Out Of The Everfree
IC date: Summer 88, 1007
OOC date: Oktober 3, 2012
PCs: Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

Several days have passed since the grad battle with the Timberwolves. The ponies have remained around camp, but have begun to forage and explore their surroundings eventually collecting enough to be called 'quite a haul' from anypony's perspective. Both Sodium-Fizz, and Dustdevil have begun to heal up with the potions and brews created by the former, though Dusty is still keeping to the ground for the time being resting his wings from the exertion of the past several days events. Dustdevil has become a capable earthpony in many regards and often hauls all of Sodium-Fizz's packs to and from camp. Today however we find that Dusty has started to track his way back towards the main road of the Everfree Forest, perhaps in the hopes of finding a way to get back home…

Dustdevil has managed to create a rather rough machete and is using it to hack and slash a make-shift 'trail' in the direction of the road.

The local plant-life can't do much to stand in the path of the apex predators of their particular part of the food chain, and a pony using a machete is almost as much cheating as giving apes pointed sticks as far as the flora is concerned. Trudging along behind this particular savager of plants is another pony, laden with yet more supplies, though one who seems a lot less confident.

Sodium-Fizz glanced around the rather imposing forest boxing them in on all sides, unfurling and refolding her own wings nervously. "I keep expecting something bad to happen… Something bad always happen. Always."

Dustdevil can't really talk about the matter as his muzzle is wrapped around make shift machete, he kinda sheathes it in one side of his vest to look back to you. "Would you feel more comfortable back at camp?" he asks with a little bit of concern hoping she's not getting some /bad vibes/ about something potentially out there. "We've been out here almost a week now, and no further incidents with any creature besides the timberwolves, but I think they'll leave us well enough alone," he mentions.

Sodium-Fizz nods slowly, "Yes indeed. Us, that's why I am not staying by myself. I'm… Look, I've just had a nerve-wrecking week and it's kinda piling on everything else. I just want to get out of here, so lets find that road, okay?" The mare flashes him a not-entirely convincing smile, before slumping slightly with a sigh. "And… I don't want to be alone right now…"

Dustdevil smiles and nods. "We've been able to handle everything this forest has thrown our way with teamwork, I understand not wanting to be alone out here," he smiles, gives ya a quick hug and smiles to you. "Its ok Fizzy, we're doing ok, we find the road, go back to camp, the all the gear together, and all of the stuff we've collected, and we'll be on our way, and that will be that," he suggests.

"You're ok fizzy, ya haven't even had another panic attack since the mud-hole, and," he pats his hoof where he remembers his whisky bottle is, he pats again, then kinda looks nervous. "I urr, I don't know where I put it," he looks to the ground, "but but see, you, haven't even touched the stuff since then," he comments softly. "So you're just fine." He leans over and gives ya a quick nose nuzzle then turns back around to shove some of the debris aside

The mare mumbles something bellow her breath, it might have been 'I know where it went'. But, who can tell, right? She seems about to actually speak up out loud for a moment before he gives her a soft nuzzle, leaving her standing ramrod stiff , mouth hanging open. She hadn't expected that. Pulling herself together she shook herself before walking up behind Dust, hooves pawing nervously at the ground.

"I… I guess so, yeah," she said with a squeak. "You are certain you remember the road over in this direction, right…?"

Dustdevil is almost back working with the debris when you hear him snort a few times then sneeze and land flat on his flank, sneez another few times just sitting there a few moments, then sneeze again, Sniffle snort! and a little screwed up voice, that from just inhaling whatever it was he just snorted. "Uhh, yeah, yeah, It'll be just fine" sniff sniff, snort, "Achooo!" he snifsniffs and stands back up to once again start his cutting again, though every few swings you hear him sniffle.

Whifff, plant life is swished away by this bold flyer as he slashes the only way he knows how to get through, force, but mingled in these vines, and this dense overgrowth lies something else, something blue, and something floral…

Sodium-Fizz rolled her eyes at the sudden sneeze and the assurance of being 'just fine'. He'd used that one so often in dangerous situation she harfly believed him when he said it. It actually does bring a smile to her muzzle, however. "Sure you are, Dusty. You're not getting a cold are you, the last few nights were kinda chilly? Nah, a bit to sudden for a cold, isn't it? Pollen maybe? Are you all-…"

The mare stopped, frozen in place a heartbeat later as her brain summed up what it had noticed when she hadn't been paying attention and presented a rather interesting, and worrying, conclusion. The very next moment she was on her belly. "Oh dear… It's Poison Joke!… Right?" She glanced up at the blue again, nervously.

