IC date: Summer 85
OOC date: September 13
Location: Portside
PCs: Sunshine-Stormcloud, Wishy-Washy, Moonglow, Ruby-Blossom, Makuru, Moon-Willow, Cross-Redfeather, Jellybean

Portside, near the Carrot Corner Cafe. It's a somewhat gloomy and overcast day, which is fitting given that Sun's Hibernation has begun and the weatherteams have been busy making cloudy days to cool the weather off with. It seemed like Summer just started and now it's going away…

But this isn't about the weather! This is about a lonely ol' warehouse building with a smashed in door, currently cordoned off with a rope and a sign that reads 'Do Not Cross, Investigation In Progress'. Just inside this perimeter of rope, two guards lurk, chatting with one another. One of them is Sunshine Stormcloud! Here because somepony took up her request of helping to investigate this 'crime scene', so now she waits for the help before she does anything herself.

Wishy-Washy shows up, her lucky Jambiya slung at her side as she walks on up. Her saddlebags slung over her back seem to be stuffed with things as well. "Sunshine! You are looking as radiant as ever!" The Saddle arabian chortles a bit at her bad pun. "I have heard you are in ndeed of assistance with an investigation?"

Then there's Ruby! The turquoise mare trots right up to the rope and sign. She looks straight at Sunshine then slowly extends her hoof until the tip gently taps the concrete on the otherside of the rope; stare - Ruby stares at Sunshine in what is a clear attempt to ruffle the mare's mane.

Did somepony call CSI? no, well the local doctor is still on scene! Dr. Redfeather is also somewhat lurking, more just keeping low and walking on pony level if anything, no fluttering, no flying just sticking with her beak to the ground more or less. She stops at the rope looking to the entrance "I'm looking to see if I may be of assistance in this investigation, I may lend any of my resources to the cause"

Jellybean flies down, landing gingerly. "What's going on here? Can I help?" Truth to tell, he's been a bit bored: the weather is settled into a nice, easy pattern, paperwork is getting taken care of and the rebuilding of the new weather shed is going nicely. So, you know, something to do.
And Moonglow, who's sticking her muzzle into Things Ponies Were Probably Meant To Know, Actually for a change. "So, Sunshine, I heard we were going to take a look at this warehouse, ah," and gestures at the whole smashy mess.

Sunny's ears perk! Ponies arriving! …Ponies and griffons. Ahhh yes. A whole cadre of hopefully heroic helpers, just in time! The off-white mare gives her Guardspony cohort a quick pat on a shoulder, then turns around to regard the arriving ponies. Wishy gets a smirk and a nod of her head. "Well hello! Why thank you, and yes. I do happen to need a little help." Ruby also gets a smirk. "If you cross that line you're gonna work. Just warning you now, Ruby." Then Cross and Jellybean, and Moonglow too! Sunshine waves a hoof. "Sure, sure. The more the merrier."

The Guardsmare also makes a gesture towards the bashed-in door. "Found out recently that I'm apparently the only member in the Harbor Guard now with some kind of investigation experience, and there's…a whole lot of things to look at. More than one lil' ol' mare can handle. So… Since I know at least some of you helped out a good deal with that Windigo issue, I figured it wouldn't hurt to enlist a little help with this, too."

Ruby offers Sunshine a broad if slightly sinister grin. "Behave, Sunshine or I'll sick my foals on you~" not a baseless threat to say the least. She then taps the cement several more times while STARING at Sunshine, all like 'look at me, what you gonna do about it!?'; clearly teasing the mare out of affection.

A little zebra colt wandering by happens to notice the police tape and the crowd of onlookers in front of the warehouse. "Ooh," Makuru says as he trots over, weaving between ponies' legs to get to the front of the group. "What happened here? Did somepony steal all of Miss Delight's Summer Squash Streusel? 'cause I'll be honest, that would be great, summer squash makes terrible streusel."

Wishy-Washy gives a quiet little nod to jellybean and Ruby before scooping up Makuru. "as bad as Hummus, little one?" a big grin spreads across her face as she looks at the zebra.

What's Sunshine going to do about it? She's going to sigh, trot up to Ruby, and boop the salon owner right on her nose. Boop. "Thank you, Ruby, for volunteering for foalsitting duty." She gestures towards Makuru. And Wishy-Washy by proxy.

