Queen S Bounty Part 2
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The heroes make their move on the house.

Rising-Chaos closes the door slowly. She eyes Daisychain up and down, liking the mare's attitude here. "Let them try. My Queen is going to come to no harm this night." she stamps a hoof on the floor, and lights all throughout the house dim down. The door to the lab and back libraries are locked tight. Rising Chaos smiles a malicious smile. "Let the games begin."

She turns on the pegasus, an intense look on her face. "Here's the plan. If things get tough, you get my Queen out of here. Take the roof exit and go, somewhere safe. Number one priority is her safety, understood?" With her instructions given, Rising moves towards the living room where her Queen is still laying down. "Excuse me, my Queen," she announces. "It seems we have some unexpected guests."

Queen's interest perks as the dimming of the lights and more so at Rising's little announcement. "Honestly, not surprised. You would think the vultures would have begun circling sooner - perhaps I'm not as infamous as I used to be?" she slides to her hooves and stretches out. "Well then - tell me about these visitors?"

Daisychain looks to the queen. There's a fire in Daisy's eyes. She gives a somewhat hesitant nod to Rising…she'd rather take care of the problem here, but if it's for the Queen…she can't refuse. "There…there's at least one I know 'bout. I…I think there might be anotha' one 'round here too…I heard somethin'…"

A stone's throw down the road, Starchild stands next to a tree in a moment of panic. He has no idea what to expect from those in the house, and he has no idea where Bomani is or how he is doing. There's no use casting a listen spell, as he is too far away from the house to hear any voices; however, it could at least help warn him of anyone coming near if he were to walk back. There is really no other choice. While somewhat exhausted on his magic, his horn flares up again, and he trots slowly towards the side of the house, listening for any sounds of opening doors and anything else alarming.

Bomani rolls his eyes. Yeah, this mission just got a lot harder. Few entry points, multiple wary opponents… at this point, eavesdropping for additional intel is likely the best option.

Rising-Chaos frowns. "We can assume that any pony here for you is either well armed or highly experienced. I don't want to take any chances. So I've activated several fail safes in the house. Mostly all extraneous doors locking and magically sealed. Windows aren't going to budge now." She's obviously put quite some thought in to this.

Queen-Pegasus waves a hoof dismissively "Nonsense Rising-Chaos. If they've come for an audience then invite them. I may be without crew or ship but I don't fear a hoofful of meddling fools." She glances to Rising before leaning down to tug her flintlock pistol out from under the couch before trotting /towards/ the front door; you would think an injured might be more concerned!

Zula continues to quietly watch and assess Bomani and Starchild. (They have no idea how to work together. Their hesitation lost the element of surprise.). Already she podners cancelling the mission.

Daisychain takes a look at the Queen, a little confused, "Queen! But…but yer hurt! What…what…what if they try an' hurt ya worse?" It would appear she's quite concerned about the safety of the Queen.

With the help from Silver Shallows and their mysterious Storm Battery orbs to take some of the temper out of the Maelstorm, Windrose has actually gotten a break from having to chase off curious elementals and play damage control around the Harbor. Tch, not what she expected when she signed up to help the weather team, but at least it was doing something worthwhile. But right now work was the farthest from her mind as she decided to check out some of the friends she hasn't gotten to see lately.

No she has no idea that Chaos has a very profitable bounty staying with her, that's how long it's been since she's come to visit.

The lavender pegasus just comes gliding in as usual, oblivious to anything being wrong until *thud* she smacks right into the magically sealed pegasus entry hatch in the roof. "Oof." Staggering backwards in the air, she blinks a couple of times. That usually opens right up. She beats her wings and tries again.

*THUD* And topples over on her back on the roof. "What the hay gives here?!"

As he approaches the house, Starchild catches sight of Zula, and quietly affirms to him the urgency of the situation. "Come now, Starchild. This mission is more important than anything right now." He picks up the pace and reaches the left side of the house. As soon as he reaches the corner, he ducks down and crawls to the back, and peers through the nearest window.

