Rainy Day Appreciation
IC date: Spring 16, 1008
OOC date: April 6, 2013
Location: Main Street
PCs: Windrose Hemlock Starchild Big-Red Quintessent-Rune

Windrose lands lightly on top of a cloud, legwraps keeping her hooves from getting soaked. She pulls out a gauge-like device from her vest and sticks it in the cloud. "Nope, plenty of moisture in this one still." She pulls the guage out, wings flapping to lift off of it, and gives the cloud a good kick just to make sure it keeps raining before flitting off towards the next one. Weatherpony's work is never done on a rainy day~

Amongst those not to concerned with the weather is Quintessent-Rune, much as one might expect if they are familiar with her origin. The only concesion to weather seems to have been employing a ribon to tie up her soapy wet tail enough for it to not drag on the muddy ground. And perhaps a few snips of the siccors at her bangs for the same reason. For those rare frew that actualy knows her well enough, her cheer is evident in the very small upturn at the corner of her otherwise polite yet rather emotionaly dead smile.

Behind her flaoted Servant, harnesed to a small covered cart and pulling it along.

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise for Hemlcok. "Starchild, my dearest colt! It has been far too long snce I've seen your handsome face." He wraps the smaller colt up in a hug and swings him around, spotting big Red and Rune as he does so. Once he sets Star down, no doubt dizzy and winded by THE EXTREME HEM HUG, he splashes around in a few more puddles. "I am fantastic, as always. What else could you expect from a stallion in a town fileld with such beautiful smiling ponies? How about you, and your pretty little filly?" who's a fish, but Hemlock doesn't judge.

Starchild spins about for a moment, dazed from the intense hug before stopping and speaking. "That is always good to hear, dearest friend. Your happiness is my happiness." The colt extend a hoof to the shoudler of the pony in front of him, patting lightly with a grin. As his vision finally clears up, a blush becomes visible on his maroon face.

What with Rune being the pony in front of him, be backs away and turns back to Hemlock, still stumbling a bit, turning his gaze to the griffon near him. "And of course, always a pleasure to meet someone new. My name is Starchild. And how may I address you?"

Big Red stops as he's met by Starchild. "That's an interesting name," the griffon admits. He holds out a claw for the grasp-and-shake, if it's wanted at all. "Name's Big Red Robin. I just opened up a new restaurant in town. Big Red or Red is fine." A griffony chirp sounds out in polite greeting. "And you are…?" he asks to Hemlock.

Windrose inserts the gauge into another small cloud that's only sputtering fits of raindrops compared to the others over the town. "Looks like this one is about empty." She removes the guage and tucks it away in her vest again, then jump-stomps on the cloud a few times to squeeze out the last of the rain from it. Then pulls up and gives it a final kick to disperse the empty cloud.

Down below a small ray of sunlight flashes upon the streets, as it will be a few moments until the other clouds expand to fill up the gap. Windrose is visible in the opening now though, as she checks some of the other nearby clouds as well.

Quintessent-Rune blinks at Starchild, once, before glancing back at her shoulder to make she she's not gotten all muddied up. Rest assured she's not, she turns back to Hemlock, Red and Starchild. "Greetings, Master Hemlock. Mr. Starchild, Mr. Robin," she said, giving a ever so slight nod in greeting. She seems about to continue till a certain errant ray of sunligth falls upon the ponies, actualy seeming to manage to startle her as she turns her gaze skywards at Windrose.

Hemlock bows low, grinning. "Hemlock, the mighty, I saw you just recently, Big Red. I was unaware you owned a restaurant, you look like you've seen some action in your day." He takes the claw and shakes firmly. "Milady Quintessent, an honour as always. So rare, and so pleasant, to see so many beautiful ponies on a ainy day." The light doesnt phaze him. Because, the world illuminating him and making him the spotlight? This is normal, and how it should be. "A wonderful display by the weather, well timed as usual!" he calls up.

Starchild nods at the gryphon with a warm smile. "That's splendid to hear! I would love to come visit some day." At last, he returns to face Rune, his smile going crooked. "My apologies, Miss Rune. It is good to see you again… I apologize for my hasty retreat the last time we met." Now glancing about impatiently, he spots Windrose above him as Hemlock calls her out. "Oh, boy," he mutters under his breath.

Big-Red smiles at Windrose up above, and gives Rune a friendly greeting. But when Hemlock gives his comment, he chuckles softly. "I've seen a thing or two, true. More interested in cooking right now, in case you ever get hungry." The offer is blanketed, obviously, and he twitches a little in his stance.

"Huh?" Windrose pauses to look down when she hears somepony shouting. There's actual ponies out in the rain? The pegasus does a roll-over to reorient herself into a downward glide towards the street. "Give it a few moments, the other clouds will expand to fill in the gap." She pulls up into a hover just near the group, one foreleg swiping across he brow to flick off some actual sweat rather than droplets. "Spring rains are always so much work. Hello Hemlock, Quintessent…"

And thens he notices Starchild, and her perky manner flatlines into a dull glaze. "You."

