Ominous Rumblings
IC date: Autumn 67, 1007
OOC date: November 25, 2012
PCs: Nocturne, Ruby-Blossom, Rumble-Riot, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice
GM: None

Poking through the wreckage that consists of this section of HorseShoe Harbor is an out of place looking Royal Guard Pegasus! This burly white guardspony pokes here and there through the wreckage, the soot seemingly not able to even blemish his stark white coat. This guardspony has an odd version of the royal guard armor, its more lightweight, and has the bold crest of Celestia and Luna upon its chest and flames engraved into the golden armor itself. The crest and his tail are a vibrant shade of red unlike the traditional white or grey of the other guards ponies, this one is differint by several degrees. This must be one of the royal Fireguard!

Solar-Wind has come fresh from Canterlot to inspect the town after his absense and obviously has recieved a new bit of formalwear by the looks of things. The big pegasus glances at the odd etierial blue flames that apear and fade while the rest of this part of town just seems burned and dead. "Sad, Sad, Sad, This all could have been prevented or at least controled had I been here" he comments to himself softly as he pokes through the wreckage.

There's a bit of shuffling from the tent standing where a certain salon once stood, followed by Windrose trotting out, stretching her wings, and then hovering off the ground slightly so she can stretch her legs as well and get a nice big yawn out. With morning routine out of the way (is it morning still? can't tell from the salon wreckage). She touchs ground again just long enough to push off and take fully airborn over the streets. Or what remains of them. Let's see here, where's a good place to start….

Solar listens to the shuffling of hooves then hears the sound of somepony taking flight and he alights aswell to hover there a moment, where he calls out to the other flyer not too far away, "Good Morning" he calls out boldly, at his range well across the street and at the end of the block he doesn't quite recognize Windrose, only another flyer. "Could you inform me just what occoured here?" he calls over to her

A Guardpony here? Huh. Windrose glided over after being called to, not reconizing the rescue-pony with his color shift and fancy armor and all that. Sure he's big for a pegasus, but with how many other 'big' ponies there are around here it seems, that's not as stand out as one might think at first. The navigator pulled up into a hover and looked down at the crater. "Uh.. I think they blew something up?" She gestured vagely with her hooves. "Something about fires and a pheonix.. and then there was that whole getting ponies zapped to another dimension, I think that caused a pretty big kaboom on this side too."

The Fireguard smiles actually, not one of those things that guards do usually, "Oh Windrose its you, sorry I didn't recognize you from the distance" he smiles, again, "Didn't know the part about the pheonix knew about the other place" he offers, "I hope the Elements beat the Nightmare, or, or, Something" he comments in regard to that.

Windrose shrugs. "Happened before I came here, just heard it second-hoof. I'm sure they at least ran her off, seeing as she didn't come after u— wait a moment." It takes a few for being reconized to sink in, causing her to blink. Up close the voice sounds more familiar though. "Solar, that you?" She leans to the side a little, not quite grasping the change in color. "Did you do something with your mane? You look different."

Solar-Wind nods and grins, "Thats Captain Solar-Wind of the Royal Fireguard" he notes with a little chuckle, "yeah, its me alright, the armor gives a pony a full color change, went from red to white. kinda a reverse in my case. My mane is usually white, and body red, but this just reverses it. Actually all of the fireguard's manes and tails are red, at least per what the armor does to them" the big stallion offers in response.

Windrose ooooohs. "… I always wondered if it was Celestia's magic or the guard were all of one lineage like that or something." She floats a lazy circle around Solar. "Looks good on you, though, 'Captain'." She covers her mouth with her hooves as she giggles.

Solar-Wind says "no, the Royal Guard doesn't go with that bit of breeding, even though some of the reasponsibilities are often expected from the father to the son" he notes dryly with a little grumble 'perhaps his father expected as much of him' "And this is fireguard armor, so its not /quite/ so fancy or heavy as the big formal Royal Guard ponies wear, but its still got that colorchange magic all in there, gotta look presentable afterall" he offers. "When I first got here, like the second day I was here I got turned into a foal and had some serious issues even attempting to retrive my armor, let alone lift it" he grumbles, "Then shortly after I get the cure for that blessed event I got zapped off to the Nightmare world" he grumbles, "couldn't even report in that I was going anywhere!""

"Join the party," Windrose mock deadpans. "I should of never let Ruby and RC talk me into staying that first day." Pause, then sighs a bit as she grins. "Not that I can say I actually regret it. Could of done with less zombies, but hey, you don't make friends by sticking to yourself."

"You can blame her if you want, I guess?" came a most definatly fake cheery voice from behind as Sodium-Fizz trotted over towards Solar-Wind and Windrose. "She's right here."

Solar-Wind says "Agreed regarding the zombies, Still have a few scars from those buggers" he grumbles, "Ahh well, scars show character, and I got alot more character during that excursion" he laughs, then rotates around inflight as he hears another voice"

Ruby-Blossom chirps as she leans against the top of Solar's head - the mare on Solar's /back/. "Of course you don't reget it, I'm totally awesome!" When did she get there, and /how/ did she get there?

"Well, true I suppose. I mostly just made maps so everypony else could keep track of things. Not much of a fightin' sort." She hovers upright to shadowbox with her front hooves. "Though if anyone had tried to hurt those foals during the trek, I sure woulda let 'em have it but good!" Then the familiar voices snap her out of it, first Fizzy, and then.. Ruby? On Solar's back, somehow. ".. How -do- you do that?"

Sodium-Fizz smiled her normal, thin smile and nodded, her wings shifting underneath her cloak. She's still wearing the tattered Nightmare Night costume? "I'm going to say… she's Ruby. That seems resonable enough, right?"

Solar-Wind kinda oof's as his flight strength is lessened and his hooves almost touch the ground a moment before he powers back up recognizing the voice almost instantly, "Oh, hey there Featherweight" the name he called her during their first flight together, "not used to having anything up there but a backpack" he comments honestly, "usually I take ponies in my rescue harness, this is /differint/ he admits with a little grin. "And how is Ruby today?" he asks, then looks down to Fizzy, "agreed"

Ruby-Blossom snickers adorably. "Going alright. I couldn't help but pop in after seeing my pegasi mulling about. What are you guy's up to anyways?"

Windrose rolls her eyes a moment at the 'my pegasi' but doesn't particularly object to it. "Oh, RC's been talking about getting repairing down town here under way finally, so I thought maybe I'd help, map out where the worst damage and such is. Hazardous spots so the workers don't hurt themselves needlessly and all that."

Sodium-Fizz's mouth go 'ooh' shaped for a moment. "Oh… think you could earmark a some place for my shop? Like… sneak it in there, maybe?" Soda giggled softly before glancing at Ruby. "On our part, Ruby's bringing me around to find a replacment for… well, this thing." She nodded at her cloak.

