Post Chocolate Disaster
IC date: 3/21
OOC date: DATE
Location: Outskirts of the Wintersong Forest
PCs: Hemlock Solar-Wind

The outskirts of town, the outskirts of the Wintersong, remarkably many ponies live out this way, weather its over in Daybreak village, or just at the edge of the woods. Today Solar-Wind is just trotting along the outskirts of this wood, poking here and there with with evident curiosity, more hoping to find someone than something. He is still bundled up and flightless from recent overexertions and burning. He is chipper and awake as he scouts this area, looking for the likes of Hemlock

Hemlock isn't hard to find, heroes don't hide! The stallion is so confident, that he's singing as he trots through the forest, his camping gear on his back. It's quite a lot of equipment, and he carries it with ease, looking perfectly pleased with himself. He stops in a nice sunny clearing and takes a drink from his canteen, carting around stuff builds up a powerful thirst.

Solar-Wind pauses, "Ah Hem," the firepony pauses standing there just stopped, "Mr. Hemlock" he states coldly, "We need to talk" he asks/tells to the other stallion. The big fire-stallion keeps shifting from one hoof to the other concerned about this conversation
Hemlock doesn't seem fazed at all! "Solar, friend! Sure come on in, I always have time for you." He notices the worried little things, and tries to put him at ease. "How's Twist? You two getting along well I hope. I've been rather busy with contraction and organizing stuff myself."

Solar-Wind sits down right there and drops a statement that would surely get Hemlock's attention. "Twist is Better, but, she was Drugged recently" he states with a pause thereafter, "Seen in your presence while she was mentally incapacitated" he offers looking to Hemlock for visual reactions, or something telling.

Hemlock looks straight up alarmed, which swiftly turned to anger. "Who, did, it?" His voice, stone calm and without emotion, but his normally happy blue eyes are hard. "That is serious, and wrong." Then one little fact sinks in. "Wait, with me? When?"

Solar-Wind nods slightly "a week back or so (give or take) slightly before this fire incident" he mentions, "you took her out on some sort of out-side-the-harbor quest of some variety" he states factually, no emotion in his voice. The fire pony stands again and makes a slow circuit around Hemlock watching him gauging his every move, "I remember you being quite proud of your talents, that of Poisons and Potions… or am I mistaken?" he asks still with a voice that is stone cold.

Hemlock frowns, confused. "She took me on an adventure for my birthday, we'd planned it since a long time ago." Back when they both went under the sea, actually. Hemlock is starting not to appreciate the looks Solar is giving him, but doesn't make a move. He still just sits there, looking mad and confused. "I am extremely proud of my talents with poisons, yes. Why? Who would want to drug Twist though?"

Solar-Wind is evidently hiding a bit of seething anger at the question of 'who would want to drug Twist' "Twist spoke to me of how she felt while she was with you, on 'your' little adventure. She made mention that like she didn't feel like herself, and that she had an almost, how should I put this, hmmm, almost a need for you, and as if I wasn't even a thought to her mind" he states then practically growls, "Yes, yes Hemlock you seem to be Very talented, enough to almost capture my wife for yourself!" he is now muzzle to muzzle with Hemlock his muzzle sneered in a very aggressive manner, his wings would be up if they weren't bandaged down to his body. "Talented enough to make some sort of Love Potion, and try to Steal my Wife away from me while She was in its grip" he yells at him.

Hemlock doesn't actually change expression the whole time, still looking down confused and a little mad. "Huh, I guess that would explain why she wanted to be so close. That was a little uncomfortable, I have to admit. I had no idea, who would make somethign like that and then direct her at me? I mean, if you're going to lvoe potion a beautiful mare you'd think you'd want her to fall for yo-" Not helping Hem, you're making things worse. "Me? You think I did it?" Still not mad, still not reacting. Or so it would seem, veeeery slowly he's inching his front hooves towards his pair of saddlebags, which he dropped in front of him when he sat down to take a drink.

Solar's angry, his right forehoof jerks up and presses right against Hemlock's chest, "You're Talking about MY WIFE, you're the only one I know that has desire for her, has said so yourself, if I wasn't a part of things, than you and her would surely be…" he states, pressing again, his hoof is merely pressing, not smacked hard or punched, just right at the center of his chest for emphasis or something. "Think you did it?! Think you Did it!, she took her uniform off, you even got a good look at her cutie mark, and thats something she considers private to her and Me, and, and, and" he snorts almost frothing, eyes red with sheer anger. "You're the only one that could concoct something so, so, So VILE" he growls out, "Think you could just get away with that, really didja?!" he either doesn't notice you going for your bag, or doesn't care, he's just that incensed, this could come to blows if Hemlock doesn't diffuse this situation

