Piracy Is The Worst Policy
IC date: Spring 70, 1007
OOC date: May 31, 2012
PCs: Fidget, Siyana, Sadaka, Lavender, Jellybean, Stormsailor, Mad-Mare
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em, Lightning, Blossom, Starcaster, Goons
GM: Mad-mare

Some fillies can be pushed only so far, and no farther. It's a good day for sailing when the call goes out…first, around the houses where Siyana and Sadaka can be found, but soon to Fidget as well, then farther out in town. The strange little boat with the uncomfortable flag is soon to set sail! The little filly voice, full of bravery, shouts words of freedom and open commerce, and of the glory of defending one's home port! And then, "Are you pirates, or are you landlubbers?" And it was going so well… In any case, Lavender tries to call her crew to the portside.

This exaggerated pirate ship with a steep bow and stern holds a few over a dozen crew, and a handful of cannons. It's decorated to look as piratical as possible, and flies a Jolly Roger. Along the side is painted: "S.S. MIRAGE".
Siyana was able to be drawn out of her home, though a depressive little cloud still plagues the filly. It's like all the joy had been sapped from her little body as she plodded to the boat, boarded the gangplank, and slumped down on the deck. "I'm here, Cap'n…for whatever good /that/ does." Sigh.

Fidget is all too quickly in attendance, a proud crew member of her captain. Hovering about the small gathering group, shewing people from off the street that might not even want anything to do with this into the mess. "You heard the captain! You!" pointing a hoof to a half drunk sailor. "Your being shanghided!" pushing him into the pile of ponies as well. "Line up and keep your-erm I mean, YAR! Be keeping your ears pealed to what ARRR captain has to say!" Proudly whipping around to face the captain she salutes. "Master gunner Fidget at your service Captain!"

Sadaka eventually was able to be coaxed down to the port, although getting her /on/ the boat took a bit more coaxing. And quite possibly some shoving. And a good bit of nervous prancing. She finally skittered aboard, keeping well away from the railings and trying to convince herself that /finally/ spending some time with her friends again would be worth being in a floating wooden box on top of the dreaded /water/.

Jellybean trots along the dockside, looking at all the little fillies gathering. "Where are you all going? Are you on an adventure? It looks exciting." His wings flap with ill-concealed eagerness.

Lavender leans over the edge of the boat. "Jellybean! Yes, it is an adventure, one of the truest kinds of adventure, for this is both piracy and /war/!" She sounds far too excited for her own good, and says 'War' like one might say 'Tug-of-war'. "We are going to save this port from the Syndicolt, we are going to chase them away and they are never going to come back! Come aboard, grab a sword!" She reflects on that for a moment, then looks at the zebras suspiciously.

For their own part, the chimerical pirates of the S.S. Mirage — the ones whose vocabulary doesn't normally extend very past "Arrr" — are running around in a state of urgency. Hoisting sails and tying knots and untying knots, all the things that are meant to be done in preparation for departure. Swords are rattled. Cannons are loaded! Said cannons are loaded with stink-bombs and glue balls, primarily…but the bottom stacks on the brass monkeys are honest-to-goodness iron.

Siyana, consumed with depression as she is, mostly just sits on deck. She's scrounged a sword that sits by her hooves, but she doesn't even look like she plans to use it. She's just…a little pony ghost, contrasting against their very jittery zebra companion. "You should come too," she adds to Jellybean, though with zero excitement. "It'll be fun." (Craaaawling iiiiin my skiiiiin)

It's been a little over two weeks now since the Syndicolt Organization rolled into the quaint, if out of the way, Harbor town. Two weeks of shooting at ships, of keeping trade more or less locked down, and of harassing townsfolk. Two weeks of big, evil, menacing boats floating on the horizon, and of the 'admiral' of the fleet shouting threats and other such nonsense at the harbor every other day.

At least the actual harbor is cleaned up of most of the debris left over after a certain duel-ish rumble. In fact, the Syndicolt flagship's been fixed up! It looks like a proper ship again, tall mast and everything, right back in action bombing as many traderships as its commander can point a hoof at.

Oh she's been making a complete nuisance of herself, she has, but let's face it. Blockades are boring. There has been almost no excitement to this off-white pony's life throughout the duration. Sure, the duel helped, and there was that crazy pony that asked her on a date and all, but honestly by now Maddie expected /something/ more to happen. Some royal navy perhaps. Or at least the harbor's own brute squad to try and kick her around. Salty was supposed to do something about her, for Tartarus sake. But no.

No. The Mad Mare of the Syndicolt is bored. Standing on the deck of her newly-spruced flagship, she does what she always does during these boring days. She stares at the harbor. Thinking of all the fun things she'll get to do.


Ever flanked by her personal ponygoons, the trio of evildoers stand in relative silence. Broken only by the occasional crackle of Rock'em's headset reporting from one of the other blockade ships. Sock'em's quiet mostly due to the fact that he has to hold Maddie's shade umbrella long as she's intent on staying out in the open. It's a very uncomfortable silence…

The whole of the harbor is, in fact, nicely quiet. Calm, even. There hasn't been a cannon shot in a good few hours since chasing the last batch of tradeships off. Like a line of dark iron beasts, the Syndicolt ships lurk on the horizon, just waiting for their next victims.

A decent distance beyond the blockade, at least outside of cannon range, a single vessel sits idle in the water. With spyglass in hoof its captain observes the fleet stopping him from reaching his next port of call. "Looks like they're really in this for the long haul," Stormsailor says to nopony in particular, although one of his nearby crew members, a white and gray pinto-patterned pegasus with a skunk-striped brown mane, sees fit to interject nonetheless.

"We should start for the next town, Storm," the colt protests. "Starcaster says that we have more than enough supplies to skip one town, we're just wasting time out here."

Stormsailor gives his crewcolt an annoyed look. "Shut your trap, Lightning. There's more to this business than making port ASAP. I've got orders for stuff from Horseshoe that'll cost me a pretty penny if I don't come through." He looks through his spyglass again at what he's assuming is the flagship of the fleet.

Jellybean makes a little 'erm' noise. "Well, I don't know about swords: somepony could get hurt. But I'd be happy to help and I'm sure there's something I can do." He flaps his wings and hops aboard, landing next to Siyana and giving her a concerned little nuzzle.

