Portside Plunder
IC date: Autumn 68, 1007
OOC date: November 26, 2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

Another day; another small, resoanbly sized chunk of family-friendly adventure! Not that Sodium-Fizz was thinking anything along those lines as she hurried down the street, once more wrapped in her horrid cloak. Her destination? The plywood clad skeleton frame of Ruby's sallon. The reson? "Hey Ruby! Come on," called Fizzy into the guts of the building, a hoof hammering away at the wood, "I want to get this shopping trip over with so I can…" Her voice fell silent, shifting uneasily on her hooves. And blushing.

She had promised Ruby that after their little shopping trip, she whould take Winter out on a date. The very idea of it was terrifying, though on the other hoof she rather liked it too. And it would most likely help the large mare out too. "And… And we need to talk too," she added, sounding a lot more reserved in her enthuseasm.

Ruby-Blossom taps Fizzy on the shoulder from behind and huffs cutely "You ran right past me." she protests! No sneaking involved, really! She chimes "I'm all ready to go." wiggling her hips to jostle her saddlebag. "We have looots of stuff to buy." she points at the lone, finished wall "Kludge finished a wall yesterday.

Sodium-Fizz eeps and leaps into the air, away from Ruby as usual. And plants her face right into the plywood, punching it clean through. "Oww…"

Putting her forehooves against it she pushed, her suprisingly disproportionatly large wings beating as she pulled her head free and tumbling to the ground on her back - cloaks are not helpful for flight after all. Reaching up she brushed bits of wood out of her mane. "Hello to you too Ruby… and I don't belive a word of that. I keept my eyes open."

Ruby-Blossom huffs adorably "Don't trust me at all." she mutters huffily before turning to trot off towards the docks to find available merchants - grumble grumble. The younger turquoise mare storming off with a little bit of a huff.

Sodium-Fizz rolled onto her hooves, her tail waging back and forth a moment to help dust her off. A few quick leaping bounds takes her far enough to fall in with Ruby, a bit behind her. "I'd like to, but you make it hard at times… I got a reminder of that this morning… Did you know, Winter's not sleept at all last night?" Fizzy's tone is rather… cold, and very precise, her head turning slightly to bring her pale yellow stare to bare.

Ruby-Blossom blinks then blinks again. "What? Why didn't she sleep?" she sighs heavily - smile fading "What'd I do wrong now?" the turquoise mare asks with genuine concern as she trots along with Fizzy.

"She was rather upset that she wasn't told of your… alter ego. She figured it out yesterday and then worried why she'd not been told," came Sodium-Fizz's repply. The grey mare bit her lower lip for a moment as she eyed Ruby. "She got rather upset, especialy when I told her that you'd told me and Solar. I think she feel betrayed and insulted, that you either didn't trust her enough to tell her or that you though her dumb enough that she couldn't figure it out."

Fizzy's stride faltered for a moment, droping her slightly behind Ruby, and she took a step to the side, aiming to plant a hoof on the tip of her tail to keep her here. "I told her that's not the case, that you didn't. And I told her to come talk to you and ask for the truth. She's still feeling betrayed though… and said that trusting you could be, well, dificult." Sodium-Fizz's eyebrows bunched together ever so slightly, her stare even and turned at Ruby. "So I'm going to give you fair warning on this one, tell her the truth and nothing but, okey? If it is anything like what I said, tell her - no lies. The truth, and if she's hurt make amends."

Soda drew a deep breath. "Becaus she likes it here, with her friends. I like it here, with my friends. And with her. And I want this to work out, all of it. And that means me trying to be better than I am, that means you trying to be better too. So be honest about it."

Ruby-Blossom sighs heavily and all but flops right there in there in the street. "I just didn't tell her cause it didn't come up.." ears flattening. "I mean - it's not like Winny and I get to spend alot of time alone; it's all Adventure Time and Battle Royale." she huffs. "There's no reason I wouldn't have told her - none at all." the mare's posture drooping further; ruby-red eyes cast downwards "Winny's awesome, and everypony likes her. She's always surrounded by other ponies - it's not like I had the opportunity to tell her." finally just flopping there right in middle of the road and covering her face with both hoofs. "It's like fate just wants to kick me out of the Harbor."

Sodium-Fizz smiled softly and strode forward, a wing unfurling from under her cloak and thucking under Ruby, helping and urging her back on her hooves. "Then… Don't worry. I figured it was something like that. Just find her and talk to her. Tell her how it is. Come on now, lets see if we can find something shall we? 'Cause… I think a real, propper date would cheer her up."

Soda fell silent for a moment, a slow blush creeping onto her face. After a moment she glanced at Ruby, somewhat curiously. "Also, um… do you know where I could get myself some chainmail - figure it had to be chainmail, that can't be easy to find - thigh-highs? Winny -really- seems to like the idea."

