Pony On The Mend
IC date: Autumn 27, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 16, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Solar Wind
GM: None

Solar-Wind is currently applied to a bed, evidently not too willingly by the looks of things. His state may have improved, /some/ but his injuries haven't done much for him or his state of mind. Both wings are wrapped up in bandages, and his right shoulder and forehoof are equally applied with various bandages and a makeshift cast over the upper half of his right leg. The medic staff has obviously had some challenges with the stubborn pony as they've taken to strapping him down. Suffice to say, the big stallion is not particularly happy about this, but he is certainly not going anywhere, and so, he sits there half dozing, half awake, kinda like sleeping with one eye open.

The door to the room which have become Solar-Wind's makeshift hospital room, as it were, and a rather miffed Sodium-Fizz strides into the room carrying a big old rolled up ball off stuff by the looks of it. Since she came back from the most recent trip into the white wastes beyond she had more or less taken up the torch when it came to care for the burly pegasus in bed. Something the nurse had been joyous over to say the least. A twitch of the wings sent the ball collapsing onto the floor, relieving her of the burden.

Shooting Solar-Wind a glance she turned to the small fireplace and cantered over to it, a sniff taking in the acrid smell rising from the small pots and pans heating by it. Satisfied she turned and walked over to the bed, a bemused grin on her face. "Well well, and how are we feelin' today then? Still feeling all mankey, are we?"

Solar-Wind watches Fizzy enter, and absolutely beams for a few minutes. "Oh you did make it out safely, thank the feathers," he exhales deeply and lays back. "After we got to the village, I just don't know," he murmurs lightly. He may have had intermittent bouts of consciousness the past few days or so, but none of them were particularly coherent, and now he is finally starting to see straight more or less. He gains a confused look on his muzzle as he tests his bindings a little, then just sighs. "A little bit trapped," he admits. "Sore everywhere still, but I so want to just go for a little walk, maybe a jog or something."

Sodium-Fizz raises an eyebrow, still smirking. "Right, like you anypony will let you out of bed after pickin' a fight with a trio of soliers and then runnin' from a well big dragon? I don't think so. You'll be stayin' right here or Luna save me, I'll make things well uncomfortable for you?" She glanced back at the fire behind her before turning back. "I got plenty of draughts back there, who knows what they do. Scary, innit?"

The mare tapped Solar-Wind's chest. "Least you deserves for having the lot of us worried, you git."

Solar-Wind just slumps some in bed, content though to have a framiliar face and good friend there with him. "Hey, now I got you, and Kludge out of that place and lived to tell the tale, mostly. You know I have issues being all cooped up like this, but this is even worse," he actually pleads a little. He harrumphs softly. "I don't pick fights that I don't think I'll win," he mumbles. "Anyway I did it per instructions, Ruby told me to protect our friends, that was one of her prime instructions to me when we first got here, ya remember?!" He grumbles some and leans into the pillows, he really is out of it isn't he, just arguing with somepony is causing him to seem to be winded sounding. He just sighs.

"Doubt you could make it more uncomfortable, hay have you ever been without your wings, I, I can feel em, and I can feel pain, they're telling me it may be a few weeks like this, I can't sit here a few weeks!”

"Do you really want to find out? I can, thou', make things a lot better for you. If you care to actually try and follow our instructions. Which just so happens to be you /stayin'/ in bed, it was fiddly work piecing you back together." The grey mare turned and strode back across the room, her hooves clip-clopping against the floor. "I just so happens to have several brews with medical propperties, though they're a well bit harmful if not taken in moderation and won't work if you're up and about."

A swift dart of her hooves saw her lift a small clay pot from the furthest edge of the flames and skipping back to Solar, her wings spread to give her just enough lift to make it. "For example, without the braces," she glanced at his wings as he spoke, "your wings would most likely knit together wrong. An' I doubt you want to be a cripple, eh?"

Solar-Wind nods a little, the one motion he can accomplish amazingly that doesn't send him into a gasping fit as of yet. "Yeah," he mumbles softly sounding out of it. "I'll try anything to get to feeling better," he comments lightly just laying there unmoving decidedly not testing the bounds again. "Moderation, check. I'll stay here,” he comments with a little stretch which causes him to gasp softly, and not stretch again. "Do have to discuss things with the Professor sometime soon there, as there's gonna be some thing big going down here soon. The bolts know that there's a base of operations out here somewhere, and they're gonna be more patrols," he comments quickly, then sighs into his pillows deeply, and closing his eyes. "So goshdarn tired, shouldn't be this tired, been sleeping forever-ish," he grumbles.

