Revenge Gone Wrong
IC date: Autumn 41, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 30, 2012
PCs: Solar-Wind, Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Plot-Twist
NPCs: Irismoon, Lady-Pegasus, Assorted Shadowbolts, Zombies
GM: Plot-Twist, Siyana

Solar-Wind swears under his breath, "I'll fly overhead, still in Bolts garb,, as If I'm bringing two prisoners back to base or something" he calls back to the both of them as he races off to go find some nice stormclouds for himself so he may look the part. He's wearing Queen issued Shadowbolts garb.

Ruby-Blossom arghs loudly "He doesn't freaking listen.." apply hoof to forehead.

Solar is garbed in ShadowBolts colors, queen issued at that, his from the former capture not capture thing. and has went to wrangle a small cloud for himself/lightening bolt attack concept. He will be flying overhead as if he is guiding back some prisioners or something to that effect

Sodium-Fizz raised a wing to her eyes, mainly to keep the sweeping snow out of the, as she panned her vission around. Of in the distance she could see the very first few hints of ruined buildings, little more than stubby walls shooting up out of the snowdrifts. It was the ruins of the town that might have, at one point, been Horseshoe Harbour. She never had gotten a good look at it last time, what with the dragon and the running. It looked dissmal. "I think it's that there, up ahead…"

Solar-Wind cruises fairly low overhead cloud under his forehooves pushing it along, keeping it well charged, "Keep moving" he issues as if he's in charge of their marching. The Psudo-Bolt keeps watch over his 'charges' and also over the skies around the area.

"This has been a debacle." Captain Twist grumbles in the same way drill Sergeant might tell their troops to get their flanks in gear. Her number of wingponies have at least doubled in size, the brazen moves from the rebels have made things more dangerous. Three bolts to each wing she flies in a traditional V formation. Their sweeping passes send odd shadows into the darkness below. Too many important ponies looking to her as a scapegoat. This is the kind of situation she has been good at avoiding for years. Now it's Ghostwalk and all hay is breaking loose.

Ruby-Blossom trots along on the ground with Fizzy - who is clearly on the ground if using a wing to keep snow out of her eyes. The Nightmare Will disguise surely is no longer effective against Will or Tom, but hopefully undead will still fear her! The snowsuited mare throwing a glance this way and that as the trio make good time through the tundra. "So, what were you talking about back there Fizzy? With Solar about somepony messing with his mind - I know he wasn't about when Will escaped."

Far in the distance, miles off, is the faint smudge on the horizon that denotes the Nightmare Encampment. It's frigid, snow and ice already crusting on any exposed lashes. It will be a little bit of a trek to make it to the camp of tents and Nightmare Guards, but perhaps an hour or two of jogging will be enough to close the gap.

With the blizzard blowing and snow raging, it's a little difficult to see; but nonetheless, the Bolts are on the look-out for anything unusual. Like a troop of rebel ponies, for example, who for now go unnoticed.

Sodium-Fizz shot Ruby a glance, and a rueful smile. "Yesterday he came offering a sip from some of our well pilfered goodies. Apparently… it's not what it seemed. It did rather a number on him, compared to me… though he drunk a lot more of it. Think it might have been gender keyed or somesuch. Got rather interesting reactions dropping names, I might add. Redmane and Ironmane got a lot of hostility, as did Solar's male 'minion'. And Kludge. You certainly got the biggest, sapped him right out of it." She chuckled for a moment before turning forward once more, her pale yellow eyes sweeping the landscape.

"The arrogance of some ponies… Bending the will of somepony else. It's a bit like murder…" She looked skywards for a moment. Huh, she hadn't figured there were migrating birds here. With that she dropped her gaze to the ruins ahead, a small smile spreading over her lips. A small and wicked one.

Solar-Wind keeps his eyes to the skies but isn't sure of anything, he is sure he's not alone in flight, but not sure where or even if he's alone up here "Lets keep it moving" he shouts down to his 'charges' sounding rather gruff and annoyed sounding. "Come on lets Move it, don't got all night"

Ruby-Blossom is response is mild at best; a soft little "huh…" The mare continues on the way while pondering the entire subject. "I'm…" she hushes abruptly with a shake of her head. "Keep close, Fizzy - lets not get into any trouble if possible." eyes scanning the horizon - catching sight of the camp and ghost town. "I didn't get a good chance to look around. Let me set out one little rule. If anything goes sideways - you get out of there, and take Solar with you. I don't want any arguments about that." bumping her side gently. The mare winces noticeably as Solar /shouts/ down at them - eye shooting upwards in a pointless glare!

