Pancakes And Preparations
IC date: Autumn 46, 1007
OOC date: Nov 7th 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos Stormdancer
NPCs: None
GM: None

The bright afternoon sun beats down on the harbour. It's a truly beautiful autumn day in Horseshoe Harbour. All through the streets various inhabitants are out and about in their gutted town, enjoying themselves as best they can. All the inhabitants save for one, that is.

Rising-Chaos moves through the streets like a mare on a mission. She breezes past crowds of ponies on her way home. Her cloak is wrapped tight around her to guard against the chill and her saddlebags are mostly empty save for a single book. She arrives at her house quickly. She pauses for a moment, contemplating knocking on the door. With a private chuckle, she dismisses the thought and walks right in. "Hello, I'm home!" she calls, making sure anypony in the house could hear.

The scents of nutmeg and cinnamon waft through the air of the home, mingling with the whiff of smoke and ash from outside that accompanies the unicorn's entrance. A clattering of whisk and bowl make Stormdancer's call of "In the kitchen!" rather redundant.

Rising-Chaos is led by the aromas through the entrance and into the kitchen. She sees her faithful assistant cooking there and instantly feels at home. "Sorry for being gone so long, I'm afraid this will have to be a short visit," she says, stepping further into the kitchen. "What are you making? I'm starving!"

Stormdancer is bracing herself up against the counter so she can hold the mixer and the bowl, bandage-wrapped wings half-spread to help her balance (and mostly stay out of her way.) She pouts over at Rising, still whisking away. "Gone all these days, no notes, no messages, and that's all you can say, 'I'm starving'?" She 'hmphs!' and tosses her mane back- Or would, if it wasn't in a fairly static style. The frayed bits flop around, at least!

Rising-Chaos wilts under the much deserved reprimand. She looks slightly embarrassed to have kept her assistant waiting for her. "I can explain," she says quickly. "I've had a rough couple of days." She looks her assistant up and down, a look of carefully crafted worry crossing her face. "Oh, it looks like the fight took a lot out of you. Can I help?" After all, if her assistant is out of commission, who will help her with her new project?

Stormdancer peeks out from one closed eye at Rising… and grins. "Well, I just hope he's a fun stallion. Leaving you battered, hungry, and going back for more? I had no idea you liked that sort of thing!" Whiska-whiska-whiska! She beats that batter like a naughty pegasus. "He a gryph? I know they can get a bit wild, but oh it's worth it."

Rising-Chaos is left gaping at Stormdancer's implication. She opens and closes her mouth a couple times, a blush creeping onto her face. She stamps a hoof and finally says, "It wasn't a stallion! It was a mare name-" she wisely stops before hurting her story even more. She places a hoof on her forehead. "Listen, it doesn't matter, I can tell the full story another time. For now we have rather more serious matter to discuss," she says, trying to change the subject. "After food I need you to help me with some things, you are my assistant after all, yes?" A subtle reminder of who is boss should put a naughty pegasus in her place. Chaos is still blushing though, and likely won't stop for a while.

Stormdancer leaaaaans towards Chaos as she almost reveals the identity of her paramour, but accepts the change of topic with a disappointed 'awwww'. The poorly-hidden smirk gracing her muzzle promises that this won't be the last of it, however, as she pours the mix into a frying pan. As it sizzles, she gives a mock salute with one wing. "Aye-aye, bossmare! Whatcha needing?"

Rising-Chaos may not be the best at reading body language, but she caught the look. "It was business, I assure you," she remarks drily. Still, the promise of food and the excitement of her visit draws her away from the thoroughly silly subject. She opens her saddlebag, bringing her notebook out. "You may be interested to know that I have been given two once in a lifetime opportunities." She lowers her voice slightly, a smile growing on her face. "First, I have been allowed to study an Element of Harmony, what's more, an Element of Harmony from another world." She tosses the notebook onto the kitchen table. "That book has several of my observations so far, but I need more equipment. I wrote down a list of things I need to bring back to the field lab with me." Chaos eyes Stormdancer playfully. "You ready for your first batch of real research?"

The pegasus opens her mouth- then closes it and shakes her head. "Nope. Too easy, even for me." She does more arcane cookery bits as Chaos unpacks, including mixing and mushing fruits into a paste in the second bowl, blinking. "Wait- An element, like, The Elements?" Her wings flutter a bit in excitement. "That's amazing! You bet I am!"