Dustdevil keeps on slashing, working progressively deeper into the thicket of twisted branches, brambles and now too Poison Joke, though he doesn't know it yet as he muscles through the whole mess of vegetation. He's likely knee deep in the stuff, though doesn't notice it as he keeps slashing pushing through the branches powerfully. He re-sheathes his machete again and looks back at you. "Fizzy? You Ok?" his eyes cross and he sneezes again, snort snort sneezes. "Oy, never had this issue before, must be these blasted blue flowers," he sneezes again, as he works to clear the debris from the trail. "Think mmmmhavin allergies err, something," he offers. "Ya don't have anything to cure that ailment do ya?" he asks through an evident sniffle.

Sodium-Fizz say "N-not right now… I don't have anything against Poison Joke! Dust, would you please get out of those flowers, they're… they're mean.""

Dustdevil blinkblinkblinks, sneezes again, and pauses. "This, them, these flowers, are Poison Joke?" Sniffsniffsniff, Sneeze! he plods out of the mess of them his machete is covered with the entrails of flora and twigs and branches and bushes. "Never seen it before. I've heard of it before, sure, but never encountered em,'" he notes with a sniffsniffel. "What do ya mean they are mean?" he asks with a cross eyed gaze as he sneezes again. "Besides what they're doing to my nose," he snortsnorts and sneezes again. "Think I'm allergic to em anyway dumb flowers," he mentions picking up his machete again and starting in a slightly different direction, that's not so blue looking.

Sodium-Fizz picks herself of the ground again, making sure not to step or even get near any of the blue flowers. And actually seems to be making an effort to keep a few hoof-lengths from Dustdevil as well, eyes darting back and forth, looking out for more of the blue, flowery plague. "They're a magical plant, Dust. Getting in contact with them lets them work their magic… which happens to be kinda mean-spirited pranks, ones that specifically plays against you. Athletes stuck running backwards, cloud-sculptor ponies not being able to push clouds and royal guards getting rashes from metal… That sort of thing."

Dustdevil coughcough's and snorts. "No, I think its just got my nose," he sneezes again as he rubs his nose on the ground, (ground that's free of blue) he snorts again and sneezes. "Just the sneezes," he sneezes again, and resumes cutting a swath through the bushes, making great headway or something. He glances back at you with big tear filled eyes as indeed that joke really had a reaction, the stallion has allergies! Whoda thunk it. But he's shouldering through them and sniffling every few moments as he pretty much plows through the bushes. He puts his machete away again so he can sniffle and snort, and sneeze again a few times. "Think I'm just allergic to em' or something, no worries," he mentions as he goes back to his cutting.

Dustdevil sits down in the middle of the trail again after a bout of sneezing and wheezing, He gives a firm shake of his head trying to clear this presumed allergic fog he's stuck in. "Feel like ‘m flying in a fog bank," he hacks

Sodium-Fizz scowls as she walks up to and around Dustdevil, taking his head in her forehooves and peering into his face. "Dusty, sure you might be allergic to it, but it have or will be playing it's prank on you. Trust me, I've run into these things before. It's not funny… I wind up all drunk, like, when I get affected. No worries in the world but no self control and coordination. Lets just take a minute and figure out what's going on, okay? Trust me."

The mare gave him a smile as she sat down, half an head shorted despite being a quarter again his age. "Now, besides all sneezey and… fogbanky, is there anything else?"

Dustdevil nods a little, snorts some, but holds still for her, she knows what she's doing, he evidently has no idea just what is going on here. "No I don't feel drunk, just fogbanky," he focuses his eyes, but they drift off kilter, focuses his eyes, and they do that again. He shakes his head hard like he's trying to clear his head, brows furrow. "Think its just my nose, and," he Sneezes again, "just that I feel all allergic-y. We gotta get going Fizzy, its all good, just got these darn allergies to deal with, I'll be fine." He nods some with a smile, and he gets back up. "Once we get back in town I'll take it easy for a bit, rest up, and it will be juss fine," he nods his head again and starts in.