Solar-Wind can't help but land, he's not used to weight from above him, but still stands there with a Ruby-Blossom atop him. "Uhh, Ruby, on other matters, we do have to talk soon about something uhh, disturbing" he notes to his friend, "Its not my report back to my superiors, but what Queen Luna did that concerns me" he murmurs and looks to her with a worried glance, "For your saftey" he adds softly before looking back to his friends. He pulls his helmet off his head, and his former red cast color returns to him. He shakes out his mane and he's back to being good ol' Solar-Wind, though he still does have that armor upon him. "Yeah, fizz, that thing looks like ya dragged yourself through hay and back, and smells of 'sniff sniff' 'cringe' Zombie guts" he looks away as if his nose is burned or something, "I don't ever want to smell that ever again ,thank you very much!

Ruby-Blossom chirps softly "What now? Am I in mortal danger again or the like?" she asks curiously while remaining perched on Solar's back. The mare curious to say the least.

Windrose giggles a bit at Fizzy. "I'll see what I can do." She hovers over the alchemist, making a face when the cloak is mentioned, and Solar mentions how it smells. "Well some of the merchants did set up temporarily around the boardwalk until the rebuilding starts."

"Thanks for reminding me, Solar," deadpaned Sodium-Fizz, "I hadn't noticed. It's not like I was wearing it at the time and anything… And there is? Maybe we'll take a look. I'd rather get this changed out… and I'm not really feeling like wearing my flight-jacket, as much as I love it. Don't want that to get damaged." She fell silent for a moment. "And it doesn't cover up my rear-end either, and Winter's taken it upon herself to do it… which gets a bit akward."

Ruby-Blossom chimes "Maybe Winny does have a selfish streak." she teases.

Solar-Wind blushes lightly and shakes his head at fizzy's comment then looks back to Ruby, "Well you remember our little talk about honesty n stuff" he mentions then grumbles, "well Queen Luna asked for my report, but refused to take it from me via words, or written down, she demanded to see it for herself" He looks down some inspecting his armored hooves. "Do you understand me Ruby?" he asks softly

Ruby-Blossom immediately proceeds to pull at Solar's cheeks with her hooves. "Argh! You're so weak-minded!" she whines loudly then hops off his back and glances over her shoulder. "So that pretty much means you let the Royalty know my secret."

Sodium-Fizz flinched. "Oh… this might get a bit awkward…"

Windrose blinks a couple of times at Ruby's sudden outburst. Rubs the side of her head with a hoof, her typical 'confused' gesture. "Did I miss something again?"

Solar-Wind turns about to her following her, "When an alicorn taps you in the forehead with her horn, and drains you of your thoughts, you're everything, try to fight that?!, Ive got no magic resistance whatsoever, no horn, no spells, nothing, I wasn't prepared for that!" he shouts after her, "She saw everything through my eyes, everything!" he shouts getting defensive, and angery all at the same time

Sodium-Fizz scowled at Solar-Wind. "You're just not messed up enough, then… What're they going to do about it? 'Cause I'm not certain I'm ready to fight a bloody alicorn -already-!"

Ruby-Blossom 's gaze shifts from Solar-Wind to Windrose and the mare lets out a soft sigh. "It's complicated, Windy…" ruby-red eyes shifting back to Solar. "I don't blame you." she says firmly. "But this means I'm big trouble, and you know that. If I stay here I'll get dragged back to Canterlot." she quickly places a hoof on Fizzy's muzzle try and calm the older mare. "It wouldn't come to blows, the Royals here aren't viscious like on the other side. But I don't know if they'd just let a criminal go."

Solar-Wind sighs and sinks to his flanks, "when I woke up from that I was back in the barrax, dressed in the finest guard regalia I've ever had, told I couldn't leave their service just yet, that I was still needed, and ordered to remain in the service of the guard until further notice." he sighs, "I don't know what or even if, anything is coming your way Ruby, I really don't but know this, they know that I willingly helped you, went under your command, and still they let me return to active duty, even slapped some stupid commendation on my record for that matter, all by Queen Luna" he grumbles, "No, maybe she saw you for how I saw you then, The leader that helped to get us through that, that nightmare place" he sighs, furrows his brow, "it gave me such a headache, still have it too" he grumbles looking down, "what could I do against that Ruby, please?!"

Windrose just watchs the two go back and forth for a few minutes, clearly lost as to why this is getting so heated. At least until Solar starts explaining what happened to him, which gets her to wince a little just at the thought. After a moment of listening and not entirely getting it, she plops to the ground on her flanks and ducks her face into a hoof. "And just when life was getting simple again…" Sigh. It comes with living around this place, doesn't it?

"I know, right?" came a bitter sigh from Sodium-Fizz. "I'm… deffinatly going to have to send a strongly worded letter now, too. Using spells like that is just… no. I won't stand for that, it's wrong."

Ruby-Blossom glances over her shoulder Windrose and seems to spot something behind the mare. She trots over to town message board and pulls off a piece paper before trotting back over ot the conversation; dropping the paper in front of Windrose in the process - just a simple wanted poster for Scarlett O'Mare - plenty of wanted posters about so why should this be any different? "I friggin hate magic." she huffs all huffily. "Regardless Solar. I don't care what happens to me..but if I end up getting locked, and abandoned Maggie - so help Equestria.

Solar-Wind looks from Fizz to Ruby, "Ruby, I do care what happens to you, you, you may not be my mare, *he furrows his brow a little* But you're still my friend and that matters for something, I'd do anything I can to stop that from happening as this is my fault" he grumbles. "Fizz, don't get yourself in trouble too, I, I can only fight so many battles here, please" he shakes his head, "Why would they send me back with no further orders, but to resume my fireguard duties, they didn't even give me any of my /other/ duties, so I'm going to protect you, as best I can"

Sodium-Fizz scowls. "Solar… I can fight my own battles. And your guard buddies best not come around here with orders. For their sake."

Windrose looks down at the paper landing at her hooves as Ruby walks by, scooping it in one and holding it up to read it. "Wanted Scarlet O'Mare. For Larceny and Disregard of Lawful Authority Towards the Royal Hierarchy of Canterlot." She blinks a couple of times. Yeah, that big of a theft was in the papers all over Equestria, but still. "So, what's this got to do with anything? Some crazy mare tried to gank some gawdy royal jewlery or something…"

Ruby-Blossom huffs cutely "Calm down, Fizzy. We don't need to do any fighting - not here. It's not like the other side." she offers the mare a warm, reassuring smile. "Anyways. I honestly see this playing out a couple of different ways." she manages to continue smiling with some concentrated effort. "I'll just need to keep an eye out. Hopefully I won't have to leave the Harbor because of this." As Windrose looks up from the paper Ruby looks back at her with those distinct ruby-red eyes, the same ones the white and gray Scarlett O'Mare sports in the mugshot - and called out as one of her most definiing features on the wanted poster to boot.