Fidget acts to her name sake and cant' stop moving. Glitterbombs, Bubblegum-Bazuka's, Itching powerder rounds. The best of her gear is on high display and being loaded into the cannons. Those pirates will be in for a rude awakening when they try and board this ship for their fancy rapior duels. Through all ther manic runnign about she spots a lone ghostly Zebra. "Hey First Mate, why so glum?" she plops down never to her. "We are about to have a honest goodness adventure! There will be swordplay and everything!" nudging the fillies sword with her snout. "Come on the crew looks up to the first mate and captain! Here!" stuffing a bubblegum bomb into the Zebra's arms. "Take this just try to keep it out of your mane ok? Mr. Blackbird was mad when half the class came back blad after the last mishap …"

Lavender turns to Siyana, to Fidget, to Sadaka. "I'm so glad you came. You're all really brave, especially you Sadaka… Don't worry, your Captain will get you home alright." She smiles and nudges the filly on the shoulder. "And Siyana…Chin up. You'll feel better. And who knows, this trip might just help. I'll be here for you anyway. Fidget? You are the most eager of my crew! I commend it! Fight with cunning and heroism!" Upon Jellybean's landing, she runs over to a barrel-o'-swords, and grabs the hilt of a wooden one which she hauls over to him and sets at his feet. "Welcome aboard, Jellybean, to the S.S. Mirage! The most fearsome pirate ship in port! There are metal swords in there, too, if you prefer."

Finally, she turns to the rest of the pirates…of which some are wearing striped shirts, some eyepatches, a couple have parrots, and one is even peg-legged. "Arrr! My crew! We are going to plllunder those Syndicolt scum, and take back what they have taken from our town and our valiant traders! And then…we're gonna KEEP it!"

A great cheer goes up from the chimerical pirates, and with that, the gangplank is hauled aboard, and the anchor is weighed.

Siyana doesn't return the nuzzle. She doesn't even seem to register the bubblegum bombs in her arms. "My stupid talent is spending all stupid day drawing a single stupid letter. I'm not even a pirate anymore. I'm just a stupid…quill-pusher." She sinks a little lower, frustration adding to the mix… Lavender's words do seem to get through, as well. After a moment she stands, more resolved. "Fine. I'll fight the stupid Syndicolt and— get them back, and— we'll fight them and win!"

Sadaka blushes but perks up a bit at Lavender's praise, getting to her hooves and trying to untense a bit. She could do this! After all, there's plenty of stuff between her and the water. Right? It's not like it's storming or anything, either. Being a pirate could be fun! Sure! Of course it could. "R-right! No one can beat us!" And she gave a tiny little hop for good measure.

Jellybean accepts a wooden sword from Lavender, tucking it under a wing for the moment. He takes a seat next to Siyana. "You know, you're more than just your talent. I mean, I'm just good at guessing things. This morning I helped one of my neighbors find a book she'd misplaced, but I still do all sorts of other things." He scuffs the deck a bit. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to let it be all you are."

"Thats the spirit!" Fidget squees, giving the filly and hug that might qualify better as a death grip. "Remeber! you could be a great navigator or something! Help plot a course or something, and navagators even get to sword fight when things get rough!" Giving another encuraging pat on the back. "Lets show those mean ponies whos boss captain!" almost glowing with pride at the praise given to her she is clearly ready to give it her all and focus for a change

The wind catches the sails…and, leaping to the specially-weighted wheel that she can somehow actually turn, Captain Lavender steers the ship out to sea. It's been a while! It doesn't quite go straight. But the chimerical pirates do all they can, and the ship begins to sail towards the others in the distance. She directs the ship to the tallest mast she can see…and her flag is hard to miss.

"But it's /still/ a big part of who I am! And this stupid cutie mark is— is /stupid/! And it's not who I am! I'm not a quill-pusher, I'm dadgum PIRATE!" Oh, yes, now Siyana is quite angry. The little blue-haired zebra filly stomps her hoof, only to get swept up in a hug that makes her squawk breathlessly. When she's released, she grabs up her sword in her mouth, yelling around it, "ARRRRR!" She scampers to the rail, ready to board when they get to their hated rivals. Grr!

Jellybean can't help but giggle a bit: even if she's angry it means she's not depressed, so that's something. Jellybean flaps over to Lavender and gives what he probably thinks is a salute. "Excuse me, Captain? I just have a question for you." Long pause. "…I have no idea what I'm doing.

(OOC) Sadaka: Jelly. That isn't a question. :/
(OOC) Jellybean: You may have noticed, here and there, subtle hints that Jellybean is not to be found amongst any list of the great thinkers of Equestria.

Funnily enough, it isn't the flagship's esteemed admiral whom spots the curious pirate ship making its jolly-rogering way across the calm harbor waters. The closest ship keeping an eye on the harbor side is manned by a yellow pony. A yellow pony who, if history is to be believed, ended up swallowing a rotten egg from a certain pegasus' prankster bombing run not so long ago. Ever since, he's chosen to don a gasmask to keep similar incidents from happening again, and to keep others from having to suffer the consequences of unnaturally bad breath. Plus, it gives him a neat voice.

"Sir… Sir, we have something coming off the aft side."

Mr. Gasmask, as he's now known on his ship, rouses himself from the 'cave' he once called his sun-tanning spot. Now it's just a bunch of covers for him to hide under. Stupid gum-bombs. "What is it?"

"A ship, sir. A..pirate ship."

"Pirates? From inside the harbor? That's…impossible. We have all their ships accounted for, there's no records of a pirate ship."

"Sir. Look at who's on the ship."

A spyglass is produced, held to Mr. Gasmask's eye… Lo and behold, there's pirates on that ship! Pirates, and…a group of ponies. Plus a zebra. And…

"…Alert the boss. They're making another run at us! Get the tarps in place, roll out the cannons, and somepony find a net to catch that winged bugger if she even /looks/ this way!"

My my, someone still apparently holds a grudge! The ship launches into a flurry of activity, but…actually doesn't sail anywhere near Lav's mighty pirate ship. Oh, no, Mr. Gasmask already knows some ponies you just don't mess with. He'll let the Boss handle this one.

Stormsailor lowers his spyglass and squints at the ships in the distance, then raises it once more and sweeps the fleet. "Looks like something is happening. Might be our chance to run the blockade and make port." He looks over his shoulder at Lightning. "Raise anchor and prepare to set sail. We'll need to strike while the iron's hot if they're really planning something out there." The pegasus nods affirmation and flies off to relay orders to the rest of the crew.

Oh. OH does Fidget look that way. Hovering how above the mid deck in front of the largest sail, striking an equailly cunning pose as Siyana does from the bow. "By Captains orders we will fire! I want the Bazooka's aimed high! I want them soooooo gummed up they couldn't get it out of their manes if they started bald!" Pointing one hoof to the pirate clones. "After that a round of smoke to cover us. I dont' know what nasty pranks they got but I don't want to find out." clopping her hoofs together in glee. "Finnaly a round of eggs … slippery stinky and sticky all at once."

Lavender gets a crazed gleam in her eyes at Jellybean. "That's /just fine/!" Then she blinks and looks not quite so dangerously insane, just happy. "You could man the sails…or help Fidget with the cannons…or keep a lookout and try'n keep us from being snuck up on! Ooh, ooh, wait, you're a pegasus, you could like go untie their sails or something~. Just make sure you keep your sword handy in case you get in a fight!" Because swordfights are serious business to a filly who plays with wooden swords.

