Prelude To A Slumber Party
IC date: Autumn 58
OOC date: November 16
Location: Dream-Daze's House
PCs: Makuru Dream-Daze

It's over halfway through autumn and it's DEFINITELY feeling like it today. The sky is a solid mass of slate gray, a chill wind blows through the streets and Makuru has the peppermint-striped scarf he bought from Petticoat wrapped tightly around his neck. He looks up at the door of the plain brown townhouse that he last visited on Nightmare Night with mild apprehension. The last time he was here he made himself sick to his stomach gorging himself on candy, and now the reason he's back… no, Makuru, it's not like that! You're absolutely NOT trying to take advantage of Dreamy's ability to get inside your head to help you sleep better! You just want to hang out with a friend!

A striped hoof lifts to rap on the door. Knock. Knock.

It takes a few moments. There's the sounds of hoofbeats behind the door, running, stopping, the soft hum of magicks, and then the door opens! There's a little blue filly face peeking out of the cracked front door, blinking at the owner of the striped hoof.

"Oh, hello!" the little filly says, beaming a most adorable smile to the visiting pony.

Makuru smiles at the little filly. "Hiya!" he says with a beam that could like up the night right back at his friend. "What's up, Dreamy? I haven't seen you around town since I made myself sick on Nightmare Night. You mind if I come in?"

"Oh sure! Come on in!" The little filly backs up, letting the door swing open to let the colt cross the threshold. The living room is pretty spacious, several cushions and 'seats' arranged around a low-sitting coffee table. Pictures hang on three of the walls, various colorful portraits of the Daze family. The last wall is absolutely covered in shelving, filled with a wide variety of music boxes. Off the living room are a hallway and a stairwell leading up to the second story.

Dreamy settles into one of the cushions, turning around to moosh the filling down to where she settles in easily, making a gesture to one of the other cushions for her visitor. "Please, have a seat! Make yourself comfy~ I've um… Been a little under the weather myself. Mom ordered me to stay home until I felt better. But I'm feeling much, much better these days!"

Makuru's gaze is immediately drawn to the wall of music boxes. "Oooooh," he says excitedly, or as much exceitement as he can muster in his very tired state. "I didn't know you guys collected music boxes! Is the one we found in that coat up here?" He stands on tippy-hooves to try and see onto some higher shelves for a few moments before finally moving over to one of the longer cushions and flopping right the heck down onto it. It's so comfy he could fall asleep right here… but no! There are things to do! "You ate too much candy, too, huh?" the colt says with a weak smile and a deep understanding. "I'm glad you're doing better! We should totally celebrate or something!"

"My mom makes them!" Dreamy says, with no shortage of pride. "It's her talent, making awesome music boxes." She gazes at them fondly too. "Hmm, but /that/ music box is upstairs in my room. It's special…" That seems to be where she drops the music box topic too, switching gears. "Ooh, celebration! A party! I would /love/ to have a party. I haven't been to one in…" She catches herself, stumbling on the thought. "…well, in long enough." A momentary look of concern flashes over her features, "Is it okay to throw a feeling-better party..?"

The zebra nods his head enthusiastically. "Of course it is! You can throw a party for anything! Actually, I was talking to Spearmint and Freezey earlier and we were totally thinking about throwing a slumber party. It's getting kinda cold out, the perfect time to pull out the warm pajamas and thick blankets!" He perks up. "Ooh, momma was baking cookies earlier today. I could bring some of those over… or we could make Spearmint make something, he is /amazing/ in the kitchen!"

Dreamy's eyes practically light up! "A slumber party…" she whispers, alomst reverantly. "W..well I would very much like to a-attend one of those, sure! I-I'll even host it here! You guys can bring treats, and I'll get mom to stock up a few more too, and there'll be cocoa, and pillows, and-" the little filly's risen from her cushion, pacing around the room, "punch and cookies and snacks and… And games? Yes. Need to think of a couple games. And maybe some ghost stories, and…" She pauses, glancing back at Makuru. A long pause. "Anyway! Yes! A slumber party sounds absolutely positively completely delightful!"

Hooray! She wants to do it! Makuru's smile goes from ear to ear at the news. "Yeah! Well, maybe not ghost stories. Ghostwalk was a couple weeks ago already, and besides, we want to be able to sleep well… you know?" Nosiree, there is no ulterior motive here. "I think Spearmint and Freezey should still be at the candy store, I'm gonna run down there and tell them you said it was okay to have it at your place!"

"You do that." Dreamy agrees, bobbing her head. "And I'll go get preparations going! Oh it'll be so fun~" She trots her merry way towards the door, magic wrapping around the door handle to tug it open. "Go on now! Bring all the friends over and we'll make a good time of it."

Makuru gets up from his cushion and trots to the door when beckoned. Something makes him pause at the threshold, though. "…hey, Dreamy," he says. "I've, uh… I should probably warn you. I've been having some bad dreams the last few nights that've been waking me up." He turns around and gives the blue filly a hopeful look. "If you, um, I know you can use your magic to get in my head, so if I wake you up or anything… do you think you could give me a poke?" He taps a hoof to his forehead. Better to be honest about this up front, right?

The question makes Dreamy pause again. That oh-so-happy face freezes, falters the slightest bit. "Oh. Uhm… I can sure try! I mean, I've been using this talent a lot lately, so no promises… There's something pretty /awful/ getting into pony heads lately." The filly turns her head to peek outside the sunlit afternoon. "I'm doing what I can. So maybe a slumber party will help!"
"Yeah, I… kinda noticed." Makuru looks down bashfully. "Thanks for that, by the way. It… it really means a lot that you were there for me." He steps up to Dream Daze and gives the filly a /big hug/, a wide smile on his face when he backs off. "I'll see you later, okay, Dreamy? It was good talking to you!" And then off he trots~

As Makuru trots off, Dreamy stands in the doorway. Positively giddy, she is, as she closes the door and starts to meander to the kitchen to see what supplies they have on hoof already. As she passes a mirror in the hallway she pauses, ears perking, head turning to regard her reflection.

She blinks. Her reflection, a moment later, blinks. And sticks her tongue out.

Dreamy wrinkles her nose, then sticks her tongue out back at her reflection. "It's nice to have so many friends, isn't it?" she giggles, and resumes trotting. "Don't worry, I'll make sure we all have so much fun tonight!" Dreamy calls back as she wanders off, leaving her reflection to pout and put a single hoof on the glass, fading away a moment later.