"Cap, my wing's startin' to freeze," one Bolt, usually Irismoon, complains. "If we don't take down, I'm not sure how long it'll be before it gives out." She pauses, however, when she hears Solar's shout and she perks. "Hey, interlopers!" she hisses.

Sodium-Fizz smiled and nodded. "Of course, though… I must admit I cannot promise running, I'll do my best not to get to caught up in all… this." The older mare motioned vaguely at herself, or rather her head. Fizzy's head snap upwards at Solar's shout and she rolls her eyes. "Great going up there," she mutters before glancing back at Ruby. "As for /you/. Don't get in over your head, because you can bet somepony will do something foalish to get you back. Including me."

Silent as death, and a swift as a breeze Plot Twist's group disperses with the sight of the group and the other in the air. A few signals trained between the smaller groups trades orders. The captain herself gets right to business. The captain knows there is redemption for her and her men yet. As fast as her wings will carry her, hoof out, barreling right into Solar without any pomp or circumstance. At that moment the other bolts start with their loud trails of thunderclouds some distance away trailing up over the other two ponies, drawing attention away from the true attack force flanking from below.

"You gave your position away. Poor choice of tactics." Captain Twist smiles readying another hoof strike for the other Captain's face.

Ruby-Blossom really doesn't care about flying ponies that aren't coming /at/ her - flying overhead is all fine and dandy, but that's exactly what it is; flying overhead. A brief head shake is followed by a earthly sigh. "This is really getting old…I'm sick of playing the nice mare." she stomps one hoof into the snow in agitation - not taking immediate notice of the incoming ground troops.

Solar-Wind is surprised by the sudden onslaught, he obviously didn't think this far ahead. Only one warning is issued before she's raining down upon him. "INCOMING!" he shouts to his friends as he is bowled into. The big guy does a serious barrel roll, as he is hit rather hard, he folds his wings and practically drops to nearly ground level right above his friends more or less, then launches straight back up into the fray his own hooves out for attack though more maneuvers so he can rake her wings!

A pair of bolts dive down toward Sodium and Ruby, trailing thunderclouds and lightning (very very frightening!). They aim to raze the ponies' backs and then snap up, using the resulting shockwave to snap lightning through them. But unfortunately, Irismoon's wing isn't cooperating and she swerves out of formation with a yelp, before flapping furiously back, too late.

On the upside, it gives our heroes a window of opportunity to attack before they veer out of range again!

Enough is enough, and Ruby is beyond frustrated. She's buffy-tuffy like Winny, no magic wielder like Snowfield; but she's fed up attempts to lodge her hoof blade into the diving Irismoon! The poor Thunderbolt is socked rather firmly in the gut, however Ruby forget to actually deploy the concealed blade - the Thunderbolt spared from a shiving but still socked as she flies overhead.

Sodium-Fizz flinched at the sound of the thunderclouds up above, her gaze rising just in time to see the two Captain's clash together. "Don't wish for things you truly do not want, Ruby… Truest me on this one, being not-nice is isn't all that cracked up as it's made out to be…" Fizzy's voice trailed off as she dug into her cloak for something. That is, at least, till the 'Bolts comes streaking at them. Glancing up she snapped a vial from her cloak and reared up, hurling it at the ground between them and the charging pegasi.

With a soft tinkle of glass it broke. The temperature plummeted around them even further, large razor-sharp shards of crystalline ice flowering up from the impact site.

The dark clad captain presses her advantage, and fallows in close behind her target. There isn't much distance to cross between Solar and Twist. This time though Solar is met with a pair of blades flicking out from their guards, much like a set of switch blades. The light on the blades glinting almost too happily in the moonlight. She slashes down in a wide arc as you come up forcing you back down. Trying for the moment it seems to keep the high ground and force all the fliers down. "You have a tendency to change costumes it seems." taking note of your attire. "Why it's like Nightmare Nights of old! Costumed fools thinking they can outwit the Nightmare."

WOMP! Irismoon wheezes and goes rump over teakettle at Ruby's blow, wings flapping crazily to try and get upright again. "Hhhhh, stupid rebel ponies," she gasps as she lands in thump into the snow. Not for long though, as she rolls to her hooves and flares her wings again, while her compatriot Starstream streaks away with flecks of blood from the crystals making contact.

