Rainbow Dust Part 1
IC date: Winter 22, 1009
OOC date: January 10, 2015
Location: Town Square
PCs: Solar-Wind Jigsaw-Blade Sodium-Fizz

Over the last week a heavy blanket of snow have laid itself over the harbour, painting tatched and tiled rooves, alleys and main thuroughfares a pure, pristine white.

Or well, that would have been the case had not it also brought with it the splendid mushroom-cloud explosion of dust all the colours of the rainbow. It's mixed with the snow and water, drifted and poured into little pockets here and there. That'd be the end of it - just another one of those Harbour oddities - exepect there is a rumor running around town. The Rainbow Dust - as some of the shady people dub it - gives… powers. Like, honest-to-Celestia superpowers straight out of the comic books! Most scoffed at it… at least at first. Several unexpected happenings over the weeks is changing ponies minds about it.

Heck. Some of the stall owners in Town Square have even taken to gathering some and seeling for that very purpose. Try Rainbow Dust, are you one of the lucky few with amazing powers? Of course, it is not nesecarily as simple as that… Sometime powers come with great trouble! Or maybe just trouble in general, as our heroes of the day find themselves at Town Square…

A dainty pegasi mare alights at the center of town square. She had gotten into a full cloud of the stuff not too many days ago and today just this morning woke up looking like this, oh this won't do, just won't do at all. She was thankfully prepared to some degree as the Harbor Fire-Station had uniforms for a variety of ponies available.

Solar-Wind, no wait, Solar-Splendor had to make due with the uniforms available to the mares of the fire-station, as well his old uniform certainly wouldn't fit this current body. My, so girly, and a skirt even?

Solar-Splendor landed amongst town square looking about for more sources of this odd rainbow dust, and anypony peddling it as some sort of thing. Coming equipped with bags of bits he tried to buy-out anypony with this stuf.

For her part, Jigsaw-Blade has considered the rumors about this superpower nonsense complete bunk. She's been having enough trouble explaining to her customers that, yes, she had patched their roofs or walls or what have you, even pointing out the repaired condition of such things, only to hear back that they hadn't seen her. Once was just a dumb work anecdote. Twice was not funny at all. Seven times was starting to border on practical joke territory. Except she couldn't think of anypony who'd prank her quite like this. Very vexing.

Today, Jiggy found herself perched above a storefront near the Town Square, assigned to patch a rainbow-dust caused (maybe) leak in the roof. Although she could see herself working, however, a nearby bird crashed into her, since all it saw was a hammer floating in midair.

Oh my, oh dear!

The looks Solar-Splendor gets and the whispered conversations are quite something, and not nesecarily a flattering something. If he ever had any idea of pretending not to be him it seems that'll never happen. There's not THAT many fireponies around town to begin with and for one to look kinda simmilar - and so short after Sodium Fizz managed to transmogrify herself to him, too? Possibly the only thing saving Solar-Splendor from risking death by shame is the fact that she's not right up in the mass of ponies that's noticed yet.

Also, the talk stops the moment something impacts the fluffy snowpile next to her - something leaving a decidedly pony-shaped imprint but with nopony to be seen…? At least till the snow starts to settle once more - there's a hint of something, somepony, there!

Jigsaw-Blade groans after reorienting herself. The bad part of low roofs is they're too short to actually catch flight if you're not ready for it, but still high enough that hitting the ground hurts! "Stupid birds, don't they know to watch where they're going?" she fumes, giving a little stomp of her hooves.

Solar-Splendor 's face is also sorta hidden, maybe thats more for her own protection than anything else, but a snow-angel landing haphazardly in a snow drift beside her, well that brings about her attention and she hovers about to fix a glance at just what landed, or offer assistance to… "H Hello?" she squeaks softly to the mumbling whatnot?

Jigsaw-Blade turns to face Solar. "Oh, what do YOU want?" she asks.

Solar-Splendor Squeaks as she sees hoofprints in the snow, and the vauge outline of snow powder highlighting a pegasus pony. The formerly big pegasus cowers a little, "I, Me, Are you, Are you a Ghost?!" she squeaks in a high pitched little voice as the dainty pegasus practically cowers. A wing whips around to try and determine the ghost-ie-ness of the pony 'standing' in front of her

A lot of the suprised murmors of ponies seems to indicate they are woundering the same thing - what is that apperition before them?