Lavender whistles for one of the chimerical pirates to take the wheel then hops away from Jellybean, and hooks a hoof over a rope to swing over next to Siyana. "Pirates /forever/, sis." She peers over the rails as well, for a true captain's place (especially in her mind) is right in the middle of her crew. Meanwhile, some of the other pirates fire quick salutes to Fidget and hustle to adjust cannons to her specifications, then haul out something like a mortar onto the foredeck. No need to wait until they're at broadsides for the first of the pranks to begin.

The ship sails onwards, spraying water into the air, misting all over the deck. It downright /gleams/ from the shore. Some might even cheer, such is its beauty, but it's growing far away now. The Syndicolt ship grows ever closer.

Sadaka blinks and looks around somewhat timidly for something to do, attempting to strike a pose like everyone else while still keeping close to the center of the deck. Not quite eager to go near the railings yet! But after a moment she does skip over to snatch up a sword — she has no clue how to use it and that's pretty clear, but it seems like the thing to do!

Jellybean salutes again and flies up to the sails.

What follows was never written down for posterity, which is a shame. It's true that sails are fiddly little things, but something magical happened on that ship that day, a perfect storm of well-meaning ineptitude and utter fumble-hoofedness. Suffice it to say that within the next five minutes the left side of the sails are down but the right side is tied up tight with Jellybean hanging upside-down inside the ropes, waving his forelegs in a hopeful yet aimless fashion. "I think I made a mistake somewhere," he offers.

Siyana waves her sword threateningly at the ships ahead… then blinks and looks up. "Jerry'ean? Wha're you 'oin' up 'ere?" she asks in confusion. "'idget! F'y up 'ere and 'elp Jerry'ean!"

Meanwhile, on the Flagship, Rock'em gets the message. A pirate ship? En route? Manned by…pirates, and foals? What the heck? "'ey Boss." the goonpony mutters after the message is delivered. Maddie's ear barely twitches. "…Boss, we're about to get company. Summin' coming from the port. Says they're pirates. Or kids. Or both, I think. Can't tell if Cap'n Sunspot's bein' funny or not. What do you want we should do?"

The Mad Mare blinks. Her reverie, interrupted by the imminent arrival of something…new! Different! Fresh, even! A toy to play with. Oh how fun~ Of all the things to happen, this was least expected, but it's the sort of surprise that grows a grin across the Mad Mare's lips. A wide grin. A genuine grin, which for the two goons who know her best, they know it's not a fun grin. Even knowing that, the words that drop from the off-white Mare's mouth are not the most welcome of orders.

"We do our job, boys." she says with a voice sweet as poisoned honey. "Obviously this piddly little port can't afford a proper security force, and they haven't bothered to send word to Canterlot for help. Obviously the Drunk Mayor Salty isn't going to take care of us herself, so she's sent…this. So we do what we usually do, boys. Blow the dang ship up. Sink it, and everyone who's on it."

"Boss…? What if there really are foals on board?" Rock'em asks, one eyebrow lifted. He doesn't /usually/ question orders, but then those orders don't usually involve the potential harm of young'uns either.

"What if there are?" Maddie quips, head turning to regard Rock'em with pins for pupils. "I should show mercy? I should let them pass? Pretend they don't exist? Apparently only the kids of this joint are willing to take me seriously." She turns back to the harbor waters, her grin only getting wider. "It's only proper to return the favor. You have your orders. Call it in, before I buck that headset off your head and do it myself."

More activity buzzes across the whole fleet of Syndicolt ships. Now that the flagship's been alerted, it seems the whole pack of Syndicolt ships have gotten the message that there is 'a threat' to be dealt with. The flagship itself would be most noticable, with many /many/ portcullis opening along the side to display a shiny cannon in each one. Prepped and ready for fire, no doubt!

On the deck of the ship, Maddie speaks into the headset, whilst perched on a very much unconscious Rock'em. "…Be ready to fire on my command. Let them get a little bit closer~"

As the ships draw nearer, and danger grows closer, Captain Lavender shouts: "Fiiirree!"

The command is given and the red glare and black smoke of the prank cannons fill the air in front of the ships. Packets the size of a pony's head rocket forth, exploding on inpact of the deck with a wave of sticky every-color tendrals ensnaring those unlucky enough to be caught in the random barage. Other pirates toss smoke granades on the deck and side of the ship, keeping the boat true to its namesake a Mirrage to the oncoming storm of enemies.
Fidget for her part doesn't get to enjoy the majority of if after she echo's her captain's order to fire she is launching herself to the aid of Jelly and his tied hoof. "Hold I I'll get you!" it isn't till she gets there she realizes there she has no idea what to do with a knot. "Ponyfeathers! How did you get this tangled!"

"That's our signal!" Stormsailor says as he sees the blockade vessels begin to alter their course and ready their weapons. He can barely see the thing causing the disruption— a single ship, maybe? Whatever it is, it's enough to distract the Syndicolt. "Full ahead! Let's see some wind in those sails, I want to get to the harbor before these jerks have a chance to change heading and come 'round at us!"

The Pride of the Seas creaks as its sails unfurl and fill with air, a steady tailwind bringing them to speed rather quickly. "Starcaster! Give us a shield of light!" the captain shouts at an elderly, bespectacled unicorn on the deck who is watching the blockade with an expression of muted consternation. "They're bound to spot us sooner or later and I don't want any new portholes in the side of my ship!"

"Of course, Stormsailor," the unicorn says, long beard blowing in the sea breeze. His horn glows purple as a white, nearly-invisible shield flashes into being around the Pride which glimmers in the sunlight. He resumes frowning at the escalating conflict they sail towards as his captain looks through the spyglass again.

Jellybean scratches his noggin, still swinging back and forth in the breeze. "Well," he says, "I just remember that one thing was tied up kinda hard, and I tried to use my teeth to help only that didn't help but the other side came down real fast all of a sudden and it startled me so I turned around but my leg was caught in the rope already but now it was even worse because it was looped around and that's when it got complicated."

Siyana turns her attention back to the Syndiboats as Fidget fires their first barrage of gum and smoke. And that's when she spies Stormsailor's boat, by its peculiar flash of light from the shield glinting in the sun. "H…hey, Cap'n, there's another boat coming! And…and I think the main boat's opening up the cannons…"

Lavender lowers her head from the rails, "If there's two Syndicolt ships…we'll just take 'em both out! Aaaarrrrh!" C'mon girls, once they get close enough, get ready to board!" She takes her wooden sword in her teeth, and the other pirates (while tending their duties) make themselves ready as well. Even if the ship does limp a little thanks to Jellybean… "'At means you, too, pegasus!"

