One Necklace and a Whole Lot of Trouble
IC date: Autumn 26, 1007
OOC date: October 15, 2012
PCs: Thunnini, Skyflower, Seaside-Shimmer, Spearmint, Rising-Chaos
NPCs: Monsoon, Maelstrom, Fury
GM: Salty, Amber-Shot

It's a pretty calm evening, all told, and it finds Monsoon at a beach-side cafe, sitting by the waves. The brown pegasus with the focused green eyes has spread out a map on the table, as he considers their various courses of action.

The rest of the harbor is having a nice time, between the lovely sunset, the drinks and goodies being hawked along the boardwalk, the warm, pleasant sand… It's just a nice night to be out.

For a certain seafilly, tonight is a good evening for floating around under the boardwalk. Thunnini is enjoying listening to the landponies and watching the sunset… and if some odds and ends happen to fall into the water, who knows? They might be interesting bangles, or tasty land-food.

Skyflower is enjoying an evening out, trotting along the boardwalk happily. She buys herself a caramel apple when the opportunity presents itself, holding it with her horn in a proper fashion. The other evening's fireworks display was most satisfying and so for now she seems content.

You know who isn't having a good time? Maelstrom. When he first came to the Harbor last week he was so amazed at seeing so much water in one place that wasn't a giant ice cube that he drank a whole bunch of it. Turns out drinking tons of ocean water is a TERRIBLE IDEA and is only now recovering from being /horribly ill/.

The Element of Magic is currently sitting at Monsoon's table. Where the pegasus is making an excellent use of his free time, however, the unicorn is instead bouncing a ball above his head by shooting magical shockwaves at it. The persistant *whum* *whum* *whum* of his spells is not at all infuriating in any way, shape or form.

*whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum* *whum*

One could accuse Seaside-Shimmer and Tropical-Sunset of being aloof with the manner in which they aimlessly wander - then again not much of a job when the place you were invited to work hasn't been rebuilt as of yet. The pair notice Maestrom and pipe "We know him." trotting over towards Monsoon and Maelstrom to cheerfully chime "Hello~" Seaside continues "We saw you the other day." "In the forest." "You were like" both twins chime in "BOOM!" "That was pretty sweet." "Totally awesome." "I'm Seaside-Shimmer." "I'm Tropical-Sunset." "We're twins."

Spearmint makes his way down the boardwalk, dodging and weaving carefully through other ponies' legs. He's carrying a bag! A paper bag. Stuffed full of… of something! There is definitely something in the bag. And whatever it is, he's holding onto it real tight. So presumably it's something good! He sure looks happy about it, whatever it is.

He pauses at the *whum*s. …What /is/ that? His ears twitch as he tries to pinpoint the sound. It's over there! And… up. Huh.

Rising-Chaos is for once, not doing any work. She's enjoying the pleasant night at the cafe, sipping on her drink. A good book in front of her, she relaxes in the chair, her cloak wrapped around her tight.

Skyflower's ears flick. "What in Equestria is that /ghastly/ ruckus?" She looks down, spotting Spearmint looking equally puzzled. "Shall we find out, do you think? I believe we shall. Come along, there's a darling." She trots off in the direction of the noise.

Beneath the boardwalk, where the little seafilly is, something glints down in the deeps. There appears to be something… shiny! Sparkly, even. It's half-buried in sand and silt, but the wee little gal might take notice anyway.

Above the boardwalk, however, Monsoon's eye has a bit of a twitch. He smoothes out the map once more, compulsively, as he levels a glare at his companion. "Must you do that?" he asks, with no small amount of irritation. "Couldn't you… I don't know, use your nose like a normal pony?" Of course, then there are twins, and he blinks a little, before nodding solemnly. "Yes, I remember you two. And the fact that you're twins, yes."

He pauses, then adds, "And my name is Monsoon. That lug right there is Maelstrom." Glare.

Oooo, Thunnini hadn't seen *that* shiny thing before! With a quick roll and a sharp dive, she descends to where the shiny thing is and starts to dig it out. Coins? Jewelry? Chrome-plated crowbars?

Spearmint tilts his head, one ear twitching towards Skyflower at her words. He doesn't respond, because that'd mean putting the bag down! But he nods, and trots after her, ears perked to catch the sound of her hoofbeats.

"'course not," Maelstrom says dismissively. *whum* "If I used my nose I wouldn't be improving my accuracy or stamina any." *whum* "Not to mention it impresses the ladies." *whum*

At about that point the twins go BOOM and he jumps. A misaimed *WHUM* sends the ball flyyyyying out over the ocean. "Darn it! Stupid ocean!" His angry glare turns towards. "…oh, hey there, girls." Instant mood change. "Nice to meet you two. I'm Maelstrom." He brushes some imaginary dust off of his shoulder and looks nonchalantly at his hoof afterwards. "The Element of Magic. I don't know if you guys have heard about that out here, but I'm Kind Of A Big Deal where I come from."