"It's not like sleepin' forever makes you wake up, you know?" The mare takes a seat by the bed, waiting for the small pot to cool off a bit further. "And, aye, somethin' big is going to happen. That's why I'm here and not out there with the others, see? Got the supplies to ply my trade. A prepared alchemist is a dangerous thin', you know?"

With a chuckle she leaned down and picked up the pot, lifting it to Solar-Wind's lips. "Now, you go drink this up and you'll be feelin' well better in a day or three, eh?"

Solar-Wind nods a little again. "Yeah, think I saw the Bone Mistress give me a little wink there once, and I just wasn't ready for that one bit, no thanks," he mumbles before taking that and opening his mouth to drink that right down. He rightly gulps down the hot liquid. It causes him to gasp a little, then swallow hard a few times, and furrow his brow seeriously. He's a big tough stallion so he's keeping it to himself about just how it tastes, but his nose does scrucnch a little as he gulps it down. He finally nods some. "Thanks, thanks for fixing me up Sodium-Fizz," he adds very softly truly not used to being in this situation.

"Hup-hup, Solar. Credit for that goes to the medical staff. Whose life you've made an living nightmare the last few days, less you would be bound tied down…" Sodium-Fizz fell silent for a few moments. "Well, unless maybe one of the nurses fancy this kind of thing. Either way, laddie, I'm only here to give you a bit of a helping hoof on the finish line, eh? Take the ol' tedium out of the wait. I even brought somethin' for that…" Her head dropped bellow the bed for several moments before she shot right back up, her wings spread but for a light curve, a large swath of frayed brown cloth hanging from between her primaries, something much darker seeming to stain it in between the cuts and tears.

"I brought the effects of dead ponies."

Solar-Wind nods again. "Yeah, mmmsory bout that," he murmurs. "Not used to being tied down, at all," he chuffs lightly, then wishes he never laughed even. He kinda cringes on hearing about dead ponies. "My Shadowbolts uniform, and my old clothing probably would have sufficed," he murmurs lightly, and almost looks like he's actually cowering some on seeing the results of death before him. "When we escaped It was because I had traded in my Solar armor for a bolts uniform, that's how I slipped the keys for getting Kludge free," he comments softly

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "And a well good thing too, if you ask me. I doubt either of us would enjoy our respite in their 'tender' care particularly much." She chuckles, if rather without joy. "Had we stayed we'd be well and truly shafted, I'd wager. But we're not, so now we get to enjoy other interestin' ways to get well and truly shafted instead, innit splendid?" Ah, sarcasm.

The mare sighed and swated a bang of dusky purple mane out of her face. "'Course, this time I'm not going to faff about like some git and just hope it doesn't happen to me. Oh no, not goin' ta happen this time." A short chuckle escaped her as she smiled. The smile is /not/ particularly comforting.

Solar-Wind smiles at first then starts to look worriedly at you. "Sodium-Fizz, don't get any stupid ideas," he states clearly. "Look at me, do you think I handled myself, I'm beat to Tartarus, and heck that last day, I honestly didn't think I'd ever see this place again. I, I told Kludge to let them find me, told him to go, and take you, and get clear so they'd not catch anyone else! I need you, I need you to help me get better, I need you to use your skills to help these ponies, where I cannot," he sighs deeply laying back again. "I'm not so good a protector like this, I need to be that protector again, need my strength, my wings, all of me here, need you to back me up with whatever ya got in your arsenal"

Sodium-Fizz chuckled and waved a hoof dismissively. Her smile was still dangerously thin. "Worry not, Solar-Wind, I'll get you back on your hooves and into the air 'fore you can find a rhyme for 'purple' and then some. Potions are well useful and beneficial things. They can cure poison, mend wounds, nourish plants. In times of strife they can give strength, grant the toughness of rock and metal and the speed of the wind. Don't believe I will not aid, for you would be mistaken. But this time I'll be throwing myself into the fray, not just meekly sit by the side."