Giving her head a shake, Jiggy emerges into visibility and confusion. "A ghost? Really? I'm pretty sure I survived that fall…"

"Oh dear, it doesn't know," one of the nervous ponies mumble. Wow, jumpy as they are…

Solar-Splendor 's wing encurls about Jigsaw, "Oh my I didn't see you, I saw an outline of a pony dusted in snow, An outline!" she shouts, and hugs, "I'm not the only one effected by this, this oddity, all these rainbows, all these odd clouds, I'm not the only one!"

Jigsaw-Blade looks vaguely embarassed to be getting a random winghug from another mare. "Er… ok? Um… yeah?" She blows her mane out of her eyes with a huff. "Only what?"

Solar-Splendor Whew's "not the only pony effected by the rainbow clouds" nods the mare as she steps a pace backwards some embarassed a little. Her wings flit and flitter in a shy stance and her ears twitch here and there cautiously. "Some ponies were oddly effected by the Rainbow Dust" she holds up a little pouch of the stuff that she had bought from somepony. "I'm Solar-Splendor, I used to be uhh" she leans close so that only the other mare would hear her. The dainty mare is easily shorter than she is, so she has to lean close. "I used to be Solar-Wind, the Firechief to this town" then adds a bit quieter, "A stallion" she notes with an intense blush.

Jigsaw-Blade squints at the mare before her. Then she tilts her head one way, then the other. "You don't look that much like him," she concludes. Then she shrugged. "Not that I saw him much, come to think of it." She gives a head tilt. "Look, it's not that I don't believe you, but the only thing that stupid dust does is clog drains and eat away at roofing nails, from what I can tell." Her statement is made a bit problematic as she vanishes while she's talking about drains and nails.

Solar-Splendor Ummm's and hrumph's some, her wings pop out again and do that 'feather' tracing thing, where her forefeathers reach out and touch the pony talking in front of her. "Ok, right, sure, I'm not the big stallion any more, I was, Seriously, and you, you' You're invisable, like right now, thats why my feathers are touching you, just to make sure that you are still here," she adds then Oh's and grins ducking her head around and fishing out a Mirror bring it up to just infront of her face so that the other mare can see, or not see herself with.

Jigsaw-Blade stares into the mirror. She feels rather dumb for a second, as she can't figure out how the trick works. Which causes the trick not to work anymore, as she reappears. "Gah!"

Solar-Splendor nods some to the other mare, "See, here one minnute, gone the next like some poof pony" she hrumph's "and me , Guy one minute, mare the next" she squeaks, "It wasn't expected really, not at all, I mean look out this outfit, a skirt, seriously?" she huffs, "admitedly I think the outfit looks cute, but I, gosh, I was a stallion, and I" *blush*

"Oh dear," comes a voice from of by one of the small side-entrances of the Town Square - from a dusky grey and purple stallion of rather dimunitive size and, usualy, of fancy dress. The waistcoat and shirt seems to have been missplaced somewhere, replaced by as set of black saddlebags. The glasses still sit perched on his now-square muzzle though. "I had really hoped there wouldn't be more of you lot. Ponies exposed to the dust and with… reaction." Sodium Fizz sighed as he strode forward, raising an eyebrow at the two as he studies them… "Solar-Wind, that's you? And…?"

Jigsaw-Blade gives Solar a flat stare. "There's more to being a mare than cute outfits. And you don't have to wear skirts if you don't wanna, I don't…" She turns to the newcomer. "Jigsaw Blade. Handimare extraordinare, occasional adventurer, and occasional con…. patron of the finest drinking establishments." She had started to fade as she talked about her career, just before talking about bar hopping, she flashed to full visibility.