Rising-Chaos sighs in defeat. "Very well, my queen. We'll see what they can do." With a flash of light from her horn, the lights brighten back up, and the doors unlock. Excet the bedroom doors upstairs, of course. "Shall I get the door?" She bows, not looking happy about it at all.

Bomani silently sighs. As an infiltration mission, this is a bust, and they're not equipped for a frontal assault at this time. He goes to gently close the window he opened… and after a brief moment when it didn't budge, it finally slides back into place.

Windrose shakes her head and gets up, rising back into the air and getting some distance this time, landing on a convenient small cloud. She snorts cutely and scrapes a forehoof on the cloud like a bull getting ready to charge, and then dives off the cloud. A bolt of lavender and white hurtles down towards the stubborn pegasus hatch.

Which pops open like usual -this- time now that the magic locks are off.

The sound of something coming in too fast echos around the upper floor of the house, random collision sound effects and all, followed by what almost vagely sounds like a 'dun-da-dun-dun-da-THUMP' as Windrose bounces down the stairs to the ground floor and lands upside-down, eyes spinning dizzily.

Starchild jolts upright as he hears some tumbling from inside. "Bomani!" He shouts, barely keeping quiet. The unicorn slides the window up as quickly as possible, and crawls in with some graceful movement, glancing at his surroundings.

From her vantage point outside - Zula watches as things begin to liven up inside the house; a moment later she trots a little closer with intent on offering support as needed.

Queen pegasus glances towards the mare tumbling downstairs, and the unfamiliar dazed mare quickly finds a flintlock pistol pointed her direction. "I suppose they didn't want to knock."

Rising-Chaos trots up to Windrose with a sigh. "you have possibly picked the worst time possible to visit Windrose. I'm in a bit of trouble." She notices the pitol pointed her friend's way and shakes her head. "No my Queen, this is Windrose. She's a friend from my first days in town." The unicorn nudges Windy and looks down. "you alright? you silly pegasus."

Starchild's shout catches Bomani's attention. The zebra quickly moves to view around the corner, keeping low to avoid being seen through the windows. He gets his head around the corner just in time to watch Starchild clamber through the window. Bomani blinks for a moment, then facehoofs and returns to the window he was just at, carefully opening it again.

Windrose emits an "ublblblblblb" as she shakes her head to clear it, only to come to face with a pistol… upside down. Fortunately RC is there to straighten things out. And straighten her out as she rolls over and gets to her hooves, wings flicking briefly to straighten out feathers. "Not the first flight of stairs I've crash landed!" Pause. "… not that its something to be proud of." Pauses again. This time to glance towards the pegasus with the pistol. "… What sort of 'bit of trouble' this time?", she finally remarks, in that 'now what' sort of tone of voice.

Daisychain 's ears perk up when Windrose enters the house, taking on a rather defensive looking position as the pegasus tumbles down the stairs. After Rising clears things up, her ears perk up again to the sound of Starchild's shout. "I…I think they're coming…."

Queen-Pegasus barks "Let the dogs come! I'll send them running home with their tails between their legs!" pistol jerked away from Windrose direction at Rising's explanation. "Come out you land-loving scuddle-hooves! If you want Queen Pegasus then come get me!" Headstrong much? Most certainly. The tall pegasi mare trots right up to the front door and throws it open - stomping right out into the open.

Starchild overhears the conversation, as well as the front door opening, and takes the opportunity to peer into the room where they are gathered. Upon seeing one more unfamiliar pegasus, seeming rather out of place, an idea comes to him; one that would go against everything he believes. He takes a deep breath, trots back, and awaits either Bomani's arrival, or his confrontation.

Rising-Chaos wilts visibly at the rash actions of her Queen. "The kind where pistols get waved around and ponies try and hurt me badly. I think that's the one." She pats her friend, and turns to follow the pegasus out the door. "I have to go help her now, you take care Windrose." She trots out beside her Queen, her three blades unsheathed and ready. There's not a whole lot to say, on her part.