Seaside-Sunset grin, nay double grin. "Hello Mister Monsoon." "Mister Maelstrom." each greeting one of the stallions before the pair chirp "A pleasure." an addorable little bow accompanying. Their eyes catch sight of the sparkly crown, at which point they beam "What's that?" "It's beautiful! "Stunning!" "Sparkly!" clearly enamored but managing to keep hooves to theirselves - good thing their potential salon boss isn't about; that shiny might disapear right quick.

At Maelstrom's little boast the pair seem to glow! "Element of Magic?" "As in the story books?" the pair appraise Maelstrom - one might even swear calculations are visibly running over their heads as they calculate important data like build, eye-color, voice, potential social status, wealth. Eventually the pair grins at one another then smiles all the broader. "We're not a very big deal where we come from. But we're twice the fun of most ponies - twice over."

"A big deal /indeed/. Big enough that rules of polite society don't mean anything to you?" This and a toss of the mane heralds the arrival of Skyflower. "Honestly you're like a little colt who learned a new trick. Expertise in magic is about more than being… noisy. One must create something with it worthy of the noise, don't you think?"

Rising-Chaos may be relaxing, but she isn't oblivious. The mention of element of magic had her ears perked up. She may look like she's just reading her book, but she's paying attention. When Skyflower makes her grand entrance, Chaos nods at her comment. "Style counts, but you need substance." She mutters to herself.

Sliding down in his chair, Monsoon just claps a hoof over his head. "The big lug doesn't care," he mutters, to Skyflower and Spearmint. "Manners. Hah." Grumble. He just squints at the twins, who really may not deserve his bad mood, but since Maelstrom likes them so much, they must be nuisances too. Grumble.

The shiny thing is indeed half-buried beneath silt. It's a necklace! Gold, with three azure raindrop gems encrusted at the fore. Thunnini should be able to snag it all on her lonesome.

"Twice as fun sounds about right," Maelstrom says in a certain tone of voice that's probably going to get him a dirty look from Monsoon. "I haven't read all you guys' storybooks, but this here," he gestures at the purple, eight-pointed star on his flank, "means that I'm destined to save the world. And that is /awesome/."

Skyflower's arrival and subsequent lecture ellicit rolled eyes from the tall unicorn. "There's nothing wrong with showing off what you've got," he says. "And I've got plenty worth showing off. See: Exhibit A." He points at his rump again.

Oh, it's a *very* shiny! Thunnini finishes digging up the necklace and lifts it up with her hooves. While she's not quite sure if it's special beyond its neat looks, she's inquisitive enough to find out. She swims to the surface and tries putting it on - while it looks like no phylactery she's ever seen, and no normal phylactery works on any seapony but the one who made it, those two facts might cancel each other out. Therefore, surface first, /then/ put on weird shiny necklace thing!

Sunset can't resist smacking Maelstrom's flank when turns about to 'show off'; this ellicts a fit of giggles from both girls as Seaside quickly bats Sunset's hoof away and mouths 'No!' - the flush on her face indicating she enjoyed the action almost as much as her sister. Troublemakers indeed.

Spearmint blinks and lays his ears back, fidgetting sheepishly. After a moment he leans over toward Skyflower. "…What's he showing us?" he whispers a bit sheepishly. Clearly it's meant to be something impressive! But he's clueless.

Skyflower sees Maelstrom's eyeroll and raises him a dismissive flick of the tail. "You're a hero, then? That is most /certainly/ commendable but I must say that I'd expect a hero to comport themselves with better manners. Spearmint, love, he's just showing off his Cutie Mark like a silly little colt. Here. Have a caramel apple." She presses it into his hooves and then fishes through her dainty saddlebag with her horn.

"Magic is more than noise. Magic is how we as unicorns shine in the world. Magic expresses our talent and what we can do for others." She's now holding a small bag. "Some things are big, quite big and indeed even noisy at times." The bag floats towards a handy window and opens, still wrapped in her lambent glow. "Others? Not so much. But they don't need to be." There's a soft, almost inaudible 'foom' and the bag and the contents of the bag combust, burning with a brilliant light and sending streamers of multicolored fire into the evening skyline. "Consider how much effort you put into making things happen."

Indeed, Maelstrom gets a glare. A great big glare. "You're not destined to do anything but wine, dine, and be /really, really annoying/." Monsoon sits up, and smiles a little at Skyflower as she creates fireworks. "Lovely." He means it, that time.

The necklace around Thunnini's neck is weighty, perhaps more weighty than a necklace ought to be; but it doesn't do anything. She's just a seapony wearing a pretty necklace! … That is, until she's suddenly swept out of the water.

