Rebuilding Town
IC date: Autumn 77
OOC date: 05/12/12
PCs: Lorelei Rising-Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

The bright morning sun is full of promise as it shines down on the Harbour. Rising Chaos herself sees today as a golden opportunity. She trots down the street towards the mayor's mansion. Her saddlebags bulge with documents, sketches, list and books, all there to help her make her case. Today is the day when Chaos starts to rebuild this shattered town.

Rising Chaos is grinning as she knocks on the door. Her time in Canterlot helped to preapre her for the need to be polite when attending a higher functionary. She stays quiet and waits for an answer, going over her suggestion in her head.

Doorpony? What is this curious concept? Lorelei lacks any sort of doorpony - well, unless Rock'em or Sock'em is near the door (hint: they're not). Thus, Rising will have to wait for a few minutes!

But the door finally opens and the icy blue head peeks out. Visitors! The Mayor's looking a bit worn out and slightly harried - one town is enough to deal with! Add a formative second one and what's a pony to do? - but is also decidedly curious, and still manages to hold herself straight and even put on a welcoming if somewhat forced smile. "Yes? Hello there. May I help you?"

Rising-Chaos perks up when the door is finally answered. The pony who opened the door fits the description of Lorelei, certainly. Time to make the sale. "Why yes you can. My name is Rising Chaos and I have a proposition for you." She smiles enthusiastically, good impressions are important.

Lorelei blinks curiously, nudging the door open a bit further to let herself step out. "A proposition? What sort?" She can't hide her interest! Though whether it's in the idea of a proposition, or the fact that a citizen has come on their own to speak with her, is anypony's guess.

Rising-Chaos steps back and bows low in respect. "I seek your permission to spearhead the reconstruction effort in Horseshoe Harbour. I have been making sketches, lists of materials and pony power needed."

Lorelei perks her ears. Now this /is/ an interesting proposition! "Oh! Oh, you… you'd like to help with that?" She clears her throat slightly. "Reconstruction efforts have been rather… delayed." Stupid fires. Stupid phoenixes. Stupid /zombies/. Why did landponies even /have/ zombies. Ahem. "But it is something that certainly needs to be addressed."

Rising-Chaos nods enthusiastically. "Indeed they have, I propose to fix the situation. It is, after all, in all of our best interests to have a fully functioning town yes?" A big grin spreads of Chaos' face, the plan is going perfectly. "All I need from you is permission as well as some funding and ponies to assist. I would be honoured to take care of the rest."

Lorelei tilts her head slightly. "Well… hm. I'm sure I should… assist with things." That's the mayor's job, right? To make sure everything goes well? Something like that? "I had been hoping to do a little… fireproofing, around town…" Queen knows it needs it, if the town records are any indication. "How much funding do you think it will require?" She still hasn't /quite/ grasped these landpony economics.

Rising-Chaos bows shallowly. "I would, of course work under you, miss mayor." She turns to rummage through her saddlebags, eventually producing a list. She floats it over to Lorelei, showing a final figure. It's a big number, but not as big as it could be. "I will be putting some of my own funds into the project, but that should be the final cost to yourself. Fireproofing may add to the cost, though it is sorrowfully needed." Certainly Lorelei's desire to participate complicates things, but it is an easily circumvented obstacle.

Lorelei nods, peering at the number. "Well. That seems… agreeable." Ugh, math. Where's Rock'em and Sock'em when she needs them? She's not fond of mental currency conversions. She twitches an ear, nodding slightly. "The town certainly has its difficulties with fire. Strange, so close to the waters." See, this is why you just build underwater, it makes /so/ much more sense. "But hopefully that will be a trend that won't continue, and we can press on to more meaningful pursuits than constantly rebuilding." She nods again. That sounds good. That sounds like a plan.

that does, indeed sound like a plan, one that suits Chaos just fine. "I'm glad youo agreed, with winter coming we need to get as many ponies as possible indoors. I will begin making preperations around town and confer with you afterwards." She floats over a couple other lists and a notebook. One list shows materials needed, and the other shows how many ponies would be needed as well as how long it should take. In the notebook are design plans and maps of town, as well as dozens of notes for general improvement. "These are all the relevant materials I could gather for the project, in case you wish to review my work." Of course, it was written just for Lorelei to see, so nothing of her real plans would show up, but that is for Chaos to know.

Lorelei nods a third time, taking the notes and looking them over with interest. "Yes. Alright. I will review them, certainly."

Rising-Chaos bows one last time, one can never be too polite. "It was a pleasure doing business with you miss mayor. I am certain with us at the helm, the reconstruction will go smoothly. Under your leadership I can see this town prospering." A bit of flattery never hurt anypony. "For now I should take my leave, unless you have any questions?"

Flattery certainly gets you somewhere with this pony! Lorelei's ears perk and she stands a bit straighter. Yes, she'll be a good leader! She'll do good things for this town! Finally, somepony recognizes it. "Oh, no. I think this information will be fine. I will review it and if I have any questions I'll come find you… Rising Chaos, was it?"

Rising-Chaos nods. "Rising Chaos is my name, honoured to make your acquaintance. I would be pleased to answer any of your questions." She turns away and trots back down the road where she came, her mission accomplished.

Lorelei turns to head back inside, looking a good deal cheerier than she'd begun the day. This is progress! Progress is good! It's certainly nice to see the town has some upstanding, enterprising citizens such as these willing to lend a hoof and work for the good of their community.