Windrose blinks twice, then starts to reply to Chaos, only to trail off as Queen does her bravado and storms out the doors. "Wait, Queen Pegasus? That sounds.. wait, isn't she a PIRATE?!" Wings flare in ruffled startlement as she bolts off the ground, yanking the 'Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor' tourist brochure she keeps handy in a pocket of her vest in case she comes across somepony new while working. You know, the one that says 'We're Not Pirates' right on the front. Which she promptly shreds between her hooves. "Lies, its all lies!"

Bomani carefully climbs in through the window, making sure to watch where he puts his hooves so that he doesn't make any loud noises. Windrose's sudden outburst does help cover any incidental noises, but being cautious is a good policy.

Daisychain winces a bit at the Queen just running out into the open like that. It really isn't safe! She spreads her wings and hovers a foot or two off the ground, floating in front of the Queen. Daisy drops back down in a defensive position, all four hooves planted firmly in the ground.

Starchild takes one more peek into the room… only to find that the three familiar targets have stepped out the door. He takes another deep breath and gulps, bracing himself for what he is about to do. His horn begins to glow furiously, and he silently approaches Windrose. "Excuse me, darling." He puts a hoof to her chin to have her face him. "You're on my side, aren't you? We have to capture that awful Queen Pegasus." As he looks into her eyes, his horn nearly begins sparking, and his eyes seem to glow. "Won't you help me, my dear?"

Windrose dusts some scraps of paper off her forehooves. "Well, I better go make sure Rising doesn't get herself nearly killed -again-." She turns around to follow the others…. Only to come face to face with the strange unicorn. "Huh? Who are you?.. Wait you're with the—" But gets cut off by the charmcasting, her eyes doing that swirling hypnotized thing. @.@ "Right, catch the pirate queen…"

Queen visibly appears disappointed as she bursts out into the cleaning in front of Rising's house only to find a whole lot of nothing. "What? No guards? No mercenaries? Who do they think I am?" she glances around while waving her pistol about haphazardly. "Where are the fools would dare approach me!?

Rising-Chaos looks around sceptically as well. "I don't like this, my Queen." Her horn light up, and a glowing orbs of light springs to life above the unicorn, lighting up the street. "I intend to make them regret the decision to dare trying though." This feels wrong, empty to her. Surely she's missing something?

Daisychain narrows her brow. She /just/ heard somepony outside. Her wings spread open once again and she goes about 7 or 8 feet up to get a better view, but she still doesn't see anypony around. After coming back down once again she lets out a deep sigh, "Somethin'…somethin' just ain't right…it's too…quiet…"

As his target finally gives in, Starchild leans in to whisper into her ear. "Now, my dear, hold me down against that wall over there. Make it look like you've captured me. When one of them draws near, I want you to… well… do what you did earlier that made a lot of noise, but on one of them. I will seize the opportunity to disarm them." He trots over to a nearby wall and gestures his victim.

Bomani makes his way towards the main room. He looks over at Starchild doing his persuasive routine, then glances towards the front door. So far, so… good? The zebra moves to where he's not in the line of sight of ponies coming in through the front door, then waits.

Windrose holds a hoof to her forehead in a salute. Then grabs the unicorn with both of them and pushes him up against the wall, just like he asked, wings flared out at an angle behind her for balance. "Aha!" Pause, and then she lets go of Starchild. "No, that was terrible, let me try again." Grabs him a second time and thrusts him against the wall. "Now I've got … no wait, that's not right either." The pegasus lets go again and paces in a small circle. Looks like being charmed hasn't hindered her perfectionism any. "Wait, I got it now."

Windrose spins around, grabs Starchild, and smacks him up against the wall again, maybe a little harder than need be. "How dare you try to sneak into my friend's house! That's what the front door is for!"

