Celestia sealed Nightmare Moon in the moon." She leans over towards Jellybean barely picking at his alfalagus leaves. "Are you going to finish that?"

Kludge shrugs. "Things seem to be significantly different in some respects; who's to say that we're not in a differently labled era?"

"Because they speak Equine," Snowfield says flatly. "Languages change a heck of a lot over time. Have you ever tried to read a book from the first couple centuries AC?" She pauses. "Actually, have you ever tried to read period? You don't seem like much of a reader."

Solar-Wind hrumphs some, "think we could get a chance at getting outside, I was about to enjoy a nice sunset on the harbor, could ya just blip us back or something wave your magic horns or something, Or just let us out of this, this, cave"

Smart ponies, the Professor notes to himself. Already drawing their own conclusions. He settles back, watching the group with the sort of interest one would give a chess match. It's only when Snowfield says her last comment that his ears perk sharply.

"I see…" he mutters to himself, brow furrowed, nibbling thoughtfully on his leaf. He doesn't reply to the further questions until he's finished with another long, thoughtful drink of water, leaning against the wooden table to regard the group.

"You aren't time-travellers." he states, matter-of-factly, giving his glasses a small adjustment. "And now I believe I know where you came from. Which means getting you lot home is going to be a bit of an issue." He frowns, leaning back again. "Let me answer all of those questions at the same time. The season is Winter. It's always winter. We don't have any other seasons, because we don't have a day-cycle." He eyes Kludge briefly. "Anno Celesti didn't happen here. Queen Moon banished her sister into the sun, and has kept this land in utter darkness ever since." Then to Manyara. "…And the Queen has a particular dislike of foals. And pegasi. Or anything that isn't her, really. Trust me when I say it's best if she doesn't catch wind of this one." he says, pointing at Jellybean.

Finally he blinks at Winter. "Salt's on that table. That's about the only seasoning we got left around here." His gaze orients back on the group expectantly. He's fairly certain his explanation is going to rouse another round of questions or so!

Snowfield rolls 1d10 (Huh!) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Jellybean makes another 'meep' and starts slowly shrinking under the table. "Wh-why doesn't she like pegasi? Or foals? An' how come she sent her sister away? Didn't Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony stop her?"

Winter-Solstice finally finishes her monster mouthful of Leafy Blues and swallows with a gguuuuulp. She licks her lips and turns towards the Professor. "This is dumb. You can't grow plants without sunlight. Even I know that and I'm, like, the worst farmer ever. Where'd you get the lunch from, then, huh?"

Kludge gives Snowfield an apologetic shrug, and leaves the question unanswered as irrelevant and adding insult to injury. (For the record, he tries to keep up with the trade journals when possible (hard to do when you keep getting kicked out of towns) and the occasional novella when he has time to relax in a library.)

Manyara blinks, looking momentarily alarmed by this. "What?" She stares over at the Professor for a long moment, gears turning. This was not at all the sort of news she expected. "…But she /likes/ foals," seemed all she could manage after quite a long moment of silence. She shook her head a bit, frowning deeply and rubbing the back of her head with one hoof awkwardly. "So you're saying this is a time when Lu- pardon, I suppose it's Queen Moon here - was never banished or freed, and has taken over, if I follow correctly."

Windrose blinks a couple of times. Queen Moon? Banished to the sun? Always winter? ".. So things happened opposite as they did were we came from?" she finally muses. History isn't really her thing, but she's putting a few things together from the ongoing conversations. I mean -everyone- got told what were thought to be old mare's tales after Luna came back so it's kinda ground into your memory by this point.

Snowfield stops trying to steal Jellybean's dinner and stares at the Professor. The flywheels of her mind spin away and all of the facts come together. "Hah! Hah!" she barks, the laughter creepy and breathey as if she's not used to making such a sound. "Oh, this is rich. Political dissidents alright! We've fallen through the looking glass!" She stands up and begins to trot torwards the door. "'The stars will aid her escape', indeed! Except if Celestia's the one who is sealed, there wouldn't be any stars to aid her! The only thing that can share the sky with the sun is the moon itself!" She passes through the door and rounds the corner, disappearing from sight.

"So then we're in a different timeline," Sky Sparkler says, moving to another page on her note-pad. She sketches a short line on the left side, explaining as she draws. "This represents our shared history, before the timelines diverged. In our timeline," one line goes up and to the right, "Princess Celestia banished her sister, who returned in a thousand years, or seven years ago, when she was clensed by the elements of harmony." A new line down and to the left. "In this timeline, the battle went the other way 'round." She looks up at the Professor. "At least that's what I'm hearing so far. We were moved from one leg of the trousers of time to the other."

Solar-Wind is lost in in thought, if someone finds him please return him to himself

Sky-Sparkler has found Solar Wind, but returned him to the store for the 5 bit deposit.

