Ooze Free And Minstrel
IC date: Winter 20, 1007
OOC date: Januari 8, 2012
PCs: Nocturne, Sodium-Fizz
GM: None

The unfinished Fizzy Flask, the beams and bords of it's final floor jutting into the sky like jagged teath, does not look very wellcoming in the stormy weather and backlit by the ocational flash of lightning. It sits dark and imposing, all but two of the front windows covered or darkened - the two not flanking the dark wood of the door, calling to the imagination a pair of glowing eyes by a gaping maw of some monster. All in all, it invokes a rather Frankenpony feel, though one that's rather spoiled by the soft humming comming from inside.

In another part of town, Nocturne has just left his house, taking with him a warm jacket and his guitar case. Yesterday's events have likely postponed any chance of another lesson, but considering those slimes were taken back to the Flask, he wants to make sure that the pegasus taking care of them is okay, as well as figure out just what she was planning to do with them. Even though they may have posed a danger to the town, he still feels thankful that he had the opportunity to experience his magic to the fullest with them, and all in all, he doesn't regret the experience.

It doesn't take him long to find the Fizzy Flask, which in his eyes still carried a fairly unsettling imagery in the story weather. Still, his desire to get out of the rain overwhelms any fears, and he hurries to the door and knocks. "Fizz, are you there? It's me, Nocturne."

The soft huming, with a few verses of song - the theme to Starpony it sounds like - stops abruptly at the sound of the knock. A few moments later Sodium-Fizz appears at the door, cracking it halfway open and peering out at Nocturne worried. "Nocturne… Um.. what brings you here?"

Nocturne gives a sigh of relief as Fizz opens the door. "Oh, Fizz, you're okay. Well, uh…" He clutches his jacket tightly to keep any warmth that's left trapped inside. "Just making sure everything went well, and… wanted to talk, I guess. Maybe catch up on how you're doing with your lessons, I dunno." He looks back at his guitar case and around the town - anywhere but eye contact with the pegasus.

"Lessons? What less-… Oh, right, those lessons!" said Sodium-Fizz, a faint - and possibly fake - smile on her muzzle. "Um, sure, step right on in, I was just sweeping the floors. Might as well take the time to do so when nopony's here due to the weather. All of 'em seem to prefere to stay home, or something stronger."

Turning away Soda headed back into the store, leaving the door open for Nocturne. Judging from the dustiness of her curly tail, she's not botherd with using a broom. Then again, why would she considering she got one built-in?

Nocturne quickly enters, but pauses and inspects the room around him - likely for slimes, slime residue, or signs of any activity pertaining to slimes. "So," he begins as he takes off his jacket and hangs it by the door, "Just what were you doing yesterday? I mean, I appreciate the initiative and enthusiasm, but uh…" His head hands and faces the ground. He's pretty sure that this will result in anything but a simple and kind answer.

Sodium-Fizz slumped slightly where she stood and sighed. "Cheatin'…" came her muttered responce. "I got frustrated, so I went cheating. I get frustrated very, very easily, and things go very, very wrong when I cheat."

"There's no need to be so hard on yourself," Nocturne mutters rather quietly. "Besides, what's the point if you aren't the one playing it?" He sighs, and finally looks up to address the pegasus. "And like I said, it won't be the easiest thing to start up. Heck, took me several months just to be able to switch chords cleanly." His gaze goes back to his empty guitar case, then around the room. "Speaking of which, uh…"

"It took me four years to get dextreous enough with my wing to handle lab equipment without burning my primaries off," retorted Sodium-Fizz. "I'm practiced with being precise when it comes to manipulation…" The alchemist fell silent for a few moments before walking over to the counter, clearing it with a small skip and turning about to lean on it. "And… if I'm not hard on me, then nopony is and that would be bad… Really bad… And speaking of which, I do have your guitar somewhere around here, too."

Nocturne grins, knowing his guitar is safe somewhere here. "Well it's not all too bad, I suppose. I didn't realize what kind of magic I was capable of until that happened. It really pushed to work on it harder." He trots a few steps closer and shrugs. "Well, my guitar's here. We could try another lesson if you want."

Sodium-Fizz shock her head sadly. "I don't think that's really a good idea.. I'm worthless at it, and I'm worthless at learning anything. I make oozes by accident that is better at playing music than I am, for Luna's sake! Admitedly they were intended to be a form of skill-enchancing potion for pipes, a old recepie called the Pied Piper's Potion… But… Yeah."

