Queen S Bounty Part 1
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PCs: Zula, Bomani, Starchild, Daisychain, rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus

Unbeknownst to the ponies relaxing inside...

Zula presented Bomani and Starchild with a Red-level mission - meaning the rewards are as ample as the potential danger, and Hemlock wanted none of it. Zula provided Bomani with all the details of the mission:

Objective: Capture Queen Pegasus and obtain the 50,000 stallion reward.
Details: Queen Pegasus is currently injured and without ship and crew.
Location: A small home near the edge of town.

Zula emphasized that Queen is dangerous, and on would typically be considered a Black-Level Mission - not something she would even consider allowing Bomani to attempt.

So that leaves Bomani and Starchild to enact any cunning plan Bomani may have to aprehend the pirate!

Zula trots down the path on the dark, stormy afternoon - leading Bomani and Starchild towards a small home on the outskirts of town. "I recommend extreme caution - don't hesitate to abort if she proves to be too much for you." the rather unexcitable tone making it less than rivetting - she motions towards the small cottage. "You may want to take a peek before jumping into things head first."

Not having spoken a single word on the way to the home, Starchild stands still, trying to comprehend what is ahead of him in this mission. The bounty was decent motivation, but it was an understanding of the Pegasus' alleged crimes. The unicorn slowly approaches the house and stands parallel to it, forming an aura in his horn as he casts a listening spell.

Bomani nods and quietly approaches the house, walking up to a section of wall, then pulling out an object on a stick. It looks like a pony-mannequin head - just the right shape for the silhouette of a pony's head. He slowly moves the "head" in front of a window, just like if somepony was trying to peek in the window.

There is no real reaction from inside the two-story dwelling. The lights inside betray that somepony is home, as does the smoke bellowing from chimney. A few moments later the whistle of a tea kettle from inside rings out for several moments before going silent - clearly somepony is tending to the kettle!

Starchild gestures Bomani with a hoof, then runs it across his neck, as to indicate nixing further action. He slowly approaches the window from the corner and peers inside.

Bomani patiently awaits for Starchild's intel report.

From this particular window Starchild can see the back of a pink pegasi with tattered wings and a bandaged back - the mare is of above average height, and slender build. She turns to look at something or somepony and thus reveals the eye-patch worn over her right eye; for somepony who doesn't know her there's no denying that Queen Pegasus is down right beautiful. The offers a relatively warm smile to whomever it is she speaks with.

Starchild watches for a few seconds and quickly ducks, a slight blush visible on his face. He repeats his nixing gesture rapidly.

A few seconds pass and the Queen is joined by somepony else. This mare is much smaller of build than the Queen. She's a purple unicorn, wearing a nice black cloak , there are also bandages wrapped around her chest. There's a warm smile on her face as well as she carried two mugs in to the room, moving towards Queen Pegasus.

Bomani just waits, a slightly bored look on his face. Starchild is indicating no further action, so Bomani is going to wait until action is either called for or the go-ahead signal is given.

Zula being the administrative pony that she is - leans against a tree to enjoy a little escape from the constant rains; content to let Bomani and Starchild do as they like for the moment. A moment later she waves towards the stallions as if encouraging them.

Starchild panics for a moment until he sees Zula wave. He takes a deep sigh and casts his listening spell again, curling down to hide his aura.

Inside the home Starchild hears simple exchanges such as Queen-Pegasus thanking Rising-Chaos for the tea. "Thank you, Rising." A moment of silence "What blend did you say this was, again?" Certainly the pair is not expecting any company.

the exchange continues with Rising Chaos joining her Queen before the fire. "It's a fine herbal blend recommended by Muzaji. I specifically asked for the best she could provide." By all appearances, it's just a lovely evening in a comfortable hosue in fornt of a cozy fire. How evil can they really be?

Starchild crawls away from the house a short distant to be on the opposite side of Bomani, and whispers to him, "/They/ are by the fire. What do you know about a people unicorn with a cape?"

A pastel yellow pony appears in the distance. It would seem she's heading towards the cabin!
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Bomani discreetely sneaks off to hide behind some bushes or other obstructions, so as to hide from the approaching pony.

Starchild doesn't even give Bomani the chance to answer as he noticed the approaching mate. "Find a way in elsewhere, I'll take care of her." The unicorn trots up to meet Daisychain and stops her in her path. "Good evening, darling, what brings you to these parts of town?" He pauses and stares into her eyes for a moment "Those glasses look stunning on you."
Daisychain stops as the imposing pony pushes into her bath, taking a step back and opening her wings a bit. Her glasses slip a little towards the end of her nose so she pushes them back up. "I…I'm…visiting somepony…"

Bomani quietly walks from one batch of cover to another, taking care to not be obviously sneaking around.

Starchild takes a few steps back and gives a warn smile. "Surely you could spare a moment to chat. I've love to meet with you again some time soon. My name is Starchild. How may I address you, my dear?"

Daisychain cocks her head to the side a little bit, perhaps a bit confused. Her wings relax a little, though she doesn't dare get any closer. After blinking a few times in silence, she finally speaks up again, "I…I'm…Daisy…" She acts as if she'd really like to be on her way. She can see the cabin, after all, and wouldn't want to waste time getting to her Queen.

Starchild puts a hoof to Daisychain's cheek. "Come now, my dear, I don't have much time either. Just a moment. I never thought I'd get to know a mare as beautiful as yourself."