"That just about sums it up, I believe." The Professor agrees, catching Snowfield's departure. Going to have to get Glimmer to watch that one… His attention resumes focused on Sky and her diagram, "At least that's what evidence currently points to. So now you know, more or less, what you've dropped into here." He clops a hoof on the tabletop. "The spell we were attempting to cast was meant to bring Celestia back to us, in the hopes that she could bring the sun with her. But it…didn't quite go as planned. Obviously." He frowns. "In fact, you all seem to have replaced the key component to our spell. Which means I have no ability to send you all back to where you came from at this time."

Windrose slaps a hoof over her face. This has become a very common gesture for her ever since coming to Horseshoe Harbor. "Figures, the one time we get lost its in a way my talent is of no use getting us unlost."

Winter-Solstice finally seats herself in Snowfield's vacated spot. She does not fit as well as the diminutive unicorn did. "Magic," she snorts, the way someone might say 'lice' or 'rotten eggs.' She starts scanning the table for salt and other things. "Should have stuck to explosions. Those usually do the trick. Hey, Jelly, you gonna eat that?" She leans over to peer at Jelly's lunchable leaves, but doesn't wait for an answer before looking back up at the Professor. "So okay, we're stuck here. Okay. Alright, I can assume that's the case. Also here is always dark and cold, I guess I can get behind that. So what do you do when you're not botching your summoning spells, huh? You got an army? A resistance, something like that?"

Jellybean pushes the plate forward. Not much of an appetite right now. Instead, he's thinking about something awful. No way home? But his friends are at home. And his house. And Typhoon. He still hasn't given her the letter. Okay, now he starts to cry.

Dad's weird books in his office at home gave Sky Sparkler preperation for the theroy of time travel, and alternate histories, (And a few weird things about six ponies from Ponyville), but little about theroetical magic; her magic, while strong, is nearly exclusively devoted to electrical effects. "Professor, what about…" she pauses. "What about the Elements of Harmony?" she asks. Yeah, it was one of the folders labeled 'clasified,' but this is in another universe.

Winter-Solstice glances away from the professor at the unexpected sound of Jellybean crying, frowning. She reaches over to hook a powerful foreleg around Jelly's shoulders, then looks back to the professor, her skeptical expression eased slightly.

Manyara blinks over at Jellybean, finally snapping out of her thoughtful stare at the Professor. "Oh, dear… come, now, little one, it'll be alright. Don't fret! There's a solution to every problem. I'm sure we'll find a way to get home in no time."

The Professor winces as Sky mentions the Elements. "We have…" The Professor stops, clearing his throat, "…Had the Elements of Harmony. Those were, unfortunately, about the best shot we had at forming some kind of resistance. And those, along with the ponies who were attuned to them, are what you all just replaced."

He sits up straight, gesturing around the cafeteria with both hooves, "This base pretty much represents the last of those who have the energy or will to stand up to the current order." His head hangs slightly, ears splaying, "And there aren't all that many of us left. At this rate there won't be much more resisting going on before we're all wiped out." Another pause, especially since Jellybean breaks out into tears, then the Professor gives that same warm, but weary smile he'd given the group when they first showed up. He makes a gesture towards Manyara, "Like the lady says. Every problem has a solution, it's just a matter of finding it. I'm sure there's a…reason the Elements chose to pull you bunch over here instead of Celestia. It's just a matter of surviving until we find it."

Kludge sighs. "Well, we might as well start settling in, since it looks like we're going to be here a while. Anything I can help with? I'm good at carpentry and construction."

Sky Sparkler doesn't facehoof. She facetables.

Right onto her note pad, which had the pencil resting on it.

"So much for the easy answer," she mutters.

"Sounds like we just got recruited, then!" chirps Winter, smiling, albeit wearily. "Okay, so, what's your plan B, then, chief? I'm guessing you had a plan B. If not, what do you have to make a Plan B out of? Just us? Got any other elements floating around? Where did you get the first set?" She sits up slightly and glances about the cafeteria. "Nothing else you can just point us to where the Queen is. She has a face, right? If she has a face, it can be kicked."

Jellybean sniffles a few times but eventually gives a brave little nod. "Uh-huh," he says, rubbing his eyes. "I kn-know we'll guh-get home, 'cause we guh-guh-gotta." Sniffle. He blows his nose with his napkin and nibbles a leaf, still looking a bit disconsolate.

"So we're lost across time-space with no idea exactly -why- it was us and not some other ponies replacing the ponies you needed, and not a clue what to do about it at the moment." Windrose buries her face in both forehooves for a moment. "… Well it could be worse. I'm not entirely sure -how- at the moment, but there's always a worse." With that out of the way she gets up from the bench, picking the last bit of leaves out of her teeth with her tongue. "Eh, kicking goddesses in the face is usually just a good way to get squooshed, Winter."

Winter-Solstice unhooks her leg from around Jellybean and moves to instead tap her hooves on the table in front of her, making a worried little face for a moment. Her ears perk as Windrose speaks up, then turns towards her with a scowl. "How do you know, huh? You ever kicked one in the face before? I bet you wouldn't even try!"

"I'd rather not be the pony that finds out how bad it works or not," Windrose deadpans back. Then perks back up somewhat. "Let's just focus on figuring out what the buck we gotta do to get back home, first."