Slash, Swish, swish! Swish!, the sneezing and sniffling adventure pony thrashes through the bushes and brambles with not a bit of blue in sight He really is tearing through the bushes though and a bit of a clearing can be seen up ahead, as a break in the bushes, and not long there after Dustdevil has made it into that clearing. His machete drops, and the stallion just drops to his belly, with a sound that sounds like some kicked him, HARD.

There you can see that Somehow Dustdevil has managed to double back on the very trail he was cutting. The stallion is practically beside himself in shock, absolute shock, there's tears in his eyes, and they are certainly not allergy related tears. He's just practically lost it. You've never seen him quite like this. His wings are useless still, now he has no sense of direction! and has these cute polka-dot blue dots upon his nose and forehead… He's been Poisoned!

Sodium-Fizz sighs softly as Dustdevil gets up and continues, though settles in walking behind him as before. "Typically, the effects vary from pony to pony you know. And are often recurring for ponies suffering from repeat exposure. Makes it an easy way to get drunk for me, without the nasty biological consequences, but I'd rather not… In fact, Poison Joke-…"

She keeps droning on about the plant, apparently the darn thing is something she seems more than passingly familiar with. The only thing that makes her stop is her quite literally stumbling across Dustdevil and planting her face in the ground. She rolled onto her back with a groan before pushing herself up, looking around. "Huh… I woun-…" Her voice trailed of as her eyes fell on her companion, wincing in sympathy at his stricken expression. "Oh Dusty…" Leaning forward she wrapped her forelegs around him, pulling him close in a tight hug.

Dustdevil is just there slack-jawed, you've definitely not seen /this/ side of him, panicked, confused, just lost. He's wrapped up in that hug and he actually just sobs, He's so confused right now he just doesn't know what to do. "I-, I was sure of it, I was going the right direction, and and and now I can't see straight, I can't feel the right way, I-." Snort sniff, sneeze cross-eyed glance back to you. "I-, I-, I know the road is here, I just know it." He turns and looks back from where he's cut, now both directions, and while you can tell exactly where we've come from he looks puzzled. "Now I'm lost," he actually admits though his voice is soooo meek and terrified sounding, he's lost his greatest strength his abilities, his skills are all out the window, and he knows it. Yes, he feels kicked, and helpless completely. He bonks his forehead with a forehoof like trying to jump start his brain or something.

"Shush, shush, Dusty… Calm down, please. It's just the Poison Joke, it'll clear up when I can make a cure, or in a day or two, you'll be fine. You can do that for me, a'right?" Sodium-Fizz smiled softly at him, stroking a hoof through his mane gently, pulling him closer. She'd never been on this side of the gesture before. "It'll be fine, just… take a moment."

Dustdevil actually starts to settle down, he doesn't feel alone anymore, He's not lost, so much as found. "W- we should g-go back to camp." he mumbles some, "if you could guide me back I-." He shudders- "I don't know which way to go," he admits sounding oh so hurt about that. "Mmmmworthless rescue pony," he murmurs as he just sits there, though does shut up pretty much as you rub his mane out, he quiets down and just 'is' for now, he does murmur softly. "Fly up from here Fizzy, you should be able to find the road from what I started of my trail, before I got into that blue," he murmurs, "then we could get out of here, That road will lead us away! I'll just stay right here, heck, tie me to a tree for that matter, so I won't get lost, I can barely see straight, feel straight, walk straight"

That earned Dustdevil a firm bop on the nose, the mare scowling down at him angrily. "Never, ever think yourself worthless Dusty. Nopony is ever worthless! Nothing nice is ever down that road, let me tell you!" Heh, there's Fizzy's prime-and-proper no-corners-cut Trottingham accent again, she must slip back into that when she's upset. "You will be fine. Sure it is troubling to find yourself like this, but it will go away in a day or so and you will survive it. Ponies are much more resilient than most think. Now just sit tight, right on this here very spot, and I will fly up and have a bit of a peak. I will be right back."

She gave him a thin smile before leaning down, planting a soft kiss on top of his head before pulling herself upright, launching herself into the air to have an look around.