Queen glances back to the house while tapping the side of her pistol against her own cheek. "Certainly odd - I've no doubt these lowly flank-" Windrose's yelling certainly catching her attention. "Really now?" eye-brow raised in curiosity. "Sneaking inside only to be caught by that feather-brained friend of yours?" A thoughtful expression passing before she points "Wait here." then proceeds to trot back inside.

Zula watches quietly from the tree line - she's not sure she likes this situation; but she's prepared if things get out of hand.

Rising-Chaos is hesitant to go back inside. "Daisychain, check to roof and around the house. Stay out of trouble and report back to me." She turns at the sound of Windrose's yelling. "I'll stay out here my Queen, this could be a trick!" She's doing her best to protect the house, because the house is safe, right? She cast all those spells to lock it up…

Daisychain gives a quick nod to Rising, once again making sure her glasses are on tight. "Right…I'm on it…" She launches up into the air a little hesitantly. After all, what good is she in the air if somepony attacks? But, orders are orders. The pegasus starts to make a few tight circles around the house, eyes and ears open.

Starchild gives an odd look at Windrose as she gives her trick a few tries. "Very good," he whispers as she finally gets it right. "Now just go along with me." The unicorn gives very light resistance to Windrose's grasp, to at least give the illusion of a fight. "Oh, and pay no attention to the zebra. He is on our side."

Queen-Pegasus trots into the living room - pistol still mounted to her front leg. "What in the blue hay is going on here?" she demands - one can easily consider the non-chalant manner which she trots into the room as 'careless'. Her single blue eye darting to Windrose and the 'captive'. "oh look! Wonderful you caught an intruder, how unexpected!" A small explosion erupts from Chaos' lab as the Sarcasomter explodes.

Windrose lets the unicorn drop to the floor as she steps back, the sarcasm seemingly unnoticed. "He's all yours to deal with, Miss Pirate Even Though We Were Told There Weren't Pirates." And then she turns and… goes upstairs? Moments later Windrose pops up out of the pegasus roof hatch. "Don't mind me guys, I was told to do what I did before that made a lot of noise." Then dives back through the hatch. Cue the same loud ruckus and Windrose coming tumbling down the stairs again to crash in a heap again. "ooOOooooo…."

Maybe Starchild should of asked what it was she had done to make so much noise, first.

Bomani winces at the bizzare - although somewhat understandable - behavior of Windrose. He'd facehoof, but that amount of movement might draw unwanted attention. Best to remain still and wait for further developments.

Daisychain watches Windrose pop back out of the hatch. She opens her mouth, "Why didn't ya jus…" but the pegasus is gone just as quickly as she arrived. Daisy circles one last time and lands next to Rising, "The…the strangest thing…that…friend…o' yours came out up top an' all…but jus' went right back down in…seemed to be…actin' kinda….funny…"

Rising-Chaos looks at her curiously. "well, that is Windrose, I guess. She's always been a bit of an odd one. Come, I haven't seen anything, join queen inside and I'll follow. She starts scratching in the dirt, preparing a little surprise for any visitors. She's STILL not convinced that this isn't a trick.

Daisychain 's ears go up in surprise as her eyes open up wide. She hears Windrose make the second crash landing into the house. The pegasus turns around to the still-open door and trots up to it. It seems like the Queen's been in there FOR-EV-ER. Something still doesn't feel right. Her eyes get as wide as they possibly can when she sees the suspicious pony from earlier..

Starchild is speechless as Windrose goes back up the stairs, and gallops towards them to run after her. Just as he makes it to the stairs, she is falling back down, resulting in a pony pile before Queen Pegasus. "You've… got to to be kidding me."

Well, this might not be the best tactical situation, but it's not like it's going to get any better, so it's best to capitalize on it now. Bomani lunges forward, aiming a solid kick at Queenie's pistol - disarm the target, then capture. Generally results in fewer problems than when you try to do things the other way around, after all.