She scowled slightly, looking eyes with his. "Is that clear? I will aid those that need it, but I will carry the tools of devestation with me as well."

Solar-Wind nods some. "You mentioned someone, a friend you have back home, remember to get yourself home to see that one, or do you think they could live without you?" he asks softly sounding quite serious. "I don't have an alchemist to cure you should you fall in battle," he offers with a nod of his head. "Something that was a requirement of myself, to become the Fireguard Captain, was something on the sad side. We the fireguard, could not have any family, no connections, no loved ones, as our jobs, our very duty to Equestria was one so dangerous, that we would be put at such grave risk, it would be cruel to our loved ones for such uncertainty of our duty. The Queens themselves decreed this by a royal decree, and thus it is so." He shakes his head, "There is no one to go home to, but that does not mean I should just give up and quit, no, I won't quit. I won't stop fighting," he states boldly. "I saw the Bone Mistress, death herself, and yet still I am here amongst the living, I won't back down for nothing! And If I see you giving up on me, on yourself, you better believe me, I'll drag you back here!" he says so without a second though. "Because I fully intend to escort you personally back to see your friend," he states boldly, seemingly using all his strength to well up such emotion, such force there!

"Who said anythin' about givin' up? I certainly didn't, I'm going to kick anyone who tries to get in my way so hard in the flank they'll be spitting hooves!" Sodium-Fizz grinned and sat down, grabbing the old cloak of her primaries as well as… something that looks suspiciously much like fur. Thread and needle comes soon after.

"I /am/ going back home. I want to see my parents again, I want to see one of my sister's cheesy plays…" She fell silent for a few moments. "I hope Dustdevil is okey, though. And that he won't be to cross with me if I happen to come back a tad late for the Ghostwalk…"

Solar-Wind smiles boldly. "See, there ya go," he nods and smiles. "Since you're stitching, think you could do some repair work to my old clothing, and maybe that Shadowbolts outfit I got, I'd love to modify it, make it mine, add some 'things' to it. I need to get ahold of wingblades, need to talk to Ruby about that blade she used on my harness's, she's right quick with a blade," he comments, then furrows his brow. "Ruby?" he inhales sharply and goes wide eyed, "Ruby, that's who we were looking for when we were captured!" He starts to panic pushing the bindings. "We got to find her, We must!" He practically hyperventilates. "Its all my fault, my fault she was lost, I've got to get her back! Got to get her back," pantpantpant. "I need to find her!" he is practically shouting now.

Sodium-Fizz raised an eyebrow. "You know, she's perfectly fine. I'm not sure what went on with that, to buissy trying to get enough things together to make all the alchemy works all propper, like. Last I saw she went out into the forest with the rest of us, most likely still there." She reached over, giving Solar-Wind a calming pat. On the last bandaged spot of him she could find. With a chuckle she returned to sewing on her own outfit's new fur hemm. "Well, I might look into it. But as soon as you get your well enough to get your flank out of bed you'll have to do yourself."

Solar-Wind settles down on hearing she's ok, he sighs out, he adds softly. "I was worried for her," he murmurs with a little blush creeping to color his cheeks which he promptly explains away. "I gave her my command, and stepped down as Captain," he murmurs lightly. "She has the most level head amongst us whereas I couldn't keep it together, she's managed to keep sane somehow," he comments then nods a little. "I want to look like our enemy to an extent, that and their thermal jumpsuits are far superior to ours here. To look like them I may be able to do things to their ranks should any happen about the area. If I was properly equipped with wingblades, and perhaps even hoof blades," the stallion states. "You can surely imagine…" he trails off with a wicked smile coming to his muzzle. The stallion means some dangerous business to come…

Sodium-Fizz shudders, "I'd rather not… Then again, I'm planing on something similar, I suppose…"

Solar-Wind smiles slightly, "I know its not right to wish that on any pony, but here, now, this is war," he states calmly. "It truly is what we've gotten ourselves into with this place. We may well not have started this, but I need to see it through, whatever the consequences. When this is over, I'll see that you get home, but…" he trails off perhaps either meaning he's staying, or that he may truly see it through till the end.

Sodium-Fizz nods slowly once more, returning her focus to her sewing.