Questions And Answers
IC date: Winter 28 1007
OOC date: 1/16
PCs: Mbaya-Ndoto, Sodium-Fizz

Questions and Answers

Windy rainy cruddy and just plain ugly are all good descriptors of Horseshoe
Harbor as of late. The Maelstrom is grinding away at the center of the harbor
and dragging with it a mass of storm and ugliness. Mbaya has found the local
weather scene to be most distressing, she can 'feel' that its not of natural
origin, but thus far has no knowledge of just /what/ is going on, and so she
is out looking for information from the local towns ponies.

The colorful scarf enshrouded Zebra goes to the oddest location and to perhaps
the most odd decision that a mare of her stature could grasp upon, She's going
to Sodium Fizz's business, 'The Fizzy Flask' the zebra is going to talk to a
pegasus!!!? What is the meaning of this idea, The zebra HATES pegasi in
general, but to seek one out and to ask for help?

Said pegasus is, of course, completely unaware of the coming aggravation and
keeps on running the Fizzy Flask as normal. The front door of the Flask is
firmly shut, as is sensible in this weather, though the small sign outside
states that it is open. From within one can hear Soda's voice as she's singing
softly for herself.

Indoors on the front floor Sodium-Fizz was busy, her wings beating slowly to
keep her up right under the ceiling as she went about dusting her shop.

Mbaya-Ndoto works the door open and steps inside and sees the Pegasus flitting
about, the Zebra practically cowers at that sight as flying things tend to
scare her, but she slowly comes from her fright, she has a purpose here
after-all and deeply desires something that she cannot seem to obtain. While
she is still 'timid' looking at this point she does actually seem to gaze
around the shop. She sets aside a loose cloak to hang beside the door and with
that sets a scarf free in the shop where it remains beneath the cloak. The
scarf of all things is a remarkable shade of grey, with yellow highlights and
purple trim, but for now remains hidden by the cloak.

She gulps hard quite visible to anyone, and practically squeaks out "Pegasus?"
the word comes out sounding both questioning yet also discussed, but more on
the curious than anything else. She called out 'pegasus, only as she had no
proper name to offer', She introduces herself with a light "ahhhhem, g g
Greetings, I am Mbaya-Ndoto" the Zebra mare offers amazingly.

"Who?" came the question from up-above as Soda alighted on the floor. Moments
later she was scowling. "Oh right, you," she deadpanned. "First off, it's
Sodium Fizz. Second, what do you want?"

Mbaya-Ndoto gulps again, seeing the hostility plain as her hooves on the ground,
eyes focused purely on Fizz's forehooves, gaze not meeting hers, she's trapped
here in a room with a pegasus, and it is obviously unsettling to her in some
regard, even if she was the one whom initiated the visit. "Proprietress Sodium
Fizz, I came to look first, then" she looks seriously undecided, "And then I
seek knowledge" she sighs deeply. "I came to this town because of what lies
out in the harbor, that thing of unnatural weather, I thought that you being a
pegasus, and versed in some bit of magical lore or knowledge, would perhaps
have some information" he lets out in a rush.

Sodium-Fizz frowned slightly. "I'm a scientist, not a magician. Though admittedly
alchemy is rather a fusion of the two but still… My knowledge of magic only
extends as far as to the basics of unicorn spell-casting really, and it's only
theoretical due to…" pale yellow eyes crossed as she glanced up on her
forehead, "the lack of proper equipment. As for the Spire I know about as
much as most other ponies, I suppose." Soda shrugged before turning, a wing
extending to point out a window towards the structure.

"I had a chance to talk to Spindrift… Sounds like the Spire builds power
through draining her life-force or something. Possibly through the black heart
pendant she carries around. Not much other than that."

Mbaya-Ndoto 's head leans from one side to the other, in thought about what you
say, then she visibly cringes, again with that cower as you extend your wing
to point out the window, and she re-strengthens her fortitude when you tuck it
back against your form. The show of wings makes her cower for some reason or
another, but she is otherwise stable. She actually seems impressed by her
knowledge, "I didn't necessarily mean magic in that light, more the feel of
connection" the Zebra presses a hoof strongly to the ground, "Zebra culture is
deeply connected to what is beneath our hooves, and what surrounds us" she
intones, "I felt that Spire and its power well before I arrived here" the mare
indicates, She then stares looking with deep concern, "A pony powers this,
this abomination?" Concern is plain upon her muzzle as the zebra mare looks to
you, "Was it intentional?" she asks plainly

Sodium-Fizz shook. "From what I understand, not really. I think it was a rather
last-ditch attempt to wipe out the Harbour and scare everypony off but…
Well, there you go, everypony here is crazy and that didn't work out well. Now
she's stuck dying for something that'd cause plenty of death she didn't
want…" The alchemist fell silent for a few moments before shaking her head.
"Pity, too. She'd fit right in around these part. Plus she's pretty too,
despite the whole… fish thing."