Mad-Mare rolls 1d10 (How many ships are there again?) — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

(OOC) Mad-Mare has six fleet ships! Yay!
(OOC) Stormsailor would laugh if that rolled a 1.
(OOC) Mad-Mare expected a 1.

Sadaka blinks and gulps a bit, taking a deep breath and skittering over to Lavender's side, holding the sword tightly and trying not to look nervous.
Gum bombs and smoke bombs… A very tricky combination to be sure! Maddie looks properly irked that the pirate ship got off the first shot, her (vast) deck getting pelted with the sticky-stinky-smoky substances. Lucky for her, she has Sock'em and that shade-umbrella nearby to take a couple of the gum-hits. Some of her crew aren't so lucky, getting pinned down by surprisingly sticky bouts of gum and whatnot.

The cannons, however, don't appear to have cared what happened on the deck at all! Many pairs of eyes peer out around the gleaming barrels of each Syndicolt cannon, waitinng for that signal from their esteemed boss. This..seems close enough, the Mad Mare's breath soft like a breeze on the headset.


Oh the kabooms! Bangs of so many cannons fill the night air, a whole line of them from the flagship, and a good handful of extra shots making a crossfire from the four or five other ships that followed Maddie's orders to center in on the oncoming pirate ship. So many cannonballs… Such a small ship!

For the moment, Stormsailor's ship very much gets ignored. Mostly. The little lightshow created in passing does alert a few ponies on a ship they happen to be passing by, causing a few shouts among the crew to get their sails in gear so they can give chase. Can't let a tradeship get past without a fight, darnit!

Lavender screams, "Yeaaaarrhhh!" as the guns begin to fire on both sides! The banging, the blasting, the ear-shattering noise… but what's this…prank cannons aren't supposed to send splinters of wood everywhere?! She hauls up onto the rails as the deck starts to shatter from all directions. The Mirage's cannons never get a chance to reach their iron shot. The explosions, in a kind of slow-motion for those inexperienced in sea warfare, suddenly give way to screams. Not all of those chimerical pirates were lucky enough to avoid the sprays of wood splinters! The Captain's voice is suddenly panicked, and she yells, "Board! Now!!" She looks to Sadaka and Siyana, and prepares herself to leap just as soon as they do. The chimerical pirates which are still on their feet are already swarming over as the Mirage lists!

Jellybean finally manages to free himself from the tangle of ropes and leaps across to the enemy ship, landing in what is possibly the least intimidating display of swashbucklery in the history of piracy. For starters he's holding the sword in his mouth by the blade. At least it's wooden.

Siyana was already tense as she saw the pitted, weather-worn iron cannons in Maddie's ship: cannons that fire bubblegum don't look like /that/. They don't have the telltale crust of gunpowder and singed metal. The frozen zebra stares in horror as the cannon balls rip into the ship, sending splinters everywhere. With a yelp, she jumps on Lavender's orders toward the ship, to land on the rail by forehooves only, kicking her hind legs. But with a fierce growl, she scrambled up flinging herself onto the deck. "'ake 'is 'ew /ruffians/!" she growls.

Sadaka freezes as well at the sudden bangs and loud splinters, eyes wide in alarm. She hears the order to jump, but for a moment looks like she's /highly/ considering staying right where she is, thank you very much. Until the ship starts tilting, that is. With an alarmed yelp she scrambles after Siyana, trying to remember all the jumping techniques she'd mastered by trying to learn to fly. It seems to work, as she manages a pretty impressive leap for her size, landing in a clatter of hooves on the opposite deck.

High above still fiddling with Jellies entrapped hoof as the cannons roar. Ears pealign back against the horrid sound. "Hey we didn't use live ammo!" she grunts in rubbing her head, glad she wasnt' any closer than she had to be. Not one to really carry a sword she start pulling eggs from her pack and tossing them into the other ships, zipping as fast as she can so no other pegasi can really keep a track on her … of course she tires easily its only a matter of time …
(OOC) Fidget: er tha was me

Such sudden chaos! Cannonfire hardly fazes the Syndicolt commander, Maddie all grins at the sight of splinters, and odd pirate ponies meeting a watery grave… Of course, there's plenty of them actually boarding her ship, and that will have to be dealt with, but Maddie at least gets the happy sight of her handiwork first. "Sigh~"

Oh, right! Company! Sock'em's already folded the umbrella up, using it as a makeshift weapon to fend off a couple of the boarding chimeraponies, sending one or two of them off the side to deal with their wrecked boat. Rock'em's still knocked out, so that leaves pretty much Maddie, Sock'em, and a few Syndigoons on the deck's top, what ones weren't gummed up.

Not to mention the rest that are /in/ the ship. Or the four other ships sailing closer post-barrage to see about lending their help to their esteemed boss. Goons vs. Chimera! And the Mad Mare, standing proud before a group of foals. Foals!

Elsewhere… One ship has turned to two. Now that the flagship's being boarded, and the pirate ship is no longer a major concern, Storm's ship has gathered more attention! They're making a move to be sure, one ship trying to turn itself in the weak harbor winds to bring cannons to bear, the second ship making more of a bee-line to see if it can't intercept Stormsailor's path. Not called a blockade for nothing, right?

Siyana draws to her hooves, frantic, and runs over to Sadaka's side to protect the flat zebra. "Arr!!!" she growls, swinging the sword around inexpertly. Though she may have been a crewmember on the Destiny, she never actually /swashbuckled/. So she just does her best, threatening oncoming ponies with her sword.

"Stormsailor!" a voice calls from behind the captain of the Pride of the Seas. "We have to help that ship!" It's the skunk-striped pegasus from before.

"I don't think so, kid," the older stallion replies as they come even with the Syndicolt fleet, seeing that they've been well and thoroughly noticed and that at least one ship is on an intercept course. "They should've thought about it before trying to take on that fleet single-handedly. Starcaster, can we get any more wind in our sails?"

"Not if you want to keep the shield up," the old unicorn says calmly.

Stormsailor grumbles something unintelligible before saying, "Alright, keep the shield up."

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(OOC) Stormsailor throws flour in Sadaka's face.
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The S.S. mirage's deck creaks with a horrifying noise, then finally splits clean in half. The ship collapses on itself not far behind the ponies' hooves and begins to slip beneath the waves at a truly alarming rate. A voice from the water calls out, "Captain! I—", then slips under in the vortex that the ship created. Lavender looks back with a gasp, and briefly fumbles for a name that doesn't even exist…but there's just not even any time. She takes up that sword and stands firm with the other fillies, lunges forward threateningly at the Syndicolt sailors when she has room to push the advantage…and there! Their leader! The one who's been holding the town under her iron hoof. "We are taking your ship!" Lavender calls out to her around a mouthful of sword-hilt.

The chimerical pirates are fighting with naked steel, but only with marginal skill. Some of them manage to draw blood from the Syndigoons, but no true wounds. Still, they are clearing a path between the fillies and the Mad Mare.