Sodium-Fizz sighed softly, seeming to deflate. "Right… fine. But I have no love for the guard, in all honesty, and if they come causing problems they'll get to taste alchemy… again." A small smile upturned the side of her mouth. "Got to be, like… the sixteenth time?"

Windrose looks at the paper. At Ruby. At the paper again. It's impossible to miss the eyes being colored in an otherwise grayscale image. Windrose chuffs cutely into her curled bangs. Really eyes alone wouldn't be enough most of the time, but considering it was practically dropped in her lap…. With a sigh she rolls up the poster in her hooves.

And flits over to thwap Ruby on the head with it. "-That- is for not telling me sooner, ya big goofus."

Solar-Wind just clutches his skull with a hoof, as if kneading the spot where luna touched him with her horn, he's back to sitting down eyes tightly closed with a little groan. "H Here Ruby, in case things get bad I urrrm uhh barrowed these from a certain Queen" he mumbles, as he fishes three black marbles from his armor's hidden pouch. Ruby may even recognize them as teleportation stones or wish stones or somesuch. The stallion speaks tightly as he still rubs his forehead, "take em, and wish yourself elsewhere if ya need to, they work pretty good, one shot use, thats why I got a few, just in case" he notes, "I'm sure that would get me fired if she ever does /that/ to me again" he whimpers a little.

Ruby-Blossom whines adorably as she's whapped on the noggin by the rolled up wanted poster; that wine melting into a verbal objection. "I don't tend to go telling everypony I'm a wanted criminal for stealing all sorts of stuff. Almost all of it was sold so I could donate to orphanages." she objects loudly "Well I mean I kept the royal jewels and some other stuff…"

Sodium-Fizz shifts for a moment, almost seeming self-consious as Ruby speaks the words 'almost all of it'.

Ruby-Blossom blinks as Solar-Wind hands her the small marbles - curiously looking them over before stuffing them into her saddle bag. "Thanks…" she mutters adorably; still not excited about this whole ruined-life thing.

"Ruby's a wanted criminal!?" calls Winter, as she approaches from down the street. Why? A bunch of her friends are here, that's why, and friends tend to have a magnetic effect that way. It's a pony thing. She looks positively cheerful about the revelation, or maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet.

And to that Ruby gets another light whap. "And that's for thinking your own bunkmate wouldn't understand about you playing Robin Hoof." Then crumples the poster finally and flicks it aside for now. "Maybe going for something belonging to the QUEENS was a bit much, but c'mon. After all the trouble I saw you go through to get us home, you think I wouldn't understand it being more than petty theivery?"

Ruby-Blossom chirps softly "I didn't just go for it. I stole them. It's not like it's the set they actively wear or anything." she objects openly now that the paper has been discarded. "I'm hoping the same Windy, that it'll just be disregarded." she grins "Now that aside…lets talk about happier things.

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "Yeah, lets…" The grey mare half turned, giving Winter-Solstice a very brief nuzzle. She looks subtly different from normal, even when back in her ratty and torn cloak. And it's not the rimless glasses on her muzzle. Something with her mane, it seems a bit brighter than normal.

Windrose hovers upright for a moment, doing her best to scowl at Ruby with hoofs on her hips… but after a few moments sighs and shakes her head. "Fortunately for you, I suck at holding a grudge," the pegasus remarks with a snicker.

Solar-Wind nods some, "Yeah, we're all back safe and well some of us are sound" he shrugs rubbing his forehead a little as he looks to the rest of the gathered ponies, "well sound of uhh" he shrugs, "well we'll just go with safe and home, for now, how about that?" he mentions

Winter-Solstice isn't paying attention to small details like Soda's fly new stylings! There is discarded garbage to inspect. The crumpled-up poster bounces off one of her hooves as she draws close, and she kneels to smooth the paper out over the cobbles and give it a look. "Scarlet O'Mare. For larceny and disregard of lawful blah blah blah…"


Winter squints at the poster for a moment, then up at Ruby, then Soda, then back down at the poster with a squint.

Solar-Wind looks to Winter to the poster to fizz then Ruby, and laughs at winter, "Silly Pony, that Scarlet o Mare has just go to be me but like with a changeling spell or something, I mean I'm a fireguard, so I get reign on the castle from time to time, and like opurtunity, and motive, Oooh Shinies!, and uhh, its just fun to go a sneaking about right, Riiiight?!

Sodium-Fizz gave Solar-Wind a very flat stare.

Ruby-Blossom wouldn't be good at what she does if she didn't recognize opportunity when she saw it. "Well there is one thing you can do to help make this up to me, Solar-Wind." waving a friendly hoof at Winny and not entirely realizing Winny is inspecting that wanted poster. "You can help Kludge rebuild my home." she blinks realizing Solar is now inspecting the perfectly placed quest item. "Solar don't kid around." a flat stare to coincide with Fizzy's.

Winter-Solstice is also staring at Solar, but with the wide eyes of someone who just had their quest mob appear right on top of them and now they're wondering what the catch is. She glances back and forth between the big pegasus and the poster for a few moments before her face curls into a crooked grin. Not even SHE is that dumb, apparently. The big mare folds the poster up and slips it into one of her saddlebags for now, then sits up and turns to peer at Soda. "Hey, you got a little somethin'," she says, reaching up and pointing at Fizz's mane.

Windrose kinda mrps softly. Her fault for just tossing that asside. Fortuantely it looks like while not dumb enough to fall for Solar's shtick, she's not bright enough to make the connection either. Whew. "Speaking of, I'm suppose to be surveying."

The grey mare smiled, leaning up against Winter. "Yeah, I know Winny. I asked Ruby for some help with my mane… And she's taking me clothes shopping too…" Sodium-Fizz eyed Winter for a few moments before rearing up and pressing her muzzle to the large, white mare's ear. "And, just forget about Scarlet O'Mare… and I might just, maybe… get… chainmail thigh-highs," she whispered, blushing rather fiercely as she did. But dang it, pride can go and throw itself into a wall, she have to be sure about this one.

Solar-Wind laughs, "see I can even do the eyes!" he laughs some as he pushes his hooves into his eyes and pulls them back yeilding bloodshot looking eyes, kinda painfull looking rather, but its an effect. He's still laughing though and shrugs, "Ok, well whatever," he laughs and looks to Ruby, "Me with a hammer and nails" he shivers, "uhh, sure, Happy to help, I'll be happy to provide airsupport, or air conditioning" he laughs some.