A small shockwave ripples over the group as a semi-familiar camo-clad assassin divebombs the water and swoops up a tiny creature of some kind. "Hah! I was looking for that!" she crows, sweeping back white hair from her face.

Maelstrom simply waggles his eyebrows at the twins as they tap dat flank. Then Monsoon and Skyflower double team him and that's just no fair! "Annoyingly /amazing/, you mean, cause you're nowhere near my level. Of amazing. -ness." …yeah, that was kind of weak. "Look, maybe you guys have the luxury of being able to have fireworks spells and pretty light spells and stuff, but I'm a fighting unicorn. All this I'm doing, that you think looks like goofing off? It's important training so that I don't get caught off guard back home."

Directly behind Maelstrom, completely unnoticed by the stallion, the pegasus assassin rises into the air with her quarry.

Rising-Chaos watches in mild surprise as the assassin rips past her and sweeps up Thunnini. "Oh dear, that could be an issue." She says, perfectly calmly, before noticing the necklace. Her eyes widen, she can see how precious that amulet is, the magic radiating from it's glittering surface. Something that amazing, she wants it, badly. Chaos surges to her hooves, leaving her books behind. Pausing only to grab her saddle bag she gallops through the cafe, chasing after the assassin.

Spearmint blinks. And frowns. Tilts his ears. "…Hey, did… did anypony hear that?" he asked after a moment. "Something splashed, and…"

A squirming foal can be one of the harder things to hold onto. A squirming seapony can make that even trickier, particularly when they're flexible enough to try slapping you in the face with their tail. And when said seafilly is a decently good contortionist, well… the assassin undoubtedly has her hooves full trying to keep a hold on Thunnini.

"Lemme go lemme go this is mine you can't have it lemme go lemme go take that you big meanie lemme go lemme go…" squalls the little seafilly, intent on getting free and/or making this flying landpony regret picking her up.

The twins point behind Maelstrom, Skyflower, and Monsoon; staring in awe at the pegasus holding a seapony. "We've seen alot of things." "But we ain't seen a seapony fly." The pair admits aloud while pointing at the far more interesting scene behind the wrastling ponies.

"That's why /I'm/ the leader and you're just— MOON'S FURY!" Monsoon is up on his hooves, map flinging into the air as he takes to the air. "What's that— my necklace!"

"Mine now, featherbrain!" Fury crows, though she's flailing her hooves a bit trying to keep Thunnini there. "Hey— watch it, shrimp! Before I have to tear out your guts and use 'em for garters!" Her legs hug the seapony tightly to her, paying no attention to the squirmy punk. The pair zooms!! right over the heads of the twins and Skyflower, and Spearmint, ruffling manes as she goes.

Skyflower is buzzed by the malicious pegasus. "Oh no you don't! Come back here, you!" She reaches for another little bag, this one a different color and with a small label on it. It goes flying ahead of the pegasus with great force and then bursts into dozens of little spheres of painfully bright light. Skyflower, naturally, had the presence of mind to close her eyes.

Spearmint frowns and whirls, scooping up his bag again. He doesn't know what's going on, but it /sounds/ bad! "Hey, get back here!" he shouts after the pegasus - a bit muffled around the bag in his mouth, but nonetheless spirited! And then there's a bang and pop of fireworks. That's enough to make him jump! Luckily, he doesn't have to worry about closing his eyes.

"Like heck you're the leader! I'm Magic, that makes me— wait, what?" Maelstrom looks over his shoulder as the twins point and his best buddy Soon starts swearing. "HEY! It's you! I thought you learned your lesson!" The unicorn takes a few steps after the pegasus, horn glowing brightly, aaaand!

"Stars above!" he shouts as he gets an eyeful of Skyflower's burning light. The magic in his horn discharges harmlessly into the sky in a very column of purple light that is going to make someone the next solar system over very unhappy when it hits something. "Ow, man, warn when you're gonna do that!" He blinks wildly for a few seconds trying to clear his vision.

Rising-Chaos isn't about to let such a shiny necklace get away. She whips aroudn to face the assassin as it whips by. She stomps her hoof on the ground, a black aura springign to life around her horn. she catches one of the assassin's legs with her magic and pulls as hard as she can. The power of the spell fades, and she snapped out of casting, leaving Chaos stunned temporarily. She hopes she slowed the bloody thing down at least a bit.

Sunset turns to look to her sister. "The stars did promise" "Seaside continuing "It's be a very interesting day." the pair grinning before cheerfully chiming "Come on big boy!" "Stop the seapony thief!" "Show us what you got!" "Save the damsel." "Earn you reward." a pair of winks and blown kisses used to entice Maelstrom into heroics.