This is really bad. Fidget isn't sure witch way to go as she sees the ship rip clean in half. "Oooooooh horse apples!" she screatches and spralls down towards the ship looking franticly for any ponies that didn't make it off the boat. One of the other young fillies from school is dredged up and the young mare's wings fight ever so hard to keep alfloat in the air. "H-hold on I'll get you … um-" she glances around at all the enemy ship surounding them. "… safe." ears drooping all at once. "Captain!?! What do we do!?" Flying the filly up into the the deck of the made mare and almost colapsing as seh does so.
Jellybean is freezing up. It sounded like a fun little adventure but there are PONIES FIGHTING and pretty soon one is going to get HURT and why is everypony so obsessed with PIRATES anyway when he was a foal he played HOUSE! What we're getting at here is that after looking big-eyed at the pirates for a few minutes Jellybean freezes up like a plank and falls over.

Sadaka scrambles upright shakily and grabs for her sword; she'd wound up with a metal one at least, not that she had any clue how to use it properly. She looked around at the much larger pirates wide-eyed, ears back nervously.

D'awww. Even when they're being threatening, the little foal 'pirates' are just so adorable…

The chimerical pirates may not fight with much skill, but let's be honest. Goons are goons, and these are low-ranked ones at best. It's probably an even fight on that front, for the moment. It's the sounds of a ship's horn coming from one of the other Syndicolt ships that says how the odds will be in just a few more minutes.

The Mad Mare, naturally, is more than holding her own against the wish-created creatures, bucking her fair share of the pirate-dressed things into crumpled heaps or off the boat entirely. By the time the path is clear, like a magic aisle between foals and Mare, she's worked herself into a sort of battle frenzy! Pins for puils, mussed mane, a couple cuts here or there to add a crimson streak to her pelt, the Admiral of the Syndicolt Fleet eyes the only ponies that look /different/ from the pirate-like riffraff, in much the same way a starving animal eyes a free meal.

"You! You're late. So late… I had to entertain myself with these..things… And then I had to make them sleep~" Maddie gives a giddy giggle, a happy prance even. "Oh I /must/ thank you! You made my night so exciting with this! But I'm afraid it's getting late…" The Mad Mare bends her head down, plucking one of the fallen pirate's swords up. Naked steel glimmering in the now moonlight. Her eyes are focused on Lavender, being in the front of the group and all, and with a sword of her own. "Are you the leader? Oh it doesn't matter… You're first!"

Slow motion would be appropriate here, of Maddie leaping right into action, sword extended from her head, gleefully grinning around the hilt. Of Sock'em, dropping the umbrella he'd been using to fend off pirates and just barely missing trying to tackle Maddie from something to bold as skewering a /foal/! And of the chimerical pirate that picks the most opportune moment possible to leap ever so heroically in the way, ensuring that Maddie's skewering has to go through him first, with all the sickening sounds of tearing flesh and blood splatters that comes from a sharp object going through a body, the bloodied pointed end of the sword used coming out the other side for Lav's viewing pleasure…

Meanwhile, the two ships seem to have decided on a course of action in dealing with Stormsailor's bold attempt to break through amid the chaos. Cannons in order, one Syndicolt ship starts firing at the light-covered craft so long as it's in range to do so, trying to slow it down enough that the intercepting ship can shift to a collision course. No question about it, they're trying to use the iron hull to crush the Pride of the Seas!

As for Fidget… No sooner does she collapse on the deck than a surprise attack is launched on her behalf! By none other than Mr. Gasmask! Where'd he come from, anyway? Oh… Seems he was flown in on a couple pegasus of his own. With his net. You didn't think he'd let the chance to catch the kid who egged him pass by, did you? "Nyahaha! Gotcha you little egg-throwing runt!" One foal down! Four more to go?

Siyana's eyes widen a bit as she watches the pirate homunculus get skewered through. She's not exactly a stranger to violence, being already a pirate and all, but she's not usually /this/ up close and personal to it. But, panting fast and steeling her courage, she races toward Maddie, swinging her sword heroically like the little ankle-biter she is!

Sadaka gives a horrified squeak as the poor pony-looking creature got skewered not too far away, nearly dropping her sword and backing up a pace or two, but stopping when she realized this had her a little too close to the railing for comfort. "Siyana!" Her companion's charge forward brought her a step forward as well, but she looked a bit too shaken to bring herself to charge with her.

The foal captain forces herself to be brave against this most terrifying of foes, and for her part she does start to advance before the Mad Mare leaps. Lavender lifts her wooden sword in a way appropriate to that slow motion, lifts it bravely but uncertainly to parry in a motion that might not quite work…and then her eyes widen, as wide as they can, as a member of her crew jumps in and is skewered right before her… She starts to scrabble backwards with all four hooves, sliding a little on the deck, and turns her head to the side as a the blade comes out the other side and produces a small spray of blood across her. She drops her sword and screams, and clatters closer to the side of the ship and out of the way, suddenly shaking, with nothing certain. But Siyana has charged in, and she cannot abandon her friend…so Lavender charges back in again, head low, terrified tears starting to stream from her eyes as she seeks to headbutt the Mare.

Mad-Mare rolls 1d10 (Brave Siyana!) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

"We've almost made it…" Stormsailor growls as he runs down the deck, eyes to the skies as cannonballs impact the shield with flashes of light. "Darn moonlight, it doesn't power the shield half as well as the sun." He gaze moves to the rapidly approaching Syndicolt ship. "Bring us Starboard a bit, if we can throw off their heading they may pass by us instead of intercepting, that may buy us enough time to get to sho— hey!" His path is abruptly cut off by the pegasus dropping in front of him. "Darn it, Lightning, what now?"

"Storm, look at /that/ ship," he says urgently, gesturing towards the sinking wreck of the mierage. "I just did a pass to see what was going on. It's not sailors from the harbor, it's a bunch of foals!"

The captain is taken aback by the news. "What!?" he yelps, "Foals? You've gotta be kidding me!" The spyglass is raised once more and pointed at the flagship. There's a bunch of pirates… the most stereotypical ones he's ever seen, no less. And… "Celestia almighty, you're right!"

Lightning nods emphatically. "We're gonna turn around and help, right?"

Storm groans at the idea of having to take his ship into harm's way, but… "Yeah, I guess we are. It's up to you to get our heading changed, though. Put those wings to work and give us a stiff wind we can change our course to!" He looks at the rest of the crew on deck. "Change of plan, fillies and colts. We're gonna charge headlong into the blockade! I'm going to my quarters to prep, be right back!"

The two ships trying to catch the Pride of the Seas are going to be in for a surprise. The ship slows down obligingly… then begins to sink as the ocean itself seems to draw away from the hull, making a sort of crater in the surface of the sea. The rushing sound of an incoming tide fills the air as the water rushes back into the hole, twisting the Pride as if it was in an eddy and causing the galleon to turn unnaturally fast. In seconds its heading has changed completely and it's now barreling towards the fleet— hopefully at such an angle that the intercepting ship won't have enough room to turn and stop them.