Ruby-Blossom stiffles a small yawn and stretches out. "Mmm

Winter-Solstice's eyes widen as Soda presses close. This is unusual. She peers sideways and blinks at that whispered promise, before her face splits into a broad grin. "You would?! Oh, man! That would… uh…" Winter pauses, then her grin droops a bit, as she considers the trade-offs here. Oh, sure, Fizz in barbarian princess attire would be great, but if it needs to be held up as a bribe, that certainly carries certain implications about not only the poster but what Fizzy thinks of the idea in the first place. Winter glances about the group for a moment. "Uhh…" She blinks and then smiles at Fizz. "Yeah? Highlights? I told you any color would look good on you! I was right, wasn't I."

Windrose flaps her wings and lifts higher into the air. Well it looks like that potential disaster has been avoided for the time being. "I'll see you guys later. I'm gonna go get some of this surveying done before it starts getting dark." The pegasus circles around once and then heads off over the crater proper.

Solar-Wind Waves to the departing Windrose and replaces his garb so that he's back in his Royal Fireguard regalia again all formal looking and Shiny too!

Sodium-Fizz smiled, if a bit worriedly, as she lowered herself back on all four hooves. She can't help but to notice Winter didn't promise not to do so either. Though the expression on her face seems to reasure the grey pegasus. Turning she waved at Windrose. "Allright, see you around Windrose!"

Putting a smile on she nodded at Winter. "Yup, highlights… And so you said, though it's still more or less the same colour, just… brighter and not all dark and listless as my mane colour. I'm looking to browse around the selection of goods around town a bit with Ruby, too…"

SUDDENLY! Or, rather, subtley, because autumn breezes are weird that way, a voice can be heard! Faint and muffled:

"Heeeeelp meeeee!"

It sounds like it's coming from… The street? Or maybe that sewer grate over there. Y'know, next to one of the totally demolished and burned out husks of a building.

Winter-Solstice reaches up and scratches behind her head. Her two bestest friends heading out for a girly shopping trip! And no invite for her? Winter furrows her brow a bit as she looks from Soda to Ruby. Long-rusted gears in the back of her thoughts shake loose and clink together, weighing ideas she's never really been very good at considering. "Oh!" she says, turning to grin at Fizz at length. "You, uh, I sort of like your mane color anyway? Dark isn't bad. And it's not listless, it's understated…" She trails off at the sound of shouting, freezing in place, and turns to face where she thinks she heard it coming from, before her eyes dart to Solar and watch him in an intense and expectant manner.

Solar-Wind perks up from his conversation with prior ponies, his mode shifts into a professional firepony. His broad head whips around like it could crack right there, "WhoWhere?" He's in flight in an instant, listening over the beating of wings, "Where are you!" he shouts out, "Keep yelling, We'll find you!

"Ahhh ponies! I hear ponies! Help me help me help me help me! I can't kick my way outta this and it suuuuuucks!"

Yep, definitely coming from THAT grate over THERE. Wonder why nobody's heard it until now?

Sodium-Fizz nodded. "Yeah. I just wanted to… I don't know, -feel- like I'm trying to do bett-…er?" Soda's head cranned around together with the others. "Huh…?"

Ruby-Blossom chimes curiously "What?" the mare following Solar-Wind albiet on hoof "What's going on…" she mutters softly - hearing the voice too, and listening intently as the immediate crisis of citizen's arrest by Winny is avoided.

The big stallion is down on the ground again and outright barrelling for that grate then looking around for something to pry it open with, "Need a pole or something long and hard and pokie" He shouts back over his shoulder, "We're coming, hold on, we're gonna get you outta there!"

Winter-Solstice lifts a hoof and waves it after Solar. "Don't you have, like… don't you have your harness thing? Hook it up to that and fly up and pull it off!" she says, brow furrowed, a touch of impatience in her voice.

"Why do rescuers always say to hold on when someone's stuck?" the voice wonders. Hoarsely. "Do I have to keep yelling?" A pause. "Hello? Oh geez, did you run away too? Please tell me you didn't run away! Why do they always run away?"

Sodium-Fizz shot Ruby a glance. "Seems to be just one of these days, isn't it?" she asked.

Ruby-Blossom takes a seat a few feet away from the grate - curiously looking down at the metal grate on occasion before looking up to Solar; certainly she's curious to see the rescue pony in action - and this simply isn't her forte.

Solar-Wind Shouts "I'm right here, right over you, Its ok, not gonna leave ya alone anymore, just trying to get a way to get you out of there, "Yeah, yeah, sorry, don't have to keep yelling, I hear ya" he grins some as he removes his fireguard regalia, with the sound of metal setting down beside the gratecover, unties his emergency rope since he doesn't have his rescue gear on him just now and starts to get the rope through the grate here and there, to give it a firm bodily yank as he jerks at the grate.

Winter-Solstice shakes her head and turns away from watching for a moment, starting to pace about. She looks down the street expectantly for a moment, then back up the other way, then frowns and looks back at the scene of the rescue, then turns in another circle, broad hooves gnawing at the cobblestones.

Honestly it isn't much of a grate. The darn thing pops right off! Seeing as its the sort of thing your typical 'city official' type might be inclined to use to get to the sewer system. Which is an interesting thought. Who knew Horseshoe Harbor had a sewer system? That fountain water had to come from somewhere, didn't it?

With the grate out of the way, its possible for a pony to poke their head down and see the wide open tunnel. And the single large body of a certain blue-headbanded unicorn, though the headband is about the only recognizable thing left. The rest of him is all grungy, soaked through, and staring up at the ray of hope provided by the open grate. Most of the rest of the tunnel's collapsed, leaving just enough room for water to keep trickling past.

"Uh. You got a rope? Or a ladder? Or…something?" Rumble asks.

Sodium-Fizz rolled her head as she watched Solar-Wind. He seemed to have this well in hoof, no need for her to stick her hooves into it today it seemed. Turning she trotted up to Winter, giving her a brief nuzzle. "Seems Solar's good for something besides fighting his marefriend. I'll be heading back, I got a few errands I need to run… and I never did get done writing everything up in my journal. Take care Winny. And you to, Solar, Ruby… I'll catch you some other time." Soda waved a hoof at Ruby's direction before heading down the street.

Solar-Wind gets that grate off and undoes the rope tying it into a sling, "gonna drop a sling down put it around your forehooves and body, and I'll take care of the rest from up here" he shouts down to you, "you alright down there besides being down there that is?" he asks "broken bones, anything of that sort?"

Winter-Solstice says her goodbyes to Fizzy, then plonks her flank down in the street, reaching up to scratch at her nose with a hooftip, while watching the unfolding scene.