Moon-Willow sighs and approaches the guard captain. "Anything new? I've been trying to see what I can learn on batponies but the only pony who knows anything would be Luna…maybe." she snickers at Wishys comment. Ahhh, the hummus.

Cross-Redfeather steps forward to help gladly giving a stance that is all 'big bold griffon' even though she's best at 'small quiet griffon' "I didn't get a chance to see where the commotion got off to, though heard the news through, well, ponies tend to talk" there is a shrug of shoulders and wings and a little chuckle, "So I've been 'informed' that there are missing foals involved and I wish to learn more of this horriffic act"

Gasp! "This is the worst thing ever." Ruby exclaims with mock horror. She waits for Sunshine to turn away before booping her flank in retalliation. She glances towards the crowd then scrunches her nose; not a pony here knows the truth!

Jellybean peers around. "Sure, I'll have a look. I mean, I don't know if I'll find anything. I never do. It just kinda happens, is all." His wings ruffle a bit as he ambles over the line and starts poking his snoot into things."

"Ah ri—eep!" Sunshine swats her tail at Ruby! Squint. Then she trots back towards the smashed front doors of the warehouse, "Anyway!" she huffs, shaking her mane to get it out of her eyes. "Yes. This was the site where we found a lost foal of non-Harbor origin. Belongs to a colony of ponies nearby in the mountains. Apparently they've been having problems keeping track of their kids lately, as they've been disappearing left and right, getting lost inside odd brown bags, and somehow ending up in random warehouses in our neck of the woods. So!" She gestures inside, where Jellybean is already poking his nose into. "If you find anything that doesn't look like it belongs in a bakery, I wanna know, because they claim this storage place should only have bakery goods and tools."

Speaking of the inside, Jellybean can see a small clearing where the smashed door pieces lay, surrounded by several stacks of boxes all marked with the Carrot Corner Cafe logo. Because they have their own boxes, don't you know. These stacks of boxes are arranged so that there's several pathways leading into the warehouse. Most of them look neat and organized, dusty hoofprints leading off down and back from each where boxes were probably either stored or carried back out.

One path looks more like somepony dragged something through it, the dusty streaks overriding hoofprints, leading deeper into the cluttered (and apparently bigger than it looks) building.

Ruby trots towards Makuru and Wishy. "Psst…" she leans forward. "Let's go find everything before all the other ponies - let's rush in!" Cause that's never a bad idea.

Cross-Redfeather joins up with the sneaky and quick on the clues Jellybean, then jumps to a brief hover to land herself diminuitively up upon the top of some of the more neatly stacked boxes, she doesn't wish to create a mess or anything, but perhaps an overhead view would gain a better perspective in this whole thing!

Jellybean nods to Sunshine. "Sure thing, Sunny." His wings flutter and his tail swishes with the sheer force of his desire to be helpful. He sees the drag-marks and, curious, starts following them. "Does this go anywhere interesting?"

Moonglow tries to not disturb the dust too much. Probably a lost cause, but still. Ah, nope, make that /definitely/ a lost cause, but still. She wishes she knew more about batponies. Are they actually like bats? Do they hang from rafters and stuff? The question seems horribly offensive somehow, but she's still looking at the ceiling..

Moon-Willow flicks an ear at Ruby. "I heard that." she snaps, "Leave it alone Ruby. You don't need another foal." she studies the dust disturbance and starts walking the path it has caused. Studying the surroundings closely and carefully.

Ruby glances over her shoulder towards Moon-Willow - expression doing nothing to hide her befuddled gaze. "Dunno how investigating equates adopting a colt who already has parents…" she shakes her head and scrunches her nose.

"Ooh, I like that plan," Makuru says excitedly (as if he can speak any other way) when Ruby suggests charging headlong into the unknown. "I bet I find something first!" And with that he darts past the other and into the depths of the warehouse, nary a care in the world for the dust he disturbs in the process.

Wishy-Washy nods and quietly lets Ruby lead the way before squeaking at makuru, trying her hardest to telekinetically scoop him up!

Ruby points at Makuru who rushes in "Oh no! The foal I'm sitting is getting away." and thus she rushes in after Makuru - posisbly hopping over Jellybean in the process.

Makuru is easily lifted off the ground by Wishy's levitation spell, his little legs still moving full tilt even though he's no longer touching the ground anymore. He doesn't seem to notice immediately.