Such bravery! It does not deserve to go unrewarded! Especially since Maddie hadn't quite let go of her sword yet, post-skewering of the nameless heroic pirateclone. She left herself embarassingly open to random sword slashes, and pays the price in a bloodied flank, sliced right along her mark! This sends a scream through the Mad Mare's throat, sharp and shrill, the immediate instincts to such a painful slice being immediate and violent bucking! "I'm going to SMASH YOU!" the Syndicolt leader cries, blood, sweat, and little foal tears all over the place. Kicks for Siyana! Kicks for Lavander! Kicks for anyone that gets too close!

As for the ships on Stormsailor's front… That was a very nifty trick! It did indeed do the job of neatly outmaneuvering both of the Syndicolt ships that had been chasing, the one that had gone for ramming interception ending up careening into the nearby shores. Whups! But will he make it in time to save the foals? It may be close, already two of the remaining ships have planked with the flagship, the army of goons arriving to surround the poor would-be pirate foals growing. Odds of escape are dwindling ever lower…

Lavender topples on backwards, head over hooves as she catches a kick to the face, a nasty hit that's guaranteed to turn into a black eye. She rolls herself over and leaps back to her feet, looking around. There's no ship to flee too, nothing left to do but fight! Lavender grabs the nearest weapon she can find, an actual metal sword dropped by one of her pirates before he pitched overboard, and charges back in again…swordtip trailing along the deck before she hefts it up to try for a swing. Her crew are doing a good job of keeping the goons away from this melee, but they don't have the numbers to do a darn thing about the others. "Siyana! Sadaka! You have to get out of here!" she

Sadaka rolls 1d2 (brave or scaredypony?!) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

Siyana gets a hoof straight to the face, and the hilt of her sword kicked more into her mouth, as she's right there when Maddie goes… well, mad. She yelps in pain and staggers backward, weapon dropping from her grip. "Cap'n!" she wails, spitting out a tooth or two. And a little blood. "We can't leave wiffout you, Cap'n!"

Prancepranceprance ohmanohman what do I do what do I do? Sadaka is certainly not well-composed in situations like this. A little better than Jellybean maybe — she's still conscious — but definitely in panic-mode. But her friends are fighting! And in trouble! With a frightened wail that is in no way any sort of effective battlecry she leaps into the fray, gripping her sword tightly and trying to swing it at Maddie's flailing legs.

Mad-Mare rolls 1d2 (Traumatic for Everypony?) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

"Keep that shield up until the last second, Starcaster!" Stormsailor calls out to his wizard as he bursts forth from his ready room. Whatever preparations he's done must have been either mental or magical because he's dressed exactly the same as he was and doesn't seem to be sporting any equipment he didn't already have on him. "Put as much juice into it as you can! I know the moonlight's not doing us any favors but we'll need all the protection we can get when we hit the hornet's nest!"

The Pride of the Seas continues its suicide charge towards the Syndicolt flagship, the white shield looking a little more opaque thanks to the extra power being poured into it, but not by much. Gangplanks are readied for their own impromptu docking, but it'll be a little longer yet before they're able to pull alongside— still plenty of time for the pirates to retaliate to the Pride's brazen maneuvers.

With all her mad kicking, it would seem that it wouldn't be too hard to get another nick or two in on Maddie! But her madness is more than just going berserk. She earned her nickname, darnit. Madness isn't just a game for her. It's her way of life! Several kicks scored, Maddie just barely manages to land on her rear hooves and rear back to avoid Lav's deft swipe, though Sadaka's surprise swing manages to nick the mare on one of those hooves. She growls in annoyance at the two-pronged attack by scared fillies, reaching for the next available object to get in her mouth to fight back with.

Unfortunately that ends up being Sock'ems umbrella, her goonpony finally catching up to the whirlwind of bloodshed. Ripped right out of his mouth, and granted a swift hoof to the face even! Those traitorous dogs, they're going to get theirs later… The umbrella is then wielded like some fancy, frilly rapier, to further fend (and hopefully back) the fillies towards the railing!

There's…even more shouts now, the two ships that have already planked with the flagship pointing at the white 'ball' of a ship careening into the fray! One thing after another! This provides a great distraction for the foals though, since now some of the goon gang splinters off to prepare for another crazy captain. The only cannons they can bring to bear without hitting their own ships are the ones on the flagship's side, several of them going off in the admittedly small hopes that their iron is stronger than this weird light magic!

Lavender rolls 1d10 (Can Lav handle a real sword at /all/?) — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

(OOC) Siyana: Haha, straight up the middle.
(OOC) Sadaka: she is evenly adequate at it!
(OOC) Stormsailor: Averagely!

Siyana rolls 1d10 (Last ditch effort!) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

(OOC) Siyana: Hey not bad.
(OOC) Lavender: Nah, 10 is 'adequate'. 2 or 3 is 'barely avoids severing own hoof'.
(OOC) Siyana XD

Sadaka rolls 1d10 (Any sword skills whatsoever?!) — Result: 4 | Sum: 4
Stormsailor rolls 1d10 (Am I awesome?) — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

With flashing steel, Lavender circles around the evil Mad Mare. There's only so many directions she can kick at once! She darts and stabs forward with persistence, at least. When she takes a jump back to figure out what the commotion is about, she mumbles "I think we're being rescued, girls!" and then leaps back into the fray, seeking to distract that evil mare from her friends.

Siyana rolls 1d10 (How coordinated are you, Siyana?) — Result: 1 | Sum: 1
Siyana rolls 1d10 (And how badly did that go for you?) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7
Siyana rolls 1d10 (Rallying?) — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Huffing and puffing and feeling rather flaily, Siyana races around opposite of Lavender, wholly intent on getting a flank or maybe confusing the Syndicolt leader. But, no, she runs head-first into Lavender. BONK. She staggers backward, thankful that she has no sword in her mouth, though she's got a new nasty deep cut on her cheek from Lavender's blade.

The zebra reels a little from the pain, as tears stream down her cheeks, but she whirls on Maddie. "You're a /big/ /MEANIE/," she shouts, racing forward to LEAP onto the mare and /bite/. Hard. And also scream a bit. Because she is a zebra full of ADRENALINE

Sadaka backs up again quickly, trying to stay out of the way of the kicks. Rescue? Rescue would be good. She swings the sword again, but by this point everyone's moved and it's not like she's good at aiming anyways. So she gives up on the sword and charges in again, little hooves flailing as she tried to kick her or trip her up or do /something/ useful. "L-leave my f-friends alone!"