"I don't think so?" Rumble says, waiting for the rope to get low enough to start tying himself up with it. "Just cold. Wet. Cranky. Maybe some water in my ears. Accidentally snorted a fish. At least I hope it was a fish. Chipped a hoof. Bruised my flank. Maybe my ego too. Definitely my pride. Does that count as an injury?" Once he has hold of the offered rope, he goes about the whole 'wrapping it around himself' thing. Which goes as well as one would expect, leaving him in a tangled web of rope by the time he's done. "I uh… I think I got it? I feel like a trapped fish."

Ruby-Blossom totally realizes that voice now! She scootches closer to the grate and pipes loudly "Solar. Wait a moment - that's the lunkhead that burnt down my shop." She leans over the grate and calls down. "You burnt down my home! I have half a mind to have you left down there! Don't you dare dream of coming up here unless you intend to DEDICATE the next few weeks to helping Kludge rebuild my Salon!" the mare stomps a hoof. "And I don't mean like how you helped last time by not showing up!

Solar-Wind says "well so long as the trapped fish is comfortable, enough to be pulled up by said rope?" he asks somewhat, "Cause you're gonna get an air-lift from me" he announces down below, then looks over his shoulder to Winter, "Winter, Uhh, Winter-Solstice, "Could you go get me some blankets, towels and maybe a bucket of water or something, "wait, Wait Ruby, I can't just leave him down there!" he shouts back to her"

Nocturne catches himself blankly staring at the activity in front of him, and slowly trots forward. He opens his mouth to address the entire group but stops before distracting those busy. Finally bringing himself around the group, he taps Winter-Soltice on the side, and asks quietly, "Just what's going on here?" After a moment he shakes his head and adds "I'm Nocturne by the way," and extends his hoof.

"What!?" Rumble flails in his bindings! But he did a good job, so he's not going anywhere now. "I didn't burn anybody's shop! Or house! It was those dang dirty birds! And the zombies! Totally the zombies! I chased one down here, but the stupid rocks got him before I could!" He perks his ears, trying to listen to other words up above his dingy little pit. "Yeah! Don't leave me down here!"

As Solar starts issuing Commands, Winter's expression curdles into a scowl, and she hops to her hooves. "You're not the boss of me!!" she howls back at him, petulantly, followed by a few irritable hoofstomps. After a few moments of THAT she realizes there is someone poking her. The big mare blinks out of her sudden fit of grouchiness and turns to peer down at the newcomer. "Huh? Oh!" Winter glances about hurriedly for a moment, then back down at the offered hoof, then beams a big, crooked grin as she settles back on her haunches, reaches up to take the offered hoof, and give it a most powerful shaking! "Hiya, Nocturne! I'm Winter Solstice. Nice to meet you. As for what's going on, uh, uh, uh, I think, er, someone is trapped? In the sewers." She shrugs! "Not sure how that happened, ha ha ha! Whoooo knows."

Ruby-Blossom huffs and stomps both front hooves against the pavement. "If you welch on your commitment to help Kludge with rebuilding the Salon, I'll sick Winny on you!" That won't come off as much of a threat unless Rumble has met Winny - but he'll get the idea once he gets up here.

Solar-Wind just blinks at Winter, her being downright rude and uncaring for another pony, thats so not like her, "Please somepony get him a blanket or towel or or, Something, he's gonna be cold" he asks of anypony standing around. "Gonna get you outta there right now, gonna go slow, n steady" he reassures the person down-under, "And Here we Go!" he shouts as he begins to lift using strong and steady wingbeats

Trouble! Plot Twist rushes in as fast as she can. Seems Ruby was right its not all smiles and candy farts here. Somepony set the town on fire (again)! Trying her best to make it through the smoke, the ex-captain flies through the air searching for a pony she knows. "Solar!" she spots her specail somepony of course in the middle of helping other. What else would be be doing? "Here! Take my thermals I can't wear them in this" ripping off her top and tossing it forward leaving only her winter pants on, before switching welding goggles for her Shadowbolt ones. "How can I help hun?"

"Th.. There was no agreement!" Rumble protests! "I didn't burn it down and I don't hafta build it again! Maybe if you ask /nicely/ I'll reconsider! Hmph!" Then he starts to get lifted. That's progress! Rumble feels himself rise from the ground floor of the sewers, and towards that open grate that somehow looks…smaller than he remembers. "Woohoo! Daylight here I come!"

Nocturne recoils for a second from the verbal altercation going on as he awaits a reply. After a firm and solid hoofshake, he leans in with interest as his question is being answered, only to lower his ears in disappointment that he isn't the only one out of the loop. Still, he smiles, rests on his haunches and shrugs. "Immersion's always been the best way to learn, I guess," he notes, looking around at the depressive scenery, "even here."

Ruby-Blossom waits and waits and waits until Rumble can see her face and the first hints of dalight before tapping her hoof on the ground so her concealed blade springs free - currently it's busted and nothing more than half a sharp blade. Still sharp enough and she pushes it against the taught rope that's currently hauling Rumble up. "Let me make myself clear. You chased those phoenixes into town, you squashed those phoenixes, and you are responsible for burning down the only home I've been able to call my own. "If you REFUSE to take responsibility then you're going to be alot safer in those sewers." she scowls - less than pleased with Rumble, and his denial is really quite aggervating.

Solar-Wind continues to lift going slow so that the dangling unicorn can adjust so he can get himself into some sort of easier position to get out the fairly small hole. Solar Is going slow but steady then sees his special Somepony cruise in. He grunts some, "Hey Twist, good timing" he strains out a little, "got me-self a live one, can ya guide the rope through the hole a little, and don't breathe through your nose, "Ruby dang you, stay clear!"

Winter-Solstice shrugs once more to Nocturne. "I guess! Though I can think of better ways to learn about the sewers." She sits back up and looks towards the scene once more, and her brief spate of cheerfulness clouds over almost immediately with a frown. She seems a bit surprised by it and reaches up with a hoof to rub her temple, eyes squeezed shut for a moment, and then with a mutter, settles forward to approach the grate and the extraction effort.

And then she reaches up and tries to shove Ruby back from the rope. "Let the poor fellow come up for air at least, Ruby, c'mon!" grumps the big mare.

"Oh geez knife!" Rumble huffs out in a single quick breath, spinning in place despite his sudden renewed burst of thrashing! "Don't let her cut me! She's crazy!" His ears perk, "What!? That…! That was to save the town! That was a totally important /adventure/! If that burned your house down I'm sorry, but it burned for a good cause!" Yes. He's arguing because the point is he's a hero dangit, and heroes don't get blamed for collateral damage!

He also brethes a sigh of relief when Winter interjects. "Yeah! Let the guy have some breath! Some…non-sewery-breath!"