Hemlock listens to all of this rather calmly, his expression still not changed. "Well I mean I like Twist, yeah, but not enough to do that. Or rather, I like her TOO much to do that." He starts trying to think on when and how it could have happened. "Her taking the uniform off was weird, yeah. She told me not to worry though." He slips the hooves in to the bag, searching entirely by memory. "I'm not sure if you quite understand my specialty, I specialse in combat poison. I don't even know a recipe for love potion, or love poison, or anything."
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Solar-Wind is still /right/ there in his face more or less, he's withdrawn a slight bit, he snorts again, "You don't have any respect for other-ponies" he growls, "I don't care what you do, whatever you did to her made her head over hooves in love with you, want to be with You, and" he gulps hard, "and that hurts me more than any poison, or a beating ever would,, ever could even" he growls out at Hemlock, just staring him down, if he could, "Whatever you did to her, well it worked for your favor, and if I EVER find her like that again, I promise you, that you will pay with your life" he growls at him

Hemlock pulls out a vial of poison from his saddlebag, looking at it as if stung. "I didn't do anything to Twist. I'd do anything to protect her and keep her happy. Whatever happened to her, it didn't work out in anypony's favor, I think." He's quiet for the longest moment, staring at the phial. Eventually, he looks up, the confusion gone, but a little bit of mad there. "But you just want to blame me, with no evidence? Then you say I don't have respect for other ponies? That hurts Solar, hurts a lot."

You say "Evidence enough, my wife head over hooves in love with you, the admitted potion and poison master, some love potion where she forgets she is even married" he growls, "Say that hurts, Dang right it hurts, hurts so bad to have my wife stoled right out from under my hooves, wooed' away by some wild exotic drug" he growls, and stamps that forehoof rather hard into Hemlock's chest for further emphasis backed up by an beyond angry big stallion may make that hit really aim to knock the wind out of the other stallion., "Yeah it hurts doesn't it!"

Hemlock takes the hit like a champ. Solar may be strong, but Hemlock is as well, and he doesn't budge. "I didn't do anything to Twist, Solar. I couldn't, you should know that. No pony is going to steal your wife, and I don't know how to make that drug, I don't know how to make any." He still sounds pretty calm, controlling himself. "You want satisfaction? You want to settle this? Or are you content to yell at me, without any evidence, and my word against yours?" He seems to deflate just a bit. "If it helps, nothing happened. I wouldn't do anything untoward to Twist, not her. Even when she tried, I stopped it from going too far."

Solar-Wind is still steaming, "Its not my word against yours, its her actions, her desire, her" he snorts shaking his head violently, his jealousy, his rage at having his wife stolen out from under him. Snort, Snort, Snort, and he's all rage and frustration, no logical thought is in his head right now, he's just a solid mass of pegasus rage all bottled up, again his hoof is right against Hemlock's chest, though he didn't hit him this time its just right there, while he stares at Hemlock with eyes which are unseeing through the red fog of war…

Hemlock shakes his head slowly. "She doesn't desire me, not really. I may be fun, understanding, but I'm not hers." He plays with the phial, tossing it between his hooves and ignoring Solar's. "You hate me? go right ahead, do it, hate me all you want. I won't stop being Twist's friend, won't stop doing what I do. I didn't do anything to hurt her, never would. "He sighs, shifting his weight so his camping gear slides down to the grass. "But if you really must, I'll give you the first punch. I understand if must be frustrating, frightening. I wouldn't want that feeling, wouldn't wish it on anypony. Once you're done, I'll set about tracking down whoever poisoned Twist, that kind of power should be in the right hooves."

Solar-Wind snort, snorts, and what Hemlock is saying is starting to get through into his thick skull, enough so that. he coughs some, and staggers back a pace, then shakes his head, eyes slip closed, and he just sits down right there. Yeah, big guy is scared, really quite, frustrated and feeling out of control, this poison/potion stuff is something scary to him, and so far out of his range of control. He sighs shaking his head slowly. "You're the expert on this" he grumbles deeply, "Find who did this, and set you up" he coldly speaks, "cause they must have a thing against you, and me, and when I get my hooves on them…

Hemlock narrows his eyes. "When we get our hooves on them, they will explain themselves. Once they are done, and a reasonable, fair punishment is given, we will let them go and live happily. One wrong turn does NOT deserve another, I'm inclined to believe that it was accidental." He stands up, tossing the phial towards Solar Wind. "That's poison, but you cna drink it. It's tuned specifically to hurt me, so it would only give you terrible stomach aches for a week. For me, I wouldn't recover so easily. take it as a way of saying that I won't hurt Twist, ever. Understand?" Now he sounds mad, like, really mad. He starts to pick up his things, efficient as always.

Solar-Wind holds the insurance 'vial' before him, and shudders intently setting it aside stepping away, looking at it then up to you. He gulps then shakes his head strongly, mouth opening as if to say something and nothing comes out. His very look is almost a religious look, something to the effect of 'I cant take that' is in his eyes, and they are pleading in that look, "I Understand" is all he manages to get out before stepping back a pace, and so much quieter than before, "I'm Sorry" he mentions quietly before ducking his head low and sorta trotting off in some random direction.

Hemlock gathers his things up, taking the discarded phial with a shrug. He doesn't respond to the apology, doesn't even watch solar go. ONce he's all ready, he sets off, going deeper in to the forest now. "I'm not a very good hero, sometimes."