Solar-Wind's counter attack has seemingly breezed past his attacker unnoticed, and now she's at him again as he comes up. His wings flash past her again, wings obviously not contacting hers, or she'd have felt blood on steel, that of his guard wingblades, as he spirals away to one side an arc of blood follows as he is nicked by someone else's steel he does however manage to spiral off to one side angling fiercely away, with a fresh streak across one flank from that opposing blade.

His own wings felt something, but its unsure if the blades caught anything of value

Sodium-Fizz dug her muzzle into her cloak again, half-turning to keep her eyes on Starstream. And at the same time trying to get a quick overview of the sudden battlefield, though of the friendly combatants Ruby gets the lion's share of the attention. Solar could, supposedly anyway, hold his ground after all. And… Ah, there it was! Feeling confident Fizz pulled another vial out of her cloak and begun shaking it carefully, her eyes turning back skywards.
You paged Plot-Twist with 'works for me!'.

Ruby-Blossom pounces towards Irismoon the moment the other mare hits the snow; intent on tackling the Thunderbolt and giving her a good whooping. The snow-suit wearing, Ruby in disguise comes up just short as the Thunderbolt mare manages to pull herself off the cold ground. Ruby angrily shouting in frustration while flailing her hooves at the flying mare in an attempt to latch on. I'm sick of your a lot, filthy cowards!

Irismoon ducks and rolls, lashing out hooves to whack solidly at Ruby as she flaps her wings to try and free them of ice. Starstream turns in the air, curving gracefully back toward Sodium-Fizz, heading straight toward her. So straight, in fact, that she has a perfect shot!

As a combat flier your first taught to protect your wings, if they are cut it might as well be your neck. Then again you can't protect all of your body at once. A long cut trails in an almost spiral from her chest up and around her wing to her flank. Blood stains the dark uniform even darker and causes Plot Twist to veer back down towards the ground. Losing her high ground and putting them back on even ground. "I have to admit this job rarely gives me the opportunity to fight on even ground." her voice almost sounds like she is having fun. An eye trails to her poor excuses for men below. "Usually it's up hill though." she sighs before twirling about in a pirouette of flashing steal at Solar. Hit or not the blades begin to gather a charge cutting through a cloud or two."

For his dive Starstream earns himself a face full of vial. This particular vial erupting into a sticky mess upon breaking apart on his muzzle. The kind of mess that'd have no problem sticking your wings to your body and your legs together. And one that'd most likely require a day's worth of soaking in a warm bath to get rid of. All in all, not a very nice surprise. Sodium-Fizz smiled, feeling rather pleased with herself. At least till she realized she was still standing in the way of swiftly approaching Shadowbolt.

Diving to the side she let out a startled gasp, rolling to her hooves unsteadily and giving the snowdrift she'd been aiming for an nasty glare. Did it /have/ to conceal the stubby remains of a wall? Really?

Solar-Wind banks, brakes, rotates and flares his wings as he re-positions himself higher above, where he only keeps his high ground position, hovering and waiting snorting and pawing at the air before him. Big guy is right ticked at the stinging flank and fresh 'war' cutie mark in his own mark back there.

Solar growls out "Your Team is taking losses, Captain, whats a Captain to do" he asks of her from his hovered position above her.

Sufficient pummels ensue as Irismoon lashes out at Ruby; the unicorn mare stumbling backwards and hissing sharply as she holds her head with one hoof - it still hurts plenty from when Will used her as a bottle opener the night before. "Stupid, cowering, bitter." hissing profanities before stomping her front hooves and trying her darndest to conjure up some magic - she's hates being a unicorn but Celestia help her she wants to teach this flying rag a lesson! A sudden burst of sparkly magic ensues - and creates a brief sparkly rainbow; incapable of causing harm but perfectly capable of temporarily startling and blinding an unsuspecting Shadowbolt.

Irismoon yelps as the rainbow blinds her quite suddenly, and she shakes her head, blindly lashing out at Ruby. A few hits connect, but the unicorn has the opportunity to dodge away or do what she wants.

Meanwhile, splut! Starstream inhales sharply, and then chokes at the tar bomb, as he spins and slams right down into where Sodium-Fizz was. He finds himself sticking together and unable to flap, wriggling frantically in the snow.

But adding to that, he starts to thrash, muffled screaming from his tarred mouth, as teeth lock onto his ear. A glittering, pale pony emerges from the snow beside him, dead, cold eyes looking down at her meal as she rips Starstream's ear off and starts to eat. The wasteland seems to have preserved flesh rather well, but it's clear from the stiff movements, the milky eyes, the frozen gash in her side: it's a zombie.