Solar-Splendor Goes wide eyed as she hears the framiliar voice of Sodium-Fizz turns and looks to her wide eyed. *ZOOM* she takes off at the speed of a pegasus born of pure speed and is like right beside her in the blink of an eye "I'm Solar-Splendor now, not Wind, that that was him, I' I I'm not him, I mean I am, but I'm not, I mean!" she busts into a fit of rapid breathing, and just sits there looking wide eyed and a bit beside herself. "Yeah" she sighs then looks to Jigsaw, "it was the only thing I had available to me, Firefighter Dress uniforms, for formal events n stuff. I don't have like an inventory of this stuff"

Sodium-Fizz gave Solar a very flat, level look. "You are freaking out… and not doing a very good job of it even - look either you bottle it up and hide it forever or have one, good solid blowout now so you don't have to deal with it later. Allright?"

Turning slightly she peered at Jigsaw curously. "Well, I will admit I have not seen invisibility-by-means of alking before… Either way, nice to meet you. I am Sodium Fizz - I own the Fizzy Flask down main street."

"Until a minute ago I didn't know I was doing it at all," Jigsaw replies, with a headscratch. "Dunno what's causing it either, seems to be happening at random I guess?"

Solar-Splendor scuffs a hoof, "I'm not used to being so small, but, I really really can fly now, I just, just, I'm a mare now, this is a little hard to cope with a bit" offers the former stallion, "One minute cleaning the gutters of the station, next momment poof I'm in this rainbow cloud, and then the next day, I wake up like this"

Sodium-Fizz rubs his muzzle as he peered at Jigsaw thoughtfuly. "I seriously doubt it is random - from what I've seen with others there are typicaly triggers for when these 'Rainbow Dust'," he scowled at the name, "effects appear if they are not a permanent thing. As to why I am not particularly certain other than you were doing it. Till the bit about about drinking." He glanced at Solar. "You'll live, you know. I mean, I live."

Jigsaw-Blade shakes her head at Solar. "Stallions," she says, exasperated.

Sodium-Fizz nods at Jigsaw. "I know, right?"

Jigsaw-Blade says "Yeah, it's… wait." She squints at Sodium. "Really? Really?" She starts to look downward, and vanishes. Mercifully. "Ok, so just you two then for that one?" she asks, nearly squeaking as she does so."

Solar-Splendor mumbles shuffling a hoof and nods where she stands side by side with Jigsaw-Blade. Solar held up a little pouch of the stuff, "I started buying it in hopes that you could use it to uhh, work your magic" mentioned Solar to Fizz. "hey, I'm sorry, this" she sweeps a wing down her form, "this is all new and" she sees some stallion peeking at her cutie mark or flanks or something, and she is just glued to Jigsaw-Blade

Sodium-Fizz put a hoof to his chest. "To be fair, this isn't a result of the Rainbow Dust. Also, it seemed a good disguise at the time. As for you Solar… look out when you do that." The slight stallion frowned slightly. "There's been rather a few bits of unplesantries going on with the Rainbow Dust from what I understand - some rather undesirable people getting their hooves on it for whatever neferoious ends they have. And I don't think it'd cure you to use more of it - more than lightly it'd prolong your current state. It seems culminative, in that way. I havn't managed to do much research on it, though."

Jigsaw-Blade nods to herself slowly. "Yes, I can see how it could be useful to scam some ponies, depending on… well, what you get and stuff. It'd be pretty easy to rob a place if they couldn't see ya, huh…" She glances around, shiftily.

Solar-Splendor hears what Jigsaw is saying about her invisibility, "Yeah that could be downright scary, if somepony got something like that and didn't have any morals." mentions the somewhat shy mare. "Fizzy, about how many ponies have you encountered yet with these uhh tendencies?" she asks softly as she too gets a little nervous, more so I mean. She's still practically fixed to the side of the other mare as if for saftey. She figures she'll stick with the others so she's not out in the open where she's unexperienced with anything like this.

"How many I've managed to convince to come back to the Flask for me to study?" Sodium Fizz asked back. "Maybe twenty-something. How many else there are? With the sample size I have and the number of ponies in the Harbour I would guess maybe a hundred - minimum. Most likely more." Fizzy does not as much as bat an eye at Jigsaw's musings herself. She'd be the FIRST one to admit she'd considered that a few times. And she did rob the Trottingham bank once, too. Well, kinda. It didn't work out as intended, but still!

