Rest Now Little Filly
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 04/11
Location: Crane-Town
PCs: Snakebite Overhaul Grinder

Morning brings with it the usual noises of ponies performing their normal morning routines and so to does it bring Grinder into a sore, tender wakefulness. The unicorn attempts her normal tasks. 'open the shades, blankets off, get geared up' and she does the normal things she does, "magic"s the shades open or not. Fizzle, a quick gasp is heard, a thump a crash and a quick few gasps as everything the filly does, just doesn't. She's landed on the ground in-front of her bed in a mess of bandages, her usual barding which is scattered on the floor as she makes a rather frustrated attempt to put it on. Her magic fizzles and pops and does absolutely nothing, well it snags something in her magical grasp, but its not enough, and down comes the rack where she stores her gear, right across her shoulders dropping her with a pained grunt as she's pinned down in her own bedroom no less. How embarrassing. She grunts and pants roughly still feeling seriously whacked from the other-day's activities. She gives up fighting it and simply calls out softly, "O?" she asks out loud as she's in no shape magically evidently to even do anything more than give a weak little flick, even though all that does is kick up dust.

Hooves are heard from up on top of the shipping container. It seems once again he had stayed up all night, keeping a watchful eye over the Filly and her home. There's a pause as he leaps from the roof followed by the light thud of his hooves touching down on the ground. His expression stays mostly blank although his brow does narrow a small amount in worry as he spots Grinder trapped underneath her own belongings. Silently, he works his nose under the edge of the rack and lifts it up and off of her.

Overhaul is not the only pony that's been staying the night. Of course, the other one seems fit to keep herself a lot more inconspicuous. T the sound of the crash something flick amongst the grey and brown over in the corner. Then the pile lifted her head and turned her two grey eyes at Overhaul and Grinder. Snakebite watched tensely for several long moments before relaxing, marginally. "You should be careful, filly… Those bandages still have to do their work," she muttered glumly, not rising from her corner.

Grinder mumbles a soft thanks and a quick nuzzle in there too, she really means that thanks. "I er, I was umm" she slumps a little, "my magic's broken, I was just trying to get dressed" she admits through a grumble "s, So I could get breakfast started" she offers politely as she slowly gets to her hooves with little looks of not feeling so happy about her current state. She looks from O to Snakebite, "T THank you both for saving me yesterday" the filly offers looking to her hooves "If theres anything I can do for either of you, just, Just name it" she speaks with boldness in her voice ready to back her statement up.

Overhaul gives a soft nod of acknowledgement to Grinder before turning his head to Snakebite with a narrowed brow and almost a scowl on his face. As usual, he doesn't seem to be a stallion of many words. When the filly stands up, he gently nudges her in the side to tip her back over into bed. It would seem he wants her to rest.

Snakebite laid silently for several long moment, her brows furrowed ever so slightly as she thought. Then she stood up, trotting towards the door, while giving Overhaul a weary stare. After a moment it flickered back to Grinder. "You owe me a favor. I'll let you know…"

Grinder is redirected back to bed for which she looks a bit annoyed, but she's at least going to comply a little, then she perks and looks to Snakebite, "W wait, you can stay here if you need to" she gulps "as long as you're peaceful to Mr. Wings here" she offers politely then gulps, "Favor, yes, I understand, Whatever you ask of me" she nods some "Yes Maam" she responds softly

Overhaul peers at the Dashite a bit more as she heads for the door. He doesn't look like he feels threatened by her, rather annoyed for her lack of trust. But, when you were torn away from your world above the clouds, branded, and banished…it's a bit understandable to be on hoof's edge when it comes to trusting others. A small grunt escapes him, though it's hard to say why with his near-expressionless face. He turns to look at Grinder with another gentle nod.

"Not with him here," came Snakebite's dry reply to Grinder's offer, "and keep in bed till you're well." With that she slipped out the door, shutting it silently behind.

Overhaul lets out a sigh as he shakes his head when the other pegasus leaves. Unfortunately, earning Snakebite's trust isn't exactly top priority for him at the moment…tending to Grinder is a little more important. Pulling up the inventory tracker on his Pipbuck, he sorts through and eventually pulls out a vial of healing potion and offers it to the unicorn.

Grinder sighs and slumps in bed offering a slight mumble of acknowlodgement, she won't complain about those instructions particularly either though. She does however look over to Overhaul "O?" she asks softly, "Can you look for something for me, I'd go with you, I'd like to" she murmurs, "I, I lost my gun yesterday, that little Derringer, the Two-shot" she murmurs, "Its kinda special to me, but, but I don't want you taking any risks for me, but" she shakes her head, "we did kill all of those slavers didn't we?" she asks softly then watches as O retrieves a healing potion, for which her eyes practically light up and she nods with relief evident on her muzzle as she gladly accepts that vial drinking it down quickly and letting out a deep sigh as it washes through her.

Overhaul sits down next to the bed, still looking towards the door that the other pegasus had just left by as if he was almost expecting…or even hoping…that she would come back. Finally his front legs settle down so he's laying on his belly. After a moment of complete still silence the pegasus gives a stern affirmative nod to Grinder. "I'll find it" he says before he begins to preen his wings.

Grinder nods as she lays her head down upon her extended forehooves, "Thank you, for everything O, Everything" The unicorn sits watching looking quite fascinated at what-ever the pegasus is doing, not like she's really had exposure to feather ponies before really, the only one she had ever seen before was a slave and the only reason he never just flew away was because the slavers had ruined his wings permanently. Darn curiosity is starting to get the better of her, as is natural for a young mare. Grinder asks softly, "What are you doing to your wings?"

Overhaul gives a grunt of approval at the thanks as his mouth is full of feathers at the time. He works at one of his wings for a little while longer before finally responding to the curious filly. He stops and slowly turns his head towards her, one of his wings stretched in a funny position above him. "Preening," he responds, not giving much of an answer.

Grinder churrs and nods a little, "Looks like that hurts" the filly comments, "squing your wings like that just doesn't look comfortable" she offers, with a little shrug, a few quick blinks and she has her head laid upon her forehooves looking suddenly very drowsy, she blink-blinks and murmurs deeply, "that potion's a sleep , sleep potion too isn't it?" she grumbles as she is starting to doze off as she sits there bathed in the daylight. She tries her magic again to be met with a fizzle for herself. just trying to keep the sunlight from her eyes as she really starts to fade, she murmurs as she just doesn't struggle, "Mmmm so tired" she murmurs as she fades out.