Queen Of Hearts
IC date: Winter 8
OOC date: 27/12/12
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus
NPCs: None
GM: None

Queen being bed-ridden has taken to reading to occupy her time - of course this doesn't prevent her from keeping an eye on Rising every once in a while. The mare can be found on the bed with a variety of books sprawled around her - propped up against several comfy looking pillows. Idly she flips through a large book with a fancy title - certainly not light reading.

Rising-Chaos noses her way in to the room, looking awful. She brings a pillow with her and seems to wordlessly request a place on the bed. There's no sign of her tattered cloak, which she's been carrying everywhere. Upon seeing the books she takes a keen interest, peering over to see what her Queen is reading.

Sprawled on the bed are various books - historical refrences, archeology manuals, and even a trashy romance novel. Queen reaches over with her good hoof to remove several of the larger tomes and drop them beside the bed to make room for Rising. "So how was your day?" she asks rather flatly while turning the page in her book.

Rising-Chaos drops the pillow on the bed, but doesn't take her spot just yet. Something about that voice isn't right. "Terrible, how are you feeling?" After all, honesty has always been the best policy so far. A glance at the books makes her do a quick mental checklist. "I can get you more books on these subject, if you like. I have many books in my libraries."

"I tried to read that novel - but found the mare to be far too trashy and unfaithful." flipping the page in her historical reference. "Now, why are you feeling terrible? Something - perhaps you'd care to share, hmm?" single blue eye fixated on the reference nestled on her lap. "Certainly if something is bothering you. I'm happy to listen. After all communication is important in any relationship.

Rising-Chaos flinches inwardly at that comment, something tells her that she knows. Well, better get this out of the way. "An acquaintance, by the anme of Nocturne visited. He wanted to talk about Spindrift, and took my lack of involvement, poorly. There was an argument, and he hit me. Just before he left he," a blush covers her face and she looks away. It's clear she's uncomfortable with this and not happy about it. "Kissed me, the idiot. Then ran of claiming that 'at least he could die saying he kissed a mare'" Shivering, she sits down, still looking at the floor. "I feel used, terrible, like some kind of object to be played with."

Queen's eye brow arches "He hit you?" she asks - seemingly more concerned about that fact than anything else! "You needn't feel ashamed for the actions of a foolish young colt - if you tell me that you in no instigated this kiss then I will believe. However, he's certainly not going to get away taking advantage of my Rising-Chaos." book shutting with a loud thump, followed by a louder one as she drops the book before placing her hoof upon Rising's shoulder.

Rising Chaos nods wretchedly. "He smacked me, yes. And I in now way wanted, or provoked that… Action. I don't desire that kind of intimacy with a pony like him." Climbing on to the bed, she still keeps some distance. The events from earlier clearly shook her rather badly. "Another stallion did the same thing yesterday, under similar, if less heated circumstances." She slumps on to the bed, tired. "It's not even like I try and look nice, or attract ponies, it's quite the opposite. So why now, of all times, does this happen?""

"It's simply, Rising. You're vulnerable and they see it; so like sharks drawn to blood they take their chances in hopes of an easy score. A more confident male wouldn't attempt to advantage of a mare at her weakest." She again reaches to place her hoof on Rising's shoulder. "You're far more attractive than you give yourself credit for. I certainly won't object to seeing you all gussied up, deary."

Rising-Chaos shivers at the touch, but relaxes. "I suppose you're right, my Queen. Perhaps I should protect myself better. I'll be extra careful until I am recovered." Resting her head on the pillow, she looks at least slightly at ease. The comment about her looks earns some suspicion though. Never in her life has she been called that. "My thanks, my Queen. For you, I think I would make an exception to my normal dislike of dressing up."

Queen shifts so she comes to rest on her side next to Rising. "There are many types of beauty in this world, Rising-Chaos. There are many types of ponies, many types of relationships, and many types of love. Most ponies are blind to that which they do not know or understand. Perspective can be far more powerful than most realize. There is no need to doubt yourself; certainly not when I have faith in you.

Rising-Chaos rolls a bit and hugs Queen Pegasus. The mare's words bring a measure of peace to her. "I suppose you're correct, my Queen. Thank you so much." Meanwhile she thinks to herself about Queenie's words. "Dwelling on it won't help though." She's pleased however, that the mare she cares about so much thinks highly of her.