"That do remind me though, I still have an erand to run so I should be off." Sodium turns to leave… and turns a few step aways, back to them. "Oh right, and you two should visit the Flask soon! Might be able to stop the effects - for the time being - untill you expose yourself to more Dust. Now, toodles!" Step-turn-walk away into the crowd and market. There's almost a cheery bounce in his step.

Jigsaw-Blade gives a little frown. "Ok, ok, so I won't rob the… do we even have a bank in this town?" She scuffs her foreleg. "Stupid thing's random anyway. But it'd be useful when looking for hidden treasures and stuff, ya know? Oh. I guess ya don't."

Solar-Splendor is left with the other mare-o-mystery as fizzy departs like this, she reaches out as if to say 'stop, wait' but she's into the crowd and out of her reach anyway. Crowd's kinda aren't her thing" all the same she sticks close to the experienced mare for support. "See she's seen more effected by this stuff" she sighs some, "So guess thats nice maybe, maybe more a way to find out whats going wrong with us" she comments softly, as she still has a wing out and its tip is touching the side of Jigsaw, keeping tabs on her somewhat.

Jigsaw-Blade snorts. "You say that as if there's something wrong with being a mare," she adds, in a completely flat voice.

Solar-Splendor eeps, "hey now, I like mares, just fine, My wife is one, but I, I'm used to being a stallion, I like being a stallion thank you very much, I'm not used to being like this" she sighs "its interisting, just not me" She adds softly

A flahs, sudden boom! Rolling purple smoke, a sacream!

Chaos descend upon the Town Square as this massive skull-shaped cloud of purple smoke rises from the center before dispersing, and leaving somethinmg clad in black and wraped in a fluttering black and ragged cloak to land ontop of the statue at the center of town. "Got your attention, huh?" the black pony asked under his hood. There's a flash of something bright under there, a too-tothy grin. Sweeping his cloak out black tendrils ending in frowny, wide-mouthed gargoyl-ish heads sweept down amongst the now-panicing ponies. More puffs! New pockets of smoke rising. Oh dear!

Jigsaw-Blade shrugs. "Alright, fair enough I guess. I'd probably be freaking out if I had a… well, yeah. There's…" She cuts off as a loud boom goes off. "You've got to be kidding me," she says, staring over towards the smoke.

Solar-Splendor pauses and nods then looks to the, the, what the heck? She kinda cowers behind Jigsaw at the initial sound and lights. "Some Production" she mentions quietly. But Smoke oh there's smoke and where theres smoke there's fire. *Bing* The dainty mare is suddenly all action, making little squeaks, "smoke means fire" she chants softly as she is suddenly a high speed superpony flying up high into the sky dissapearing into the apex of sunlight, effectively dissapearing from view, and then, Then

Baaaboom!!!!! down flies TURBO-MARE right down to the center of Town Square right infront of the fountain, right beside the baddie, and right by the snowdrifts, and ice that make up the former Ice and Snow of the fountain itself, spraying the baddie with all that snow and ice, hopefully to put out any fires.

Jigsaw-Blade 's jaw drops. "What the…" She starts trotting towards the commotion, trying to will herself invisible all the while, just to find out what the heck just happened.

Whoever the masked pony is… yeah, he did not see that one comming! The wave of ice and snow and hard winds is easily enough to tosss him from the top of the statue and across the square to slam into the wall befroe slowly peel off it and fall into a snowdrift bellow. Several bags - presumably gaterhed by the fanged tendrils - fall in the snow around him. "Oww…" he mumbled as he sat up - half lifted by the hydra-like mess of heads sprouting from under his cloak, where you'd imagine to find pegasi wings.

"You know, that really hurt!" he shouted across the stare before the wicked grin flashed under the hood once more and the hydra-tendrils snaked forward - some to snap up what bags of Rainbow Dust around him. The rest go for a nearby fruit stall and hoist the whole thing into the air before tossing it in the direction of Solar!