Windrose lands… on the unicorn? She looks confused at this, her eyes still somewhat swirly. If its from the charm or the second crash is up to the viewer. "… You said to do it to one of them, why are you under me?"

Queen is a far more cautious pony than she's pretending to be at the moment, and the moment Windrose tumbles downstairs like a dufus for a second she becomes well-aware this situation stinks worse than the toilet shared by the crew of her ship (not that she'd ever step foot in there!). "Deceiver!" pistol raised towards Windrose and Starchild. Bomani's kick connecting a split second after the *defeaning* bang of Queen's flintlock fills the air - a second too late to save one of the ponies from the fate of Queen's pistol.

That kick sends Queen tumbling to one side as the mare isn't exactly properly balanced while aiming her pistol and being injured! Alas poor Windrose and Starchild are the victims of Queen's shot; a oddly colored pellet hitting Windrose's side before bursting into an giant glob of glue: the end result is Starchild and Windrose akwardly bound together in a rather cozy position - the glue constricting enough that the pair are left practically muzzle to muzzle - no doubt that shot won't go unnoticed!

Starchild barely has any time to react to the gunshot, and prepares for the worst. After a few seconds, he opens his eyes… only to see a lot of Windrose in front of him. Not only that, but the panic from the gunshot has dispelled his charm on her. There are really no words to aid the situation right now… in fact, he's not even sure if it's wise to open his mouth.

Daisychain 's wings spread open in a flash as she takes a leap forward. "QUEEN!" she shouts, and she's off like a rocket. Apparently the 'blind pony' has a bit of speed to her…it might be from all the bullies she had to run from as a foal. Who knows? With an almost sickening crack, her forhead makes contact with the side of Bomani's head, sending them both towards the wall. Daisy crashes into it and looks as if she might have hit with enough force to knock herself out…

Rising-Chaos turns at the sound of the shot, casting her half finished spell. She bolts inside. She stumbles from the exertion, putting one hoof against the wall for balance. She takes in the scene for a moment, in all it's confusion. the one thing she DOES realize, however, is her Queen in trouble. Her vision goes red as the three swords come around. "You have just made your last mistake."

Windrose yeeps at the shot, but before she can do anything gets all stuck up. Being pretty much nose to nose with the unicorn that was charming her… and realizing a moment afterwards that she doesn't even remember what she actually did while charmed. "… What just happened?" Notices the unicorn right in front of her face, causing her eyes to go wide as their position, plus the glue, dawns on her. "What in the name of Celestia's heavenly hindquarters did I *DO*??"

Bomani slowly gets to his feet. "Ow, my head; I am in so much pain. Anyone get the number of that rhino train?" he groans. He blinks as the words seep into his brain. "What is with these words I say? This rhyming scheme is not my way!"

"It's a long story, my dear," Starchild finally says. "And I can't say I'm proud of it." Rather than giving the pegasus any context of the situation, he looks about, attempting to assess what else is going on, which he fails to do, considering he can barely move his head. Even more than wanting to know what is going on, he hopes more than anything that Windrose can't see him blushing. He can't imagine a more awkward situation that he has experienced. "I'm so terribly sorry."

Queen lies several feet away from the the spot where she was last standing - she gets to her hooves in an angry huff "Insufferable cowards!" she bellows only to find her right hoof give out from under her which causes her to half fall before catching her weight - front, right hoof not touching the ground. "How dare you attack me!" she huffs angrily "I'll tan your hides!"

A calm voice chimes out from behind Rising Chaos. "I think this has gone far enough. If you would be willing to relinquish these stallions - I would be happy to see them on their way." The calm, collected Zebra mare stands dangerously close to Rising; her pupils slitted like those of a feline. "It's clear you've wounded mares to tend to, and I have a couple of bumbling idiots."

Rising-Chaos doesn't even flinch at the voice, and turns slowly. "So these idiots are your responsibility? Then you cna die with them." The short sword comes to a rest against the zebra's neck, a cutlass against Starchild's and a machete against Bomani's. "Nopony attacks my Queen." The fires of madness are in her eyes, reason is not high on her priority list and in her mind, she's holding ALL the cards. Including a little explosive device not that far behind this newcomer.