Queen curiously looks at Rising as the other mare rolls over over to hug her. "I know I've shown you my eye - yes. Do you understand the implications of it? Do you understand what a love poison can do to a pony?" her good hoof remains on Rising's shoulder in a comforting manner while she speaks.

Rising-Chaos looks at the mare's face curiously. "I've done some research, but am not familiar with the subject. Why?" She remember's seeing the Queen's other good eye, but at the moment suspects nothing but good intentions.

"Mmm…imagine being so madly in love with a pony that you've no will other than to stare into the other pony's eyes; nothing else matters expect that. Friends, family - even food and sleep can't be bothered with…" she leans in closer while lifting her hoof away from Rising's shoulder. "It's a horrible ordeal - something I'll never repeat." the mare pulling the bandage upwards to reveal her other eye to Rising! "I've the need to test myself." eyes wide and open - fixated on the mare in front of her!

Rising-Chaos thinks about Queen Pegasus words. It sounds like a terrible fate indeed, she feels terrible for the mare. As the bandage comes off, she steels herself. Rising stares back in to the eyes of her Queen, with no fear. "Very well, let us see what happens then." Her trust in the mare has gone this far, where she's not afraid.

Queen stares quietly into Rising's eyes; the unicorn mare certainly will notice how both of Queen's pupils have dilated into small hearts once both eyes are exposed - the curse in full effect. Several long moments pass without incident before Queen hmms softly. "I'm not sure if I'm to be more shocked that the gypsy told the truth - or the fact that I…" she trails off before reaching for her discarded bandage.

Rising-Chaos watches the mare's pupils dilate with some measure of curiosity. Certainly there's not much change. Not that she's surprised, her feelings for for Queen Pegasus would make any kind of love poison mostly redundant. "It pays never to doubt ponies like that, unless you are at an advantage. But what else are you curious about, my queen?" Perhaps her lack of knowledge of the poison's side effects help with her lack of surprise. Or perhaps she just wants to hear it, who knows.

Queen speaks amidst retying the bandage over one eye. "I find it particularly curious that I could feel that way about any pony." adjusting the make-shift patch before relaxing into her pillow. "The gypsy that cursed did so as punishment for stealing her stallion, and told me that I'd never look into the eyes of another for I was far too selfish, and could only look into the eyes of somepony that I…" she scoffs softly.

If she didn't know before, she does now. Rising Chaos is more than able to put two and two together, seeing what the mare is avoiding saying. "A terrible curse indeed, my Queen. Was there a way to break it?" Perhaps staying away from the topic would set her at ease. She holds on to Queen Pegasus, giving a contented sigh.

Queen chuckles softly "If there is - I've not found it and thus keep one eye covered as looking into the eyes of any other pony will set us both into a flurry of superficial love." she can't help but chuckle again. "I've no concern about such things - I've what I need for the moment, and am will find what I desire when I am healed with the assistance of my Rising-Chaos."

Rising-Chaos smiles as what she holds on to the pegasus. "Indeed, and we wouldn't want superficial love ruling you, now would we, my Queen?" She closes her eyes and relaxes. "I am here to provide for you. To help you with anything you need."

Queen is able to do something a tad more 'comforting' for Rising once the other mare shuts her eyes; the unicorn treated to a small kiss on her forehead - just below her horn. "I know you are, Rising; and I am here to keep you safe, and give you strength." a small chuckle to be had - neither malicious or mocking, more like Queen is in unfamiliar waters.

Rising-Chaos shivers a little at the kiss, but it doesn't prompt the outrageous reaction from earlier. In fact, she seems to settle in even better afterwards. "I don't think I could ask for better. Think you could answer something for me though?"

Queen softly asks "What is, Rising dear?"

Rising-Chaos looks up and kisses Queen Pegasus softly on the cheek. Not intimately, but enough to show she cares. "What did you not want to say, about the poison earlier?"

Queen softly chuckles "It simply won't work if such feelings already exist - that is all. Now rest - we've much to do in the morning.

Rising-Chaos giggles to herself, that's exactly what she wants to hear. "Yes, my Queen." She closes her eyes and rests, finally with a big smile on her face.