It seems to suprise the stallion a fair bit himself as he stands there watching the thing sail across the sky before turning and fleeing with a "Oh, I supose I do see why ponies like the whole super-strong thing…"

Solar-Splendor 's jaw drops as her super speed does /that/ to that baddie, what the heck to say, what do they say in the comic books, what do they say?! "Stop you evildooer, you'll never get away with this, so long as" think of a fancy name, fancy name, Ooh, Ooh got one, "Turbo-Mare and" no not side kick, they almost always become future nemesisess, nemeseez? whatever, "and Invis-a-Mare are here to stop you!" she shouts as suddenly, Fruit Stand!

"Ohmy Flying Food!" she shouts boldly as she flings herself to the side dodging for her new allay, "Invis-a-Mare, in hopes that she can catch her in time so the fruit stand doesn't do permenant harm to the nearby mare.

Jigsaw-Blade gives a little glare Solar's way, and steps two steps to the side, and one wingflap up. "I know how to dodge," she says, as she vanishes. "And really, Invis-a-mare? There must be a cooler name for me…"

Solar-Splendor lands beside Invis-a-Mare, "S Sorry, I, I had to think of something fast, and and, and I'm not real good at this kind of thing" she shrugs, "Sorry" she offers

Jigsaw-Blade shakes her head, invisibly. "So how the heck did you pull that off anyway? I've never seen weather power like that."

Solar-Splendor headshakes, "not weather power, speed, it kinda went together, when I flew down from that altitude, everything just kinda happened, I hit the ground and blamo everything around just went boom" she shrugs, "can't see you again by the way, kinda creepy just hearing a voice over my shoulder like that, but cool too" she notes.

Jigsaw-Blade chirps. "It's working then! Huh." Then she looks around. "So where'd Big Smoky go?"

It seems 'Big Smoky' dissapeared down that side street over there… Gone now, though.

Solar-Splendor Shrugs, "not used to this superhero thing" she mumbles, "seriously not used to this" she murmurs then pauses. "We need discuises, superhero costumes!" She bounces with super pegasi energy. She will difinetely need a nap later with what this energetic pegais is outputting. "Whew"

Jigsaw-Blade says "I'm pretty sure I don't need a costume. Need a better name though. And maybe some allies?" She frowns, and becomes visible again briefly. "You're wearing me out doing that.""

Solar-Splendor is here one momment, then over there slightly to the side, "Gosh, such speed, I like this" she hums, "I like this alot, "Doing what?" she asks "Allies would be good, strong ponies would be awesome" she streches some, "I could get used to this, I really could, I like this" she grins and does a little airal twirl and lands looking down that alley way, "do we?" she asks of her new friend.

Jigsaw-Blade gives a little nod. "Might as well check it out I suppose!"

Solar-Splendor joins up with Jigsaw, "Well onward! I guess" she shrugs and shoots to a near-rooftop hover so she can have a persepctive on the scene. "Lets do this" (when in superhero 'mode' she's got confidience, when not in superhero 'mode' she is a bit shy and skiddish, heck after being the town's biggest stallion having that 'alteration' anypony would be a bit shy.

Jigsaw-Blade snorts. "Well, if the trail's cold, getting backup is the best move. That Sodium stall… mar… pony said… well, there were twenty other ponies there found who were like us right? Let's head over there and see if we can't get some help with tall, dark and stinky." She becomes visible in the middle as she is visibly confused over how to refer to Sodium-Fizz. This whole gender trading thing had better not be contageous!

As 'Turbo' and 'Invis-A-Mare' speeds down the alley in search of the mysterious attacker the townsponies start poking their heads back into the square - from the streets and windows and doorways. In the case of some even from under the stalls themselves. They're all in a daze. Well, almost all of them as one little colt stares wide-eyed down the street. "That… was AWESOME!"

Down the winding streets our intrepid heroes find hoofmarks and nicks and jacks in wood and stone from the black hydra-headed tendrils biting down to help proppel the black stallion away from the scene of the crime. The path ends where a black cloak flutters in the wind - snagged on a wooden post. Sploches of rubbery black lead away from there, staining the snow an omnious black, but the hoofmarks are gone…

Who is the mystery attacker? Will Solar-Splendor and Jigsaw-Blade master their abilities and rise to the occasion? Is a superhero name change impending? Find out next time… in Rainbow Dust!