Moon-Willow scowls. "Makaru! Stop it right now! If you mess up the dusty you could destroy evidence!"

Maybe twenty feet down the odd path out, the landscape of the warehouse begins to change. Where boxes had been stacked neatly and with purpose towards the front of the warehouse, the further one trots back the more unkempt, uneven, and just plain messy things become. Stacks of boxes and various bags of flour, sugar, or other goods go from stacked, to piled, and past a certain threshold, practically scattered about. In fact, the entire back-left quarter of the warehouse looks to have a whole jumble of various bakery objects strewn from one end to the other, like a minefield of flour bags, boxes of cupcake wrappers, and piles of cooking utensils. The aerial view of this is probably disturbing by the way it's really only a quarter of the warehouse that's so totally messed up. Like someone took a knife, sliced away that part of the warehouse, and shook all its contents up!

The dragging-path ends at the edge of this. Mostly because there's all sorts of piles of flour and powdery stuff everywhere, and no single trail to follow. There does seem to be a conspicuously bigger pile of flour towards the middle of this mess though, and several of the boxes look more disturbed than just having been thrown around. Cross in particular might notice one more obviously out-of-place object: A large, hanging cage suspended by a thick rope looped over one of the ceiling supports, the rope leading towards one of the walls and disappearing behind one of the piles of goods.

The zebra colt freezes in place when yelled at. He sloooowly looks over his shoulder, terror in his eyes at the idea that he might /destroy everything/. Then, and only then, does he realize he's not actually standing on the ground. With a yelp he stretches his legs out as far as they can go to try and get purchase on the warehouse floor but somehow only succeeds in unbalancing himself and winding up upside-down, still encased in Wishy's spell.

Jellybean blinks for a moment, then blinks again at the cage. "What do you think that's for?" he asks of Cross. "It doesn't look like it's good for holding things."

Cross-Redfeather gasps out loud and springs into flight "Somepony Hurry, I need a Mag-unicorn-flashlight! Look up there, They didn't just bag foals, THEY CAGED them!" The horror off this thing is evident in her gasp, and is that a rope, where does that rope go?

Makuru may be held by Wishy's magic but Ruby is free, and free means she's there just a few steps in front of Jellybean. That's right, she's frolicing in flours with Jellybean. As the cage is brought to her attention she glowers in motherly disaproval before trotting a little closer. "umn…I take it they don't use free range eggs then?"

Closer examination of the cage reveals that Jellybean is absolutely right. The cage is open at the bottom, and thus not very good for holding anything in the air. It also happens to be hanging high enough to not be immediately obvious unless one was looking up. Or, in Cross' case, already flying. It hangs right above where the biggest pile of flour sits on the otherwise messy warehouse floor.

Wishy-Washy drags Makuru close and sets the colt down over her back. "Don't worry, little one… just… think of it this way. If your friend raided the cookie jar and their hoofprints were all over the floor and you came into the kitchen, if you got your hoofprints all over? your parents wouldn't know if it was just your friend like you say or both you and them!"

Cross-Redfeather can see the cage clearly now but where does that rope lead, is it levers, pullys, or something else, it must drop it or something sinisiter, right? She flits over following the lead of the rope, down amid the mix of boxes and out of emediate eyesight of the others as they aren't flying like she is.

Moon-Willow flutters up to the cage. "Who would do this?! I don't want to believe anypony from here would DO this!" And where is Sunlight?!

The little zebra thinks about Wishy's logic for a moment. "No, I'm pretty sure they'd know it was just Freezy, 'cause I wipe my hooves off when I go inside and hers sometimes get kinda wet from when she hangs around in clouds." He stays put on the mare's back regardless. "This place is super creepy. What happened here?"

Ruby-Blossom scrunches her nose and mutters "I wonder if it's them…" glancing over her shoulder and towards the doorway where Sunshine stands.

Sunshine? She's hanging out outside. Talking with another Harbor Guard. Surely there's plenty of ponies inside the warehouse already poking their hooves into things.

Cross finds that the rope leads to a pulley on the wall, which leads further into a buried pile of junk… It might take a little effort to dig through that and find where else that rope leads!

Wishy-Washy walks up and finally does an illuminating cantrip, looking up at the cage. "… kinky. er… I mean… my shoulders would get all kinked up… if I was in a cage like that… y-yeah!"

