Oozellating Arivals
IC date: Winter 19, 1007
OOC date: Januari 7, 2013
PCs: Coral-Splash, Plot-Twist, Sodium-Fizz, Nocturne, Mbaya-Ndoto
NPCs: The Oozes!
GM: None

Its not the prettiest weather in all of pony time but it is a pleasant welcome for the young sea pony. Its her coming of age day and she is finally allowed to explore the surface, that magical place where ponies swim in the sky and dig in the dirt. She has kept up on her studies prepairing for this day and now its here. With her sand dollar around her neck she takes her first steps on the land and tastes the ground for the first time as she falls over face first. Her land legs shakey and foreign and oh so frustrating as she wobbles along slower than a snail, watching her hooves and scowling.

In the distance, one can hear Nocturne playing his guitar. His song is uplifting, and he appears quite ecstatic. His mane is brushed and he bears a smile, and he waves to the seapony from afar.

Plot Twist is not a fan of this RAIN. Nor is she a fan of being WET. The pegasus tromps though the storm on food seeing as how her wings are soaked through, seems a thousand years of evolving in a snowy waist made AU Pegasi's wings less water proof and more built against cold. "Where did all that wonderful snow go?" she grumbles wiping away the rain from her yellow tinted goggles. "Hey!" she calls out to the only other pony who is dumb enough to be out in all this. "Get out of the rain you goof you will catch your death of cold." the sound of Noc's playing hits her ears and they droop "You too Noc! like you ponies like getting sick!" with a nudge of her head Twist pushes the new pony under an awning for now.

Mbaya-Ndoto has finally after several days of recon of the harbor, the bay, that thing out in the bay, has finally made it to the very shore of this community drawn now by music too, how odd indeed unseasonally warm rain, and music too, Most odd. The Zebra wears a long hood to keep the weather from her form, and of course scarves, many hundreds of scarves seeming to bloom about her neck and shoulders streaming down to mid way down her back, looking as if she is the explosion of a hundred flowers, so bright and colorful amongst the bleak and black of this weather. "Whatz thisss Mussic I hear?" she calls out, then chirps back in an exotic noise ripe with melody, that of some sort of very airy sounding flute chirps, as if calling out for more.

Off in the distance the sound of a flute strikes up, another nutty musican out in the rain no doubt. And joined by another with cymbals? And is that a bagpipe? Guitar, a triangle, drums, reed flute… The list goes on. All in all, they sound rather well. On a individual level, the bizzare cacophony they conjure up together is almost bad enough to send musicans turning in their graves. It also seems to be growing steadily louder, rising from a soft-but-discordant background noice towards full on orchestral horror. Louder, or closer.

Coral-Splash looks up at the music and her eyes go wide. "Magic pony…" Her voice in aww as she tries to woddle faster toward the musician. Suddenly she finds herself hoof blocked by a… "Sky swimmer! Oh my gosh your a… a Pega…sus!" The little pony can barely contain herself as she wonders around Plot on shakey lags, tripping more than once and bumping into the other pony when she does. "Sorry I just, I read about you guys and now I'm seeing you and your even cooler than in my books and the wings are so… so pretty." She lifts a hoof to try and touch the mares feathers. When she hears the newcomer she looks up and smiles at the flowing scarves, reminding her of the tropical fish back home and causing some home sick pangs. That is until she notices the stripes. "Zebra to! I am the luckiest pony ever!" The strange onsomble coming their way seems to embody all the young Sea ponies feelings in a musical mess.

Mbaya-Ndoto puts her flute away as she hears another, in a differint direction, the something of musical horror, she cringes, and backs up several paces, looking directions, then back and sees a pegasus on the beach. Her whole demeanor changes and she goes from tentative exploration to /hatred glare/ as she GLARES at Plot-Twist the pegasus.

Several scarves lift up and seem to 'stare' as well at the pegasus, making meaningful glares as well while still others 'slither' down the zebra's forelegs to coil about before her looking like fabric-hewn snakes lifting up to look just like a coiled up cobra, while they too actually 'Hissssss' out at the wreched pegasus

Nocturne grins as the seapony approaches. "Hi there!" He bears an ecstatic grin. "I think you're pretty cool too!" He begins playing a shanty of sorts.

His song is cut short by the zebra's outburst. He even winces somewhat, but retains his smile. "Relax, she's a good pony." He tris his best to hide his fear of the zebra and her scarves with a crooked grin.