"Oh, Rising." Windrose states in a surprisingly calm manner. Unfortunately for Starchild its in that 'mare too angry to be yelling' sort of calmness. "Do you have a laywer? If I end up needing to file for foal support payments I'd like to know who to talk to beforehoof."

And then the unicorn sticks a sword in, though she's got lean back as much as the glue will allow for it to not get at her throat too. "… Or that works too."

Daisychain lets out a groan followed by a bit of a whimper. She picks herself up off the floor, soon discovering that one of her front right leg is injured. Her wings spread out and seem to be atleast somewhat functional. After seeing Bomani standing up once again, the fire in her eyes returns once again. It's a good thing that her glasses are still inta…oh. Wait. She rears up to charge again but just before the sword swings into position against the Zebra's throat, her glasses fall apart. Cracked right down the middle, they fall to the floor…

Bomani sits and keeps an eye on the blade threatening him. To get out of a situation like this, one must be ready for opportunities, and be finely toned in both mind and body. Unfortunately, he knows that he's hurting pretty bad from that blindside - why else would he be speaking in rhymes?

Starchild nearly flinches as the blade is pressed against him. "Please… dearest queen, spare our lives. I promise you that this pegasus meant no harm. She was acting according to my will." The unicorn had always thought that he would be prepared to die an honorable death in battle, but this was something he was entirely unprepared for. "Please… dearest Queen Pegasus."

Rising-Chaos hisses, not breaking her glare from the zebra. "Shut up, all of you! You got yourselves in to this, and I will not forgive you."

Zula couldn't look calmer but her pupils are strangely feline. "If you've a grievence with what occured here tonight the appropiate forms will need to be filled out in triplicate." Three half-inch thick bundles of legal sized paper thumping softly to the ground next to her. "I do however suggest you tend to your friends instead of doing anything rash…"

"I did no such — huh?" Windrose blinks a few times as Starchild starts begging. "Oh, is that all we did? Whew." She'd wipe her brow if she had a hoof or wing free to do so with. "…. Um, can we get out of this sticky situation now, please?"

Starchild raises an eyebrow at Windrose. "What did you think happened- … oh my." He blushes even harder, impossible to not be noticed by the pegasus.

Rising-Chaos matches Zula's star perfect. She notices the change in the eyes, and her horn springs to life. Her own eyes start glowing slightly in response. Is it just illusion, or something else? "I'm sorry, I don't think I have the time." She pulls the short sword back, and swings at the mare, doing the same for Bomani. Starchild is currently a quivering mess, and she doesn't want to co-ordinate three swords at once.

Bomani notices the increased glow of Rising's horn, giving him just enough warning to roll out of the way. Given his head wound, it makes him much dizzier than usual, so he has to pause after each roll, but at least it keeps him ahead of the blade.

The sword swings just once, then sticks in to the wall. The glow from around it fade, Rising thinks it worked, and hasn't broken the glare.

Daisychain lowers herself back down to her hooves (minus the injured front right) and looks completely shocked. It wasn't the headbutt that shattered her glasses…it must have been the colission with the wall. Her ears perk up, adjusting rapidly like a pair of radars. She squints her eyes, hearing Zula's voice…one she didn't recognize. Sensing the new stranger is near Rising, she trots carefully over. Unaware that she's now standing in front of RC rather than Zula, she rears back and swings a mighty sturdy left hook at Rising's head.

Zula winces as Rising-Chaos falls victim to a mean right hook courtesy of her own ally - well no better time than now. She whistles and points to Starchild and Windrose "Grab and Go." she commands the strong zebra - fully intending to make an escape even if it entails taking Windrose with them for the moment.