Jellybean, meanwhile, looks away from the cage and related shenanigans and examines the pile of flour. "Is this all flour?" he asks himself and starts to gingerly brush away at it with a hoof.

Moon-Willow frowns. "Captain get in here! You have to see this!" she shouts. and she is VERY good at shouting.

Ruby glances towards Jelly and wanders a little closer to the large pile. She glances up at the cage then down at the flour, then at Jelly. "That's a decent attempt to hide a trap door I'd say." she'd know a thing or two about hiding things.

It is not all flour. Underneath the flour are…sparkley things. A small pile of sparkley things that look a lot like gold coins once there's enough flour scraped off of them. One shape isn't a coin though! It's red, and cinnamon-scented, and has a string attached to it that keeps it from moving more than a couple inches away from the gold pile…

Cross-Redfeather has that little effort! is that a short joke?! "Clutter, Clutter, doesn't anycreature have any sense of decorum, any cleanliness at all?!" grumblesnort, push, shove haul, TUG TUG TUG! she's trying to move stuff out of the way, "There's a Pully or something to lower this cage!" she shouts from her side of the warehouse

Moonglow looks at the cage, the rope, and the pile of flour. The whole thing is rather ominous. But, where there's a rope, there's a way, or something like that, so she flies over to where Cross is and peers at the junk, just as the foal starts poking at a haphazard pile of junk!

Makuru gives Wishy an odd look. "Miss Washy, how would you even get in that cage to get kinky in the first place? It's all the way in the air!" He wriggles off of the mare's back and looks around the messy warehouse. Since everypony else is looking around maybe he'll look at thi— ooh what's that it's shining. Like a moth to a lantern the zebra colt trots directly to Jellybean and the coins that have been sifted out of the flour. "What's that you've got there, Mister Bean?"

Cross finds that the rope leads under the pile! And under a lot of the flour, too! It gets thinner the more the gryph chases it, pointed directly towards a certain pile of flour-that-isn't-flour.

Unfortunately the act of uncovering the rope through great effort in moving junk around seems to have disturbed the rope somewhat. It makes an ominous 'twang' noise, as though some part of it might have snapped amid the movement of things. The good news is that it wasn't enough to break the rope! It does give a dark creak though, and may not hold up to the weight of that heavy-looking cage for long!

Jellybean waves ponies over. "Does anypony know what this is?" He sniffs the little red thing. "It smells like cinnamon." He pauses. Looks around. Pokes it with his tongue.

Wishy-Washy 's ears flick at that twang. "everypony, I highly suggest backing away from that pile of stuff… I think the cable holding the cage is about to give!"

Moon-Willow makes a dive for the pulley. "I need a unicorn that can levitate heavy things!" she moves the pully carefully but quickly. If she can move it fast enough it won't fall far.

Makuru is already right there since he wanted to investigate Jellybean's shinies! "Huh?" he says as the pegasus leans down to lick the mystery item on the ground. "Oh, that looks like a Fiery-Hot Dragonbreath Sucker from Mister Rush's candy store. They really make you breathe fire! I ate one once and burned off half of papa's tail, it was really funny! Until I got grounded for a week. That part wasn't so fun."

Ruby snags Jelly by the base of his tail and attempts to tug him backwards. "Back, Jellybean." She finds that this requires a better grip and throws her front legs around the stallion "Come come!" she emphasizes.

Cross-Redfeather squeaaawaks and clamors to try and get a talon around that line, maybe she can slow it down if it fails? , "I uhh, I think I almost broke something!" she kkree's outloud, She's got her wings almost out, like airbrakes, and is prepping to try and dig in with everything sharp, talons, claws beak maybe?!

Wishy-Washy moves into action as well, her horn glowing bright as she tries to take the whole cage into her telekinetic aura and simultaneously nudge Makuru out of the way from the cage!

Jellybean is, happily, both not terribly heavy and easily led around and so pulls back with relative ease. He looks up at the cage. "Oh, I guess that's what it's for. Maybe it's a boobytrap for thieves?"

Ruby-Blossom scrunches her nose "It's not a very good trap then." so says the resident thief.

The zebra colt yelps with surprise again as he's pushed aside, losing his balance and crashing into large, damaged back of flour. The top of the bag slumps down and dumps its contents onto poor Makuru.

Moon-Willow frowns. "If it looks like its gonna break I need every unicorn, Pegasus and griffin on it trying to keep it from hitting!" she orders sharply. The seriousness in her tone is serious and sharp.