Fizzy sighed, dropping her chin in a hoof. "The only thing I'm good at is making potions, messing up and running for my life, seriously…"

Nocturne frowns at Fizz's words, especially since after a few talks with her, and one spat with Rising Chaos, he isn't the best at motivation. "Aw, c'mon…" Not the best attempt, but a start. "It may not be your greatest skill, but don't think I haven't heard you sing before. You're good at it, and a less shy about it than I am."

Sodium-Fizz frowned slightly at Nocturne in turn, hauling a bottle of something light green from under the counter. With a hoof she pried the corck out, and it popped with a hiss. Soda. "Isn't, like, singing and that almost hardwired into being a pony?"

"Well, yeah, but…" Nocturne sighs and gives up on that argument. "I mean, you clearly have the motivation. You cared enough to try something that would work." He blinks a few times and shakes his head. "And like I said, there's plenty more you could be playing. I don't have the widest variety of instruments, but chances are I could at least help you out." The unicorn grins at Fizz with some confidence. Having spent most of his life studying music, he certainly does know his way around plenty of instruments that he's never even touched.

"Like what? I have good wing control and everything, but I have no clue what to do withanything and… Well, you heard, I have absolutely no control over the pipe, at all… I think I managed to sour dinner a few nights ago when trying to practice…" Sodium-Fizz pouted, suprisingly adorably for the otherwise grumpy-looking alchemist. "And I told you, I got frustrated… Bad things happen when I get frustrated, or angry or realy scared."

As easy as it would be to give up altogether, Nocturne's sturbbornness persists, especially since he enjoyed the prospect of sharing a hobby with somepony. "With wing control like that, you'd do great with a harp, or even a hammered dulcimer. Perhaps can just try something than a wind instrument." His nervous energy causes him to shake one of his hooves a little. "Say, where'd you leave that guitar, anyway?"

"Down in the basement," said Sodium-Fizz and turned, a wing waving for Nocturne to follow as she headed for the stairs down. As the ground floor seemd suprisingly ooze free… and she did say the oozes was brough down bellow… that's most likely where they would be.

Nocturne follows, taking very cautious steps down the stairs. He takes a careful glance around the room when he reaches the floor. Nothing seems to stand out to him just yet, perhaps because he is searching for his guitar, which his eyes fix upon as he finds it any approaches it. "Thanks," he says quietly, as he immediately takes it and plays a quiet melody.

Indeed, there's nothing weird with the basement either. It's also completely ooze free! The only things here seems to be several large wooden barels - presumably for the soda - and a odd selection of instruments. Including the guitar. "I had to leave it with the oozes for a while, when figuring out a solvent to my problem. I don't think they harmed it or anything, they seemed incredibly proficient at playing. Of course, they just keep looping the music you directed, which made it kinda hard to figure out how to deal with them at three in the morning and the thirty-seventh time through…"

Nocturne can already be heard tuning the guitar back up as Fizz begins to speak. "No worries, it seems fine. And sorry about that. Can't tell you how good it felt at the time, though." He thinks back to the melody and smiles, beginning to play it on his guitar as he's finished tuning - only to stop as he remembers that Fizz has heard it more than enough times. His gaze returns to the instruments around the room. "Have you already tried playing them, or…?"

Sodium-Fizz cocks her head to the side, confused for a moment before her ears perk up in realication and she turns around. "Oh, you mean them? No, I havn't… maybe I should…" She fell silent for a moment, wings unfurling and refolding, before turning around to look at Nocturne. "I… Care to show me how?"

"Huh? Sure, uh…" Nocturne looks at them, trying to find one with which he could pull off a song or two. "Ohey!" He spots a small lyre and levitates it to his lap, setting the guitar aside. The unicorn runs his hoof across the strings slowly to get an idea of its arrangement before playing a short melody, strewn with ha few errors from not being too well versed in the instrument. "This one oughtta be pretty simple. There's nothing to do but pluck different strings."

Sodium-Fizz hesitated for a few moments before trotting over and taking a seat on the floor, taking the lyre herself. After fiddling a few moments to hold it comfortably a wing arched forward, strumming the strings in one smooth motion. It… doesn't sound to good, but on the other hoof it's not heart-wrenchingly bad like the pipes, and even Soda seems to notice that, her ears perking up ever so slightly.

