Opening The Box
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OOC date: DATE
PCs: Rising Chaos, Queen Pegasus
GM: None

It's afternoon around town, and the rain pours down. Rising Chaos crosses in to her hosue, soaking wet and tired from her practice outside today. She dries herself off with a towel, and places her bags by the door. A quick glance around the living room is made to see if anypony is up, Rising wants a shower. she seems in unusually high spirits, however, especially considering last night.

Queen is settled in front of the fire - nursing the wound given at the hoof of Heart-Throb. She glances over her shoulder at Rising with curiosity. "Always running off in a hurry - I sometimes wonder if you forget I'm here."

Rising-Chaos smiles at the sight of her Queen. She trots over, panting from her exertion. "My apologies, my Queen. I was out practicing my swordsplay." She doesn't immediately move in for a hug because she is sweaty, wet Chaos, but does give the larger mare a nuzzle. "Nothing could make me forget you though, my Queen."

Queen softly replies "Hoo - you don't think I know a thing or two about handling a blade?" she asks the mare while wrapping one tattered wing around the smaller mare. "Or perhaps you were afraid to ask?

Rising-Chaos shakes her head, she's thought of that one! "My Queen, you would be a wonderful teacher. Unfortunately, in part due to me, you are wounded." She grins, letting a spark of light come from her horn for a second. "I would be honoured to learn from you later, when you are feeling better. Though for the moment, I'm still just getting used to using swords at all, it's been a long time since fencing lessons." She certainly wasn't afraid to ask, she trusts her Queen completely

Queen-Pegasus chuckles quietly as she draws her wing away from Rising and slides to her hooves. "You certainly are due for a good cleaning after your little practice. Simply be aware of the weather - I won't have you getting sick." the mare stretching out slowly "Perhaps some hot tea would be welcome following your shower?

Rising-Chaos bows, chuckling as well. "I do need a shower, thank you. I'm hardly presentable like this, especially not to a pony of your stature. Though I doubt I'll be getting sick any time soon." She makes for the stairs, a bounce in her step. "Tea would be divine, my Queen."

Rising Chaos climbs the stairs, and enter her shower. In moments, a steady stream of luxuriant hot water comes down. "This is so much better than rain." Talking to yourself again Chaos? For shame.

Queen looks appalled as Rising trots up the stairs "She can't expect me to make it, can she?" the thought lingers for a moment before Queen trots towards up the steps, and away from the kitchen. The pegasi mare wandering right into the bath and taking a seat in front of the shower before peeking inside. "How's the water, Rising Chaos?" interrupting a shower unannounced - how rude.

Rising-Chaos wasn't expecting that at all! In fact, quite the opposite. Still, it's a bit of a shock to discover that she wasn't talking to herself after all. Rising peeks out of her shower and smiles. Does the fact that her Queen just walked in without announcement bother her? Not at all, she would be confused by the suggestion. "It's delightful, my Queen. Just what I needed." A piece of mane flops over one eye, and she spends a second fixing that.

Queen appears perfectly content as she chuckles "Take your time." righting herself to wander away - but not without turning on the hot water in the faucet for a brief moment before exiting the bath. She makes her way to Rising's bedroom with intent to lay on the bed but instead stops then begins to poke about - after all there is always the chance to find something interesting.

Rising-Chaos yelps at the sudden blast of cold water, but was just about done anyways. Rising doesn't like long showers, usually, not when there's better things to do. Chuckling as she finishes up in the shower and starts drying herself off, she idly wonders what her Queen is up to.

Rising's room is, if anything, more bare than the living room. Other than the bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a filing cabinet, the only indication an actual pony lives in here is the tattered cloak on the desk. There's a few notes on the desk, and the wardrobe is currently open.

Queen peruses the notes then pokes her head into the wardrobe - inspecting the contents for anything of interest - perhaps she's looking for valuable information or perhaps she's simply curious about her Rising-Chaos.

Rising-Chaos sets about brushing her mane, once she's dry. There is a lot of it, and to get it in the clean, orderly style she prefers, takes some time.

The notes are nothing of interest, just shopping lists, a few magical notes (seems she can't break the habit) and a couple pages of incoherent babble. The wardrobe is a much more interesting find. What once looked like the floor seems to have a compartment opened up, revealing a medium sized wooden box. The resident unicorn is a conscientious mare, and wouldn't leave this closed unless she didn't mind if queenie took a peek, right?