The first few cannonballs against the Pride spark and flash against the shield of light, dropping harmlessly into the ocean. After the first volley a bright, glowing crack spiderwebs across the side of the shield. This is Stormsailor's cue to shout, "Drop it now! All hands, prepare to get the heck outta Dodge! Blossom, Lightning, you're with me!"

The white light dissolves and a gangplank is roughly pushed over the edge of the galleon, one end landing roughly on the deck of Mad Mare's vessel. "Show's over, folks!" the blue pony declares as he foregoes the plank entirely and simply leaps from one ship to the other in a display of agility. The pinto pegasus flies across, leaving the only one to take the gangplank to be a little brown filly whose bright orange mane is done up in puffy pigtails. A strong scent of flowers wafts across the deck as they arrive, a calming lavender scent which just might be distraction enough for this dumb maneuver to work.

The leader of the crew charges straight at Maddie, pivoting on his front hooves so he can give her a buck she'll remember with all the force those great big draft horse haunches of his can muster. "Try picking on someone bigger than you for a change, huh?" Stormsailor grunts. He turns around again so he can keep his eyes on the pirate captain and his back towards the relative safety of his own ship.

"This way, girls!" the brown filly shouts as she comes up behind trio of foals fighting for their lives. "The Pride can take you back to town, please hurry!"

As for Lightning? He's flying above the heads of Mad Mare's crew, trying to kick ponies as he passes and be a general nuisance so that they're distracted from the rescue effort.

What is this? Adult ponies get skewered by the wayside, smashed apart, beaten down. But three little fillies come aboard, and the mighty Mad Mare can't seem to get her way! Just when she thought she had a good run going, one filly decides to go ballistic and leap upon Maddie's face, prompting her to drop her umbrella to deal with this new problem. Biting there hurts! Surely it doesn't help the rage factor either, prompting Maddie to shake her head violently in attempts to dislodge the striped menace latched onto her so!

So much flaililng, and Sadaka and Lav still trying to get their licks in too, but between the three of them a few scratches and admittedly painful bruises are the best wounds produced. It's probably just dumb luck that Maddie manages to shake free of Siyana's grasp, just in time to receive a hoof to the nose! This time it's Maddie who flies, back into a pile of downed goons and pirates alike, tumbling head over rump and settling in a sprawl. It would be the perfect moment to escape, what with the Syndicolt leader very much stunned for a couple seconds…

Better make it quick though. Already the crews of the linked ships are ditching the planks, eager to turn to a proper angle to blast the offensive ship to the depths of the sea, and those cannons already on Mad Mare's ship don't take /that/ long to reload. Not with a crack team of zebra cannoneers working double-time to make with the big booms!

Lavender shrieks, "It's time to go~, girls!" She whirls back and forth to make sure she runs in the right direction, then can't resist leaping onto a certain mare with all her little weight on her back hooves before she starts to sprint off toward the Pride, nudging Siyana and Sadaka as she goes, weapon dropped and forgotten.

WHUMP! Siyana thumps onto the ground after Mad Mare flung her free, the little zebra seeing stars. And the first thing she sees is Sadaka flailing a weapon at the mare. "Whoa, go Sadaka!" she gasps. But Lavender's summons get her on her hooves again, as they race toward salvation, the worse for wear after their ill-plotted pirate encounter.

Sadaka squeaks and stumbles back, only to stumble dazedly off THATAWAY at the sudden nudging. Where were they going now? She had no clue, but as long as it was 'away' she was eager to go! As long as Siyana and Lavender were both there. Which a quick glance told her they were, so /away/!

"Go!" shouts Stormsailor as Blossom leads the fillies and whatever pirate stereotypes are still 'alive' make their way to the Pride of the Seas. "Go go go go!" he repeats as he takes to the gangplank, his crew pulling it back on board behind him. "Starcaster, shield!"

"I'm casting as fast as I can, Stormsailor," the old unicorn replies leisurely as his horn glows a regal purple. "I can only gather so much moonlight with clouds getting in the way."

The captain growls in response. "Lightning! Clear the skies so Starcaster'll stop whining!" he shouts to his pegasus, who heads skywards as ordered.

The Pride of the Seas lurches away from the flagship and turns towards the town, leaving its rear exposed to the fleet as they struggle to get the defensive spell cast once more.

Oof! Lavander's extra hop on the Mad Mare shakes a few of the cobwebs away, allowing the Syndimare to struggle back up to her hooves, in time to watch the three fillies zooming away, and the heroic newcomers handily holding back the majority of her goonsquad. She scowls…but her face no longer carries that particular brand of mindless madness and rage. Instead it's a mask of calm she wears, stepping her way to the edge of the ship, watching as the Pride of the Seas begins to lurch away from the Syndicolt ships, and towards the relative safety of harbor.

Not even five seconds later, Maddie's bounded down into the belly of the iron beast, shouting orders to her cannon squad to load up the cannons with her 'special blend' cannonballs, packed with extra firey brimstoneish explosives. Just the thing to teach a fleeing ship a lesson! She doesn't even bother waiting to give the command to fire, instead lighting the cannon fuses herself before they're even fully packed, making for one close call when both cannons go off, shooting their fiery payloads at the back of Stormsailor's ship! These particular cannonballs, so packed that they were, they both explode before they quite reach their intended target. But this might be just as bad as if they'd made contact, as this causes a fiery concussion to rock the boat, and perhaps spit a fiery mess to contend with to boot!

Lightning clears the sky a mite too slowly as a cannonball violently explodes just shy of the Pride, swiftly followed by a second which would in any other situation have gone wide but instead sends a shockwave through the ship as it explodes mere feet starboard of vessel. The mighty galleon's hull shudders and rocks violently, churning the water below into a froth. Veteran crew brace themselves against the onslaught, but the fillies who were just brought aboard likely don't have the experience necessary to think to do that. Let's hope none of them were hanging around too close to the railings.

A few seconds after those first two strikes Starcaster finally completes the shield of light, creating a new bubble of protection around the ship to ward away any more incoming fire as the Pride rides the rising tide back to the harbor.

Lavender shrieks and cowers on-deck. Now that she's out of any kind of melee, bravery is much overrated! She hides behind a mast, peeking out to see what's going on, ducking back when things explode. Her position helps her not tumble all over the place, but it's still awful rocky! As for the chimerical pirates…none of them made it to the Pride. The remainder that weren't overboard are lying in a heap, unconscious, on board the Mad Mare's ship.

Sadaka scrambles over to the other boat and stands panting, quivering, and just looking generally terrified. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Bad. /Bad/ just happened. She is turning shakily to see if Lavender and Siyana are alright when there's another loud BANG and the boat rocks, flinging the already unsteady zebra off her hooves and toppling over the railing she hadn't thought to get away from this time with a wail, flailing frantically.