Flail flail squirm stomp! Thunnini is certainly not making this easy on Fury, even if the pegasus is managing to keep ahold of the seafilly. "I said let me GO!" yells Thunnini as she manages to get her tail free enough to start slapping one of Fury's wings.

And then Skyflower's flashbang goes off. "KYAAAAAH!" hollers Thunnini as she retriples her squirming, flailing, and slapping.

"Whoa!!" The assassin is yanked backwards suddenly by Chaos's magic, at the same time the seapony manages to smack her wing. It sends her wavering and flailing, until that final firework makes her holler in surprise and drop the seapony!

Straight… down… onto Spearmint. He's very good at catching ponies, of late.

The confused pegasus tries to reorient herself, but Monsoon slams into her and dives toward the ground with her as she shrieks in blind surprise.

Eeep! Flumph. "Oof!" The little colt sprawls. The bag is dropped! Dramatically so, it tumbles a few feet. Spearmint blinks, ears twitching. "Ow."

Seaside looks at Sunset, and Sunset at Seaside; broad grins forming as they decide to join in the fun - unaware that an assassin is in our midsts. The pair charging into 'battle' just to be part of the action. Really they've not the fainest what is going on - but when in Rome - burn it! That's the Horseshoe Harbor way.

Skyflower says "Terribly sorry, in a bit of a hurry, what?" She runs to Spearming and the mysterious seapony. "Good heavens! Are you two all right?" She starts pulling them out of the general area of chaos."

Maelstrom is now rubbing the stars out of his eyes. "Wow, I've gotta get some of that," he says as his vision starts coming back to him. But later! Right now it's time to take credit for the work of his subordinate, Monsoon! "Good job, Soon! Hold her down and I'll cage 'er!" His horn starts glowing again as he thinks about what'd be best for this. Magic lasso? Magic hand cuffs? Magic cat carrier? Magic cat carrier might work…

"Ooof!" squeaks Thunnini as she lands. She shakes her head to regain her bearings, then scowls up at the flying landpony. "Take that, you bully!" she huffs, then takes a look around herself. "Eep!" she goes as she realizes she's on top of another foal. "sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry - are you okay?" she asks in a concerned tone.

"Y-yeah… I'm okay," Spearmint manages a bit breathlessly, wincing — that bruise hadn't fully healed yet! Now there is more bruise. Owwww. "Are you okay?" Then he's being dragged! He squeaks and squirms a bit, flailing his hooves about. Where'd his bag go?! He wanted that!

Monsoon and Fury slam into the ground in an eruption of earth and rock. The assassin is slippery, wriggling and bucking speedily to get away — and she almost might, but 'Soon is doing his level best to keep her trapped. "ANY DAY NOW, MAELSTROM!" he shouts, glaring over his shoulder at the Element of Magic as he gets a hoof to the face. Oof!

Rising-Chaos recovers just in time to see the assassin drop Thunnini. Instantly, her interest in the pegasus disappears, instead, she tracks the fall of the sea pony. She darts towards the fallen ponies, reaching them as they're being pulled clear by Skyflower. "May I have this please?" She asks Thunnini, indicating the necklace. Without waiting she lifts the necklace from Thunnini's neck and brings it before her face. A small, /completely stable/ laugh escapes her lips as she carresses the necklace. She backs slowly away from everypony else, the better to keep her prize safe.

"You know, you get real cranky when you're wrestling assassins," Maelstrom says as he decides to skip trying to magic up some sort of fancy shmancy cage and just shoots the two of them with a stun spell. "Good job taking one for the team, Soon," he adds.

Seaside and Sunset are truely, and completely out of their element as they charge into the chaos - quite literally; the pair of galloping mares steam-rolling right into Chaos whom being quite fixated on her new prize is unlikely going to manage avoid the collision of two out of control mares with no where better to go.

"And you get real slow when there's actual trouble— hrk!" Monsoon and Fury go slack, collapsing in a heap on the ground. If the pegasus could summon sheer hate with just his gaze right now, he would. As for the white-haired assassin? Her own magenta eyes are wide, flicking around as she tries and fails to break the stun spell.

The elemental necklace is heavy in Chaos' magical grasp: resistant but not at all actually stopping her from collecting it. The twins might stop her, however.

Skyflower says "It's all right, it's all right both of you," she offers. "It's me, Spearmint, Skyflower. Just trying to get you two out of the way, doesn't that sound lovely?"

Necklace! But… Thunnini did land on the little colt, and it wouldn't be polite not to recover his bag. Making her way over to the fallen bag (so /that's/ why rear legs are useful!), she picks it up and carries it back to her unexpected fall-breaker. "Ith thith yourth?" she asks, lisping from the mouthful of bag.