Queen simply has no doubts in regards to her right to have a look, and promptly does so. She settles down in front of the wardrobe and lifts away the lid of the small wooden box to have a gander at the contents. "This is why we tend to bury our treasures." she muses aloud.

Treasure is one word to describe the contents of the box. One half is filled with books, typical Chaos. The other side is much, much more interesting. A variety of personal affectations. Rolled up pieces of paper (report cards, as it turns out) take up most of the space, but they aren't everything. The black book Queen Pegasus gave Rising takes pride of place, as well as a couple photographs, a flute, and two envelopes. One is addressed to Queen Pegasus, the other to Stormdancer.

Rising Chaos finishes with her mane, smiling at the result. Next, she open up the (rarely used) makeup cabinet, and does some basic work on her face, she simply must look her best. She steps out of the bathroom, retying her cloak, a big old smile on her face.

Queen finds these letters of particular interest and if not sealed she promptly partakes in reading the one addressed to herself.

It's unsealed indeed! The letter is written on rose scented paper, for that extra classy touch.

Dear Queen-Pegasus,

By now I have made it no secret of my love of you. That is something I have never given to anypony before, and I would like to say thank you. Thank you for everything you've done. Thank you for dealing with my insecurities and eccentricities,

If you are reading this, you have found the place where I keep my most prized and precious of objects. At one time, it was everything to me, what was kept in here. Recently, however, I have found somepony who means far more. I'm glad you looked, you deserve to know everything there is to know about me. I would never keep a secret from you.

With love,

Rising Chaos

The back of the letter details the exact contents of the box, most of the books are revealed to be journals, which queenie is invited to peruse at her leisure. It seems the unicorn has quite literally opened up her past to the mare.

Rising Chaos trots down the stair, making the reasonable assumption this is where Queen Pegasus went. Upon reaching the bottom floor, and seeing nopony. rising moves in to the kitchen to prepare the tea. After a couple moments thought, she starts to climb the stairs.

Queen-Pegasus takes her time with the letter - carefully reading both sides more than once before shutting the box and placing the letter atop before replacing the false shelf. She stands and stretches before trotting out the door to meet Rising as the unicorn comes up the steps. "Hello again."

Rising-Chaos smiles and bows before her queen, now fully presentable once again. "Hello my Queen. Are you ready for some tea?" She has her suspicions her Queen saw the note, but it's equally possible the mare was lying down. Either way she's going to act normal.

Queen always seems to keep poor Rising-Chaos in the dark about these little things no doesn't she? Trotting down the steps she stops to give Rising a small nuzzle then continues down to the living room. "Indeed. Let us have some tea. My Rising-Chaos."

Rising-Chaos giggles and follows the pegasus down the stairs. The kettle is put on o boil and Rising joins Queenie in the living room. The unicorn sits beside the mare, not too close to be forward, but close enough to feel comfortable in her queen's presence. Words don't seem necessary right now.

Queen is the first to settle in front of the fire - she finds this spot strangely comfortable for all it's simplicity. As Rising takes a seat she glances to the mare. "You needn't be so shy or hesitant - I shan't reprimand you for settling in with me. Unless you enjoy that type of thing."

Rising-Chaos smiles and cuddles in closer. "I just wish to make sure you are comfortable. I am made happy by your mere presence, the chance to be in contact just makes it better." The unicorn snuggles in, beaming. "I don't worry about your reprimand though, my Queen. I trust you completely."

Queen chuckles lightly as Rising-Chaos cuddles into her side. "Rising-Chaos…" she turns enough to bring her gaze in line with with Rising's. "You are a very silly little pony. However I do…" bringing her face a little closer to Rising's own as she softly whispers. "That is to say you are my…"

It's at this very moment the kettle whistles loudly - demanding Rising-Chaos' attention.

Rising-Chaos scowls at the whistling kettle. She's really, REALLY tempted to ignore it. In the end, she decides on a different course of action. Rising leans forward and gives Queen Pegasus a light kiss on the cheek, then gets up and trots to the kitchen. "Hold that though, I will be right back with our tea."

Queen arches her brow at the kiss following the interruption of the tea kettle, and proceeds to settle back into her spot once Rising-Chaos trots off…she simply can't resist chuckling in amusement at the well timed interruption.

Meanwhile, outside the house...