And more are starting to unearth at the scent of blood.

"Please I've seen more ponies die than stars in the Nightmare's eternal night." Plot Twist's expression is grim though. Her plan is coming to fruition just in a reverse way as a subordinate's ear is removed. "Then again here they have a habit of getting back up and fighting on anyway." the quip perhaps coming off a bit dry and humorless as she reposes form Solar's attack. If her ever calm expression in battle is to be read its in the way her jaw is locked and teeth grind. Slowly she rises seeing if she can cause Solar to rise as well, trying to pull him away from the fight below. "I wonder what will happen to ponies from your world if they die?" hoofs out she takes a defensive position, a full defensive with no intention of letting Solar pass.

For the briefest of moments Ruby has the upper hand against the blinded Thunderbolt. An near inaudible click hints at the release of her spring-loaded, hoof-concealed blade; the mare ready to strike at the flying enemy! Her attention quickly turns as the first of the undead appear, and take a bit out of Starstream. Oh blasted. she turns towards the helpless chap and breaks into a fierce trot inadvertently throwing snow into Irismoon's face.

The mare's hidden blade does indeed find blood this even if you can call whatever is in the undead ponies blood; the mare 's weight crashing down upon the undead enjoying his 'Thunderbolt Brand Jerky - blade jammed deep into the skull of the creature before Ruby calls out to Fizzy Solvent now! Ruby is a mare with a heart of gold even if she acts like a real Will sometimes.

Solar-Wind rotates, like a circling buzzard, slow hover keeping him clear of her, but slowly keeping on rotating not rising, but rotating, away, keeping that track, so they remain even, or at least tyringso.. He then boldly smiles at her, "thing about a battle is, there is always blood involved. See, you're bleeding, and so am I." he actually turns away from his friends and practically races towards the Shadowbolt Camp as fast as his wings can carry him. He's still bleeding, blood in snow. "Catch me if you Can, Captain!" and with that he's practically blazing away at his best speed!

"Mwahaha." A sinister laugh echoes from above - the voice familiar to a couple of the ponies present; a voice first encountered a few weeks back. Without warning a tall, graceful pegasi mare of blue fur and darker mane dives towards Plot-Twist and Solar-Wind; predatory gaze of a her single blood red /eye/ watching for first sign of hesitation or weakness - after all the injured make for easy prey. The soft glow of moonlight reveals a lone mare pegasi - devoid of rotten flesh but dead none the same - as if her body were perfectly frozen in time. "It's been ages since I enjoyed a warm bath!"

Sodium-Fizz blinked in surprise, first at the shambling corpse taking a bite out of Starstream. Then at Ruby charging past and barreling the undead monstrosity over. The first had been a surprise, and while one that would complicate things it wasn't entirely unwelcome. The second had been… disappointing, almost. And distressing, for a multitude of reasons! Shaking her head she gathered her thoughts and galloped in the direction of Ruby and Starstream. A look up upwards sets her priorities and she spreads her wings, leaping forward and using the time to pull her waterskin of firebreath elixir as she goes.

A moment later she'd wraped her forelegs around Ruby, thugging her backwards from the zombie. "Ruby! We need to get under cover, there's more corpses coming this way and Solar's bit of more than he can chew."

Plot Twist is presently surprised, she rather likes that. "Up and off the ground. Cloud Artillery." She commands simply, giving her prey a seconds head start as he blazes away. Ears down and wings flared she rears back to bolt forward. Then another, this time flying zombie appears. Since when could zombies fly? She was trying to split her enemies not her own forces! "Urge I assure you normally I'm much better at this kind of thing." she grunts and charges forward after Solar Wind. Trying to catch him and sill outrun the new monster.

Solar-Wind aims himself lower and lower to the ground now right dodging trees as he finally pulls up rotating around so that she's have to practically fly through foliage to get to him, where he calls out from as he nears camp. "Oh Captain, just look what you have done! Blood on the snow!, and these Zombies following it here, Here is your camp, right here!" he casts his voice out as he hovers near the edge of camp still decked out in bolts colors still looking like one of them but battle scared. "Just look at that trail in the snow, its like bait, to them, those creatures don't care about life anymore, so they'll enjoy your camp and the fresh meals it provides" he calls back to her as he ducks and weaves in and amongst the foliage of the upper branches so that he may not be easily caught.