Spearmint relaxes slightly at Skyflower's voice, gulping a bit. "R-right, uh… d-did you see my bag?" He perks his ears over at the seapony. "I dunno! I, uh, I had a paper bag an' I dropped it."

"It's called 'strategic use of force'," Maelstrom says as he trots up alongside the two pegasi. "Glimmer made me read it in a book once after I blew a hole in the ceiling of the lab." He leans down and looks at the assassin, brushing her mane out of her eyes so he can get a better look at her. "Hey, have you ever noticed how all the assassins Moon sends after us are real lookers? I mean, wow."

Skyflower smiles. "It seems our friend found it for you. And what's your name, dear?" she asks of the seafilly.

Rising-Chaos is bowled over by the two over enthusiastic mares, the necklace dropping form her telekinetic grasp. She's caught in a tangle of ponies, unable to get up. She growls in frustration, and begins to thrash about until she can see the necklace laying on the ground. Once again she grabs it with her magic and pulls it close. "Get off, please," she asks the twins, her voice steady and calm

Monsoon is catatonic for the moment, and so's the looker — but the look in the looker's eye is death at Maelstrom, promising extensive bodily harm if she gets out of this mess. Grr!!

"My name's Thunnini, miss," replies Thunnini as she drops the bag near Spearmint. "What's your name, miss?" *cheerful beam!*

Skyflower smiles dipping her head. "I'm Skyflower and it's simply a delight to meet you. Now why in Celestia's name did that awful mare try to grab you?"

Seaside and Sunset settle into an awkward game of pony twister with Rising as they begin attempting to dislodge themselves. "I think it's your right fore-leg." "That's /you/ right fore-leg." wiggle wiggle "So it is! They look so similar sometimes I forget." one leg dislodged allows Seaside to twist about and unintentionally smack Rising in the face with her tail. "Oh I think I got my other leg." "Ow! Don't pull that!" Sunset's cheek suddenly smooshing against Rising's "Hey watch where you put that hoof!" Seaside cries. The squirming undoubtedly making things difficult for poor Rising.

Spearmint brightens immediately and reaches for his bag. It's intact! It's not too badly squished! It… it's… it's taffy! It's /delicious/. He scoops out a piece, unwraps, and noms. After /that/, a colt needs some sugar. "M'Spearmint," he says around a mouthful of cinnamon chewy goodness. Mmmmm, taffy.

Maelstrom takes a cautious step back from the assassin as he gets a prickling sensation of his spine that reminds him very much of the last encounter with his ex-marefriend. "So I guess we should find some rope or something before that spell wears off," he says, looking around to see who else is still a part of this encounter.

The unicorn walks towards Spearmint and the others. "Hey, do you guys know where I could get some ro— holy cow, where are your legs!" The unicorn's head dips down to get a better look at Thunnini's fins. Subtle he ain't.

Monsoon sighs. Hhghghhhh. Fury's hind leg twitches.

Skyflower tilts her head. "Now that's hardly polite. Would YOU like it if somepony were to shout whenever they saw your horn?"

Spearmint blinks and tilts an ear. "…You don't have legs?" He asked Thunnini, then instantly blushes. "…M'sorry, that… I didn't mean it like that. That was rude. I'm sorry." He blushes deeper, then scoops a piece of taffy and holding it out in her general direction. Apology peace offering! "Uh… want some?"

"But that's so /weird/," Maelstrom says tactlessly. When Spearment asks about Thunnini's legs the Element says, "She's got two of them, but the back ones are all… flippity things." He shakes his head. "Which isn't important, anyway! I need some rope to tie up that assassin! Who'd have some around here?"

And Thunnini is about as reserved as Maelstrom is subtle. "I'm a seapony!" she beams at the perplexed unicorn, then turns to Spearmint, accepting the offered candy. "Sure! And seaponies only have legs in front. Instead of rear legs, we have a tail like a fish! And this candy is tasty~!" Looking at Skyflower, she gives a shrug. "I dunno, but she was saying something about the necklace I found - "

And that's enough to remind her that *somepony* took the necklace! "Hey, gimme back the necklace I found!" Thunnini hollers as she (tries to) gallop over to Rising-Chaos to reclaim her salvage!

Skyflower stamps a hoof. "Rising Chaos, honestly. You should be ashamed of yourself, stealing from an innocent little filly. You give that necklace back to her and you give it back this instant."

Rising-Chaos suffers the twins as they untangle, she's content to stare at the necklace. As Thunini starts her charge, the necklace disappears into a fold of her cloak. A glare is shot at both Thunnini and Skyflower. She wriggle out from the pile of mare that is Seaside Sunset and gets to her hooves, holding her glare. "This necklace, is mine." She states simply, her tone brooking no argument.

Monsoon's eyes widen and try to look toward the argument, but there's no way for him to look through the back of his skull. "Mnn-mm!"