Queen pegasus glares angrily watching Daisy blindly clock Rising-Chaos who certainly didn't see that coming! "Ugh!" she holds a hoof to her forehead "Just go!" she commands to the intruders who have displayed an equal level of inconcompitence to her own underlings.

Rising-Chaos goes down, not even beginning to suspect trouble from the back. The words aimed at zula's neck veers off course and gets stuck in the wall. She crumples to the ground, needing a moment to recover. All she can think is that she hopes, hopes so hard, that her Queen will be okay.

Bomani trots along with Windrose and Starchild, helping the bound pair keep their balance… or at least as well as the slightly disoriented zebra can manage.

Windrose swats the sword out of the way as Rising isn't paying full attention to that one any more, and puts her nose right up to Starchild's. "I come out of a trance lying on top of you, stuck together. What was I -suppose- to think, hmmm?"

Except then a big zebra comes to get him? Them? Uh oh. "Uh." Takes a deep breath. And then likely to Starchild's uncomfortable proximity starts yelling as loudly as she can "AUGH SOMEPONY GET ME UNSTUCK BEFORE THEY TAKE ME INSTEAD I'M TOO PRETTY TO BE USED FOR RANSOM!"

Starchild wiggles a bit as his commander orders Bomani to take the pegasus and himself out, with no luck. He's pretty much being dragged as this point, since being muzzle-to-muzzle involves some awkward walking motion. "It doesn't matter," he replies to her. "We're stuck. There's nothing that can be done." He winces as Windrose shouts, unable to cover his ears. "If it makes you feel any better, I'm not a cuddler when I sleep." Hopefully a lie like that will put the pegasus' mind at rest to even the slightest extent.

Daisychain hears Zula's commands, and knows immediately that she just messed up big time, "I…I'm…I'm so…so…so…sorr…" She spreads her wings, and it becomes apparent her head-on collision had quite the effect. Not thinking straight, she launches straight up in panic…right into the ceiling. Already suffering one head injury, it doesn't take much for her to get another one. She falls with a thump onto the ground…unconcious again.

Rising-Chaos isn't quite unconscious, but is not getting up. The wound in her chest hurts, and she's so tired form the magic. For now, she'll just stay down. If the ponies make any move on her Queen, she'll get up.

Zula sighs heavily before trotting over to Windrose and Stardancer - her sleek, agile looking form changes right before the eyes of all conscious ponies; needless to say she goes from sleek and agile to 'chunky' as she proceeds to heft both Windrose and Starchild into the air before trotting out the front door with the pair on her back. "You're not ransom. We'll get you unglued and send you on your way." Zula calmly explains while hoofing it out the front door while carrying TWO full grown ponies on her back with the assistance of a particular animal spirit - she's dead embarrassed regarding how fat she looks at the moment.

"Like I'm suppose to trust that after one of you brainwashed me?" Well at least Windrose stopped yelling.

Starchild just can't bring himself to take this moment seriously. Nopony's plan has gone accordingly, and he's being carried by an abnormally large version of his boss, while attached to a mare at the muzzle. There's simply nothing worth saying at this point. "Well you know… as long as we're stuck like this…" He makes no further advances, but chuckles a bit. What's she going to do?

Windrose does the only thing she can do at the moment.

Bite the end of Starchild's nose.

Bomani follows at a slow trot, trying not to jar his head any worse that it already is. "This feels like a long day; I wish this pain would go away," he sighs.

Queen hobbles her way to her 'bed' near the fire place and lowers herself with a pained wince before attempting to move her front right hoof. "It's already swelling." she complains before glancing over her shoulder at Rising and then Daisy. "Rising dearest? Are you alright? Are you able to tend to Daisy?

Rising-Chaos notices that all the intruders have left, and starts to get to his hooves. Her sword rises in to the air with her, and she glares at it in disgust. The unicorn's gaze goes all around, and she sneer.s Without a word, she throws her sword down in in disgust and storms out of the house. She misses Queen Pegasus' command, her head's pounding as she starts running down the street and across the fields.

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