Ruby growls as she struggles against Fizzy's grasp while holding tightly onto the completely immobilized Shadowbolt. "Solvent NOW," she repeats louder than before jerking herself from Fizzy's grasp and leaving her standing over the poor Shadowbolt who's had his ear chewed likely his captain will do the same if he gets /saved/ by an enemy. "Solvent or just leave me!" the mare demands clearly intent on not leaving the bound Shadowbolt to the a gruesome fate!

Certainly /when/ could /Zombies/ fly let alone talk coherently! The lone flying pegasus barrels into the unsuspecting Plot-Twist, fully intending on sinking her teeth into one of the Shadowbolt Captain's wing.

The zombies shake off, noses working at the scent of blood. But those are bleeding the most seem to have sped off, and a good many of them — perhaps eight of the ten — shuffle off after the captains and their copious blood trail. The remaining two, Chompy Mare and Bleedy Guts, are intent on their meals. Well — Chompy would be, but Ruby just stabbed her, and she gives a raspy yowl of discontent. Then she tries to bite at Ruby, gnashing teeth and struggling, while Starstream digs into the snow and presses ice against his fresh wound with a muffled snarl.

Iris flutters frantically, trying to get off the ground, but Bleedy-Guts as her tail in his mouth, chomping and gnashing.

Sodium-Fizz glowerd at Ruby-Blossom for several long seconds before sighing. "And I told you not to do something crazy… Then again, you told me not to get involved if it got messy, either…" She fished in her cloak once more, this time pulling out not a vial.. but something that looks suspiciously much like a jug from the mess hall and pulls the plug of it. "I don't have any solvent for this stuff, nopony's meant to escape it alive… I have this though, should manage to eat through the goop. Just… be careful with it."

She reached over, pouring a measure on Chompy's head, the acid fizzling and sizzling loudly as it began eating through her flesh. With that she hoofs it over to Ruby. "I better go and save the other git, I suspect…" The alchemist does /not/ sound happy about that.

Plot Twist does a barrel roll, and when a Shadowbolt Captain does a barrel roll its serious business. Just before a a hoof meets her she twists up and spins. Lighting charged blades swinging like an electric tornado at the … what ever this is. Hoping she can take it out quick before Solar uses dices her with his wings. Her pink hair fanning out and twists trying to get back on course to take out Solar. His tactic to bring her into her own camp seems a bit odd until she notices the little drops of blood. She would point out how clever that was but she is about out of quips for one day with ponies lives on the line. "Crap where is a rampaging dragon when you need one, HEY GET SOME FIRE OUT HERE MAGITS! CLEAN THAT UP!" epic Captain voice, contends with the royal canterlot voice. She doesn't have time to half bonker this she is out for blood. "ARE YOU CRAZY?! That thing it unnatural!" glancing back to the evil Queen hoping its gone. "And thats by Zombie standards!"

Ruby-Blossom takes the jug and sharply hisses "Don't move unless you want to be a three-legged pony!" The shadowbolt being saved by an enemy right before his eyes as carefully pours the acid on select spots of goop - enough for the pegasi to get to his hooves; using it on his wings is neither safe nor constructive. She proceeds to /waste/ the rest of the acid on Chompy before turning tail and running back the direction the trio came. Certainly some ponies will have qualms with the fact that she just saved an enemy from being eaten alive; but hey she's a lover not a killer.

Disappointment is the feel Lady Pegasus has when she's denied the satisfying crunch of hollow pegasi bone; single blood red eye darting over her shoulder towards the feeling Plot-Twist. Tch. the mare clicks her tongue all and all she's not /supposed/ to hunt Queen Moon's followers; of course what the queen doesn't know; the mare turning to give chase the Thunderbolt Captain's blood must be nutrient rich if she's able to put up this good of a fight.

Pzew! Solar and Plot arc over the encampment, and the latter is shouting. Guards look up and fan their wings, springing into duty. In the far side of camp is a trio of tents, the middle of which is far bigger, with an elaborate Nightmare Moon banner on it. Out of that pops a pegasus in general regalia, single eye narrowed. Then up she jumps into the air, speeding back toward the interlopers with guards in tow. Ponies on the ground, meanwhile, start to rush about, finding ways to eliminate that blood trail before someone on the /better/ side of this conflict gets hurt. (Plot and team, of course, excepted.)

Solar-Wind sees the turmoil above and skirts the foliage keeping well out of sight, Dark foliage, dark pony, good combo, though its slow going for him through the thick foliage. He eventually drops below that range out near the abandoned village, and makes his best speed for his friends. He shakes off the pain in his flank, as two things mater WAY more important than his recently split cutie mark. His two friends!

