Queenie After Dark
IC date: Autumn 46
OOC date: Nov 10 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos Queen-Pegasus

Following yesterday's even Queenie was quite insistent that Rising stay the night; the accomidations of the Captain's Quarter's are nothing short of fit for royalty with plush bedding, a well-stocked heater, and plenty liquor. The mare chuckling as nudges Rising into her chambers - rat in a cage perhaps? "I insist - although…" she stops midstep "It's very true your little agreement to assist me has been fulfilled - meaning I certainly can't force you to stay." Actually she could. The taller mare leans way forward to bring her eye level with Rising's own. "I'd like you to stay, and continue with things. I'd like that very much." she stands up straight and trots around in front of Rising before planting her flank.

That single blue-eye staring intently at Rising. "Of course, you're thinking I'll do something awful to you if you say no, isn't that right?

Rising-Chaos walks alongside Queenie into the captain quarters. She stops and looks back at the Queen when she stops, meeting her gaze. She keeps her eye on the pegasus, not entirely sure what's happening. She sits down as well before Queenie to consider the statement. Of course, now is the time to be honest or to be a flatterer.

She matches that piercing stare with one of her own. "I am honestly more than slightly afraid, my Queen. Can you blame me? You have left me in a position where I do not know where I stand with you, disposable or valuable." She gets to her hooves, keeping her gaze steady. "I dislike uncertainty." She is trying very hard to not look nervous, but on the inside she is quaking in terror.

Queen-Pegasus curiously watches Rising with her lone, blue eye while listening to the words of the other mare. A long silence follows before Queen speaks - her tone more than a little blunt. "I've no doubt you have a certain dislike and fear for me after that small punishment. If you were disposable I'd have dropped you from high enough to break a leg before leaving you in that forest." Certainly the admission will do little to ease Rising's fears; and the broad grin crossing Queen's face likely does far less, and then there's the way the mare begins to slowly lean in while staring at Rising her with lone eye. "Words are a fickle thing - so easy to interpretation; actions are said to speak louder, yes?" She closes her eye and reaches for her eye patch, and begins to slowly lift it!

Rising-Chaos somehow manages to maintain her composure during the long silence. Queenie's words reassure her more than the mare may realize, though certainly don't give her the certainty she craves. She holds her ground as the Queen gets close, and is shocked to see the eye patch come off. What could possibly hide below the patch?

Practically nose to nose as the eye-patch lifts upwards; Rising is given a perfect view of a perfectly fine looking eye! There is some oddness to the pupil which maintains an almost heart-like shape while teeming with magic; certainly something odd about it - all the while Queen keeps her other eye shut. A few moments pass before the mare lowers her eye patch. "In my youth I angered a gypsy - she took offense to my stealing of her stud." A hint of pride to be had. "Are you familiar with love poison? Of course you are, you're a smart girl. It's like that - only permanent." with her eye patch in place she opens her eye. "Quite inconvienent, and certainly not something I'd like other ponies to know." nose touching Rising's. "I don't hesitate to kill those who dissapoint or betray me; so by all means you /should/ be dead after running away the night of the bon fire. But here you are; so clearly I value you."

Rising-Chaos loses her cool as the eyepatch lifts up, revealing the eye beneath. She watches in mute fascination as Queenie explains her story. She doesn't bother to hide her admiration of Queen Pegasus' ability to stay at least somewhat sane while under the effects of the poison. The nose touch startles her, but she returns the nuzzle hesitantly. "You make a convincing point my Queen, though I have kept safe by being cautious." She moves her head back, looking at the mare before her with a critical look. "I find myself trusting you, I would be honoured to stay for the night. Though I must go home tomorrow, my assistant must be worried sick." She hangs her head, clearly nervous about her next statement. "You do mean quite a bit to me as well my Queen."

Queen-Pegasus chuckles quite heartily at Rising's little confession; perhaps finding it amusing which is certainly a hurtful gesture to say the least were it not followed by words. "Clearly I like you. But I certainly question anypony who could find intrest in a murderous monster such as myself. Don't be fooled - there's hidden heart of gold, no sad upbringing that drove me to this life. I'm simply cruel, and happy with that." Certainly no hint of hesitation at her own admissions or acurate descriptions. "I'm a monster - even if you haven't figured this out.

Rising-Chaos takes her turn to chuckle. "Oh, I am more than aware that you're a monster Queen." She seems equally unfazed. "Rather, my feeling tend towards admiration. You are a powerful figure, if terrifying, and you seem to have deemed me worthy of your attention." Her face goes dead serious. "You've given me a place of relative safety in a town where I suddenly have several rivals, and a place to prove myself." A smile grows on her face. "Besides, I'm no innocent my Queen."

Queen-Pegasus can't help but chuckle again before she leans down to give the smaller mare an affectionate nuzzle. "I must be growing soft with age." Certainly she's far from a filly, and just as far from being old - not as young as most the mare's arunning about. "I'm aware you're not sweet, innocent thing. No sweet, innocent or sane thing would ever willing spend so much time with me." a dasterdly chuckle to be had. "It is quite charming.

Rising-Chaos returns the nuzzle, making an effort to seem at ease. "Queen, if you've gone soft then so has marble." Chaos gets to her hooves and moves closer, yawning. "Perhaps I should spend the night, I am rather tired." It's not as if the cabin is unfamiliar to her. "Though I should get back to my assistant tomorrow, I have been teased enough about having a 'lover'" She rolls her eyes.

Queen-Pegasus chuckles as she trots her vanity to retrieve a brush and begin tending to her hair. "The night is young, Rising. The night is young…