Mbaya-Ndoto ahhh's some and nods, "She's a Seapony, hmmm right, What of this
Black Heart you spoke of?" she asks with both concern and curiosity clear
upon her muzzle. The zebra is actually starting to loosen up a little, so
long as nopony makes sudden moves, she'll be just fine. "Something seems to
have gotten off with unintended consequences, Is this, 'Spindrift' dying
because of what its doing to her, or is that the Black Heart that is causing
her demise?"

Sodium-Fizz gave a wing-shrug. "I have no idea, I'm not a specialist in magical
artifacts you know. She implied that when she's dead, the Spire will just…
unleash whatever it got stored…" Soda hummed for herself. "Reminds me, I
have to get around to making another visit, bring some food and maybe another
healing potions. After all, if that's the case I'd rather keep her alive as
long as possible."

Mbaya-Ndoto stares "If she dies right now, then it offers a sizable destructive
force, but if her life is prolonged, than more force will come of it?!" she
practically gasps, looking from the window back to the pegasus before her with
wide eyes, "what countermeasures does this community have, Unicorns, alchemic
means, or physical threats against the source of this disturbance?" she asks

Sodium-Fizz cocked an eyebrow. "Unicorn magic? Alchemical prowess? Physical
might…? None really, but I'm not particularly worried… Spindrift is a
villain, even if she don't want to admit it herself, and villains always lose.
Simple, really!"

Mbaya-Ndoto huffs some, "Wait a minute Pegasus, err, Sodium-Fizz, you just
expect for her to loose and expect no reprocussions?" she blurts sounding
stunned that there's no counterstrike against the threat

"Well I expect her to lose, the rest of us suffering no repercussion and me
making sure she doesn't suffer more than she needs to," stated Sodium-Fizz
flatly before leaning forward slightly, wings spreading ever so slightly. "You
see, I've been in the same seat as she have. Being the bad mare… and the bad
we wrought is far greater than intended, if it was intended at all."

Mbaya-Ndoto struggles backward suddenly as you flare your wings, her flanks
bounce aginst the closed door, and she right cowers! something about wings
obviously terrifies this mare. Several of her scarves seem to dance about her
shoulders to become what looks like snakes radiating out from this zebra-mare,
they actually HISS at the frightening pegasus. Now Mbaya wouldn't be quite
this edgy outside, but being that she just flank bumped against a 'wall' she
feels a bit trapped/cornered by the pegasus, its as if you frightened her of
all things. She huffs out trying not to hyperventilate at the inward pressing

Sodium-Fizz cocked her head to the side, studying Mbaya for a few moments before
sighing for herself and turning away - making her way back towards the
counter. "That's what I know, and that's what I hope it'll be in the end."

Mbaya-Ndoto regains her composure as the pegasus turns her back to her to head
back to her counter, she visibly regains herself, her breathing coming back
to an easy pace. "I, I see" she murmurs quietly looking back out the window to
that growing mass. She asks one last thing, "Where did this "Black Heart,
thing come from?" she asks quietly

Sodium-Fizz shrugged her wings once more before bounding the counter and turning
to face Mbaya. "No idea, you better just ask Spindrift about that."

Mbaya-Ndoto gazes across the counter to you, and steels herself, she trots
forward to the customer side of the counter, whereas you are at the other
side. There is a slight tremble, there, barely noticeable, indicating that
perhaps the zebra is actually afraid of the pegasus in such close proximity.
But she reaches into her scarves settling them and plunks down a pouch of
bits, noses them forward towards you. Payment for… Information. She gulps
hard, "Mainly that question arises because I wish to be sure that others don't

"I don't think so," said Sodium-Fizz. "Though that statement comes from the fact
almost everything seems to be one of a kind."

Mbaya-Ndoto Nods again and withdraws a full pace having laid her payment for
such information before the pegasus. "I thank you for your honesty" she states
simply not really much more could really be said. The Zebra slowly backs
towards the door, still too nervous really enough to let her eyes off the
pegasus and her wings as she makes it to the front and starts to get dressed
again. She does however leave a scarf upon that coat hanger, in precisely
the colors of the Pegasus with which she was visiting