"Why are you guys all fishing in the sewer?" Having made a couple of rounds of her examining the damage, Windrose was come across her friends again and now hovering overhead to try and figure out what's going on here.

Plot Twist salutes and goes to the rope doing her best to steady, adding a little extra muscle for Solar as well. "Hold still all of you! I think we are trying to save the loud one but its rad to tell with all you ponies interupting. We can beat the stupid out after he is free from the sewer." the ex-shadowbolt grumbles "Ruby where you nto the one that told me to keep the knifes at home? I can't stab you can't stab!"

Ruby-Blossom is rudely shoved aside by Winny - toppling head over hooves as the big ol' mare just doesn't her own strength sometimes. She shoots a glance back at Winny that's accomponied by a expressive pout. "But I'm in the right…" she protests.

Solar-Wind continues to lift now, "Ruby-Blossom you can question him when he gets out!" he shouts and strains skyward to free that stuck unicorn, as he's almost out anyway, he feels the load lighten as Twist joins in the lifting efforts a weight off his shoulders a bit, "Thanks Twist, Thanks Winny" he mentions as he is about clear working to get that last bit free.

Nocturne stands up and re-assesses the situation, and nervously looks at the ground after realizing the gravity of what's going on. He suddenly jerks his head towards the end of the rope, and stands behind Twist. As an aura envelops a segment of the rope, he slowly pulls it until he feels that his tension is equal to the others'.

Windrose hovers down next to Ruby, though she's trying to peer over the shoulders of the others. "What did you do, shove somepony down a hole?" She's trying to figure out why everypony else is trying to keep Ruby away.

Rumble doesn't seem all that impressed with the thought of 'beating the stupid' out of him. But as long as he gets out of the sewer at the moment he could care less about other implications and repercussions! The mass of pony and rope likely hits a couple walls, probably scrapes the edges of the grate on the way up, earning a few choice words from the stuck unicorn, but eventually the whole mass is free, and Rumble is left twisting in the autumn breeze, hanging above the opened sewer grate. "…Ow. Yay! I'm free! Freeeee!" He tries to stretch, but by now he's so tangled up there's not a lot he can do but…hang out. "Uh. …Hey crazy mare, can we borrow your knife for a second to cut me loose now?"

Winter-Solstice seems to have forgotten about the rope following the shove, turning to watch Ruby tumble to the ground. For a brief moment the big mare looks surprised, then stricken, and seems ready to go help pick Ruby up off the ground, but she stops after half a step, watching Ruby. Those rusty gears continue to turn about in the back of her head. Familiar voices bounce around in her thoughts: 'Look at that!' they say. 'She's your friend and look what you just did to her.' Slightly less familiar voices join in, rising from amidst the squeaking of those rusting gears. 'Just as well. You're a big stupid brute and that's probably all you CAN do.' A third voice pipes in: 'Listening to voices in your head is not a good idea at all!'

At length, Winter bites her lower lip and looks away from Ruby, back to the hole. She scoots back a few steps and gnaws at the ground with her hooves once again, half-turning away from the scene, then looking back towards it, then half-turning away again.

Ruby-Blossom glances at Windrose when the other mare lands - huffing softly "I did no such thing." She points to the stallion now free of his exile to the brown sea. "He's the clot that is responsible for burning down my home, and refuses to take responsbility for it." at Rumble's please for her knife she sharply replies "I'm not crazy, and no - I won't hope a lying villian such you." she trots over to Winny who's clearly upset. While not entirely sure why Winny's demeanor took a turn for the unusual - she does gently nzuzle the bigger mare and give her a brief hug.

With the assistance of both Plot-Twist and now Nocturne as well, Solar-Wind is able to remove the unicorn from the hole, he angles the tangled unicorn to the side and sets him down as gently as possibile, "No stop yer' struggling, n hold still" he announces to the unicorn as he lands beside him, "Gonna do ya no good struggling like that all tied up" he huff huff huffs out not used to the heat here as he's been doing alot of cold weather flying and hauling of ponies and stuff in the cold weather, he's right almost overheated standing there panting as he starts to slowly remove his harness, "Somepony" pant pant, "Somepony cut him free, or help" he pants some, "well first throw some water on him goddes he stinks!" he admits

Seeing that the stranger is finally freed, Nocturne trots about a yard backwards, unsure of any side to take in the situation at hoof. He looks at the helpless Rumble, and considers some form of help in untangling, until he considers the knife-bearing stranger's wrath. He once again sits on his haunches in defeat.

Windrose puckers her lips in an "Oooooo." as Ruby explains. And then has a bit of a hissy fit. Then goes off to comfort Winny, who's suddenly gotten all mopey instead of her usual overly chipper demeanor. She blinks a couple of times, and then slaps a wing to her face the same way other ponies would a forehoof, muttering something like "Why am I friends with all the mentally unstable ponies in this town?" with a hushed breath between the feathers.

Winter-Solstice looks from the scene of tangled filth as Rumble is gradually extricated, to Ruby as she approaches, and rears back a bit, looking almost alarmed as the smaller mare draws near. She seems just about ready to turn and run outright when she is HUGGED, and all of that get up and go gets up and goes, Winter deflating a bit to settle onto her haunches, head hanging. She turns and bumps it up against Ruby's neck before drawing back. She doesn't seem to be as anxious anymore, but she still has a sullen demeanor. "Well, we can bring him… around to the… the harbor watch, I guess? I don't know. We don't even HAVE any kind of police here, do we?" She looks up and wrinkles up her nose. "Do they even criminalize burning the town down anymore?"

Rumble's ears flat back. There's not much he can do all tangled up like this! "I'm not a criminal!" he grumps, "I'm a hero! Heroes aren't criminals! Except in special cases, but this whole town's a special case!" Flail, flail, twist, twist! He huffs, defeated, lolling his head to stare upside-down at all the crazy, but helpful ponies. "…Look, I'm sorry I squashed those birds! I was on a /quest/ to bring somepony back to life and a phoenix feather was part of it! I didn't know they'd /explode/! If you want help rebuilding, then fine, ask for help, but I'm /not/ a bad pony." Huff! "/Not./ /Bad./" He'd hoofstomp for emphasis, but the best he can do is paw at the air right now. Which he does, out of principle.

Ruby-Blossom isn't even holding a knife at this point - and it was less a knife and more of a broken knife blade; concealed weapons are neat that way - easily hidden! She chimes softly. "We just shouldn't worry about, Winny. I guess I shouldn't expect a bad pony to take responsibility for his actions anyways. You'll help though - I know you will cause you're big, strong and awesome - oh and honest." she grins and pats the bigger mare firmly on the shoulder.