Quintessent-Rune takes Hemlocks comments in stride. Him refering to her as 'Milday' even seems to put a bit more genuine smile in her smile; it might even be noticable for ponies that doesn't run into her often that she's in a good mood! "Indeed, I have dinned at Mr. Robin's eatery myself and I must say I found the food quite delectable. And, Mr Starchild, such things are in the past and there is no reson to worry." Mentaly she added, for herself, the key phrase ',at least not about that'.

Turning around she eyed Windrose as she made her approach, giving the mare a nod. "Miss Windro-… Him?" She blinked, once, and looked back at Starchild.

Hemlock chuckles. "Of course, no battlefield like the kitchen, hmm?" He winks, the stallion totally knows. "With that beautiful recommendation, I shall have to have a look myself. You'll fine me easy to please, my friend." With the appearanc eof Windrose, he amanges to get his smile even wider. "Miss Windrose, a pelasure seeing you again! Lovely job with the weather, glad to see such dedicated hard… working.." Suddnely ponies are tense, uh oh.

Starchild gulps as the pegasus above him sees him, practically making eye contact. "Miss… Windrose. A, um, pleasure to see you." Shaking his head, he tries to avert his attention back to Hemlock and the gang. "Indeed, Hemlock. Perhaps we could go together." His tone becomes blatantly stern as his expression grows dull. "Soon."

Big-Red likewise senses the tension in the air. This wasn't going to go well, he thought, so he takes a step back just in case things get ugly. But one of his claws goes under his cloak, just to be safe. "Hello there," he greets Windrose, hopefully diverting the tension and breaking it. Hopefully.

Windrose narrows her eyes a little. Leans a bit closer to Starchild. Then a little closer than that. It almost looks like she's going to give him an evil eye or something…

"So, get into any more 'sticky' situations lately?"

… But instead just makes a bad joke out of it. Whew. Then she turns back to Hemlock and Rune. "Yeah, well, somepony has gotta do it. At least we're not quite as shorthooved as before. Still a lot of work around the beginnings of a season though."

Quintessent-Rune put a hoof to her chest, after making she it's not muddy, and flashed Windrose her polite smile. "I would say I could imagine, though I am afraid I do not. Still, I must confess my appreciation for your weatherwork. I rather like this downpour."

Hemlock bursts out laughing at the bad joke. "With Starchild, I can only imagine he has!" Yay for silliness and being friends! "I must confess, the downpour really is wonderful. Rain on the skin is quite a luxurious feeling, isn't it?" He sits down, right in a puddle, looking pleased with himself. "I'd take you out to dinner any time Starchild. In fact, I may be taking you out for dinner soon."

Starchild gives Hemlock a gentle pat on the back. "I suppose you could say that. Um…" Trying to recall such a situation, he eventually shrugs it off, hoping for the best from the pegasus. "Regardless, it's great to see you working so hard for this town. It's always appreciated." Hopefully he's putting on the right kind of grin, though there's some definite discomfort shown in it,.

What, you thought Windrose was going to be mad or something? Pfft. She spent all that time in the Winter Nightmare, being glued to a dork for a few hours was a minor annoyance in comparison. Really, putting up with the double dragons is probably more of an annoyance.

More importantly she's getting compliments tossed at her. "Well I'm glad somepony enjoys it! Most folks tend to hide inside during heavy rains." She huffs a bit to blow her bangs out of her face as the rain starts to sag out the curls a bit.

Quintessent-Rune noded slightly. "Indeed, such seems to be the case. I've always had a certain affinity and preference for water though, I find it rather refreshing."

Hemlock springs to his hooves and steps over, using a hoof to properly get the bangs out of Windrose's face. "Well they're missing out on some true beauty, my dear. A relaxing rainy day is always beautiful." With a chuckle, he springs back again. "Now, it really was a wonder to see you all today, I am frid, however, that I was on my way to some important business. I must be off soon, if you'll excuse me." He bows and, y'know, wiats to be given permission to leave. Because that's polite

Windrose's mane now looks like it does in the webpage logo! Wet mane looks are all the rage, after all. "Okay, seeya later Hemlock." Then she cocks back her head a bit to look up, so it -really- looks like that picture. "Break to talk to you all was nice," yes even you Starchild, "but I should probably get back to cloud checking. Would hate to have one run dry and no pony there to buck it away."

Quintessent-Rune noded slightly and turned back to Servant… or rather, where Servant should have been. The cart sits where she left it, the harness empty. Quintessent sighed softly. "Blistering barnacles," sighed the seapony-in-disguise. "I do belive I have to attend to a pressing matter before, once more, Servant amasses a mass of angry sailors insisting it cheated at cards." With that, Rune set off.

Well if nopony is gonna give him permisison, and just elave on their own, that's fine. Hemlock, still smiling, gets up and prances away, hopefully bringign Starchild along again. Because they have fun together.

Indeed! Starchild follows Hemlock, with a bit more prance in his step now that he has found comfort in incredibly awkward situation. "That was fun. Let's hope it doesn't happen again."