A keening alarm starts up in the depths of the base, as red lights start to flash from the rubies embedded in the walls. Trouble!

Manyara perks her ears, wincing a bit at the sound. Oh, that's irritating. "That does not sound promising."

"No! No, let's not! Let's find a way to go find this stupid 'goddess' and kick her in the nose!" insists Winter, a bit testily. "They don't have their elements anymore, okay, I can get that, but…" She trails off as the alarm starts up, looking up with a scowl.

Kludge groans. "I think you just got your answer, Windrose."

The Professor nods slowly, his smile staying with the offers of help being given. Well, most of the offers of help. The ponies that are wallowing in despair at being 'stuck here' are given a more understanding glance. He certainly wouldn't want to be stuck here if he came from a place where the sun actually shines.

"Any help is going to be useful…" He squints at Winter. "…Except that. I promise you, meeting the Queen is not what you want to do. Believe me, she's nothing but trouble."

Then alarms go off, prompting a jump in the old pony! "Gah! Speaking of trouble!" He isn't the fastest pony, heading towards the door, "I… Hide the little one. Whatever you do, /don't/ let him out of your sight. I hope this is just a glitchy alarm." Once he's at the doorway out of the Cafeteria, "Glimmer! Confound it girl, what's going on!?"

*whump* That would be Windrose's head thumping the table as the alarms go off. "Me and my big mouth."

It's not Glimmer who's coming around the corner, but a tangerine-colored earth pony in coveralls. "Professor, we got spies," she huffs. "Glimmer's got one of 'em and Crackerjack's takin' the other, but I reckon we're right screwed if all them ponies came from the wrong way! Quick! 'Fore the one takes Glimmer out!"

Sky Sparkler's head lifts up from the table at the noise. "Let me guess, either the Night Queen herself, or her fanatical minions," she guesses, getting back up to her hooves, and moving to sling Jellybean over her back. "I'll guard him, I've got…" she pauses, confronting the thought of other uses for her magical talents…

Oh, and the pencil has managed to become lodged in her nose again.

Winter-Solstice pushes herself up from the table, clambering to her feet with a clunk and a clank. She turns to glance back at Jellybean, then at Sparkler, then frowns, turning towards the newly-arrived Tangerine pony. "Show me where they are," she says, a little crooked grin hooking the corner of her mouth. "I'll wallop 'em. We'll see who thinks kicking faces doesn't work as well as it does because it DOES work."

"I only said it wouldn't work well on Queenie Meanie, not… oh nevermind!" Outburst aside, Windrose flits after Winter. "Com'n, someone's gotta keep you outta trouble while you're making trouble for someone else that deserves it a whole lot more."

Kludge rolls 1d10 (How aggressive does Kludge feel? (1: Stay/guard; 10: Go after troublemakers)) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

"Spies…" Professor harumphs, glancing back and giving Sky a nod. "Fine, keep him safe." Then to Winter, he gives a nudge of his head. "After you, miss. Follow Heatsink there, if you can lend a hoof in stopping this mess so much the better…" With that he toddles off to chase too! Because he must know what's going on. He /must/.

Heatsink, so-named, glares at Winter suspiciously, but she backs up and nods. "Alright, but only cause you said so, Prof." And then she's racing off, quick as can be, down the halls, for anyone to follow after!

Manyara sighs and picks herself up slowly, looking over at Sky-Sparkler. "You've got the little one, then? Do you need any assistance?"

"If you want, count me in for dealing with the trouble-makers," volunteers Kludge as he follows the pursuing ponies. He's not in the mood to get kicked out of a town (or equivalent) that he hasn't even been in for a day!

Nobody -ever- tells Winter she can actually go smash things. She always has to go do it without an invitation. Her eyes widen briefly, and her slight, crooked grin spreads into a beaming array of pearly whites. Rearing up, wheeling her forehooves, she then drops back to the floor with a *THUMP* and charging off after Heatsink, head tucked low.

"I think we might need a good place to hide," Sky Sparkler says, Jellybean on her back. She looks to Manyara. "But if you're offering to help defend the little guy, I'll be glad for the help," she says with a smile.
Jellybean is on Sky's back, hooves over his eyes. It sounds like there's fighting and he's really, really not a fan.

There's distant yelling, the alarm still sounding. But luckily none of it is coming closer.

Manyara nods and smiles warmly. "Of course. I wouldn't want anything to happen to any of our little ones. Even if this one's supposed to be a bit bigger." She chuckles and gives Jellybean a fond if amused smile.

Jellybean says "I'm sorry I'm not bigger. I know I should've taken the cure an' now I'm really sorry I didn't. I'm just really scared right now."

Manyara shakes her head. "Hush, dear. I'm sure you aren't the only pony who thought it might be nice to stay little for a while. Don't be frightened, now. We'll keep you safe."

The yelling is dying down now, for the most part, and the klaxons are tapering off.

Sky Sparkler lets out a sign of relief as things calm down. "I can understand Jelly," she comments.

Nose. Containing. Pencil.

"They're going outside!" There's a dim cry from outside the door, as ponies rush past. "Quick, before they die of hypothermia…!"