Plans Against the Queen
IC date: Summer 90, 1007
OOC date: September 18, 2012
PCs: Mad-Mare, Kludge, Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: None
GM: None

The setting: Ruby's Place. Following certain events, Ruby has been placed under bed rest. Easy enough, since she had been unconscious at the time. There's no doctor to be found any longer, he'd done his duty last night and was no longer needed. A watchpony had been assigned to watch the house, and make sure no…unwanted presences lingered. Darn pirates.

Mad Mare herself has been more or less holed up within the building. Though she's been more pacing about the hair salon downstairs than daring to step hoof upstairs where the injured mare lay. Pacing. Pondering. Thinking. Wondering. So much thought.

Kludge walks in, carrying saddlebags with food in them. There's a slight frown on his face that doesn't quite want to fade away, and his eyes hint that there's plenty on his mind. Upon seeing Maddie, he walks over. "She awake yet?" he inquires, a glance upwards making clear who he's talking about.

As if by cue the turqoise mare comes trotting down the stairs against doctor's orders - not like any pony was around to tell her she was confined to covers for at least three days. A small little hop from the bottom stair onto the floor - her hair is an absolutely wreck - uneven with some spots barely left with a few inches of mane - her long beautiful mane ruined for the time being. She appears to be in rather high spirits as she skip-trots over to Maddie and throws her hooves around her "Hi you~" she beams, Ruby eyes then fixating on Kludge "Hi you too~" looking awefully happy to see the pair.

Good thing Maddie doesn't have to answer! She had a smart-alec response just waiting. Ruby beats her to the punch though, by simple virtue of being awake and active, drawing a squint from the Watch Captain. There's a hint of relief in that squint, but a squint nontheless.

"You aren't supposed to be out of bed yet." the mare grunts, managing to have a scowl at the bubbly mare.

Most of Kludge's frown evaporates from relief at the sight of Ruby up and about. Putting his saddlebags on a table and opening them, he asks "Care for a bite to eat, Ruby?" She seems cheerful enough, which is a good sign; he hopes she's feeling better than she was yesterday.

*nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle* Maddie finds herself being affectionately nuzzled by the up and about Ruby whom's currently hugging her from behind. "Food?" pondering aloud between another bout of overly affectionate nuzzles. "I suppose I should eat." *tummy grumble* after all it's been over 24 hours since she last ate. She lets go of Maddie and trots over to Kludge - whom she proceeds to give a kiss - nose to nose; it's brief but far more than friendly. Drawing back she scrunches her nose "That tickled, Maddie's way softer." plopping down in a seat.

Blink. This is becoming a regular habit, and Maddie isn't all that certain it's a good one. Brings a slight twitch to her ear, it does, all the nuzzling, not a single bit of it returned. "What…the devil are you doing..?" comes the befuddled question, once Ruby breaks away to go kiss Kludge instead, backing herself against a convenient seat.

Another blink, this time from Kludge. He's staring cross-eyed at his nose, the corner of his mouth twitching upward in a befuddled attempt at a smile. The kiss had been totallly unexpected, and to be honest… not unpleasant. Of course, in the confusion, the implications of what Ruby had said fly completely over his head!

Ruby-Blossom half leans out of her seat - backwards so she's looking at Maddie from upside down. "I wast just nuzzling you, after all you said I was your special somepony." she cocks her head to oneside "I want to hear you say that again~" Not even a /hint/ of mockery, sarcasm, or humor in Ruby's voice - she's sincere, really sincere! Her head slowly tilting Kludge's direction "You're pretty swell too, you know.

Confused! Maddie just takes a seat, rubbing her face with a hoof. She doesn't seem so inclined to respond to that. At least, not as much as she is inclined to ask about other events. "Right.. Well, are you…okay enough to explain just what the hey happened out there? By the time I showed up, you were pretty much already getting yourself knocked out."

Bu-link goes those expressive ruby-red eyes as the mare's head rolls back so she's looking at Maddie - all upside down and stuff. "Siyana did something to anger Queen-Pegasus so I had to intervene - I've no doubt she would of cut out Siyana's tongue; i couldn't let her do that - Siyana's too cute." dreamily she speaks aloud - not really to anypony "I want her to call me mommy~"

The way Ruby is acting is almost - almost! - reminding Kludge of how Maddie was acting a few days earlier. However, it's not as over-the-top as what Maddie did, but it's still unusual enough that Kludge is keeping an eye on Ruby. Ruby's comment about wanting Siyana to call her mommy seems a bit more usual, except that it's much more unguarded than Ruby usually acts.