Daisychain definitely looks a bit uncomfortable with the pony's advances. She opens her wings back up, looking from side to side to see if there's anypony to help her incase she's attacked though. It wouldn't be the first time she's had to fight somepony off. THE CABIN IS RIGHT FREAKIN' THERE!. "Um…I…um…." she doesn't seem to be able to form any actual words…

Starchild hangs his head for a moment, and looks up meekly. "I'm sorry, my dear, I'm just… vulnerable, is all. Perhaps I could walk you to your destination?" He trots to the mare's side, so he can look around for Bomani. "I shouldn't have come off as so desperate," the unicorn rambles on to distract her.

Bomani is still making his way closer to the house. There's not as much cover as one would think in the area, so trying to discreetely stay hidden isn't going as easy as he would like.

Daisychain 's rear leg lifts up as if she's ready to kick off and take flight, but she still gives the stranger a little benefit of the doubt. Her ears perk up as she starts to listen for others in the area. "Well, I…I don't really…think so…" She looks in the direction of Rising's dwelling.

Starchild's ears perk up as she looks in the direction of Rising's residence. "Oh, is /this/ your destination? I have a delivery to make here, you know. A package for a, uh, miss 'Queen Pegasus' I believe. It's somewhere in here." He looks back at his saddlebag. "Do you know if she is home at the moment?"

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Daisychain 's eyes narrow a bit, peering at the strange pony. She wasn't born yesterday! Her raised hoof lowers (a little heavily) to the ground. "I kin take the package for ya, if ya'd like…" she claims. Her voice grows much more serious than it had been.

Bomani finally makes his way to a window which is unlikely to be visible from the room Queenie and the unicorn were in… assuming, of course, that the rooms are of a normal size. He carefully tests the window to see if it'll open; breaking it would, of course, ruin the element of surprise.

"Right, right," Starchild says as he reaches into his saddlebag. From there, he removes a bottle of soda with a ribbon tied to the top. "There you go, perhaps it is best that I don't intrude. Your appointment certainly sounds urgent. Once again, I apologize for intruding like that." The unicorn levitates the bottle to the pegasus and begins trotting away, slowly, of course.

Something catches Daisy's attention from the corner of her eye, coming from Rising's place. Movement? Daisy's brow tightens as she forms a light frown. She pushes the bottle to the side and takes a bit of a defensive stance, ears perked up, listening to Bomani. A deathly glare gets cast at Starchild, "An' jus' what is it that yer tryin' ta do to the Queen?" She stomps a hoof…

Starchild bears a worried expression for a moment, but laughs it off with an awkward chuckle. "I promise you, madam, I mean no harm to anypony." He pauses for a moment and flashes a crooked grin. "Would you like to see me drink it?"

Daisychain 's jaw sticks out a bit. Her hoof stomps the ground again before she takes a few steps towards Starchild. Opening all the way, her wings ready her for takeoff, "It's not fer her. Yer not deliverin' nothin'."

Starchild gulps. He messed up badly and he knows it. "Understood. I'll be off then." His tone is that of worry, but he has a devilish confidence that he can outsmart her still. He takes off as a normal pace this time, but casts his listening spell at a very low power, taking note of the mare's steps, and possibly any conversation.

Daisychain doesn't trust the stranger one bit, as suggested by the rather displeased look across her face. She stomps her rear hoof and flutters her wings a few times, walking to put herself inbetween Starchild and the building. "Yeah…you best be walkin' away…" she mutters as he starts to walk.

As Starchild hears the mare continue her trot towards the house, he increases the power of his listening spell, trying to focus on the door of the house.

The window opens up, and Bomani takes a careful look inside.

Daisychain snorts and flares her nostrils in frustration, turning towards the building. She walks up to it, ears still in radar mode, and gives a quiet knock on the front door…

Rising-Chaos looks up, relunctantly. "One moment, my queen," she whispers, getting up form her warm, comfortable position. Growling, she makes her way to the door, this better be important. If this is some inane visit, that pony will be hobbling home. She opens the door and sees Daisychain, immediately picquing her interest. "Hello, miss Daisychain. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit this fine evening? I hope it's important."

Bomani slinks back down at the sound of voices at the door. Best not to draw attention, especially when there are ponies on the move.

Daisychain looks up the road where Starchild had walked off then in the other directions to check if she was closely followed by any other questionable ponies. She pushes up her glasses and leans in to talk softly, "It…I think it's purty important. Stay…stay on yer hooves. I'm thinkin' there's someone wantin' ta have it out with th' Queen…"

Starchild shudders as he overhears bit and peaces of the conversation, and begins trotting faster. "Now I've gone and done it," he mutters.

Rising-Chaos doesn't miss a beat. She nods and stands aside. "Already? You better come in. I spent quite some time getting ready for this." Her horn flashes and the door glows for a moment. A trio of blades, a machete and shortsword in scabbards and a naked cutlass float up behind her. "Get inside, they won't find Rising Chaos unprepared." There's a scowl on her face, so these idiots think to challenge her, on her own turf?

Daisychain uses her wings to dart into the abode, standing behind Rising. She rears up on her back hooves for a moment to tighten the strap holding her glasses on. It would be bad for her and any other pony should she lose them during an attack. With all four on the floor, she peers at the front door. Not looking too happy either, "Some red 'an green pony was tryin' ta give me th' runaround as I was comin' up…"

Rising-Chaos closes the door slowly. She eyes Daisychain up and down, liking the mare's attitude here. "Let them try. My Queen is going to come to no harm this night." she stamps a hoof on the floor, and lights all throughout the house dim down. The door to the lab and back libraries are locked tight. Rising Chaos smiles a malicious smile. "Let the games begin."