Solar-Wind sighs, and nods with a shrug, "Not my call on this one" he offers to the crazy formerly holed unicorn. He looks out to Nocturne, "uhh, chance you know of any water spells, for the both of us, "he needs a shower something fierce, and I just need a drink, I'm parched, and I'm not going to ask anypony to help cut him free unless he's clean" he announces, "then we'll get him bundled up and on his way or something" he notes, "I don't care what you did, but you had Best be staying round town" the fireguard regards the tangled muddy looking unicorn. He gazes over to Ruby, "You can still count on me to assist you in that building effort, Ruby" he notes as he pants still some, "whew toasty

Winter-Solstice's brow furrows, and she turns to look at Ruby, far too unskilled to hide the suspicion in that look. "Help with what? Rebuilding?" she asks, distracted, then looking around at the wreckage of the street. "Yeah…" She makes a face, and with a shake of her head, turns to look towards Rumble, still all trussed up. "A quest?" she asks, raising her voice a bit to help carry the distance. "Who got killed? Was it your lover? Or your rival, who only you can defeat? Or the only one who knows where to find the next step of the long trail of breadcrumbs leading you to the treasure?"

Nocturne is caught off guard with the question, and shuffles his hooves into standing position. "Me, I uh… no, I don't, unfortunately. I'd be happy to help in some form, though, now that I've gotten into this mess." He turns to Ruby. "I understand your shop's been burned down." He looks away and contemplates for a moment, then turns back. "I imagine you'll need a few sets of hooves for some'n like that."

…. And there it sounds like Winter is back to normal, rambling on like some fairy tale or game or something. Windrose huffs a bit, and lifts herself back into the air. It's one of those times she's deciding she just isn't going to get involved in all the nitty gritty of whatever is going on, for the sake of her own stress. "Well, at least he's out of the sewer now." Pause, sniff. "Might want a bath, though."

"Why won't anypony believe me..?" Rumble mutters to himself, eyes closed. The picture of abject humiliation or something. But when Winter picks up on the 'quest' word, his ears pop back up! "Huh? Oh! It was…apparently the mayor. Er, ex-mayor. The one that got a big metal pole shoved through her back! Me'n that white Mr. Adventure pony had to gather up a lot of things to make a potion to make it so she wouldn't die all the way when that midget witch pulled the stick out of the ex-mayor's—"

*ACHOO!* Rumble promptly sneezes! Making a mess on the ground next to him of…sewer water. With a small fish flopping about. Huh. Guess it really /was/ a fish he'd snorted.

Solar-Wind says "Windy, could you please go fetch a stormcloud of /something/ fragrant, cause He stinks, "Sory uh sir, Best we are gonna get on such short noice" eh comments lightly as he starts to pad away, "Keep that rope, I urr, I'm not going to want it after you went through with that."

Ruby-Blossom offers a friendly little smile to Nocturne "Yeah. With all that's been going on around here - the rebuilding efforts simply didn't materialize." No need to scare the poor new-comer with details of the scary adventures. She huffs adorably. "You'll want to talk to Kludge - he's managing the reconstruction." offering Nocturne a smile that's perfectly sane - cause she is!

"Oh… oh, Salty?" asks Winter, looking up towards the skyline and a few clouds up above. "She came back about two months ago. Pretty alive, although she looked kind of, um… kind of… kind of evil. I think… that's about when all this happened, too? I guess the quest was successful, then." She scuffs a hoof against the cobblestones. "Though I don't know what she went to do after that, so… so maybe if you were hoping for, like… big pirate action… or something… the quest wasn't successful after all."

Nocturne nods, happy that he can at least be of some resolve to the situation. "Kludge, huh? I'll be sure to keep an eye out for him." He lets out a yawn, covering it with his hoof, and rubs his eyes. "It's best I catch some rest for now, though. I'm sure I'll find you all tomorrow… or tonight. I've never been the heaviest sleeper." Nocturne then trots off in the direction from which he came.

Blink. Rumble's eyes close and open with one of those slow, audible squeaks. "…Evil? So… I quested to…bring back an evil pony?" His brows furrow. At least if you can tell through the general caked-on grime. "But… But Mr. Adventure said it was for a good cause! Ahhh why am I so stupid!" He thocks his head against the cobblestones, seeing as that's about all he can reach. "Stupid adventure! Stupid quest!" He only gets maybe two of those off before he stops. "…Hey, anyone got a pillow or something? Cobblestone hurts."

Ruby-Blossom glances back to Rumble. "Oh, so suddenly Mr. Hero is admitting he makes mistakes?" she waves a hoof dismissively. "I can't hang around here anymore, something about this stinks." she hops to her hooves and begins to trot "I got a date anyways."

Magpie is suddenly just there beside Ruby. "A date? Who're you going on a date with?! 'cause I know it ain't Kludge!"

Winter-Solstice turns, watching Ruby go. There's another moment of hesitation and back-and-forth-wobbling, before Winter eventually gets over whatever conflict she's wrestling with to speak up. "See you, Ruby. Have a good date!" She turns and looks back to Rumble, frowning thoughtfully. "Well, she didn't actually DO anything evil. I don't think she did. She did sink the ship of the old evil captain of the watch, though, and SHE was actually pretty evil, I think, so maybe it's… it was good anyway. You could always try and find her and ask her if she's evil? And if she ever got that thing with the bloody hooves fixed."

Ruby-Blossom snickers softly as Maggie appears to be taking notes with Ruby's sudden appearances. She laughs. "I have a date with you! Well, a study date - but it's still a date." offering the smaller mare a friendly smile. "Are you up for it, Maggie." sneaking in a brief snug.

Magpie blanches. "S-study date?" she squeaks. "I, n-no, I just remembered, I have a thing at the place—"

Struggle, thrash, flump. Rumble manages to work himself to laying on his side, at least, looking around for something perhaps slightly sharp to see about escaping these ropes. Hrrgh.

"I guess I have to!" he admits, between grunts and whatnot to the other quest-y pony. "Besides, it might lead to another adventure! Something to get me back on the good side…"

Ruby-Blossom calls out over her shoulder. "Good would be helping fix what you broke." she then nudges Maggie down the street towards Rising's house. "It's just magic tutoring. No book work or the like." she offers with an encouraging smile. "Let's go give it a shot, and if it's no fun we don't have to go again."

Magpie isn't /quite/ gibbering but there's a definite strain to her voice as she protests her way down the street.

"Seeya later Ruby, Maggie." Windrose pauses. "Huh, when did Magpie get here? Oh well." Shrugs a bit, and the pegasus takes back off to the skies above. That surveying isn't going to get itself done.

Winter-Solstice turns and starts fishing about in her saddlebags. She eventually fishes out a bottlecap, flattened such that its edges are fanning outward, and split to give them a serrated quality. With a flick of her head she tosses this onto the ground near Rumble. "Here! You can cut the ropes with that, I bet. Closest thing I have to a knife. Besides, you seem like a rough and tumble type, I bet you can get out of all kinds of sticky jams with a little improvisational doodad like that."