Chompy melts with a screech of pain, flesh bubbling and hissing, and she collapses with a loose eyeball rolling in the snow. Bleedy, though, looks up from his tasty tasty pegasus wing snack as Irismoon cries in pain.

Sodium-Fizz bound over to Iris, biting down on the mouthpiece of her waterskin and gulping a mouthful of firebreath elixir. A moment later the gout of flame lights up the night, and Bleedy-Guts with it. And maybe, just maybe, Iris' tail too. Just a smidge. Hopefuly the zombie goes to pieces before the fire really becomes a problem, but it's hardly Fizzy's problem now. Smiling at her handiwork she turns and bounds after Ruby. It's high time to get out of here.

As she gallops alongst behind the unicorn-in-disguise she bites her lower lip, trying not to giggle at the spectacle they left behind.

Screech! Bleedy releases Irismoon as he's set on fire, and burnt to a crisp!

The other zombies are dutifully shambling, sniffing the bloody treat that Solar and Plot have left; in the far distance are other ponies working to clear it. The guard overhead, however, circles in perfect formation, the eyepatched pony in the lead. They neither dive nor interfere for now, merely watching.

This is too much for Plot to try and control. Fireballs in one direction, zombies in all the others. Oy this is going to be bad for her when she gets back. Nothing but a single bloody blade to show for it. The other Bolts regroup around her as she pauses not sure what to do.

"Cloud artillery, keep the zombies away from the base for now. I will go try and get whats left of Star and Iris." she sighs not imagining they would still be alive. Still it was worth a try. Ignoring Solar for a moment she bolts back to the sight of the first fight and lighting speeds. Again she is shocked at what she sees. She has fought allot of rebels never have they helped their enemies before. Even as the zombies bear down they are trying to free them. Twist doesn't hesitate and joins in. A blade goes through another zombies head and she tries to get teh Iris. "I'll try and hold them off … just …" she has no idea what to really say to this madness.

"Cap!" Iris whimpers. She was always a terribly soft-souled pony. Ugh. Starstream, though, stumbles up and shakes off, flaring his wings and finding them still unusable. He growls, backing toward Plot-Twist and glaring at the two rebel ponies. "One move and you're prisoners," he snaps.

Solar-Wind flies low into the structure of the old buildings. he rips off his hood and shoves it roughly into the cut of flesh and suit to sponge the bleeding off to an extent, no further blood trail of his to deal with, and he's charging full tilt run, then up flying straight for his friends. He barrells down wings spread, hooves forward, aimed at the zombies incoming toward his friends and (PT) but not aimed at Plot twist he is hoping his wingblades will flay the incoming zombies.

On landing Solar-Wind stomps massive hooves before his enemies, (not including Plot Twist) just yet, "You take yours, I'll take Mine, call it a draw, and get the hay out of here" he shouts to the captain, "Good fight!" he shouts out.

"You both getting latrine duty for a month." Plot Twist grumbles, but for those who know her, it is a more lieniet punishment for failing than most Captains would give. Not to mention it would give them time to heal their wounds. "I would have called a truths but so be it." Solar stands tall and cuts down a few more zombies that get too close. She will let Solar drip his own blood trail back to their base without saying another word. "We hoof it back from here you two better keep up." Captain Twist nudges Iris in the flank and leaps at a few more zombies in her way.

Sodium-Fizz grins brightly and turned, already moving back towards their own shealther, if in a roundabout way. "Sounds good to me…. Kiss and make up with miss Commander, Solar, we're leaving."

The contingent of guards above peers down at Plot-Twist and company, and when the rebel ponies return to their base, they veer away and back to their own camp, returning valuable guards for zombie duties. The group is safe… for now.

Solar-Wind gives a little bow to Captain Twist, "Captain, have a good evening" he mentions with sincerity as he takes his in tow, "Come on you two, lets get gone fore any more of these deadies show up.

Ruby calls out "You two fly on ahead - get Solar patched up, /again/. I'll hang back to ensure we're not followed. I expect you stay indoors until somepony with a little authority says otherwise!

Solar-Wind glares after Ruby, "I'll see you inside the door soon you Hear me" he shouts back at her, in a very ordering nature. Captain has stepped up!

Sodium-Fizz hesitates for a moment, looking over her shoulder at Ruby-Blossom… In the end she nods. "Okey, I trust you to take care. Be safe, Ruby… Or I'm going to have to really make a mess."