Speaking of guarded - Ruby's horn is full-on display - not even an attempt to hide it!

A slightly stunned expression crosses Kludge's face. "You, uh, feeling alright, Ruby?" he asks, rubbing a hoof against his hat in a way that looks like he's pointing to his forehead.

Horn..? Maddie blinks. Well she's never thought about it before, but has Ruby had a horn before? It would…make some sense as to why her songs were so magically alluring to darn near every citizen, ever.

It's also not Maddie's primary concern at the moment. Just something to note later.

"She already has parents…" the Mad Mare says, still squinting at the happy-go-lucky manestylist. "For that matter, nothing's stopping you from getting your own foals. …Now as much as I'm sure it was a good thing to go and rescue one from certain humiliation, I'd like to know what started it in the first place. And who these pirates think they are, anyway."

Ruby-Blossom rolls over in the chair she's occupying - a full 360 degrees so she's still upside when talking with Maddie! "I'm not entirely sure what started it, but any little thing is good enough excuse for Queen-Pegasus." she shakes a hoof at Maddie. "She's viscious despite her good looks, she'll kill ponies on the spot for no good reason. Of course you'd know this if you paid attention to wanted posters." She glances to Kludge with a smile "We should get you a new hat~" completely disregarding what he's implying.

This again. Maddie rolls her eyes. "Wanted posters don't carry any real details, and half of what's on them is made up anyway. I need real information…" She settles back into the chair, adopting a quite unpony pose thanks to the way her metal legs decide to stay touching the ground. "…Either way I want her out of /my/ harbor… It's just a matter of finding the best way to 'encourage' her swift departure." Her head tilts. "I wonder if Celestia takes pirate-eradication requests."

Poor Kludge is completely flummoxed! While the doctor mentioned that Ruby was in decent physical health (or at least as good as it can be when you've had a wine bottle bashed over your head), it seems that her mental state is some mortar short of a finished wall. "What can you tell us about her?" he finally asks, hoping to find some information that might be useful.

Ruby-Blossom wiggles one hind hoof in the air while speaking with Maddie and Kludge. "I'll give you details, Maddie." rolling out of the chair and onto four hooves - she trots over to Maddie to gently bop her on the nose with one hoof. "She's a killer with a penchant for pretty boys, she likes beautiful things - but there is /nothing/ she likes more than herself. Nothing." leaning in to invade Maddie's personal space - filling the other mare's vision with big ruby red eyes. "I'd recommend finding out /what/ she wants, and giving it to her. That's the easiest way to get rid of her." attempting to latch onto Maddie again. "Say it~"

"Say…it?" Maddie looks blank. "Say what? What is 'it'? Oh for cryin'…" She pushes at Ruby. Gently, not really wanting to hurt or anything, just… She really has never been a touchy-feely mare, don'tcha know? "Ruby. Focus. You can be…weird later. These pirates are a threat."

Ruby-Blossom gives Maddie the most addorable and sincere pout as she's pushed away "But…" glancing back at Kludge with a pout before plopping down onto her flank in front Maddie "I think your legs are real pretty y'know." gushing sincerity in rather unusual display of honesty. "They really are a threat." she agrees.

"I think this may be why the doc said three days, Ruby." Maddie grumbles. "I mean… I know you're affectionate. But you're completely out of it." She glances up at Kludge. "Was I this out of it when I…" She stops short of all-out explaining, but surely he remembers /that/ night.

She's also blushing. Faintly. Mostly just in her ears. "These legs..?" she says, tapping the metal beasts. "I should hope they look /somewhat/ good at least. I paid good bits for them."

*rub rub* "I do like them, they've got character…not that you needed more character." a stupid grin ensues. "I know something was wrong when you said /those words/, but honestly I want to hear them again." From anypony who means them actually! "I'm not out of it, I just feel like being really honest with you. Why…" she begins to lean up, hooves still on Maddie's rigid back legs "I'll even tell you my secret~"

"Okay, that's enough on /that/ topic!" interjects Kludge, carefully separating the two mares. Glancing at Maddie, he nods and mouths the words "yes you were." Looking back at Ruby, he adds "What types of weaknesses does Queen Pegasus have, anyhow?"