Dustdevil is rightly bonked, and it rather stuns him, but he settles right down with that kick in the reality department so to speak. He stays and doesn't move as she tells him to stay, he can't quite see straight anyway so he just lays there frustrated, but he just stays there as told. "We couldn't have been all that far off from the road, we were almost there before I got into that, that, that stuff," he still sounds a bit off voice-wise, though its likely all the stuff he breathed in. Cough cough, snort, sniff, Achoo!

The beating of wings tells him that Fizz is back, and she seems to catch the tail-end of Dustdevil's mutterings. "You're actually right, we're not that far off! It's a bit off… that-away!" She grins, pointing a hoof before looking down at Dustdevil. "So… how about we just keep cutting, and I'll do my best to keep track of the direction?"

Dustdevil stands up, wobbles a little, but picks up his machete. "Cutting, right, lead on," he announces. "I can do cutting, just keep me in a good direction, and we'll be free of this place, We got everything We can carry right?"

Sodium-Fizz nods and nudges him forward with a hoof, "Yes. So we do, in fact I do have the ingredients to get you cured of this as soon as we reach some form of civilization, what with my equipment being all gone. Still as I said, I don't think this will be a problem for a day or so. Oh, to your lef-, no wait, my left… Or, um.. dang, bucking directions. Here." She unfurled her wings, bending them forward, the tip of her right wing tapping him in the flank. "That way! A little."

Dustdevil trudges off through the trail at your direction, and then starts into the bushes, chopping away, with gusto. He nods some at your directions and they work well for him as he follows your orders. He chops and swishes though is a little unsure of himself or his footing as he occasionally pauses to re place his hooves a little, as he keeps going cross-eyed trying to keep a forward pace. He looks back occasionally to make sure she's still got his direction ok, its doubtful he could handle another defeat today, he's already been a bit roughed up mentally after all.

Swish, chop, Slam, swish! the branches and ground cover is free of the blue, and the stallion just proceeds through the bushes. He sets his machete aside again and has a fit of sneezes though no blue is evident, just his allergies. He's not used to beating bushes like this, he's always been a non-destructive pony, and kicking up all this pollen is just driving his sensitive nose crazy. Snif Snif Snort, Achooo! He gets back up and continues even if he's sniffling.

Sodium-Fizz smiles softly, poor Dusty. Still, things were looking up as she gazed ahead. "I think we're almost at the road now, it's thinning out up ahead, and we've gone about far enough now, I think. Then again, I've never been that good with distances."

Dustdevil gets up and keeps slashing and hacking through the bushes, stumbles on a branch, gets back up and keeps slashing. Besides the slashing you can hear that drop of his machete as he has a fit of sneezes, then the slashing resumes and stops followed by unhindered hoof falls, "Achoo!" he announces, "made it to the road, now where, mountains right, go towards the mountains I think." He asks with confusion apparent in his voice. He sits down right there on the spot so he doesn't get lost or anything. He just sits there afraid to move.

Sodium-Fizz smiles widely as she steps onto the road, relishing the feel of the hard road surface under her hooves. "Ah, road, civilization! We're here Dusty, we're finally somewhere!" She giggled happily, sweeping him up in her forelegs and planting a kiss on the tip of his nose.

Dustdevil just sits there dumbfounded, a HUGE blush coming to his cheeks at that hug and kiss. He nods dumbly. "Y- yeah, and and a trail back to a livable camp out here, so we can come back and resupply whenever you need to get more of the stuff you need, and a trail right into a patch of Poison Joke, in case you need any of that stuff too," he mentions still dumbfounded and blushing like crazy,

The mare smiles at him brightly. "Thank you, Dustdevil, for helping me. It's most likely the second most foolish thing I've ever seen, or maybe the third, and it could have gotten both of us killed, but thank you anyway."

Dustdevil kinda ducks his head some. "Mmmsory for putting you into this situation, I, I didn't think it would be so dangerous, I-, I'd never been out here before, and I-, I was stupid. I thought I was prepared for /everything/ he murmurs softly looking a little nervous now.” He pauses. "Wait, you mean you've been involved in something worse off that this little adventure?" he asks seriously curious now.

