Passing The Torch
IC date: Winter 14
OOC date: 02/01/13
PCs: Rising Chaos, Quintessent Rune
NPCs: None
GM: None

The sun is nearly at it's apex, it's nearly noon in the harbour. Funnily enough, there's a pony in town who's only just getting back home after last night. Rising Chaos, leaning on Quintessent Rune arrive at her front door.

Without warning, Rising Chaos stands, fully on her own power. She opens the door without problem and walks through. "Finally, back home, thank you for coming." Her previous faked weakness is gone, she looks fully capable on her own right now.

Quintessent-Rune is… seems strangely unsurprised at this turn of events despite having lead Arcee on from the port. Part of it being her fully expecting some kind of subterfuge all the time, part of it being simply from her being good at hiding it when something takes her unaware. With a polite nod the "earth pony" mare stepped inside Chaos and closed the door behind herself. "Why, thank you miss Chaos. I wouldn't miss it for the world." Whatever it was, though she could take a guess.

"I guess this concerns the developments that have happened since my, shall we say, unfortunate incapacitation while crafting magic?" asked Rune as she found a seat, placing her plushy golem on the side.

Rising-Chaos moves towards the stairs to her lab. "Come with me for a moment miss Rune, I have something to share with you. And yes, in a way, you are correct." She's feeling a tad nervous, but still there's the all consuming feelings that are making mere emotions barely a thought to her. "As you know, I have given up fighting against Spindrift. That is not open for discussion, I am finished."

Quintessent-Rune nodded, if somewhat uncertainly, as she got up again - and making sure to take Servant with her in case of needing protection. "So I have heard, and I must admit to some level of relief concerning my kin - by breed though not by clan - that she is not quite as much in harms way as before. Though I am rather curious as to why and, more importantly, what is of such importance."

While speaking the seapony trotted after Arcee, into the labs and closing the door firmly behind her. She knew how protective the unicorn could be of it.

Rising-Chaos trot down the stairs, nodding. "She was never under any danger. The most I would have done is humiliate her, take her power away, then kick her out. Even then there was no foreseeable way of stopping her without destroying myself. Needless to say my priorities have changed." They get to the floor of the lab, which has been cleaned since Rune was last here. It's a truly impressive lab, for being in a basement. There's several lockers full of supplies near the bottom of the stairs, obviously frequently used and labelled. Towards the center are a multitude of tables, some with experiments or book or any assortment of things on them. Towards the back right corner is an open space, and large amount of storage line the walls.

"This is it, my pride and joy." rising Chaos starts to walk through the tables, morosely looking at all the objects. "Bottom of the stairs has my equipment for magic practice. Otherwise it should all make sense." Taking a deep breath she stops, turning to face her guest. "For the foreseeable future, this lab is yours, to use as you see fit. I have left all my experimentation and notes as it was last time I was here, there's nothing I will hide from you. I am taking a break from my research, my priorities are different and until I accomplish my new goal to my satisfaction, I will no have a use for this room. It is yours, miss Rune."

Quintessent-Rune from the momentary, very momentary it must be said, shocked expression on Rune's face one can safely say this was -not- what she had expected to hear. At all. "Are you certain, miss Chaos? I find myself hard pressed to imagine any goal more worthwhile than furthering the study of the arcane and increasing the with and depth of knowledge." She almost cringed at that, no more worthwhile pursuit indeed. The sentence echoed around her head, spoken in a tone she knew far to well and laden with mockery. She shook it off, she was here for knowledge. Knowledge is, after all, power.

Rising-Chaos nods, a small smile on her face. "Of course, and to an extent, I agree. My pursuit for knowledge and power is my one overriding and all consuming goal. I will know all, and I will be power, those are facts, not mere goals." Shaking her head, her smile widens. "But in the past few weeks, I have nearly died several times, been hit by an ancient evil artifact twice that has almost killed me. I have made friends, turned nearly the entire population of the town against me, and found love. I think now is the time for a reshuffling of what is important." Moving in closer to Rune, trying to be friendly. "The power I am going to gain is worthless if I drive everypony away in so doing. I just would like to be happy, for once, you understand?"

Happiness from something so… mundane and boring and… "Of course," said Quintessent-Rune, not really understanding at all. Her head cocked to the side slightly. Friends. Love? That last part actually seemed genuinely hard to believe.

Rising-Chaos is fully aware the other mare won't understand, she doesn't even begin to herself. "I'm glad you do, because I don't. A month ago, I would have glad stormed over everypony. You would have been an ally of convenience, nothing more. I would even now be plotting to use you and then get rid of you once you had no more to offer." Honesty is easier when you don't care any more. "Magic is everything to me, even when I am currently unable to use it, I can still feel it in the air, taste it. I am not afraid to admit I am obsessed with it. I find it baffling this could all be torn away, so quickly, so effortlessly." She closes her eyes and shivers, looking genuinely disturbed by her own words. "In short miss Rune, I am terrified. Of everypony, and of myself, and of the black heart. I say this to you, not in hopes of you helping me, but in the hopes that you will be honest with me in turn."

"I will strive to, of course, miss Rune. But I am not aware of what my subterfuge would be to which you refer," said Quintessent-Rune as she sat down, eyeing Chaos thoughtfully. "What is it, pray tell, that you wish me to be honest about?"