Ruby-Blossom gets all urged back to her hooves but seems really determined to just deflate again - a moment passing before she stands properly and huffs adorably; pretty ruby eyes still downcast. "Alright, we'll go shopping." Even wondering if anything will look appealing in this mood. "Chainmail? I'd think one of the traders might have something - thigh-highs are uncommon…try one the weirder traders?" The mare half-heartedly trotting forward.

Sodium-Fizz sighed as she moved up next to Ruby, a wing extending across the younger mares back and pulling her close. "Cheer up Ruby, you'll be fine with Winter, just drag her away the next time you see her and talk to her. It'll be fine. Just be honest with her. Maybe things'll be just fine, maybe they won't… but you just have to keep on going anyway."

Soda fell silent for a few minutes before turning and eyeing Ruby once more, though the pale yellow eyes doesn't seem hard any longer. "So… what happened yesterday, with the sewer-stallion?" she asked, trying to think of… something… to change up the mood.

Ruby-Blossom rolls her eyes - still feeling cranky considering she's hurt yet another pony she cares about; that seems to be all she's capable of doing! "He continued to act all righteous; like he cold do no wrong. So I'll just have to depend on Kludge, and the other ponies that offered to help…well maybe not Winny at this point." slump. "I'll try not to wallow in it." doing her best to force a smile for Fizzy. "Ah..we're here.." glancing across all the portside merchants with their covered stalls.

"You can count on Winny too. Just talk to her, a'right?" Sodium-Fizz glanced at Ruby and smiled, bumping her flank into the younger mare's before pulling her wing back and pulling ahead. "Now lets see what we can find, eh? Something for me, and something for you to wear for Kludge!"

Ruby-Blossom chuckles "I think Kludge would prefer I wear a whole lot nothing." she manages a tiny smile before trotting towards one of the merchants - gently hoofing through some of the available wears. "No. No. No." she comes across a rather nice jacket, collared with long tails. "hmm" she pipes "What about something like this? Kinda awesome?" showing it to the other mare.

Sodium-Fizz smiled for herself, at least she could return a little bit of cheer to the Ruby-eyed mare. "Oh, I don't know… I bet he'd be mighty interested in you done up in a pretty dress… Oh, with ribbons and frills! And a little ruby-studded tiara." Soda giggled for herself as she followed behind Ruby, her eyes trailing over the air, nothing really catching her in-

Soda's head snapped around at Ruby's find and she trotted up next to her. It looked like something she'd seen before. "I like it, yes…" In fact, the cut of the garment gave her a shiver of anticipation and adventure she hadn't had since the last time she saw… "Oh… The 'Age of Sparks'! Oh, that's brilliant, Ruby!"

Ruby-Blossom grins as she draws it close to her OWN form "Yes, I do think it'd look ravishing on me." her tone teasing, even more so when Fizzy takes a liking to it; clearly she's intending it for Fizzy but can't resist herself. All the while holding it close she glances "Oh those are cute boots, they'd go well with this jacket..oh and look at that top!

Sodium-Fizz doesn't seem to mind particularly as she digs into the clothes herself most curiously, though she does comment. "Not boots… Oh, but these cuffs! Broad and nice, could easily stick a few vials into them…" Her head craned around to look at the top, then she nodded. "I like 'em. The puffy sleaves are rather neat and… Oh hold on, forget the jacket." Digging around for a moment she pulled out what seemed to be a very short-sleaved waistcoat, with long tails.

Fizzy giggled. "This is neat! I've awlays liked clothes like these since I was younger. My sis' second play, was all about a fancy magic-powered clockwork world. Everypony on stage wore clothes like this. I loved it."

Ruby-Blossom giggles and tosses the other coat she found to Fizzy as well - intent on letting the older mare have anything wants. She grins cutely while rummaging about "You know what else might be cute." she pulls out rainbow leg warmers! "Tada!

Sodium-Fizz gives Ruby a flat stare. "No." Her ears perked up as she looked past her and raised a hoof, pointing. "Let me have a look on -that- though!" That, in this case, being a sleak dress in purple hues - the collar high and wraping around the back of the head and the neckline plunging well down to the forelegs. The sleaves were puffy, reaching halfway down the foreleg, and the actual skirt rather un-adorned pleats, cut to fall neatly around the wearers hindquarters rather than puff up and out.