As for Fury, one wing twitches, and then another. An ear flicks. There's a look of intense concentration on the pegasus's face.

Skyflower says "And what exactly makes it yours? We have laws against theft in this town."

Spearmint perks his ears. "A seapony? Woah! I… I didn't think they were /real/." He would gape at her if he knew exactly where she was. Instead he just sort of stares somewhere a bit off to her left. But still looks pretty awed!

The twins manage to pull themselves free - each taking a moment to examine their limbs. "Everything's attached here." "Ditto." the pair springing to their hooves - standing right behind and to the sides of Rising. "Miss Rising?" they chirp in unison. "What's going on?" clearly as clueless as they are friendly.

"You guys are useless," Maelstrom laments as he walks back to Monsoon and Fury. "Well, I guess there's always the old fashioned way of holding somepony down." He proceeds to sit his big unicorn butt on the two of them like they were a big beanbag chair.

Fury twitches, flicks, and manages to start actively fluttering her wings— until WHOMP. Unicorn Butt Attack. Both hapless ponies let out a wheeze as the air is knocked from their lungs, and the assassin flutters her wings in a clumsy, half-drunk panic beneath him. Monsoon even twitches a leg, glaring at him! "Mnhhnmmm!"

"You took that necklace from me! You asked, but I didn't say you could take it! Give it back!" Few things can match the righteous fury of a foal trying to regain the item she found. Thunnini is glaring at Chaos with the wrath of a thousand tidal waves. She wants her shiny treasure returned - now!

not happening, Rising Chaos keeps what she takes. "I'm sorry, but this necklace is mine, I thank you for finding it." Chaos says, the tone of her voice sweet. She smiles, with her mouth only. She takes a few bits from a pocket in her cloak, passing them near Thunnini. "I really am most grateful, please accept compensation." She edges backwards a bit, giving the twins a friendly smile. "Juts a small misundersatnding, don't worry."

Spearmint blinks and frowns, ears twitching as he turns his head towards Ruby. "But… you didn't say it was yours when you took it. You just said 'can I have this' and then you snatched it and she never /did/ say yes. If it was yours you woulda just said so, but you just took it." He tilts an ear, frowning. "Didn't somepony else say they were missing a necklace, anyway? Before you even."

"What're we even going to do with a captured assassin, anyway?" Maelstrom wonders aloud as he idly taps one of his hooves— through sheer coincidence on Fury's flank. "I mean, it's not like we can grill her for any useful intel, she probably knows just as much as we do." He glances down at the mare again. "Hey, didn't you have Soon's necklace before? Where'd that go?"

"Drr hrrv rrt, yrr rrdrrerrt," wheezes Monsoon, so completely intelligible at the moment. Fury, however, bucks out at the touch and fails to connect. "You peabrain!" she growls, voice squeakier than usual with the air knocked out of her. "Get off!"

"Ah, shut it," Maelstrom says as his beanbag starts fighting back. He raises one hoof and clonks it on Fury's noggin. "You know, considering you're not gonna be reporting back to old lady Moon any time soon anyway you should think about playing nicer. The whole 'reformed villainess' schtick is always pretty hot."

Fury goes cross-eyed, having to pause her struggles because /ow/. Monsoon just snorts.

Skyflower stands in the way of Rising Chaos. "This is no way for a civilized pony to behave. Now you will return the necklace, because that is the polite thing to do." There's some steel in her voice, hinting that one perhaps might not wish to be impolite. "No?"

Sunset pipes cutely as she looks at Seaside "Remember the time we stole all those pies?" "Those were deli..hey now's not the time." "It's always time for pie." Sunset protests with a pout. The pair chiming suddenly "Apologies!" before attempting to give a Rising a friendly shove in the right direction - quite literally pushing the mare from behind.

Rising-Chaos holds her ground now, keeping her smile. "I chose my words poorly, and for that I apologise, but this necklace is mine." She explains to Spearmint. She gazes at all the inquisitive faces pointed her way. "Come now, it's a bauble, nothing more. The only reason I wanted it back is that I have yet to finish with it, you may have it back afterwards Thunnini." She turns her gaze to Skyflower, her smile impassive. "Now now Skyflower," she says, dropping her voice low so only Sky can hear, "don't even try and get in my way."

Thunnini looks up at Maelstrom. "I had it, but miss Chaos here took it away from me," pouts the little seafilly. She hasn't even picked up the coins yet, since that would mean giving up the necklace.

Skyflower bats her eyelashes and puts a hoof up to her ear. "I'm sorry? I didn't quite catch that, love. It sounded as though you threatened me: could you be a dear and maybe speak up?"