Oh no no this isn't good. Moonglow's eyes dart to the rope, to Cross, and to the small gaggle of ponies under the cage. Who seem to be getting out of the way. Okay, then, the rope. Wings and teeth and straining and please don't fall and adrenaline makes for run on sentences in one's head.

Ruby glances at all the noise made by Makuru. "First time seeing an all white zebra." she glances towards the dangling cage then towards Moon-Willow. "Let it drop!" she bellows then repeats "Let it drop."

Between Cross, Moonglow, and Moon-Willow on the rope, and Wishy trying to keep the cage from falling, the rope doesn't quite break. It is, however, quite heavy for a cage, and looks big enough to encompass quite a big of floorspace if it were to fall. How long will ponies keep it held aloft? It looks like all the ponies made it out from beneath where the big ol' thing will drop.

Moon-Willow doesn't dare pull her gaze from the rope. "Alright. Let it go!" she orders, releasing her hold on the rope. She's trusting Ruby that everypony is clear.

"Wait, Wait let it drop?!" she is a bit confused by this, "Everycreature safe and out of harmsway?" asks Dr. Redfeather, she's flapping and straining and tuging, and not going anywhere, , "Oh, uhh is this a good idea? shouldn't we let it go easy, not just dropping it?!" Oh foo…

Wishy-Washy lets her horn rest as she pants a bit. "whew… not the biggest thing I've had to lift, actually."

Moonglow doesn't have much choice. The sensation of rope slipping through one's teeth is not a pleasant one, and she lets go with audible relief. Followed closely by cringing for the Very Loud Noise that seems inevitable..

Thus released from ponies-not-getting-smooshed duty, what's in those boxes up here anyway? They seem awfully shiny for baking supplies.. she noses over to take a look.

Ruby tugs Jellybean a little further away from what she is sure will be a spectacular little crash; Typhoon would kill her if she let anything happen to Jellybean. In process of tugging Jellybean back she gently bumps a stack of crates with her flank, and this prompts a blink from the mare whom releases Jellybean and takes a couple steps to the side to have herself a nice look while the crowd while everpony is fixated on the dangly cage.
Moon-Willow braces. This is going to be loud! she watches the crowd. What is Ruby doing? Hmmm. Has she found something?

Jellybean is fine, though he's got some flour on him. He goes 'hmm' and looks thoughtful for a moment. "I wonder if maybe they expected somepony to come looking? Maybe somepony who'd find the money and the candy but not look too carefully otherwise?"

Cross-Redfeather of course has to let go too else she get flung like a griffon in a slingshot. Otherwize the yeild would get her not-good-things, "Lookout Below!" she warns to anycreature in potential harms way.


Once released from the bonds of magic and mechanical force by way of ropes, the cage finishes its freefall motion to grant that loud, ear-splitting sound of metal crashing into wood, sending so much flour shooting up into the air! Poof! Things may be a little hazy for a bit, but at least the floor is clearer now! One can clearly see that the cage is fitting into an indent on the floor. Suggesting that it's fallen more than once…

Something clatters to the ground moments after the echo of the metal cage finishes bouncing off all the walls. It fell just within the cage.

Ruby and Moonglow happen to find that some of the boxes aren't full of baking supplies. They're full of shiny objects! Snowglobes? Check. Shiny marbles? Yep. Bottlecaps! Bits that have been shined to a gleam! Metal washers! One box even has a bunch of candy in it…

Wishy-Washy Is still thankfully relatively nearby the cage when it finishes falling. her horn lights up again to illuminate whatever fell inside the cage and gets ready to levitate it out.

Moon-Willow perks up at a concerning sound. "hey! I need somepony that's good with locks!" And why is Sunshine not here taking control of this madness?

Cut to Sunshine. Whom is now dealing with the owners of the Carrot Corner Cafe about the huge noise they just heard.

Ruby huffs quietly before glancing over her shoulder at the little mess the fallen cage has made - which isn't much of a mess at all. "Foal trap, huh?" Then there's a call for somepony who's good with locks - that'd be her; but she waits a moment to see if anypony else steps up first.

The Ghost of Winter Moon Past appears and begins groaning spookily! Or… maybe Makuru just climbs out of the toppled bag of flour and toddles around dizzily. "That was really loud, my ears are still ringing," he mumbles. "…oh, hey, look at me! I look just like Hoarfrost!" He begins to poing around the warehouse, leaving little floury hoofprints with each bounce.