Siyana skids and stumbles into the Pride and promptly faceplants, only to get tossed roughly into the side of the boat as it rocks. "Lavender!" she yelps, forgetting her friend's captainship for now — though as Events transpire, her voice pitches up a notch: "Sadaka!!!" Yet, the boat is far too unsteady for her to even think about jumping in after her, as the most able pirate pony. She's only a filly!

Back at Mad Mare's ship, Maddie's back on deck. This time flanked by the pair of cannoneer zebras whom helped her with that parting shot. It wasn't the awesome ship-sinking explosion she had hoped for, but the sight of one of the fillies going overboard pleases her. That'll make up for the biting.

The twin zebras, on the other hand, look…odd. Like they're just remembering something unpleasant, and looking to each other to see if the other remembers it too. "Sa…" "…daka?"

Lavender shuts her eyes tight against the bright flash, and when she opens them again, there is but a single zebra on-board and Siyana is yelling. "Wha— ? Sadaka, where are you!" When the boat next rocks towards the side where she last saw that zebra, she uses it to slide along the deck to the railing and catches herself. "Did she fall in? Did she fall in?! Sadakaaaa! PONY OVERBOARD!" she screams, and looks frantically back and forth, trying to spot some striped sign of movement among the waves. She herself is all too eager to jump in— which is why it might just be fortunate that she sees no sign of Sadaka yet…

Siyana scrambles unsteadily to her hooves, and runs toward the opposite end of the boat to search. "Sadaka? Sadaka!! Where are you?!" Panic! Worry!

A few unpleasantly long, zebra-less moments pass. Suddenly, pony! Different pony. An ice-blue head pops above water, a weakly flailing zebraling hefted above water by the scruff of her neck. "Who's dropping zebras on me?!" The golden-eyed mare demands irratably around a mouthful of Sadaka, sounding for all the world as if she honestly expected somepony to have flung a drowning filly at her on purpose just for the fun of it all. This /town/. Harumph. >:|

So much screaming of that name! Maddie looks smug about it, from her ship's deck, setting her plot down to watch the show of Drowning Sadaka. The ship of light hasn't turned around yet. Apparently they don't care that one of the fillies they just risked their rears to save fell over. How nice! All /she/ lost were a few replaceable goons. And maybe a couple of bodyguards. Oh yes, their traitorous actions will not be forgotten or forgiven anytime soon…

The zebra pair have shifted. Instead of looking uncomfortable, they look downright pained with something that makes them both crouch down and put their hooves over their heads, shaking until it fades. With the fading pain, a memory leaps to both of the striped cannoneers at the same time, sparked by the sudden reappearance of Sadaka via merpony! "Sadaka!" they both cry in unison, promptly dashing past Maddie to leap into the bay waters, much to the Mad Mare's surprise, the pair apparently intent on swimming out to where Lorelei's got Sadaka held above water. "She's ours!" "We're sorry! Don't let her go until we get there!"

Maddie suddenly wishes she had something to eat while she watches this 'show'. That's the only thing keeping this from being the best night, ever.

"Seaponies!! No — zebras! Seaponies and zebras! Sadaka, don't worry! We'll save you!" It skips Siyana's brain that the zebras are calling Sadaka's name. Instead she flails her hooves as she tries to reassure Sadaka through interpretive dance?

Lavender can't quite hear what's going on from this distance…but she sees a merpony and, from what she's heard, knows that Sadaka can't be in danger of death any more at least. "Sadaka," she calls again at a lower pitch, but still pained…she looks back to Siyana, "I really hope she'll be okay. I'd still go after her but…there might only be one sea pony…"

The mermare peered over at the incoming zebras, obediently holding still and bobbing idly in the water, looking more miffed about the whole thing than actually concerned with what exactly was going on here (but then, why should she be, she had no idea what /was/ going on here except apparently it's raining zebras).

Sadaka on the other hand is a mess of panicked flails and tears, half trying to cling to the seapony, half just trying to get out of reach of the salty waves. Possibly on top of Lorelei's head.

Maddie has no food to scrounge up, but she does happen to locate a bullhorn! Handy things, bullhorns, always there when you need them most. The Mad Mare sets it up on its tripod right quick, clearing her throat through it, and then shouting at her wayward zebra cannon crewmembers. "If you two value your jobs, your lives, and your limbs, you'll drag that little squirt back here this instant!"

Naturally the zebras are completely ignoring their boss at the moment, intent on getting to Lorelei and Sadaka as quickly as possible, the pair trying to pry the poor half-drowned zebra from the seapony, and up onto their striped collective heads. "Sadaka!" "You're safe now… We got you." "We finally found you!"

"Thank you Ms. Merpony, you saved our daughter's life!"

Flail flail— … flail? Siyana blinks. And blinks again. "Wha— Sadaka's part of the /Syndicolt/??" she yelps in her astonishment, loud enough for the other zebra to hear. "But…" Oh her poor little head.

Lavender /shoulders/ Siyana. "No she's not! She just…lost her memory! You remember, right? So she doesn't remember if she was or not. But she's one of us now! Don't worry, I know Sadaka won't abandon us."

"Yeah, well, don't go dropping her next time," Lorelei sniffs as she hands her over, smoothing down her mane — needlessly, as it had hardly taken a ruffle at all. She peered up at the ships. "Think you're being yelled for."

It takes Sadaka a good few minutes to even start to calm down, clinging instinctively to the two zebras and quivering. Siyana's shout makes her prick her ears, but she doesn't really put too much thought into registering the words, because at the moment she's too busy wanting to go hooooooome, waaaah snifflesniffle.

(OOC) Mad-Mare is going to tease Blackbird with this, you know. By painting a buzzsaw in stripes and leaving it on his doorstep with a Sadaka nametag.
(OOC) Sadaka: XD poor Blackbird.
(OOC) Siyana: Oh my god XD
(OOC) Siyana: Do it do it. He's going to be /freaking out/. XD
(OOC) Mad-Mare: Oh it's done. It's /done/.
(OOC) Sadaka: 'come get your zebra! oh wait, you can't, she belongs to us! Officially and all that.'
(OOC) Siyana ahahahahaha XD
(OOC) Mad-Mare alters the nametag slightly to read Replacement Sadaka.
(OOC) Lavender: spppfffhahaha
(OOC) Mad-Mare: The other side reads: Cuddle Me.
(OOC) Siyana dies!!

"Oh right… Back to the ship!" "Thank you again!" the zebras call out to Lorelei, turning tail to start swimming back to the flagship. Back to Mad Mare. Back to the middle of the harbor's bay.

Completely surrounded. By. Water. And evil.

Mad Mare already has a wonderful idea. A horribly wonderful idea for that… That…hero. An idea that she makes arrangements for quickly, quietly, and with naught more than a giggle through the half-busted headset she's still somehow wearing through all that chaos. Blackbird will be getting a gift soon, and Maddie's only question is if she should have it delivered, or do it personally.

Oh yes. Personally. Definitely personally…