One Step At A Time
IC date: Winter 14
OOC date: 2/1/13
PCs: Queen Pegasus, Rising Chaos
NPCs: None
GM: None

Well it's evening in the harbour. Though it's getting hard to tell, the storm of the maelstrom blotting out the sky. Thankfully, there's still plenty of light in town, and no more than a chill wind. Perfect weather for a stroll.

Rising Chaos finishes cleaning herself off in the shower, the warm water feeling like magic on her skin. After having spent the night on the beach she is eager to get clean and have her walk, it's exactly what she needs. It surprises her that she's keeping herself together, but whenever she starts to despair, a certain pink pegasus' face appears and everything seems, better somehow. She reflects on this briefly while she cleans, it's a feeling she's never had before.

Queen curiously looks towards the drawn shower curtain then to the bathroom sink, and back again - without a hint of hesitation she turns on the hot water in the sink, then sits down to enjoy Rising's reaction to the sudden burst of cold water.

Queen chuckles softly before trotting over to brush one hoof through Rising's soaking wet mane. "Are we awake now, Rising?" seemingly quite amused with the results of her little prank. "I was beginning to suspect you were a seapony considering how long you stayed in the shower."

Rising-Chaos finds herself unable to keep up the act of being unamused. Chuckling as she finishes drying herself off to the best of her abilities. "My apologies, I lost myself in relaxation. I had to lot of things to wash away." Without her magic, the amount she can dry off is limited, so she's still a bit damp. Smiling up at the mare who's done so much for her, she feels at ease. "Would you still like to have our walk? I have been looking forward to it all day."

Queen wears a rather haughty grin for the longest moment while watching Rising, and after the long moment passes she chuckles again. "I suppose we can - but I don't care for the idea of sending you out with a wet coat." the mare turns to trot off towards Rising's bedroom - once there she begins to rummage around in the bag of goodies she had Rising retrieve from her Cabin.

Rising-Chaos follows behind her queen faithfully. "I suppose that would be best, my Queen." Before leaving the bathroom she had grabbed her cloak, and is struggling to put it on.

Queen-Pegasus pulls her hoof from her bag and tsks softly as she sees Rising's struggling with her cloak. "Wait a moment." reaching over to pluck the cloak away before handing Rising a smooth black-grey stone. "Hold this between your hoofs, dear." she instructs while handing Rising the heating stone.

Rising-Chaos does as she's told, peering at the stone with more than a little curiosity. The things Queen Pegasus has at her disposal never ceases to amaze. the stone exudes an aura of warmth, and transfers that warmth to her. It seems to do a little more than strictly necessary, which is normal when she's magical attuned. Some of her fur poofs out, making her raise an eyebrow curiously, but says nothing. It doesn't take her long to be mostly dry, and comfortable.

Queen certainly can't resist snickering when Rising's fur puffs out uncontrollably in spots - clearly quite amused as she watches. As Rising finishes with the stone she takes hold of her personal brush and gently smooths out the puffier parts of Rising's coat. "All better, yes?

Rising-Chaos certainly feels magnificent. Today may not have been so bad after all. "Yes, my Queen. Everything is just about perfect." Getting brushed is a surprisingly nice feeling, and she relishes it while it lasts. "And how are you feeling? You certainly seem full of energy, though I can hardly blame you."

Setting the brush aside Queen glances over her shoulder at the other mare. "Soar - you don't even want to know how bad my wings hurt." glancing at her wings which can only be described as mangy at the moment. "Put on your cloak, and we can take a short walk - yes?

Rising-Chaos puts on her cloak gleefully and heads down the stairs, waiting for her queen at the bottom. "I would love that, my Queen. Let's go." This will do her good, she can feel it.

Queen's trip down the stairs is certainly a tad more cautious than most - taking her time to make it down the steps. Once at the bottom she stops to rub her right hip. "Alright, shall we?"

Rising-Chaos opens the door for her Queen and bows low. "After you, my lady. She's in a great mood, so is making an attempt to be charming." She noticed the caution and the hip rub, storing that for later use. there's a massive smile on her face, her every movement glows with that little hint of pride that is so distinctive of her.

Queen steps into the cold winter breeze which prompts a small frown from the mare - perhaps it's time to get a nice heavy parka, something stylish of course. "Thank you, Rising." the mare trotting lightly as she moves a few paces from the door. Once Rising is at her side she sets into a slow, leisurely trot. "I must wonder where you run off to all the time.

Rising-Chaos notices the lack of garment on her queen's body, but doesn't have anything to make good the lack. She'll have to guide them to somewhere where a temporary one may be purchased. Matching Queen Pegasus' pace on the mare's right side, she just enjoy the company all she can. "I am not made to be a still mare. I have been making preparation to evacuate my belongings in to the mountains, should it become necessary. I also have taken responsibility for the currently inactive reconstruction effort." There's a pause. "Unless you mean last night?"

Intently listening Queen continues to slowly trot towards town. "Yes, last night. Or did you think I wouldn't notice you leaving - as a pirate I've learned to sleep with one eye open as it were.

Rising-Chaos hangs her head a bit, last night was not very fun. "I was unable to sleep, my mind was in turmoil. I just went down to the beach to clear my mind." She sighs, honesty is the best policy. "I saw Spindrift. I told her that I no longer hate her, it's complicated. Unfortunately, I touched the black heart, again."

Despite the discomfort it causes Queen moves her wing so the mangy looking thing drapes over Rising in a comforting manner. "I'm not entirely sure what the 'Black Heart' is..but if it's done anything bad to you…" her tone taking a dark, serious tone.

Rising-Chaos leans in close to her Queen, feeling closer to her than ever before. "It tried, it certainly tried. And last time I came in contact with it, it almost undid me entirely." She stops, hugging the pegasus mare tight. "But now I have you, no stupid magic artifact can touch me now. Nothing can hurt me." Tears of happiness in her eyes as she realizes the truth in her words, she starts moving again. "So thank you, my Queen." She adds something else in her head, but that's for herself. The feeling may be there, but the mare just isn't ready, not yet.

Queen stops as Rising's tight hug stops her mid-step - the taller mare enduring the mild pain from the tight hug while curiously looking down at smaller unicorn. "I'll see to it that nothing hurts you…unless you deserve it." a hint of tease to her voice at the second part of that sentence. "This is all strange to me." Entirely no indication she objects to any of this, rather simply stating how she finds it all foreign to her. "I'm glad to have you - and I wouldn't change anything we've been through." Not even the attempted zombie feeding, nope.

Rising-Chaos trots happily beside the larger pegasus. "Of course, if I deserve it, punishment should be swift." Perhaps the Queen would be surprised at how much Chaos relates to the strangeness of the situation. Half the time she stares at herself in shock, unable to believe what she's doing. It just feels so right, it defies explanation. "Neither would I, believe me. My memories with you are perhaps, the best in all my life. In their own way, every single one of them has been amazing." Even the attempted zombie feeding, though that one is perhaps more thrilling than amazing.

Queen herself wouldn't trade the zombie feeding for anything - considering the touching moments that followed; which also helped Queen realize she did in fact care for Rising's companionship. Queen offers Rising a light nuzzle atop of her head before taking a look about - they haven't gotten more than few hundred yards away from Rising's house. "Sadly I'm feeling a tad weak - I'm afraid we should cut this walk short.

Rising-Chaos understands completely. What little she knows about medicine, she still knows that injured ponies need time to recover, and shouldn't push themselves. "Of course, my Queen. Let us retire. " She guides the pegasus back towards the house. "Even if it was cut short, I really enjoyed our walk."