Tink tink! The bottlecap hits the cobblestone, bounces once off Rumble's nose, and wobbles to a standstill. Rumble stares at it. Intently. "…Okay. I can do this. No problem…" More flopping, poor mimicry of the poor fish also flopping nearby, to just…flop on top of the bottlecap. … …Nope. That ain't working.

The lug flops onto his other side next, the bottlecap now stuck to one of the ropes. "Hrrrfm!" he grunts through this effort, trying to reach it with his mouth! Snap! Snap! No good.

A fit of frustration later, and Rumble has managed to end up hogtied on his back, rope wrapped around his snout, staring at the bottlecap inches from his eyes. All four tied-up hooves hanging in the air. "Oh come on!" he mutters.

Winter-Solstice stares, and watches, and takes this all in with the rapt attention of someone who does not merely find it amusing, but is genuinely interested to see if it works.

And it doesn't. Winter sags a bit where she stands. Sitting up, she draws closer to the trussed-up unicorn, and reaches out with a hoof. "Hold on," she says. She plucks the bottlecap out of the rope, seizes it, and then starts using it as a saw to gradually cut at the rope… and apparently decides the only place that could have been done is where it was stuck before, atop the length of it wrapped around Rumble's nose, so the dull metal glints evilly as it slices back and forth inches from his face. Slice. Slice. Slice. He might end up getting a SCRATCH on his NOSE. It is a dreadful prospect.

It's fair to say that the prospect of having such a sharp implement inches from a tender part of his anatomy is a touch nerve-wracking to the adventureous stallion. "Uh…" he starts to say, then apparently thinks better of it, and instead inhales a long, deep breath to see if that will help him be /still/ and focus on not sneezing. Because he totally wants to again. "Mmmph…"

His eyes widen.

Slice. Slice. Slice.

The rope frays, bit by bit.

Slice. Slice. Slice…

He lets out the softest of whimpers, with just a fraction of rope left!

Slice… SLICE… /SLI-


Another sneeze violently interrupts the dramatic cutting of ropelike bonds! But did it come while the sharp object was well within cutting range of tender pony nostrils!?

It did not! What the sneeze DOES do is blast the bottlecap out of Winter's grasp, sending it into a glittering arc, through the air, up, up, and over… and down into the hole where once a grate blocked egress from the sewers. After a moment, there's a distant, damp *plop.*

Winter stares after it for a few moments, then looks back to Rumble. "Bless you!"

The ropes, finally loosened, the whole mess of tangle seems to unwind all at once, the entirety of bound pony flopping in a hard sprawl on the cobblestone. He wriggles his nose, then wrinkles it, looking up with an embarassed blush. "…Uh. Thank you! Twice over! For uh… Cutting me free. And for the bless you."

Winter-Solstice smiles brightly. "No problem!" She stares at Rumble briefly, then narrows her eyes, still smiling. "… just how long were you stuck down there, anyway?"

Rumble Riot ponders this question, as well as the mechanics of getting his legs underneath him again, rolling onto his belly, and with great effort, managing to sit himself up. Oof. "How long..?" This is a hard question. Time flows differently when you're underground and your entire world is a grate. And a fish.

"Well… Since the zombies. I chased one down into the sewers. But then there was this huge explosion, and rocks fell, and it died before I could blast it." He looks somewhat upset by this. "And /then/ I realized I couldn't get out! So I yelled! And shouted! And tried to blow a hole out! But that just caused /more/ rocks to fall, so I couldn't keep doing that, and…" He shrugs. "Couple weeks maybe?"

Winter-Solstice stares, listening, her gaze gradually wandering away as she does some calculations. "Well, I was, uh, off in, in another place when the zombies were here, so I don't know. But I think that was a while ago. Like, closer to four weeks ago then not." Her brow furrows and she looks back to Rumble. "What did you eat while you were down there? You didn't… you didn't eat the zombie, did you!?"

"What?" Rumble wrinkles his nose! "Ew, no. That's disgusting." He starts to sniff, then thinks better of it and coughs instead. "I ate rock." he states simply instead. "The only other thing to eat down there were sewer fish. I don't even /like/ fish! Besides, the way they look at you with those fish eyes, so…so big and trusting…"

"We have fish in the sewers?" asks Winter, thumping over to the hole and peering down inside. She frowns, then draws back. "I never realized." She considers, then turns to squint at Rumble. "You can eat rocks? … I never realized that, either!" THe big mare shrugs cheerfully. "Oh well! Learn something new every day. Anyway, there aren't any zombies left, so, uh, I guess you're gonna have to find a new hobby now. Which probably isn't a bad thing, zombie smashin' is some grim business." She points down the street. "If you're looking for, like, real food, down at the Rusty Bucket they're having a deal today on the crunchy bits fished out of the bottom of the deep fryer, and I don't even think they'll really mind if you show up without taking a bath first, either."

Rumble thinks about this! It's obvious that, at the moment, thinking is not high on his list of priorities. What with having just escaped pony solitare. "I think…" he hums, glancing towards the Rusty Bucket, "..that sounds alright. Rock's pretty filling, but I don't think it's very nutritious. Or healthy. Or even actually able to keep you alive." he notes. He tries this whole 'standing up' thing, wobbling now that all the excitement's over. "Then again, maybe I'm better off finding a warm box to collapse in for a while. After a dip in the ocean to wash off. I'm tired of smelling like the rear end of another pony."

Winter-Solstice's expression curls into a slight frown. "Well, when you put it like that, yeah, that's…" She shakes her head. "Yeah, that's… that's pretty gross." She draws back a bit. "Anyway if Ruby Blossom asks you if I wasn't beating you up, could you tell her I threatened you a bit and stuff? I think I'd lose some serious cred if she knew I wasn't totally trying to Enforce you."

Rumble nods gamely, offering his first smile of the day. Hard earned, that one. "Sure. I'll tell the crazy mare you totally roughed me up and told me to get to work. I might even help!" He scuffs a hoof on the cobblestone, leaving a smear behind, "I didn't /mean/ to get her place blown up, but she could've been a little nicer accusing me of being…evil. Adventurers aren't evil!"

That declaration made, the 'adventureous' pony starts to wobble off down the street. "I'll make that my next quest even. Rebuild the town! That'll /prove/ I'm not evil!"

Winter-Solstice offers a wave at Rumble's back. "Rebuilding the harbor! Yeah!" Is that faltering enthusiasm in her voice? Noo, couldn't be. "Good luck with that!" She turns and heads up the opposite direction and towards hopefully fresh air.