Is that thunder? No thunder is louder and less … awful. This sound that assaults poor Twist's ears is that of someponies 'trying' to play music. Though calling it music would be an insult to the art. It is because of this she might seem a tad distracted, maybe even have a tad pained look to her as the little earth pony trips all about her feet. "Sky Swi- er. Filly settle down your getting covered in mud!" two hoofs plant themselves on the little pony trying to keep her still and out of the rain. Her wings flap proudly at all the complements. "I appreciate it but you can't be out in weather like this lets get you dry and warm hrm?" picking up Coral by the back of the scruff of the neck and placing her onto her back, wings up and out to provide a little cover from the rain. "Or at least away from what ever horror that is." pointing at the growing sound of music. Before trotting over towards a inn that looks at least a step up from the Rusty Bucket. Snack scarfs hissing at her only cause her to trot faster Rain brings out ALL kinds of weirdos she guesses.

Plot-Twist doesn't get far before another pony barrles out on the street, running all out in their direction. The flaping dusky purple curls and wide grey wings flapping behind her reveals that it is Sodium-Fizz. As to what she's running from… Isn't that music comming from right behind the corner she just turned? "Nocturne, help!" she cried as she ran.

Behind Soda a… mass… of colourful jelly-like goop spilled onto the street, carrying along with it several dozen instruments. The mass also seems to be playing.

Coral-Splash shakes a bit as she's touched by the Pagasus. "Dry?" Curious as she hasn't had that sensation yet, and if the Mare would look close the water is all but beading off the little Golden pony. When the Zebra looks all threatening she frowns and pushes off and away from Plot to make her way over to the mean pony. "Hey, you cant judge a pony by their feathers, or fins, or stripes. No pony should be treated bad for being born the way they are… even creepy scarf manipulating pony folk like you. So… be nice and come have a drink and get to know the Sky swimmer." Ha, brave little Sea pony she is. Than there is the music and another sky swimmer.

Nocturne turns around and immediately begins frantic telekinetic holds of the instruments. The atrocious sounds interfere with his concentration, and the instruments begin to amplify and distort.

"Leave the scary Zebra alone." Twist manages in an almost motherly tone giving the little earth pony a nudge on her rear with her head, with hopes to get her moving into the warm under her own power if she wont ride along. "He don't like um … Sky Swimmers as you put it then he don't have too." for her own part she gives a level an impossible read look to the Zebra from behind her yellow goggles. More would no doubt be said but now there is a monster of MUSIC on the loose. "Peat sake Fizz what did you do NOW" turning she tries to fly toward it but her wings are still to wet so instead the just flap to give her more speed and help her balance on only her back legs as she moves to intercept. The blades on her front legs spring out.

Mbaya-Ndoto stares at the musical monstroisity that is coming towards shore, "Capture the instruments in spells, perhaps the, that goo will make it out to sea, and melt off there" she shouts as she trots up off the sea wall, jumping forward and sending a few scarves toward the mass, with the hopes her 'pets' will ensnare some instruments, or will influence that odd jelly in some regard with their own enchantments "Who does such things to such gifts as these!" she shouts out

Sodium-Fizz skidded to a halt before the ponies, breating heavily. "Help… Fix it…" She turned around and pointed at the mass of jello-like things that… resolved into small, colourful jello-blobs as they draw closer - each carrying a instrument and cheerfuly playing away with it. "They… they can't play together worth hay…"

Coral-Splash sorta whines as she is pushed aside and Plot goes to fight the musical blob. "Careful its… a thingy…" She stands and starts to run towards it as well, lowering her head to nose the sea dollar over so she can lick the underside. Once she's close to the blob she jumps in and licks the charm at the same time. Legs replaced by a curling tail and fins as she is in the thing. Swimming about and til whipping the musical things out of the goo.

Nocturne freezes and begins focusing his magical energy on the instruments. A song begins playing in his head and he waves a foreleg to the beat. The unicorn is attempting to conduct the blobs.

Mbaya-Ndoto slids to a halt and pauses the several 'snakes' that she has sent out to intercept the ooze, she rights them in place though sends out enough snakes to ensure that they each can retrieve an instrument should things come down to that. Meanwhile she takes her time to glare at the various pegasus ponies out here, pointedly to Plot-Twist, then to the one whom created this musical monster, "How Dare you construct something so Vile, taking claim of such musical instruments, the likes of which your hooves should never even touch, What possessed you to such an atrocity?" she jeers at Sodium-Fizz

Twist smiles despite the threat of a blob army. For the first time in a long while she has a chance to stab things, thing that wont complain about being stabbed (blobs can't complain right?). Then the true horror appears. A monster spoken of only in legends. A SEA pony. Dark creatures of the depths that sleep on the bottom of the ocean. If ponies are not careful on the ice they will wake up and pull you under to sleep with them! At least thats how the legends go in the alternate universe. The brave shadowbolt pales and falters for a moment as the sea pony joins forces with the blobs! Becoming blob-sea-pony-things. Nope. Thats too much weirdness even for Twist. "Welp. I'm done." she groans and runs the other direction.