"She's already told us one big weakness…" Maddie murmurs, with a thankful look to poor Kludge. She rests a hoof on her face, "She's vain as all sin. Almost singlemindedly so, from what I could tell. Between the prettyboys and her self-absorption, I bet something as simple as vandalizing her ship will send her in a fit of rage~"

Ruby-Blossom flails her hooves as she drawn away by Kludge, gently bapping his cheek "Trying to steal me away for yourself~ I don't know if Maddie will allow that~" a soft oh at Maddie's plan "I wouldn't recommend angering her, she'd be liable to kill ponies over something so trivial.

At Ruby's gentle accusation, Kludge starts opening and closing his mouth as if he was going to say something, but no words come out. However, a corner of his mouth does occasionally twitch upward, as if trying to smile.

Finally shaking his head to get his thoughts back into line, he finally asks "How loyal is her crew?" Surely there's gotta be an exploitable weakness somewhere~

Ruby-Blossom tsktsktsks at Kludge "Her crew is loyal through admiration and fear. Though I can think of one that is loyal through oath, but not entirely pleased with her cruel nature." Why does Ruby know so much!? "mmm…but I won't tell." plopping down on the floor, crossed legged and fore-legs crossed across her chest in defiance.

Kludge looks at Ruby curiously. "What would it take for me to convince you to tell?" he inquires, figuring that simply asking nicely won't be enough.

Ruby-Blossom hmphs cutely head turning away from Kludge! "Ask Maddie." she defiantly replies - all cross-legged and pouty.

Maddie blinks. She rolls her eyes and slumps back into her seat. "Maybe if you kiss her again, Kludge." she suggests, without a trace of humor in her voice. Humor is for times when one isn't annoyed at everything in the world, ever. "My plan boils down to blowing her ugly-as-cowpies ship to high heaven. I think I have enough troops."

Kludge gives it some thought. "I still think we should salvage the respectable crewpony," he declares, then whirls around and gives Ruby a big kiss! And it's not a simple short one, no - it lasts until he has to catch his breath! After finally breaking contact, he looks Ruby in the eyes. "May I know who it is, please?" he asks with a kind smile on his face… and a heart that is more cheerful than he was expecting.

Ruby-Blossom ehs loudly "Kludge's moustache tickles, and the colors are obtrusive." honest opnions abound - Kludge is utterly denied his kiss and met with a hoof! He shouldn't of been squinting so hard - other wise he might have actually noticed he was downgraded to Ruby's hoof without prior consent! The mare peeking out from behind Kludge to look at Maddie. "Her Weapon Master is loyal due to a debt. The story I /heard/ boils down to Queenie sparing his new-born daughter in exchange for his loyalty - but that would have been like 20 years ago. Dude's tough as nails, but gentle hearted - though I heard he's never seen his daughter, doesn't even know what she looks like. That's what I heard anyways." pushing Kludge away with her hoof "I only kissed you because I was curious, Maddie's kiss was way softer - you're like kising a broom.

Maddie winces at the denial of kissage! She's fairly cold-hearted herself, and /she/ felt that burn. "…That's not a fair comparison. The only reason you got a kiss out of me is because you caught me off-guard for it." She crosses her arms. Though her ears perk to the rest of the story. "…Oho. A potential traitor. But that's assuming we can find so-and-so's daughter?"

Ruby-Blossom hops to her hooves to trot-trot-trot to Maddie - peering at her with head cocked curiously to one side "Don't pretend you didn't like it~" She wasn't burning Kludge so much as denying him - she'll decide whom she kisses and when! She leans slightly to one side then slowly to the other. "I may have caught you off guard, but you seemed to think it was a good thing at the time~o Just because I kissed you once, doesn't mean I'll do it again - maybe I will on our next date if you're lucky.

Kludge ponders things for a moment, the gears in his mind turning complicated patterns. His eyes narrow, then look towards the ceiling; after a bit, they widen and he looks at Ruby, an estimating look in his eyes. "I don't suppose the story you heard mentions where he's from, does it?"

Maddie rubs her forehead. She's grown into a habit of doing that a lot lately. "Next date indeed." she mutters under her breath, watching Kludge speak out with a new idea. Or potential lead!

Ruby-Blossom places her hoofs on Maddie's metal legs in an affectionatly friendly manner while looking over her shoulder at Kludge. "I can check - I have the details in a journal." Perhaps not the wisest move to chronicle one's own crimes - but they'll make one hay of a book series in the future! "Kludge~ You know I like you - that doesn't mean I want a kiss or that you have permisson to kiss me~o

Kludge chuckles sheepishly. "Eh, it was a spur-of-the-moment idea." After hesitating for a moment, he takes a more serious expression and adds "There's one or two more questions I have, but I think we'd better check the journal first."