Revenge Is Sweet
IC date: Spring 73, 1007
OOC date: June 2, 2012
PCs: Blackbird, Mad-Mare
GM: Gamble

Blackbird has been restless.

In the wake of the wish, he's been vascillating violently between the warm glow of Doing The Right Thing for his ward, and utter fear and heartbreak that she won't really be 'his' anymore. Of course, he chides himself, she was never 'his' in the first place, so don't even /think/ that way. It's better for her. Better in the long run. Yes.

At present, the stallion is at his workbench at home, staring into nothing as he tries not to fret over Sadaka. Surely, everything is okay. And nothing is wrong, and she's just having a sleepover with her friends, and he did the right thing in wishing. Everything's okay. Seriously.

Oh Blackbird. Such well-meaning. Such concern. Such worry! So heartwarming it is!

A visitor comes calling to the house of Blackbird. A particular off-white mare, with a pair of nameless goons carrying a box on either of their backs. She's got her hat on, though this one's black with an oversized feather, black shades matching it and hiding the very off-pony's excited eyes from the world. It doesn't do anything for her grin, unfortunately.

Knock Knock, Blackbird. Knock Knock. "Helloooooo~ Anybody home?"

Blackbird jumps at the knock, but positively jerks upright at the voice. His muscles go stiff, and he frowns, fear shivering through his spine. But he finally moves, slowly approaching the door to open it with a narrow-eyed look. "Can I /help/ you?" he asks uncertainly.

Grin. So pleased, the Mad Mare is at seeing the door open, and her absolute most /favorite/ teacher in the world standing right there! Just like they said he would be! "Well hello there, Hero! I didn't actually expect you to be home…" She tosses her head, letting mane and feather, or at least what parts of her mane still flow after a certain buzz-cut, flutter in the breezes whipped about by the otherwise gloomy day.

"I thought you might be out celebrating! I mean, gossip and rumors travel fast in this place… But I didn't see you in any of the local shops, or the tavern, or really anywhere, so I thought I'd ask around where you lived and drop by~" Like she's always been his bestest neighbor, ever.

Blackbird blinks. "Celebrating? We won the duel a week ago. I already partied for that." He narrows his eyes, eyeing the goons flanking her from behind, and then looks back. "My question remains: what do you want?" he asks, suspiciously.

Such a stone-cold facade. Maddie feigns a pout, blowing out a wistful sigh, "Oh don't be such a spoilsport. I'm here because I wanted to celebrate the news /with/ you!" She's practically prancing, bouncing from hoof to hoof, and spot to spot, "We were attacked last night! And it was fun~ Best workout I've had in forever. But that's not important."

She stops her prancing about, landing next to Blackbird to put an arm around his shoulders. "What /is/ important is that there were fillies involved. Foals, hero! You would have been proud. They /were/ very brave to try and take us on like that. Braver than most of the other poor slobs in this joint. And wouldn't you know it? Something…/magical/ happened!" Unable to help herself, Maddie bursts into giggles, withdrawing from her buddy-buddy posture with Blackbird to collapse onto her back. "A zebra filly went overboard! Oh but that wasn't the magical part. She was rescued! By her /parents/!" Maddie suddenly sits up, peering over the rims of her sunglasses, just so Blackbird knows how important this is. "…Whom are part of my crew. My cannoneers, to be exact. Isn't that just completely mind-blowing?"

Blackbird eyes Maddie, stiffening further when her arm goes around his shoulders. He seems mighty suspicious of her. As one would imagine! "Fillies?" he asks, not comprehending. But then his eyes widen. "Zebra— Sadaka?"

The stallion's emotions are just /so/ easy to read, out there on his sleeve like that. Panic, fear, relief, astonishment… And then horror. The bottom drops out of his stomach, and he actually sways on his hooves, having to blink back stars from his vision. His mouth works, but no sound comes out. Syndicolts? Sadaka's real parents… where from the Syndicolt?

His voice barely makes it above a hoarse whisper. "Where is she?"

That was what she was waiting for. /That/ look. Horror. She finally gets to see what horror looks like on this colt's face. It delights her so much~ The Mare gets back up on her hooves, ambling to take a stance in front of her goons, reveling in the sight of one quite surprised pony.

"Where do you think..?" she asks, smugly. "She's with her parents. On my ship. Having a good ol' happy get-together right now, I'm sure. Catching up. Being happy. Doing…/family/ things…" she chimes, waggling a hoof in distaste. Families. Ugh.