The cage doesn't seem to have a door or a lock to pick. How odd! The objects that fell inside, however, are easily illuminated despite the dust-storm of flour that's settling about again.

There's two of them. One is a wooden sword. One that looks well used but lovingly cared for, and possibly sized to a foal. Stuck to this sword is a little blowgun dart with a bright red tuft.

that crash sound, such big noises, is something Dr Redfeather isn't well with, yes yes she knew it was coming, but it still startled her and thus it took her to flight, her fight-or-flight instinct tends for flight, and she's darn good at it, survival instinct is strong with this one yes, or panic, yes, that works too. Cross couldn't be much faster, or bested in flightspeed, as she's out that front door and past those guards like a scared housecat. She's GONERS!

Wishy-Washy grabs the sword and the blowgun with her magic carefully, starting to head straight back towards the door to the warehouse to deliver this particular clue directly to the guards.

Moon-Willow peers inside. "What the…Hn. Looks like you can see what they used to knock out the foals…" she follows wishy. She think the owner if the warehouse should be a suspect!

Ruby-Blossom watches Wishy-Washy snag the sword and carry them off. She srunches her nose "Grabby-Grubby." she mutters quietly before grinning; knowing that Wishy does rather enjoy being the star.

Moonglow indicates the boxes above. "There's a bunch of shiny junk up there. Foal bait, I'm guessing.."

Ruby-Blossom gets a moment later to follow Wishy-Washy on her journey to speak with Sunshine.

Moon-Willow flies fast and pulls ahead of wishy. "Captain." she greats sunshine. "Have you spoken with the owner of the warehouse?" she questions.

Wishy-Washy wrinkles her snout at Moon-willow jsut a bit, but politely waits for her to finish her business with Sunshine Stormcloud before she speaks with the town watchpony.

Jellybean whimpers, ears flapping shut against the awful din. His head's still ringing. "Is everypony all right?" he asks, quite loudly.

"Don't worry, we'll get the Guards to clean up the mess when we're done poking around." Sunshine says, giving the Carrot Cafe owner a nudge. "Just leave it all to us, I promise this is all very important."

Just then the investigators begin leaving the building. Sunshine perks her ears up, spinning on her hooves as ponies show up. "Geez… Could ya make a little more noise in there? I was hoping for a quiet investigation, not a demolition!" Huff! Sigh. She brushes her mane back with a hoof, squinting at Moon-Willow. "Uh. Yeah. They wanted to know what all the ruckus was about. Why?"

Moon-Willow narrows her eyes. "Because there was a hanging cage in there! They need to be brought in as a suspect!"

Ruby gently nudges Moon-Willow. "Calm down. You're always so demanding." she tells the pushy mare. "Personally, I think something else is going on, and somepony else is involved." she emphasizes somepony while locking eyes with Sunshine *hint hint*

Sunshine lifts an eyebrow at Moon-Willow. "I don't think that entirely qualifies them as suspects just yet. That's not typically how Guardwork works. If they knew they had a hanging cage in their warehouse, I doubt they'd agree to let us investigate it. It /is/ unusual though."

The Guardsmare blinks at Ruby next. Her head tilts. "Somepony…else?"
Ruby-Blossom waves a hoof dismissively. "Eh, what do I know."
Moon-Willow looks at Ruby intently. "You think you know who it is?"

Makuru is the next pony to come out of the warehouse, still covered head to hoof with flour. "Look at me, I'm a ghost!" he exclaims cheerfully to Sunshine, gold eyes wide and shining with barely-contained excitement.

Jellybean continues to look perplexed by the whole thing. Something doesn't seem right to him and it's making his brain all itchy. He trots out of the warehouse, puzzled.

Wishy-Washy speaks up as well. "we've found all sorts of non-baking baubles, possible gold coins, a giant cage booby trap and these." Wishy carefully lays down the sword and dart gun. "Don't worry, I used a low wavelengh levitation spell so any sort of magical ballistics team you turn it in should be able to tell my magic from any other that fooled with these objects. Given this warehouse's relatively close location to the docks, I would not be surprised if you had a trafficking problem on your hooves. I had friends when I was little whom made their way to saddle arabia through similar conditions."