The question made the pegasus mare scowl, before sighing and slumping to the ground. "Yes, perhaps not as overbearingly physically dangerous, though all the more a harrowing experience both emotionally and mentally… I do not really like to think of it, lets leave it at that? Please?" There's the Trottingham accent once more.

Dustdevil just mumbles to himself. "I just got kissed," and he looks to her shakes his head slowly. "Sodium-Fizz, shhhhh. Its ok, don't have to invoke the accent ok?" He smiles, "Yeah I hear that, you go all like that when ya get miffed or something," he mentions softly. "Don't think I don't hear that," he smiles. "Now if you'll excuse me a moment." He stands up and looks around, stamps a hoof hard on the ground He grumbles. "I need help finding my way home," he states with a quick bonk of a hoof to his forehead, "cause I still don't know where to go."

Sodium-Fizz chuckled, if perhaps not all that cheerily. "Right, the accent. Here, let me show you the way Dusty." She walked up next to him, a wing extending to lay loosely across his back as she set of. "Its as easy as rhyming purple, now. The road behind us, the mountains ahead and company right by your side! That, Dust, is the way home."

"I'm on your right, aren't I? I always mix them up…"

"Rhyming purple?" Dustdevil asks looking puzzled. He laughs some as her wing drapes over his back and off we go towards home. "Yup, you're on my right, which is your left, right?" He laughs. "I don't have a bowl of shredded wheat with me, so I can't use that trick, anyway, that only helps for maps. Never Eat Shredded Wheat, North, East, South, West.” He laughs with a smile now. He can't get lost now now that he's under the steady wing of his friend. "And umm Fizzy, ya don't have to hide that accent with me, I can give you Canterlot haughty if you want, r'member, I grew up there for a time, while Dad was on Duty there," he mentions as they trot towards the mountains.

Sodium-Fizz grins widely. "Yup, rhyming purple. Curple! My sister writes musicals and plays for the Trottingham theatre, and lets just say she got into her head to write on about the Bearers of the Element of Harmony. She spent days with a dictionary. It's actually an slang term for somepony's flank, so… that rhyme didn't turn out quite as glorious as she'd hoped." She chuckled. "As for the whole accent thing… I'm not really hiding it, I just… well, I've practiced something that sounds more… common. Got tired of ponies going 'oh dear, you're from Trottingham?' all the buckin' time, even when the accent makes it obvious!"

Dustdevil heh heh heh's softly. "The Elements, eh, well think we got em beat sometimes. Two vs the Everfree, beat that," he mentions sounding a little brash. "As for my accent, eh, it doesn't show up much really, I'm not like a lot of them, all nose high and thinking everypony is beneath them ‘n’ stuff, I just talk like the bolts, though with a bit of my own accent in there for kicks." He shrugs some. "Though I guess sometimes when like I’m going all command style I've been told some ponies hear it or something," he shrugs. "Don't know really," he mentions as he trots for the long walk home. "Hey, if ya want to stretch your wings sometime, I don't mind, just keep an eye on me, I want to get home in one piece." He mentions lightly, though he does add. "I know I really screwed up my wings Fizzy, but uhh, when do you think I should be flight worthy again? Maybe even getting ahold of some of your 'recovery drink' stuff even?”

Sodium-Fizz smiles, "Well, to be all honest you could most likely fly around right this very moment, but I wouldn't actually recommend it. And if you do, keep it slow and steady."

Dustdevil smiles. "How about I keep that in mind for when I have a sense of direction, and not have me fly into a rock or something, but perhaps you could untie my wings so I could at least stretch a bit, work out the kinks a bit," he mentions, “and we'll be on our way."

Sodium-Fizz nods, "Sure, give me a moment here." Pulling her wing back she tucked her her muzzle under him, biting into the knot of the rope and working it open. Finally freeing she pulled it away, letting his wings free. "There we go."

Dustdevil lets out a little gasp as his wings slowly unfurl, and with that, he gives you a proper pegasi hug wings and everything, just wraps you right up and hugs. "Thank you Fizzy!" he murmurs softly with honest gratitude

Sodium-Fizz says "My pleasure, Dusty. How about we get home now? It's been a long week."

Dustdevil nods some. "Lead on," he murmurs, "lets go home." He steps in beside her again.