"There you go," Nocturne says with a grin. "Now, just try to repeat this pattern with the left wing," he instructs, plucking three different strings slowly in a pattern of eight notes, a few times over to help the mare memorize it. "That'll be your bassline." He repeats it a few more times on his guitar for reference.

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, eyeing the strings as he played them… and promptly gave Nocturne a rather odd look when repeating the same on the guitar. Still, her wing arches forward and after a few false starts she plays it, feather-tips brushing alongst the strings nimbly. "So…, bassline what?"

Nocturne retains his grin as the mare plays. "The bassline is kinda what it sounds like. It's the lower part that you play the melody over." He reaches his hoof forward and plays a simpler, slow part on the higher strings. "That's what you'll be playing over it with the right wing. Of course, it doesn't really matter which wings you use for which."

"I see, I think…" said Sodium-Fizz, not sounding entirely sure. Still, her other wing comes forward and… they trade places as to what part they play, the grey mare only offering "I'm left-winged," as the only answer. Taking her time she gets the sequence right after a few tries, repeating it with almost machine-like precission. Delicat on the wings indeed. Still, she does seems to give the lyre a bit of a perplexed look.

"Now you're getting it," Nocturne says, almost ecstatically. He notices the mare's perplexed look, but retains his excitement. "Now it's just a matter of learning how to read music, really. Then we can get into the fancy stuff." He plucks one note on his guitar, then runs his hoof down the strings again, stopping at one. "Alright, so this one's C." His hoof goes back up the instrument. "Then D, E, F, G, A, and B. Then it repeats." He puts a hoof to his chin with an equally perplexed look. "Don't really have any music to work with at the moment, though. Got a pencil and paper?"

Sodium-Fizz eyes Nocturne for a few moment before peering down at the lyre, her wing slowly dragging across it once more, her ears standing on attention. Then back at the guitar, the lyre. Another strumming. After a few moments of frowning she say, "I have some upstairs… but… Um, sure, that's the notes on the guitar. But what on the lyre?" She strums it again, still looking a bit confused.

"I'm pretty sure they're the same," Nocturne replies. "You'll usually only find that wind instruments have different tunings - except for flute, actually. Wait a sec - in that case," He reaches into his guitar case and pulls out a sheet of music. "I wrote this as a simple song to practice along to guitar. You could easily do both parts on a lyre." He points to one of those notes on the lower staff. "The tricky part is that there's bass clef and treble clef. This note is C in bass clef," he says before pointing to a note on the higher staff. "And that's C in Treble Clef."

Sodium-Fizz gave Nocturne a deadpan stare. "Right… so what does all that actualy -mean-? I'm an alchemist, Nocturne… My field of work doesn't exactly overlap much with musical knowledge you know. The most I've done with that is the pyrotechnics for a school musical. It was on a outdoors stage, that was good. I burnt it down."

"OK, let me simplify it," Nocturne says, wincing somewhat, as he hates letting anypony get upset over virtually anything. "The wing you play your melody with is the upper staff. The bassline is in the lower one. If you're left-winged, I'd recommend playing the melody on that." He plays a short melody. "That's what the melody I wrote is." He points to each individual note on the higher staff and reads its corresponding note out loud, pointing to the respective lyre string as he does so.

Sodium-Fizz nodded slowly, if still seeming rather confused one must admit. To her the sheet music doesn't really make much of sense, and she's used to reading obsucre recepeis and documents full of alchemical notations. Doesn't help that most of the notes doesn't make sense to her either. But having it all pointed out helps, and after several false starts she gets it down… for a certain value of it, reading the sheet, remembering the strings and playing taking quite a lot more attention than merely coppying.

A yawn escapes Nocturne as he reads. "Perhaps we should save this for another time. I have all sorts of books and stuff I can loan you, and a lot more sheet music." He puts his guitar into its case, and begins a trot towards the stairs. "Thanks for taking care of the guitar. Just stop by my house any time you feel like it, I'll probably be there."

"No proble, Nocturne. Beside, it was the oozes not me. They seemed to really like those instruments, heh," said Sodium-Fizz with a slight nod and a thin smile on her muzzle. "I'll see if I can drop by later in the week. Oh, and when you go! Grab yourself a soda from behind the bar!"

Nocturne smiles and waves one last time before heading up the stairs. "Will do, thanks!" As he trots up the stairs, he makes a quick search with his eyes for a bottle of soda, and grabs one before putting on his jacking, and heading out into the pouring rain. Now would be a good time for a mad dash home.