Maelstrom's ears perk as that weird legless pony talks at him. "Whazzat? That pony stole Soon's necklace?" He adjusts his position on his makeshift seat to lean forward, possibly sitting on Monsoon's head in the process. "Hey, is that true? You oughta give it back, that necklace is serious business." He gives Chaos a serious look, as if to say 'Don't make me stand up and come after you, this is surprisingly comfortable'.

Thunnini giggles~

Spearmint blinks and frowns, laying his ears back. He was getting a distinct feeling that this pony wasn't very nice! Not that there was much he could do about it. But he was getting ready to start shouting! 'Cause adults always seem to come running when he starts shouting.

Rising-Chaos' gaze bores right into Sky. "Of course not my lady, I was merely suggesting that you let me pass. So I may continue." As more and more ponies begin to become interested in her, Chaos decides that now is thetime to go. "Now, everyone, I am very tired after tonight's excitement, I think it is time for me to go. I should have finished with this is jsut a day or two, then I will freely give it to anyone who would like it." She gives a big grin to everypony assembled, the first real grin of the night. "Goodbye," instantly Chaos is galloping through the crowd, having shoved Skyflower aside in her haste. A flash of magic from the brooch on her cape and she melts into the shadows, becoming harder to see, though not invisible by any stretch.

Maelstrom harumphs as Chaos decides to play hardball. The foolish mare doesn't realize that the Element of Magic has the hardest of balls! Or… or something like that. It kind of went to a weird place.

Regardless! When Chaos makes a break for it the unicorn's horn begins to glow that deep fuschia again, a shade he likes to call 'blow stuff up purple'. And then… he loses his mark!? "Friggin' magic!" he shouts, oblivious to the fact that this must be how people feel dealing with him all the time.

Without an actual target to lock onto Maelstrom does the next best thing: he pumps more juice into his spell. More power equals more effective, right? The cobblestones of the street begin to glow a bright purple as he tries to mass levitate everything on the block. It's harder than it looks, though and he's visibly straining to cast the spell— perhaps giving Fury and Monsoon, if they've regained their wits and control of their limbs, a chance to escape from underneath of him.

As soon as he has the chance, Monsoon manages to wriggle out from beneath Maelstrom and flutter his wings, gaining his footing. Fury, on the other hand, flails relentlessly in the air, flapping and fluttering and swearing and cursing Maelstrom's stupid blue butt.

Maelstrom's butt's feelings are hurt a little bit.

Seaside waahs loudly and begins scrapping at the ground as she begins to levitate into the air "Whaa!" desperately she clings onto Sunset who loudly protests "Don't grab me!" not that it matters because she's floating off the ground now too. "Wah, somepony stop this crazy thing!" the pair protests.

Skyflower is shoved then immediately pulled helplessly into the air by an errant levitation spell. "I say! Unhorn me immediately!"

Spearmint yelps as Rising dashes past. And then… yelps again! Because /floating/. WHERE DID THE GROUND GOOOOOO. He flails and squirms, likely managing to pull off a few flips and twists as he stretches out his hooves and tries his best to find the ground again. Or his taffy, for that matter! He just got that back!

"Maelstrom, you useless lump!!" Monsoon stamps as he finally seems to get control of his lips back. He spreads his wings to clumsily hop-flop into the air and flap after… where'd it go? "It's… it's gone! My necklace, my element necklace, MY element necklace! It's GONE!"

While Thunnini wasn't caught by the mass levitation, she did see Spearmint get floated. With the colt flailing around, she decides that one good turn deserves another. Somersaulting and cartwheeling from one floating cobblestone to another, she makes her way over to Spearmint. "Don't worry, Spearmint, I got you!" she says as she glomps the colt and holds him in a protective grip. He broke her fall earlier, and now she's ready to break his fall.

Rising-Chaos manages to avoid the leviatation spell, hopping form block to block, keeping up her speed perfectly. She rounds the corner sharply, her hooves skidding on the cobbles. Once around the corner, and what she believes is out of range of the spell, she stops and brings out the necklace. Her expression glosses over as she's entranced by the artifact. She is gripped by an overpowering urge to wear it. With quiet reverence she drops the element of harmony over her neck, wearing it with pride.

"That's /IT/. I've had it with you, Mael! You can go jump off a boat for all I care!" Monsoon just glares at the unicorn, before wheeling clumsily around in the air and flying off. Because he just can't contain the anger!!

"Hey, it's not my fault!" Maelstrome says defensively. "I don't exacly have a lot of experience fighting unicorns, Moon keeps those for special occasions! Here, hold this!" The unicorn abruptly cuts power to the spell, dropping all of the assorted ponies, cobbles, fruit stands and other flotsam he picked up. Fury is flung in Monsoon's direction— but he's flying awak!? "Darn it, Soon, you need to deal with the sexy assassin! Shoot, get back here!" He has to abandon pursuit of the necklace thief to chase after the pegasus he just threw.