Moonglow looks over to Jelly. "it's odd, isn't it? Either that bakery has some seriously sloppy inventory control or they're mixed up in this, but /that/ doesn't make sense, I mean, who doesn't notice that a quarter of their warehouse has been turned into a trap? Or storing a bunch of non-bakery stuff in a bakery? It just doesn't add up.."

Moonglow turns to Wishy. "Now that.. that makes sense."

Moon-Willow gasps. Foal trafficking?! she nods at Moonglow. "And the cage has been dropped before. If they heard it now there's no way they'd miss it before…"

Jellybean nods a little, taking in Moonglow's analysis. He comes to a conclusion. "I think I want a slice of pie now."

Hoo boy. The city is going to owe a few bits for this, isn't it. Sunshine smiles at Makuru and Jellybean anyway, patting the 'ghost' zebra once on his head. "That's adorable. Maybe you should go jump in the fountain real quick to get un-ghosted." She studies Jellybean's puzzled look, but doesn't have much time to pry yet, with other clues and stuff being presented. "You found… What?" The sword is especially squinted at. It looks oddly familiar.

"Foal trafficing. That's… A thought." Sunshine admits, nodding slowly. She makes a gesture to the nearby other Guardspony, whom produces a bag of sorts for Sunshine to carefully stow the wooden sword/dart combo in! "Right, we'll take a closer look at this stuff. Did you find..anything else?"
Wishy-Washy steps aside and lets everypony else that has something to present do so and speak their own theories now that she's had a chance to voice her thoughts.

In response to Moon-Willow's question Ruby laughs loudly and rub the back of her head with a hoof. "I haven't the faintest." she flat out lies, and she's a great liar. "Did we find anything else?" she asks curiously.

"No way, I've gotta go scare Freezy!" Makuru protests when told to clean up. "I owe her for the time she hid bubble wrap under my welcome mat!" He gallops off into the town to go find his friend and make a complete fool of himself.

Pie. Well Sunshine can't argue that pie sounds good. She steps to the side herself, making a gesture to the nearby bakery. "I…suppose I can spring for a slice of pie for all of you. As thanks for the help. I'll have someone poke at the uh.. Foal bait you guys say you found in there when we go to clean things up."

Moon-Willow narrows her eyes on Ruby. She wouldn't have said something if she didn't have an idea. "I'll stay here and help." she tells Sunshine quietly.

Wishy-Washy nods a bit. "It's an honor to help out. I don't know the specifics of what has been going on. I've actually been attempting to get an audience with a pony named Pocketwatch. I am… actually thinking of trying to take up more permanant residence here."

Ruby turns about then trots right back inside to retrieve a piece of evidence or two for her own curiousity - not to mention she wants to make sure she didn't miss anything…possibly anything of value.

Jellybean hops. "Oh, you don't need to buy! But thank you for the offer, certainly. We should talk about this case more over pie. Detectives do that, right?"

Sunshine eyes Ruby's re-entering of the warehouse. Hm. Then she blinks at Moon-Willow. "Mm? Oh. Okay. By all means, help cleaning the place up will be appreciated." Then to Wishy and Jellybean! "A permanent residence here? That would be interesting. This place seems to make many ponies settle down that wouldn't otherwise. We could talk more over the pie…"

Jellybean smiles, swishing his tail back and forth. "I really like it here. But then I met a lot of friends here, so."

Wishy-Washy nods in agreement with Jellybean, humming a bit at Ruby's return to the warehouse. "Maybe I should help her…? although… admittingly, confectionaries do sound good!"

Moonglow is already covered in flour. Might as well help clean up!

Jellybean says "Ruby? Do you want to have some pie with us?"

Ruby helps herself to a couple things - including a few of the gold coins while everypony else is busy; and a short few minutes later she re-emerges. "I don't think we missed anything." she says while trotting up to Wishy and Moon Willow. She offers Sunshine as smile "I'll see you when you get home." and with a wave she sets off towards the salon to steep her suspicions in the hot water of investigative thought.

Moon-Willow pauses. "Captain…" she takes a deep breath, "I was wondering if there's some training course I could take to be considered for a position as Guardpony…"

Sunshine seems a little distracted by Ruby and thoughts of pie and the clues and everything. "Mm?" She blinks up at Moon-Willow again. "Training? I think all you really have to do is talk to Lorelei. Or Captain Plot-Twist. They're the ones really in charge of hiring new ponies."