"But not to worry! I heard rumors that you were /very/ close to this particular filly! So, being as awesome as I am, I arranged this little gift for you~" She glances back to her goons, and points to the ground in front of Blackbird.

Both of the goonponies obediently and gingerly deposit their presents in front of the teacher, the Mad Mare grinning her most wicked grin. "I made these for you~" she chimes, again, whipping the box tops away with a flourish, to display…

…A little pony? No. It's..a stuffed zebra toy. The head of one, at least, glued to…a sawblade. A sawblade that's been painted in black and white stripes. With four stuffed toy legs glued to it, and a straw tail. A little nametag is attached to the stuffed head's ear, with the words 'Replacement Sadaka' on one side, and 'Cuddle Me!' on the other.

The other box contains…a tub of water. Just big enough for the sawblade toy. Maddie takes a step back, making a grand gesture. "Tah-dah! I made you a replacement! Complete with water, so you can pretend to rescue her any time you want. I even included a tape of her voice. Though I'm afraid I could only catch her screams with it, so you really might only want to play it when you're 'rescuing' her…"

Her present delivered, Maddie takes a half-step back. Grinning like a loon. Poor, poor Blackbird.

The poor teacher just stares. /Stares/. All those little gears are turning in his head, churning out remorse and panic in equal amounts. "I shouldn't have…" he starts, voice hoarse, before he shakes his head. He's gone very pale under his fur, turning even whiter as he looks away from the horrible stuffed "animal." (If you thought a horse's head in your bed was terrifying as a /human/…)

Blackbird stomps, looking like he's trying to keep his lunch down, ears flat. Is he going to run? Going to slam the door in her face? Punch her? Make a break for the boat? "You— you— you smarmy pile of offal!" Oop! He's going to yell! He rounds on her, voice shaking with the effort. "You mule-faced hack-jawed scissor-sucking PARASITE! If you hurt a single hair on Sadaka's body — If I find out that your /ridiculous/ organization has put her in danger, I will /hunt you down/ and pick you APART!" Ooh, his whole body's shaking now.

Delicious… The rage, the shaking, the mixed emotions. Maddie knows this concoction well! "Finally… A proper reaction. I guess that wasn't a rumor, just how attached you were to this filly. That's good~ Now let me counter your /beautifully/ emotional tirade with a little food for thought."

Staring over the rims of her sunglasses again, the Mad Mare steps over the gift of 'toys', daring to invade Blackbird's personal space. Dangerous though it may be. "She's going to be in danger for the rest of her life, Mr. Blackbird. I practically /own/ her parents. Which means I pretty much own her until such time as the Syndicolt decides to let that family off the payroll. And believe me, retirement from our organization typically involves a swimming lesson with cement horseshoes~" Lifting her head, black reflective material between her mad eyes and his rage, Maddie brings her voice to a whisper. "You'll never see her again, and she's going to grow up a criminal. Just like her parents. Ruthless, bloodthirsty killing machines, bent to my whim. You can /guarantee/ that."

Blackbird bristles as she gets closer, lookin like he's going to bite her nose off. Unfortunately for him, he has restraint, so he just glares venom at her. That is, until she speaks. It's dismay that breaks his anger, the teacher sliding swiftly to defeat. The guarantee is what finally gets him, as his posture breaks, his ears flatten. His head sinks down.

"Just…go," he mumbles. "I don't give a flying phoenix. Just … leave me alone. I'm…I'm glad she found her parents." Still, he can't bring himself to move, or retreat to his house. He's just a wilted pony on the front step.

Satisfied, Maddie gazes down at her masterwork. Revenge! It could never taste sweeter. "As you wish, Mr. Hero." she chimes flippantly, spinning on a hoof to start trotting away, quite the prance in her step! "I'll leave you to your broken thoughts and deflated dreams. Oh!" She almost forgot!

Skidding to a brief stop, Maddie flourishes off her hat, reaches into it, and tugs out the tape recorder! Which she turns on and tosses at the broken teacher, replacing the hat on her head. "You know where to find me if you want more salt rubbed in~" Prance, prance, prance.

The tape, it appears, was timed perfectly. Three seconds after Maddie disappears around the corner, horrible pony screams emit from the small recorder! But… None of them sound completely Sadaka-like. Young maybe, but not that voice. Perhaps cold comfort.

Blackbird stares down at the tape recorder in despair, not bothering to move. But when the screams start, his nape bristles and he slams a hoof down on it to turn it off. And then again, to take out frustration. And /again/. Until he's just stomping on it with all his might, and kicking over the tub of water, and storming off toward Rusty's house. It's due time to collapse into a numb heap.