Spearmint yelps a third time as the magic stops, toppling back to the ground! Or, well, to conveniently placed seapony. Luckily he's not the biggest colt. But still, oof, again.

Skyflower lands with a thud. "Oh, DASH it all. I suppose I shall have to take this up with the proper authorities, then."

Rising-Chaos revels in the newfound power she can access with the necklace. Laughter bubbles out from her, a distintly non-pony tone to it. She attempts to tap the magic reserves, ultimate power is so close at hand.

A sharp crack and flash of light signal the magic going haywire, and reatcing into a small explosion. Rising Chaos flies out of the street and back onto the boardwalk. the neckflace flies from her neck, instantly dispelling her obsession. She lies on the ground, having hit her head hard, groaning. "Ow," she said, "who hit me with a cart this time?"

Thunnini lands with Spearmint, helping the colt to his feet and returning the bag of candy to him. "Are you alright?" she asks with a genuine tone of concern. The explosion from the side street catches her attention, but she turns back to Spearmint - you don't go after other stuff until you make sure the pony you're helping is fine.

Spearmint nods dazedly, rubbing his head; he perks up noticably to have his bag of taffy back, though. "I'm okay, yeah. Thanks for the help. I didn't hurt you, did I?" He jumpes a bit at the ezplosion himself, ears twtiching.

Rising-Chaos gets groggily to her feet, her head pounding. She looks around at the scene, cobbles dropped evcerywhere and a whole pile of ponies over a ways along the boardwalk. Her gaze falls on the necklace, prompting a wince. "OH dear," she mutters. A furitive glance to see if anypony is look at her and she runs off back home. Hopefully she doesn't get lynched!

Thunnini giggles with relief. "No, I'm not hurt, but I'm glad you're not hurt either," she smiles. Looking over to where the crash was, she sees Chaos running away… and a now-familiar gleam! "Ooo, miss Chaos dropped the necklace! But the pony who owns the necklace flew off. Hey Spearmint, let's go get the necklace and hold onto it for the pony it belongs to!" With a goal in sight, she starts making her way towards the necklace. She's getting better at land travel, but it's still somewhat slow and quite noisy.

Spearmint nods and picks himself up, following after her. After pausing to grab the candy bag, of course! "Is, uh… is there any way I can help?" he offered after a second. "It must be tricky to swim on land. …Or, wait. I mean, uh. To… walk with… fins. …You know what I mean."

"I'm… umph… getting used to it… hmf… slowly," admits Thunnini. Not to mention how much drier it is when you stay out of the water! She does get to the necklace, though, and puts it on. After pondering Spearmint's offer of help, an idea comes to mind. "Maybe if you could support my tail, then all I'd have to do is walk sideways next to you and then my tail wouldn't be dragging all over the place?"

Spearmint blinks and nods, moving over to her. "Sure! But, uh… but you're gonna have to direct me. So I don't run you into anything." He reaches out a hoof for her, blushing.

Thunnini glomps Spearmint. "Thanks, Spearmint, you're the best!" she beams. She then carefully does what might be a partial, collapsing cartwheel to get her tail onto the colt's back. "Okay, turn about a hoof to your left, then we start going forward," she directs.

After a number of steps, a question floats to the surface of her mind. "Say, Spearmint? How come you didn't notice my tail when we first met?"

Spearmint blinks and blushes at the hug, smiling shyly and standing carefully still until she's settled. He follows the directions rather well, clearly accustomed to being given such direction as per which way to go. Her question makes him blush a bit deeper. "Oh. Well, er… I didn't notice it. I mean, um, you kinda landed all on me, and I wasn't really counting legs, so… until somepony said something I really had no way to know, y'know?"

Thunnini finds the phrasing a bit odd, but doesn't give it much thought. As they get close to the edge of the boardwalk, she calls for a halt. "Okay, from here I can dive back into the ocean. If the pegasus who owns the necklace comes by, let him know that I'll be under the dock over there," she explains, pointing with a hoof to a dock that has some nice hidey-holes on the ocean floor. That way, she can keep the necklace safe!

Spearmint nods slowly. "Uh… okay. Sure. Over where? The long one out to the ships, or is it the short one for fishing and stuff?" He knew the short one well. He'd mixed up which was which and almost fell off it once! He… knew where it was a lot better now. Yep.

"The long one," Thunnini nods as she lifts her tail off of Spearmint and lowers it onto the boardwalk. "It was nice meeting you, Spearmint, and, um…" she says shyly, a small blush creeping across her face before she leans in and nuzzles his neck. "You're cute! Bye~!" And with a bashful giggle, she dives into the ocean, a blush and a smile stuck on her face.