Ruby-Blossom chirps delightfully as she reaches past to snag the garment Fizzy's requests. "They seem to have alot of good stuff. That's why I like foriegn traders." she grins ear to ear. "I do kinda like these socks though…

Sodium-Fizz shuffles from hoof-to-hoof for a moment before nodding, a slight blush on her cheek. "Socks arn't… well, bad. But I'm not going to wear rainbow socks!" She huffed, looking and sounding very much like Soda for a moments. "Though… these here, I like them! They seem though enough that you can wear them outdoors…"

Ruby-Blossom grins ear to ear as she sets the socks aside - she'll get a pair for herself at least. "Come now. I think Winny would find Rainbow Socks quite swell!" Turning to the merchant to inquire about chainmail thigh-highs; prompting a very understable shrug from the merchant who offers leather or silk and lace - Ruby promptly waves them off.

Sodium-Fizz poutet as Ruby waved the alternatives off, one of her hooves outsreatched for the lace ones… Oh wait, according to her glare when looking she absoutely wasn't doing that. Pretending the blush on her face wasn't there she turned to look around the offerings once more. "Hmh… I can't see anything else that screams 'me, pick me' left…"

Ruby-Blossom pretends to be innocent before waving to the merchant to add those to 'Ruby's' pile of goods. she leans over to the merchant to briefly whisper another request before sneaking closer to Fizzy. "Well we should find a new cloak for you as well. Goggles are always cool." she nuzzles the older mare. "just grab everything you want, no worries.

Sodium-Fizz pretends not to notice Ruby's addition to the pile, wraping a wing around Ruby in response to the nuzzle. "Not another cloak… I want to get rid of it. Cloaks arn't very helpfull for flight by their very nature. Coats would work fine, they don't really constrict your wings…" The pegasus fell silent for a moment, blushing. "Winny seems to really like feathers and wings, too…"

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely "Lots of ponies like feathers and wings - why do you think I sleep with Windrose everynight." she mutters /something/ under her breath. "Anywho. I can understand that. It might be fun to get a half-coat to. I think you could rock a vest to. Think they have any denim vests? We could totally cut your mane into a mullet to match.

"I'd rather tie it up in pigtails! Or… a ponytail. Maybe, no idea. And what's wrong with the vest I've already found? It looks cute," said Sodium-Fizz with a pout. Then stopped and craned her head around for a moment, snagging herself a pair of rather high rear-leg boots.

Ruby-Blossom grins "I'm just playing, Fizzy." she continues to paw around - finding a couple of smaller pouches that can be worn on the legs. "These?" tossing them into the 'buy' pile. "Oi..I just realized. We should buy what we have and see if any of the other vendors have anything!

Sodium-Fizz eyed the pille thoughtfuly for a moment. It was… redicelously large, for being clothing. Then again, that might be just as well, it wasn't as if she was going to buy clothes just for special ocasions. She nodded. "Yeah… I -think- that might be a good idea. I don't think he'll need more money for a while, as it is!"

Ruby-Blossom approaches the merchant and clearly begins to haggle - the merchant's eyes going and he feverishly shakes her head. Ruby continues to talk, and talk - the merchant going from shocked to angry to eventually grinning broadly and noddign in agreement. What Fizzy sees is Ruby passing an amount of stallions that's roughly half the asking price before she begins to stuff everything into her saddle bags then approaches Fizzy to help stuff (including lacey thigh-highs) into Fizzy's saddle bags.

Sodium-Fizz blinks as she watches Ruby haggle. And do it good! By the time Ruby gets back Soda's jaw is halfway down to the floor and looks suitably stunned. "How? What? When…? Who? How?!"

Ruby-Blossom beams cutely "Sometimes you just need to tell a stallion what he wants to hear." she winks while stuffing the saddlebags full of clothing - all the things Fizzy wanted and she hasnt' even spent a bit as of yet. "I think there's a weird Zebra trader down the way…she has alot of stuff, just be careful what you ask for." she smiles warmly. "I do think you'd look cute in something very girly.

Sodium-Fizz's muzzle scrunched up at that and she visibly shudders. "Well, that's never going to happen, not from me anyway. And zebra trader, is that… Muzaji, was it?" Soda fell in next to Ruby as they walked onwards, shooting the younger mare a glance. "And, so would you."

Ruby-Blossom squeeks adorably "I haven't caught her name. Telling a stallion what he wants to hear is different from giving him what he wants." she offers the older mare friendly advice. "It's an easy way to get a pushy jerk-face to move along. Sometimes putting up a fight is what they want, so telling them somethng different…can be beneficial." she grins and gives a little skip. "Maybe we should invite them on a double date - then both show up girled-up out of minds.

"I've already bought myself a dress that I like, that's enough for me on that front. I think," muttered Sodium-Fizz. "It's not like I've ever actualy gone on a date before… or prettied myself up or… anything. There's never been any point to it before."

A moment of silence. "And… no, I'd rather make said pushy jerk-face into a bleeding jerk-face than do that."