"It seemed like a good idea the time," sulked Sodium-Fizz as she watched the ponies wade into the muck. "It usualy does. I didn't knwo they'd be this bad at playing together… or that they would be 'they'… Or that there would even be a one of them to begin with! And… and… it's… just a seapony!" she called after Plot-Twist. "You're running from a seapony?! Gesh, and you're the horrible Captain Twist of the Shadowbolts…" Turning she eyed the mass of jelly monsters as… they started to calm down, their odd piping dying down - both from the odd lost instroment quickly recoved and from all of them sitting down and watching Nocturne intently, josttling with each other and slurping away. Some form of talk?

Coral-Splash sort of dolphin jumps from one blob to the other, calling out as she goes. "Get!" Into a blob and whacks out a horn. "Some" Into another and there goes some drums. "Salt!" And poof into one of the last. Than she plops out licking the Sea dollar and making a face. "Grape? I dont like grape…" Looking around only to see Plot running away. "Wait! Sky swimmer… we're… ok." Pouting and sitting on her hunches sadly.

At this point, Nocturne is lost in his own world. He conducts with vigor as a beautiful song plays in his head. He repeatedly gestures the blobs as he conducts, and even begins singing the melody, in a slightly gravely tenor.

Mbaya-Ndoto sits down and makes a motion with one hoof, the scarves that she had set free, slowly slither back to her forelegs and encoil around them slowly joiniing their brethern amongst her shoulders and neckline untill all of her scarve 'snakes' have returned to her but one which remains duitiflly coiled up and looking just like a cobra looking back across to Sodium fizz. "Vile pegasus, Why do you dabble in things you don't understand" she spits, "You have no eyes to see such as what you do, you corrupt what you touch" she hisses while her 'pet' snake scarf before her also echo's with a Hisss all its own.

"Yup, that's pretty much the avrage day," agreed Sodium-Fizz, still eyeing the blobs varily as they listened to and watched Nocturne. After several long moments one of them struck up a note on it's flute - a flute Nocturne might well recognize too. One after another the other instruments joined in, falling in line with the music. For the most part, some of them still play a bit off, but considering they're slime-creatures they're doing rather well for themselves.

Nocturne can't help but laugh, even shed tears of joy as he conducts, his mind still in the confines of all of his musical Arcana. "Please, just let them play," he begs. "I've never felt like this before." His guitar levitates to Soda, and an aura envelops the neck. "Just strum. Lead them out of here." His horn looks as if it's burning, and his magic is at its fullest capacity. His body appears exhausted, but he continues.

Mbaya-Ndoto glares at the pegasus and snorts, then turns her attention to the unicorn, her demeanor changes entirely to a thin smile, glares back at the pegasus, smiles to the unicorn, she casts back to the pegasus after a time, "What manner of creature taught you how to defile nature so, or was it merely you that seek such cruelty" she glowers back to the 'pegasus' then watches the unicorn some with concern, and she stalks over to support him should he need assistance, a hoof gently placed upon his shoulder for support, "Be strong Musicmagic pony, be strong" she intones kindly to him

Sodium-Fizz gave Nocturne a 'are you serious' kind of stare, not at all convinced. "You want me…. to…?" Soda's gaze dropped to the guitar for a moment before her wing arched forward, the tip of her feathers struming it rather unconvincingly. It didn't sound -that- bad… The wing rose again, then fell, settling in a steady rythm.

"As for you, zebra, I happen to be self-thought and your commentary is not apprecaited. Can it."

Nocturne shouts, "Yes, play!" His empty gaze eventually shifts to the zebra. "And please, stop the negativity! It interferes with this!" He conducts with more vigor before shouting "/Now, Soda!/

Mbaya-Ndoto quiets with the words of the Unicorn, she only lets out one last comment directed towards Sodium-Fizz, "Self taught, It shows" she sneers cruely to her turns her nose and supports the Unicorn again, "Be gone with that rabble" she comments lightly, "Good work Mr Musicmagic" the zebra politely intones

Sodium-Fizz flinched. "Right, right! Shesh…" With that she took the guitar, her wing once more comming up and strumming it, taking up a steady rythm. "I… Do you think you could get them back to the Flask? I could cram them into the basement till I figure out how to deal with them."

"I… I'll try," Nocturne groans, looking as though he is on the verge of collapsing. The slimed slowly begin to form s parade to the Flask. With their path made, Nocturne collapses.

Mbaya-Ndoto tends to the fallen Unicorn pulling a flask of something from under her scarves and sitting with him, "Its alright that vile peasus has taken those 'creatures' from here, You did well sir, and led mere brainless monsters to song, You did very well" She offers softly, "Take this and drink, it will help" she offers