Rising-Chaos rolls her eyes. "I want you to explain exactly why you act friendly towards me. I am hardly a likeable pony, and you are similar to me in many respects. By all accounts, the most I should merit is professional respect. Excuse me if I have a hard time believing you should actually care, but I don't. I want answers miss Rune, there will be no negative consequences, I assure you." Her gaze bores right in to the mare before her. "I am not a stupid pony. If you are using me towards a goal, allow me to make it easier on you, I would like to help, and provide what I can. Do you understand me?"

Quintessent-Rune sat silent for a moment, not a little bit stunned. And offended. Chaos presumed she'd just spill the beans just for asking? Seriously?! Doing so would be serious disgrace to any noblepony playing the game of deceit, influences and power. Hay, it would be an disgrace for anypony that presumed to play the very game to spill the beans. Obviously, this was just some elaborate setup. Obviously she had acted far lest mentally acute and competent than she was, to such a degree Chaos thought she could get away with… well.. THIS!

The midnight blue mare took a few deep breath, the anger almost visibly building up. She caught it just as she was about to speak though, her brows scrunching up ever so slightly as she regarded Chaos. It.. Nah, really it couldn't. Right? Her expression softened slowly. "You're genuinely asking, are you not…?" asked Quintessent. After a moment she sighed. "Quite simple, miss Rising. It's a relationship of mutual convenience. Though while I to want to further my knowledge and resources within my field of magical studies I hardly have any grand design."

"I simply seek to live a comfortable life, something that have so far eluded me since my self-imposed exile from home. What you dirt ponies pass for 'civilization' leaves a lot to be desired. You seemed a sure bet, considering that you are managing the construction work and such. Aquiring an appropriate accommodation from you seemed simple enough, as would further supplies for my work if I were to share some of the discoveries." There's no apologetic tones to it. Just plain fact, she is using Chaos for her own goals nothing more, nothing less.

"Though," said Rune after a moment's pause, "I do find myself with something of a vested interest in your well being. It is getting a bit tiresome, to be honest."

Rising-Chaos nods, completely unsurprised by any of this. "Thank you. I would, of course, be honoured to help you find a home suiting one of your social status. I assure you that civilization, in Horseshoe Harbour, is not indicative of the rest of Equestria." She isn't apologetic either, but is pleased for Rune to have opened up. "As I said, I want to help. Once this fiasco is over, your new house will be first on the list, and you will given full control over where you live." The 'vested interest' takes her by surprise, very by surprise. "I am flattered by your care, truly. I am unused to hearing that from another pony, but I can say I share the sentiment." Nodding, her business done. "Now is there anything you needed to discuss? I apologise for being so forward, but at the moment, I couldn't care less if you hated me. I have some things I need to resolve on my own."

"I do believe hate would be somewhat of a strong word all things considered," said Quintessent-Rune with a faint smile. "After all, playing the game of deception or not, you have been the one to offer me the things I require. I do believe something akin to reluctant associates would be most appropriate. And well, while there are not many things that needs discussing, I am rather curious as to just -what- have been going on while I've been indisposed due to magical exhaustion."

Rising-Chaos stops, trying to remember exactly what. "Very well, I will tell you of what I know to have happened after you summoned the wave. She takes a seat facing rune, taking deep breaths. This is not going to pleasant, but important.

"Shortly after your wave, Spindrift showed up in pony, for reasons unknown. I attempted to stop her, of course. Unfortunately, she had a magical artifact known as 'the black heart' which, when touched, does things to a pony's heart. All the assembled ponies couldn't do a thing, and the maelstrom, the towering spire in the bay and the incessant storms, begun. I touched the black heart, Rune, not only touched, but dove into it's magic and became, for a brief moment, a part of it. The damage is still there, I was psychologically devastated. All my hope, anger, bravery, everything I held dear was torn away by it's influence. It was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced." To call the black heart 'uncomfortable' is a mild understatement, but she keeps her face straight, dead serious.

"Later, my presence was requested for a confrontation against Spindrift by my long time employer, queen Pegasus. Still under the effects of the black heart, I retired early. When I woke up, the ship we were on was sitting in the middle of a field, and Queen Pegasus was missing, presumed dead." She shivers at the recollection, both at the power of the throw and the thought of losing the Queen.

"Queen Pegasus was my last link to sanity, without her I quite nearly descended to madness. Thankfully, I found her and am nursing her back to health in my room even as we speak. I have grown extremely fond of her in that time, and have learnt she feels mostly the same. Barring a couple incidents with rather forward stallion like young Nocturne, I have been improving. Spindrift and I have reconciled, I no longer wish to fight her and I dare say we have become friends. Unfortunately, the black heart is at play again and even now I feel myself losing my grasp, which I will deal with shortly." By the end of the tale, her eyes are closed, and her breathing irregular. Slowly, agonisingly, she gets to her hooves. "If you'll excuse me?"

Quintessent-Rune sat silent for several long moments before nodding slowly. "Of course. Don't let me occupy your time, miss Chaos, if it is required elsewhere." Quintessent hesitated for a moment. "I… suppose I can only wish you good luck, at this juncture. Though do know I truly mean it."