Rising-Chaos laughs, pleased by the enthusiasm on her assistant's face. "Good, then you'll like my other plan." She chuckles more. "The Element is indeed one of the fabled Elements of Harmony. However since the situation surrounding it is so, shall we say delicate? Only I may study it." She flips the pages of the notebook with her magic until she gets to a different section entirely. "The other once in a lifetime chance, is a chance to study where life magic really came from. Depending on how it goes, this may start a rather ambitious project. if I may say so." She hopes Stormdancer is up to the task, research is tough and hard work. She ponders for a bit, remembering a leadership book she read once, an idea occurs. "If you perform well, I may even consider a raise," she offers, followed by a mischievous grin.

Stormdancer 'aw's again at the news she won't get to poke at the ancient magical shiny thing. With a practiced flip, the partially-cooked batter is inverted as she tilts her head at Chaos quizzically, one ear flopping down. "There's… a question about life magic?" Somewhat less enthusiastic, yes, though her eyes shine at the mention of a raise.

And the bait worked, the plan is a go. Rising Chaos moves to the opposite side of the table. "Oh, more like not enough were asked, and I have received some rather, er, interesting information." A look of distinct discomfort flashes across her face for the briefest moment. "I hope to verify or disprove the source. Then embark on a campaign to truly understand life magic." Hopefully without the sacrifice that was made the first time, she thinks to herself. She plants her hooves on the table. "This is going to be hard, and it may not even be entirely legal or safe. So there's only one question," she says, her voice dropping low. "Are you loyal to me? Will you stick with me until we're done?"

Stormdancer probably should have been watching Chaos during the speech to, yanno, pick up on those nonverbal cues… But she's busy pouring the fruit mush onto the ginourmous pancake and folding it over, sealing the stuff inside and laughing. "You're makin' it sound like this is some sort of secret society type thinger!" She looks over her back at the unicorn and grins. "It sounds like it'll be fun! Just don't try to sacrifice me to Demok'tek'thula the Unpronounceable or somesuch, it'll be fine!"

Rising-Chaos laughs hesitantly, it may be slightly more serious than her assistant thinks. "I'm glad to hear." She sighs, turning it into a chuckle. "I don't plan on sacrificing you, then I'd lose a useful assistant, now wouldn't I?" The food is looking very good, so Chaos gets her hooves off the table in anticipation for eating.

Stormdancer laughs again, before pulling a large, sharp knife out of the holder with a nice metallic shiiiing… And holding it in her mouth, cuts the stuffed pancake in half before serving it out on a pair of plates. "Eat up! Pancakes a la… fruit 'n stuff. Whatever the fancy name for 'em is." Grin!

Rising-Chaos winces at the sudden appearance of a knife. She quickly recovers though, as she's offered food. "You know me so well," she says, mouth watering. She digs right in, eating the delicious meal. "We are going to have to get my stuff packed after this, and then I'll be out again." A pause to eat some more, "I have a list of things for you to do, mostly gathering books and the like, we can start our little project when I get back."

Stormdancer noms down- All that work, and did she even taste her part of it? -and nods. "Got the vial-bucket all filled, if you need to top it off," she chirps. "So you'll cart everything down yourself?" A pause, as she glances back over at her bandages. "- Not that I'm gonna complain if'n you do!"

Rising-Chaos finishes hers off not long after, as always satisfied with the food. She moves to start cleaning up, it's only fair she helps. "Perfect, you never disappoint." She moves back to the table to retrieve the list. "Oh it's not much to take, a couple books and a few tools, it shouldn’t be a bother." She gives Storm a poke in the side. "Needless to say, I can't have you going anywhere until I get you fixed up." She gets the last of the dishes washed and put away. "So much for lunch, back to work."

Stormdancer yalps a bit as she's prodded in a tender spot, but manages to not leap out of the chair and cause a hilarious and painful chain reaction of pratfalls and property damage. Instead, she snags the list in her mouth and trots off to help pack, saying something around it that's probably 'I'll get the books'.

Rising-Chaos packs her things quickly, wanting to waste no time in getting back to the Vanity to study the Element. "I'm off, thank you Stormdancer. I'll be back later and we can start the project." A quick check through her bags shows everything is ready, and once again Chaos is out. "Keep the house safe while I'm gone." With that, Chaos is back out into town, her confident stride bringing her swiftly out of sight of her house.